Friday, September 19, 2014

Double Features

What a sight. Stu was naked. He was 6'3" at 230 lbs of pure muscle. Broad shoulders, narrow hips, bulging biceps. A look of pure anguish on his face. Standing before him at 5' and 95 lbs was Becky, his secretary, dressed nicely in a summer dress. She came up to not much past Stu's waist. Becky had an amused smile on her face with one hand resting casually on her hip and her other hand with a firm grip on Stu's left testicle. With a malicious smile Becky tightened her grip. Stu started to scream and reached out to hold Becky's arm. Becky shouted "No screaming and no touching". Stu managed to stifle his scream and waved his arms around ineffectively at his sides. Becky laughed and told Stu that he knew the rules and he was later going to get extra punishment for screaming and touching. Still laughing she asked "What's this?" as she pointed at Stu's rapidly stiffening erection. With her free hand she started slapping it back and forth. Stu and Becky were in the middle of his office and sitting around them was the ten women who made up the staff of Stu's small but profitable company. They were all laughing, cheering and applauding Becky. She let go of Stu's left testicle and told him as a special treat he could go and stand in front of the video camera and jerk off, but no coming. The women smiled indulgently at the ridiculous sight of Stu slowly stroking himself trying not to come. They would add the video to their "Naked Stu With a Boner" collection. When Wendy had first seen Stu jerking off in the supply room, she had her cell phone and took a video which they used as blackmail to get Stu to submit to their weekly sessions. Lately it dawned on the women that Stu looked forward to it as much as they did. Their sessions lasted an hour or two and all the women took turns and ended with Stu with aching balls and a stiff hard-on which he could stroke but no coming. Not coming was driving Stu crazy. He would beg to be allowed to come but the girls said that was against their rules and if he broke the rules they would distribute their "Naked Stu With a Boner" collection to his family, friends and neighbors. Since they had all dominated him and squeezed his balls poor Stu had an erection whenever he was around any of his staff. They found it amusing and it endeared him to them. They looked on him as a technical genius but also a naughty boy. They took great delight it getting him aroused and watching him suffer. After a while that wasn't enough, the girls decided that whenever he had an erection (which was almost always) he had to take off his pants and be punished. Stu came into the stock room looking for some file folders. Becky enjoyed using Stu as her goffer. She took great delight in getting him aroused with an obvious erection straining his pants and then making him run errands around the company. Stu came into the stock room and asked Cindy for file folders. She could see the outline of his erection. Cindy had ambition to get ahead in the company and realized that this was her chance. She had a plan and over the past few days in her lunch hour she checked out nearby movie theaters. She was looking for an old style theater that played double features continually. They tended to be dark with few patrons during the day. She found just the one she was looking for. Cindy told Stu that the folders were in the back, up high and asked him to follow her. She had him steady a small stepladder. Cindy climbed a few steps, all the while chatting with Stu. She asked him file size, color, stock number - all the while pretending to be looking for the file folders. Stu already had a hard on and he was looking up at Cindy, up her short skirt to her tightly outlined pussy. Cindy came down the stepladder and slammed her knee into Stu's balls. Stu collapsed and Cindy slapped some tape she had prepared and ready and slapped it across his mouth to cut off his screaming. She lowered his pants and cut off the inside of both his pants front pan pocket. She then pulled up his pants and told him he was taking her to the movies. She slipped her right hand into Stu's left pants pocket, got a firm and tight grip on his nuts and marched him out of the office, into his car and she sat beside him with her hand in his pocket massaging his nuts. Cindy marched him from the parking lot to the lobby where Stu purchased the tickets and into the theater. Damn, Cindy thought. Another couple had just gotten settled in the back left corner. It was dark but Cindy could make out a girl of about her age was sitting calmly, with a contented smile and her right arm going under a folded coat between them. The guy in the corner had his face buried into the girls neck, shaking and holding onto her. Obviously she had the poor bastard by the nuts. Cindy glanced across to the other rear corner and it was empty so she led Stu over there. She got comfortable and slid her hand into his left pocket and got a good grip on his nuts. She started to squeeze and massage his nuts and in a few minutes Stu was like the guy in the other corner, with his face buried into Cindy's neck, shaking and holding on tight. Surprisingly the movie was pretty good which was good because squeezing some guy's nuts for 2 hours can become boring for the girl. For the guy it was a lifetime of agony and dark despair. Cindy turned to Stu and lifted his face from her neck. She almost laughed in his face, rather than anger or rebellion he had a look of devotion. He started mumbling her name over and over. Stu said he loved her, he worshipped her and wanted to be her slave. At that Cindy did laugh in his face, thought "What the hell" and squeezed his nuts and settled in to the next movie. Stu moaned and buried his face into Cindy's neck, shaking and holding on tight. After the second movie and 4 hour of nonstop testicle abuse Stu could walk and talk but had seemed to have lost contact with reality. All he could do was moan and groan and say how bad his balls hurt and how much he adored Cindy and wanted to be her slave. As they came out of the theater Cindy gave in to his begging and slipped her hand into his pants pocket and gripped and squeezed his nuts. Out on the sidewalk she saw the couple from the other corner. The girl led her date over (she had her hand in his pocket) and said Hello to Cindy and smiled indulgently at Stu but Stu was in another world. Cindy asked the girl if she was experienced in this kind of thing and soon they were chatting like old friends. They picked a nearby diner and slid into a booth with the guys going in first and the girls maintaining their grips. The girl introduced herself as Betty and her guy was a comatose Rod. Cindy told Betty about Stu and how she came to have him by the balls. Betty said that she was just average looking and had trouble keeping a boyfriend. Betty said that there was a couple down the street that seemed happily married and the husband was devoted to his wife. That was what Betty wanted and she spoke to the lady down the street and said she was lucky to find such a devoted husband. The lady told Betty that luck had nothing to do with it. Betty said she pressed the lady for the secret to having a devoted husband and the woman told Betty her story. Her mother had told her to find a man who liked getting hit in the balls and at her next company Halloween party she dressed as a dominatrix and it caused quite a stir. After she had a couple of drinks she stood on a chair and asked if any men wanted a spanking, not a bum spanking but a nut spanking. That caused a lot of laughter and was treated as a joke. Later that evening a senior executive approached her and said he wanted a nut spanking. He was elderly and fat and she said she acted like he was joking and said no way as if it was all a laugh. A couple of days later a young executive trainee, her husband asked he out on a date. He was courteous, bought flowers and treated her respectfully. On their third date, after dinner and a movie they were saying good night at her front door. He said it was driving him crazy, he had heard her asking if any one wanted a nut spanking. He couldn't help it - he wanted one. The lady took him down the side of her house into the darkness, pulled down his pants and gave him an hour long nut spanking and squeeze. She does that to him very few days and on special occasions she takes him to the theater they were at and sits him in a back corner for a double feature. He has been devoted to her ever since. MORE TO COME ABOUT BECKY, CINDY AND STU AND BETTY AND ROD MAYBE MORE ABOUT THE DEVOTED COUPLE DOWN THE STREET