Monday, September 19, 2011


Sue and Nancy were having a great time. They had both taken a three month leave of absence from work and were on what they called a trip of discovery. To discover what they had so far missed in life. They had both worked for a high powered firm right out of school for the last seven years with hardly a break.

Sue had set up a small web site and she told the people at work to keep an eye on it - she would post during her trip. Her first post was from a beachfront in Thailand. One of the girls in the office checked her site, saw the posting and called the staff over to have a look. There was Sue in a short skirt sitting on a rock and waving and saying what a wonderful place it was and how she loved doing things she had never done before. As she was saying that she casually raised a knee and spread her legs a bit. A beautiful upskirt shot and she had no underpanties on. Laughing into the camera she said to the people at work to keep an eye on Stu. She said he would probably go into his office, lock his door, pull up her site and jerk off looking at her pussy. All the staff gathered around the computer bust into laughter and looked at Stu. Stu was the office manager. He got red in the face and told them to turn off that smut and get back to work. As he turned to walk away, one of the girls called after Stu, asking him what was that thing in his pocket, getting bigger every moment. As he slammed the door to his office, the staff was howling in laughter. He couldn't help himself, he locked the door, pulled up the video of Sue's pussy and jerked off.

Embarrassed and agitated, Stu went over to Human Resources and burst into Marge Winston's office and shouted that something had to be done about Sue's web site. Marge had her staff of three women in her office going over staff projections but she looked at Stu and said that it had nothing to do with the company, Sue was on a leave of absence and wasn't currently an employee and the site made no mention of the company's name. Marge had a small smile as she said that she had heard that after watching Sue he had gone into his office and locked the door. Marge then said that if he was doing what she suspected he was doing, that was against company policy and she would have to discipline him - no jerking off on company time. Marge stood up, hiked up her already short skirt, spread her legs and and asked Stu if he was being a bad boy. Stu was in emotional turmoil. He was angry, embarrassed and almost overcome with a desire to drop his pants and beg Marge to discipline him with a swift kick to his nuts. He just stood there. Marge glanced down and started to laugh and said she had heard that he had something growing in his pants pocket as she stepped forward and patted his rising erection. Stu staggered out of her office as the four women were roaring with laughter.

A couple of days later there was another post to Sue's website. At morning coffee break the staff gathered around a terminal. They called Stu over for a look. Stu said he was too busy but he couldn't help himself. He went over for a look. There was Sue and Nancy smiling at the camera. Sue said they had purchased a small tripod so they could both be in the video. Both were wearing tee shirts and short skirts. Sue laughed and said "Too bad Stu, sorry to disappoint you but I'm wearing panties" as she flipped up the front of her skirt to show her panties. Nancy said that she wasn't as she flipped up the front of her skirt to show her pussy. Nancy said that she had always wanted to experience kicking a guy in the nuts, Stu preferably but any guy would do. She said she didn't know when it would happen but sooner or later there will be a post of both Sue and her kicking some guy in the nuts. She then flipped up the front of her skirt again and moving her hand in a jerking off motion said with a laugh for Stu to get to it. Feeling humiliated, Stu stalked back to his office as his staff were howling with laughter and a few shouted for Stu to get to it. Stu locked his office door, pulled up the latest post to Sue's web site and watched the two women laughing as Stu jerked off.

Meanwhile, Marge from HR heard all the laughter and went to investigate. She asked one of Stu's staff what all the laughter was about and was told about Sue's web site and that they were all pretty sure Stu was in his office behind a locked door, jerking off. Marge realized that this had to stop. She went back to her area, picked up a master key and a video camera and told her three clerks to come with her. As they walked towards Stu's office Marge handed the camera to one of her clerks and told her to keep it running and aimed on Stu and she wanted audio as well as video.

The four HR women quickly marching through the general office area caught every one's attention and by the time they reached Stu's office most of the office staff were following behind. wanting to see what was going on. Marge had the master key out and put it in the lock and quietly turned the door handle. She turned and nodded to her staff and flung the door open. They stepped inside his office and Marge shouted in outrage "What the hell is going on?". Stu was standing before his computer monitor with his pants down around his ankles, madly jerking off. He turned towards the door and the camera with a look of stunned surprise on his face, still wildly pumping away. Marge was shaking in rage, she stepped across the office, grabbed Stu's nuts, squeezed and shouted again "What the hell is going on?" Stu screamed in agony, his staff who were peering into the office were howling with laughter as well as Marge's staff. Marge realized how ridiculous the scene looked and she began to smile and said that it was pretty clear what was going on. Still maintaining a vice like grip on Stu's nuts she pulled him out of his office into the center of the general office area. With his pants still down around his ankles Stu tripped a couple of times and would have fallen except for Marge's grip on his nuts. He was wailing in pain and still madly jerking off. Marge held his nuts in one hand and punched them with her other and shouted at Stu to drop his hard-on. Now Stu stood before his staff, naked from the waist down with a large throbbing erection and Marge with a grip on his nuts and him howling in agony. Marge shouted over the laughter that Stu had something to say. Marge turned to Stu and told him to apologise to his staff, confess that he jerks of in his office and promise not to do it again and then with a wicked smile said he could only jerk off if she gave the OK. Stu had trouble talking but managed to say he was sorry and would only jerk off in future if Marge said it was OK. He then turned to Marge and asked for permission to jerk off. This got the staff laughing again and Marge smiled indulgently and told him not now but maybe later and punched him again in the nuts.
Two of his staff helped Stu into his office and sat him behind his desk, with his pants neatly folded and on a chair. Marge called the staff together and told them that apart from his jerking off problem he was a good office manager. She asked them if they wanted Stu to still be their boss. One of the girls asked if Marge could delegate the authority to give Stu permission to jerk off to a staff committee. She said that that way they could control his jerking off and keep it under control. Marge said that was acceptable.

The staff formed a committee and set some rules and procedures. One of the staff always worked in Stu's office alongside Stu. Her job was to do her daily job but also to keep an eye on Stu. If Stu had an urge to jerk off, which seemed to be always, he would ask the daily girl for permission. She could deny the request or call the committee together and Stu could plead before them to be allowed to jerk off. He had to appear naked and to avoid frivolous requests he would get his balls beaten if they denied the request. Being on the committee was a fun position and all the girls took turns being on the committee and beating Stu's balls.

One of the girls emailed Sue and Nancy and sent a photo of Stu getting his balls beaten. Both Sue and Nancy said that was one of the things they wanted to do. The committee promised them as much time as they wanted with Stu. With Stu as office manager his area had high staff moral and very low turnover. All the women loved working for Stu.

Monday, September 5, 2011


Ed had worked hard and had accumulated some money. He figured that if he was careful with his investments he could retire, nothing fancy but enough to live on. After a lot of checking he picked Ecuador, a place on the coast in a small town. It had what he needed, internet access, nice climate, low cost of living and a low crime rate. On the minus side was a religious culture where sex out of marriage was frowned on and it was a bit hard to get to but maybe that was an advantage.

Ed sold his car and other possessions, got a permanent residence visa, said farewell to his friends and relatives and caught a plane. He wasn't expecting much in the way of a send off but he wasn't prepared for the total lack of interest. No surprise going away party, no family get together- just a yawn and "See you". All his worldly possessions he carried in a backpack and a small satchel - his laptop, some cloths, shaving gear and other odds and ends. He figured that if he didn't like it he could always turn around and head back.

Quinto, the capital city had a nice, picturesque charm but was chaotic and noisy. He caught the first bus for the coast. He picked the town he had chosen from information on the internet. Ed was not disappointed. Things that had to be imported were expensive but food, restaurants, services and rent was very affordable. The first thing Ed did was make an appointment to see the town's only English speaking attorney. He wanted some advice on leasing a place, tax laws and just what was socially acceptable and not. He spent the rest of his first day wandering around the town. he spent the night in the only hotel which was really a series of nice bungalows, right on the beach. The next morning he had his attorney appointment. The laws and taxes were as he had expected. The attorney explained that the social mores were pretty light and as long as he maintained a respectable presence there should be no trouble

The owner of the hotel owned a bungalow that was a bit down the beach and Ed agreed to rent it on a month to month basis. A couple of days later Ed hobbled into the hotel and said that he had sprained his leg. The manager said that Mell was good with sprains and massage and he would see if Mell could go down the beach and look in on him. Ed wasn't too keen on some guy massaging his leg but he was in pain and needed some help. A few hours later Mell showed up. Mell was short for Mellanie. She was a middle aged woman, slim, plainly dressed and clean. She spoke little English and Ed was just learning Spanish so they made do with sign language. She gestured for Ed to undress and lay on the bed. Ed did but quickly put a sheet over himself. Mell signalled for Ed to lay on his back and then grabbed the sheet and pulled it down, Ed quickly pulled in back up, up to his chin. She pulled it down again and Ed pulled it back up. Mell said "OK" and grabbed the bottom of the sheet and pulled it up to Ed's chin so he had the sheet up around his neck. She then quickly dropped her hand and grabbed Ed by his balls. Ed froze. Mell held Ed by his balls. Within a minute Ed had a stiff throbbing erection. Mell let go of Ed's balls and started to massage his leg, first one leg and then the other. Mell was sitting on the bed beside Ed and every few moments she would brush against his hard on. She slapped his stomach and signalled for him to roll over. Mell then massaged his back, shoulders and arms. She then massaged the back of his thighs, running her fingers across his balls. Mell signalled for Ed to roll back onto his back. She laughed as Mell's hard on sprang up. She took a ball in each hand and started to vigorously massage them. She squeezed them, slapped them, pinched them and in general, gave his balls a beating. Ed was howling in agony and Mell just signalled for him to hush up. She then gathered both balls into one hand and tightly squeezed them and with her other hand, took Ed's hard-on and started to jerk him off. Ed tried to reach up her skirt but she firmly told him "Never".

Ed was going out of his mind. He started to arch his back and buck. He was about ready to climax when Mell let go of him, stood up and asked if he wanted her to come back tomorrow. Ed was bouncing on the bed and pleading with her to stay. She just smiled, said "Manyana" and bent down and delivered a smashing punch to Ed's balls. Ed screamed in agony and Mell laughed as she left Ed's bungalow.

Ed spent a terrible evening and night. He had throbbing balls and a throbbing erection. All he could think about was Mell squeezing his balls. It was almost morning before he fell asleep. He even dreamed about Mell holding his balls. As he slowly woke up he realized it wasn't a dream. There was Mell sitting beside him on the bed, gently massaging his balls. He took her other hand and guided it to his erection. She smiled and shook her head "No'. She dropped his balls and went into the kitchen and Ed could hear her making him breakfast. Ed lay in bed, with his aching balls and stiff erection thinking "This is the damnedest massage I have ever had". After a while she came back into the bedroom, said something in Spanish and left. Ed got up and went into the kitchen. Mell was gone but she had made breakfast and Ed had one of the best tasting breakfasts ever.

All Ed, his balls and his erection could think about was Mell. What with his balls and erection Ed shuffled instead of walked but he made it down to the hotel to look for Mell. As he shuffled in the manager came up to him and said he had just had a talk with Mell. She asked him to translate the message and give it to Ed. She said that Ed needed someone to come in daily, clean up and cook his meals. With her children away at school all day she had the time and since her husband had died things were tight financially and she needed some extra income. The manager said she had mentioned a salary which he thought was reasonable and Ed agreed. The manager said that Mell was plain and not much to look at but that wasn't necessary for the job. She was reliable, hard working, honest and very respectable and nobody would have any comments about her going to Ed's bungalow daily. Ed wanted to tell the manager to find Mell and have her start right away but he had sense enough to ask him to tell her that he was happy to offer her the job and could she start tomorrow morning.

Mell was the ultimate cock teaser. She never bought Ed to a climax. She would bring him right to the edge, keep him there and then stop. She would put his hand on his erection and signal for him to jerk himself off. Ed got over the humiliation and Mell would smile indulgently as Ed climaxed. Within a few months Mell had Ed trained that he followed her around like a puppy dog. He was never allowed to even look up her skirt or touch her. Ed longed for Mell. She had him naked from the waist down all the time and would smile approvingly at his quivering erection. When they left the bungalow Mell would strap a testicle harness tight around Ed's balls just so he would remember who was in charge.