Monday, November 3, 2014 - Part 3

Part 1 and 2 should be read prior to reading this.

Prosperity had come to Niko. For the first time anyone could remember there was money in the town. Even the mood had changed. The women folk were a smiling, happy group with a spring in their step and a ready smile. The men, on the other hand, were a worried group, bent over and cradling their aching nuts in their hands.

Mrs Farley was a progressive film maker, always looking for something new. Mrs James had been in a few videos and had really enjoyed kicking her neighbour in the nuts. The money came in handy and Elmer, the neighbour now mowed her grass and did odd jobs around the house. Mr James, took off when the women of Niko began whacking ever man in town in the balls. That was fine with Mrs James, her husband had been a dud and a mistake. Elmer, in contrast, was a lot of fun. Fun for Mrs James in dreaming up new ways to whack Elmer in the nuts.

Mrs James went to see Mrs Farley and Penny with a suggestion for a new video, not the kind they were churning out in the warehouse/studio with a room where some poor guy got it in the nuts for a half hour. Mrs Farley was receptive to any suggestion to increase the cinematic artistry of her videos so she invited Mrs James to sit down and have a cup of tea and tell them of her idea. Mrs James outlined a documentary shot on location around the town. The first step was for the city council to pass an ordinance that all men be naked from the waist down. This would guarantee national press coverage and ensure great sales of the video. Then Mrs James would go about the town, followed by Mrs Farley and Penny to capture her encounters with the semi naked men of the town. Mrs James asked Mrs Farley to imagine Mrs James standing in an aisle of the hardware store with Ed, the store owner, discussing some faucet washers. Prior to the shot a couple of lady fluffers from the crew would have worked on Ed. The fluffers had fluffed up Ed like you fluff up a pillow. Gentle hand motion. In the middle of the washer discussion, Mrs James would have noticed Ed's quivering erection and in a show of indignation, reached down and grabbed Ed by his nuts. Pushing her face close to Ed she would demand what was going through his dirty mind and before he could reply she would squeeze his nuts, Ed would scream and crumple up on the floor. She would then proceed through the town, dealing with a variety of the Nikon men.

Mrs Farley loved the suggestion. She loved the documentary aspect and shooting outside, on location. Penny suggested that she could do some street interviews with the women of Nikon, women going shopping or doing errands, followed by their man, being led by a testicle harness. Penny was a big fan of testicle harnesses, nothing kept a man in line like a tightly cinched harness, biting into his balls. Penny had some men in town making the harnesses and they were selling them on the Nikonutbusters web site. Penny loved watching the men making the harnesses, each man in his own testicle harness, under the supervision of Mildred, the woman foreman who kept the harness leashes in hand. Mildred lived on a farm just outside of town.  She was a no nonsense type who always wore a pair of tight jeans and and a skin tight white tee shirt which perfectly showed of her big breasts and magnificent nipples. With her big boobs and a testicle harness on each man working for her, she had perfect control over her staff.  Her shop was a favorite with reporters from out of town.  She only granted female reporters an interview. The usual interview consisted of a worker standing beside his work station showing how he made a harness. The worker had on a harness and an erection - nothing else.  Mildred kept track of production and a check was regularly sent to  the workers  woman.  Usually Mildred had the workers woman come in for the interview with the reporter in her office.  Mildred,the lady reporter and the workers woman would be seated in Mildred's office and the worker, in his harness and erection would be left standing.  Usually the workers woman was his wife but sometimes  a relative such as a sister or a neighbor.  Some enterprising women had three or four men in testicle harnesses working around town. If it was a big city paper or a TV station women reporters would have one of the younger men assigned to her as her personal valet.  The women reporters got a real kick out of leading some good looking guy with a hard-on around by his balls.  It also guaranteed national news coverage.

Friday, September 19, 2014

Double Features

What a sight. Stu was naked. He was 6'3" at 230 lbs of pure muscle. Broad shoulders, narrow hips, bulging biceps. A look of pure anguish on his face. Standing before him at 5' and 95 lbs was Becky, his secretary, dressed nicely in a summer dress. She came up to not much past Stu's waist. Becky had an amused smile on her face with one hand resting casually on her hip and her other hand with a firm grip on Stu's left testicle. With a malicious smile Becky tightened her grip. Stu started to scream and reached out to hold Becky's arm. Becky shouted "No screaming and no touching". Stu managed to stifle his scream and waved his arms around ineffectively at his sides. Becky laughed and told Stu that he knew the rules and he was later going to get extra punishment for screaming and touching. Still laughing she asked "What's this?" as she pointed at Stu's rapidly stiffening erection. With her free hand she started slapping it back and forth. Stu and Becky were in the middle of his office and sitting around them was the ten women who made up the staff of Stu's small but profitable company. They were all laughing, cheering and applauding Becky. She let go of Stu's left testicle and told him as a special treat he could go and stand in front of the video camera and jerk off, but no coming. The women smiled indulgently at the ridiculous sight of Stu slowly stroking himself trying not to come. They would add the video to their "Naked Stu With a Boner" collection. When Wendy had first seen Stu jerking off in the supply room, she had her cell phone and took a video which they used as blackmail to get Stu to submit to their weekly sessions. Lately it dawned on the women that Stu looked forward to it as much as they did. Their sessions lasted an hour or two and all the women took turns and ended with Stu with aching balls and a stiff hard-on which he could stroke but no coming. Not coming was driving Stu crazy. He would beg to be allowed to come but the girls said that was against their rules and if he broke the rules they would distribute their "Naked Stu With a Boner" collection to his family, friends and neighbors. Since they had all dominated him and squeezed his balls poor Stu had an erection whenever he was around any of his staff. They found it amusing and it endeared him to them. They looked on him as a technical genius but also a naughty boy. They took great delight it getting him aroused and watching him suffer. After a while that wasn't enough, the girls decided that whenever he had an erection (which was almost always) he had to take off his pants and be punished. Stu came into the stock room looking for some file folders. Becky enjoyed using Stu as her goffer. She took great delight in getting him aroused with an obvious erection straining his pants and then making him run errands around the company. Stu came into the stock room and asked Cindy for file folders. She could see the outline of his erection. Cindy had ambition to get ahead in the company and realized that this was her chance. She had a plan and over the past few days in her lunch hour she checked out nearby movie theaters. She was looking for an old style theater that played double features continually. They tended to be dark with few patrons during the day. She found just the one she was looking for. Cindy told Stu that the folders were in the back, up high and asked him to follow her. She had him steady a small stepladder. Cindy climbed a few steps, all the while chatting with Stu. She asked him file size, color, stock number - all the while pretending to be looking for the file folders. Stu already had a hard on and he was looking up at Cindy, up her short skirt to her tightly outlined pussy. Cindy came down the stepladder and slammed her knee into Stu's balls. Stu collapsed and Cindy slapped some tape she had prepared and ready and slapped it across his mouth to cut off his screaming. She lowered his pants and cut off the inside of both his pants front pan pocket. She then pulled up his pants and told him he was taking her to the movies. She slipped her right hand into Stu's left pants pocket, got a firm and tight grip on his nuts and marched him out of the office, into his car and she sat beside him with her hand in his pocket massaging his nuts. Cindy marched him from the parking lot to the lobby where Stu purchased the tickets and into the theater. Damn, Cindy thought. Another couple had just gotten settled in the back left corner. It was dark but Cindy could make out a girl of about her age was sitting calmly, with a contented smile and her right arm going under a folded coat between them. The guy in the corner had his face buried into the girls neck, shaking and holding onto her. Obviously she had the poor bastard by the nuts. Cindy glanced across to the other rear corner and it was empty so she led Stu over there. She got comfortable and slid her hand into his left pocket and got a good grip on his nuts. She started to squeeze and massage his nuts and in a few minutes Stu was like the guy in the other corner, with his face buried into Cindy's neck, shaking and holding on tight. Surprisingly the movie was pretty good which was good because squeezing some guy's nuts for 2 hours can become boring for the girl. For the guy it was a lifetime of agony and dark despair. Cindy turned to Stu and lifted his face from her neck. She almost laughed in his face, rather than anger or rebellion he had a look of devotion. He started mumbling her name over and over. Stu said he loved her, he worshipped her and wanted to be her slave. At that Cindy did laugh in his face, thought "What the hell" and squeezed his nuts and settled in to the next movie. Stu moaned and buried his face into Cindy's neck, shaking and holding on tight. After the second movie and 4 hour of nonstop testicle abuse Stu could walk and talk but had seemed to have lost contact with reality. All he could do was moan and groan and say how bad his balls hurt and how much he adored Cindy and wanted to be her slave. As they came out of the theater Cindy gave in to his begging and slipped her hand into his pants pocket and gripped and squeezed his nuts. Out on the sidewalk she saw the couple from the other corner. The girl led her date over (she had her hand in his pocket) and said Hello to Cindy and smiled indulgently at Stu but Stu was in another world. Cindy asked the girl if she was experienced in this kind of thing and soon they were chatting like old friends. They picked a nearby diner and slid into a booth with the guys going in first and the girls maintaining their grips. The girl introduced herself as Betty and her guy was a comatose Rod. Cindy told Betty about Stu and how she came to have him by the balls. Betty said that she was just average looking and had trouble keeping a boyfriend. Betty said that there was a couple down the street that seemed happily married and the husband was devoted to his wife. That was what Betty wanted and she spoke to the lady down the street and said she was lucky to find such a devoted husband. The lady told Betty that luck had nothing to do with it. Betty said she pressed the lady for the secret to having a devoted husband and the woman told Betty her story. Her mother had told her to find a man who liked getting hit in the balls and at her next company Halloween party she dressed as a dominatrix and it caused quite a stir. After she had a couple of drinks she stood on a chair and asked if any men wanted a spanking, not a bum spanking but a nut spanking. That caused a lot of laughter and was treated as a joke. Later that evening a senior executive approached her and said he wanted a nut spanking. He was elderly and fat and she said she acted like he was joking and said no way as if it was all a laugh. A couple of days later a young executive trainee, her husband asked he out on a date. He was courteous, bought flowers and treated her respectfully. On their third date, after dinner and a movie they were saying good night at her front door. He said it was driving him crazy, he had heard her asking if any one wanted a nut spanking. He couldn't help it - he wanted one. The lady took him down the side of her house into the darkness, pulled down his pants and gave him an hour long nut spanking and squeeze. She does that to him very few days and on special occasions she takes him to the theater they were at and sits him in a back corner for a double feature. He has been devoted to her ever since. MORE TO COME ABOUT BECKY, CINDY AND STU AND BETTY AND ROD MAYBE MORE ABOUT THE DEVOTED COUPLE DOWN THE STREET

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Getting ahead

Ed stood before Ms Webb as she berated him for his performance. His actual work was flawless but he rarely sent her progress reports on his projects. Also, he kept odd hours. Sometimes he would not come in till noon and other times he would work around the clock. He was unconventional but senior management loved him. He had invented most of the companies best selling products and his phased accelerator looked to be another best seller. Since graduating with a Masters in Business she had worked hard and over the years in the company she had steady job progression and her current job was one step short of a senior position. To get that next promotion she had to keep Ed in line. Yet again she had Ed standing before her desk. She realized that Ed went out of his way to irritate her until she would call him into her office. She had a habit of sitting on an edge of her desk, she felt it lent an informal air. She was slightly swinging a foot back and forth as she spoke to Ed. He was standing before her with his legs spread. If she really swung her foot it would come up between his legs and smack him in the nuts. It hit her like a shock - maybe Ed wanted to be berated, maybe he wanted to be dominated, maybe he wanted to be kicked in the nuts. She had noticed that Ed would stand close to her with his legs spread. A couple of times he had her so irritated that she had considered kicking him in the nuts. Here was a chance, she could call it an accident. She leaned back and looked Ed in the eye and called him a bad boy as her foot lashed out and up in an arc, between his legs and a perfect hit on his nuts. Ed had a stunned look on his face as he stood frozen and then started to collapse before Ms Webb. She was laughing as she delivered another perfect kick, square on his nuts, as he started to hit the floor. She got up, locked her office door, closed the blinds and turned of her lights. She pulled off her panties and stuffed them in Ed's mouth. She took his belt and tied his wrists behind his back. She then went to work. She took a nut in each hand and squeezed them. It was wonderfull - the look on Ed's face was a mixture of unbearable agony and complete devotion. For the next couple of hours she concentrated on his nuts, she spanked them, pinched them, held them in her hand and squeezed them. Ed was in a delirium, somewhere between conscious and unconscious. Finally she decided he had had enough for his first session. She dressed him and since the staff had all left for the day she helped him to her car and drove him home. She fixed up an ice pack, set his nuts on it and went home. The next morning she went back to his place and quietly let her self in. Ed was laying on his bed, naked and slowly jerking off with his eyes closed. Ms Webb laughed to herself and thought Perfect as she grabbed his nuts, gave them a squeeze and shouted "What the hell are you doing? Did I say you could jerk off? No jerking off until I say you can. From now on you beg for permission. And no coming" With that she clamped on a penis lock. Senior management were amazed with the improvement in Ed. There was a rumour, started by Ms Webb, that she had Ed by the nuts. He was punctual, he kept Ms Webb informed of his projects and she informed senior management. The president of the company, Thomas Hardy, took a personal interest and Ms Webb met with him twice weekly. She could tell that he was turned on by the rumour that she had Ed by his nuts. Mr Hardy came to Ms Webb's office for an update on Ed. She sat on a corner of her desk and Mr Hardy stood close before her. He seemed hypnotised by her swinging foot. Ms Webb kicked of her shoe and increased the swing and her foot. Each swing and her foot caressed his nuts or his rapidly stiffening erection. She laughed and said "Tommy, you are having naughty thoughts. You are a bad boy" Her foot lashed out and smacked into his nuts. By the next morning she had a penis lock on the company president. That afternoon she planted a rumour on the executive floor that she was a dominatrix and later sent a note to the chairman of the board asking if he would like any company updates since she had a firm grip on things.

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

The Ladies Night Out

The women at Page Electronics get together every few months for a women's night out. Senior management thinks it is a good idea to foster a team spirit and the company subsidized the evening. The usual routine is for the women to meet after work at a bar for a few drinks and then retire to a private room for dinner and then, after a few more drinks, a show. Eve was tapped to organize the evening. The last years show was a roaring success with a couple of well hung male strippers putting on a show. Eve wanted to go one better. She phoned the agency they had used last time and booked a couple of male strippers. She then asked Susie at the agency if she had any suggestions for another act. After finding out that the audience was a group of women office workers who had, by then dinner, a few drinks and a couple of male strippers, Susie had a suggestion. Eve assured Susie that they were a sophisticated group so Susie suggested a dominatrix with a slave that the women could all have a turn at whacking the slave in the nuts. Eve was pretty broad minded but the idea of a group of women beating some guy in the nuts was a bit shocking so she told Susie that she would ask the women at work. Eve asked and was amazed that all the women laughed and thought it was a great idea. Most said it would be interesting to watch but they would not whack the slave in the nuts. Eve told Susie to go ahead and book the dominatrix and the slave. Eve told Susie that most of the women said they would not whack the slave's nuts. Susie laughed and told Eve that after a few drinks the wowmen would be lined up for a whack. Well, the night got off to a good start. Pretty well all 24 of the women from the office met at the bar and after a few drinks they had dinner, more drinks and then the well hung male strippers. The strippers put on a great show with big dicks and lots of laughs. Every thing was going great and Eve was getting high fives and slaps on the back for organizing a great nights out. Ed Looper, the senior financial officer stopped by. He was pretty conservative, young, full of himself and not well liked. He actually came by to make sure that the money allocated was being well spent. About the same time the dominatrix showed up but she had bad news, the slave had taken such a nut beating a few days prior that he was bowing out. The Dom gave Eve Susies home number and ask Susie to get a guy over right away - they couldn't be too fussy, just some guy with a pair of balls. Eve phoned and Susie said she had a guy who could be there in a matter of minutes. Eve told the Dom and she went up onto the small stage and told the women that the slave would be there any minute. The Dom took a few minutes to set up an over head rope from the ceiling. Ed Looper loved being the center of attention and was backstage, getting ready to walk onto the stage to tell the women that he had arranged the money for the Night Out. The Dom saw Ed backstage and whispered "Thank God - the slave" and kicked Ed square in the nuts. Totally unexpected. She then slipped her hand down his pants, grabbed his nuts and led him out onto the stage.   Every one howled with laughter. Ed clamped his knees together with his hands holding his balls with a stunned look on his face. The Dom thought "Finally a slave who can act suprised and show pain" as she kicked him again in the nuts. The Dom held him up with one hand and with her other undid his belt and yanked of his pants and undershorts. Here was the mighty and arrogant Ed Looper with no pants - the women were whooping with laughter. The Dom had a firm grip on Ed's nuts and led him over beneath the rope hanging from the ceiling. She quickly tied his wrists together and hung him from the overhead rope so he could barely touch the floor with his arms pulled over his head. She then took a leg speader and attached his ankles with Velcro. Now she had him hanging from the ceiling by his arms and his leags spread wide. Ed started to come to and began shouting. The Dom attached a gag with a perforated ball in his mouth so he could breath but make little sound. The Dom was thinking "Great, this is the best slave they have ever sent me." The Dom stood beside Ed and told the women a couple of stories as she stroked his rapidly hardening erection. The women were howling with laughter, from both the stories and Ed's hard on. The Dom asked if any of the women wanted a go at her slave's hard on. The women urged Mary Woods to have a go. Mary was Ed's secretary and despised him. She thought she may get fired but she wasn't going to miss this chance. She bounced up the steps to the stage and bowed to the laughing women. She took Ed's erection in her hand and began to slowly stroke it. The Dom stood beside her with the microphone and Mary said "Now Eddy, what is this?" as she shook his erection. "Are you having naughty thoughts?" Mary was now stroking Ed very slowly. She let it go and it stood straight up, quivering. Mary said "Eddy, do you want me to stroke it some more?" Ed vigourously nodded his head up and down. The women were howling with laughter as Mary was softly playing with the head of his quivering hard on. Mary said "Now Eddy, it seems you are having naughty thoughts and you must be punished. Why are you nodding no? OK Eddy, lose that stiff erection right now and we won't punish you. Otherwise we are going to take turns squeezing your nuts." All the while Mary was slowly stroking his erection. She said "Let hear what Eddy has to say" as she removed the gag. Ed looked at Mary and begged her to jerk him off.  The audience was roaring with laughter but Mary acted highly offended and put the gag back. She grasped one of his balls and pinched it between her thunb and forefinger. Ed bucked and squirmed and made gurgling noises. Still pinching his nut Mary turned to the women and asked them what should they do with such a naughty boy. There was a lot of laughing and a genereal concesus that they should all take turns having a go at his balls. All the while Mary was still pinching his left testicle and Ed was twitching like a fish on a line. Eventually Mary said that it looks like they were in agreement that each woman have some time with his balls. Mary said "Lats see what Ed has to say about that" She stopped pinching his left nut,removed the gag and between groans of agony Ed gasped "Mary, I love you, I worship you, I adore you" and then he passed out. To be continued.

Friday, March 21, 2014

Susan and Vic

Vic was recognized as a software genius. He was a young single fellow who lived solely for his company. However, Vic was no genius supervising his staff and people in general. His company was in a constant uproar over Vic's constant and often contradictory demands and changes in responsibilities. The staff didn't know what was what. Vic's derogatory remarks and his general abusive manner didn't help. Susan, Vic's new administrative assistant was highly qualified with a degree in business. Vic was concerned that the admin side of things were not going well and he hoped that Susan could help in that area. Susan had been told conflicting things by Vic as to what she was responsible for - she had no idea what her job actually was. She mentioned it to Vic's secretary and a couple of staff and they laughed and told her to join the club. Susan realized that there had to be some significant changes or she would have to quit. She thought it over and came up with a plan. It was audacious and might fail but if it worked she would have the ideal job. She had to get Vic by the balls. Vic was going to be away for a few days and as soon as he was gone Susan had a contractor come in and soundproof his office. When Vic got back Susan told Vic she would like to talk with him about her job resonsibilities. Vic had a nice office with his desk, a couple of visitors chairs and off to the side, a low meeting table with a low sofa on one side and a couple of easy chairs on the other side. Susan came into his office, dressed conservativly in a black business suite with a moderate length dress, just above the knee. She closed the door behind her and went and sat at the meeting table on the sofa. For informal meetings with his staff Vic prefered to stay at his desk and the staff member to sit opposite him. A bit irritated Vic got up and sat down opposite Susan at the meeting table. Susan started to talk about staff responsibilities but as she talked she began spreading her legs. She kept a close watch on Vic and was delighted with the effect she was having on him. Her skirt rode up her legs and soon Susan had her legs spread wide apart. She wore white panties with no panty hose. She had a beautiful mound between her gorgeous legs with a deep crease in the middle. She continued to talk but poor Vic didn't hear a word. All he could do was stare and moan with desire. Susan stopped talking and looked at Vic with a condescending smile as she spread her legs as far apart as they could go. She just sat like that for a few minutes and then told Vic to get up and stand before her. She laughed out loud as Vic stood before her with his stiff erection straining at his pants. She asked him what he had in his pocket as she reached out and tweeked the end of it. Vic looked like he was about ready to faint. Susan stood up, patted Vic's erection and asked him just what was it he had in his pocket. Susan said she would leave him alone for a while, not to be disturbed while he got a grip on himself. She got up, walked out and closed the door behind her. All Vic could think about was Susan and her pussy, her legs and her arrogant manner. He dropped his pants and began to jerk off. He had his eyes closed as he imagined Susan stand before him. Suddenly there was an explosion of pain beween his legs. Susan was standing there, firmly grasping his balls and asking him just what the hell he thought he was doing. Vic was doubled over, howling in agony. Susan just stood there, one hand on her hip and the other hand crushing Vic's balls with an amused smile. After a minute she manouvered Vic over to a chair so she could sit down. Vic stood before her in absolute agony. He pulled on her arm. Susan increased the pressure on his nuts and told Vic to never touch her, just to stand there and take his punishment. She also told him to be quiet, no more weeping, wailing and begging. After about fifteen minutes of squeezing his nuts, Vic was babbling incoherently. Then Susan really got to work. She held a nut in each hand and dug into them with her thumbs, all the while telling Vic that he was her slave and would do whatever she told him to do. She had vic repeat it over and over that he was her slave and would do whatever she told him to do. Susan let him go, pulled up his pants and helped him over to sit behind his desk. She patted him on the head and said there would be more punishment later. For the rest of the day she acted as the ideal administrative assistant. Vic sat behind his desk with his balls cupped in his hands and a throbbing erection, thinking of Susan. At the end of the day Susan told Vic to go home and jerk off all evening thinking of her but not to come. She ordered Vic to promise not to come. The next morning Susan walked into Vic's office, closed his door and told him to come from behind his desk and stand before her. Susan then swiftly and savagely kicked Vic square in the balls. Vic fell to the floor, curled up in a ball, holding his nuts and wailing in pain. She shouted that she had told him not to come. She had a triumphant smile as Vic admitted that he had come - he said he just couldn't help it. He then crawled over and kissed her feet. Susan stood over him and told him he was a bad boy and she was going to spank him. She ordered him to pull down his pants and undershorts. Vic stood before her with a quivering erection and started to bend over. Susan laughed and told him to stand up, it wasn't his backside she was going to spank. She grabbed his nuts and held them tightly in one hand while she spanked them with her other. After the first swat Vic was screaming he would be a good boy, with the second swat he promised he would do whatever she told him to do, the third swat he promised eternal devotion, the fourth that he loved her and each sucseeding swat his love. Susan spanked him till her arm got tired. By that time Vic had collapsed and Susan was kneeling beside him spanking his nuts. Vic was pretty well out of it, babbling and promising to love Susan forever. Susan smiled with satisfaction - she had him now. Later in the day Susan went back into Vic's office and helped him over to the sofa. she told Vic that the mail had arrived and she would go over it with him along with some messages Gloria, his secretary had taken. She sat down beside him and reached between his legs and grabbed his balls in a vise like grip and went through the mail, sorting it into two piles, basic junk and what needed to be acted upon. She decided on what action needed to be taken and phoned the relevant parties and told them what Vic had decided. Susan had such a nice, polite manner that everyone accepted the direction supposedly coming from Vic. In fact everyone was delighted to get any clear direction. All the while Susan grinded on Vic's nuts. This became their morning ritual. Susan concentrated on the administrative side of the business and Vic concentrated on software and Susan. Vic had become devoted to Susan. He would do whatever she commanded and he worshipped her. Susan moved into Vic's condo. Susan purchased a small electric jerk off devise and as a special treat she would attach it to Vic's almost constant erection and it would slowly stroke up and down his hard-on - never fast enough for a climax but fast enough to keep him close to one. Susan purchased a dog training collar which administered a shock to the dog whenever the trainer pressed on a clicker. Susan had it customized so that the shock could be adjusted from a tingle to a severe blast of electricity. She also had the collar turned into a testicle harness with a lock. Susan got great fun out of zapping Vic's nuts when he least expected it. Susan had the ideal job.

Friday, January 10, 2014


Leo was a hard working young guy. After high school he enrolled in a trades course and then started his own contracting firm. Nothing big, just repairs and additions, mainly residential. He was also pretty frugal. He figured why pay rent when he could buy a place. He was saving for a down payment when the housing bubble burst. He waited a bit and then bought a nice small house. A litle later the house next door was foreclosed and he picked it up real cheap. It required a bit of work but pretty soon he had it ready but he ran into trouble finding a good tenant - someone with a steady job and references. Leo finally found a couple of young school teachers. They negotiated a bit on the rent but Leo hung tough and they agreed to the rent. Leo didn't see too much of them but they paid their rent every month and were no trouble. It was in the spring and Leo was relaxing in his back yard when he heard Sue and Cindy from next door. They were in their back yard and they had some music going. Leo had never spied on his tenants but he was curious. He went over to the hedge. It was thick and high but he got down on his hands and knees and after a bit of wrigling he managed to get through the hedge enough that he could see into their yard. WOW! Tight shorts and tee shirts with no bras. They were doing excercise to the music. Beautiful boobs bouncing around and their pussies outlined in their shorts. Sue noticed Leo in the hedge but she didn't let on and whispered to Cindy that their landlord was a pervert and was watching them through the hedge. Sue laughed and said that if they played it right they could get a reduction in their rent. She then move over near the hedge and started doing a bump and grind, pelvic thrust routine. Poor Leo got a throbbing erection, Then Sue started doing a touch her toes routine and each time she bent over her boobs hung exposed, almost in Leo's face. Leo figured he was well hidden in the hedge and he couldn't help it, he tugged his pants down around his ankles and started to jerk off. Sue called to Cindy that she was going inside for a minute. Sue ran out the front door and down the side of Leo's house, through his side fence door and into his back yard. She had to strugle to keep from laughing out loud - there was Leos' naked back side sticking out of the hedge as he was jerking off, on his hand and knees with his bare balls swaying between his legs. Sue was a firm believer that when an opportunity came along you grab it. Here was an opportunity for reduced or no rent and Sue grabbed it. She bent over and grabbed Leo tightly by his balls and queezed and pulled. Leo screamed and Sue shouted "What the hell are you doing" Leo was groaning and babbling incoherently as Sue kept squeezing his balls. She shouted at him "I asked you a question. Answer me!". All the while Leo kept on stroking himself. Sue was having a great time. Between shouting at Leo she was laughing at him. She tugged on his balls and told him to back up out of the hedge. Leo was stuck. Sue then told him to push ahead and as an incentive she started smacking his nuts. Leo managed to get his head through the hedge. Cindy called him a peeking Tom bastard and slapped his face. Cindy was slapping his face and Sue was slapping his nuts. Poor Leo was stuck in the hedge, wailing in agony. To get away from Sue, Leo managed to bull his way through the hedge. Leo staggered to his feet, barely able to stand. Sue shouted through the hedge to Cindy "Grab him by his nuts and give them a good squeeze, I'm coming back" Sue then went back through her front door into their back yard. Cindy had him good. He loomed over Cindy, she barely came up to his shoulder but it was clear who was in charge. She had one hand on her hip and her other arm was held out and her fingers were tightly wrapped around Leo's nuts. Cindy looked up at Leo with a condescending smile and told him to stop play acting - it couldn't hurt that much. All the while she was squeezing his nuts tighter and tighter. With his free hand he grabbed hold of Cindy's arm that had his nuts. Cindy told him to let go - no touching and she also told him to stop jerking off and put both his arms down at his sides. Leo was bent over at the waist, screaming. Sue ran inside and came back out with a piece of duct tape. She slapped it across Leo's mouth, muffling his screams. Great - peace and quiet. Cindy let up on the squeezing but she still had Leo firmly by the balls. He was a bit scratched up from the hedge but was in reasonable condition. Cindy told him to stand up straight. Suddenly their side gate burst open, it was Madge who lived on the other side of them. Madge breathlessly said "I heard screaming and came-- " She then noticed Leo and said "Ho my god" and she burst out laughing. Sue and Cindy looked at Leo and burst out laughing also. There was Leo with tape over his mouth and with nothing on except his tee shirt and a stiff erection, standing straight up and quivering. Cindy still had him by his nuts. Madge, who was a stay at home Mom, looked at Leo and said he looked stupid but kind of cute. She said there was something she had always wanted to do and she asked Sue for permission. Sue laughed and said "sure'. Madge reared back and kicked poor Leo square in the balls. Stay posted for more about rent renegotiation with Sue, Cindy, Madge and Leo's balls.

Monday, August 26, 2013


Ted was a very wealthy investor. He had bought and traded stocks all his life but was very low keyed and few knew of his wealth He was single and lived a very modest life and gave to all the charities, usually annonimously but in a small town word got around. Everbody liked and respected Ted. Ted had a secret, from time to time he craved for a woman to spank or sqeeze his nuts. The town librarian had spanked, squeezed and pinched Ted's nuts whenever she felt like it which was usually once or twice a week. She took an early retirement and went and lived with relatives in California. Ted needed a good slap in the nuts. The more he thought about it he realized that he needed to find a lady to slap his nuts on a regular basis, like th librarian - not easy in the small prairie town he lived in. He decided to advertise. The town had a small weekly newspaper, dedicated to local events and an active classified section. That was just the thing! A classified ad under help wanted and to mainatin his annominity with response to a newspaper box number. Ted drafted an ad looking for a refined lady to swat a man where it hurt on a regular basis, reasonable remuneration. He was pretty happy with the ad. There was no offensive language and it was not obscene. There were a number of local women, widowed or divorced who had to struggle to make ends meet. Ted hoped that one or more would respond to his ad. He took the ad down to the newspaper and went in and up to the counter. Good lord, Ted got red in the face - the woman who came up to the counter was a woman Ted had know all his life. She smiled and greeted him by name and asked if he had an ad to place and if he placed it right away it would get in the next edition, instead of waiting a week. With his eyes down, Ted pushed the ad coy to Agnes. Agnes read the ad and burst out laughing. She called over Susan, the other woman in the office and showed her the ad and said that Ted wanted a woman to smack his nuts. They both stood there, laughing at Ted. Susan asked how much it paid. Ted with his head down, mumbled that was to be negotiated. That brought forward another gale of laughter, Agnes said the ad would cause a sensation, there were lots of women looking for a little extra each month. She said the ad costs $4.00 but she would pay that herself. Susan had lived in DesMoines and she considered herself a big city sophisticate. She decided to have some fun with Ted. She asked Ted if he really wanted to get his nuts wrung. Ted nodded yes. Susan said that wasn't good enough, if he wanted her and Agnes to wring his nuts he had to plead. Ted stood with his head down. Susan told Ted to just imagine, the office closed and him with no pants on, laying on the counter with his legs spread and Agnes squeezing one nut and her squeezing the other. Ted groaned and said yes, please yes. Both women were laughing at Ted. Susan locked the office door. Agnes told Ted to take his pants off and stand in the corner. Agnes was a spinster and she found the whole episode foreign and exciting and when Ted pulled down his pants and his erection sprang out she walked over, grabbed his hard on in one hand and his nuts in the other. He was looking at her with adoration in his eyes and kept repeating her name - Agnes, Agnes, Agnes. Agnes felt a tremendous surge of empowerment. She had the richest and most powerful man in the county by the nuts and she wasn' going to let go. She had him and she had him good. Agnes looked into his eyes, smiled and squeezed his nuts. He screamed and she climaxed.