Thursday, May 31, 2007

Aversion Therapy - #2

Mrs Payne got a phone call from the woman who ran a company Mrs Payne owned manufacturing and selling custom designed home heaters. The main reason for the company was to provide employment and work experience to young women entering the work force. All 20 employees were young women except for Bob Lane, who was a licenced electrical engineer. He was required to sign off on all heaters both before and after production. Mrs Payne couldn't pay him the going rate for a qualified electrical engineer but she offered him a title as Senior Vice President and gave him a fancy office and a secretary. Those things meant more to him than salary. Also, he loved it when the women had to come and see him for design and production sign-off. He made it difficult for them and the chair they sat in enabled Bob a chance to look up their skirts. Also, he would get up and walk behind them and look down their tops. After he excused the woman he would lock his door for 5 minutes. The girls called him the 5 minute wonder. The women universally couldn't stand him, especially Jill Stewart, his secretary.

One day she decided she had had enough. She spoke with Nancy Palmer, who just hated Bob and his condescending manner, and they came up with a plan. Nancy had to go in to see Bob and get design approval. She made sure he got a real eye full and then left his office. She and Jill gave him a couple of minutes and then using a spare key Jill got from maintenance they went back into his office. There he was standing beside his desk with his pants around his ankles jerking off. The startled look on his face was priceless. Jill laughed as she quickly walked up to him and grabbed him by his nuts and hauled him out of his office. Bob was wailing in agony and taking small steps due to his pants around his ankles. She led him through the general office and into the company managers office. Along the way all the women staff saw Bob and all were laughing. Jill hauled him into the manager's office by his nuts. Holding him by his nuts she shouted "This bastard had Nancy in his office She had to step back into his office to pick up her purse which she had left under her seat. Evidently the moment she left he dropped his pants and started masturbating. Nancy was so shocked she screamed and I came in and found him just like this. We should call the police. There must be some sort of law against jerking off at work." Jill was squeezing Bob's nuts tighter and tighter. Bob started to plead to Jill to release his nuts. She just laughed and squeezed tighter still. Bob was wailing in pain.
Sally Barnes, the manager didn't know what to do. She phoned Mrs Payne "Mrs Payne, I have a real problem here. Could you come over right away. Its an emergency. I don't want to get into it on the phone but I need you here right away" Mrs Payne said she was on her way and would see her in about ten minutes.
Sally told Jill that Mrs Payne was on her way over and in the meantime Jill should let go of Bob's nuts. Jill argued "If I let him go he will start jerking off, right here in your office. Bob, if I let you go you'll start jerking off again, won't you?" Bob was in so much pain he would agree to anything Jill asked him. He said "Yes, yes, yes." Jill turned to Sally and said she would hold him outside her office until Mrs Payne arrived and she would keep him under control. She said it would be best, to make sure he didn't escape, to take away his pants, socks and shoes.
When Mrs Payne arrived a few minutes later she immediately noticed that the staff seemed excited, happy and distracted. It felt like she had walked in on a party. She walked through the general office and was shocked to see, just outside Sally Barnes's office Jill sitting down holding Bob Lane with one hand holding his nuts and her other hand holding his large erection. Bob was leaning against the wall and had his pants down. He looked to be in extreme agony. Jill looked to be extremely amused.
"What in the name of heavens is going on here?" exclaimed Mrs Payne. Sally Barnes was flustered. She called Jill into her office. Jill came in, dragging Bob by his nuts. She explained to Mrs Payne what had happened, calling Bob a pervert and said the police should be called. Mrs Payne conceded that things were serious but she wasn't sure if calling the police was the best approach. Mrs Payne had a problem - she was paying Bob Lane considerably less than what a replacement electrical engineer would want. She asked if all the staff had seen Bob with his pants down. When both Jill and Sally said they had Mrs Payne suggested that all the staff should have a say in what they should do. She asked Sally to get the staff together right away and they should meet down the hall in the boardroom. It would be a tight fit but they should all be able to get in there.

They reconvened to the boardroom. Jill got there first and she still had Bob by his nuts. She had him laying flat on his back on the boardroom table when the rest of the staff came in. There he was, a man universally despised throughout the office, with no pants, socks or shoes, sporting a throbbing erection and being held by Jill gripping his balls. Actually Jill was using both hands, one squeezing his nuts and the other hand holding his erection and slowly stroking him. Most of the women were giggling with a few outright laughing. Sally said this wasn't a laughing matter and asked Mrs Payne what they should do. Mrs Payne said "Whatever we decide should be up to all of us, not just management, since we have to work with Bob. The easy thing would be to call the police and turn the problem over to them" She looked down at Bob and asked him if that was what he wanted. Bob was so wrapped up in agony and desire that he couldn't think straight. He just moaned. Mrs Payne said that masturbation amongst men seemed to be at epidemic proportions and something should be done. She explained that she had recently had a case in another of her businesses where a man was masturbating constantly.. They were helping him shake his vile habit with Aversion Therapy. She went on to explain how it worked by providing a painful reaction which created an aversion to the action they wanted stopped. She said that in her other business the women there took turns providing therapy by squeezing the man's nuts whenever he masturbated. She said it would only work if all the women wanted to help Bob. She turned to Jill and Nancy and said that they were most effected by Bob's behavior. She asked if they could help Bob. She said it would require work on their part by squeezing his nuts on a regular basis. Both Jill and Nancy agreed that they would be happy to help Bob by squeezing his nuts. All the other women agreed that they would like to help also.

It was agreed that as soon as Bob got to work he would report to the woman responsible for him that day. She would go to his office and he would remove his pants. The woman would lay him down on the floor, get comfortable between his legs and give his testicles a vigorous and painful massage while Bob masturbated. Just before he could come the session would end. He would then work during the day, naked from the waist down so all staff could keep an eye on him. If he started to masturbate whoever saw him should shout to other staff to help and then give Bob a forceful kick to his nuts. Also, if Bob was not differential enough a blow should be delivered to his nuts. At the end of the day he would again report to the woman responsible for him that day. She would again give his testicles a firm massage, working each testicle between her fingertips and digging in her thumbs. She should allow him to masturbate, stopping just before climax. She would than give him back his pants and send him home.

The staff thought this was an acceptable way to help Bob. Mrs Payne was proud of her staff and how each woman wanted to be the first to be responsible for Bob. She was very happy to be able to help a staff member but she was concerned about the prevalence of masturbation amongst the men in her area. She made a note to be especially vigilant. She was concerned about the young man from the local college who was her gardener. She noticed how he stares at her breasts and then disappears for a while. Mrs Payne made a mental note that the next time that happens she would follow him and try and surprise him and take matters into her own hands. Yes, she would love to help her gardener, he was such a good looking muscular young man that it would be unfortunate if she couldn't help him.

Friday, May 25, 2007

Aversion Therapy

Mrs Payne, who was independently wealthy, had set up a small mail order business on her farm selling environmentally friendly products. Any profits went to her women's shelter program. She hired a young man from the neighborhood to run it for her in a small building at the end of her property. Ed was pretty much on his own after Mrs Payne had shown him what was required. Ed would get the days orders which came in by mail, fax and computer and then pull and pack the orders and have them ready for a courier pick up. He ran credit cards and did a bank deposit as required. Also, he kept a close eye on inventory levels and re-ordered as needed.

Ed missed Mrs Payne since she rarely came around after teaching Ed how to run things. She was older than Ed, in her late thirties. She was a beautiful woman, slim and barely five feet tall. She had huge breasts that people on first meeting her would think were artificial. Local people knew they were real. They saw them develop on Mrs Payne in her teens. She didn't flaunt them but she also didn't hide them. She was well aware of her effect on men. She was invited to join the important boards in town, initially for her looks but eventually for her good business sense. When Mr Payne passed away he left a sizable fortune to his wife and she has been very charitable towards the town. She liked to help people and she was well liked.

The volume at the mail order business was picking up and Ed went up to the main house to see Mrs Payne and he told her that he needed some help to keep up with the volume. She said she would think about it and let him know in a few days. About a week later she came down to the mail order building with two young women. She said "Ed, I would like you to meet Sue and Sandra. You will be working as equals and I would like you to train Sue and Sandra. Just so there is no misunderstanding, you will all be paid the same and report to me. I hope you can all get along." Sue and Susan said they were sure they could all get along. Ed thought it was unfair that he would be training the girls. He was angry but he didn't want to quit so he kept quiet.

At first it went well. The girls were differential towards Ed but after a couple of weeks they knew as much as he did and their attitude towards him changed. Mrs Payne had provided lightweight coats, like lab coats. Ed wore one and the girls did whenever Mrs Payne came by. Otherwise they wore tight jeans and tee shirts with no bras. Ed had an erection all day. The girls would laugh at him and say" Hey, jerk-off, how's the hard-on. Why don't you go out back and take matters into your own hands" Then they would burst out laughing and laugh even harder as Ed would go out back. Out back was an old lean to behind the building where they kept packing supplies and boxes. Poor Ed would jerk-off out back since it was the only relief he would get all day. After about a week of jerking off out back the girls told Ed to look on the computer. They had surreptitiously recorded him jerking off and had it on the computer. They told him that if he was a good boy they wouldn't release it. Otherwise they would send it to everyone in town with a computer. They also told him there would be no more jeking off out back unless they said he could. For laughs the girls would whack him in the nuts every chance they got.

The girls started sitting outside drinking pop and reading movie magazines. Ed had to do his work and theirs as well. They would usually reward Ed every couple of days by telling him he could go out back and jerk off. Their warehouse was way down the end of a lane on the farm and they could hear and see Mrs Payne whenever she came down to see them. Then they would get up, go inside, put on their work coats and look busy.

One day Mrs Payne phoned "Sue, I am concerned that there is quite a backlog in order shipping. I'm coming by in an hour. Please get some figures ready and I would like to sit down with the three of you to see what can be done."

After the call the two girls went to work on Ed. They thrust their nipples into his face and Susan did a bump and grind dance, pushing her pelvis back and forth. Ed begged to be allowed to go out back. Susan said "Not now but maybe later" After about an hour they could see Mrs Payne driving towards them. Susan went up to Ed, unzipped him and put his stiff erection in his hand and told him he could go out back but he was not allowed to come until they said it was OK. The girls had done this in the past to torment Ed and they had him well trained. He would stroke himself slower and slower because he knew that if he came he would get a kick in the balls.

Mrs Payne came in "Where's Ed. I want to go over this right now". Susan said "Mrs Payne, the problem is with Ed. He is not doing his work. I know we should have brought this up with you earlier but we are so embarrassed and don't know what to do. He doesn't work, he spends his whole day out back in the lean to. Maybe you could go out there and talk to him - but be prepared for a shock." Mrs Payne said " Shock, what shock. I'll have a talk with him and straighten him out". She opened the door to the lean to and stepped in. She was shocked. There was Ed, just a few steps away from her leaning against the wall with his pants down, a stiff erection in his hand that he was slowly stroking, moaning with his eyes closed. Mrs Payne backed up into the main warehouse and closed the door saying "How long has he been acting like this" Sue said "Right from the start but it has gotten worse in the last few days. Now he spends all day in there doing that. We tried talking to him about it but it is pretty difficult to talk to a guy who has his pants down with an erection that he is masturbating" Mrs Payne appologized to the two girls and said she should fire Ed or call the police on him for exposure in the workplace. Thia was something the girls did not want. Sue said "Isn't there something we could do to help him? Firing him won't help him cure this dreadfull habit he has." Mrs Payne agreed "Yes, but what can we possibly do?". Susan said " I have heard of a revolutionary treatment called Aversion Therapy. For instance, if someone can't quit smoking they give the person a cigarret and when he inhales they administer a painfull electric shock. Pretty soon he associates smoking with the painfull shock and develops an aversion to smoking. Maybe we could do the same with Ed and his dreadfull habit." Mrs Payne liked the idea of helping Ed and he sure needed help. Susan went on "In Ed's case we shouldn't use an electric shock, it should be something else. I think the best thing would be to squeeze his testicles when he masturbates. That would cause a dreadfull pain and develop an aversion." Mrs Payne was startled by the suggestion but the more she thought about it the more it appealed to her - it was simple and straightforward with no complicated and expensive equipment - just a squeeze to his balls.

Susan said that since Mrs Payne was the boss she would have to administer the therapy. Mrs Payne expressed her reluctance but realized that it was up to her. Tentaively she opened the door. Ed was barley moving his hand, it was clear he was on the verge of a climax. Mrs Payne went and stood before Ed and grabbed a testicle in each hand and lightly squeezed. Startled, Ed opened his eyes. He continued to masturbate and Mrs Payne increased the pressure on his balls. Ed had been leaning against the wall but he slid down the wall and was now sitting on the floor with his legs spread, leaning against the wall. Mrs Payne had moved down with Ed and she was sitting cross legged between Ed's legs. She continued to hold a testicle in each hand and was telling Ed that what she was doing was for his own good. She was smiling. Mrs Payne loved to be helping people and here she was helping Ed. She called Sue and Susan over and asked Susan to take over squeezing Ed's balls. Susan readily agreed, telling Mrs Payne that she also liked to be helping people and helping Ed filled her with pleasure. Mrs payne told them " This Aversion Therapy is an excellent program. Lets make it a daily routine with Ed. Tell him it is either the therapy or the police and public humiliation. Do you girls have a problem applying the therapy? I think you both deserve a raise and since the business is going so well I will arrange for another person, this time reporting to you." Sue said "I realize we had a problem with Ed but if we hire another person it should also be a male, we have a lot of heavy boxes and a big strong male would be best." Mrs Payne asked if they had concern about another male with the masturbation habit which seems to be so prevalent. Sue said "Oh no! In fact we would welcome it. We would like any chance we have to help people. If he has a masturbation habit we would apply the Aversion Therapy" Mrs Payne drove away from the warehouse thinking how lucky she was to have employees who love helping people as much as she does. She smiled contentedly as she heard Ed wail in agony.

Thursday, May 24, 2007

Office View

Ted was the office manager for a big company. He had a comfortable office with glass across the front so he could keep an eye on his staff. His secretary, Mrs Miller had been there when Ted started and she was right outside his office. She worked at a desk with her back to the window. Ted was so used to her being there that he no longer even noticed her. The day came when Mrs Miller retired and the next day personnel sent his new secretary over. Miss Carr was not like Mrs Miller. She was a very attractive young woman.
Ted was impressed by Miss Carr and her industrious manner. She quickly learnt the routines Mrs Miller had set up and in the first couple of days instituted some improvements. The only thing Ted didn't like was her manner - she was bossy. She didn't suggest changes but rather she told Ted what was to be changed. However overall she was very efficient and Ted felt he could live with her being bossy since overall he was very pleased with her performance.
After a few days Miss Carr told Ted she was going to rearrange her furniture outside his office. She said she was going to move her desk and the file cabinets. Ted really didn't mind what she did with the furniture as long as she was happy. Ted said he would arrange for someone from maintenance to come and do the moving. She told him not to bother, she had already made the arrangements.
The next morning Ted had to go to a managers staff meeting and when he came back to his office after lunch Miss Carr's furniture changes had been made. Now she was sitting sideways to his office, right outside his office window. She had always dressed conservatively but today she had on a tight sweater which outlined her large breasts. She wasn't wearing a bra and he could see her nipples sticking out. She was typing and Ted watched her breasts jiggling as she moved.
Within moments Ted had a throbbing erection. Miss Carr got up and came to Ted's door and asked him if he could help her move her desk a few inches. Ted got up but realized his erection was plainly visible and sticking straight out. He picked up a file folder and held it in front of himself. Moving the desk was difficult while holding the folder. Miss Carr was on the other side of the desk. She said it would be easier if he wasn't holding the folder as she reached across and pulled it from his hand. His erection was sticking straight out, straining the material of his pants. Miss Carr looked at it and burst out laughing. Ted tried to cover himself with his hands which made him look even more stupid. This made Miss Carr laugh even louder. She stood at her desk laughing at Ted. He had backed up against his office window with his hands over his erection. Miss Carr told Ted to stop playing with himself and help her move the desk. They moved the desk. She took a hold of his erection through his pants and led him back into his office and sat him down at his desk. She told him he was having bad thoughts about her and they would stay after work and she would discipline him with a spanking. That made Ted even more excited. She asked Ted if he would like a spanking and he nodded Yes. Miss Carr ignored Ted for the rest of the afternoon. He sat at his desk watching her with a throbbing hard-on.
After the office closed and the staff had left, Miss Carr came into Ted's office and closed the curtains over his front window. She had a video recorder which she set up, covering the office and she said she was making a recording for Ted to watch later while he masturbated. She told him to stand up and take off his pants. Ted was exited by the thought of a spanking. He took off his pants. Miss Carr asked Ted if he still wanted to be spanked. He said yes and Miss Carr said that wasn't good enough - he had to beg for a spanking. Ted begged and pleaded and finally Miss Carr said she was going to spank him. Miss Carr reached out and took his balls in the palm of her hand. She smacked down on them with her other hand. Ted screamed in agony. Miss Carr watched Ted with an amused look on her face. Ted was whimpering and said she said she was going to spank him. Miss Carr said yes, she was spanking his balls as she bought her hand down again. She had him lay on his desk. Miss Carr got comfortable and told Ted to lay back and enjoy the next fifteen minutes while she gave him a good spanking. Again and again her hand came down, smacking Ted's balls. Ted started by screaming but after a few minutes the pain was so severe and ongoing that he was reduced to a strangled groan. He had never experienced such agony. Miss Carr kept on spanking Ted with a contented look on her face, telling him to stop whimpering and take it like a man.
After the spanking she helped him pull up his pants and helped him out to his car. The next day Ted called in sick but the following day he shuffled into work, walking very carefully. Miss Carr stuck her head into his office and asked how things were hanging and told him to check his e-mail. Ted gingerly sat down and checked his email. There was a message and attachment. It was an edited version showing him pleading for a spanking and then getting his balls spanked. It showed Ted clearly with no pants getting a ball beating and all it showed of Miss Carr was her hands. It was clearly shot in Ted's office. After watching it Ted had a hard-on. Miss Carr came into the office and asked him how he liked the video. She told him that if he was a good boy and did whatever she told him to do she would spank his balls regularly and promise not to distribute the video around the office or to his family, friends and neighbours.

Monday, May 14, 2007


Ever since I can remember Mrs Peck would look after us when ever our parents were away. My dad travelled often on business and sometimes my mother would accompany him. Mrs Peck was easy going and would cook our meals, clean the house and make sure we got to bed at a reasonable hour. My parents arranged for Mrs Peck from an agency and it worked well. By the time we were well into our teens our parents would leave us alone for a day or two but otherwise would arrange for Mrs Peck to come and stay with us.
One time our parents were going away for ten days. It was the summer time and my sister and I were off from school. Mrs Peck came over but on the second day she was feeling poorly. She phoned the agency and said she was ill. A taxi came and took Mrs Peck home and a lady from the agency came by and said that they had trouble finding someone on such short notice but they had arranged for Miss Harris who had a lot of experience, mainly on short term assignments but she had agreed to take this assignment for the remaining eight days. I don't know why but my sister expected someone like Mrs Peck, a kind elderly lady.
Later that day Miss Harris arrived. My sister and I were shocked - Miss Harris was just a few years older than my sister and myself. Miss Harris immediately began laying down the law. My sister was furious about being told when to go to bed and when she had to be home each evening. Within a few hours they got into a heated argument and my sister stormed out of the house and said she would stay with her girlfriend up the street. Her girlfriends mother phone and spoke to Miss Harris and it was agreed that she would stay with her friend.
Miss Harris was bossy but I liked her. She was a good cook and she sure was good looking. She dressed casually in short skirts and T shirts. With no bra her nipples were clearly visible and she often sat with one leg tucked up under the other and I could see her panties. Rather than go out and hang out with my friends I stuck around the house. I seemed to have a permanent hard-on.
On the second evening she was with me we sat in the family room and chatted. I couldn't take my eyes of her nipples, except to look up her skirt. We talked for quite a while and she then suggested that it was my bed time. At my age for someone to suggest my bed time was a bit ridiculous but I was so infatuated with Miss Harris I would have done anything she requested. I went up to bed. As soon as I was in my room I locked the door and dropped my pants and started to masturbate, with my eyes closed, thinking of Miss Harris. Suddenly there was a knocking on the door and Miss Harris asked me to open the door. She said had done a laundry and washed my pajamas and she had a clean pair for me. I was just about ready to climax but I dropped my hard-on and pulled up my pants. I opened the door. Miss Harris stared at the clear outline of my erection and said she knew what I had been doing with my door locked. I stammered and got red in the face. She said that she knew I had been playing with myself and she would have to tell my parents on their return. I begged her not to say anything. She stood there with her nipples sticking out in her tight T shirt and her short skirt barely covering her panties. I couldn't take my eyes off her. A minute ago I was right on the edge of a climax and now I felt like I was going to come in my pants. She laughed at me and told me to get into my pajamas. She said to srip and get into my pajamas or she would tell my parents. I took off my shirt and pants. She told me to get out of my undershorts. I stood there naked in front of her with the largest erection I had ever had. She said I was a bad boy and she reached out and grabbed a testicle in each hand and squeezed. She led me over to a chair where she got comfortable and told me to lean against the wall since she didn't want me to fall down. Miss Harris rolled my nuts around between her finger tips. It was the most painfull and pleasurable feeling I had ever had. I leaned against the wall, moaning. After a while she started rubbing the tip of my erection. Right when I was about ready to come she led me over to my bed and used my pajama bottoms to tie my wrists to the bed headboard and the tops to tie my ankles to the bottom of the bed. It was comfortable enough but there was no way I could jerk off. Miss Harris put a blanket over me, patted my erection sticking up like a tent pole and said goodnight.
The next morning there was more of the same. For the next two days I was dressed in a t shirt only. Miss Harris made sure I had an erection most of the time.
A couple of days before my parents came back Miss Harris said she had a prior commitment but she had arranged for a subsitute nanny. She said it was Linda, her sister who was experienced and she would be over shortly. There was a knock on the door and Miss Harris let her sister into the house. I was told to stand in the entrance hall to great her. All I was wearing was a T shirt and a hard-0n. Miss Harris had my hands tied behind my back. Linda took one look at me and burst out laughing. I was shocked. Her sister was a girl from my school, a year behind me. Miss harris laughed with her sister and said it looked like we knew each other. She asked her sister if she felt she could handle me for two days. Linda stepped up to me, put her hands on my shoulders and drove her knee up between my legs. She connected square with my balls. As I started to fall her knee came up again, right into my balls. I sank to me knees before her, groaning in agony. She ruffled my hair and said I would be no problem.
That evening she got on the phone and invited over her two best friends, who are from her class in school. She told them to come over since she had a suprise. They were puzzled when she gave them my address but they showed up a while later. Linda had been playing with my nuts and hard-on and had me extremely excited. All I could think about was being allowed to come. She told me to wait in the kitchen. I was still only in a T shirt and my hands were tied behind my back.
Linda had her friends come in and sit in the family room. She called to me to come into the family room. As exited as I was I was extremely ashamed. I stood in the kitchen. Linda laughed to her friends and said she had a shy boy in the kitchen and she would go and get me. She came in, grabbed me by the balls and led me into the family room. My erection was sticking straight out and swinging from side to side as I walked. I was wailing in pain from Linda squeezing my balls. Gina and Sara looked at me wide eyed with suprise. They stared at my throbbing hard-on. They smiled. giggled and burst out laughing. Linda led me over to stand before them. She let go of my balls and told me to stand before them with my legs spread. They were still sitting and were staring straight at my erection. Linda urged them to punch me in the balls. Gina gave them a slap which didn't hurt. Sara poked at them. Gina asked Linda if she could pinch my balls. Linda told Gina she could do whatever she wanted except cut them off. Gina cradled my right nut in the palm of her hand and pinched down with her thumb. The pain was beyond belief. I was transfixed. All three girls laughed. Gina then cradled my left nut in her other hand and pinched down with her thumb. She was pinching both nuts at the same time. My whole universe became Gina's thumbs and my nuts. Over the course of the evening the other two girls also pinched my nuts. Since we all go to the same school I see all three girls frequently. All they have to do is smile at me and wiggle a thumb and I will do whatever they demand.

Tuesday, May 8, 2007

The Visitor- Part 3

Rika, a former Japanese exchange student, had visited us a couple of times in the past. Read The Visitor and The Visitor - Part 2. After Rika's second visit my wife constantly monitored me since she had found me masturbating a couple of times during Rika's visit. She monitored me at home and she had spoken with my secretary who took great delight in monitoring me at work.
I was unaware at first that Marie, my wife had spoken to Jill, my secretary. The day after they spoke, Jill came to work with an ultra short skirt and a low cut blouse. She came into my office to discuss some correspondence and gave me an immediate hard on. As soon as she left I locked the door, dropped my pants and started to jerk off. Jill has never walked in on me with my door locked but she did then. She used her key, opened the door, closed it behind her and walked over to me. I was in a state of shock. She casually reached out and grabbed my balls and started to squeeze. I screamed in agony and sank to me knees. She crouched over me, squeezing my balls and saying she was doing this for my own good. She said that my wife had explained my masturbation compulsion and had asked her to monitor me. I howled in agony but Jill just laughed and said that I should just quit fussing and accept my treatment and it would be over in half an hour. While she squeezed my nuts with one hand she phoned Marie and left a voice mail that I had been a bad boy and she was administering treatment.
When I got home that evening Marie greeted me with a swift kick to the nuts. As I laid on the floor, curled up and clutching my balls Marie lectured me on self control. I learned my lesson and made sure to never masturbate around Jill or Marie. Since they kept a close eye on me it was pretty rare when I got the chance to relieve myself. Over the course of the next year both Jill and Marie caught me a few times and I was punished accordingly.
Marie had never found out that Rika had been a real ball buster and cock tease towards me. Marie thought Rika was a sweet young woman and I must admit they did get along great together. During her last visit Marie worked for the final week and left Rika at the house to keep an eye on me and make sure I didn't play with myself. That was a week of heaven and hell combined. Marie and Rika agreed that the best way to monitor me was to have me with no pants - naked from the waist down. If I had a hard on Rika said it was because I was having naughty thoughts and she would grab my balls for a long ball squeeze. If I didn't have a hard on Rika would say it was because I had just masturbated so she would grab my balls for a long ball squeeze. Each day when Marie came home I would be curled up on the floor, holding my nuts and moaning. Marie would thank Rika for monitoring me and punishing me as required.
One day Marie announced that she had been talking with Rika by phone and Rika was coming for a visit. My balls started to dance. Marie said that she and Rika had talked about my compulsion and Rika had agreed that if there was any resumption they would both administer severe punishment. Marie said she had also talked with Jill and Jill had been kind enough to volunteer to administer punishment at the office. Marie said I was so lucky to have Jill as my secretary - Marie said she didn't have to ask, Jill immediately said she would squeeze my balls whenever necessary.
The day came when Marie and I went out to the airport to pick up Rika. She came though customs and was standing before us. She and Marie hugged. Marie turned around to get a baggage cart. Rika hugged me and drove her knee up between my legs and crashed into my nuts. I started to fall but Rika held me up and drove two more smashing knees into my nuts. I was in so much pain I was beyond screaming. I made a strangling sound as Rika guided me onto a chair. Marie came over with the baggage cart as I slid off the chair, onto the floor , clutching my nuts and moaning. Rika looked at me and then at Marie, shaking her head and saying that nothing had changed - there I was laying on the floor touching myself. Marie was livid with anger towards me. As I lay on the floor Marie kicked me in the nuts. A couple of passing female flight attendants smiled at Marie and said they wished they could do that to most of their male passengers. Marie and Rika helped me up and out of the terminal. Marie was pushing the baggage cart towards the car and Rika was helping me stay on my feet. Marie was ahead of us and over a row of cars. Rika slid her hand down my pants, held me up by gripping my nuts and led me to the car. Just before we came out from behind the row of cars Rika removed her hand. She and Marie put me into the back seat where I curled up for the ride home. Rika sure knew how to give someone a mind-blowing, memorable greeting.

Friday, May 4, 2007

The Window

Ed had lived in the same house all his life. His bedroom was upstairs at the end of the house and his window looked at the house next door, about ten feet away. The houses were built on the side of a hill and the house next door was higher than his. Looking out his window at the window next door all he saw was the top of the wall across from the window and the ceiling. From their window they had a clear view into his bedroom. This didn't bother Ed since he never saw anyone in that room and never anyone looking out the window so he had come to ignore it. There was a girl living there who was in Ed's class but she was quiet and not very popular. She had a girlfriend, Jill who was just as quiet and plain and who lived down the street and that was it. Ed was well liked and was on the football team. He had a summer job and had saved some money and had his own car. Ed was popular and never gave a thought to Marie, the girl next door.
One evening he came into his room and before he turned on the light he noticed that he could see Marie. She was facing the window and she must have moved a desk against the window. He could see her clearly and she was holding a book, reading. Ed stood in the only place in the room where she couldn't see him, against the wall right beside his window. Ed was exited. He had an uncontrollable urge to strip naked and lay on his bed and jerk off in front of Marie. Within a minute he had a hard-on. He stood against the wall fighting the desire. Finally he left his bedroom and went down stairs. After a couple of hours he went back upstairs and the light in Marie's room was off. She was all he could think about. He got a mirror from the basement and propped it so that he could see out the window by looking at the wall. He lay on his bed in the dark and could check her window by looking to the side, towards the far wall. Otherwise he would have to keep lifting his head. A few hours later the light came on in her room but she didn't sit near the window and eventually the light went out.
The next day at school he made a point of looking at Marie and he realized she was a pretty girl but she ignored everyone in the class and the rest of the class seemed to ignore her. She was all he could think about. That evening, after dinner, he went up to his room and locked his door. He didn't turn on the light and in the dark he laid on his bed and from the mirror he could see Marie, sitting where she had sat yesterday, reading a book. He immediately got a throbbing erection.
Ed couldn't control himself. He got up and went over and flicked on the light switch and went and stood beside his bed. He stared to get undressed and glanced in the mirror. His heart sank as he saw Marie get up and move away from the window and the light went out in her room. Then she came back and sat down to look out her window. There was enough light from Ed's window to make her out. Ed continued undressing. He had taken of his shirt when she turned off her light. He kicked of his shoes and took off his pants. Even with his undershorts the outline of his erection would be clearly visible. He stood on one foot and then the other, taking of his socks. Then he took off his undershorts, standing sideways to the window. His erection was sticking straight out, like a telephone pole. He laid down on his bed, flat on his back and started to stroke himself. From time to time he would move his head to the side and check that Marie was still watching him. He stroked himself slowly, making it last but as he got closer to coming he stroked as fast as possible, bouncing up and down on the bed. He heard something. It was laughter. Marie was laughing as Ed reached a shattering climax. He came like he had never come before. He ejaculated and ejaculated again. Through it all he could hear Marie laughing. He looked in the mirror and could see her laughing.
Ed laid flat on his back with a limp cock in his hand and semen all over his front. He felt terribly ashamed. He didn't know what to do. The light was on and there he was naked before Marie and she was laughing at him. He knew for his own self respect he had to pretend that he didn't know she was there but it was pretty difficult with her out-loud laughter, from ten feet away. Then she called his name. She said she had taken some great digital video shots, especially with him ejaculating but she wanted one with him standing, facing her, with his limp cock in his hand. She told him not to wipe of the semen - it would look great in the video. It was like Ed had no self control. He got up from the bed, stood beside it facing Marie and held his limp cock in his hand. He could hear and see Marie laughing at him as she shot the video. Ed dropped his cock and just stood there with his face down. Then it started, Ed got another erection. Marie told Ed to jerk off again, which he did, this time standing up before his window, facing Marie. He stroked himself faster and faster and climaxed again. Marie caught it all on video. She then told Ed to clean himself up and get a good nights sleep.
Ed spent a sleepless night, with a constant hard-on and Marie's laughter running in his mind. He was terrified with what she would do with the videos.
The next morning Ed went out to his car to drive to school. Marie was sitting in the front seat and her friend, Jill was in the back. Ed was shocked and ashamed. Marie told Ed to not say anything and they should get along fine. Ed got behind the wheel, Marie moved over to be close beside him and she slipped her hand down his pants and grabbed his balls. Then she laid a summer jacket over her arm, hiding the fact that she had Ed by the balls. She then told him to pick up his usual buddies and to introduce her and Jill as his new girl friends. With her tight grip on his balls, Ed did what she told him to do.
After classes Ed waited for Marie and Jill. Marie got in the front and sat close to Ed and slipped her hand down his pants. Instead of squeezing his balls she slowly stroked him. Like in the morning she didn't speak with Ed, other than instructions. When they got home Marie had Ed on the edge of a climax. She told Ed to go up to his room, lock the door and do what he did last night. She told Ed that last night after shooting the video she had edited it and sent a copy by e-mail to Jill. Jill has seen the video of him masturbating but Jill said she wanted to see Ed actually doing it.
The two girls got out of the car, Jill turned and looked at Ed and gestured a jerk off move with her hand, broke out in laughter and told Ed to get upstairs and put on the show. Ed was trapped. Ed went in the house and went upstairs and locked his door. The thought of Marie laughing at him exited him. The thought of Jill laughing at him gave him a throbbing erection. Ed went and stood beside his bed. He could see in the mirror that both Marie and Jill were looking out their window. Ed strpped and soon was standing sideways to the mirror stark naked with a stiff erection. Jill started to laugh and she called out to Ed to turn on the light - she didn't want to miss anything. Ed turned around and walked over to turn on the light and then back beside the bed, with his large hard-on swinging from side to side. Both girls were laughing and Jill told Ed to walk around the room a couple of times and then jump up and down. The more his erection bounced around the more the two girls laughed. Jill told Ed to jump up and down again - she wanted a close up. She picked up her video camera which had been aimed at the window and recording all along and zoomed in for a close up of Eds bouncing and swinging erection. She then put the camera back and adjusted for a wider angle to pick up the window.
Jill then called for Ed to lay down on his bed and start jerking off. Like yesterday, he started slowly but got faster and faster and was bouncing on the bed when Jill shouted at him to stop. Ed let go of his erection but it stood straight up, quivering, straining to ejaculate. Ed groaned and Jill called across that she was a cock teaser, cock teaser, cock teaser. She then told Ed to start stroking himself very slow. For over half an hour Jill instructed Ed and had him right on the edge of coming. Jill called over to Ed and asked if he was there alone. Ed said yes and Jill said she was coming over. To be continued