Monday, August 26, 2013


Ted was a very wealthy investor. He had bought and traded stocks all his life but was very low keyed and few knew of his wealth He was single and lived a very modest life and gave to all the charities, usually annonimously but in a small town word got around. Everbody liked and respected Ted. Ted had a secret, from time to time he craved for a woman to spank or sqeeze his nuts. The town librarian had spanked, squeezed and pinched Ted's nuts whenever she felt like it which was usually once or twice a week. She took an early retirement and went and lived with relatives in California. Ted needed a good slap in the nuts. The more he thought about it he realized that he needed to find a lady to slap his nuts on a regular basis, like th librarian - not easy in the small prairie town he lived in. He decided to advertise. The town had a small weekly newspaper, dedicated to local events and an active classified section. That was just the thing! A classified ad under help wanted and to mainatin his annominity with response to a newspaper box number. Ted drafted an ad looking for a refined lady to swat a man where it hurt on a regular basis, reasonable remuneration. He was pretty happy with the ad. There was no offensive language and it was not obscene. There were a number of local women, widowed or divorced who had to struggle to make ends meet. Ted hoped that one or more would respond to his ad. He took the ad down to the newspaper and went in and up to the counter. Good lord, Ted got red in the face - the woman who came up to the counter was a woman Ted had know all his life. She smiled and greeted him by name and asked if he had an ad to place and if he placed it right away it would get in the next edition, instead of waiting a week. With his eyes down, Ted pushed the ad coy to Agnes. Agnes read the ad and burst out laughing. She called over Susan, the other woman in the office and showed her the ad and said that Ted wanted a woman to smack his nuts. They both stood there, laughing at Ted. Susan asked how much it paid. Ted with his head down, mumbled that was to be negotiated. That brought forward another gale of laughter, Agnes said the ad would cause a sensation, there were lots of women looking for a little extra each month. She said the ad costs $4.00 but she would pay that herself. Susan had lived in DesMoines and she considered herself a big city sophisticate. She decided to have some fun with Ted. She asked Ted if he really wanted to get his nuts wrung. Ted nodded yes. Susan said that wasn't good enough, if he wanted her and Agnes to wring his nuts he had to plead. Ted stood with his head down. Susan told Ted to just imagine, the office closed and him with no pants on, laying on the counter with his legs spread and Agnes squeezing one nut and her squeezing the other. Ted groaned and said yes, please yes. Both women were laughing at Ted. Susan locked the office door. Agnes told Ted to take his pants off and stand in the corner. Agnes was a spinster and she found the whole episode foreign and exciting and when Ted pulled down his pants and his erection sprang out she walked over, grabbed his hard on in one hand and his nuts in the other. He was looking at her with adoration in his eyes and kept repeating her name - Agnes, Agnes, Agnes. Agnes felt a tremendous surge of empowerment. She had the richest and most powerful man in the county by the nuts and she wasn' going to let go. She had him and she had him good. Agnes looked into his eyes, smiled and squeezed his nuts. He screamed and she climaxed.

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Naughty Husband

As Penny was driving home she was thinking about her marrage. She had been married to Ted for about 2 years. She had hoped that they would have become closer but that has not happened. If anything Ted had become distant both emotionally and physically. She used to love it when Ted would go down on her and with his tongue give her climaxes, like a wave, climax after climax. But not anymore. And he hardly talks to her. Also, he doesn't do anything around the house. Penny had discussed her marrage problems with Lisa, her best friend since childhood and Lisa had suggested that she had to have a serious talk with Ted. Penny was thinking that when she got home she would make a nice dinner and when Ted got home, after dinner they would have to have a serious talk. Something had to change. She had left her office a couple of hours early so she would have time to make dinner. She went into the downstairs bathroom, or at least started to go in. She stopped in shock. There was Ted with his pants down around his ankles vigourously jerking off, watching his computer tablet which he had proped up on the counter. She could clearly see the image which was of some woman, nicely dressed , squeezing some guy's nuts. The guy looked to be in agony. She didn't recognize the woman but she seemed to be enjoying herself. Penny took this all in, in an instant. Ted looked to be almost out of it with his eyes half closed. Quietly Penny stepped back and closed the bathroom door. She felt a whole range of emotions - shock, disbelief, disappointment, revulsion and anger. She also felt another emotion. She stood in the hallway and a smile started to curl at the ends of her lips - Lord, he looked so stupid. Pants down and a big boner. She was almost laughing as she stepped into the kitchen, reached into her puse and pulled out her smartphone. Penny set it to video and went up the hall and quietly opened the door a crack. Ted was still at it but he had slowed his stoke down, he was right on the verge of a climax. Penny caugh it all, including his ejaculation. She again quiely closed the bathroom door. Penny though "To hell with dinner". She went out to her car and drove to her best friends house. Lisa had been married and now collected a big alimony check monthly. Lisa said she was a painter but what she really was was a gossip but she had a great sense of humour, was a real ballbuster and Penny's best friend, since they were chidren. Penny drove around back and marched right into Lisa'a studio. Called Lisa and said you have got to see this. She played the clip of Ted jerking off. Lisa started to laugh. Although Penny was angry she had to join in and both were howling with laughter as Ted climaxed and ejaculated. The look on his face was priceless. Lisa laughed and said that Penny had Ted by the balls, financially and literally when ever she felt like it. She said that from what Ted was watching he would probably enjoy it. Lisa suggested that they transfer a copy to Lisa's computer and email a copy to Penny's office computer. Lisa said they should start squeezing Ted's nuts with an email to his smart phone. Lisa was a real sadist towards men and she suggested that she go over and see Ted. Lisa said that if they handled it properly they could turn Ted ino an obedient slave. Penny said that she would go also but Lisa insisted that she she would do the talking and Penny should take a video. Lisa had a pair of over the knee black boots and a short black skirt and tight low cut top. Lisa called it her cock tease outfit. Ted was in the kitchen. He was not aware that Penny had seen him and he had not checked his emails. They walked into Ted and Pennys house, went into the kitchen and Lisa stood with her legs spread, her hips thrust forward and her hands on her hips and told Ted he was a naughty boy and needed to be punished. She asked if he would like a nut spank. Ted groaned with desire and Lisa laughed. She wouldn't need the ejaculation video, she realized that he would do whatever she said. She walked over to Ted, slapped his face and told him to strip naked. He just stood there. Lisa kicked him in the nuts and Ted fell down. Lisa grabbed his hair and pulled him up and again told him to strip. This time he did as she told him to. Both Lisa and Penny had satisfied smiles. Ted had a throbbing hard on. Penny handed th video camera to Lisa and grabbed Ted's nuts. Penny squeezed and he howled in pain. Penny told Ted that he had been a bad boy and from now on he was to never jerk off. Penny got comfortable with a nut in each hand and squeezed them and rolled them around in her fist. Ted sounded that he was loosing his mind. Lisa handed the video camera back to Penny and said she had a special gift for Ted. She pulled a small devise out of her purse and slipped it around Ted's erection. She told him he now had a Cock Lock on and it can only be opened with a special key that Penny has. It is fine to take a shower or a pee but no masturbating or sex of any kind. Not even nighttime ejaculation. He can get a hard on and he will probably be sporting a hard on most of the time. He will have to beg Penny to milk him. His nuts hung below the Cock Lock. Penny grabbed his nuts and led him into the bedroom and told him that if he delivered excellent oral sex she might consider removing the Cock Lock for a small while. From then on Penny was very pleased with her husband. As a reward for good behavior she would spank his nuts. He loved it when Lisa came over - she was sure to treat him with with a couple of swift kicks to his nuts. If Penny had some of her girl friends over, Ted would serve them, no pants and a nice stiff erection. Most of Penny's friends found it great fun to swat Ted's nuts. Ted was obedient, gave excellent oral sex and always agreed with Penny. From a naughty husband to a perfect husband.

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Hilda and Emma

Hilda Stern loved whacking guys in the nuts.  She was the life of the party.  Everyone roared with laughter when little Hilda had some big guy on his knees, cradling his balls and moaning.  What Hilda loved the most was to have some big guy with his pants off and Hilda having his balls in her hand.   Hilda was invited to an office party hosted by some women from her office.  She was having some fun, nailing a couple of guys from sales in the nuts to everyones amusement except the guys who got nailed.  Burt the production manager was Hilda's boss, a big obnoxious guy who had too much to drink and was throwing his weight around.  Hilda went up to him and said he wasn't that tough, just a lot of hot air.  Burt towered over Hilda and told her to get lost or he would step on her.  Hilda said just more hot air.  Burt laughed and said he would have to put her over his knee, pull down her panties and give her a good spanking.  Hilda then challenged Burt to a fight, the only rules were no eye gouging or biting and the fight went on until Hilda gave up. Hilda would fight in her panties and bra and Burt in his boxer undershorts.

Nothing livens up an office party like a fight.  The crowd formed a ring.  It looked pretty one sided, Burt at well over 200 pounds and Hilda barely 100 pounds. Burt said he was really looking forward to pulling down her panties as Hilda kicked him in the nuts.  Burt let out a howl and hollered that he would kill the bitch.  Hilda laughed and danced around, just out of reach.  The kick slowed Burt up, he was bent over and holding his nuts with one hand. Hilda was dancing around Burt and he was having trouble keeping up with her. Hilda was behind Burt and she unleashed a swift kick from behind up between Burts legs that smashed into his nuts. Burt bellowed and fell flat on his face.  The fight was over and Hilda was bowing to the crowd as Burt came to, got up and threw a roundhouse swing.  Hilda saw it at the last moment and moved back but it just caught her on the shoulder. She went flying and landed on her back.  Burt lumbered over, laughed and said no rules and slowly raised his leg to stomp Hilda. The crowd was shouting at him to stop and he was taunting everyone by waving his foot over Hilda.  He was taunting and looking at the crowd, not Hilda. She suddenly sat up and in one motion pulled down his boxer shorts with one hand and got a good grip on his nuts with the other.  Burt stood there with a stunned look on his face and then he started to wail in agony.  The crowd were cheering Hilda on.  With a tight grip on his nuts Hilda steered Burt to the floor, flat on his back.  Hilda asked for a pillow, set it between Burts knees, sat on it and got comfortable.  Hilda laughed and joked with the crowd as she squeezed, punched and slapped Burts nuts. He was no longer trying to protect himself, he laid there with his legs spread accepting the terrible punishment.  A couple of people said maybe she should stop but others pointed out that the rules said the fight went on until Hilda gave up.  Hilda laughed and said she was  not giving up just yet as she punched Burt again in the nuts.

It was a few days before Burt came shuffling into the office, bent over and holding his nuts.  He went into his office and  Hilda followed him in.  Burt backed into a corner before tiny Hilda, begging her not to hit him again in the balls.  Hilda laughed and said she would think about it but for now he should take off his pants and undershorts and stand in the corner.  Hilda said  "You have been a bad boy, jerking off.  Don't deny it, I can tell by just looking at you. Stand in the corner, facing me with your hands behind your back."  Hilda went out and got some work and came in and sat at Burt's desk, ignoring Burt.  She glanced up and chuckled, Burt had a large throbbing erection. Hilda said "Burt, this has to stop, I want you to think about work.  This will be for your own good.  Hilda went to Burt's office door and called in Emma, the new young hire.  Emma came in , took one look at Burt and burst out laughing.  Hilda told Emma that this wasn't a laughing matter.  Burt had to begin thinking of something other than sex. She asked Emma if she would like more responsibility and a nice raise in pay.  Emma said yes and Hilda said Burt was her responsibility and what would she suggest to get Burt to think of something other than sex. Emma thought for a moment and said that a good nut squeeze would have Burt thinking about pain, humiliation and servitude instead of sex.  Hilda said that sounded like an excellent idea and asked Burt what he thought of it.  Burt stood there with his throbbing erection and Emma stepped up to Burt and kicked him in the nuts and told him that when he is asked a question he had better reply.  Emma had a satisfied smile, Hida was laughing and Burt was on his knees, wailing in agony with his hands still behind his back.  His nuts made an appealing target and Emma unleashed a powerful kick, right on target.  Now Burt was still on his knees with his forehead pressing down onto his office carpet and his hands still behind his back.  Emma stood over Burt and told him that from now on he was to do whatever she or Hilda  ordered. 

Hilda smiled at Burt and told him to stand up.  Burt staggered to his feet and both Emma and Hilda laughed at Burt's hard-on.  Hilda told him he could jerk off.  Burt immediately grabbed his erection and started to jerk off.  Both women looked at him with tolerant, superior smiles.  Just as he was about to climax Hilda said that was enough, no more jerking off.  Burt continued to stroke himself and Emma asked if he wanted his nuts squeezed again.  Burt said  "Yes please"  which broke the two women up. Emma and Hilda were laughing as they each grabbed a nut and squeezed. 

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Bob the Masturbator.

Mildred Dales was fed up with the way her staff were constantly complaining about the new hire Bob. She had been a bit concerned about hiring a man into an all woman group but he had good qualifications and she had to admit, he sure filled out his pants nice.  They needed a licensed technician and he was the only one they could find and afford To make her staff happy she may have to kick Bob out but she  liked having him around.  She loved the way his big balls moved in his pants.  She fantasized about holding them and having him completely under her control. She decided that the best thing was to have a staff meeting to get to the bottom of the animosity between the women and Bob.

That afternoon she called a staff meeting and said there seemed to be some bad feelings towards Bob and what was the problem?. She asked what it was about Bob that they didn't like.  They astounded Mildred by saying that Bob hogs the bathroom all morning, jerking off and later in the day he is at it again. Before Mildred could reprimand them they went on to say that whenever he is around them he is trying to look up their skirts. They also said he is an arrogant fool, proud of his package by wearing tight pants and standing with his legs wide and his hips thrust forward. On this last point Mildred had to agree with them.  He always seemed to have an erection which he did nothing to hide. Mildred was ashamed to admit to herself that she loved sneaking peeks at Bob's stiff, large erection, outlined so nicely in his pants. She wondered if she was the reason for his erection.

Then it was Bob's turn.  He accused the girls of flashing their underpanties at him all the time. And the way they would stand up and reach across the table so their boobs would almost fall out of the tops of their blouses. He even said he got a hardon every time he sees Ms Dales, she had become a real cock teaser with her nipples straining against the thin material of the tee shirts she has started to wear. Mildred feigned outrage but secretly she was thrilled - a cock teaser, oh my stars, a cock teaser.

Susie suggested that Bob find someplace other than the bathroom to jerk off.  Mildred said that she didn't want some masturbator lurking in dark corners jerking off.  Someplace out in the open so they could keep an eye on him and make sure he doesn't become obsessed with his dick, jerking off all the time.  Remember, this is a place of business.  Bob admitted that maybe his jerking off was excessive and he would try and control it.  The women said that wasn't enough.  Helen Hunter said that he needed a devise locked on his dick that stopped him jerking off.  She said she would buy one and be responsible for Bob's dick.  Bob looked horrified and Helen laughed and told Bob not to worry, if he was a good boy she would let him jerk off a bit.  All the women laughed and Mildred said that as supervisor she should also have a key.   Helen said she knew where to buy one and they could continue the meeting tomorrow.   Just as the meeting was ending, Nancy Edge came up front from her desk and shouted that it was an outrage that they all talked politely about a pervert masturbator.  She hollered that he was a sinner and should be punished. Nancy was a small woman with big breasts and an ultra short skirt   Nancy then kicked Bob in the nuts.  Bob had a stunned look and started to howl in agony.  Nancy laughed and kicked him again in the nuts. Bob doubled up, clutching his nuts.  This wasn't enough for Nancy, she stepped up to Bob and quickly undid his belt and zipper and pulled down his pants and undershorts in one swift motion.  She reached in and grabbed his nuts in a vise like grip. Bob was bent over screaming.  Nancy had a delighted look on her face as she just stood looking at Bob.   She was laughing as she patted his head and asked if he would be a good boy and not jerk off.  He managed to gasp that he would be good.  Nancy smiled and shook her head and said that he had to be sincere but he didn't sound sincere.  She held his balls in one hand and punched them with her other hand, made into a small but lethal fist.  She asked Mildred to hold him up as she continued beat his balls.  Nancy shouted that this was the only way to treat a masturbator, beat his nuts until he repents his sinful ways - no fancy locks or office meetings - just beat his nuts.  She was obviously enjoying herself and the female staff were whoopping with laughter.  Nancy shouted that all men are masturbators until they have had their nuts firmly and frequently beaten.  She said that both her landlord and her next door neighbor used to look at her with lust in their eyes.  Now they look at her with fear and cover their nuts with their hands. She has shown them the errors of their ways.  She looked at Bob and asked if he repented.  Poor Bob couldn't even talk, he just nodded his head and mumbled repent, repent.  Nancy said he didn't sound sincere enough and he was looking at her breasts with a lustful longing.  She continued to whack his nuts.  Bob passed out.
Mildred said that the meeting was over but they would have another meeting tomorrow and maybe Bob would be sincere enough for Nancy.
The next morning Bob came shuffling into the office bent over and holding his nuts.  Nancy came bouncing in wearing a skin tight blouse which clearly showed her nipples.  Bob looked at her and groaned.  Nancy looked at Bob and laughed and asked if he was having naughty thoughts.    

Monday, July 8, 2013

Wagon Train - 1867

Ed was slumped low in his saddle.  His horse could barely walk. Ed slid off his horse and walked beside it.  He had been following the Oregon Trail heading west but had decided to take a short cut.  Big mistake. Now he was lost, no water and starving.  He had figured there would be settlers but he had seen no other person for days.  The land was scrub, hard and dry.

Suddenly there was a kick of dirt right in front of him, followed immediately by the crack of a rifle. Ed froze. He very slowly looked around but whoever it was was hidden behind some bushes. He knew that any sudden move and he would be dead.  He slowly raised his hands above his head and called out that he had no money, water or food.  A woman's voice called to him and shouted that his gun and rifle were worth something and he was to very carefully lay them on the ground.  Ed thought he had a chance but he still couldn't tell where the voice was coming from.  He slowly dropped his gun belt and then slid his rifle out of it's scabbard and laid it on the ground.  The woman voice told him to move away from the gun and rifle. She shouted that his clothes must be worth something and shouted at him to strip.   Ed defiantly shouted that he wasn't going to strip naked before a woman.  The woman laughed and told Ed he wasn't stripping before a woman.  He was stripping before a bunch of women.  Two rifles barked and kicked up dirt inches from his feet. Ed chucked his clothes as quick as possible and was standing stark naked. Ed stood 6' 4" and was a well put together young man but there was little he could do against a pack of women with rifles.  He put his hands in front to cover himself but she shouted at him to put them behind his back.  She called that a woman was going to come up behind him and tie his wrists together and tether his ankles and if he as much as twitched she would shoot his left nut off. Ed stood perfectly still.  He heard a someone walk up behind him and then felt his wrists being tied together and then his ankles with about a couple of feet of loose rope so be could shuffle along. The woman behind him called to a woman named Kate and asked if it was OK for her to kick Ed in the nuts.  She said he probably deserved it.  Kate said OK but just the one kick. The woman behind Ed came and stood before him,  She was just a slip of a girl.  She smiled at Ed, said she was Nancy and she was going to smash Ed's nuts.  She laughed and said he could beg her not to and maybe she wouldn't kick his nuts.  Ed was terrified, Nancy had a mean glint in her eyes.  She told Ed to promise complete obedience and devotion.  Ed did but Nancy said he didn't sound sincere.  Nancy reached down and grabbed Ed's nuts and squeezed.   Kate and some other women were laughing as Ed screamed in agony.  Nancy said he didn't sound sincere as she kicked Ed in the nuts.  He crumpled to the ground as the women laughed good naturally.

Nancy tied a rope lead to his nuts and led him behind some bushes.  They had a group of wagons, cattle and horses. Nancy led Ed to a wagon and had him lie down in the back.  She got some water and slowly let him drink and then she gave him something to eat.  His arms were tied behind his back and he was laying on his side. Nancy got a blanket and laid down beside Ed and said he was her property now.  She snuggled her backside up against his crotch  Ed immediately got a hard on.  Nancy took his hard-on and stroked him till he was about ready to come.  She said that was enough, laid on her side and snuggled her backside up against Ed's throbbing erection, got a tight grip on his nuts and went to sleep.

In the morning Nancy put Ed's boots on him, his hat on his head and tied his ball lead to the back of the wagon. Ed was tied at one corner of the wagon and a cow at the other corner. They got underway at first light.  Ed jogging along naked with his unrelieved hard-on bobbing along in front of him.  The women all laughed at him - he did make a sight.  Up on a hill they were being watched by a band of Indians who didn't know what to make of it.  They concluded that the women possessed strong spirits and Ed was touched by madness.  They decided to stay away from such bad medicine.

Nancy told Ed they were headed for a large spread they had purchased sight unseen but it had good earth, miles of grassland and abundant water.  They needed ranch hands and Ed was the first.  It was Nancy's job to turn him into an obedient slave, one with a stiff hard-on and aching balls.  She untied him and had him help her around the wagons. That evening she loaned him to one of the other women who squeezed his balls and stroked his hard-on and then had him lick her pussy. Ed'd life became one of herding cattle by day and getting a good ball spanking and licking pussy, all buck naked except for his hat and boots. Ed'd main complaint was that Nancy very rarely let him come, but when she did Ed was extremely grateful.

More to come.  The women need some working capital so Nancy gets Ed to rob a bank.  The description was boots, hat, a big boner and a gun.  

Friday, July 5, 2013

The Cyclist

Bob wasn't much of a cyclist.  Actually he didn't even have a bicycle but he sure had a dynamite pair of cycling shorts.  They were ultra thin and ultra tight.  They showed off his package like he had no shorts on at all.  Bob loved walking around in his shorts. He tucked his dick so it was front and a little off center.  Truth be told he did have a big dick and he got a real kick when women did a double take. He also had a nice pair of big balls and the shorts clung to them and clearly showed them off.  What he liked most was two young women sitting so he could stand near them, giving them a clear view.  Most often they would stare, whisper between themselves and giggle.  When he heard them giggle he always got a hard-on.  His dick blossomed in size and almost came out the top of his shorts.  Then the giggling got even louder.

He had never worn them to work although he dreamed about showing off his package at the office. He was the only male in the office.  There were ten women of all ages, mostly young.  The supervisor was Ms Grunt - a no nonsense old maid who no one had ever seen her smile or look happy.  She ran a tight ship and Bob was surprised when she said they would have casual Fridays - shorts OK.

Friday morning Bob came in a few minutes late. He wanted to make sure that the women all saw him at the same time. He loved it when he heard them all gasp.  Then there were titters and giggles as he slowly walked across the open area to his desk.  The giggles got to him and he quickly developed a stiff erection.  He tried to sit down but his erection made that difficult and painful.  He stood beside his desk and the giggles turned into a gale of laughter. Ms Grunt came out of her office and saw Bob standing by his desk.  She came towards him and asked what was going on. As she asked she saw his big erection and balls. With an evil, malignant glint in her eye, she grabbed Bob by his balls and asked what was it he had in his pockets - it had better not be office supplies.  Bob stood there wailing in agony and Ms Grunt said it was too late to try and get out of it - stealing office supplies by stuffing them in his shorts. With a vise like grip on his balls Ms Grunt poked at his erection and told him to pull it out, she wanted to see what he had tried to steal. She said it looked and felt like one of the large oversized felt tip markers.  She ran her fingers back and forth along it and poor Bob almost came.  All the women were howling with laughter and Ms Grunt had a smile at the corners of her mouth.  They all knew what Bob had in his shorts and they wanted him to pull it out.

Bob was having short circuits in his brain.  Ms Grunt was inflicting intense pain by gripping his balls and also intense pleasure by slowly stroking his erection.  To Bob she became like a goddess and Bob told her so.  Ms Grunt was enjoying herself.  No one had ever before told her she was a goddess. She let go of his balls and told him to show her what was in his shorts.  Bob would do whatever she ordered  and he pulled down his shorts.  The room exploded in laughter.  Ms Grunt patted Bob on the head and said she was relieved there were no office supplies in his shorts.  She told him he was a good boy and could jerk off - but no coming.  He spent the rest of casual Friday standing by Ms Grunts desk, slowly stroking himself and looking at her with pain and adoring eyes. For the first time ever Ms Grunt looked happy, smiling at Bob and tightly squeezing his balls.  All the women took a turn squeezing his balls.  Ms Grunt said casual Friday was a success and they would have it every Friday and Bob could stroke himself but no coming.
 She told Bob that if he was a good boy she would squeeze his balls on Fridays.   Lord, how Bob adored Ms Grunt.

Friday, June 28, 2013

Helen and Susan

Bob Jackson was tempted and finally gave in and visited a local dominatrix.  She had a couple of young women working for her and assigned one to take care of Bob. Helen was an arrogant woman who really loved her work, especially when it involved bringing guys like Bob down a peg or two.  The session was fairly standard for Helen, walk into a room and beat the nuts of some guy until he was laying on the floor, holding his nuts and wailing in agony.  This was the first time for Bob and it pretty well blew his mind. After his hour he was in agony from the nut beating but somehow felt gratitude to Helen.  He could barely remember what had happened during the hour.  All he could really remember was Helen holding his nuts, squeezing and beating them and laughing at Bob. As he left Helen said thanks for the offer and she would think about it.  Bob wondered what she was talking about.  

Bob ran a company that he had inherited form his father. . The next day Bob was at work, in his office, but Helen was all he could think about.  He longed for Helen to be there, squeezing his nuts and laughing at him. He had a hard on all day except after the two times he locked his office door and jerked off.  Later in the afternoon, Susan, his secretary came in.  Susan was young, perky and cute and had been working for Bob for a few years.  She liked the job but didn't like Bob.  She found him bossy and condescending.  It really irked her that Bob insisted she call him Mr Jackson  while he called her Susan.  She wouldn't have minded if he was considerably  older but he was only a couple of years older that Susan.   Susan said there was a woman who wanted to see him but she didn't have an appointment.  His secretary said she was a young, attractive woman, very conservatively dressed and well spoken.   She said she was polite and said it had to do with a job offer and her name was Helen Smith.  Ohmygod thought Bob, Helen the nut beater. Bob had a strong desire for Helen to beat his nuts but this wasn't the time.  The company's vice president of human resources was due to retire and Bob needed to find a replacement but the job required experience and mature judgement. That must have been what she was referring to when she thanked him for the offer. He had to get out of it.  He thought maybe he could get her to give him a ball beating later.

He asked Susan, his secretary to show Ms Smith into his office. Helen walked in, dressed and acting like a young executive or attorney, with a briefcase. Susan left and closed the door behind her.  Helen held out her hand for a handshake.  Bob got up and came from behind his desk and shook Helen's hand.  She smiled at Bob and said she had thought about his offer and was going to accept.  Bob started to hum and haw, saying the offer was a mistake.  Helen said it was a firm, unconditional offer.  She was still holding Bob's hand.  She drew him close and slammed her knee into his nuts. Pain exploded through Bob.  Helen helped Bob over to his couch and said they should sit down and talk things over.  Helen sat next to Bob and slipped her hand down into his pants and firmly held his nuts.  She rolled his nuts around in the palm of her hand and her other hand also slipped into his pants and grabbed his erection and started to stroke him.  Damn, Helen knew how to negotiate.  Bob could and did agree to Helen's requests.

Helen had a few conditions and Bob was in no position to argue. First, a large corner office.  Second, her title was executive vice president which was a step up from the other vps reporting to Bob.  Third, Helen wanted an assistant, chosen only by her.  Finally, there was to be a firm, written job offer, signed by Bob and witnessed by Susan, his secretary.  Helen was prepared and drew a contract out of her briefcase and set it on the coffee table in front of the couch.  There was a telephone on the table and Helen told Bob to call his secretary to come into his office.  Susan came in and was shocked to see Helen sitting demurely beside Bob with her hand inside his pants and Bob sitting with a stunned expression of agony.   Helen quickly went over the contract to make sure Bob understood what he was signing.  Helen said it was only for six months and if Bob was dissatisfied with her he could in effect fire her - but not before.  Bob signed and Susan witnessed. Susan couldn't keep her eyes away from the movement of Helen's hand in Bobs pants, squeezing and massaging Bob's nuts.  Susan thought to herself that was something she should have done.  How she would love to have Bob by the nuts.

Helen removed her hand and told Bob to stand in the corner.  Susan was amazed to see Bob do what Helen had told him to do. Helen turned to Susan and asked if she had just been shocked by what she had seen.  Susan answered that yes, she had been shocked.  Helen then asked her if she had been offended.  Susan replied that she was offended with herself that she had not done it.  Helen laughed and said that with her contract and a firm grip on Bob's nuts she was going to be running the company for at least 6 months and probably a lot longer. She told Susan that she needed a woman to take charge of Bobs nuts when she had other things to do. Helen told her there would be a substantial pay raise and added responsibility as she expected Susan take to take over some of the more routine aspects of Bob's responsibilities.  Helen asked Susan if she needed time to think it over. Susan immediately said she would accept.  Helen said good and she should immediately assume her new responsibilities by ordering Bob to drop his pants and get his balls beaten.  Susan stood before Bob with her hands on her hips and ordered him to take off his pants.  Bob looked at Susan with a confused look.  Susan kicked him in the nuts.  Bob sank to his knees before Susan.  She ordered him to stand up.  Bob staggered to his feet.  Susan told Bob that if he didn't take of his pants she would kick him in the nuts again.  Bob just stood there and Susan asked if he wanted to get kicked in the nuts again.  Bob nodded yes.  Both Helen and Susan burst out laughing.  Helen ordered Bob to take off his pants.  She grabbed his nuts in one hand and spanked them with her other hand. Helen then handed Bobs nuts to Susan.  Helen said she was going to call an executive meeting and lay down the law to her vice presidents and get things firmly in hand.  She told Susan that there were a bunch of nuts to be spanked.  To Be Continued.

Monday, June 17, 2013


Ted had slowly gotten into the habit of jerking off in his office.  He would tell Emma, his secretary that he had some important confidential work he had to do and he was not to be disturbed.  This always mystified Emma, Ted was in charge of product distribution and he never worked on anything confidential or all that important. He would lock his door and drop his pants and close his eyes, imagining he was screwing Emma or any of the other women in his department. After a while that got dull and he wanted to spice things up.  One day he decided he would not lock his door.  He would jerk off behind an unlocked door, pants down and eyes closed, imagining Emma walking in and finding him jerking off. He imagined her going into a rage, grabbing his balls and squeezing them, spanking them and then kicking him in the nuts.  It got to be all he could think about. If he was not jerking off, he was sitting behind his desk with a throbbing erection, imagining Emma punishing him.
Emma never walked in on him so Ted decided to let things get real risky - he stopped telling her he was not to be disturbed.  He figured that sooner or later she would walk in, loose her temper and give him the punishment he craved.  It didn't take long, the first time he closed his door, dropped his pants, closed his eyes and started to jerk off Emma walked in on him. It was a shock and she almost burst out laughing but she managed to back up and close his door without making a sound.  As soon as the door was closed she lost herself in laughter.  A couple of the other women in the department came over and asked her what was so funny.  Emma told them and all three were laughing.  Anne, the youngest wanted to peek in but Emma said she had a better idea. She got out her cell phone which had a video camera, opened the door a crack and got a nice video of Ted, just as he was climaxing.  She closed the door, downloaded it to her office computer and the three of them had a good laugh.
Ted was disappointed, he had hoped Emma would have walked in on him and given him a good nut beating.  But he figured that ,sooner or later, it would happen.  Over the next while, whenever Ted went into his office and closed the door, Emma would give it a few minutes and catch some good video of Ted jerking off.   She started sharing it with all the women in the department and the whole group of them would be howling with laughter at Ted.  As a manager Ted was pleased that he had a merry gang of workers.  He figured it was his modern management style.  If he only knew.  Human Resources ran a contest where groups of workers could nominate any one in the company who they felt helped make the company a better place to work and made them look forward to coming to work.  Ted was surprised and pleased that all the women in his area supported him for the award.   HR and senior management were astounded.   Here was a management gem that had gone unnoticed.

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Tennis Balls

Ted was into tennis. He didn't particularly care for the game but he loved watching the women in their short skirts.  There were a few courts where he worked and some of the women from his office played after work.  They were very aware of Ted and his perversion but since he never pestered them ,just sat and watched, they got a kick out of giving him plenty of views. He was their boss and the women enjoyed turning him on.  Ted had been at the courts for about an hour, not playing but getting plenty of upskirt views.  Ted had a throbbing erection and had to get home so he could jerk off. Ted lived near work and had a shortcut where he would cut behind some bushes in a corner of the park.  There were 4 women from Ted's office who were finishing a game of doubles where all 4 were aware of Ted and for fun were having a bit of a game as to who could give Ted the most upskirt views.  Ted was their boss and they were enjoying the power they had over him.  They were giggling amongst themselves as Ted got up at the end of their game.  It was obvious he had a stiff erection.  They watched him walk across the park and noticed Ted going behind some bushes.  Instead of realizing he was taking a shortcut home, they thought he was going there to jerk off.   They decided to follow him and see what he was up to.
Ted usually made it home but he had such a throbbing hard on that he stopped in the bushes, looked around to see that he was alone, pulled down his pants, leaned against a tree, closed his eyes and envisioned the 4 women and began to jerk off.  The 4 women tennis players entered the bushes  and there ahead of them was Ted, leaning against a tree with his eyes closed and his pants down around his ankles, jerking off.  All four burst out laughing.  Ted was so far into his fantasy that he at first thought he was fantasising the laughter but then realized it was real, probably the four women he had just been watching playing tennis.    A stab of fear ran through Ted but he was excited, excited that they were watching him. Still leaning against the tree with his eyes closed, Ted let go of his erection. He stood with his hands at his side, letting his quivering erection stand up, in plain sight for the women.  It sounded to Ted that all four were laughing and shushing each other to keep quiet so he wouldn't hear them.  Ted figured that they were close, maybe 20 feet away.  He took his hard on in his right hand and began to slowly stroke himself.  He could hear the women giggling and talking to each other.  Ted was almost at the point of coming when the women suddenly began talking and walking forward, like they had not seen Ted.  Ted opened his eyes and they were right in front of him. A couple were laughing but two others were feigning outrage at Ted, jerking off with his pants down.  Ted was panicking, he attempted to cover his hard on with his hands when one of the women shouted at him to leave himself alone and get his hands away from his nasty parts or she would kick him in the balls.  Ted didn't know what to do - he folded his hands on the top of his head.   This bought howls of laughter from all 4 women. One of them shouted at him to close his eyes again and another told him to step out of his pants and spread his legs.  Ted did as he was told and pleaded to the women to please not kick his balls.  Pam, who worked near Ted's office, grabbed his balls and squeezed.  She was laughing into Ted's face and told him that from now on,  he was to brew her a pot of green tea and bring it to her on a tray whenever she snapped her fingers.  Pam was rolling his balls around in her hand and enjoying herself.  Poor Ted was howling in agony.  Pam said to Ted that she didn't hear him - did he agree to bring her tea whenever she snapped her fingers.  Ted nodded yes.  Pam said t hat wasn't good enough, he had to promise out loud. Ted was in so much pain he could barely think straight but he managed to promise that yes, he would brew a pot of green  tea and bring it to Pam on a tray whenever she snapped her fingers.
Pam handed Ted's balls to Irma, his secretary.  Irma was young and Ted had hired her because she had a nice big pair of boobs.  Irma was proud of her boobs and she was used to men staring at them.  but she decided to have some fun with Ted.  Holding his balls tightly Irma told Ted that from now on he could only look at her boobs if he politely asked for her permission.  If she said yes he could look, if she said no he couldn't.  She told him that if she caught him peeking when she had said no, he would get a ball spanking.  She said she would show him a ball spanking.  She grabbed his balls in one hand a began to rapidly smack them with her other hand.
Ted could hardly stand up when Irma handed his balls to Emily.  Emily smiled at Ted as she crunched his balls together.  Emily said that she would come into his office once a week and crunch his balls.  She let go and pulled out a cell phone and told Ted he could jerk off.  It only took a few pulls and Ted had his throbbing hard on back.  Emily took a number of photos of Ted jerking off.  Few things make a man look as stupid as jerking off and Emily's photos caught Ted just as he was about to come and then with Cora's fist  entering the frame and delivering a devastating uppercut to his balls. Ted was stagging around, howling in agony and clutching his balls.  The girls all pulled out their cell phones and they all have video capability so they all had a video of Ted, with no pants and a stiff erection, clutching his naked balls, howling and staggering around.  They got his pants on and helped him home, all of them laughing amongst themselves and looking forward to the next day morning.
The next morning the girls all got to work early and were waiting for Ted.  They had told the other girls and shown them the videos. They were all waiting for Ted to show up, most with malicious grins  Right on start time Ted came in and with his head down went towards his office, almost at a run. Pam saw him first and snapped her fingers. Ted stopped, in the middle of the office, still with his head down, not looking at the girls. Pam told Ted that she wasn't going to snap her fingers again - either he jumped to it with her tea or she would give him a choice, she would send the video to everyone in the company and everyone he knew or she would give his balls a severe beating - his choice.  Ted said he would get her tea.  Pam said that wasn't good enough, they had made a deal and he hadn't lived up to it.  She told him to get her tea and after her tea she would give his balls a beating and maybe that would make him more obedient with her tea.
Ted brought Pam her tea on a a tray and turned towards his office. Pam told him to stay by her chair, she may want more tea.  Ted stood and clamped his hand tightly over his balls. Pam shouted at him to stop fondling himself and stand like he did yesterday afternoon, with his hands folded and on top of his head and also, to spread his legs. Emily came over and looked at Ted and said there was something different from yesterday.  She smiled and said she realized what it was, he still had his pants on. All the women in the office bust out laughing. Everyone one was laughing except Ted. He was shaking in fear but he couldn't help it - he got a throbbing erection.  Emily stood before Ted and told him to get with it and drop his pants. He did and his erection sprang out and wobbled back and forth. This caused another round of laughter.  Then Ted  brought down the house by asking if he could please stroke himself.

Sunday, March 3, 2013

The Driveway

Susie had trapped Len under his car last week and had beaten his balls until he would do anything she said.  Susie used to walk to work but now Len drove her.  He lived next door and they shared a common driveway.  He would have his car waiting in the morning.  When Susie came out from her house Len would jump out of his car,  run around the side and open the passenger door for her.   After a week of this Susie wanted to see how strong her control was over Len.  Susie came out of her house and Len had the car door open for her.  Susie stood in the driveway and told Len to close the car door.  She then ordered him to drop his pants and jerk off. There were cars and people going by on the street and the Dupont couple across the street had a clear view up the drive.

Susie had a vindictive smile as she again ordered to Len to drop his pants and jerk off.  He hesitated a moment and then pulled down his pants and undershorts.  Whenever Len was around Susie or even just thinking about her he had a throbbing erection and this instance was no difference. He pulled down his pants and his quivering erection was stiff and jutting out.  Len was standing in the middle of the driveway madly jerking off.  Susie was leaning against Len's car watching him. She quietly ordered him to stop. She said it without raising her voice and he instantly obeyed.  She walked over to him, reached between his legs, grasped his balls in her right hand and squeezed. Len sank to his knees screaming in agony. Susie stood over him, bent over with a firm grip on his balls still squeezing.  Mr Dupont from across the street heard Len's screams and come out onto his front porch and stood open mouthed at the sight of Susie calmly squeezing Len's balls.  Jack Dupont had often fantasised of a dominant woman squeezing men's balls but this was the first time he had actually seen it.  He was transfixed.  Susie saw him and called across to him to get back in his house or he would be next.  He just stood there and Susie dropped Len's balls and stood up straight and glared at Jack.  He said "Yes please".  Susie burst out laughing - staid, straight laced Jack Dupunt with a ball squeezing fetish. 

Susie looked down at Len.  He was in no shape to drive his car. Susie ordered him to crawl behind his car so he couldn't be seen from the street and she then went across to Jack and told him he could drive her to work.  He scooted into his house to get his keys and ran out and jumped into his car.  He looked at Susie who was standing by the closed passenger door. He realized his error and jumped out, ran around and opened the passenger door for Susie.  As she got in she gave Jack a serious poke in his balls. He hobbled around to his side and got in and started to drive.  He was hunched over behind the wheel, gripping the steering wheel tightly and trying not to moan.  Susie ignored him except to tell him where she worked. He pulled into her work parking lot and Susie directed him to a far corner.  He stopped and Susie slid over close beside him, she reached in down his pants and grabbed his balls.  She lightly massaged them, getting tighter and tighter.  She then let go, got out of the car and gave him a light kiss on the cheek and told Jack he could drive her home for lunch.  She told him that since he didn't open the door for her to get out she would have to punish him at lunch time.  She walked away from his car laughing.

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Under The Car

Susie lived in her own house which she had grown up in and had inherited from her parents.  Next door was Len who  had also lived there all his life.  He was a few years older than Susie and had never paid her any attention. Susie worked nearby and walked home every day for lunch. Len didn't seem to have a regular job, he would get a car fix it up in his backyard garage and sell it.  Susie had had a big crush on Len but he had become such a jerk and so full of himself that Susie no longer felt that way.
It was raining lightly as Susie walked home for her lunch.  Suddenly Len came roaring by in his car, hit a mud puddle and sprayed water and mud all over Susie and her dress.  She was livid with anger.  As she walked up her driveway she could see Len, in his backyard garage, working on one of his cars.  She stood in the drive and watched as Len jacked up the front of a car with his floor jack, put jack stands under it and laid down on a floor crawler and slid halfway under the car.   Susie walked into Len's garage, closing the door behind her.  Using the floor jack she lifted the car, removed the jack stands and lowered the car.  Her initial intention was to crush the bastard under the car but it settled on it's tires with Len unhurt but pinned under his car with his head, shoulders and arms pinned under the car but his waist and legs jutting out from under the car.  He couldn't move.
He had his radio on loud which had masked any noise Susie made.  She turned off the radio and Len was yelling for some help.  Susie crouched down onto her heels and looked under the car at Ted, he turned his head sideways,  looked at Susie and demanded that she jack the car up or he would beat the hell out of her.  He then asked her how come she was splattered with mud.  Susie just looked at Len with a sardonic smile, she had him good and she knew it.  She sat back on her heels and spread her legs.  Her dress rode up high and gave Len a magnificent view of Susie's inner thighs and her panties.  Sitting upright on her heels she could not see Len's face but she had a pretty good idea what he was looking at. She moved right up to the car, beside his legs so the only thing he could see was Susie.  She smiled as she saw Len's erection springing up in his pants.
He was still demanding that she let him out from under the car.  Then Susie demanded "What the hell is this?" as she quickly undid his belt and yanked down his pants.  Len's hard-on was standing straight up.  Susie grabbed it and again demanded "What the hell is this? You splash me with mud and water and now have vile obscene thoughts, you pervert.  Still holding his hard-on in one hand Susie grabbed his balls in her other hand and squeezed.  She dropped his hard-on and held a ball in each hand and dug her thumbs in and squeezed.  Len was in so much pain that he couldn't scream, he just made a gurgling noise.  Susie continued to squeeze his balls and told him that she was going next door for her lunch and when she came back he had better show her some respect. She stood up, delivered a couple of mean kicks to his balls and then went next door.
She made herself a grilled cheese sandwich and tried to calm herself down.  She thought of Len, pinned under the car with no pants and her able to beat his balls all afternoon and she smiled and then laughed and laughed.  Susie phoned her job and said she wasn't feeling too good and wouldn't be back for the day.    Susie ate her sandwich and planned the rest of the afternoon.  She got her video camera and some rope and a couple of cushions and a blanket. She went back next door. Len was moaning but conscious. Susie dug around in Len's garage and found an old ax handle, she tied one end to one of Len's ankles and the other end to his other ankle, leaving Len with his legs spread wide apart. She  jacked up the car a bit so it wouldn't hurt Len. She wanted to hurt Len elsewhere on his body with no distractions.    She spread out her cushions and got comfortable.  She spent the rest of the afternoon telling Len that from now on he was to do whatever she directed him to do and if he didn't he would be punished as she whacked his balls.  Do as she said as she whacked his balls, be her slave as she whacked them, no arguments, no talking back,  no jerking off, no screaming and with each order she whacked his balls.  Then she made Len repeat the orders, over and over again and with each order she slapped his balls.  Finally she decided that was enough.  She raised the car, pulled him  out, undid the leg spreader, helped him stand up and helped him into his house and into bed.
The next day Susie came home from work, went next door into the garage, Len saw her and dropped to his knees before her. Susie felt a thrill run through her, complete domination. She ordered Len to stand up and take off his pants.  Susie kicked him in the balls.  Len collapsed curled up, clutching his balls. Susie shouted at Len to stand up.  He struggled to his feet and Susie kicked him again in the balls.   Susie repeated this a few more times until Len was unable to get up.  Susie left him on his garage floor and went next door.  Over the next few days, after work Susie went next door and worked on Len's balls - punching, squeezing, kicking and kneeing.  Then, after about a week she didn't go next door.  Later in the evening there was a tentative knock on her door. Susie opened her door and there was Len on his knees, begging to be punished. Susie said no, that was his punishment for the day but if he comes over tomorrow at 5:30 she would have a special punishment for him.
The next day at work Susie invited the women in her department over to  her house after work.  She wouldn't tell them what it was about. A few said they didn't feel like going - what would they do at straight laced Susie's place, sit around drinking tea and singing hymns.  But they all showed up.  Susie surprised them with a stocked bar and they all had a couple of drinks.  Right at 5:30 there was a knock on the front door.  Susie answered it and led Len into the room.  She said Len was a bastard who lived next door and needed to be shown his place.  What he needed was a few kicks in the balls. This was so unexpected that the women all burst out laughing.  Susie asked if they had ever wanted to kick a bastard in the balls - well, here was a bastard and here are his balls.  She ordered Len to strip and spread his legs.  Standing, with no pants on, before a room full of laughing women  gave Len an almost instant erection.  Lisa, the junior data entry person jumped up and said she would like to.  She stepped before Len and seriously asked him if she could kick him in the balls. Len replied "Please".  Lisa delivered a lightning fast and very powerful kick to Len's balls.  The women all howled with laughter.  Len howled with agony.  Before the evening was over, they had sent out for Chinese food and spent the evening beating Len's balls and Susie had even let him jerk himself off twice.  The evening was a great success.
The next day at work, word quickly spread that Susie was a secret dominatrix who loved to beat men's balls. Before the day was over she had men from the junior stock boy to the company president in her office, on their knees, begging for a chance to be punished. In each case Susie told them to stand up, close their eyes and spread their legs. Susie kicked each one in the balls, the president she kicked twice since he really was a bastard.  She then told them she would think about it.
The next day she spent an hour in the president't office, with his door locked and after that there was a regular closed door meeting in his office once a week.  He wanted more but Susie kept him to one hour a week.  She loved having him beg and then saying no.        

Friday, January 11, 2013

The Humbler - Part 2

See "The Humbler" posted in 2011.

After a couple of months from introduction to the management committee, the Humbler was ready for distribution. Like everything the company sold., it was a quality product - polished mahogany wood and brass hinges and clasp. To make no mistake over the use of the Humbler there was a small illustration burned into the wood, a respectably dressed women standing with her legs spread and her hands on her hips looking down at a kneeling, naked man with with his balls firmly held behind him by the Humbler.   The illustration was a big hit with the focus group and women in general that it was used in the instruction sheet and promotional literature.

It was inexpensive to build since the company already had the necessary machinery.  It was not that different from building wooden knitting looms.  It was reasonably priced with a good mark-up for their direct sales force and a nice profit on each one sold to the company. The direct sales force was women working part time from their homes, selling to women in their neighborhood, usually with knitting parties held in the customers homes.  Instead of knitting parties, they now would hold Humbler parties as well.

One of the most successful sellers was Emma Winston.  Emma quickly realized that the key to sales was a good demonstration, best with a good looking, arrogant, conceited male.  She let it be known that she was  offering an entertaining evening where men could show off their dick and balls to women who would swoon at the grand sight and they could also pick up some cash.   She made up a recruiting flyer with a waiver form on the back. Emma was so small and unassuming that the men did not recognize the danger.  Pretty soon she had a list of arrogant bastards.

For her first party she bought along Vic Rogers.  Vic was Emma's boss at her full time day job - she couldn't stand him with his clumsy attempts to feel her up, staring down her blouses and his crude double entendre comments . As soon as he heard she was looking for a well endowed demonstrator of a sex toy he was right there.  Vic was divorced (no surprise there) so his nights were his own.  Emma invited most of the women from her section and they all showed up. The party was hosted by Penny Lucas.  Vic showed up at Penny's house where the party was in a pair of skin tight jeans.  He had a good sized package which he shoved it up against any woman who came near him.  It didn't take long for every woman there to detest him.  Emma sat in a corner smiling to herself - Vic was perfect.

Emma brought the group to order and said that this was an informal presentation of a new device- the humbler and the women had all received a flyer explaining it.  She held up a Humbler and explained how it worked, downplaying how when once it was installed the male could not get out on his own and she didn't explain how overpoweringly painful it could be .  She didn't want to scare off Vic.  She introduced Vic and he had his pants off before she could even ask him. Emma casually reached out and took a gentle hold on his balls.  Vic got an immediate standing erection and the women burst out laughing a a few even applauded.  Vic was in heaven as Emma gently massaged his balls.  Vic got a tremendous thrill standing before a room full of women including most of the women who worked for him. She then stepped behind him where Penny was holding an open Humbler.  Emma squeezed and yanked Vic's ball backwards between his legs and Penny slammed the Humbler shut and latched it.  Vic screamed in surprise and agony, fell to his knees and laid his forehead on Penny's family room floor.  To ease the strain on his balls he pulled his knees up as close as possible to his chest which raised his backside and his balls. Now all the women were laughing.  Vic had a stunned expression on his face and between groans of agony he started swearing at Emma to release him from the Humbler. 

Emma took a pointer and started pointing out how simply and easily the Humbler worked.   She said that Vic's reacting was normal but that can be easily rectified by showing the male how venerable he is and how he is completely under the installer's control.  She said she would demonstrate and whipped the pointer down across Vic's balls.  He let out a howl and Emma grabbed his balls and told him to shut up. Vic started to protest but Emma squeezed his balls and he immediately shut up.   Now the women were whooping and cheering.   Emma said that most of Vic's staff were there, including herself, and did anyone want to come up and show Vic who is in charge. Most women wanted to but were held back by a sense of trepidation.  Finally, Nora, a young junior clerk walked up front, grabbed Vics balls, one in each hand and squeezed.  It was like a high voltage electric cable had been shoved up his backside.  Vic started to buck and his whole body was shaking.  Nora slacked off and gave Vic a few moments then she lowered her head to the floor so she could look into Vic's eyes.  She smiled and said that was so much fun she was going to do that from now on whenever she felt like it, at least once a week.  She then pulled out a small video camera and took a great video of Vic on the floor with his balls standing straight up into the air, along with his throbbing erection.  After Nora, the other women lost their inhibitions and lined up for a go at Vic's balls.  They were spanked, pinched, squeezed, punched and kicked. 

Now Vic was released from the Humbler.  He lay on the floor, curled up, clutching his nuts and moaning.  The women spent the next hour having refreshments and placing orders for the Humbler.  The few Emma had bought with her were immediately sold.  Offers were made for one used on Vic but Emma said no, she had plans for that later that night.  Finally Vic was able to lurch to his feet.  His staff took turns leading the naked Vic around the house by his balls.  The women were laughing at Vic and having a great time.  Vic was in great pain and was extremely humble towards the women.  Vic was naked with a stiff hard-on, being lead round by laughing women pulling on his balls.  Vic started thinking that being humble wasn't all that bad.      Check back for Emma's night with Vic's balls and the Humbler.