Monday, March 31, 2008

Getting a Grip on Success (with the continuation)

Gail Long was seething. She was mad as hell at her boss, the president and owner of the electrical equipment company she worked for and he owned. Bob Gaines had promised her a promotion and a nice bonus if she could straighten out a major production problem. Gail had put in long hours and had come up with a solution. Bob took her work and presented it to his management team as something he had come up with. It even got picked up by a trade magazine and there was Bob smiling on the cover with his brilliant idea. The managers were falling over themselves patting Bob on the back and telling him how brilliant he was, even though all of them knew it was Gail's idea and work. She hated the whole damn pack of them.
On the day she saw the magazine Gail snapped. Right about quitting time she went in to her boss's office to tell him off. Right in the middle of her diatribe Bob laughed, got up from behind his desk and patted Gail on the head and told her he was grateful and she shouldn't get into a hysterical female fit. She kicked him in the nuts. It was the first time she had ever kicked a man in the nuts and it was wonderful. A moment before he was a sneering condescending bastard and then he was on the floor, curled up, clutching his nuts and moaning. Gail just stood there watching him writhing in agony. She pulled up one of his visitor chairs and sat down to watch him. After a few minutes Bob tried to stand up. He was on his feet, bent over at the waist.
Gail got up, went behind Bob, reached up between his legs and grabbed his nuts. This was also new to Gail and she found it even more exhilarating than kicking his nuts. The kick was a sudden, one moment thing. Squeezing his nuts was something she could draw out. Gail experimented by how tight she squeezed and she was amazed how even a slight increase in the squeeze caused a huge increase in Bob's apparent discomfort. All her pent up anger and rage overcame her. Within minutes she had him naked from the waist down and was sitting astride him, squeezing his testicles as tight as she could without him passing out. It was Friday evening and the offices were closed down till Monday morning. Bob was divorced and lived alone and all Gail had at home was her cat. Gail made a career decision. She was going to spend the weekend turning Bob into her personal slave. She wasn't exactly sure how to go about it but she had seen a couple of movies about dominant women and she knew it entailed strict discipline and lots of pain. She tighten up her grip on Bob's nuts. She was on her way!

By Saturday morning Gail was tired and hungry. She had managed to tie and gag Bob and she had slept on the couch in his office. Turning Bob into her slave was loosing some of it's novelty. Gail need help. She phoned Beth who worked in accounting and Gail knew that Beth was as disillusioned as she was. Beth did most of the work and her boss grabbed all the credit. Gail phoned Beth and said she desperately needed her help at work and could she come over with some blankets, pillows, a pile of take out food plus some rope, table tennis paddles, petroleum jelly and a large electrical plug-in heavy duty dildo. Beth erupted in laughter and a flood of questions but Gail just said please and she would explain when she got there.

Beth arrived with the supplies. Gail took her into Bob's office. Beth took one look at Bob, now completely naked with a stiff erection and burst out into uncontrollable laughter. Gail joined her and the two of them were having a laughing fit. When they calmed down Gail told Beth what had happened as she slathered petroleum jelly over the dildo, rolled Bob onto his side and rammed the dildo up his backside and turned the vibrator onto high. Bob had a stunned look on his face and he was almost cross eyed. Gail asked Beth to firmly massage Bob's nuts while she had some breakfast. Beth quickly got into the spirit of things and was soon massaging Bob's nuts with one hand and stroking his large, quivering erection with the other, slow enough that he wouldn't come.

The girls had a lot more to do to Bob for Monday morning.

Gail loosened Bob's ropes, took off his gag and removed the vibrating dildo. She was expecting a loud, angry outburst from Bob but he just moaned and begged Beth not to squeeze his nuts so tight and he begged her to stroke him faster. With a mean, sadistic laugh Beth squeezed his nuts tighter and kept up the slow and steady stroking of his erection. Gail untied Bob and they managed to dress him and with a firm grip on his nuts the three of them left the office and went back to Bob's apartment. By Sunday evening the girls had turned Bob into a blubbering idiot, begging to let him come and to stop squeezing his nuts. Gail trained Bob so that whenever she snapped her fingers and held out her hand Bob would come over and stand so he could lay his nuts into the palm of her hand. As a reward Gail would lightly massage his nuts and give his erection a few quick strokes. Both girls began to realize how weird Bob and men in general were. Monday morning the girls talked and planned for the morning. They took turns going home and getting ready for the day.
All Bob wanted to do was jerk off so the girls had to feed him his breakfast. shave and dress him. Beth had a firm grip on Bob's nuts as they went to work together and went directly into his office. As they walked past Miss Hamilton, Bob's spinster secretary, she couldn't help but notice Beth's arm down inside Bob's pants. She smiled.

Gail asked Miss Hamilton to immediately call a meeting of the managers in Bob's office. The office was large with sufficient chairs. Bob had a large desk with wood panels down to the floor across the front and on both sides. Beth unzipped Bob and pulled out his testicles and erection and sat him down behind his desk. She got comfortable on the carpet under his desk. She had a firm grip on his nuts with one hand and was slowly stroking his erection with the other hand. Bob sat at his desk with a vacant, stunned look on his face.

The managers filed into the office and Gail said that Bob had asked her to call them all together. She said that Bob had appointed her as vice president and all mangers were to report from now on to her. There were angry and surprised comments from the managers and they all looked towards Bob. He just sat there and quietly moaned. Gail said that Bob was under the weather. She went on to say that if the managers could show their loyalty and subservience to her they would get a large pay increase, bigger offices and luxury company cars otherwise they would be out of a job. Beth's boss, Bill Vigour, the accounting manager stood up and said he would be dammed if he would be subservient to her and he wanted to hear it from the boss. Gail glared at him and shouted that she was the boss and he was hearing it from her. She also shouted that she was in control. Gail snapped her fingers and held out her hand, cupped at the palm. Beth let go of Bob and he got up from behind his desk. The managers looked on in shocked amazement at Bob with his nuts and erection outside his zipper step over to Gail and lay his nuts into her palm. Gail squeezed and Bob screamed in agony. She let go of his nuts and quickly stroked his erection. Bob shuddered, shouted and came in a surging climax. He dropped to Gail's feet vowing eternal devotion.

There was complete silence, except for the sound of Bob kissing Gail's feet. Gail looked at Bill Vigour and said he had a choice, immediate dismissal or subservience and continuation of employment with a big pay raise, a bigger office and a luxury company car. She smiled as she snapped her fingers and held out her hand, cupped at the palm. All color drained from his face, there was a wave of uncertainty and fear cross his face. He slowly stood up, unzipped himself and laid his nuts into Gail's outstretched hand. Gail smiled and told Bill he was a good boy as her fingers tightened around his nuts. Bill was wailing in agony, partially held up by Gail holding his nuts. As he screamed in agony Gail addressed the other managers and said that they all faced the same choice. Gail pointed to the next manager, snapped her fingers and held out her other hand, cupped at the palm.
Gail wanted total subservience. Each manager laid his nuts into Gail's palm and she squeezed each manager's nuts for a good half hour, two managers at a time. The waiting managers sat in absolute terror waiting for Gail to point at them and snap her fingers.
Gail was as good as her word. All managers received large pay increases, bigger offices and luxury company cars. They put in longer hours and worked as hard as possible, all fearing Gail snapping her fingers at them and pointing to her office. Every couple of months Gail made sure she worked over each manager's nuts. After a while for most managers it was no longer a punishment, it was more of a reward. Beth worked alomgside Gail, helping beating the manager's nuts. She especially enjoyed beating the nuts of her boss, Bill Vigour.

Friday, March 14, 2008

Punishing the Jerk Off

Aunt Mandy looked at Ed, sitting at the kitchen table, bent over clutching his nuts and groaning. She smiled, shook her head and told Ed to sit up straight and eat his breakfast. Linda came in, smiled at her Mom and sat down. Aunt Mandy said it looked like Linda had kicked her cousin in the nuts again. Linda laughed and said "Almost, actually it was a punch, a neat uppercut straight up between his legs. I sure got him good." She looked at Ed and told him "When I knock on the bathroom door, you get out right away. I'm not going to wait while you are in there jerking off, and don't deny it or I'll punch you in the nuts again, right now. Admit it, you were jerking off, admit it or I'll really smack your nuts." Linda went and stood before Ed. In her tight blouse and ultra short skirt Linda was a real ball-busting cock teaser. She spread her legs and placed her hands on her hips. "Well, what's it going to be, me smacking to your nuts or you admitting you were jerking off?" The thought of Linda smacking his nuts was too much for Ed, he nodded his head and admitted he was jerking off.

Aunt Mandy glared at Ed "I've told you before, no jerking off. When you get home this evening we are going to have to discuss this and arrange some punishment. I know that men and boys jerk off but this is getting ridiculous. I don't mind a bit, in moderation, but this is getting out of hand. Something has to be done."

That evening over dinner, there was no mention of punishment and Ed was hoping that his aunt and cousin had forgotten about it. After dinner he started to go to his room but his aunt told him to come into the family room. She told Ed that she and Linda had a long discussion about Ed and his masturbation compulsion and they have come up with a plan to curb it. Linda said "We have decided that you can jerk off for half an hour each day and we will also punish you for half an hour. When you jerk off half an hour should be sufficient but you are not allowed to come, shooting semen around the house is messy and not acceptable. You can jerk off right now, take off your pants and stand in the corner and jerk off." Ed was shocked. Linda looked at a wall clock and said the half hour had started and he was wasting time. Both Linda and his aunt were looking at him as if it was the most expected thing and acceptable. Whenever he was around Linda he got a hard-on and this was no exception. Ed took of his pants and began to stroke his stiff erection. Both mother and daughter smiled.

Linda rearranged the cushions on the couch. There were four cushions on the seat of the couch, Linda removed one and sat down in the space from the removed cushion. Aunt Mandy went up to Ed, grabbed him by his nuts and led him over to Linda. She handed his nuts to Linda and Linda arranged Ed on the cushion, flat on his back with his groin in front of Linda. His weight was supported by the other cushions so Linda was comfortable. Her mother sat down in a chair beside the couch and handed the TV remote to Linda so she had Ed's nuts in one hand and the TV remote in the other. Ed was slowly stroking himself, on the verge of a climax. Linda turned on the TV to her favourite program. Both women watched the TV while Ed was trying not to climax.

After their show ended they told Ed "That's enough jerking off". Aunt Mandy pulled her chair around so she was on the other side of Ed, facing her daughter. They had obviously planned their punishment because they immediately began with no discussion. Linda gathered Ed's nuts into the palm of her hand and Aunt Mandy smacked them with a table tennis paddle. She smacked them again and again. Ed was howling in agony. Both women were laughing as Linda said "What a fuss over a few smacks, it can't hurt that much. Smack them again Mom." For half an hour they paddled Ed's nuts, taking turns wielding the paddle. After the punishment Ed laid curled up on the couch, clutching his battered nuts. Eventually both mother and daughter helped Ed upstairs to his bedroom.

In the morning Ed was moving slow but nothing was said about the prior evening. That evening, after dinner, Linda told Ed to take off his pants and play with himself. Then they grabbed his nuts and squeezed them for half an hour as they watched TV. Watching Ed almost come for half an hour and then abusing his nuts for another half an hour became a normal part of their day. So normal that the first time Mrs Evans, the divorced lady next door dropped in while they were working on Ed's nuts Aunt Mandy turned off the TV and chatted with the extremely shocked neighbour as Aunt Mandy casually spanked Ed's nuts that Linda was holding in her hand. Mrs Evans came by every evening after dinner and was soon an enthusiastic participant in watching Ed jerk off and then punishing Ed. This proved to be very helpful as occasionally Linda or Aunt Mandy had an evening engagement or were away. They knew that Mrs Evans was dedicated to punishing Ed and could be counted on to provide Ed's punishment. One evening Mrs Evans said that the only thing she would like more than smacking Ed's nuts would be smacking her ex husband's nuts. Aunt Mandy said that could be arranged but that is another story.

Monday, March 3, 2008

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