Sunday, November 30, 2008

Tennis club - Continuation

The Tennis Club was posted July 20, 2007 and this is a continuation on that posting.

As Mrs Baker drove home, Angel sat in the back seat with Ed curled up beside her. She looked down at Ed and smiled. The women at the club had removed his shorts and Angel had a tight grip on his nuts. Mrs Baker had taught Angel that the best form of self defense was to get a man by his nuts. It was also a great form of compliance. A friendly squeeze to a man's nuts would always get him to agree with her point of view. Angel had seen her mother sit in a car salesman's office and squeeze his nuts until he sold her a car at well under his cost. She remembered back to the time an electrician had done a lot of work at their house and had agreed to cancel the bill. All it took was a nice smile, some kind words and two hours of squeezing his nuts to make the electrician a permanent servant of her mother. All she has to do now is phone the electrician and he rushed out to their house. All he wants for his work is for her mother to give his nuts a real beating. And Mrs Baker has always been willing to oblige.

Now they has Ed for the week-end to punish him for his profane, disgusting language at the club. Angel smiled in anticipation. They lived on the edge of town in an exclusive area of large houses on large lots. Since Mr Baker had passed away years ago, mother and daughter lived alone in the large house but the house had a reputation and had been only broken into once. Mrs Baker had phoned the police to say that there was an intruder in the house. The police got there to find the intruder was tighed up and had been castrated. It caused quite a stir in the local media but the public sentiment was on the side of the poor defenceless widow and her child. Mrs baker drove up the long driveway and pulled around the side. The house was large and well kept but there were always things that needed to be done.

Angel hauled Ed out of the car by his nuts and led him into the house. Mrs Baker said there were things they needed to do as she turned to Ed and viciously kicked him in the balls. He let out a squeal and collapsed to the floor, concious but in extreme agony. Mrs Baker turned to Angel and said that was so she could relax her hand. She rolled Ed onto his stomach and pulled his arms behind his back and tied his wrists together. She tied his ankles but left about a foot of loose rope so he could walk with tiny steps but not run or kick. She told Angel to go and get one of the testicle harness (Mrs baker kept a supply on hand) and attach it to Ed. Mrs Baker smiled with pride and satisfaction as she watched Angel attach the testicle harness to Ed's nuts and clinch it nice and tight, squeezing his nuts.

Mrs Baker had taught her daughter well. She thought back to the time she had shown Angel the harness and how to attach it. She realized that to properly teach Angel she needed a pair of testicles and the closest belonged to their next door neighbor. She had become friendly with Mrs Carter to who lived in the next house. Mrs Carter had compained that her husband was an abusive husband and when Mrs Baker suggested the testicle harness and some stern testicle punishment to make him change his ways, Mrs Carter was dubious but interested.

Mr Carter thought they were coming for dinner. He walked in the front door, Angel skipped up to him with a smile and delivered a crushing uppercut between his legs, smashing into his nuts. He collapsed. Angel stood over him and laughed. Both Mrs Carter and Mrs Baker congratulated Angel. She smiled under the combined warm praise of the two women. Mrs Carter, Mrs Baker and Angel sat on the family room sofa and watched Mr Carter roll around on the floor, clutching his nuts and wailing in agony. Mrs Baker served tea and they drank their tea and laughed at Mr Carter. Without being asked, Angel went and got a testicle harness and stood over Mr Carter with a smile of anticipation on her face.

Friday, October 10, 2008

The Web Cam

It was quiet in the office building. Tim Hatch was the only one in the building, the staff wouldn't show up for at least another hour. He walked down the hall to Linda Bate's office. Linda worked for Tim and yesterday afternoon he had been in her office talking with her. He couldn't help but notice her gym bag, open beside her desk. Linda usually worked out over lunch in a nearby gym and plainly visible in her gym bag was a pair of Linda's underpanties.
Using his master key he entered her office, turned on the light, all the while wishing her panties were still there. He looked down and felt a jolt of lust. There were her panties, which had recently been rubbing against her pussy. He picked them up for a smell and instantly got a hard-on. He went over to make sure the door was locked then dropped his pants and jerked of with her panties wrapped around his hard-on. Tim closed his eyes and imagined he was thrusting his erection into Linda, not just her panties. He finally came in a shuddering, furious climax. He cleaned up her panties and dropped them back into her gym bag. He turned off her office light and left her office, locking it behind her.
Over the next few mornings he did the same thing, usually rewarded with a different pair of Linda's panties, well used and smelling of Linda's pussy.
Late one afternoon, just about at quitting time Linda phoned Tim, told him to come to her office and then abruptly hanged up on him. Tim was furious - wonderful smelling pussy or not, no one working for him was going to talk to him like that. He stormed down to her office, flung open her door and asked her who the hell she thought she was. Linda calmly smiled and told Tim to relax and sit down, she had something to show him. Linda got up and went over to a laptop computer sitting on a credenza. Tim got a hard-on just watching her walk around her office. She had on an ultra short skirt that almost but not quite covered the crotch of her panties.
She told Tim that a few days ago she left her laptop on and the web cam was set up to turn on when any movement was in the office. She turned it on and there was Ted, sneaking into her office, grabbing her panties, dropping his pants and jerking off. Each early morning was recorded, there was even one where Tim had put her panties over his head so he could smell her panties' crotch as he jerked off.
Linda laughed and told Ted he looked like he just seen a ghost. She told him not to worry, the videos were safe on her personal web site and as long as she checked in they woudldn,t be emailed to everyone in the office, his club and his friends. Ted sat there in a state of shock. He turned to Linda and begged her not to email the videos. Linda just smiled. She told Ted to stand up and take of his pants. He just stood there staring at her. Linda said he knew how to do that - she had videos of him doing it each morning. "Drop your pants or the videos are emailed" she said. Ted stood up and took of his pants. Linda told him to take off his underpants, just like in the videos. He did. Linda walked up to Ted, slapped a strip of duct tape across his mouth, reached out with both hand and grasped a testicle in each hand and squeezed. The result was instantaneous. Ted double over, shaking and making a strange moaning sound, muffled by the tape. Linda looked into Ted's terrified eyes and smiled. She told him that each day at quitting time he was to come to her office and she would have a special treat for him. She laughed and said this was today's treat as she went back to squeezing his nuts.
The next day Linda made Tim strip completely and had him lay over her credenza. She tied is wrists to the credenza's back legs and his ankles to the front legs. With his legs nicely spread his nuts hung down and were very vunerable. She gave them a good half hour beating, untied him, patted him on the head and told him she had another treat for him. Linda pulled a clear plastic devise from her desk, grabbed Tim's dick and jammed it into the devise. She snapped it shut and glued a seal over the part where it came together. She told Tim it was a chastity devise so there was no more masturbating. If he broke the seal she would distribute the videos. Linda patted Tim on the head, told him to be a good boy and said she would see him tomorrow. After getting dressed, Tim staggered out of Lina's office, bent over, with his throbbing erection in the devise and clutching his nuts and moaning. There wasn't room in the devise for an erection and as soon as it went stiff it hit the end and he lost the erection. Then it would go hard again, hit the end and go soft. For the entire week-end he tried not to think of Linda but he kept getting and loosing erections. By Monday he was going out of his mind. As soon as the office opened he went to Linda and begged her to let him take his dick out of the devise and jerk off. She told him she would think about it and he was to come back in an hour.
Well before the hour he was sitting outside her office. The door was closed and he could hear Linda talking with another woman and there was plenty of laughter. Eventually Linda opened the door and told Tim he could come in. Susan, a summer student was in the office, sitting in one of the visitor chairs. She was laughing and saying that she couldn't believe it. Linda smiled and asked Tim what he wanted. Tim looked at Susan and then at Linda. Linda told Tim he could talk in front of Susan since she had seen the videos. She then smiled and told Tim he could make his request to Susan and it was up to her if his request would be granted. Susan was dressed very conservatively in a dark blue suit with a short skirt. She wore glasses and was laughing at Tim. Tim hadn't realized it but Linda had used the web cam to record the daily beating Tim had been receiving.
Tim's throbbing erection was driving him crazy. He stood before Susan and begged for her to allow him to masturbate. Susan was laughing so hard she had trouble talking but she finally managed to tell Tim to take of his pants and shorts and ask her again. Tim stripped of his pants and shorts in an instance and pleaded to be allowed to jerk off. Susan got up and inspected the devise and then, just for fun, delivered an upper cut to Tim's balls which hung below the devise. Tin let out an agonized howl and collapsed on the floor, clutching his nuts. Susan laughed and told Linda that she had always wanted to nail some guy in the nuts. Susan told Tim to take it like a man and stop grovelling on the floor and stand up. Tim struggled to his feet and Susan said she was really enjoying herself and that she hoped Tim was also enjoying himself. She immediately delivered another upper cut to his nuts. Her fist whistled up betwen his legs and connected with a solid smack to his naked balls. Tim collapsed, curled up in a ball and made a strange gurgling sound. Linda and Susan looked down at him and both of them were laughing. To be continued.

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Balconey Seats

The girls were having their usual morning coffee break bitch session. The four had recently been hired by Jim Price who had a brilliant electronics idea and had began a start-up company by hiring the four. They were bright and well paid with interesting jobs but they really disliked Jim. He talked down to them and acted superior and they had started referring to him as Lord Jim in a derogatory way.

Kim said "Well, Lord Jim is in his office again with the door locked. He says he is dreaming up new electronic inventions but I think he is just in there watching porno sites and jerking off. What he needs is a few swift kicks in the nuts." The other three burst out laughing but they finally agreed that they had been having the same suspicion. Brandy said "Have you noticed how we all are alike, short but with lots up top and nice legs. I don't think that is by chance, I think Jim was looking for that when he hired us."
"That's sort of creepy but you are right, we are all the same sort and all in our early twenties." put in Dixie. "but the pays good and apart from Lord Jim I like working here. Unless we can change things we'll just have to put up with him."
"The first thing we should do is find out if he is really in there, watching porno and jerking off" said Kim. "I have an idea, the parking garage has a flat roof and is right opposite Lord Jim's office window. There is a ladder on the back to get on the roof and it should look down into his lordship's office. I'll check it out right now and call you on my cell if there is anything to see."
A couple of minutes later Kim called and said she was on the roof. She said she was walking across the roof to take a look.
"I'm near the edge and I don't want to fall off but...Oh my God, there he is, laying on the floor with his eyes closed and no pants on, jerking off" Kim managed to gasp between fits of laughter. "You've got to see this. Naked from the waist down with a big boner, slowly stroking it. He's almost close enough to touch. All three of you come right over, up the ladder and across the roof."

Within a few minutes the four girls were on the roof looking down into Lord Jim's office, watching him jerking off. The initial reaction of the girls was uncontrolled laughter but Brandy quickly hushed them saying they didn't want him to hear them. Jim heard the laughter, a stab of panic ran through him but he kept up the slow stroking of his hard-on. Cautiously he opened his eyes very slightly and out of the corner of his eyes he could see the girls standing on the roof next door. Both buildings were one story and close together, the girls were very close and looking down at him. Jim was the most exited he had ever been. He began swiftly pumping himself and came in a swift, heavy climax, spewing semen all over his stomach. The girls were howling with laughter and Jim just laid there, his excitement replaced by terrible shame.

Thankfully the girls left the roof. A minute later he could hear them in the building, laughing loudly and chattering amongst themselves. Eventually he cleaned himself up and put on his pants which he had taken right off. He unlocked his office door and went into the general office area and used the photocopier. The girls looked at him with smug, superior smiles and Dixie was giggling.

Jim went back into his office. He couldn't get what had happened off his mind. He kept replaying it in his head and soon had a throbbing erection. Shortly before the girls afternoon coffee break Jim locked his door and waited. Jim was terribly exited, his heart was beating quickly and he could hardly catch his breath. He waited and hoped that the girls would go onto the roof again. He couldn't help it - he wanted to lay before them, naked and jerking off with them laughing at him. He sat at his desk and then, out of the corner of his eye he could see the girls appear on the garage roof, looking down at him. They had their coffee cups with them but they looked into his office with an air of disappointment that changed when Jim got up from behind his desk and stood in the middle of his office, directly in front of the window and took of his pants. His erection was throbbing and standing up and out. He could hear the girls laughing. He laid down on the floor and jerked off before them. Just before climaxing he slowed it right down, drawing out the excitement and then coming in a rush. As before, the girls were laughing.
Later, in the office "I don't know, it looks like he is peeking at us through his eyelashes" "I don't care, it is a hilarious show" "He just looks so funny laying there with no pants, jerking off but I agree, I think he knows we are there watching." "What I would like to do is sneak into his office while he is hard at it and grab him by his nuts, that would be a real hoot!" Pretty soon the girls were discussing actually sneaking into Jim's office while he was putting on a show, grabbing his nuts and giving them a good squeeze, showing him who was in charge.

The next morning shortly before the morning coffee break Jim glanced out his office window and got a shock. On the garage roof there were four deck chairs in a row, facing his office window. At coffee break time the girls went over to the garage, up on the roof and settled down in the chairs, awaiting the show. They were sipping their coffee and looking across at Jim. One of the chairs was empty, Brandy wasn't there. Jim got up from behind his desk, walked to the middle of the room, took off his pants, laid down and started to jerk off. This just got a mild chuckle from the girls, it had lost it's shock value since they has seen this before.

Dixie was the admin manager and had a master key which she loaned to Brandy. Brandy quietly entered Jim's office, walked over and looked down at Jim. She looked across at the girls, smiled and waved, bent over Jim and grabbed a nut in each hand. Jim opened his eyes in shock. Brandy laughed and said "Surprise" and squeezed his nuts. The agony was unbearable. Jim just laid there with his legs spread, unable to move or defend himself. Brandy got comfortable between his legs holding a nut in each hand and began rolling them around between her finger tips. Both Brandy and her three girl audience were laughing. Jim was moaning in agony. After about fifteen minutes the girls went back to work, leaving Jim half naked on his office floor.

After a while the girls didn't bother with the garage roof, they just bought the deck chairs down to Jim's office and set them in a row against one wall, just before a nice space of office carpet. They filed into Jim's office twice a day for coffee and a show. The girls took turns being in the show with Jim. Jim no longer acted superior and the four girls and Jim got along real well, just like family. If anything the four girls were superior and twice a day they made sure Jim remembered his place. They no longer referred to him as Lord Jim, instead it was Jerkoff Jim.

Sunday, June 1, 2008

The Trail Ride

Every summer vacation Robin and some buddies rented a beach house and just hung out, drank beer and tried to pick up women. This summer Rob wanted something different. His buddies just wanted to do the same old thing so Rob looked around for something else. He heard about an outfit that ran week long trail rides into the mountains. Rob thought it sounded great. riding a horse, fresh air, sleeping in tents, trail food. He checked a few places on the Internet and realized he had left it pretty late - most places were all booked up. He finally came across a ranch that would offer him what he wanted, a 5 day ride, a fairly easy trail since Rob was no great horseman and they had one vacancy since a group that booked the trip had one of them back out. He felt a bit uneasy since the rest of the group would know each other and he would be the odd guy out. However Rob figured he was fairly friendly and after a day or so should fit in with the other guys.

His plane was late getting in to the small airport but a grizzled hand from the ranch met him. The hand introduced himself as Luke, looked Rob up and down and cackled a laugh and told Rob the rest of the Keats group had got in earlier in the day but he was sure to have an interesting week. What with chewing tobacco, dribbling the juice and spitting out the window Luke didn't have much to say on the trip to the ranch other than he was sure Rob would have an unforgettable week.

It was quite late when they got to the ranch. The night manager seemed a bit surprised on meeting Rob and confirmed that he there to join the Keats group. He then grinned and also said that Rob should find his week interesting as he showed Rob to his room and told him the group would have an early breakfast at 6:00 and set out right after that. What he didn't tell Rob was that last year the Keats group had been taken out by a male guide and had caught him playing with himself and had almost castrated him. They caught him with his pants down and gave his balls such a beating that he couldn't ride a horse for months.

The next morning Rob entered the rustic dining room and looked around. There were a few couples, a family and a group of young women at a table but no group of guys. Rob asked the staff where the Keats group was and the server pointed to the table of women. Rob was surprised and so were the group of young women. They had been expecting a woman and Rob had been expecting a group of guys. They got it sorted out but Rob was definitely the odd guy out. Even the trail guide was a girl. He was relegated to the back of the group. He had to admit the view was excellent, six gorgeous backsides in tight jeans bobbing up and down and swaying back and forth before him. By the time they stopped for their first break Rob had a throbbing erection. As he got down from his horse he realized he had made a mistake. He should have stayed mounted. In his new tight jeans his hard-on was very plainly visible and had caught in a fold in the jeans and was sticking out like a telephone pole. He tried to cover it with his hands which only made in more obvious. A couple of the girls immediately spotted it and went, giggling. to point it out to Sue Keats, the group leader.

They had stopped in the middle of a large open area and there was nowhere for Robin to hide behind or stand against. He turned his back to the giggling girls. Sue Keats came up to him and stepped around to face him. She looked down at his erection, called him a pervert and kicked him in the balls. Robin clamped his hand over his balls, brought his knees together and with a stunned look on his face sank to his knees before Sue, groaning in agony. The girls all burst out laughing and Sue told them that was how to punish a male, go for his nuts. They then had a brief discussion about what to do with Rob. They agreed that maybe Sue had been a bit too severe with Rob, just getting a hard-on didn't prove for certain that he was a pervert. They decided to go on with the trail ride but they had to keep a close eye on Rob. They mounted up and the trail ride resumed, Rob still at the back. Eventually the ache in his nuts subsided but he couldn't take his eyes off those beautiful backsides bobbing up and down. His hard-on was back, as big as before. About noon Sue called for a stop for lunch. Rob knew that if he dismounted the girls would spot his erection. He said he wasn't hungry and would wait for them , sitting on his horse. Sue ordered him to get off the horse, the horse needed a rest and he was relegated to cooks helper. Sue told him that if he didn't get down they would pull him off the horse. Rob backed his horse, turned and trotted off, sayng he was just going for a short ride and would be back before they had finished lunch. He trotted off into the pines for a few minutes, stopped and got off. He knew he had to get rid of his hard-on. It was quiet and warm. He tied the horse and laid down in the deep grass, pulled down his jeans and began to jerk off, thinking off Sue and the other girls. He slowed down his stroking and was right on the verge of a climax when Mary's face appeared above him with a big grin. She called the other girls over and they stood around him, laughing at him laying in the grass with no pants, unable to stop jerking off. Sue squatted down between his legs and grabbed a ball loosley in each hand and told Rob to slow down and not to come. He just laid there. Mary suggested that they take away his pants and that way they could see whenever he got a hard-on and the girl watching him could easily smack his balls. This caused the girls to howl with laughter but eventually they decided that was a good approach. The girls grabbed Robin and pulled him to his feet and undid and took off his pants and thrust him back down onto his knees

Mary, the youngest of the group, had on a pair of skin tight jeans which clearly outlined her pussy, and she stood right before a kneeling Robin and thrust her pussy into his face and asked him if he was going to be a good boy. Sue squatted before Robin and took hold of his balls and rolled them around in her hand and told him that she was going to give his balls a good squeeze if she caught him with a hard-on. All the girls laughed at the kneeling Robin and his throbbing hard-on. Sue said she would allow him this one erection. She stood up and, still holding his nuts, led him to his horse and told him to get on. Now Robin rode up near the front. He made a comical sight with no pants and one hand on the reins and the other hand holding his nuts with his swaying erection sticking out.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

The Nut House

A new business had opened just a few blocks off from the state university campus. There was a bit of public furor and some outrage but eventually the business received a license and opened up. Quite a few liberated young women applied for positions. The jobs were very well paid and sounded interesting. The women were paid to kick and beat men's nuts. The girls were to be fully dressed and the customers naked. The women would definitely be in control of the sessions.
Perky young Sandy Court had found the ideal job - no commute, she could pick her own hours and great pay. The sessions were to be a half hour or shorter if the customer wanted. The first fellow had a vile mouth and smelled. Sandy kicked him as hard as she could in the nuts. He collapsed and that was the end of her first session. The next guy was very respectful and Sandy smacked and squeezed his nuts for the full half hour. He groaned in agony all the time so Sandy was pretty sure he had enjoyed his session. The third customer blew her mind, it was one of her university professors. Sandy walked into the room where he was naked and waiting. He looked at Sandy in shock and started to back up. Sandy saw a quivering erection, a pair of balls and a sure course pass. She walked up to him and said "Hi, Dr Tate" and she reached out, grabbed his nuts and squeezed them. The sessions are supposed to last half an hour but for a full hour Sandy squeezed, massaged and pummelled the good doctor's nuts. At the end of the session he was on his knees, kissing her feet and pledging eternal servitude. He managed to stand up and bent over and holding his nuts he got dressed and shuffled out of the room. After that whenever he saw Sandy his balls did a dance and he got a hard-on. Sandy enjoyed the effect she had on him and whenever she got the chance she would deliver a swift knee to his nuts.
Sandy was amazed at how many men wanted to be beaten and made to feel inferior to the girls working there. Sandy thought that if that is what they wanted and would pay good money she would enjoy smacking their nuts. After a couple of days she had a client that surprised her almost as much as the doctor. It was Mr Burton, her landlord. Like all her clients he was standing naked in the room as she walked in. He recognized her and started to back up. Sandy saw a quivering erection, a pair of balls and reduced rent. She walked up to him, smiled brightly and said "Hi Mr Burton" as she swiftly kneed him in the nuts. She grabbed him around the waist to hold him up and pin his arms to his side as she drove her knee repeatedly up into his nuts. Her landlord was wailing in agony. Sandy gently laid him on the floor, got comfortable between his legs and rolled his nuts around between her finger tips, pinching them. She gave him a session he would never forget. Once a week he would come by her apartment and tell her the rent was free. She would thank him by slipping her hand down his pants, grabbing his nuts and giving them a vicious squeeze. Mr Burton adored Sandy.
Sandy was learning a lot at university, mainly learning that with a good grip on a guy's nuts she could make him do anything she wanted.

Thursday, May 1, 2008

The Box

Across the river from the state capital there is a bar called The Box. It is a favorite with most of the female state office workers. The Box was owned and run by women and the entire staff was female, including the bouncers who were the meanest, dirtiest fighters in the entire state. Any man who valued his balls and was foolish enough to enter The Box was on his best behavior. The drinks are reasonable, the place is clean, the women don't get hassled and the entertainment is unbeatable. Up front there is a slightly raised area which passes for a stage. One of the favoirite forms of entertainment and what the place was named after was a large wooden box. On the stage is a large wooden box with curtains coming up to the sides. The box has a door at the back and three steps up to a platform where someone can stand. Up about 2 and a half feet is a small hole in the front of the box.

Mandy and her co-workers had been putting up with an arrogant bastard from the feds who was laying down the law as to how they were to do their jobs to qualify for federal funding. He was their new federal auditor and would be out to see them every second month. Jake Tucker was lewd and rude and kept telling obscene jokes and trying to feel up the women. They decided to take him to The Box after work. The men in Mandy's office knew about The Box, from hearsay and a few who had actually experienced The Box. The men were grinning and told Jake he would have an unforgettable time. Mandy hinted he would get the greatest blow job of his life. In the car over to the bar Mandy sat beside Jake with her hand rubbing his crotch. When they pulled up at the back door to The Box they could barely hold Jake back, he was raring to go and had a hard-on to match. Mandy told Jake that all he had to do was take of his pants, step into the box and force his privates out through the small hole. She told him there was a girl from the office who loved to give blow jobs but was shy and that explained the box. Mandy also said that she would like to give it a try. Jake practically jumped out of his pants, sprang into the box and forced his balls and erection through the hole.

Jake didn't realize it but sitting before the box was the entire female office staff he had been harassing for the part two weeks. When he came in the back all he saw was the box and curtains. The girls knew to be silent but when Jake's hard-on and nuts appeared through the hole the girls erupted into howls of glee. Jake heard this and attempted to pull back out but the hole was tight and Mandy had posted Susie on the other side. She grabbed Jake's nuts with one hand and started to stroke his hard-on. Jake began to shout, demanding to know what was going on. Susie told Jake to shut up and stand still or she would squeeze his nuts. Jake continued to demand what was happening but a quick tight squeeze that Susie delivered to his nuts shut him up. Mandy pulled an upper panel away from the box where it faced the audience. There was Jake's head appearing above the box. With a stunned look on his face he stared out at the women he had been harassing for the past two weeks. The women were hooting, shouting and laughing. Mandy waved a pair of handcuffs in the air and the women cheered. When Jake refused to put his hands behind his back a quick squeeze to his nuts had him immediately do as he was told.

There were a couple of large eye bolts screwed into the inside of the front panel and one of the girls tied a thick rope on to one of the eye bolts, held the rope behind Jake and pulled the rope tight through the other eye bolt. The rope was ass high and firmly pinned Jake against the box wall and there was no way he could pull back his nuts and erection.

Mandy called out that Jake was secure and asked who wanted to go first. Lucy, a young woman from filing jumped up and pulled up a chair, got comfortable and looked up at Jake and asked him how he was doing. From the other side of the box Jake looked down at Lucy and automatically said "Fine". Lucy punched Jake in the balls. The women cheered, Jake screamed and Lucy asked him again how he was doing. Jake managed to gasp "Terrible". Lucy punched him a few more times and turned his nuts over to the next woman. There were eighteen women and they all had a turn. They squeezed, slapped, punched, spanked, pulled, pinched and one girl even bit his nuts. The women got a real kick out of seeing Jake's nuts get abused but the really hilarious part for the women was to see the changing expressions on Jake's face, especially when they stopped the abuse and slowly stroked him back to an erection and almost to the point of a climax, keeping him there and then a sudden painfull punch to his nuts.

After the girls and a couple of the female staff of The Box all had a turn at his nuts they got a dish of crushed ice and put it up against the hole and placed his nuts in the ice. The girls all had a couple of drinks while Jake slowly recovered. His nuts would ache for days but at least he could stand, walk and talk. They let him out of the box and had him stand, no pants, in front of the audience. Much to the girl's amusement Jake had a stiff erection. He couldn't help it. Mandy told him he had been a good boy and for a reward he could jerk off. Jake grabbed himself and stroked faster and faster and finally came with a large shuddering climax, spewing semen all over himself. The girls laughed and cheered. The party broke up and a couple of the girls cleaned Jake off, pulled up his pants and took him back to his hotel. They had to help him up to his room and they put him to bed. It was a couple of days before he showed up back at the office. Jake was pretty subdued for his final few days and at the end of his final day the girls got together and presented Jake with a going away present. It was a photo album of his night at The Box with a few good photos of Jake jerking off before a roomfull of women. They also gave him a DVD and they told him that as long as he was a good boy they wouldn't send the photos and DVD to his wife and boss. They also told him that when he returned in two months they would take him to The Box again.

Friday, April 25, 2008

Andy had a hard-on. He had had it for the past two weeks, ever since he had arrived at his aunt's farm. His cousins, who were a couple of years younger than Andy, were real cock teasers. There were no other men around so when Andy showed up for the summer the girls really went to work on him. When the girls weren't talking on their cell phones they were making sure Andy got a good view up their short skirts. Whenever they were around Andy they sat so they faced him with their legs apart so Andy could see their white panties. When working in the barn they brushed against him and casually brushed the back of their hands against his constant erection. To the girls it was great fun but Andy was going out of his mind. The girls acted very innocent and Andy wasn't sure if the girls were doing it on purpose or not. He couldn't complain to his aunt about her daughters, what could he say? The only relief he had was to jerk off.

It was late in a hot afternoon and Andy was in his favorite hiding place, behind the barn, laying down in the tall grass with his pants down, jerking off. The girls had walked into the nearby village where they had some girl friends but his aunt was around. He was afraid his aunt would find him. Aunt Wilma was barely five feet tall and hundred pounds but Andy was afraid of her. She had caught him last week leaning against the basement wall with his pants down jerking off and she had gone into a rage. She had surprised him just as he was about to climax and he couldn't stop. Aunt Wilma kicked Andy in the nuts. He collapsed and she pulled his belt from his pants and stood over him and lashed his back and his bare behind with his belt. Then she kicked him in the nuts again. Andy was in terrible agony for the next couple of days. He was terrified of his aunt.

He lifted his head above the grass to look around to make sure his aunt wasn't in sight. Across the back field he could see his cousins walking across the field towards the barn. They usually took the road but across the field was shorter. Andy peeked at them through the grass. As usual they were both wearing very short denim skirts and tight tee shirts. Andy stroked himself as they got closer. Their skirts were so short that Andy caught flashes of their white panties as they walked. He was hypnotized. He was staring at them through the grass as he slowly stroked himself. The girls were walking almost straight towards him. Andy slid over a few feet so that he was laying across the slight path that went around the corner of the barn, he kicked of his pants, spread his legs and slowly stroked himself as the girls got closer. He had never been so exited before in his life. He could hear them talking and giggling together. Then he could hear the rustle of grass as they got closer. Andy closed his eyes and let go of his erection and laid flat on his back with his arms at his side and his legs spread. His erection was straining straight up and quivering.

Suddenly there was total silence, Then he could hear the girls whispering and giggling. Andy couldn't control himself. He grabbed his erection and slowly stroked himself as he opened his eyes. Rita, the oldest of the two, was standing a few feet away and told Andy to smile as she took a photo with her cell phone. She laughed and told Andy it was perfect as she pressed a few keys and transmitted it to her email account. Lara also took photos of Andy jerking off which she also transmitted to her email account.

Lara suddenly jumped onto Andy and sat on his stomach, facing his feet. She grabbed his scrotum between his nuts and his crotch and held it tight, forcing his nuts tightly at the end of his scrotum. His nuts were nicely outlined sitting at the top of her fist. She called to her sister to take a photo as she slapped Andy's nuts. Andy screamed as Lara laughed and said she was going to spank Andy. She sat on his stomach, spanking his nuts. Rita then took a turn spanking Andy's nuts. Both girls were laughing as Andy was wailing in agony. Rita got up off Andy and the girls stood over Andy watching his writhing in pain and clutching his spanked nuts.

Aunt Wilma heard the laughing and screaming and came out of the house to investigate. She came round the corner of the barn and saw Andy, naked from the waist down, with his hands between his legs, exposing himself to her two daughters. Aunt Wilma exploded in anger. She stepped over to Andy, reached down and grabbed his nuts, pulled him to his feet and led him into the house. The girls followed, trying to look serious. Aunt Wilma was standing in front of Andy, tightly squeezing his nuts. Andy was in so much pain he could hardly stand up. She asked Andy what did he think he was doing. He just wailed in pain. She then asked her daughters and they explained that as they came round the side of the barn they saw Andy playing with his privates. They said they couldn't believe it and knew no-one would believe them if they told so they took some pictures with their cell phones. They showed their Mom the photos and Andy looked so stupid with his large erection that all three of them began to laugh.

Aunt Wilma said it was no laughing matter and Andy had to learn to behave properly. She asked her daughters if they thought that regularly spanking Andy would have the desired results. The girls said it was worth a try. Aunt Wilma led Andy to his room by his nuts and told him she would bring some ice for his nuts and starting tomorrow the girls would spank his nuts regularly until he learnt to behave. She also told him that from now on he was to be naked from the waist down and the girls would monitor him to make sure he didn't get any more large erections and an erection would result in a nut spanking.

After that Aunt Wilma always seemed in a happy mood. Whenever she saw Andy she would walk over and give him a good heavy slap in the nuts. It just seemed to make her day as Andy fell to the floor wailing in agony. The girls would order Andy to strip naked and invite their girl friends from the village to come over and spank Andy's nuts. Everybody seemed to find it hilarious to see a naked Andy bent over, clutching his nuts with a suprised look of agony on his face. Everybody found it funny except Andy.

Monday, March 31, 2008

Getting a Grip on Success (with the continuation)

Gail Long was seething. She was mad as hell at her boss, the president and owner of the electrical equipment company she worked for and he owned. Bob Gaines had promised her a promotion and a nice bonus if she could straighten out a major production problem. Gail had put in long hours and had come up with a solution. Bob took her work and presented it to his management team as something he had come up with. It even got picked up by a trade magazine and there was Bob smiling on the cover with his brilliant idea. The managers were falling over themselves patting Bob on the back and telling him how brilliant he was, even though all of them knew it was Gail's idea and work. She hated the whole damn pack of them.
On the day she saw the magazine Gail snapped. Right about quitting time she went in to her boss's office to tell him off. Right in the middle of her diatribe Bob laughed, got up from behind his desk and patted Gail on the head and told her he was grateful and she shouldn't get into a hysterical female fit. She kicked him in the nuts. It was the first time she had ever kicked a man in the nuts and it was wonderful. A moment before he was a sneering condescending bastard and then he was on the floor, curled up, clutching his nuts and moaning. Gail just stood there watching him writhing in agony. She pulled up one of his visitor chairs and sat down to watch him. After a few minutes Bob tried to stand up. He was on his feet, bent over at the waist.
Gail got up, went behind Bob, reached up between his legs and grabbed his nuts. This was also new to Gail and she found it even more exhilarating than kicking his nuts. The kick was a sudden, one moment thing. Squeezing his nuts was something she could draw out. Gail experimented by how tight she squeezed and she was amazed how even a slight increase in the squeeze caused a huge increase in Bob's apparent discomfort. All her pent up anger and rage overcame her. Within minutes she had him naked from the waist down and was sitting astride him, squeezing his testicles as tight as she could without him passing out. It was Friday evening and the offices were closed down till Monday morning. Bob was divorced and lived alone and all Gail had at home was her cat. Gail made a career decision. She was going to spend the weekend turning Bob into her personal slave. She wasn't exactly sure how to go about it but she had seen a couple of movies about dominant women and she knew it entailed strict discipline and lots of pain. She tighten up her grip on Bob's nuts. She was on her way!

By Saturday morning Gail was tired and hungry. She had managed to tie and gag Bob and she had slept on the couch in his office. Turning Bob into her slave was loosing some of it's novelty. Gail need help. She phoned Beth who worked in accounting and Gail knew that Beth was as disillusioned as she was. Beth did most of the work and her boss grabbed all the credit. Gail phoned Beth and said she desperately needed her help at work and could she come over with some blankets, pillows, a pile of take out food plus some rope, table tennis paddles, petroleum jelly and a large electrical plug-in heavy duty dildo. Beth erupted in laughter and a flood of questions but Gail just said please and she would explain when she got there.

Beth arrived with the supplies. Gail took her into Bob's office. Beth took one look at Bob, now completely naked with a stiff erection and burst out into uncontrollable laughter. Gail joined her and the two of them were having a laughing fit. When they calmed down Gail told Beth what had happened as she slathered petroleum jelly over the dildo, rolled Bob onto his side and rammed the dildo up his backside and turned the vibrator onto high. Bob had a stunned look on his face and he was almost cross eyed. Gail asked Beth to firmly massage Bob's nuts while she had some breakfast. Beth quickly got into the spirit of things and was soon massaging Bob's nuts with one hand and stroking his large, quivering erection with the other, slow enough that he wouldn't come.

The girls had a lot more to do to Bob for Monday morning.

Gail loosened Bob's ropes, took off his gag and removed the vibrating dildo. She was expecting a loud, angry outburst from Bob but he just moaned and begged Beth not to squeeze his nuts so tight and he begged her to stroke him faster. With a mean, sadistic laugh Beth squeezed his nuts tighter and kept up the slow and steady stroking of his erection. Gail untied Bob and they managed to dress him and with a firm grip on his nuts the three of them left the office and went back to Bob's apartment. By Sunday evening the girls had turned Bob into a blubbering idiot, begging to let him come and to stop squeezing his nuts. Gail trained Bob so that whenever she snapped her fingers and held out her hand Bob would come over and stand so he could lay his nuts into the palm of her hand. As a reward Gail would lightly massage his nuts and give his erection a few quick strokes. Both girls began to realize how weird Bob and men in general were. Monday morning the girls talked and planned for the morning. They took turns going home and getting ready for the day.
All Bob wanted to do was jerk off so the girls had to feed him his breakfast. shave and dress him. Beth had a firm grip on Bob's nuts as they went to work together and went directly into his office. As they walked past Miss Hamilton, Bob's spinster secretary, she couldn't help but notice Beth's arm down inside Bob's pants. She smiled.

Gail asked Miss Hamilton to immediately call a meeting of the managers in Bob's office. The office was large with sufficient chairs. Bob had a large desk with wood panels down to the floor across the front and on both sides. Beth unzipped Bob and pulled out his testicles and erection and sat him down behind his desk. She got comfortable on the carpet under his desk. She had a firm grip on his nuts with one hand and was slowly stroking his erection with the other hand. Bob sat at his desk with a vacant, stunned look on his face.

The managers filed into the office and Gail said that Bob had asked her to call them all together. She said that Bob had appointed her as vice president and all mangers were to report from now on to her. There were angry and surprised comments from the managers and they all looked towards Bob. He just sat there and quietly moaned. Gail said that Bob was under the weather. She went on to say that if the managers could show their loyalty and subservience to her they would get a large pay increase, bigger offices and luxury company cars otherwise they would be out of a job. Beth's boss, Bill Vigour, the accounting manager stood up and said he would be dammed if he would be subservient to her and he wanted to hear it from the boss. Gail glared at him and shouted that she was the boss and he was hearing it from her. She also shouted that she was in control. Gail snapped her fingers and held out her hand, cupped at the palm. Beth let go of Bob and he got up from behind his desk. The managers looked on in shocked amazement at Bob with his nuts and erection outside his zipper step over to Gail and lay his nuts into her palm. Gail squeezed and Bob screamed in agony. She let go of his nuts and quickly stroked his erection. Bob shuddered, shouted and came in a surging climax. He dropped to Gail's feet vowing eternal devotion.

There was complete silence, except for the sound of Bob kissing Gail's feet. Gail looked at Bill Vigour and said he had a choice, immediate dismissal or subservience and continuation of employment with a big pay raise, a bigger office and a luxury company car. She smiled as she snapped her fingers and held out her hand, cupped at the palm. All color drained from his face, there was a wave of uncertainty and fear cross his face. He slowly stood up, unzipped himself and laid his nuts into Gail's outstretched hand. Gail smiled and told Bill he was a good boy as her fingers tightened around his nuts. Bill was wailing in agony, partially held up by Gail holding his nuts. As he screamed in agony Gail addressed the other managers and said that they all faced the same choice. Gail pointed to the next manager, snapped her fingers and held out her other hand, cupped at the palm.
Gail wanted total subservience. Each manager laid his nuts into Gail's palm and she squeezed each manager's nuts for a good half hour, two managers at a time. The waiting managers sat in absolute terror waiting for Gail to point at them and snap her fingers.
Gail was as good as her word. All managers received large pay increases, bigger offices and luxury company cars. They put in longer hours and worked as hard as possible, all fearing Gail snapping her fingers at them and pointing to her office. Every couple of months Gail made sure she worked over each manager's nuts. After a while for most managers it was no longer a punishment, it was more of a reward. Beth worked alomgside Gail, helping beating the manager's nuts. She especially enjoyed beating the nuts of her boss, Bill Vigour.

Friday, March 14, 2008

Punishing the Jerk Off

Aunt Mandy looked at Ed, sitting at the kitchen table, bent over clutching his nuts and groaning. She smiled, shook her head and told Ed to sit up straight and eat his breakfast. Linda came in, smiled at her Mom and sat down. Aunt Mandy said it looked like Linda had kicked her cousin in the nuts again. Linda laughed and said "Almost, actually it was a punch, a neat uppercut straight up between his legs. I sure got him good." She looked at Ed and told him "When I knock on the bathroom door, you get out right away. I'm not going to wait while you are in there jerking off, and don't deny it or I'll punch you in the nuts again, right now. Admit it, you were jerking off, admit it or I'll really smack your nuts." Linda went and stood before Ed. In her tight blouse and ultra short skirt Linda was a real ball-busting cock teaser. She spread her legs and placed her hands on her hips. "Well, what's it going to be, me smacking to your nuts or you admitting you were jerking off?" The thought of Linda smacking his nuts was too much for Ed, he nodded his head and admitted he was jerking off.

Aunt Mandy glared at Ed "I've told you before, no jerking off. When you get home this evening we are going to have to discuss this and arrange some punishment. I know that men and boys jerk off but this is getting ridiculous. I don't mind a bit, in moderation, but this is getting out of hand. Something has to be done."

That evening over dinner, there was no mention of punishment and Ed was hoping that his aunt and cousin had forgotten about it. After dinner he started to go to his room but his aunt told him to come into the family room. She told Ed that she and Linda had a long discussion about Ed and his masturbation compulsion and they have come up with a plan to curb it. Linda said "We have decided that you can jerk off for half an hour each day and we will also punish you for half an hour. When you jerk off half an hour should be sufficient but you are not allowed to come, shooting semen around the house is messy and not acceptable. You can jerk off right now, take off your pants and stand in the corner and jerk off." Ed was shocked. Linda looked at a wall clock and said the half hour had started and he was wasting time. Both Linda and his aunt were looking at him as if it was the most expected thing and acceptable. Whenever he was around Linda he got a hard-on and this was no exception. Ed took of his pants and began to stroke his stiff erection. Both mother and daughter smiled.

Linda rearranged the cushions on the couch. There were four cushions on the seat of the couch, Linda removed one and sat down in the space from the removed cushion. Aunt Mandy went up to Ed, grabbed him by his nuts and led him over to Linda. She handed his nuts to Linda and Linda arranged Ed on the cushion, flat on his back with his groin in front of Linda. His weight was supported by the other cushions so Linda was comfortable. Her mother sat down in a chair beside the couch and handed the TV remote to Linda so she had Ed's nuts in one hand and the TV remote in the other. Ed was slowly stroking himself, on the verge of a climax. Linda turned on the TV to her favourite program. Both women watched the TV while Ed was trying not to climax.

After their show ended they told Ed "That's enough jerking off". Aunt Mandy pulled her chair around so she was on the other side of Ed, facing her daughter. They had obviously planned their punishment because they immediately began with no discussion. Linda gathered Ed's nuts into the palm of her hand and Aunt Mandy smacked them with a table tennis paddle. She smacked them again and again. Ed was howling in agony. Both women were laughing as Linda said "What a fuss over a few smacks, it can't hurt that much. Smack them again Mom." For half an hour they paddled Ed's nuts, taking turns wielding the paddle. After the punishment Ed laid curled up on the couch, clutching his battered nuts. Eventually both mother and daughter helped Ed upstairs to his bedroom.

In the morning Ed was moving slow but nothing was said about the prior evening. That evening, after dinner, Linda told Ed to take off his pants and play with himself. Then they grabbed his nuts and squeezed them for half an hour as they watched TV. Watching Ed almost come for half an hour and then abusing his nuts for another half an hour became a normal part of their day. So normal that the first time Mrs Evans, the divorced lady next door dropped in while they were working on Ed's nuts Aunt Mandy turned off the TV and chatted with the extremely shocked neighbour as Aunt Mandy casually spanked Ed's nuts that Linda was holding in her hand. Mrs Evans came by every evening after dinner and was soon an enthusiastic participant in watching Ed jerk off and then punishing Ed. This proved to be very helpful as occasionally Linda or Aunt Mandy had an evening engagement or were away. They knew that Mrs Evans was dedicated to punishing Ed and could be counted on to provide Ed's punishment. One evening Mrs Evans said that the only thing she would like more than smacking Ed's nuts would be smacking her ex husband's nuts. Aunt Mandy said that could be arranged but that is another story.

Monday, March 3, 2008

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The most recent blog posting is Summer Job which was started some time ago and is back at July 11, 2007.

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The latest posting, on February 15, is below Ballbreaking New Boss. It is Miss Pennypackers Strict Fashion.

Monday, January 14, 2008

Ballbreaking New Boss

Everyone was pretty upset. The company had been taken over and only the best and brightest would be offered a job in the new company. Ed Hull was worried - he had just bought a fancy new convertible and signed a lease on an apartment. He wished he hadn't taken out a large loan to buy the car since he may find himself out of work. Everyone was being interviewed by the new company and Ed was hoping for the best.

He was scheduled for his interview the next day with Nat Crusher. From the name, Ed imagined a pro wrestler. He drove over to the new corporate offices and was surprised to find no parking. He drove around the block a few times and finally spotted a space up ahead. There was a car just ahead of the spot and Ed wasn't sure if they were planning on backing in or not. If Ed didn't find a spot soon he would be late for his appointment. The car ahead started to back into the spot but Ed swooped into the spot nose first. There was some yelling and honking from the car but Ed was just happy he had found a parking space. The car ahead drove off with a final beep from the horn.

Ed opened his brief case to make sure his resume was on the top. He had some reference letters which he attached with a paper clip to the resume. He checked himself in the rear view mirror and opened the door to get out. He liked his car but it was real low slung and not easy to get into and out of. Ed had one leg in the car and the other leg out when a couple of real ballbusting looking women were standing there. Black business suits with ultra short skirts and high heels. One of them said "Hey, here's the dick head that stole our parking spot. What have you got to say for yourself jerk off?" As she said that. she bent down and drove her fist up between Ed's legs and punched him square in the nuts. Ed wailed in agony, still stuck half and half out of his car. The other woman laughed and said "This makes such a perfect target, I can't help myself" as she stepped forward and unleashed a powerful kick, again connecting with Ed's nuts. The two women turned around and continued walking up the street, laughing and exchanging high-fives.

Ed must have sat in the car for a good half hour. He was in agony. He finally got out of the car and clutching his nuts in his hand he staggered up the street to the corporate offices. He went up to the tenth floor and told the receptionist he was Ed Hull. to see Mr Nat Crusher. She told him that he had missed his appointment and that was that. Ed stood in the middle of the reception area, bent over, clutching his nuts and in obvious pain. The receptionist laughed and asked Ed if he drove a convertible. He nodded and she said she would see what she could do and led him into a small side office and told him to wait. Ed was in so much pain he couldn't think straight. It felt like his whole insides were on fire. There was no way he could sit down. He just stood there, and loosened his pants so he could hold and support his screaming nuts. What a sight!

The receptionist came in to get him but took one look and managed to back up and close the door before she broke into howls of laughter. She went into her boss's office and said "You just have to come and see this Ed Hull. You won't believe it. He must be the guy you told us about who stole your parking spot. He's moaning and got his fly down and is cradling his nuts in his hands." The receptionist, her boss and her boss's assistant got up and went in to see Ed. Ed looked at them with a mixture of horror and shock and they broke out into howls of laughter. They were the two women who had punched and kicked his nuts out on the street. Ed tried to cover his nuts and pleaded with them not to hit his nuts again. That got them laughing even louder. The boss said "We have to keep him around just for the clown effect. He's perfect."

She said to Ed "I'm Natasha Crusher, pleased to meet you" and she held out her hand for a handshake. Ed dropped his nuts and automatically held out his hand. Ms Crusher bypassed his hand and went straight to his nuts and grasped them. Poor Ed was almost in shock. Holding Ed firmly by his nuts she conducted the interview. She was standing before Ed in her short skirt and rolling his nuts around in her hands. Ed, even though he was in agony, got a large stiff erection. Ed's answers to her questions were the total unvarnished truth. She was impressed with his technical knowledge and knew that he adored her and with a little training she could turn him into the most loyal, obedient servant. Ed got the job.

Ms Crusher told Ed to go home and put his nuts on ice and in the morning he was to report to Nancy, the receptionist. As he left her office she said "One more thing Ed, no more jerking off." Ed started to deny he jerked off but Ms Crusher just laughed and said that all men jerk off if given half a chance. She dismissed Ed and told him to report to Nancy at 9:00 the next morning.
As soon as Ed got to his apartment he jerked off, thinking about Ms Crusher and her hand gripping his nuts. By the time he left for work in the morning he had jerked off at least half a dozen times. He remembered how difficult it was to find parking so he left plenty of time and got to the office with time to spare. He reported to Nancy and was shocked that she was to do his initial training and she had a replacement receptionist taking over reception for her. The replacement receptionist escorted Ed to an office where Nancy was sitting behind a desk. As he came in Nancy got up from her chair and came around the desk. His second shock was the appearance of Nancy. In her business suit with her ultra short skirt and high heels she was devastating. His third shock was Nancy shouting at him that he was twenty minutes late. He tried to explain that Ms Crusher had told him to arrive at nine. She said "Damn it, no excuses. You were probably at home jerking off and what's with this Nancy business, I'm Ms Horn to you and don't you forget it." Ed's fourth shock was that he was getting turned on by Ms Horn's verbal abuse. He stood before Ms Horn with a throbbing erection, straining against his pants. Ms Horn glanced down at his erection with a triumphant smile and Ed's fifth shock was Ms Horn commanding him to take off his pants. Poor Ed was completey disoriented. He just stood there, unsure what to do. Ms Horn kicked Ed in the nuts. He sank to his knees before her with his hands clamped over his nuts. Ms Horn patted him on the top of his head and told him to take off his pants or she would have to kick his nuts again. She went and sat behind her desk and went over some papers while Ed shamfacedly took off his pants. Ms Horn ignored Ed. He stood before the desk, naked from the waist down. He quickly got a stiff hard-on. Ms Horn ignored Ed for a few more minutes. Eventually she looked up, got up and came around her desk and grabbed Ed by his nuts. She said the first thing he had to learn in his training program was total obedience. Ms Horn squeezed his nuts and asked Ed what was the first thing he had to learn. Ed was groaning in agony but managed to say "Obedience, Ms Horn". Ms Horn smiled and said he was learning. She let go of his nuts and told him to kneel in the corner, looking into the room. She said she had to leave for a few minutes.

Ms Horn left the room and Ed managed to not jerk off. Ms Crusher walked in, smiled at Ed and said Ms Horn should be back soon. She asked him how his orientation training was going then stepped closer, looked down at his spread legs in his kneeling position and his quivering erection, and kicked his nuts. Ed let out a scream, fell to one side and curled up, clutching his nuts. Ms Crusher laughed and said as she looked down at Ed "Yes, we'll definately have to keep you around for the clown effect, you are perfect" Ms Crusher walked out of the room. A few minutes later Ms Horn came back in along with Susan, the replacement receptionist. Ms Horn told Ed to get to his feet and meet Ms Owen, her other student. Ed managed to struggle to his feet. Ms Owen looked at Ms Horn with a questioning look and Ms Horn nodded yes and told her to do it just as she had told her. Ms Owen giggled, skipped over to Ed and punched his naked nuts as hard as she could. Ed collapsed in agony and Ms Owen stood over him, laughing. Ms Horn smiled and thought that things were going well, both students were progressing excellently.

Miss Pennypacker's Strict Fashion

The prior postings about Miss Pennypacker should be read first.

Miss Pennypacker had become a role model for young women - women who asserted their independence. Women who realized that grabbing a man's nuts and giving them a good long squeeze was a sure fired way to gain the man's respect and cooperation. After watching her videos and listening to her speak many young women began to dress like her. It was a no-nonsense style similar to a strict school teacher, which Miss Pennypacker had been, with a tweed skirt, a high buttoned white blouse with a cardigan and sensible shoes, horn rimmed glasses and her hair done up in a bun. Miss Pennypacker had very large breasts of which she was secretly quite proud and she didn't wear a bra. Her blouses were always very tight and made her breasts look magnificent. Her nipples stood out and had a devastating effect on men. Since the rest of her attire was so conservative and she was dealing with such a serious matter - violence against women, nothing was said of her breasts, although everyone was acutely aware and affected by them.

Across the country women clerks in offices dressed the same way. School girls dressed the same as well as sales clerks and female executives. Any woman with large breasts jumped on the fashion bandwagon. Less amply endowed women were lined up for breast augmentation. Not only were women copying Miss Pennypacker's style of dress, they were also following her way of dealing with disrespect from any male. It became almost a game amongst the females in offices and schools to show off their breasts and nipples and if any male made any comment or ogled, the women went for their balls. Nothing would make a man show deference and respect better than a good tight grip on his nuts.

Brenda Gage was one such young woman. She had actually dressed that way for some time, except for the tight blouse. No-one paid any attention to Brenda, she was always overlooked and in the background. She was secretary to Ed Jones, the company owner. Ed was a young fellow who had inherited the company from his uncle. He used to brush against the women and stare at their bodies. They despised him. Brenda got a boob job and her world turned around. She had been off work for a couple of weeks and when she came back she was dressed exactly the same except for her skin tight semi transparent blouse. On her first day back she walked up to her boss, aimed her boobs at him and almost stuck them in his face. She asked Ed a work related question. Ed couldn't take his eyes away from her nipples and Brenda had to ask the question a couple of times before Ed could come up with an intelligent answer. As she turned to walk back to her desk, the back of her hand bumped against Ed's erection. Ed moaned and scooted into his office and locked the door. Brenda knew exactly what Ed was doing in his office and she had a knowing smile. Over the rest of the week Brenda became an accomplished cock teaser and poor Ed was either trying to hide an erection or was in his office jerking off. Ed was the only man in the small company and Brenda made sure all the other women were well aware of what Ed was doing behind his locked door.

On Monday morning Brenda went into Ed's office as soon as he got to work. She had a work file and sat opposite Ed, hiked her sensible skirt and spread her legs. Her white panties and smooth thighs were clearly visible. Ed stared. Brenda just sat with a smug smile on her face for a few minutes. Then she got up and gave Ed a correspondence file which she went through beside Ed. She brushed her nipples against his face. Then she told Ed to come with her, she had something to show him. As Ed walked beside her, Brenda kept brushing her hand against his hard-on.

Ed groaned and tried to cover his throbbing erection with a file folder. Brenda grabbed the file folder from his hand, pointed at his erection and asked him what it was. Ed mumbled that it was nothing. She shouted out that he was a pervert. She had planned it well. They were standing at the front of the general office, filled with the with female staff. All the women looked up and saw Brenda indignantly pointing at Ed's obvious erection and he trying to cover it with his hands. It was a comic sight and all the women broke out into laughter. Brenda grabbed Ed's belt and pulled him towards her. Her other hand dived down into his pants. She had him by his nuts. The female staff laughed even louder. Brenda held his nuts firmly in her hand and smiled at Ed. She began to roll them around in the palm of her hand and she then quietly whispered to Ed to pull down his pants. Ed hesitated and a dreadful pain hit his nuts. He immediately pulled down his pants and undershorts. His erection was standing straight up and was quivering. The staff were now roaring with laughter. Ed couldn't help it - he started to jerk off.

Brenda let go of Ed's nuts and took a few steps back. The laughter died down and the women watched Ed with fascination. Ed was jerking off faster and faster. He let out a shout, shuddered and ejaculated. Ed was covered with his own semen. Now the women were howling again with laughter. He turned as if to run to his office but he forgot his pants down around his ankles. He fell flat on his face. Brenda came over and bent down and pulled his pants off and helped him stand up. Ed was standing there before his staff, naked from the waist down. Brenda said that since his staff was all assembled did he have anything to say. He shook his head negatively. Brenda then asked if the staff had anything to ask. Polly, one of the youngest of the staff, said she had a question. Brenda told her to go ahead so Polly said that she had recently seen Miss Pennypacker on the TV saying that women should never put up with male abuse and Polly then asked if she could whack Ed in the nuts, once for each time he brushed against her. Brenda said sure and the other women applauded. Polly walked up front with a ruler in her hand. She grabbed Ed's nuts, craddled them in her hand and whacked them repeatedly with her ruler. Ed screamed and was staggering, about to fall down. A couple of the women up front got up and stood on both sides of Ed and held him up as Polly continued to whack Ed's nuts. She finished and asked if anyone else wanted a chance. Pretty soon there was a line up as the women waited their turn to give Ed's nuts a good beating with the ruler. When it looked like he was about to pass out they helped him into his office and sat him down in his chair behind his desk.

The women then went back to work. After an hour, just before lunch, Brenda went into Ed's office and told him that if he wanted his pants back he had to go and stand at the front of the data entry room and respectfully request the return of his pants. Ed got up and followed Brenda out of his office, half naked. His nuts were aching severly so he was a bit hunched over, holding his nuts in his hands. Brenda took his limp dick in her hand as he shuffled along. She led him out of his office and before his female staff, all the while holding what was quickly becoming an erection. She said to the girls that Ed wanted to ask them something as she was quickly stroking his now stiff erection. She let go of his hard-on and stepped back. Ed was still hunched over, holding his nuts but now he had a stiff erection. He looked completely ridiculous. The girls were laughing and their general agreement was that no, he couldn't have his pants back - come back and ask again in a half hour. They had him come back every half hour to ask for his pants and at quitting time they returned his pants but promised him a good ball spanking in the morning.

That evening Ed sat with his nuts in a bowl of crushed ice. By the morning his nuts were back to normal but all he think about was Brenda's boobs and panties and young Polly holding his nuts and repeatedly smacking them with a ruler and then all the women in the office holding his nuts and giving them a good beating. He was terrified as he walked to his office but he couldn't help it - he had a stiff erection. Polly was waiting for him, with her ruler in her hand. She smiled at Ed and asked if he was ready for his morning spanking. She led him in front of the staff and told him to remove his pants. She held his nuts in one hand and spanked them with her other. The women hooted and laughed. Polly said that the morning spanking had to be light since she wanted Ed to really feel and appreciate the afternoon spanking. From then on the women took turns meeting Ed in the morning for his morning spanking and again in the afternoon. Another ball spanking at the end of the day was optional at the choice of the woman in charge. The women always optioned for the third ball spanking. The women would leave work with a smile on their faces. Poor Ed would stagger out to his car to spend the evening with his nuts in a bowl of crushed ice slowly stroking his hard on and dreaming about the nut spanking he would get the next day.

The Disciplinarian - Part 2

The Disciplinarian was posted last summer and should be read prior to reading this.

Mel Jones was going to receive a testicle beating. It was what the crowd and the national media wanted. Everyone wanted it except Mel. With his hands tied behind his back and being led around by Tina pulling on his testicle harness he was completely helpless. She tethered him again to the beating post and went and came back onto the raised stage, rolling a platform with a large barrel laying on it's side. There were eye-bolts into the platform on both sides of the barrel. With a couple of eager volunteers from the audience they quickly had Mel secured over the barrel, on his back with his legs tied to the eye bolts on one side and his wrists tied on the other. Mel was on his back, with his legs spread, laying on the barrel with his genitals at the top point. The female audience were laughing as Mel wailed in fear. Tina then bought out what looked like a large wooden platter, hinged into two sides. She laid it on top of Mel, grasped his genitals and pulled them up and snapped the two sides together. There was a small hole where his testicle cords and the base of his penis came up through. Now, on the platter were Mel's two nuts and a stiffening erection. One of the volunteers was slowly stroking Mel's hard-on.

Ms Russell, the college disciplinarian, had been standing to one side. She looked very studious with her horn rimmed glasses, her hair pulled back and a high necked blouse and sweater and sensible shoes. There was one thing that didn't go with her image - she had on the shortest skirt imaginable. As she moved, one could see her white panties. The skirt almost covered her crotch. Ms Russell walked over to Mel and delivered a stunning backhand to Mel's nuts. Mel screamed, the crowd roared and Ms Russell laughed. She had the microphone and asked the audience if anyone would care to come on stage and deliver a few whacks to Mel's nuts.

There was a forest of hands in the air. Ms Russell waived a girl forward who was sitting up near the front with her mother. The girl bounced eagerly up the steps to the stage and Ms Russell brought the microphone over and asked her name and why she volunteered. She said she was Mary Procter and she just wanted to hurt Mel's nuts. Ms Russell smiled and said that was what all the women wanted, to teach Mel and all the other abusers of women a lesson. She led Mary over to Mel who was strapped over the barrel, on his back with his nuts and erection sticking up through the small hole in the platter. Mary stood at the end of the barrel, on the side away from the crowd so that evryone one could see Mel, his nuts and Mary. Mary didn't need any urging, she smiled at Ms Russell and asked OK? Ms Russell nodded and Mary, with a big grin reached out and grabbed one of Mel's nuts and squeezed. The crowd was expecting a smack but the squeeze was much better and they roared their approval, laughing and cheering. Mary was laughing also, squeezing Mel's testicle with one hand and waving to her Mom and friends with her other hand. Everyone seemd to be having a good time except Mel. He was screaming in pain. Tinna came over and told Mary to squeeeze a little easier, they didn't want Mel to pass out. Mary said OK and let up a bit and then switched to his other nut. The women in the arena and all acroos the counrty were cheering, here was a demonstration of the punishment men could expect for abusing women.