Wednesday, August 4, 2010

The Librarian

Mrs Franks ran a tight ship, if a library could be called a ship. No noise of any kind and if you had to talk it was done in a whisper. She could ban anyone for whatever reason and at a university to be banned from the library was tantamount to a death sentence, to both students and faculty. members

She had been head librarian as long as anyone could remember and you did not cross Mrs Franks. She seemed to spend every waking hour at the library and no one had ever seen or heard of a Mr Franks. She was like a stern force of nature, tweed skirt, hair up in a bun, horn rimmed glasses, no make up, sturdy no nonsense shoes and a huge pair of breasts. If you broke any rule she called you into her office and she berated you. Both students and professors just took it, staring at those magnificent breasts and apologising for their transgressions. Many went out of their way to be late returning a book or purposely making some noise just to be hauled into her office and be scolded.

Mrs Franks was an intelligent woman and she realised that many transgressors were purposely breaking her rules just to be berated by her. For the first time in her life she didn't know what to do. She didn't want to use the ultimate penalty -banned from the library and there was no use in scolding them, that was what they wanted. She needed to instill some discipline. and she needed some expert advice. Mrs Franks checked around and was referred to an expert in discipline, Miss Trix, a local dominatrix. She contacted Miss Trix. Miss Trix is not into freebies but she agreed to help at no charge since she was interested in Mrs Franks problem and found it amusing that professors and senior university staff were being hauled into the head librarian's office for a scolding.

Mrs Franks and Miss Trix discussed the problem and Miss Trix suggested that at the first transgression, the student (mainly male) be bought in for a scolding and a warning. On the second and any subsequent transgressions, the person be banned or offered an alternative. The alternative is that the person drop their pants and Mrs Franks snaps a book shut on their balls. Effective, economical and quick.

Mrs Franks instituted it. Everyone went for the book snap. She would order them into her office and tell them to drop their pants. When she snapped the book shut on their balls, she would have a superior smile. These men would stand before her with their balls hanging there and usually with a stiff erection and they always stared at her big breasts. As she snapped the book closed the change was instantaneous to a blubbering idiot - she loved it.

It was a mixed success. Virtually everyone elected to have Mrs Franks snap a book shut on their balls. Luckily it was quick because the number of men breaking the rules escalated and she spent half the day snapping books closed on balls. She even regularly snapped books closed on the balls of most deans and the university president. She needed a special assistant. Mrs Franks had a female clerical staff working for her and they all knew of her new form of library discipline, the whole university knew. Mrs Franks needed a no nonsense type of woman, one who would tolerate no breaking of the library rules and a strong right hand to snap books closed with authority. Mrs Franks wasn't going to hold a competition for the job, she was going to approach a few of the women and see if they were interested in an additional duty. She decided on selecting three women and try them out and see if any of them would be suitable.

The first was Anne Demmers. Anne was a serious type who had reported a few rule breakers to Mrs Franks. Mrs Franks talked to Anne and she said she would love the additional duty. She said that she would be diligent in enforcing the rules. They went on a walk around the library and almost immediately came across a student, Stu Yardley, who saw Mrs Franks approaching . He knocked over a chair and cursed loudly and looked at Mrs Franks expectantly. Stu was rewarded when Mrs Franks called out his name and told him to go to her office and take a chair outside her door.
Mrs Franks and Anne then went to the book return desk. An assistant professor was arguing with the clerk that a book he was returning was only a day overdue, she said it was two weeks overdue. She saw Mrs Franks and called her over and with a vindictive smirk at the assistant prof told Mrs Franks that the assistant prof was late again with returning books and something had to be done. Mrs Franks agreed and told the assistant, Harry Taft, to go immediately to her office and wait outside her door. He looked terrified and started to plead - she told him to be quiet, they were in a library, and go and wait outside her door. They continued on their rounds and spotted Vick Lucas, a tackle on the university football team shove a junior out of his way. At 6' 6" and over 250 pounds, Vick sent the junior flying. Mrs Franks was infuriated and told Vick to get to her office and wait outside her door. Vick who was never afraid of anybody looked panic stricken. He knew what was coming. Mrs Franks had snapped a book shut on his balls a month ago and he was terrified.

Mrs Franks discussed book snapping with Anne as they walked back to her office. Anne expressed her interest in trying it and they agreed that Mrs Franks would be in the background and Anne would do the berating and book snapping. When the got to Mrs Franks office, the three rule breakers were waiting outside Mrs Franks office door. The two women went in and Anne called at Stu to get into the office. Anne closed the door and started to tell Stu off, him knocking over a chair, cursing and making a noise. She said he had a choice, banned from the library or some immediate discipline, a book snapped shut on his balls. Stu immediately said he would take the book snapping and had his pants half off when Mrs Franks told him to hold it. She had recently seen a lot of his type, guys who couldn't wait to get their balls smashed by a book snapping. She quietly went over to Anne and they discussed Stu. Anne laughed and nodded and turned to Stu. She told him to take of his pants and she grabbed his balls and led him to a supply closet just back of the office. As she closed the door on him she told him no jerking off. Anne waited outside the door for a minute and then threw the door open. Stu had a stiff erection in his hand and he was pumping himself. Anne shouted "No jerking off" and kicked his bare balls. Stu stoped as if paralyzed and started to wail in agony and collapse. Before he could hit the floor Anne delivered another devastating kick to his balls. Stu was on the floor, curled up into a ball, clutching his nuts and wailing in agony. Anne looked down at Stu with a smile and went and reported back to Mrs Franks.

Anne opened the office door and told Harry Taft to get inside. Harry was terrified, he couldn't be barred from the library and he was afraid of getting his balls snapped in a book. Also, the wail of agony coming from behind the office totally spooked him. Anne looked at Harry and gave him a friendly smile and asked him if he wanted to be banned from the library or get a little discipline, nothing too bad. Harry started to feel that maybe they would go light on him and he said discipline. Anne gave him her sunny smile and told him to take off his pants and undershorts. Harry stood before Anne and Mrs Franks, naked from the waist down. Both women smiled at Harry and stared at his equipment. After a minute or so Harry started to feel relieved. He couldn't keep his eyes away from Mrs Franks huge breasts and he then got a stiff erection. Still smiling, Anne told Harry he was a bad boy with bad thoughts who keeps books well past the return date and he needed to be punished. She walked up to him, grabbed his balls and led him to the back office, held them in a new, big, hard backed book which she snapped shut on his balls. Poor Harry collapsed and passed out.

Anne went back into Mrs Franks office. She smiled encouragingly at Anne and told her she was doing very well and if she could handle Vick Lucas, the huge muscular football player, the duties would be hers. Anne undid the top buttons on her blouse and then called Vick in and had him sit before Mrs Franks desk. Anne spoke harshly to Vick calling him a bully and a coward for pushing the other student. She said the choice was his - banned from the library or having a book snapped shut on his balls, painful but short. Vick chose the book snapping. Anne went behind the desk and picked up the sheet with the library rules. She stood up and leaned over and her blouse opened and a large beautiful pair of breasts hung right in front of Vick. Anne said to Vick "Vick, I want you to take a long look at these" as she handed him the library rules. Still leaning over with her breasts right in Vick's face she said they should go over the rules and she slowly read them out while Vick stared at Anne's magnificent breasts.

Anne straightened up and told Vick to strip naked. Vick was tall and muscular and he liked showing off his body. He quickly stripped and make quite a sight with his muscles and large throbbing erection. Anne shouted "What's this" as she swatted his hard on. She reached down and grabbed a ball in each hand and squeezed. Vick howled in agony. Anne squeezed tighter. Vick's screams could be heard throughout the library. Word quickly spread that Anne Demmers, Mrs Franks' assistant had Vick Lucas by the balls and she was going to parade him through the library as an example of what would happen to those who broke the rules.

The library quickly filled up, mainly with all the female student body and faculty. Anne led Vick out of Mrs Franks office to the main floor open area. She had Vicks hands tied behind his back and a length of cord tied around his scrotum so she could lead him around by his balls. In her other hand she held a long pointer which she used to swat his balls. Prior to leading him out of the office Mrs franks had given Vick a slow and steady hand job. Naked, tide up, balls being beaten, Vick was sporting a large erect hard on. Walking in front of him, leading him by his balls was Anne, swatting his balls and reading out loud the library rules.

Anne soon became the assistant librarian. Vick, Stu and Harry became her special helpers and if they did a good job Anne would beat their balls and as a special treat she would strip them naked, give them a hand job just short of a climax and lead them through the library swatting their balls as a demonstration of what happens if someone breaks the library rules. Pretty soon Mrs Franks and Anne were talking about another book snapping assistant, the men on campus just couldn't operate within the library rules.