Wednesday, July 25, 2007

The House

Ed was stretched out in a lounge chair in his back yard. It was a beautiful spring day. He was sipping a beer and was pretty happy with himself and life. When he purchased his house three years ago his friends told him he was crazy. What did a single guy want a house for? Well, it turned out to be one of the best moves he had ever made. He timed the market just right and from what he could gather his house had close to doubled in value.

The only problem was his neighbours, the Watsons. Mrs Watson was quite the looker but she was a real nosey busybody. She had a huge set of boobs and usually wore a tight blouse with her nipples sticking out. Whenever he saw her Ed couldn't take take his eyes off her boobs. He got an instant erection. Mrs Watson made sure he got a good eyeful and then she would give him a dirty look and tell him to stop staring at her or she would kick him, as she put it "Where it hurts". Her daughters, Susie and Sally, were just as bad. They didn't have quite as much up top as their mother but they wore the tightest jeans imaginable. For a couple of girls in university they didn't seem to spend much time hitting the books. Mr Watson was the meekest guy Ed had ever met. He was the poster boy for the pussy whipped.

He could hear the daughters in their backyard. Suddenly there was a large dart which came over the fence and slammed into the grass right next to Ed. It was one of those large darts used outside. Dam, Ed thought, that thing could have impaled me. He shouted at the girls next door to be more careful. Susie shouted at Ed "Toss it back over the fence jerkoff" Ed was fed up with their attitude and total lack of respect. He shouted "If you want it, come and get it." He could hear them trying to get through the hedge. He started to laugh, there was no way they could get through the hedge, it was really thick. He heard them swearing as they tried. After a minute they stopped and Ed had some blessed peace and quiet. Then the back yard gate slammed. Susie and Sally came storming across the grass. They were wearing short jean skirts and halter tops. Both girls had scratches on their arms and legs from the hedge and they were livid with anger. Ed started to get up from the lounge chair but Susie sprang on top of him, sitting on his chest and her crotch pressed into his face. Sally sat on his stomach, facing Ed's feet. All Ed could see was Susie's panties and he was suffocating, her panties were pressed right into his mouth and nose. Ed was wriggling around and struggling to breath. Sally undid the top button on Ed's shorts and pulled them down in one motion. She grabbed a testicle in each hand and gave them a light squeeze. She told Ed to be still or she would rip his nuts right off. He lay perfectly still.
Susie eased back a bit allowing Ed to breath. She looked down at him and asked him how he liked the smell of her pussy. Sally laughed and said " He likes it just fine, Susie, he's getting a hard-on."

Sally started shouting for her mother. Mrs Watson answered and Sally shouted she was next door in the back and could her mother come over right away. Mrs Watson came into Ed's back yard and walked over to where her daughters were sitting on Ed. She said "I told you girls you were only to get a man by the balls where he really deserved it. What did Ed do?" Susie said "The jerkoff stole our garden darts. Sally and I are fed up with Ed. He has to be taught a lesson." Mrs Watson laughed and said that she agreed with her daughters. She said "Sally, give me his nuts. Good Lord, he's got a hard-on. We're going to have to teach him some manners. Well Ed, what is this about you stealing the girl's darts? How does this feel?" Mrs Watson squeezed Ed's nuts. A unbearable pain shot through Ed. He was in unbelievable agony. Mrs Watson smiled at Ed and told him he had better confess to stealing the lawn darts or she would have to really squeeze his balls. Ed said "Yes, yes. I stole them. Please don't squeeze my balls any tighter, I'll do anything you say" Mrs Watson looked at her daughters and said "Girls, any man can be made very agreeable with the right kind of incentive. Look at your father." Sally laughed and said "That's because you squeeze his nuts. He looks so funny laying there on the couch curled up around your hand while you watch the TV. Since it seems to hurt him so much why does he come whenever you snap your fingers. He drops whatever he is doing, scurries over, takes of his pants and lies down beside you." Mrs Watson laughed and said that their father is well trained and he knows that if he doesn't instantly obey the punishment will be severe. Mrs Watson said that she learnt ball busting from her mother and her mother learnt it from her mother. She said it was a tradition in the family that the women controlled the men through their nuts. She said it was about time that she taught the girls how to train a man. She asked them if they would like to start with Ed. Both girls nodded yes and had vicious grins as they looked down at Ed.

Mrs Watson told Susie to take the laces out of her sneakers. She told Susie to tie Ed's wrists behind his back. She took the other lace and tied it around his scrotum with his balls held tightly in the bottom of the scrotum. Mrs Watson could lead Ed about by pulling on the lace which tugged his balls. She led Ed out of his back yard to take him next door. He was naked from the waist down and completely under Mrs Watson's control. They were halfway between the two houses, on the front lawn, when Mrs Blunt, a neighbor who was out walking her dog, saw Mrs Watson, the two girls and Ed. She called a hello and then walked over. She asked them how they were but her eyes were on Ed's nuts and his stiff erection. Mrs Blunt asked Mrs Watson if she wouldn't mind as she reached out and took Ed's erection in her right hand and began to stroke it. Her left hand cupped his nuts and began to roughly massage them. Ed was partially screened from the street by the four women as they stood on the front lawn and had a long conversation about dogs the weather and local house prices. All the while Mrs Blunt was vigorously working on Ed's privates. Eventually the groups broke up and as Mrs Blunt started to walk away she asked Mrs Watson if she could borrow Ed for a few hours that evening. She said she was hosting the women's group from her church and it was obvious from Ed's erection that he was having evil thoughts. She thought a bit of punishment from the women's group could cure him of those thoughts. Mrs Watson was quite gracious in saying that the girls would bring Ed over at seven. She asked if Ed's current attire (or lack thereof) was acceptable and Mrs Blunt said that would be fine.

They led Ed into their house. After Mrs Blunt had been stroking him Ed was right on the verge of a climax. His erection was standing straight up and quivering. Sally played with the head of his hard-on by running her finger tips around it. Ed was groaning with desire. Sally told him to stand in the corner as she walked away laughing. Mrs Watson had changed into a skin tight tee shirt that showed of her large breasts and nipples. The lace was still around his scrotum which nicely outlined his nuts. Mrs Watson led Ed into the family room. She got comfortable on the sofa and had Ed lay down almost in her lap with his face buried in her breasts. She reached between his legs, grasped his balls in one hand and lightly squeezed them, rolling them around between her finger tips. With her other hand she turned on the TV, selected a channel and settled down to watch TV. Ed's face was buried in Mrs Watson's breasts. He was moaning and clinging to her. His erection was still straight up, stiff and hard.

At seven Mrs Watson called Susie and told her to put some tape over Ed's mouth. She said she didn't want Ed begging the women's club members to jerk him off. She told Susie to wrap a towel around Ed's waist, since all he had on was a short sleeve shirt. Susie wrapped the towel around Ed and led him across the street by his balls. Ed still had his wrists tied behind his back. When she had Ed standing before the front door she removed the towel and gave his stiff erection a few strokes. Susie rang the door bell. Mrs Blunt opened the door, thanked Susie and grasped Ed's nuts and led him into the house. The church group had arrived earlier and had been discussing how best to treat Ed's evil thoughts and the best form of punishment. They concluded that electric shocks to his nuts would be a good form of punishment. It was clean with no fuss. Just plug an extension cord into a wall socket, strip the ends of the wires bare and touch one wire to one nut and the other wire to the other nut. Simple and effective. Ed would get the shock of his life. They had agreed that to ensure there was no lasting damage to Ed and to stop the blowing of fuses, the wire would just touch the nuts for a second.

It had been one thing to discuss punishing Ed while they were sitting together drinking tea but this was quite different. Mrs Blunt led Ed into the middle of the room. He was naked from the waist down and his erection was large and stiff. The women couldn't take their eyes off it. Ed had been teased for so long that he was thrusting his hips forward and back. The women were awe struck. They had never seen anything like it.

To be continued

Friday, July 20, 2007

Tennis club

Es had a dream job, the only man at an all woman tennis club. He was the handyman and looked after maintenance. He kept himself in good shape and used to wear tight shorts that showed off his package. Ed got a real kick out of the way the club members would look at his package, some slyly and others openly. He got to wearing shorts made from very lightweight material which didn't leave much to the imagination.

Every year the club held a mothers/daughters doubles competition. It was a lot of fun for the members. They had some prizes and a barbeque. Ed looked forward to it. He would set up the barbeque near the pool and cook the burgers and hot dogs. He had a special pair of white shorts he always wore that really showed of his package. With a tight white tee shirt he figured he looked pretty good and a lot of the women agreed.

Some of the daughters were a real handful, spoilt and mouthy. One of the worse was Angel Baker. Mrs Baker thought Angel lived up to her name. Last year Angel caught Ed in the nuts with her tennis racket that she said was an accident and all the club members found it so amusing to see big Ed down on his knees clutching his nuts.

The daughters began running around the pool and Ed was worried one of them would slip and hurt themselves. He called out that there was no running near the pool but he was ignored. One of the young women went running by Ed so he reached out and grabbed her by the arm. It was Angel. He pulled her and she swung around and pressed herself against Ed and in the same motion slipped her hand down his shorts and grabbed his nuts. Her fingers wrapped around his nuts and she squeezed and she shouted at Ed to never grab her. Poor Ed, paralyzed by the pain, was still holding her arm. Angel screamed at Ed to let go of her arm as she squeezed his balls tighter. Ed was screaming in agony. Mrs Baker looked over to see what the fuss was about and saw her darling daughter with her hand down Ed's shorts and it was obvious she had Ed by his nuts. Mrs Baker smiled tolerantly and suggested to Angel that she let Ed go - he had learnt his lesson about grabbing the guests. Then Ed started to scream "ohfuck, goddam, ohfuck, oh my nuts, my fuckingnuts". Mrs Baker, Angel's mother, shouted at Ed to watch his language, there were women present. Ed replied "Ya, and one of them has me by the nuts, oh myfuckingnuts" Now other women were calling for Ed to stop swearing. Ed collapsed to the ground and Angel crouched down beside him, with her hand down his shorts, still squeezing his nuts. She had a big grin and wasn't about to let go. Ed was wailing in agony, cursing and swearing about his nuts.
Now the women were getting angry with Ed with one saying "That can't hurt that much. Stop play acting and clean up your language. You should be ashamed of yourself!" and others calling for Angel to really punish Ed. Mrs Baker bought Angel a pillow so she wouldn't scrape her knees. Angel said the band of Ed shorts was digging into her wrist so a couple of the women pulled down and removed his shorts. Mrs Baker got another pillow so Angel could sit comfortably between Ed's legs. Angel was really enjoying herself. She was the center of attention. She was experimenting with Ed's nuts and she found that by digging her thumbs into each ball she could get Ed to really scream. Ed wasn't swearing any longer - it was just one long scream.

Eventually Mrs Baker got Angel to let go of Ed's nuts. A couple of the women helped Ed into the club house. They laid him on the floor and got a shallow bowl of crushed ice and laid his nuts in the ice. One of the women looked in the club house and laughed "A half hour ago I was having a fantasy about Ed's package. Look at him now, comatose with his nuts in a bowl of ice." The women held an impromptu meeting and decided that the punishment so far was insufficient for the obscene and profane language Ed had used. Mrs Baker said she would volunteer to take Ed back to her house and she and Angel could spend the weekend punishing Ed. She said that since Mr Baker had passed away there were a number of jobs that needed to be done around the house and Ed could do those in return for his room and board over the weekend. The women thought that was an excellent idea. They stressed to Mrs Baker and Angel that they should not stint in the punishment to Ed. Angel laughed and promised she would not stint in punishing Ed.

Angel went over and slapped Ed's nuts and then grabbed him by his nuts and led him out to their car. Ed was crying about his aching nuts and all the women were smiling as Angel put him in the car and sat down beside him with her hand between his legs. Mrs Baker drove away. Ed lay curled up on the seat beside Angel. Her firm grip on his nuts became the center of his universe.

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Miss Pennypacker's Art Class

Trudy Pennypacker was the art teacher at a small prestigious east coast women's college. Her days were pretty boring teaching young women the basics of art. Quite frankly she was no longer interested in teaching art and she was sure her pupils had even less interest in learning. Part of the curriculum called for learning to sketch from a live nude model. She had a budget and she arranged for the usual model but on the day of the class the model phoned to say she was ill. Trudy was in a quandary, she had used the same model for years. Within an hour she would have a class full of students and no model. She got out the phone book and turned to Models and phoned Ace Models, the first name listed. She said she wanted a nude model but it had to be within an hour. When they asked for preferences she said it didn't matter - whatever they had. She said she had a room full of young women and the fellow from the agency said he understood exactly and he would send over a model within the hour.

Trudy's class filled up with her students but no model. Finally a young good looking fellow arrived and said he was the model. The girls were awe struck. He was gorgeous. Trudy was flustered but the girls were suddenly enthusiastic about the class and as over privileged spoiled young women they demanded that the class get underway. There was a raised platform at the front of the class. The model stood up on the platform and got undressed. There was a gasp from the girls and also from Trudy. He had the biggest penis they had ever seen. He stood facing the girls and said his name was Rod. He looked at Miss Pennypacker and said "I'll be dammed, this really is an art class! How do you want me to pose?" She just looked at him with her mouth hanging open. Margo, one of the students, came up front and said she would help Rod to pose. She had him stand facing the class, with his legs spread and one hand on his hip and she had his other hand grasp his dick and asked him to masturbate. Rod said OK and started to stroke himself. Trudy objected and Margo said "For heaven's sake, every nude male is posed exactly the same way, either sitting like The Thinker or standing like David. Lets be original. Rod doesn't seem to mind and the class seems to like the pose." The girls all shouted agreement. It didn't take more than a minute for Rod to sport a huge erection. All the girls and Trudy were fascinated. Margo told Rod not to come, just slow down the stroking. At the end of the hour Rod was barely touching his erection. It was plain he was right on the verge of a climax. The girls and Trudy were spellbound. Usually at the end of the art class hour the girls were out the door the moment the class bell rang. This time they stayed. At about five minutes past the hour Rod said "I can't stand this any more." He swiftly masturbated and came in a shuddering climax. He cleaned himself off and got dressed and asked if they would need him again. Trudy had been granted a budget to cover five classes and the gender of the model had not been discussed. The students were vocal in their desire for Rod to come again so Trudy asked him to book that hour for the rest of the week.

The next day Rod stripped naked and did the same pose as the prior day. On the third day, after he stripped Margo came up front and asked for a different pose. Rod said sure and Margo kicked him in the balls. Rod bent over, clasped his hands over his nuts and had a surprised look of agony on his face. The class burst out laughing and even Miss Pennypacker had to smile. Margo asked Ron "Can you keep that pose for an hour or would you prefer if I kick you in the nuts every fifteen minutes?" Ron nodded his head up and down to indicate Yes. Fifteen minutes later Margo came up front and kicked Rod in the nuts again. Rod let out a wail of agony and said that he had meant that yes, he could keep the pose. At the end of the class Rod was in agony and said that he wouldn't be back the next day if Margo was going to kick his balls again. Both Margo and Miss Pennypacker promised Rod that no one was going to kick him in the nuts. Rod got dressed and shuffled off, bent over and clutching his nuts.

Miss Pennypacker was thrilled with the way her class had suddenly taken such an interest in art. Evidently the girls had mentioned their new found interest in art, especially sketching a prodigiously endowed nude male being kicked in the nuts. A number of mothers contacted the school and asked if they could arrange some evening classes. The dean was thrilled with this interest, and a chance for additional revenue. She couldn't understand the interest in Miss Pennypackers' class but she asked her to go ahead with an evening class program.

Rod showed up Thursday and after he got undressed and was standing in the nude he said he didn't want to be kicked in the nuts. Margo said that was no problem as she came up to him, quickly reached between Rod's legs, grabbed his nuts and began to squeeze. She said that she had been talking with the other girls and they thought an interesting pose would be where a girl had a guy by the nuts. She had a testicle in each hand and was gently moving them around with her finger tips. She told Rod to be a good boy and pose nice and she wouldn't have to pinch his nuts. She also told him that a big hard-on would be a nice touch and he could stroke himself, but no coming.

By the end of the week Miss Pennypacker had the most popular class in the college. A lot of the women students were asking for a class transfer and Miss Pennypackers evening class had full enrolment before the first class began. She approached the dean and suggested that Margo be hired as a student aid for the evening class since she had a natural ability to get the model to assume different poses. In view of the tuition that had come in Miss Cane agreed. She asked Miss Pennypacker if she could explain the huge interest in her art classes. Miss Pennypacker said " I think there is a general increased awareness in society towards art. Also we use a variety of mediums - watercolors, oils, acrylic. And I keep the classes light and fun, the students all have a ball." Miss Cane said that she would have to drop in some time and she thanked Miss Pennypacker for the extra revenue that her evening class was bringing in.
The following Monday her first evening class began. The women students had heard about the well hung naked model getting wacked in the nuts by Margo and they were eager for the class to begin. Margo had suggested to Miss Pennypacker that they select a student from the evening class on a rotational basis to help Margo. Margo was not one to mince words. She stood before the class "Welcome to our evening art class. Rod, our model will be out in a few minutes. We have found the old traditional poses too stale and dated. We like modern poses and one of the best modern poses is where a woman has a man by the balls. For this pose we need a volunteer, a woman to come up front and give Rod a good ball squeeze. Virtually the entire class volunteered. Miss Pennypacker thought "What a wonderful response for the call for a volunteer. I am so pleased with this renewed interest in art.

Thursday, July 12, 2007


Ed was in the shower thinking of the argument he had just had with Susan, his wife, before she stormed of to work. They usually got along but they both had dominant personalities and they clashed a lot. Something just had to give or they were through. He thought about some of their friends and they were going through the same thing. Equality was all well and good but in a marriage there had to be one boss, calling the tune and that should be the male.

Ed got the damnedest shock when he stepped out of the shower. There were two attractive women standing there. They just stood there looking at him. The shorter of the two asked him if he was Edward Banks. Ed was so surprised he just nodded. One of the women said to the other "He's the one, bring him along". The other woman quickly grabbed Ed by his nuts, gave them a vicious squeeze which almost knocked Ed out from the pain and led him out of the house by his nuts. Ed was naked and in agony from the nut squeeze. She shoved him in the back of a van where there were two more women waiting. They tied Ed at his wrists and ankles, blindfolded him and put tape across his mouth. The other woman had got behind the wheel and was driving away. The whole thing took less than a minute.

Ed wriggled on the floor of the van and tried to shout. He felt one of the women take his balls and put them in a harness, which she pulled tight. She said to Ed "Listen number seven, your balls are in a harness attached to a rope, the other end of the rope is tied to a hook on the roof of this van. if you are quiet and don't move you will be OK. If you try wriggling and moving around the harness will rip your nuts right off. Understand?" Ed nodded he understood and laid unmoving.

Ed wasn't sure how long the drive took but it was quite a few hours.

Finally the van stopped and Ed has led out of the van by his nuts. He was put in a small room and was laid down, face first, on a softly carpeted floor. There was a hole in the floor and he was positioned so that his nuts went through the hole. The harness was removed and a cord was tied snugly around his scrotum, pulling on his nuts, pinning Ed to the floor. His wrists and ankles were untied and the blindfold and the tape over his mouth was removed. Ed could raise his head and look around the room, he could talk and could move his arms, legs and head but he was trapped by his nuts. He laid like that for hours. He shouted till he was hoarse but no one came. Finally he drifted off to sleep. He awoke with a searing pain across his backside. A beautiful young woman was crouched down beside him and was lashing his backside with a cane. The agony was extreme and Ed was screaming. Suddenly she stopped, stood up and left the room.

Ed was again left for hours. Suddenly he felt fingers wrapping around his balls. There was an explosion of pain. Ed laid on the floor, pinned there by the fingers pulling, squeezing and pinching his nuts. As he laid there another woman came into the room and crouched down beside Ed and watched him. She was crouched down with her legs spread and Ed could look up her skirt at her smooth thighs and white panties. Although he was in pain from his nuts he got a throbbing erection. The woman beside Ed called "That's enough, otherwise he'll pass out." Ed wanted to ask her why this was being done to him but all he could do was moan.

Occasionally the cord attached to his scrotum was loosened at the other end and Ed could move around the room.. He could use the toilet, sit at a table and eat whenever they bought him a meal. The the cord would pull and he learnt that he had to quickly scramble so his nuts were down through the hole and he was laying face down on the floor. That was how he slept but he was in such fear of the next beating that would come without warning that he rairly slept. For days, maybe weeks, he was spanked, beaten and had his balls worked over.

He knew he was being watched. Whenever he tried to masturbate he would be pulled back to the hole on the floor and his balls would get a major beating.

Whenever one of the women came into the room Ed tried to talk to them but they acted as if they were deaf. Prior to them coming into the room Ed got a tug on his nuts and he went and laid down over the hole. They had him pinned to the floor by his balls whenever a woman entered the room. Ed couldn't help it. Whenever he saw one of the women he got a stiff erection. Right after she left he would be released from the floor. He could stand up, walk around, lay on his back but not touch his erection. He was going out of his mind with desire for the women and fear that they would beat his nuts.

One day he was laying on the floor, getting his balls slapped when a beautiful woman Ed had never seen before came into the room. She called out "Loosen the cord for number seven" Then she addressed Ed. The first time anyone had spoken to him since they took him captive.

She said "Our job is to break you down completely number seven, to make you completely subservient to women. Stand before me and spread your legs. I am going to kick you in the nuts and you will do nothing to protect yourself. Put your hands on top of your head." Ed did what she told him to do. With lightning quick speed and force her foot slammed into Ed's groin, flattening his nuts. The weeks of ball busting had reduced the sensitivity of his balls but the vicious force of her kick still caused excruciating pain. Ed's knees came together, his hands clamped over his kicked nuts and he had that stunned surprised look of some poor guy kicked in the balls. He groaned and sank to his knees, then collapsed and fell onto his side, curled up clutching his nuts. The woman smiled and called out "Number seven is ready for the next step. Tighten the cord" Ed felt the cord pull and even though in terrible pain he scurried into position with his nuts down through the hole in the floor, pinned to the floor.

The woman sat down and said "Number seven, you were brought here about a month ago. This room is one of 24 we have here. These rooms are on the second floor of the building. Your nuts are in the room below, hanging from the ceiling. We have broken you. Now we will train you. You will be trained to instantly obey your mistress and you will be trained to give oral sex, exactly the way she likes it. You will be trained to be her slave. Here is your mistress. Ed looked up from the floor as his wife walked into the room. Susan smiled at Ed and told him he looked so foolish and helpless, naked and laying on the floor. She said "Ed, it's so good to see you. Things were not going well in our marriage and I felt something had to be done. Only one of us could be the dominant partner and I felt that should be me. I had heard excellent things about this training facility and it seemed to be just what you needed. I have been receiving reports on your training and you are doing very well. I am quite proud of you. The staff here has been told about my preferences for oral sex and they will train you. They will also train you regarding domestic chores and how to act in mixed company. At home you will be like a sniveling dog but in public you will be courteous and attendant to my every wish. This place is expensive but well worth it."

The woman asked Susan if there was anything else she wanted to say to Ed. She said 'No, just release him from the floor and have him stand before me." The woman called "Loosen number seven" The cord on Ed's nuts was loosened and Ed was told to stand up. His wife came up to him, reached down between his legs and cradled his nuts in her hand. She smiled at Ed as she looked into his eyes. "Get used to this Ed" and she stared to squeeze his nuts. She squeezed tighter and tighter till Ed was wailing in agony.

Susan left and for the next week Ed received further training. Then he was loaded into a van and was driven back home, a trip lasting about ten hours. He was naked, blindfolded and tied down. When he arrived home he was led into the house. His wife met him at the front door and told him she had arranged a welcome home party. She led him, by his nuts, into the family room. About half a dozen of his wife's closest women friends were waiting. They all burst out laughing at the site of Ed, naked with an erection, being led around by his wife holding his balls. Susan told Ed to get onto all fours, like a dog.

Susan thanked one her friends, Amy, for telling her about the training facility. Amy laughed and said it was the best thing that had happened in her marriage, nothing like having a man literally by the balls. They asked Nancy how the training was coming with her husband. Nancy said she had been receiving reports and it took a while to brake Bill but the training is going well and she can hardly wait till she gets to see him. Susan told her that when she first saw Ed she walked up to him and grabbed him by the nuts and squeezed and squeezed. She wanted ed to realize right from the start what awaited him if he ever disobeyed her. Susan got up and walked behind Ed and told him to spread his back legs. His dangling balls made an inviting target. She asked Patty to come over and give Ed a swift kick in the nuts. Patty laughed self consciously and got up and stood behind Ed. The girls began urging Patty but she just looked embarrassed. Nancy said "Pretend it's Bert, your husband". Patty closed her eyes in concentration then yelled "Burt, you bastard!" and unleashed a vicious kick between Ed's legs, a kick that lifted the back of Ed clear off the ground. The kick flattened Ed's nuts. Ed made a mewing noise and passed out cold. The girls were surprised by the animosity Patty showed.

Patty told the girls that since Burt had come into quite an inheritance he had changed and not for the better. He quit his job and layed around the house all day and went out at night drinking. Patty was pretty sure he was having an affair, or maybe two or three. The only time he noticed Patty was to yell at her or threaten her with a backhand. The girls urged Patty to get Burt into training. With his inheritance the cost was no problem. All she had to do was pick up the phone and in about 6 weeks she would have a new and improved Burt. She would have him by the balls. After a bit of urging Susan dialed the number and told the administrator that she had a new client and then she put Patty on the line. After answering some questions she was instructed on how to make the payment by a bank wire transfer everything was arranged. Patty was assured that within 48 hours of payment Burt would be picked up and training would begin.

Now 5 of the 6 girls had training completed, underway or scheduled for their husbands. Donna was the only one of the six who was single. She was the executive secretary of the president of a large industrial company. The president, Freddy, was the son of the founder and considered himself quite the single playboy. The company was doing well in spite of Freddy. All the other executives knew the real power lay with Donna. She ran the company but she was getting exasperated and angry with Freddy's tantrums and his habit of hitting on all the new female hires. Donna recently had to settle two of Freddy's sexual harassment cases. The girls knew of Donna's problems with Freddy. Donna had often said she was thinking of quitting. The girls told Donna to think of how much better things would be if Freddy was under control. It would be better for the company, better for Donna and even better for Freddy. The girls pointed out that Freddy was ruining his liver from all his drinking. Staying up all night was doing him no good. He was probably having unprotected sex and it was just a matter of time till he came down with some terrible disease. The girls presented all this to Donna but she was still undecided. Then Susan said 'What if Freddy met some real conniving bitch who managed to get him drunk (easy enough to do) and married him. Then six month later took him to the cleaners in a divorce. The settlement would probably ruin the company and all the work you had put into it would be worth nothing." Donna said "Call that company. Lets get Freddy into training right away"

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Summer Job

Ed found himself a great summer job while in university, working at a bakery, running a cake dough machine. It was mind numbing boring but it paid reasonably well. He just stood facing the machine. Beyond it was a wall. He had his back to the bakery floor. At least most of the other workers could move around a bit. They were all women. His job required upper body strength to lift and move the loaded trays so he was the one man.

As he got to know them he found them to be a pleasant group of women. They were earthy but nice. He was amazed how they could be upbeat in such boring, dead end jobs. As he found out they would do anything to break the monotony.

Due to the heat from the baking ovens Ed wore a pair of loose fitting shorts, a tee shirt and, since he was on his feet all day, heavy work boots. He was young and good looking with an attractive muscular body. The women decided to have some fun. Sandy came up behind him, reached up the leg of his loose shorts and gave his balls a squeeze. Sandy had told the other women what she was planning so they were all watching. Ed leaped from the squeeze and all the women burst out laughing. Even Ed's supervisor was killing herself with laughter. After that all the women had to have a go at squeezing Eds nuts. Each time the whole floor would have a good laugh. They tried to time it so they squeezed his nuts while he had a tray full of molds, each mold full of dough. If they timed it right Ed would leap in surprise and the tray, molds and dough would go flying. That was guaranteed to bring down the house. They called it ringing the college kid's bells. Ed was getting his bells wrung all day, every day.

The truth be told - Ed enjoyed getting his bells wrung. He would stand in his loose shorts with boxer shorts and his nuts would hang between his legs. He loved the feeling of the woman's hand brushing his thigh, her fingers finding his balls and then wrapping around them. The actual squeeze was unbelievable pain but it only lasted a second. Then there was the whole floor laughing, both with and at him. One of the women had gotten a bit rough and hadn't let go right away. She found it funny to hold on and watch Ed writhing in agony on the floor. The rest of the women found this hilarious and thought Ed was play acting - a squeeze to the nuts couldn't hurt that much they said. Soon all the women were doing it - squeezing his nuts and not letting go.

Ed had never mentioned the bell wringing to his supervisor (Ms Higgins) and she had never brought it up with Ed. Ms Higgins had even rung Ed's bells a few times. Ms Higgins had brought it up with the bakery owner who had enquired to Ms Higgins what all the laughter on the bakery floor was about. The owner whose office was on the second floor had heard it for the last few weeks and finally asked Ms Higgins about it. The owner was initially outraged when told about her staff wringing Ed's bells on company time, and also that the staff was taking company time for foolery. Ms Higgins explained to her that the women had speeded up so as to get more chances to ring Ed's bells and productivity was up over 15%. The owner, Miss Beasly, who had inherited the bakery from her father, was a no nonsense busness woman who rarely went down to the bakery floor but a 15% productivity gain was very impressive and this she had to see. They both went to the bakery floor and Ms Higgins explained that it may take a while for a staff member to get a chance to wring Ed's bells. Miss Beasly said she didn't have time to waste so she strode across the bakery floor, got behind Ed, reached up his shorts, grabbed his nuts and gave them a vicious squeeze. Ed let out a dreadfull wail and passed out cold. Miss Beasly sniffed that he had glass nuts and went back to her office.

Miss Beasly sat in her office with a wonderful feeling. Squeezing Ed's nuts had given her a wonderful feeling of control and power. Miss Beasly was a very good looking woman but she had no social life, from an early age her whole life had been business. The businessmen of her town were terrified of her. She was ruthless in business and was know as a castrating bitch. A couple of times she had threatened local businessmen that she would cut off their nuts and she found it funny how they would instinctively cover their nuts with their hands. She had often thought about it but up to know she had never really had a man by the nuts. Holding Ed by his nuts was a great feeling and one she wanted to experience again and often. She phoned down to Ms Higgins that as soon as Ed was coherent she wanted him brought up to her office. About an hour later Ms Higgins tapped on the boss'es door and said that Ed was here. Miss Beasly invited them both into her office and smiled at Ed. He looked pathetic, bent over and clutching his nuts. Miss Beasly helped Ed into a chair. He was obviously terrified which pleased Miss Beasly. She started of by telling Ed how pleased she was with the productivity gain and asked if there was anything she could do to ensure the gain continued. Ed put up his hand to indicate if he could speak. Miss Beasly nodded and Ed begged her not to squeeze his nuts again. She just smiled and asked her secretary to send in the company nurse. She then suggested to her secretary that she stay since she might find the next little while interesting.

The nurse was really a student nurse who came in part time. She had gone to high school with Ed and had since enrolled in the university nursing program. Norma was well aware of the ringing of Ed's bells and had even had a go. Miss Beasly said "Norma, please take a seat. I think you know Ed. I would like you to check his testicles to see that they are OK. They suffered a bit of trauma and I want to make sure Ed is all right. Ed, please stand before Norma and pull down your pants." All four women (Ms Higgins, Miss Beasley, the secretary and Norma) had smiles as Ed stood before Norma and pulled down his shorts. Norma took a ball and rolled it around between her finger tips, probing it gently as Ed stood with a look of alarm on his face, first one ball and then the other. Miss Beasley asked Norma to explain what she was doing and then asked if she could try it. By the time Norma had finished and had passed Ed's balls on to Miss Beasly Ed had a throbbing erection.

Miss Beasly was holding Ed's balls in her hand. She looked at Ed's hard-on and shouted at Ed to explain himself. Ed got red in the face and stammered that he couldn't help himself. Miss Beasly said that was no excuse and she gave Ed's nuts a tight squeeze. Ed let out a scream of agony. That brought all the upper floor staff to Miss Beasly's door. They were all women and they crowded around the door looking in. There was Miss Beasly, squatting down on her heels beside Ed, with his pants down and Miss Beasly squeezing Ed's nuts. Norma came over and squatted down on the other side of Ed. She took his still firm erection in her hand and began to slowly stroke it. Miss Beasly asked her secretary to get her video camera out and videotape Ed. Miss Bealsy let go of Ed's nuts and stood up, directly above Ed. She instructed Norma to stop stroking Ed's hard-on. Ed was laying on his back with a firm, quivering erection. Miss Beasly looked down at Ed. He gazed up Miss Beasly's skirt, groaned and took his erection in his hand and began to masturbate. Miss Beasly laughed looking down at Ed. All the other women in the office and gathered around the door were also looking down at Ed and were laughing. The secretary was still videotaping Ed.

Just as Ed was about to climax, Miss Beasly reached down, grabbed Ed by his nuts and pulled him to a standing position and told him to let go of his erection and pull up his shorts and get back to work. Ms Higgins accompanied Ed back to his machine. Ed's bells were rung all summer.

Monday, July 2, 2007

The Trip

Ed was accepted by a west coast university. His aunt was driving to the west coast on vacation and she offered to take Ed. The airplane was faster but the car trip was cheaper and it would give Ed a chance to see the country. The only drawback was he had to share the back seat with his two younger cousins. He had never gotten along with Angie and Tina, they were spoiled and always had to have things there way. His aunt May was no help - she had spoiled them by always catering to them. They were her little angels.
It was aunt May and Mrs North (a friend of aunt May) in the front seat and the three kids in the back. Ed resented being called a kid but there was little he could do about it. There was a constant fight in the back seat as to who would sit in the middle. Aunt May said the kids could sort it out. Ed was twice the size of his younger cousins but they were fast, sneaky and they fought dirty. They had learned that a swift punch between a boy's legs would sure slow him down. They started off with Tina in the middle. After the first gas stop they were getting back in the car. Ed wanted to stake out a corner against the glass so he went into the back seat ahead of Tina. He was bent over with one leg in the car and the other out. It was a perfect target. Tina delivered a short uppercut between Ed's legs and hit him square in the nuts. Ed wailed in agony and collapsed. Tina pushed him into the middle of the back seat. Angie got in from the other side. Mrs North was chuckling in the front seat. As aunt May got in Mrs North, in a loud voice, told her that she thought one of the girls had just nailed Ed in the balls. Aunt May, in a voice just as loud, said that probably Ed did something to deserve it and she was proud her daughters knew how to look out for themselves. Mrs North nodded in agreement and said "There is nothing wrong with a girl being a ballbuster. I've been a ballbuster since I was in school. I know how to keep Mr North in line, also my boss at work." Ed groaned in agony and the girls laughed at Ed.
After the lunch stop Ed was terrified about getting into the car. He couldn't get into the car and protect his nuts at the same time. Tina said "Don't worry Ed, I promise I won't hit your nuts." Ed stepped into the car. As he stepped in, Tina, from behind, reached up between Ed's legs and grabbed his balls and pushed him into the corner. With her sister's help they had Ed's pants down and Tina had Ed firmly by the balls. They covered Ed with a blanket. He sat propped up in the corner with a stricken look of anguish on his face. Tina had one arm under the blanket where she had a tight grip on Ed's nuts. With her other hand she was holding a book she was reading. Angie called out to her mom that now Ed had the corner. Aunt May said she was happy that they had learnt how to get along.
The next day, Ed sat in the middle, under the blanket. After a brief struggle Tina had Ed by the balls and Angie was slowly stroking Ed's hard-on. Ed just laid his head back and closed his eyes. For the rest of the trip Ed sat in the middle and did whatever the girls told him to do. Both aunt May and Mrs North were impressed with how well mannered and quite Ed was. They were a little puzzled by his moaning until Mrs North told aunt May that she thought Ed was playing with himself under the blanket. They looked at his face and saw the slight movement of the blanket and they agreed that was it - after all, boys his age were always masturbating every chance they got. They concurred that it was a vile habit but at least it kept him occupied and quiet. They agreed that before they got to the west coast, before they let him off at the university, they had to discipline him. They said a good bare butt spanking and some ball spanking was in order and it would do him the world of good. Also, the girls should get some experience in how to discipline a boy.
That night they stopped at a motel. Mrs North suggested that, to keep expenses to a minimum. she would share a room with Ed. She pointed out that she was twice his age and they would have separate beds. Aunt May and the girls would share a separate room. As they were all getting ready for bed Aunt May came into the room Ed and Mrs North were sharing. She said that she and Mrs North had something they wanted to discuss with Ed. They sat on the edge of a bed and Ed, in his pajamas, was standing before them. Mrs North said "Ed, you seem to have a compulsion to masturbate. I won't have you sharing a room with me while you are jerking off all night. Also, your aunt is concerned about her two daughters sharing the back seat of the car with you playing with yourself all the way to the coast." Ed started to explain that it was the girls but Mrs North calmly reached forward and slipped her hand inside his pajamas and wrapped her fingers around his balls. She smiled at Ed and said " Now Ed, lets not have any lies. We know a young man has certain compulsions he can't control. Your aunt May and I have discussed this and we agreed that the best thing was for you to get some relief twice daily, before going to bed and first thing in the morning. Now, how long will it take you to climax? We have a schedule to maintain so we need to know how long we will have to monitor you each morning." Ed was aghast. "Your going to watch me?" he asked. Mrs North laughed and said " No secrets Ed. We'll take turns monitoring you." She squeezed his nuts tighter and asked if he had any objections to the plan. Ed croaked "No."
Mrs North said "Now be a good boy Ed, take off your pajamas and lay down on the bed and jerk off." Aunt May went next door and called the girls. She said there was something they had to see. It was part of their education into female adulthood. Poor Ed was laying flat on his bed, naked. Sitting along the edge of the next bed, a couple of feet away was Mrs North, his aunt May and Tina and Angie. All four were staring intently at Ed and his flaccid penis. He couldn't help it. He started to get an erection. It quickly stiffened and straightened out and rose from his stomach. Mrs North had a satisfied smile, aunt May said "Oh my!" and the girls laughed. They were still sitting on the edge of the bed staring at Ed. Mrs North said "OK Ed, go to it" Ed grabbed his erection and started to stroke himself. He started going faster and faster and after a few minutes it looked like he was ready to climax. Tina told Ed to stop. He continued like he hadn't heard her. She reached out and grabbed his nuts, squeezed and told him to stop. Then she said "Is this such a good idea? We should be training him not to masturbate, not allowing it. I may be just a kid but I think we should make sure he doesn't jerk off , even if we take turns holding him by his nuts." Ed had let go of his erection. It was sticking straight up, quivering and ready to explode.
Mrs North said she thought Tina had a good point. The four of them (Aunt May, Mrs North, Tina and Angie discussed the merits and disadvantages of allowing Ed to masturbate twice daily. All the while Tina held Ed by his nuts, slowly massaging them with her thumb. They reached agreement that it was best not to let Ed masturbate. They should break him of the habit, not encourage it. As they were talking Mrs North casually reached out and wrapped her fingers around Ed's erection and slowly started to stroke him. She said that they had to break Ed of his masturbation habit and make him dependent on females to relieve his desires or else use self control but no more masturbation. Poor Ed was going out of his mind. He flopped back on the bed with his legs wide apart. Mrs North asked aunt May to tie Ed to the bed. The girls and aunt may went back to their room. Mrs North settled down on the same bed as Ed. She got comfortable, snuggled up to Ed and told him he was a bad boy who needed to be punished. She reached down and grabbed Ed's nuts and started to squeeze. Ed groaned in agony. Mrs North laughed and told Ed he had to accept his punishment. With her other hand she took hold of his still stiff erection and stroked it rapidly and then slowed down the stroking. After an hour she let go of his nuts and erection, patted him on the head, kissed his cheek and told him to go to sleep.
In the morning Mrs North woke up, glanced over at Ed and smiled. He was laying on his back, still tied down with the largest erection she had ever seen, sticking straight up. He was asleep, having a sex dream. She quietly got up and awoke the girls and aunt may next door. She said "Sorry to wake you up but you just have to see this, and bring the video camera". The four of them filed back into the other room. The two girls looked at Ed's large, quivering erection and burst out laughing. Aunt May said "Oh my God! I've seen lots of hard-ons but nothing this big! It's huge!" Tina grabbed Ed's erection and called for Angie to take a video shot. The laughter and grabbing his erection woke Ed up. They took turns playing with Ed's hard-on and taking videos. Then they untied Ed and all went for breakfast. Then they got ready and back in the car. All the way to the coast one of the females had Ed by the balls and usually another one stroked him. One time the two girls got into an argument as to who was the best ballbuster. Poor Ed was nearly castrated as each girl tried to outdo the other as the ulitmate ballbuster. Finally aunt May had to step in and declare that Mrs North was the ultimate ballbuster and the girls were tied as the ballbuster runnerups.
Once they got there Ed said he appreciated them helping him break masturbation habit but he still had the compulsion and maybe he could postpone his university entrance and instead, stay with them during their west coast vacation and then go back to the east coast. He said a couple of weeks more ball squeezing would be of great benefit to him. Mrs North said that sounded like a great idea as she reached between his legs and grabbed his nuts.