Friday, August 31, 2007

Ballbusting on the Stairs

Ed was in trouble. The woman in the apartment opposite Ed had complained repeatedly about Ed coming home late at night, drunk and creating a lot of noise. Ed and Ms Winger's apartments shared the third floor. Ed often went out for a drink or two in the evening. After a few drinks he liked to sing and he then had trouble negotiating the stairs. By the time he got to the top of the stairs he had woken Ms Winger.

Ms Winger was getting fed up. One night Ed created a real disturbance climbing the stairs. Ms Winger awoke, got out of bed and stood at the top of the stairs in her shorty pajamas. Damn, she looked good to Ed. He smiled up at her and she, in return, kicked Ed square in the nuts. Ed was just three steps from the top and it was an easy kick for Ms Winger. She was thrilled. She had often been tempted to kick some guys in the nuts but had always been afraid. It was easy. She wanted to do it again. She looked down the stairs at Ed.

Ed had staggered to the landing half way down the stairs. He wasn't singing - he was groaning and bent over clutching his nuts. Ms Winger looked down at Ed. He looked comical and she felt empowered. She stood at the top of the stairs with her legs spread and her hands on her hips. Ed came struggling up the stairs "I guess I had that coming, real sorry Missy". Ms Winger said "Yes, you did have it coming, and who are you calling Missy" as she lashed out with her foot and again kicked Ed's nuts. This time Ed fell down and tumbled to the landing. Ed was in agony and Ms Winger was really enjoying herself. Ed seemed to have trouble getting up so Ms Winger went down the steps and helped Ed up. She put an arm around Ed to help him up the stairs.

Ed was moaning in agony and Ms Winger said "That's to teach you to be quiet coming home". She had one arm around Ed to support him and as she reached the top of the stairs she slipped her other arm down his pants. She had never squeezed a man's nuts but she thought it must be easy. She found Ed's nuts right away, she wrapped her fingers around them and squeezed. The results exceeded her wildest expectation. Ed screamed, shook all over and fainted. She felt in his pockets and found his door key, she opened his door and pulled and rolled him into his apartment. To give Ed something to remember her by she stomped his nuts before leaving his apartment.

From then on Ed tried to creep home very quietly. Ms Winger would sit in her aprtment with the door open a crack. If she heard Ed she felt his nuts were fair play and she would come flying out of her apartment intent on grabbing Ed by his nuts. Pretty soon the other tenants on the lower floor were complaining about the screaming and yelling coming from the top floor.

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Pain Relief - Chapter 1

Sue stood up to make her presentation. She didn't look like a mid level executive of a major drug company. She looked more like a college student with her short skirt, sneakers and blouse. Sue had a bubbly perky personality which hid a sharp mind, ambition and a strong need for dominance. The company's sales had been flat for the last two years and they needed a new product. Sue, who had a doctorate in human biology, felt she had come up with it and asked for a chance to make a presentation to the executive committee.

Sue started "Pain relief is our main revenue generator. Like our competitors we sell headache tablets, arthritis relief, pills to alleviate muscle aches and pain, sinus relief, even for aching feet. But there is one major pain for which there is no relief on the market." She had the committee hooked. They were hanging on every word. "There is no pain relief for a kick in the nuts. Now don't laugh. Sure, men get hit in the testicles while playing sports but there has been a big increase due to women being more aggressive. Ask Fred (the CFO) about it. " The committee chuckled and Fred looked very uncomfortable. "As everyone in the company knows, Fred made a very unpleasant and derogatory and sexist comment to which I took exception. I reacted in a normal feminine way and grabbed Fred by his nuts and gave them a good long squeeze. It is fair to say that Fred would have paid anything for pain relief for his nuts. Isn't that right Fred" Fred sat there with a red face and nodded. "Even now I bet they ache a bit. This is a major market. While most of the population, mainly women, find nut pain relief funny most men indicated in our survey that they would buy some to keep in their bathroom cabinet. We even found that women would buy some. Women enjoy the release and power of hitting a man in the groin but they worry about the long term agony they are inflicting. They like the though of one strike to put the man down on the ground, curled up clutching his nuts and groaning and then being able to offer a pill to relieve the pain. Look at TV, the movies, music videos, all show women hitting men in the nuts. It is becoming socially acceptable for a woman to wack a guy in the nuts whenever he steps out of line."

Sue then distributed some sales numbers and a plan to develop an effective medicine. She even had a marketing plan and advertising themes. Her time line showed two years to bring the pills to market and a budget. The committee then had a lengthy discussion. There was no laughter about guys getting wacked in the nuts. This was serious - about big money. The committee than had a vote and it was unanimous, they would go ahead with Sue in charge. The only change was her budget, they said they didn't want her to be underfunded so the budget was increased.

Sue was elated. She went back and met with her implementation team, three young women with relevant doctorates who reported to Sue and were firmly behind the project. They had already developed an implementation plan . The first step was to gain a full understanding of the pain generators. Before they could develop pain relief they needed to know what caused the most pain and how intense it was and how long it lasted. There had been minimal research in the field. They realized they needed some male volunteers so they could subject their testicles to various types of torture. This was a problem. They agreed to cheat a bit. They spread a rumour within the company and at the local university that they were doing a study on male ejaculation and they needed some volunteers that the four women could masturbate to study how they climaxed. They were inundated with volunteers. The team wanted healthy young men with large working genitals. A couple of the studies were to record pain levels when a man was ejaculating and at the same time was struck in the nuts. The volunteers had to be able to ejaculate.

After reviewing the volunteers applications they picked four students from the university and four from within the company. They had them come in, sign a legal release and gave them a brief interview. All eight were looking for some free jerk-offs. They were arrogant and condescending towards the women. The team decided to have some fun. Individually they told them to strip naked and inferred that the women would masturbate them to a climax. They had the applicants lay down on a table behind which the four team members sat. One after the other they brought them into the interview room and had them strip and lay on the table. All eight had stiff erections. The women took turns holding them by their nuts and telling them to jerk off. The women had expected that the volunteers would be humiliated, instead they were all turned on. Afterwards they told them they were all accepted and would be contacted in due course. They were told that there would only be one session per volunteer and it could last a number of days so they had to be prepared to spend a number of days at the facility. All the volunteers had visions of spending days getting jerked off.

The first volunteer was Bill Jacks from the company. He was a recent management trainee with a condescending and threatening attitude to all females. They agreed he was a real bastard.

The team had commissioned a local carpenter to make a standing stock. It is an olden form of restraint consisting of a heavy wooden frame with holes in which the feet, the hands and head of an offender was locked. The offender was then punished, often by flogging. The women had other ideas. They told Bill to strip and then Diane got a firm grip on his nuts and Sue locked him into the stock. Bill was alarmed. This wasn't what he had expected. He was standing with his ankles locked and his legs spread. He was bent forward with his neck and wrists through holes in the stock and was unable to move. The women set up a video camera and brought a devise on a table up to Bill. It was at crotch height. They placed his scrotum in a depression in the devise and brought down the top. They adjusted it and flipped a switch. The top came down a measured depth and squeezed Bill's nuts. Bill groaned in agony while the team took measurements. They turned a dial and flicked the switch again. The top came down further. Bill was in agony. He screamed to be released and threatened legal action. The women laughed and told him he had signed a release. They turned the dial again and flipped the switch. The top came down further, squeezing his nuts almost flat. Bill screamed in agony, begging to be released. The women took more measurements and then decided to go for lunch. They told an almost incoherent Bill that they would be back later. After lunch they spent the rest of the afternoon squeezing and releasing Bills nuts and recording data. That evening they released him from the stock, tied his wrists and ankles and laid him down and made him as comfortable as possible and secured him till morning. In the morning they left him tied and Anna lightly massaged Bill's nuts. She then attached a mechanical masturbation devise that worked with suction and it slid up and down his erection. This was a devise the team had designed and had built. Anna experimented on Bill and could keep Bill right on the edge of a climax. She finally let him ejaculate and at the same time she squeezed his nuts. For the remained of that day and the next the team tried to alleviate Bill's pain with common remedies with little success. Everything was recorded. For a week they worked on Bill, squeezing his nuts one day and ejaculating him as much as possible the next. The team was quite pleased with the amount of data they accumulated. They were also struck with the change in Bill's attitude. They had abused him almost beyond belief and he had ended up worshipping them. He begged for the mechanical masturbation devise. Sue told him that if he was a good boy at work she would consider making another one for him.

Over the next two months the team experimented on all eight volunteers and gathered a wealth of data. Interestingly enough they came across a compound that had the reverse of what they were looking for. A small dose and the subject experienced excruciating testicle pain that lasted for an hour or two. The women laughed about it and called it a Kick in the Nuts pill. At about the same time Pete Wilson, the marketing VP, started to make trouble for them, talking to other senior managers about the project being a wast of time and draining resources. Sue was asked to attend the next executive committee. From the agenda she saw that Pete Wilson was scheduled. Sue arranged that someone from her staff would serve the coffee. The coffee was served and Pete's coffee received a small pill. Pete drank most of his coffee early in the meeting. He was scheduled for last and Sue started to worry that the pill would not work. Finally Pete got up to talk. He started "I think we should take another look at this project of Sue's. It is taking a lot of money wth little -- Woah!! -- positive results - Ohmygod" Pete doubled over, clutching his nuts. This was what Sue was waiting for. She jumped up "Damm it Pete, this is nothing to joke about! If you don't like the project articulate your concerns, don't just clown around." Most committee members were offended by Pete's actions. They though he was play acting. Pete let out a scream and staggered from the room. Sue said "The project is going as planned. I think Pete's little attempt at humour is out of place. This could well become a multi million dollar product for us with great profits." The committee members nodded in approval as the meeting broke up.

A couple of Sue's staff met Pete as he staggered out of the meeting room. They half carried him to Sue's office and laid him on her couch. He curled up, clutching his nuts and moaning. Sue came in and asked Pete what was wrong. He wailed "my balls, oh my balls". Sue said that she had made some progress in the testicle pain relief project and would he like some pain relief. He nodded. Sue called over to her project team and the three women came over and helped Sue get Pete over to their facility. They locked him into the standing stock just as the effect of the pill was wearing off. They took off his pants and rolled over the testicle compression machine. Sue put Pete's scrotum into the depression. She set the dial to maximum and flipped the switch. Thw women watched Pete scream and plead to be set free. She then phoned the office and said that Pete was under the weather and probably would be away for the balance of the week. Over the next few days they alternated nut compression and the vacuum masturbation machine. Within a few hours Pete was hooked on the masturbation machine. The women left it on Pete's almost always erection for most of the time, set on low. They took a video of Pete naked with an erection begging for the vacuum masturbation machine. The video then showed it in place and a dreamlike look on Pete's face. Towards the end of the week he had become obediant so they released him from all restraints and videod him standing naked, jerking off. They then dressed him and sent him home. Pete became a staunch defender of the project.

Wednesday, August 22, 2007


Ed Gillis was in a blissful state. He was laying on his bed with no pants on, slowly jerking off. He had propped a magazine on the table beside the bed, he had his head turned, looking at a woman squeezing some poor guy's nuts. Ever since Gloria, their housekeeper had caught him jerking off into one of her underpants, having his nuts squeezed was all he could think about.

Gloria went to the same college as Ed. She supported herself and paid her tuition by being a housekeeper for Ed's family. Gloria had been their housekeeper for a couple of years and she was a few years older than Ed. Gloria was quiet and serious, she wore her hair in a bun and had thick horn rimmed glasses. She seemed to hide it but she had a glorious body. Ed used to dream of Gloria as he jerked off. About 6 months ago Ed had cut a class at the local college and was home. He thought he was alone in the house so he sneaked into her room and found a pair of her underpants. Gloria walked into her room and found Ed with his pants down and Gloria's underpants wrapped around his erection which he was stroking. He was laying on her bed with his eyes closed, imagining he was slipping his dick into Gloria. He didn't hear Gloria enter her room. Most people considered Gloria very conservative, if they considered her at all. Actually she was very open minded. She wasn't shocked by Ed masturbating on her bed, actually she found it rather amusing.

Gloria slipped quietly into her room, reached over the bed, wrapped her fingers around Ed's balls and gave them a light squeeze. Ed's eyes flew open and looked at Gloria in shock. She told Ed he was a bad boy and she was going to punish him. She sat on the edge of the bed and squeezed Ed's nuts for about fifteen minutes. It could have been less but it seemed like an eternity of pain to Ed. She then told him to get out of her room and he could keep her panties.

Ever chance Ed got he jerked off into Gloria's panties. She was all he could think about. A couple of weeks later he was in his bedroom , laying on his bed with no pants on and was jerking off into a pair of Gloria's panties. He must have forgotten to lock the door because the door opened and his mother started to come in. She stopped in shock, slowly retreated and closed the door. Mrs Gillis was appalled that her son could do such a thing. Also, she had a daughter and she definitely didn't want his sister and any of her friends to be exposed to such depravity. His mom had been divorced for many years and she didn't want to discuss such a thing with Ed's father. She surely couldn't bring it up at her gardening or church group. Finally she though of Gloria. She asked Gloria if she had noticed anything unusual in Ed's behavior. Gloria said "No, nothing unusual. I have noticed him masturbating which is normal for a young man of his age." She laughed "He seems to have a fascination with my panties which is also not unusual. I caught him in my room with his pants down and a pair of my panties wrapped around his erection and he was masturbating." Mrs Gillis was shocked that Gloria could talk so casually about such sick behavior. She asked Gloria what she had done when she had found Ed in her bedroom. Gloria replied that she had squeezed Ed's testicles and as far as she could tell he had not sneaked into her room since. Mrs Gillis then said "Well, does that mean that we can modify Ed's behavior by punishing him?" Gloria said that that would definitely work and the best thing would be to keep an eye on Ed and whenever he started to masturbate they should squeeze his nuts.

Both Mrs Gillis and Gloria kept a close eye on Ed and whenever he went into his room they checked to see if he had left his door unlocked. The trouble was that Ed spent little time in the house and they were unable to catch him in the act. Then Mrs Gillis and Gloria asked Trudy, Ed's sister, if she knew where Ed went. Trudy laughed and said he wasn't far away. He was usually in the shed behind the garage, laying on the floor jerking off. Trudy said that she and her friends think it is funny and they spy on him. Then Gloria, Mrs Gillis and Trudy talked about Ed and his compulsion. They concluded that the three of them were to watch Ed, especially if he went to the shed. If they saw him jerking off they would round up the other two and the three of them would confront and punish Ed. Mrs Gillis was convinced that sufficient strict punishment would cause Ed to change his behavior. Neither Gloria or Trudy believed Ed's jerking off was as serious as Mrs Gillis made it out to be , but she was Gloria's employer and Trudy's mother so they both went along with her.

Trudy said "Well, we can start right now, a few minutes ago he was at it in the shed and I'll bet he is still there" The three of them went out back to the shed. As they approached Trudy whispered to two of her fiends if Ed was still at it. They were spying through a crack in the wall and nodded and were giggling. Then they turned and saw Mrs Gillis and Gloria so they tried to act serious. Mrs Gillis was violently angry that Ed's behavior had sunk so low. She strode into the shed, shouted "Ed!" and grabbed his nuts, squeezed and tried to lift him clear off the ground. Ed let out a shriek and tried to struggle free but his mom had him firmly by his nuts. Gloria, Trudy and her two friends knew it was a serious matter but Ed looked so ridiculous, howling and struggling that they all bust out laughing. Even Mrs Gillis could see the humour in it and she started to laugh also. The only one not enjoying the humour was Ed. Trudy asked if she could have a turn squeezing her brother's nuts and Mrs Gillis handed them over to Trudy. Trudy rolled them around in the palm of her hand, then held them with her finger tips. She started to squeeze them with her finger tips, staring intently at Ed, trying to gage the pain she was inflicting by the pressure of her finger tips. Trudy played with Ed's nuts for a few minutes and then handed them on to her two friends who took turns with his nuts. The it was Gloria's turn. By now Ed was flat on his back with his legs spread. Ed was no longer shrieking, he was quietly groaning in pain and was half conscious. Gloria got comfortable between his legs, held a nut in each hand and did some serious nut massaging. Trudy and her two girlfriends were trying not to laugh out loud. Eventually they helped Ed up and took him to his room.

After settling Ed in bed the five women sat down in the living room and discussed Ed. Mrs Gillis felt they had made some progress with Ed but constant vigilance was required. Trudy and her two friends said they would do whatever they could to help. They said they felt truly gratified to squeeze Ed's nuts for a good cause. The women decided that from now on Ed was to be naked from the waist down whenever he was in the house. This would give them a good chance to monitor Ed and see if he was having bad thought shown by an erection. Whenever they saw Ed with an erection they should call for help and then squeeze Ed's nuts.

Trudy and her two friends started wearing tight tee shirts with no bras and exceedingly short skirts, sometimes with no under panties. They wanted to see if Ed could control himself. Invariably he ended up with an erection and then would have his nuts squeezed. Since they wouldn't let him masturbate he almost always had an erection so the women just took turns squeezing his nuts. Slowly word spread about Ed walking around in his house with no pants and a large erection. Quite a few of Trudy's girlfriends and even casual accaintances would come by offering to help Ed get a grip on his problem. The Gillis house became a gathering point for women in the neighborhood, women who wanted to help another human being overcome a bad habit.

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Aversion Therapy - #7

It is best to read the earlier Aversion Therapy chapters first.

Mrs Payne had recently purchased an expensive German car. The car was great, the local dealer's service wasn't. After a couple of trips to the dealer she still had an annoying hesitation on acceleration. She heard about a young local mechanic with a one man shop who specialized in German cars. She thought it was worth a try. She phoned and arranged an appointment.

The next morning she drove over to drop off her car. Mrs Payne had found that at a mechanic shop nothing worked better for good service than a low cut dress and a push up bra. Fritz sat down with Mrs Payne as she explained the problem with her car. He couldn't take his eyes away from her boobs. Mrs Payne leaned forward to provide Fritz with a great view. He was spellbound and Mrs Payne was enjoying the effect she was having on the young man. She wanted to devastate him by letting him see her nipples and she leaned still further forward. She was leaning so far forward that she slipped from the chair. By reflex Fritz reached out and caught Mrs Payne and the both fell to the floor tangled in each other. When she fell her hands had reached out to break her fall. She felt something in her right hand and realized it was Fritz's erection. They were both a little stunned by the fall and he asked Mrs Payne if she was OK. She said she thought she was OK but maybe they should just take a moment to check themselves before trying to stand up. Mrs Payne had Fritz by his erection and she didn't want to let go. She shook his hard-on and asked him what was it he just slipped into her hand. Then, her voice raising in indignation, she shouted that it was an erection, he had put his hard-on into her hand. Still holding him by his erection she asked him to explain himself. Fritz didn 't know what to say. He started off by denying he had an erection. Mrs Payne shook it back and forth and asked him what that was. When he said it was nothing, Mrs Payne reached over with her other hand, unzipped him, pulled out his hard-on and waving it back and forth asked him what that was if not an erection. She turned the waving motion into a stroking motion with one hand and with her other hand she cupped his nuts and started to squeeze them.
Mrs Payne got as comfortable as she could on the concrete floor and told Fritz he had to learn a few things about customer service. For the next half hour she slowly stroked his erection and massaged his nuts. Just when she though he was about to come she pulled him to his feet by his nuts, told him to get a grip on himself and service her car and she would be back at the end of the day to pick it up. She left him standing in his shop with a stunned look on his face and his hard-on sticking out of his pants.
Mrs Payne waited outside his shop for a few moments and then quietly slipped back in. She found Fritz down the back, in his office, standing with his pants down around his ankles, vigorously jerking off. Mrs Payne felt a great surge of satisfaction and a desire to help - here was someone with an uncontrollable compulsion who need aversion therapy. She silently moved behind him, reached up between his legs, grabbed his nuts and gave them a vicious squeeze. With Fritz bent over and moaning in pain, Mrs Payne phoned one of her companies and asked Ms Wilson, the manager there to send someone over to deliver some aversion therapy. Knowing how highly Mrs Payne thought of aversion therapy, Ms Wilson said she would be happy to come over herself and lend a hand.
Within half an hour Ms Wilson had Fritz firmly in hand, actually in two hands with a nut in each. She instructed Fritz to slowly masturbate without coming. Ms Wilson was experienced in delivering aversion therapy and provided expert therapy to Fritz for an hour while Mrs Payne contentedly looked on. Ms Wilson had Fritz wailing in agony and nothing pleased Mrs Payne more than seeing someone being helped by aversion therapy.
After the therapy the women helped Fritz back into his pants. Fritz still had an erection but was bent over, clutching his nuts and moaning, a sure sign of a helpful therapy session. Mrs Payne told him to rest for a while after his therapy and then work on her car. She asked Fritz if he thought the therapy was helpful. He just looked confused. She asked him if he wanted the therapy again. He nodded and added "Please".
At the end of the day Mrs Payne came back to the shop. Fritz had her car ready and said it was no charge. He begged Mrs Payne for another aversion therapy session but she just smiled and said that Ms Wilson would be by to see him tomorrow for some therapy.
Mrs Payne drove away thinking how great it was now that she had a dentist and a mechanic on call. She began thinking how helpful it would be if she could just find a compulsive masturbating lawyer, accountant, plumber and electrician. She knew they were out there - it was just a matter of finding them and getting them by the nuts.

A few days later Mrs Payne had a meeting with her accountant regarding her taxes. She had scheduled it late in the day so his receptionist/assistant would be gone for the day. Before the meeting she was thinking just how great it would be if she could do the same thing to Mr Tubbs as she had done to Fritz. She dressed the same way and went to Mr Tubbs office. She sat down beside him at his conference table and leaned forward in her low cut dress. Mr Tubbs, who was quite short, sat with his bald head down, peering through his spectacles at her tax return and mumbling about depreciated assets. She concluded it was hopeless in getting his attention as he droned on about liability reserves. Then with delight she realized that he was peeking at her breasts over the top of his glasses. Wasting no time Mrs Payne leaned forward to give Mr Tubbs a spectacular view of her nipples. Then, the same as with Fritz, she slipped forward off her chair and reached out to Mr Tubbs and with a tug, pulled him from his chair and the two of them landed on the floor. Also, the same as with Fritz, her hand landed in his crotch, on top of his erection. He asked if she was OK and she said she was and then asked him if he was OK to which she replied she was OK but a bit shaken up. She suggested they stay where they were on the floor until she had a chance to catch her breath. All the time she kept a firm grip on his throbbing erection.

She almost laughed out loud as she thought that for such a small man he sure had a big one. Then she gripped his erection tightly, shook it and shouted in indignation what did he think he was doing, slipping his erection into her hand. Mr Tubbs was clearly flustered and said he was sorry. Mrs Payne said she would make sure he was sorry as she slid her other hand down inside his pants. She wrapped her fingers around his testicles and squeezed. At the same time she started sliding her other hand up and down his erection. Mr Tubbs was groaning in a combination of pleasure and pain. She called him a dirty bastard and asked him if he masturbated. He denied it but as she tightened her squeeze on his nuts he shouted that he masturbated. She asked if it was every chance he got and as he wailed in agony he confessed it was every chance he got. Mrs Payne was delighted. Mr Tubbs was going get the full treatment of her aversion therapy. Here was a chance to help a fellow human being and get herself an accountant at her beck and call.

Mrs Payne had gottn herself into a sitting position on the floor between Mr Tubbs legs. She asked him if he knew what aversion therapy was but he just groaned. She managed to pull his phone off his desk and phoned Ms Wilson and apologized for phoning her so late in the day but could she please come to her accountants office in an hour or so and help her with some aversion therapy. Mrs Payne pulled down Mr Tubbs pants and went to work on his nuts. She put his hand on his erection and he was slowly masturbating. She told him that if he came she would rip his nuts right off. He believed her. After an hour Ms Wilson showed up. She was very accomplished at delivering aversion therapy and like all good therapists, she enjoyed providing therapy. She realized that squeezing men's nuts was for their own good. Ms Wilson squeezed his nuts for another hour and by then Mr Tubbs was like a babbling idiot, an idiot with a large erection and very painful nuts. Mrs Payne and Ms Wilson helped him get his pants up and helped him out to his car. As he sat behind the wheel Mrs Payne leaned over into the open car window to smile at Mr Tubbs and flash a view of her nipples. She asked him if he wanted more aversion therapy to cure him of his masturbation habit. He just nodded his head so she told him she would call him tomorrow and set up a time for him to come to her office for an hour of aversion therapy. Mrs Payne drove home very contented that she was going to cure a masturbator of his vile habit and also contented that she had now an accountant to go with her mechanic and dentist, all receiving aversion therapy. All she had to find now was a good attorney, a plumber and an electrician with masturbation compulsions.

Wednesday, August 15, 2007


An outdoors specialty channel TV show was coming to town. There was some unusual geography outside of town, a lake and a waterfall. Also the area was pretty depressed economically and most local folks were looking for any extra source of cash.

A full page ad came out in the weekly newspaper saying they were looking for females to audition, young or old, no experience necessary, dress casual. A chance to be a TV star - every woman in town wanted to give that a shot. Madge thought she would show up, the worst they could do is say no. On the day of the auditions she squeezed into her tightest pair of jeans and tee shirt. She had to admit that she looked pretty good for a thirtysomething mother. Since it said young or old she brought her teenaged daughter along. Eva was such a hell raiser she couldn't leave her alone at home.

Madge had fun, hanging around and talking with the other women. She had a large pair of hooters and knew how to use them so she was surrounded by the crew. They hired 4 women for a canoe sequence and then they said they wanted some women and teens for a fight sequence. They called Madge and Eva up front and the assistant casting director asked Eva if she knew anything about fighting. Eva said sure and kicked him in the nuts. The poor guy doubled over, cupped his hands over his nuts and slowly sank to the floor with a stunned look on his face. Everybody in the place, except the assistant casting director was howling with laughter. His boss, the casting director heard the laughter and came over and asked what was so funny. Madge said that Eva, her daughter had kicked his assistant in the nuts. He said "What's so funny about that?" Madge told Eva to show him so Eva then kicked the casting director in the nuts. Now there were two guys on the floor, clutching their balls. Everybody else was still howling with laughter.

The production manager heard the laughter and came over. There were the two guys on the floor and Eva standing over them with her hands on her hips and her head back and laughing along with everybody else. Now it was the production manager's turn. He also asked what was so funny and Eva then kicked him in the nuts. He sank to the floor with a stunned look on his face and that brought down the house. People were laughing so hard they could barely stand up. A couple of women peed their pants.

The director, the person in charge, was working in a back office. He heard the uproar and came out of his office. Someone shouter "Here come Stu" and the crowd laughed even louder in anticipation. He looked at the three guys on the floor clutching their nuts and asked what was so funny. Eva looked up at him, smiled and said "This" as she kicked him in the nuts. People were now laughing so hard they were falling down.

Eventually things settled down and the four guys were helped up. They said that the auditions were over for today and they should come back tomorrow. As Madge and Eva left they walked by the four guys, still bent over and with stunned looks on their faces. Madge realized she hadn't auditioned so she said "I can fight too" as she swung both first in uppercuts between two guys legs, caught them square in the nuts and they collapsed. She then pivoted to her right and with lightning speed grabbed the other two by their balls, gave a cruel squeeze and they collapsed also. Madge and Eva looked at the four guys on the floor curled up and clutching their nuts, laughed and said they would see them tomorrow.

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Bike Ride

Ed was out for a bike ride. He felt it was an excellent way to get some exercise and fresh air. His bike was nothing fancy, a full sized used three speed bike with a small carrier. The prior owner was probably a teenager. The back wheel was bigger than the front and there were streamers at the turned down handlebars. It was definitely a large kid's bike but the price was right and it was comfortable. Ed was not a racer, just out for some exercise. He wore some scuffed sneakers, a pair of shorts, a tee shirt and a ball cap. With his longish hair and the bike he looked a lot younger than his age.

It was a Saturday summer morning and Ed was a couple of miles from home and he circled the office building where he worked turning to return home. All morning he had been thinking about a girl in the office. She was really built and Ed had a throbbing hard-on. The office parking lot was empty and there was a small building beside the office building with a small narrow walk between them. The only way to see into the walk was to stand right in front of it. Ed wished he had a key to get into the office. But this would work - no-one would see him there. Ed leaned his bike against the office building, slipped into the walkway, dropped his shorts and started to jerk off. He closed his eyes, leaned against the wall and got into it. Suddenly he heard a car pull up and a couple of women talking. One said "There must be a kid around here, there's his bike." Ed heard their footsteps. He pulled his cap down and stared straight ahead at the opposite wall as they walked past the walkway entrance. As soon as they got past they burst out in laughter. "Ohmygod, did you see that? He has it in his hand. Did you see the size of that thing?" They were whispering to each other and giggling. Ed slowed down his stroking. He was extremely excited. He had to stop stroking or he would come. Ed stood there with his hands at his side and his erection sticking up and out. The women walked slowly by in the opposite direction. Again there was a burst of laughter. "Do you recognize him? Lets go up and ask him what he's doing." That suggestion brought forth another burst of laughter. One said "Do you think he can hear us? I don't think so, if he did he'd be riding away by now. Lets go have another look."

Ed was slowly stroking himself with his left hand. He could just make out the women from the corner of his eye. They were standing at the walkway entrance, watching him. He didn't realize it but one of them had a cel phone and was taking his picture. As they began walking towards him one of them called "Hey kid, what are you doing? I asked you a question - what are you doing? You'd better answer or I'll have to kick you in the nuts." Ed turned to face them and blurted out the first thing that came into his mind "I'm picking berries". Both women erupted in laughter "Yeah right! With your pants down and playing with your hard-on your picking berries." By this time they were right up to him. "Hey, your not a kid, I recognize you. You're a recent hire, a management trainee. What the hell is wrong with you, hiding out and jerking off?"

With his pants down his nuts made an inviting target, One of the women reached out and grabbed his nuts and squeezed. Ed wailed in agony. She said "OK, Lets try this again. What are you doing?" Ed sobbed "Jerking off, I'm jerking off. Oh my nuts, my aching nuts. It hurts." She said "I'm Ms Baker the Marketing Vice President. I want to see you in my office at 11:00AM Monday morning. You need to be disciplined" She then cupped his nuts in her hand and spanked them with the flat of her other hand. Ed had never before felt such agony and helplessness. All he could do was stand there and absorb the pain. Eventually she laughed and let him go.

Ed spent the rest of the weekend nursing his nuts and worrying about his meeting with Ms Baker. He convinced himself that it was dark in the walkway and he had his cap on. He decided the best thing was to ignore the meeting and when she came for him say it wasn't him. Anyway, how could she prove it." There were two women but the second had been back a bit. Ed felt he could bluff it out. And there was no way on earth he wanted to have his nuts spanked again. He got in to work Monday and fired up his computer. There was a message from Ms Baker. There was no text, just a photo of him, standing in the walkway with his pants down and a stiff erection. He was in profile and it was him alright. In any other circumstances he would have been proud of the photo, his erection looked pretty good - big, stiff and sticking up and out. He realized she had him good. There was no getting out of the 11:00 o'clock meeting.

At 11:00 he went to her office. He got a shock, her secretary was the other woman from Saturday morning. She told him to stand in the corner. He looked at her and she repeated it. "Stand in the corner". Eventually she told him to come with her in to see Ms Baker. Ms Baker looked at him and said "The same as last time, drop those pants and lets see you jerk off." This was not what he had been expecting. He had been in dread of another ball spanking. He was so relieved he thanked Ms Baker for not spanking his balls.

Ms Baker laughed and said "Patience, we'll get to that. Trudy, show Ed the paddle you bought from home. Ed, Trudy is quite a good table tennis player. She has a very strong forehand and she suggested she spank your balls with a table tennis paddle. Don't you think that is an excellent idea? I'll be busy with these reports while Trudy gives you a first rate nut spanking. Lie down over there on the conference table while Trudy ties you down. We'd hate to see you hurt yourself falling off the table."

Ed was paralyzed with fear. Ms Baker smiled kindly at Ed and said he didn't have to accept the spanking. He had a choice, Trudy could send the photo of him to all his co-workers, neighbours, friends, relatives and the police (who would undoubtedly charge him with indecent exposure) or he could accept nut spankings which would help him with his obvious masturbation compulsion. Ed very reluctantly laid down on the table and Trudy tied him down with his legs nicely spread. Ms Baker said that Trudy would be in charge. Trudy held his nuts cupped in her hand and said "I can't decide on twice daily nut spankings or one vigorous spanking daily. I think I'll try both and we'll see which one helps you the most. Remember, this is for your benefit." She started to paddle his nuts. Ed felt like his insides were being ripped out. The pain wasn't just in his groin. It spread through his whole body. Ed felt like he had lost touch with reality. He was floating in pain and above him was Trudy smiling down with a kind look on her face telling him that the nut spanking was for his own good as she continued to paddle his nuts. Finally she stopped hitting his balls but the pain continued.

Ms Baker said she had a lunch meeting and had to leave. She said she had spoken to Ed's supervisor and told her that she needed Ed for the remainder of the day. She gave Ed a friendly pat on his nuts as she left the office and said that he should do whatever Trudy says. Trudy had paddled Ed's nuts for the past hour and he was naked and tied down, There was little chance of Ed talking back to Trudy. Ed would do whatever Trudy said. He told her so and she just smiled and said "I know. After a week of paddling your nuts you will be my slave. I studied this in psychology and it is rewarding to see it happen in practise. It gives me an almost unbelievably wonderful feeling of omnipotence. I'm going to paddle your nuts for another fifteen minutes." Ed accepted the pain and worshipped Trudy.

Others may consider Trudy as being plain. Her brown hair was pulled back in a bun, she wore thick horn rimmed glasses, conservative clothes and sensible shoes. To Ed she was an angel. Beautiful, warm and compassionate. Trudy physically and psychologically had Ed by the nuts and she was going to keep him.. She owned his nuts and she owned him. She was happy owning Ed and he was happy being owned by Trudy. Well into their old age Trudy paddled Ed's nuts daily.

Aversion Therapy - #6

It is best to read the earlier postings on Aversion Therapy in chronological order.

Mrs Payne had a toothache. A real humdinger of a toothache. She called her dentist and asked if he could see her right away. His assistant said he was very busy but she would bump the last patient of the day who only had a regular check up appointment and squeeze her in. By five o'clock Mrs Payne was sitting in the dentist chair. She had chipped a tooth and he said he could fill it. He and his dental assistant went to work.

Mrs Payne had not planned on visiting the dentist. She had a scoop necked dress on which was quite modest from viewed straight on but looking down it bowed out. Mrs Payne wore a low cut bra and the dentist had a perfect view of her breasts. He was sitting close to her and slightly higher. She glanced to the side and couldn't help but notice he had quite an erection. Well, she thought, as long as he concentrated on her chipped tooth she could put up with an erection a few inches from her face. Dr Taft said he had finished the filling and suddenly he stood up and left the room saying he would be back shortly. Mrs Payne was surprised and asked the assistant where the dentist had gone and did she think he would be back soon. Carla said he had gone to his office and would be back in about five minutes. Mrs Payne asked if she knew what he was doing. Carla just rolled her eyes.

Mrs Payne could see that Carla was upset and after a few questions Carla said "I really used to like working here and I greatly respected Dr Taft but I got very suspicious about his behavior. Often when working on women, he would go and lock himself in his office. When I asked him about it he said he was checking some reference material. I felt a bit guilty about spying on Dr Taft but hoping to put my suspicions to rest I purchased a small monitoring camera and put it in his office. It is hidden in a pencil sharpener beside his desk and has a transmitter and I can view his office from my computer. Rather than allaying my suspicions, it confirmed them. He has finished the filling and all you need to do is rinse so if you want I can show you what he is doing. He will be at it for another couple of minutes"

Carla and Mrs Payne went into the reception area and Carla called up the program she had installed which came with the camera. There was Dr Taft, laying on the floor with his pants around his ankles jerking off. Carla said she couldn't work there any longer and would have to quit. Mrs Payne asked Carla if Dr Taft could be broken of his masturbation compulsion would she then like to continue working there and Carla said yes. Mrs Payne then told Carla about aversion therapy and how successful it has been. the basic theory is to apply a strong unpleasant experience at the same time as the negative behavior. In their case, the man receiving therapy is laying down masturbating while the therapist squeezes his testicles. She said that in her various companies she and her aversion therapists are helping six men. All six say the therapy is very helpful and most have asked for the therapy to be doubled to two sessions per day. She said that male masturbation compulsion had become quite prevalent and rather than just quitting she should try and help Dr Taft.

Carla looked at the monitor and said he was about to come. Mrs Payne asked Carla if he had a key to the office. Carla gave it to her and Mrs Payne went over and unlocked the door. She stepped over to Dr Taft, bent over, grabbed his balls and gave them a yank and squeeze. Dr Taft's look of utter surprise changed to one of utter agony. He wailed and begged Mrs Payne to let go of his balls. Mrs Payne told him she couldn't do that and that what she was doing was for his own good. She told him to continue to masturbate but she would rip his nuts off if he climaxed. Mrs Payne then told Carla to get a cushion from the reception room sofa and bring it in. She told Carla to position it between Dr Taft's legs, sit on it and get comfortable and then start applying the aversion therapy. Carla said she could never do that. Mrs Payne told her that she had a moral duty to help her fellow human being and Dr Taft needed help. Carla got comfortable and began squeezing the doctors nuts. Dr Taft maintained a stiff hard-on which he was very slowly stroking. He was groaning in a combination of desire and agony. Carla began telling him that the therapy was for his own good and she was helping him overcome his compulsion.

Carla provided therapy to the doctor for an hour. Then she and Mrs Payne helped him up, pulled up his pants and helped him out to his car. Mrs Payne told the doctor that Carla was going to eliminate the last appointment of the day from now on and use it for aversion therapy until he was cured. After he left Carla locked up the office and told Mrs Payne that providing the therapy was the most enjoyable time she had ever had at work. She said she didn't realize what a great feeling it was to really help someone in a major way. She said she was really looking forward to tomorrow.

Six months later Mrs Payne came in and while she was in the dentist chair she asked Carla and the doctor how the therapy was coming. Dr Taft said it was really helping him control his compulsion and both he and Carla had decided to increase the therapy to two sessions a day, pushing the first appointment back an hour for more therapy. Carla smiled and said she just loved her job and helping the doctor. Mrs Payne said that since her appointment was the last of the day she would stay and help Carla. A few minutes later as Mrs Paynes fingers wrapped around the doctors' nuts both she and Carla smiled at his scream and erection, knowing that they were helping him.

Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Mary Worth - The Early Years

Readers met Mary Worth in Picture Frames and Mary Worth. Picture Frames tells about Ms Worth getting some prints framed when she moved into her first office. Mary Worth tells about her demolition of her competitor for a Vice President position. This tells about her early years.

During high school and university Mary was constantly bullied by Rusty Carter. He was a couple of years older and twice her size. He was the leader of a gang of local toughs and he used to push people around. Mary had some money from a part time job so she enrolled in an after school self defence class. The instructor told Mary that as a teen she had been bullied herself so she understood how Mary felt. Over a few months she taught Mary how to defend herself. She also told Mary that with a bully the best thing is a fierce offence and if she ever got into a fight she should fight to win. She told Mary there was no such thing as ladylike fighting. Fight to win, no matter what it took. Totally beat and dominate your opponent.

Mary was walking home from university, wearing a short plaid skirt, white sneakers and socks and a tan blouse. Rusty came up behind her and pushed her. At barely a hundred pounds, Mary went flying. She got up, collected her books she had been carrying and put them in a pile. She walked up to a laughing bully and with a straight right punched Rusty in the face as hard as she could. She caught him right on the nose. He staggered back in surprise and pain. His eyes watered and his nose started to bleed. Mary stood still, watching Rusty. She called him a cry baby. His buddies were looking at him in amazement. Suddenly, in a rage, Rusty ran straight at Mary. He was going to rip her apart. Mary skipped to one side, stuck out her foot and tripped Rusty. Now it was his turn to go flying. Remembering what her teacher had told her, Mary stepped up to Rusty as he was getting to his feet and kicked him in the stomach. She then kicked him in the side of the head. He was flat on the ground. Mary turned around and collected her books. Rusty was sitting on the ground, shaking his head. He saw Mary with her back to him, bending over to pick up her books.

In her short skirt and bending over, her white panties were exposed to Rusty. He realized what a gorgeous backside she had. Nobody that cute could beat him. He was going to teach her. He got to his feet and ran at her and got her in a bear hug. He lifted her off the ground and squeezed the air out of her. Mary's right arm was pinned within the hug but her left arm was free. She reached behind her and down and felt till she found Rusty's crotch. A bit more feeling and she had him by the balls. Mary was weak from the lack of air but she squeezed Rusty's balls as tight as she could. It was amazing, one minute he had her in a bear hug, the next moment he was curled up on the ground, wailing in agony with Mary squeezing his nuts. Mary realized she had made a mistake a few minutes ago, she had Rusty beat but she left him and turned her back. This time she would really finish him off. Mary squeezed Rusty's nuts till he passed out. She then pulled off his pants and undershorts and left him on the path. His buddies looked at half naked Rusty and most walked away. Two helped him up and carried him home.

It took Rusty a few days to recover. He had lost face. He could see people laughing at him - beaten by a girl. Whenever he thought about it, which was all the time, he got angry. She only won because she was sneaky and took him by surprise. Next time no more Mr Nice Guy. He would beat her into the ground. See how she would like it to be left on the path with her skirt and panties gone. She had left him with no pants and undershorts. Next time it would be her turn to be humiliated. He bided his time and all the while his rage grew. He wanted to catch her alone on the path with all the students coming along later to see her humiliation. To make sure she didn't try anything sneaky he would have his two friends along. Finally his chance came. Mary was coming home early. He had his two buddies stay on the path while he quickly circled around behind her. He had her trapped. When Mary saw Stu and Ernie ahead of her on the path, she recognized them as Rusty's buddies. If possible she wanted to avoid a confrontation so she stopped and turned around and there was Rusty down the path behind her. Since her fight with Rusty she had stopped carrying loose books - she put her books in a satchel so they wouldn't go flying if there was ever a next time. She walked quickly up to the two boys, said hi and swung her satchel around a few times as she walked up and swung her loaded satchel up between Stu's legs. There was a loud thud! Stu snapped his legs together and clamped his hands over his balls - too late for any protection. He had a stunned, surprised look on his face. He let out a strangled croak and fell face forward on the path. The moment Mary's satchel connected with Stu's balls Mary dropped the satchel, spun around with a roundhouse kick and caught Ernie on his chin. She then followed up with a brutal uppercut between his legs and her fist smashed into his nuts. Ernie started to wail in agony. Like Stu, he brought his legs together and clamped his hands over his nuts, he sank to his knees and bent over with his forehead on the ground. The total demolition of Rusty's two henchmen took all of four seconds. Rusty turned around to run but there was a group of female students coming down the path. Mary called to them to stop the bully from running away. At some time or other they had all been victimized by Rusty. Like Mary they had had enough from this bully. They rushed and swarmed him. They lifted him up and took him off the path into some nearby woods. They stripped him naked and hung him by his wrists from a tree branch, hanging with his feet off the ground. Mary just stood back and watched. One of them grabbed a thick stick and wacked Rusty's nuts. He let out a howl and the girls all laughed. They passed the stick from one to another and they all took turns wacking his nuts. They called him a lousy bastard, a coward, a bully as they continued to smack his nuts. Rusty was howling in pain. One of the girls had a satchel similar to Mary's. She emptied it and tied the strap around Rusty's scrotum above his nuts. The girls began to slowly add books to the satchel, pulling it downward, pulling on Rusty's nuts. They found this more amusing than smacking his nuts with the stick. The downward pull on his nuts was constant and so was the pain. When it looked like he was about to pass out they stopped adding books. They sat on the ground in a circle watching Rusty dangling from the branch with a heavy satchel of books dangling from his nuts. It was a ridiculous sight and everyone found it highly amusing. By now many of the students had left the university, had heard the noise and joined the audience. The girls rounded up Stu and Ernie and carried then to a nearby tree, stripped them and strung them up by their wrists. They collected a couple more satchels, loaded them with heavy books and hung the satchels from their nuts. No girl was ever picked on in that university again.

Mary worked hard at school and university and graduated with a Business degree near the top of her class. She was recruited by a major company that needed to hire a certain number of females so they wouldn't be called discriminatory. She was hired as a Management Trainee, class B. She noticed all the male graduates, many who were behind her in their class grades, were class A.

She was assigned to work on a project with Brad, a Management Trainee class A, and he was the project leader and it was made clear to her that she was to be his assistant. There were a number of teams and the winning team would get promoted. The team leader to a management position and the assistant to a management assistant. Mary worked very hard with long hours and crafted a great presentation with Powerpoint, slides and a hand out. Brad was pleased with Mary. She did all the work and at the presentation she would flip the pages and distribute the hand outs. Brad had to look good and deliver the presentation and his promotion to the management level was in the bag.

The presentations were before senior management. On the presentation day Brad and Mary waited in Brad's office to be called. Finally it was their turn. Their presentation material was already in the conference room. They walked to the conference room door, Mary turned to Brad, smiled and wished him luck and kneed him in the nuts. He doubled over in agony and Mary kneed him again. She opened the door and helped him into a seat. She told the executives that Brad was not feeling good, he had a bit of a hangover. Their concern turned to distaste on hearing he had a hangover. Brad sat in his chair, doubled over and groaning. The company president said "I guess this presentation is over before it begins". Mary said that she would like to do the presentation. When asked if she knew enough about it to present it Mary said that she had prepared the presentation. She went up front and delivered an excellent presentation. Afterwards the executive committee asked her questions which she handled very well. They were impressed. All the while Brad sat in his chair, clutching his nuts and moaning. After the presentation Mary helped Brad back to his office. Mary kneed Brad again twice in the nuts. He passed out from the pain. The executive committee conferred and decided on a winner. It was Mary. They sent an assistant to ask Mary and Brad to come to the conference room. When Mary walked in they asked where Brad was. She said he was indisposed and possibly had eaten something that disagreed with him. The assistant said it looked like Brad was sleeping off too much to drink. Brad had come too and realized that Mary was stealing his promotion. He got up and staggered to the conference room, doubled over, moaning and clutching his nuts. He opened the door, stepped in and looked like he was about to fall flat on his face. Mary was concerned that Brad would say that Mary had repeatedly kneed him in the nuts. She rushed to Brad's side and held him up with her left hand across his chest. Her right arm was behind Brad's back and not seen by the committee. She reached down with her right hand, grabbed Brad's nuts and gave them a vicious pull backwards and up and squeezed them. Brad had an anguished look on his face as he fell face forward onto the carpet. The president looked at him with scorn and said the company didn't put up with drunks and he was fired. Mary came to his defence and said that if he was put to work for her she would turn him around and make him an asset to the company. The president said "Damn! You are a fine young woman. Loyal to this layabout. That was a fine presentation you put on and we have selected you to the management level. If you want him you can have this drunk as your assistant, as long as you keep him sober." Mary smiled and said she would keep Brad in line.

Monday, August 6, 2007

Mary Worth

We met Mary Worth a while back in Picture Frames. She had received her first promotion. Since then she has done very well. Ms Worth is now the Director of Information Technology. She has a large group of young professionals, both male and female. The four managers reporting directly to her are all women.

Ms Worth wants to be the next VP of Finance & Admin. She considers all the other Directors in the company as her competitors. She wears the shortest possible skirts and just waits for one of the male directors to make a sexist comment or better yet, to touch her, however fleeting or innocent. She will then turn on him and swiftly kick him between the legs. As the guy bends over in agony, Ms Worth grabs his hair to pull him halfway upright and then kicks him again in the nuts, usually twice. She has managed to once or twice nail all the male directors except the Director of Accounting.

Her boss, Jane Porter, the current VP of Finance & Admin is an accomplished ballbuster and she heartily approves of Ms Worth's domination of her male colleagues. Ms Porter was to soon be the President of the company and she was looking at the Directors reporting to her for the next VP. One day Ms Worth went to her boss, Ms Porter, and asked her to accompany her and one of her managers, Peggy Jones, to Frank Mason's office. Frank was the Director of Accounting and was the only Director who had not been kicked in the nuts by Ms Worth. It was recognized that the future VP was to be either Ms Worth or Mr Mason.

The three women walked into Mr Mason's office and closed the door. Ms Worth told Mr Mason to step away from his desk. He did so, clutching his nuts. This caused Ms Worth to smile and the other two women to giggle. Just a couple of days previously Ms Worth had managed to position herself before the Credit Director who was reading a report as he walked into her. Ms Worth yelled at him and kicked him in the groin , she then moved in and held him in a bear hug as she repeatedly drove her knee up between his legs. He was wailing in agony and by the fourth knee he passed out. This was before most of the staff, including Mr Mason. The men were terrified of her and the women thought she was some kind of hero.

Ms Worth sat before his computer on his desk. She clicked some keys and a picture showed a scantily clad woman holding some naked fellow by the balls. The woman was laughing and the naked fellow looked to be in agony. She then scrolled down many similar pictures. Ms Worth had sent the photos to Mr Mason's computer a few days ago. She had attended a meeting in his office with. Peggy Jones, one of her managers where both women had sat opposite him all morning with their legs spread. When they left his office at noon the women had a good laugh. Mr Mason was trying to hide a stiff erection. As soon as they got back to Ms Worth's office they sent him the file which opened on his computer. Poor Mason was in his office with the door locked and was jerking off. He looked at the pictures and that got him even more exited.

Ms Worth asked him why he had pornography on his computer. Mr Mason denied knowledge of the file. Ms Worth just laughed as she pulled up another file. She reminded Mr Mason that he had signed an agreement that surveillance was part of the employment contract. She then showed the file. It was of Mr Mason in his locked office with his pants down around his ankles, jerking off as he was watching a photo of some woman punching a naked guy in the nuts.

The three women were glaring at Mason. He had a guilty ashen look on his face. He said he was sorry and would never do that again. Ms Worth said that was not acceptable. What she wanted was to completely beat Mason down so he would never be a competitor to her. He was good in his job but she wanted him permanently subservient. Ms Porter understood what Ms Worth had done and found it amusing. Peggy Jones was caught up in the excitement and was having fun. Ms Worth told Mason he had a choice, termination and public humiliation or immediate punishment and then continuation in his position with occasional follow up punishment to ensure that he didn't revert to his disgusting behavior. With his head down Mason said "I'll take the punishment." Ms Worth shouted at him "You'll take the punishment! You'll take the punishment! You stupid bastard! You'll take nothing! If you want to avoid termination and public ridicule you had better beg for punishment. Take of your pants and undershorts and get down on your knees and beg for punishment you idiot." With a shocked look on his face Mason took of his pants and undershorts. He dropped to his knees before Ms Worth and begged her to punish him. Ms Porter found the whole thing extremely amusing and Peggy Jones was wide eyed with excitement. Peggy was turned on with the total humiliation of a senior Director and thought of his punishment.

Ms Worth stood before kneeling Mason. She had her hands on her hips and her legs spread wide. With her very short skirt the white crotch of her panties was visible, especially to Mason, kneeling before her. She stepped forward so that her crotch was only inches from his face. She said "You're being a good boy Frank, I'll let you jerk off for a while - no coming but you can jerk off". Frank grabbed his rapidly stiffening erection and began to stroke himself. Ms Worth then said "Good boy Frank. Beg now. Beg for Peggy to grab you by your nuts and give them a good long squeeze. If you beg real nice maybe Ms Porter will kick your nuts. Wouldn't you like that Frank, to have your nuts kicked by the Vice President?" Frank was now rapidly masturbating and begging Ms Porter to kick him in the nuts. Ms Porter laughed, congratulated Ms Worth and swiftly kicked Frank in the nuts. Frank fell face forward, still jerking off and moaning about his balls. Peggy rolled him onto his back, sat on his chest and grabbed a nut in each hand and began squeezing. Frank spread his legs and accepted the severe punishment. He began shaking all over and then had a massive climax, spewing semen all over himself.

Ms Worth said "That's all for now Frank. Clean yourself up and get back to work. Remember that ever few days Peggy or I will come in your office, lock the door and you can beg for some follow up punishment so you don't forget to be good and obedient. As a present, I'll leave the file of the woman ball buster on your computer. You can watch it as much as you want but no playing with yourself - remember, I'll have you under surveillance."