Saturday, December 12, 2009

No Longer The Janitor

nMargo had graduated near the top of her university class and had interned during the summers for a major bank and felt she had great qualifications as a stock analyst She applied as an analyst at a few major firms but had not even received an acknowledgement of her application. She finally applied at a small Wall Street firm and had been turned down by the young founder and sole owner of the firm. The arrogant SOB, Tyler Hamilton, who had interviewed her had spent most of the interview trying to look up her skirt. He offered her a job as their night janitor. She would have loved to have kicked him in the nuts but jobs were scarce and money was short so she had been forced to swallow her resentment and accept the offer. The job itself wasn't all that bad. She was on her own and as long as she vacuumed the carpets, cleaned out the waste paper baskets and dusted and straightened things up she was in the clear. She was usually finished after 4 or 5 hours and then had a couple of hours to kill. She could read, listen to her iPod or poke around the office. Margo was a bit of a snoop and she got a kick out of looking into the private lives of her supposed superiors. It was amazing what people kept in their desk drawers - condoms, vibrators, liquor flasks, personal financial records, pornography, personal correspondence and copies of job applications to competitors.

Margo always kept Tyler Hamilton's office her last of the shift. She always snooped in his office but never found anything. He had a big credenza behind his desk but it was always locked. Snooping in his desk one evening Margo found the key. She unlocked his credenza but it was a big disappointment - the usual business stuff. Then she came across a couple of DVDs. She took them out to his secretary's work station, turned on the computer, slipped in a DVD . Wow! Pay dirt! There was arrogant Mr Hamilton, buck naked and tied down and getting his nuts smacked by what appeared to be two professional dominatrixes. Each DVD lasted an hour and looked to be a session with him and the dominatrixes. They included him with no pants or totally naked and the two women dressed as executive women in business suits with short skirts and shear blouses. They kicked him in his nuts, punched and spanked his balls but mainly they spent most of their time squeezing his nuts and laughing at him. Margo found the DVDs hilarious but as she was putting them back into his credenza she made a decision. She kept the DVDs and locked up his credenza and returned the key.

Margo had taken advanced psychology in college and had a fair understanding of male fetishes. She knew what Tyler Hamilton's fetish was and she intended to use it. At the worst she would be out of a job she detested.

The next day, at the end of the day Margo changed into what she referred to as her cock tease outfit, an ultra short skirt and matching jacket in black with a shear white blouse where her nipples strained against the fabric. She had on black high heeled shoes. Her ultra short skirt almost but not quite covered the crotch of her white panties. Margo had worn her cock tease outfit a few times and knew it gave every normal guy a throbbing erection. She felt pretty sure it would have a devastating effect on Tyler Hamilton.

She phoned Mr Hamilton's secretary and asked if she could schedule a few minutes of his time at the end of the day. It was arranged

She waited until a few minutes past five, as most of the staff were leaving when she walked into his office. Without looking up from his desk he barked "This had better be good. You kept me waiting". Margo closed and locked his office door, spread her legs and put her hands on her hips. Tyler looked up and a look of shock was on his face. He groaned. Margo knew she had him. She told him to stand up, take off his pants and stand before her. He looked at her, dumbfounded. She walked up to his desk, leaned across it and slapped his face. He got up and did what she had told him to do. There he was, naked from the waist down with a throbbing erection. Margo was thrilled, it was so easy. She looked into Tyler's eyes as she reached down and cupped his nuts in her hand. She smiled at Tyler and began to laugh as she wrapped her fingers around his nuts and began to squeeze. He screamed and pulled at her arm. Margo squeezed tighter and told him to let go of her arm or she would crush his nuts. He let go and just stood there with his arms at his side. Margo rolled his nuts around between her fingertips., ocassionally pinching down on them. She had him good.

Margo told him to take off his pants and lay on his desk and she was going to spank his nuts. For the next two hours Margo did everything to Tyler's nuts that she saw on his DVDs plus a few tricks that she had thought up on her own. For most of the two hours Tyler screamed in agony but almost everyone was gone and also his office was soundproof.

Every evening for a week Margo worked on Tyler and by the end of the week she had turned him into a very obedient slave. When she was not squeezing his nuts she had him wearing the Cock Lock, a chastity devise. She had Tyler hire her as the executive vice president. The fact that the former janitor was now every ones boss got all the office tongues wagging until Margo sat down with them individually and mentioned a few of their personal secrets she had uncovered during her snooping evenings.

Margo and Tyler shared an office and sat side by side behind a large, wide desk. Margo cut the bottom out of all right pockets of Tyler's pants. She sat so close on his right side that she would slip her hand into his pocket and then she kept her hand in his pants, firmly squeezing his nuts. By nine thirty in the morning Tyler's eyes would glaze over and by ten thirty he would slump behind his desk, drooling and making odd sounds. They moved in together and Margo made sure that Tyler never had a climax. She made sure he always wore his chastity devise and kept him right on the verge of a climax for months at a time. The poor guy had a permanent hard-on and permanently aching nuts.

Margo ran the company and she was an excellent administrator. Sales and profits boomed under her leadership. One by one she sat down with all the company vice presidents and senior managers, all men, and offered them job security and lucrative bonuses. All they had to do in return was work hard, show her unwavering loyalty and drop their pants, lay down on their desks while Margo went to work on their nuts. Every senior man in the company got his nuts squeezed at least once a month by Margo and if they had done extremely well as a bonus Margo would call them in for a special nut squeezing session. Initially some men resisted but after a few sessions with Margo they became devoted servants and all worked hard to get that bonus, an extra nut squeezing session.

Margo visited her major suppliers and squeezed them for special prices. After an hour or two with Margo she got the lower prices she was looking for. She also visited her major customers and explained the necessity of price increases. In her cock tease outfit Margo knew what buttons to push to get what she wanted.

The company was growing and doing well so Margo set it up with Tyler Hamilton that she become and equal owner/partner. It was the easiest negotiation she had ever had. She threatened to stop squeezing his nuts if he didn't agree. Tyler was no longer effective as president so Margo made him Chairman of the Board. She wanted a small support staff of nut busting women and she devised a unique recruiting campaign. On selected billboards throughout the city she had an ad showing a woman in a short skirt talking to a man. Her hand was hidden by her body but it was apparent that the woman had the man by the nuts. She was smiling and he looked to be in terrible pain. The print said that to get ahead you had to grab a chance and squeeze it and if you are that sort of person apply. After a few days the billboard company pulled the ads but the ad did it's job. Her HR department was swamped with job applications from both men and women. According to the psychological profiling of the applicants the women were the typical ball busting bitches and the men wanted to get their nuts squeezed. Margo told her HR staff to hire a male assistant for each ball busting bitch hired. Margo liked the thought of a well balanced, happy work force.

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Mrs Jensen

Ted was a salesman, mainly door to door, for a company with a wide range of products. One of his customers, Mrs Jensen a recent divorcee, phoned him and set up a date for him to come by and do a cosmetics demonstration for her and her friends. Ted loved in house demos, a great way to sell a lot of product.

He showed up at Mrs Jensen's house and was pleased to see at least a dozen women. He showed them some product and offered to do a rinse and tint for a volunteer. They all crowded into Mrs Jensen's bathroom and Ted got Mrs Symes to sit down with her head in the sink. All went well with both the rinse and tint until Mrs Symes saw herself in the mirror. She went ballistic at the tint color, screaming it was not at all what she was expecting. Even Ted had to admit the tint was sort of strange, a bright shade of blue. Ted was trying to keep a straight face but finally burst out laughing at Mrs Symes and her blue hair. All the women took offense at Ted laughing at Mrs Symes and started to tell him off. Mrs Symes exploded and kicked Ted square in the nuts. Ted let out a strangled scream, snapped his legs together, holding his nuts and sank to his knees with a stunned expression of surprise on his face. He leaned forward and threw up on Mrs Jensen's clean bathroom tile floor. Mrs Jensen started screaming about her perfect bathroom tiles and reached down and grabbed Ted by his nuts and lifted him up and marched him out of the house to the garden, threatening she would cut his nuts off if he was sick in her house again. As soon as she got him out to the garden poor Ted promptly threw up on Mrs Jensen, right down her front. Mrs Symes with the blue hair was shouting that she wanted to kick him in the nuts again. Ted was wailing in agony and all the other women were rocking with laughter. Ted's in-house demo was going down hill fast. Mrs Jensen was livid. She was still holding Ted by his nuts and with Mrs Symes help she got his pants off. With one hand Mrs Jensen still had Ted by his nuts and with her other hand she managed to get her blouse off where Ted had been sick. All she had on under the blouse was a half bra, something that held her breasts up and ended just under the nipples. She looked magnificent and she was angrier than she had ever been in her life.

Just then Mrs Jensen's ex husband very unfortunately came by to pick up some of his belongings still at the house. He heard the commotion from the garden and went out back. Now Mrs Jensen nearly lost her mind with anger. In addition to Ted here was her ex husband walking into her house like he still owned it, the bastard. He stood with his mouth open, turned on by his ex wife squeezing some guys nuts, almost topless. Mrs Jensen handed Ted's nuts to Mrs Symes to squeeze and walked up to her ex husband, took his hands and placed them on her breasts and began to rub his crotch. Then quickly she unzipped him, pulled down his pants and undershorts and grabbed his nuts in one hand and his erection in the other. With one hand she was stroking his hard-on and with her other hand she was squeezing his nuts tighter and tighter. He screamed "Donna, please no, no". She shouted "Its Mrs Jensen to you Burt, you lousy bastard" and crushed his nuts tighter and tighter.

For Mrs Jensen there was nothing better than squeezing her ex's nuts to put a smile on her face. The more pain she was delivering the happier she became. He tried to pull her hands away and she squeezed tighter. She told him to keep his hands away or she would crush his nuts. Burt stood before Mrs Jensen wailing in agony as she laughed and squeezed his nuts. A couple of times he moved his hands to pull at her arms but she squeezed tighter and told him she would crush his nuts if he didn't put his hands on top of his head and keep them there. Mrs Symes saw what Mrs Jensen was doing and copied it for Ted. She had Ted standing naked from the waist down with his legs spread and his hands on top of his head as Mrs Symes held a nut in each hand and squeezed. The other women were crowded around and the expressions on both men's faces had them howling with laughter. Some asked to be given a turn and as a gracious hostess Mrs Jensen handed over Burt's nuts to Betty who was first in line for Burt's nuts and Mrs Symes handed over Ted's nuts to the first of a line up. Eventually all the women had had a go at both pairs of nuts.

By the time all the women were finished with them, both men were bare naked, curled up on the grass, clutching their nuts and moaning. The women went back inside Mrs Jensen's house and sat around talking and laughing about the last few hours with satisfied smiles on their faces.

The door bell rang and Mrs Jensen answered it. It was Frank Murphy from next door. Mrs Jensen though he had come to complain about the noise but was floored with amazement and then began to laugh as she asked Frank into the house and introduced him as her next door neighbour. She said Frank had a request to make. Frank looked extremely ill at ease and said that he had seen how the women had punished the two men in the garden and he said he felt he should be punished also. There was general laughter from the women. Betty asked Frank what he had done that was naughty. Fred said he played with himself. Betty said that wasn't enough to be punished, what else had he done? With an ashamed look on his face Frank said that he often slips into Mrs Jensen's laundry room which is at the back of her house and goes through her dirty laundry and borrows her underpanties. This bought a howl of laughter from the women and a bellow of outrage from Mrs Jensen. She turned to Frank and kicked him in the nuts. He sank to the floor on his knees. Betty was laughing like the other women as she grabbed Frank by his hair and pulled up his head. She asked him what he did with the borrowed panties. Frank said he liked to have two, one he would put over his head so the crotch would be in his face so he could smell it and the other pair of panties he would wrap around his hard-on as he jerked off, imagining he was screwing Mrs Jensen. He said she was the most beautiful sexy woman on earth. Betty turned to Mrs Jensen and laughingly said "Hey sexy, what shall we do with this pervert". Mrs Jensen told Betty to get her a length of rope and a stool. She then asked Betty to strip Frank and tie his wrists behind his back.

Frank was standing before Mrs Jensen with a throbbing erection. She looked at him and smiled and asked him if he really thought she was beautiful and sexy. Frank breathlessly proclaimed everlasting love as Mrs Jensen said she was going to spank him. Frank had a disappointed look on his face with the thought of a spanking but it changed to elation as she took his nuts in her hand and began to spank them. The elation quickly turned to anguish as Mrs Jensen kept up a non stop smacking of his nuts. She offered them to the other women who all took turns spanking Frank's nuts. When they finished Frank sank to the floor. Mrs Jensen stood over him and asked if he still felt everlasting love and Frank groaned that he loved her more than ever before. She laughed and told him that as soon as he could move about she wanted him to mow her grass front and back and if he did a perfect job she would spank him again. Frank promised it would be perfect.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Ted's Video

After clearing customs at the airport Ted spotted a cute woman with his name on a sign. Ted went over and introduced himself and within a few minutes Ted and Emma were in a taxi on the way to the studio. Ted could hardly believe it was happening. Ted had called the market right and had made a killing on foreign exchange. all that money but life had felt flat, no excitement. On a whim he sent an email to Nut Squeeze International asking if he could be a male model in some of the videos they put up on their site. He offered a considerable sum as an inducement. Negotiations took a few months, during which Ted was on a tight diet and worked out daily. Everything was done and here he was.

Ted wanted Emma to be aloof and kick him in the nuts during the introduction but she was quite the opposite. She was friendly with a bubbly personality and in the taxi she talked about how she and Ted would work together in the videos. She said there was a thin storyline but it was mainly about her stripping Ted, kicking him a few times in the nuts and then lengthy sessions of her squeezing his nuts in various ways while he writhed in agony. Emma talked as if she was talking about the weather, not Ted's nuts. Emma said that in a few of the sessions she would be joined by another woman and the two of them would punish Ted. She laughed and said it was a good thing he had two nuts so they would both have something to work on. Ted had a throbbing erection and asked Emma if she could give his nuts a workout right there in the back of the taxi. She looked at Ted in shock, called him a pervert and leaned close and forcefully drove her fist between his legs and hit him square in the nuts. Agony exploded through his body as he doubled up, clutching his nuts and moaning in pain. Emma laughed and told Ted to get used to it, there was a lot more to come over the week and she would be delivering it.

At the studio Emma had to help Ted out of the taxi and into the building, he was still bent over and clutching his nuts. Inside they went into the office and Emma introduced Ted to Sandra, the owner. Sandra was even more beautiful than Emma, she had blue eyes and blond hair with a nice slim figure and she was wearing a skirt so short it barely covered the crotch of her panties. Sandra smiled indulgently at Ted and told him it couldn't be that bad and he should stand up straight like a man. Ted let go of his nuts and started to straighten up as Sandra stepped forward, put her hands on his shoulders, smiled sweetly while she looked into Ted's eyes and drove her knee up between his legs. She connected right on his nuts. Ted started to collapse as Sandra's knee retracted and then came up again like a piston, again smacking Ted in the nuts. He collapsed at Sandra's feet. She looked down at him, smiled and said he would be fine in the videos - no acting required, just naturally reacting to the punishment that the girls would inflict on him.

Emma took Ted to his hotel, helped him check in and went up to his suite with him. Ted was in pretty bad shape so Emma said she would spend the night, putting ice on his nuts. All night long Ted felt Emma's fingers on his nuts, rubbing ice on them. By the morning the pain in his nuts was gone but he had a large throbbing erection. Emma slipped a testicle harness on Ted with a short leash. She helped him get washed, shaved and dressed. She left him unzipped and the leash came out through his zipper. She led him through the lobby and out in front of the hotel as if she was walking a dog. A number of hotel guests and staff noticed the leash, the women smiled approvingly and the men looked uncomfortable. Emma gave Ted a condescending smile and as he was stepping into the taxi to the drive to the studio, as a special treat, Emma reached into his pants, grasped his nuts and tightly massaged them all the way to the studio. Ted was in heaven - he would do anything for Emma.

The studio was pretty basic, a couple of girls with video cameras and some work stations for editing and special effects. Except for Sandra's office it was just one large open box. There was an area in one corner where most of the videos were shot. Emma led Ted to the corner and removed the harness. Sandra came over and told Ted to strip since the first video was to be basic ballbusting with Emma catching Ted jerking off. Emma laughed and Ted looked aprehensive as he stripped. A technical discussion developed about lighting, angles and exposure. Sandra was standing beside Ted and she casually took hold of his nuts and gently massaged them while she and Emma and the two video girls held their discussion. After a few minutes the discussion broke up and Ted was left standing there with a throbbing erection. Sandra smiled and told Ted he was excellent and should start jerking off. The four women watched Ted and the other staff, all females came over to watch the video. This was nothing new to the women but they all smiled in anticipation of the action about to unfold. Emma was coming home from work to find Ted, her boyfrien jerking off. She shouted at Ted and Ted reacted perfectly, he looked terrified and clapped one hand over his nuts while he continued to jerk off with the other hand. In a calm but threatening voice Emma told Ted to spread his legs and put his hands on top of his head. Ted half obeyed, his left hand went to the top of his head and his right hand continued jerking off. Emma pulled up a chair, sat down right in front of Ted and held his balls in one hand while she spanked them with the other. Ted howled in agony and all the staff smiled, Ted was a natural!


Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Ms Pennypacker on TV

In prior blogs we heard how Ms Pennypacker's no nonsense approach to raising the self confidence of women has helped women and created a business empire for Ms Pennypacker. She has a self help book, a video, a string of stress relief clubs, self defense seminars, a line of cloths and numerous speaking engagements.

Ms Pennypacker decided it was time for national TV coverage. She approached a specialty woman's interest network and they readily agreed to air a program designed to raise women's self confidence. Ms Tinner, the programming manager was happy to get behind a public interest program and she also knew that nothing attracted viewers like some women kicking guys in the nuts and nothing raised a woman's self confidence than being able to kick guys in the nuts. As they say, it was a Win - Win situation unless you were one of the guys getting it in the nuts.

As Ms Pennypacker explained, the program would start with her discussing the high incidence of violence against women with a female university dean with plenty of stats and graphs to give it the program a serious tone and emphasise the public service aspect of the program . It would then quickly go to the major parts of the program, self defence for women. Ms Pennypacker then made it clear to Ms Tinner that nothing worked better in self defence than getting a good grip on some guy's nuts and not letting go and that would be what the main part of the program would be about. Ms Tinner agreed while thinking of the sky high viewer ratings for the program. She did express some concern about where Ms Pennypacker would find men willing to have their nuts squeezed and how much they would have to pay them. Ms Pennypacker laughed and told her to leave that to her.

Ms Pennypacker advertised on a couple of local colleges for young women to earn excellent wages doing interesting public service work. She received a huge number of applications and when told it entailed being in a TV program to teach women self defence and that may entail squeezing some guy by the nuts most of the women were enthusiastic. Ms Pennypacker didn't like it but she knew that looks count on TV and she interviewed the women and selected slim, pretty women with nice legs and big breasts. Ms Tinner, the program manager, begged to be on the show and as a favour Ms Pennypacker agreed. Ms Tinner said she had dreamt about beating men in the nuts.

She then needed men and was looking for slightly older men with an air of success and arrogance, the type of men women like to see brought down and humiliated. She advertised in business journals, looking for men willing to do some public service by helping train young women for the modern world. She was inundated by applications. As with the women Ms Pennypacker knew that looks counted and she ended up hiring tall, slim but well built men, handsome and exuding arrogance and an air of privilege. She explained that they were doing a TV program about teaching the women self defence and clothing would be minimal but with their magnificent bodies that should be no problem.With their huge egos the men all thought that would be fine, all secretly pleased with the thought of them and their bodies on TV for all to admire.

With taping set, Ms Pennypacker gathered the women together and explained the first day's shoot. She said that they would shoot a lot of video and then edit it down to half hour segments. The women were all enthusiastic. She then brought the women and men together and paired the women and men up into pairs with a video camera woman to each pair. She had a dozen pairs spread over a large studio stage. The men were leering at the women and grinning. Ms Pennypacker was using a bullhorn and told the men to walk towards the women like they were about to attack them. She then told the men to run their hands over the women, feel their breasts and between their legs. She then told them to wrestle the women to the ground. The men were all enthusiastic during this and the women put up with it. She then had the men and women facing each other. Pretty well all of the men had erections, clearly visible through their gym shorts. Ms Pennypacker said "Now" and all the women kicked their partner in the nuts. The few that didn't immediately collapse got a quick second kick and all the men were down. The women leaped on them, pulled off their shorts and got a good tight grip on their nuts. The men were howling in agony. Ms Pennypacker made sure the sound person picked up the howling, it made great background sound.

She then went to work with a couple, Susan and Ned. Susan was real cute and quite tiny in stature. Ned was big and muscular and up to a few minutes ago extremely arrogant. No longer, Susan was sitting on his stomach, squeezing his nuts. Ned was in extreme agony and begging Susan to let go of his nuts and the camera woman was picking it all up. Ms Pennypacker got into the scene and was talking to the camera saying that Susan could easily increase Ned's discomfort. The to demonstrate, she changed positions with Susan. She clasped Ned's scrotum, pushing his balls tightly towards the end, where his balls were nicely outlined. She then took her other hand, smiled at the camera and pinched Ned's left testicle. Ned screamed in agony, Ms Pennypacker laughed and then pinched his right testicle. Looking at the camera she explained that the objective of assertive self defense was to make sure the assailant never tried to be physically assertive again. She then handed Ned's nuts back to Susan and told her that the longer she kept up the training the more effective it would be, pinching Ned's nuts for ten minutes was better than for five, an hour was better than half an hour and all afternoon was better than a couple of hours. Ms Pennypacker said she would check back later in the day and for Susan to keep up the good work.

Ms Pennypacker went and stood before some blackboards and in her white lab coat she looked very professional and knowledgeable like a university professor. She was very serious as she explained to the camera that for a woman to be truly effective in a physical confrontation with a man she had to have detailed knowledge of a man's body, and specifically his groin. She said that a noted banker had agreed to help her. She went off camera and came back leading a masked and naked man by his quivering erection. He had his wrists tied behind his back and he had a spreader bar clamped to his ankles, forcing his legs wide apart and he shuffled rather than walked. She was slowly stroking his hard on and he looked to be on the verge of a climax. She lifted and probed his testicles and undertook a very close examination of his erection. She went on to say there are many ways to inflict punishment to a man's balls and she plans to demonstrate some of them in this and future programs. She said a very effective way is to spank his nuts. She took his nuts and cupped them in her hand and slapped them firmly with her other hand. He screamed in pain as Mr Pennypacker vigorously spanked his nuts. When it looked like he was about ready to pass out from the pain, Ms Pennypacker stopped her spanking. She smiled at the camera and pointed out that it effectively deflated his erection.

Ms Pennypacker spent the rest of the day going from couple to couple showing the best way to hold, squeeze and beat a man's nuts. The women found a lot of it quite funny but no men were laughing. She then went back to Susan and Ned and Susan was still pinching Ned's nuts. Poor Ned looked like he was in a trance, barely in touch with reality. Susan got off his stomach and told him to stand up. Ned staggered to his feet, bent over and clutching his nuts. Susan reached up and patted Ned on the head and told him he was a good boy and she was taking him home for further obedience training. At the end of the day and the end of the first program was a shot of Susan leading naked Ned around by his nuts then turning and delivering a swift uppercut between his legs and connecting solidly with his nuts and Ned falling to the ground and groveling at Susan's feet, moaning and clutching his nuts and declaring eternal devotion.

The first episode was a rating smash.

Monday, August 31, 2009

Obedience School

Ted was skimming through the local paper when he saw a classified under Swaps/Exchange. "Lady offering obedience training in exchange for general handyman work". He phoned right away and spoke to Olga, who had placed the ad. She said that the paper made a mistake and left out the word "dog" before obedience. Before she had a chance to end the call Ted pointed out that he had a great set of tools and was very handy and he asked her what she needed done. Olga mentioned a few building repair jobs and Ted said that was something he could easily do to her satisfaction.

When Olga asked if he had a dog Ted confessed that he had no dog but he sure needed some obedience training. Olga laughed at Ted's eagerness and said she in turn sure needed some repairs done and could he come right over for an interview.

Olga received quite a few calls from men who wanted obedience training but she had liked the sound of Ted and just took the other men's names and numbers. Ted immediately drove over. Olga took his breath away - blond and bubbly with a sprinkle of freckles across her nose. Tight jeans and a loose sweatshirt. Olga said that she preferred to train neutered dogs - they were more manageable and easier to train.

Olga said "Let me get this straight. You want me to give you obedience training and you will work on my house? Hour for hour. I train you for an hour and you work on my house for an hour. While you drove over I looked this up on the Internet and it consists mainly of clothed women beating naked men,usually in the groin. There were some pictures and it looks like fun for the women and a terrible ordeal for the men. Are you sure this is what you want?" Getting red in the face, Ted nodded "Yes". Olga said "Let me think about this and I'll let you know tomorrow." Ted said he would be there.

The next morning Ted showed up and Olga showed him into her office. Ted immediately told Olga he had his tools and was ready to start work. Olga looked doubtful but said she needed the repairs done and she couldn't afford a contractor. She suggested that they would start and see how it goes but there was to be no sex. Her demeanour instantly changed and she shouted at Ted to take off his pants. Ted hurriedly obliged while Olga glared at him with her hands on her hips and her legs spread. Ted immediately got a throbbing erection. Olga pointed at it and shouted "What the hell is this" and savagely kicked Ted in the nuts. Ted had never felt such pain in his life. He was paralysed and slowly started to collapse before Olga. She reached out and held him up by his hair as she kicked him twice more in the nuts. Ted fell to the floor, curled up in a ball., clutching his nuts and wailing in agony. Olga laughed, clapped her hands together in glee , looked down at Ted and asked him if he was satisfied with her performance. Ted continued to wail. Olga became serious and told Ted that his time recuperating counted as training time and he had to do work equal to the training and recuperating time. Olga had a devilish grin and said that she expected he would spend a lot of time recuperating and she reached down between Ted's legs, grasped his nuts and gave them a playful squeeze, playful to Olga but terribly painful to Ted as he wailed even louder. Olga got some duct tape and slapped it over Ted's mouth and told him to quieten down, she had some ladies coming over to train their dogs. She left him in her office.

By noon Ted had recovered to the point where he could managed to stand up but bent over and moaning. Olga laughed at Ted and told him "Such a fuss over your balls, take it like a man" as she stepped behind him, reached between his legs and grasped his nuts and held them in a long squeeze. Ted screamed in agony and reached out and held onto Olga's desk but collapsed half onto it with his nuts hanging just over the edge and his feet on the ground. Olga pulled up a chair and sat down and got comfortable and went to work on his nuts, squeezing, pinching, spanking and rolling them around between her finger tips. Eventually Ted slid off the desk onto the floor where he rolled up into a ball, clutching his nuts and moaning in agony. Olga left Ted alone for the balance of the morning. She checked on him after her lunch and found he had recuperated to where he could talk and stand up. She told Ted to pull himself together since she wanted to introduce him to Elly, her helper. She picked up her phone and called back to the kennels and asked Elly to come to her office, she wanted to introduce her to their new handyman.

Elly came into the office and stared with disbelief at Ted. Olga was sitting behind her desk with an amused look on her face and Ted was standing in the middle of the office, no pants on and cradling his nuts in his hands. Olga introduced them to each other. Ted nodded, red in the face in extreme embarrassment and Elly continued to stare. Olga said to Elly "Watch this" as she got up and went and stood before Ted with her hands on her hips and her legs spread wide. She shouted at Ted that he was to be obedient to both her and Elly and stop playing with himself and put his hands at his side. She then slapped Ted's nuts and stood back. Both women watched as Ted quickly developed a stiff hard-on. Elly continued to stare and then smiled, giggled and then was laughing almost uncontrollably. Olga joined her and the two women were laughing at Ted and his nuts and stiff erection.

Olga told Elly about the deal she had made with Ted and she said she had shown Ted how she could deliver obedience training and now it was his turn to show that he was a competent handyman. She asked Elly to supervise Ted and show him the various things that needed to be done. Still laughing, Elly said "Sure" and grasped Ted by his hard-on and led him out of the office.

At the end of the day Elly came up front to see Olga as she had just finished her last dog obedience class. Elly said that Ted was definitely a good handyman, he had fixed the back door and a leaking faucet. She said that tomorrow he would fix the roof and for that he should wear his pants but whenever inside, no pants and bare nuts. Olga complimented Elly on her handling of Ted and said that training a man is the same as training a dog, punishment when he does something wrong and a reward for doing something right. Elly laughed and said she had spanked Ted and then kicked him in the nuts as a reward for a good afternoon's days work and sent him home. Elly said she could hardly wait for tomorrow when she planned on grabbing Ted by his naked nuts and giving them a good long squeeze. Olga smiled and said that this looks like it will work out fine for both sides, both sides getting what they want.

Things worked out well for Olga, Elly and Ted. Ted would come by twice a week and spend half his time taking obedience training and recuperating and the other half of his time as a handyman, albeit an unusual handyman with no pants and an erection, under Elly's guiding hand. Olga had become quite close with a few of her clients, wealthy, bored women who had been treated poorly by the men in their lives. These were women who wanted to get back their self esteem and to get even with men in general. Olga realized that nothing was better at self confidence building than grabbing some well hung, attractive guy by the nuts and slowly squeezing them tighter and tighter as he screamed and pleaded. Olga decided to start a class.

There were about a dozen women Olga felt would be interested and she invited them over to discuss a self help program to build up their confidence and self esteem. They arrived in the early evening and Olga had some snacks and coffee laid out. The women got comfortable and since Olga was a certified dog trainer she did have an aura of expertise and the women all felt comfortable about her. Olga had selected women who had had major problems with men in their lives, in most cases violent men where the women had been badly treated. Olga started by saying that to become self confident they needed to loose their feeling of inferiority towards men and become confident. She asked if any of them had ever kicked a man in the nuts. The women were shocked by the question and none had. Olga then asked if they had ever thought about it and all the women nodded yes. Olga said the most empowering feeling she had ever felt was the first time she had kicked a man in the nuts and had him clutching his nuts and moaning at her feet. She said the only thing better was to have a firm grip on his balls and start to squeeze. The women were staring at Olga in a state of shock. Olga said "Come on, admit it, wouldn't you like to have a big guy by his nuts, squeezing them and having him begging for mercy?" One by one the women all agreed that was something they would like.

Olga said the course was short, three sessions and she guaranteed it would change their lives. Olga knew the women were all well off financially and said the course tuition was $500 but that was nothing compared to what it would do for them. The women were a bit apprehensive and Olga said they would have a sort preview of the first session and they could decide after that whether they wanted to enroll or not. She called to Elly who then led Ted into the room by his nuts. Ted was naked with a stiff hard-on. Ted worked out and had a muscular figure with no flab. He cut quite a figure with his good looks, muscular but slim figure and a huge erection. The reaction from the women was a collective gasp and then nervous laughter. Olga said "This is Ted, who wants to be the first to kick him in the nuts?". Little Mary Lister, who was always quiet and meek immediately said she would like to grab that self confident bastard by his nuts and teach him a thing or two. She jumped up, ran across the room and grabbed his nuts right out of Elly's hand. Poor Ted became the embodiment of all the men that had ever treated Mary wrong and here was a chance for Mary to even the score. Rather than a quick crushing squeeze that would knock Ted out cold Mary slowly squeezed Ted's nuts tighter and tighter. She had him begging for mercy as she laughed in his face. By the time Mary was finished with Ted the other women all wanted a try but Olga realized that Ted was in no condition for any more. All the women signed up for the course and after they left Olga ad Elly made Ted as comfortable as possible and then got out the list of men who had phoned on the newspaper ad and scheduled a series of interviews, interviews to be held by her new class.

Olga and Elly phoned over a dozen men and arranged interviews with a dozen, all for the next day. The first one they scheduled was Pete Steel who was screened over the phone so that he understood it was obedience training for him and acting as a teaching volunteer for a class Olga was holding instead of handyman duties. Pete was so eager he didn't even ask what kind of a class Olga was holding, he just wanted obedience training. Olga told Pete to arrive an hour before her class was to start. Due to her and Elly's obedience training with Ted they had a fair idea of what would work best with Pete. Elly met him at the door and led him into the interview room and told him to fill out a form with his name, address and some personal information such as weight, height, color of hair and eyes and for him to sign a statement absolving Olga and Elly of any responsibility if he were degraded, humiliated, stripped naked and beaten. The form was attached to a clip board and he filled it out as he was standing. Elly was watching him with an amused look on her face. When he got to the part about being degraded, humiliated, stripped naked and beaten he groaned, breathed rapidly and looked like he had been hit over the head. He hurriedly signed the form and held the clipboard down so it covered his erection. Elly grabbed it out of his hands, pointed at his erection, laughed and back handed him in the nuts. Pete doubled over, as Elly grabbed his nuts and led him out to a kennel and told him to stay there and she would be back. Over the next hour Olga and Elly had screened and processed the dozen men, all men wanting to get dominated and abused by a woman. Like Pete, they were taken to the kennels and locked in but unlike Pete they were stripped naked and kicked in the nuts.

The women had arrived for their class and Olga told them that Mary had incapacitated Ted and his nuts would not be available for some time, while he recuperated. There was general disappointment amongst the class and a couple of the women said that they were looking forward to empowering themselves. Judy Clive said "Empowerment -hell - I just want to get some guy by the nuts" All the women laughed. Olga told them that she and Elly had a replacement for Ted and she asked the class to be a bit more careful with his nuts. Olga asked Elly to bring Pete in. Pete came into the room and stood before the seated women. Olga told Pete that this was an interview as to whether he would be chosen for obedience training and she asked the women if any of them had any questions or comments. Anne West told Pete to take of his pants and he readily complied. He stood with his legs spread sporting a nice big hard-on. He stood with his hips pushed forward, practically begging the women to kick his nuts. Anne then asked Pete if he ever masturbated and Pete said "No". She then told him he was a liar and that she gave him permission to masturbate as long as he didn't come. Pete grabbed his hard-on and started to jerk off at a furious pace. The women all burst out laughing - nothing looks funnier to a woman than some guy with his pants down jerking off.

Olga motioned for the women to quieten down and she then said she had another surprise, a dozen naked men locked in the kennels. She said that she and Elly had kicked them all once in the nuts, just to soften them up and it was up to the women in the class to teach them proper obedience and if they found any they particulary liked they could take them home.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Jane Swift - Postal Inspector on Patrol

Jane handed in the report on her first independent postal inspection and it was well received. Her report made no direct mention of the former supervisor masturbating on company time and she put it down that he was doing personal things while on the job. Jane's boss, Ms Kunz, was resented by her male staff because she was the best female Human Resources could find for the job, not the best person. She knew the male staff had no respect for her and all her life she had been teased about her name. Now she had some authority and she wanted to make as many men as possible squirm under her authority, she wanted to get even and get some respect.

She was intrigued by Jane's report and questioned Jane closely and was surprised and exited by what Jane had found out and what she had done in the way of punishment. Ms Kunz was exited by the thought that a man under her authority was getting smacked in the nuts daily. She congratulated Jane and asked her to keep her eye out for similar behavior and if found, report back to her.

Over the next little while Jane inspected a number of post offices with no irregularities of a serious nature. The postal manual said that any irregularity should be brought to the postal facilities supervisor and Jane loved to act on that. Any infraction of postal policy and Jane would march into the supervisors office and tell him to get up from behind his desk and stand before her. She would berate him up and down, shout in his face and threaten the loss of his job. She got a thrill from the look of fear on their faces and she loved it when some of the men would clamp their hands over their nuts, protecting them from a possible kick. Jane was tempted but held off.

While driving from one postal facility to the next Jane noticed postal delivery vans parked on the side of the road which wasn't unusual but often they appeared locked with no sign of the delivery person. Jane thought that maybe they were taking unauthorized breaks and the next one she saw she stopped to investigate. The van was parked under some trees beside a secondary street in a semi rural area. Jane quietly approached the van and using her master key she opened the back door. It took all of Jane's self control not to whoop for joy - there was a guy laying on a pile of mail sacks with his pants down jerking off. Jane pulled out her camera and took a short video shot and quietly closed the door, jotted down the van number and raced back to her office. She immediately went to Ms Kunz and showed her the video. They went out and got in Jane's car and raced to where the van was. It was gone. The women were disappointed.

When they got back to the office Ms Kunz called the dispatcher and he told her the driver of the van Jane had videotaped was Jack West. The dispatcher told her Jack was on his way back and she told the dispatcher to tell him to immediately report to her office, she had some good news for him.

Ms Kunz and Jane waited in Ms Kunz's office and a short while later there was a knock on her office door. Peter, her secretary, told her there was a driver waiting to see her and she told Peter to send him in. Jack walked in curious about the good news and Ms Kunz immediately went on the offensive. She shouted at him to look at her computer monitor and she ran the video of him jerking off in the back of his van. She asked him what he was doing instead of delivering the mail. She told him obstruction of delivering mail was a federal offence and did he want to loose his job and be charged with a crime. Jack was stunned. Jane smiled at Jack and told him there was some good news - if he underwent treatment they could delay any adverse action. Ms Kunz and Jane were playing Good Cop, Bad Cop. Jack readily said he wanted treatment. Ms Kunz said that was good and he was to immediately take off his pants, spread his legs and put his hands on top of his head. Jack just looked at Ms Kunz with his mouth hanging open. Jane told him he had better do as Ms Kunz had said or his future would go up in smoke.
She told him the embarrassment of a few moments with his pants down was a small penalty so Jack reluctantly took of his pants, spread his legs and put his hands on top of his head. Ms Kunz walked up to Jack, stood close and smiled at him as her hand went down and her fingers encircled his nuts and she began to squeeze. With her other hand she propped him up and steered him over to her conference table. Jack collapsed back on it and started to wail in agony. Ms Kunz stood between his spread legs and took a nut in each hand and started to vigorously massage them, squeezing and rolling them between her fingers and jamming her thumbs into them. She was laughing at Jack's reaction and asked Jane to pull up a chair for her. Ms Kunz sat down and got comfortable so she could spend some time disciplining Jack on better time management.
Jane found it very exiting and stimulating watching the abuse Ms Kunz applied to Jack's nuts. Eventually Ms Kunz let go of Jack and Jane wanted to have a go but poor Jack could barely stand and was moaning. They told him to pull up his pants and they hoped he had learnt his lesson. Jane told him they would call him in from time to time for a reminder lesson but no more abuse of company time. Jack limped out, bent over, clutching his nuts and moaning.
After that Jane became very vigilant at watching out for parked and locked postal vans. It was surprising how many were out there. She and Ms Kunz had lots of fun teaching the postal drivers the importance of better time management. Sometimes if there was nothing else to do they would call one in for a reminder lesson. Jane sure loved her job as a Postal Inspector.

Monday, August 10, 2009

Jane Swift, Postal Inpsector.

Ed loved his job at the post office. He was in charge of a small sub office in the suburbs and he had a couple of girls, Anne and Helen, who did the counter work and sorted and bagged the mail. Occasionally he had to help out but most of the time he sat in his office with his door locked, surfing porn sites and jerking off. He even designed and built an electric operated suck off machine from old postal equipment with a tube that he put over his hard-on and with his pants off he just laid back and it applied a wonderful suction and stroked up and down his hard-on. He could modulate the stroke down to where it could keep him right on the verge of a climax for hours on end.

Ed told the girls it was postal policy for security that he kept his door locked. Occasionally they wanted him to help out on the front counter and would bang on his door. If he was right out of it he wouldn't answer or he would shout that he was in the middle of an important postal matter and would talk to them later. Since it was a small sub station and the girls kept it operating efficiently they never received visits from an inspector, which suited Ed just fine.

One morning a postal inspector, Jane Swift, showed up. She was a trainee, recently on the job but wanting to make a name for herself. This was her first post office inspection without her trainer present. She wanted to do it right and by the book. She walked in and showed her postal badge to the girls and asked to speak to the sub-office supervisor. They took her down the hall and knocked on Ed's door. There was no answer. Jane asked where could Ed be. They said he was in his office on important postal matters, too busy to come to the door. Jane scoffed and said maybe he was injured or ill. She fished a master key out of her purse and opened the door.

Jane Swift stood in the door way and was transfixed. Anne and Helen were also transfixed. Ed was laying on the floor with his wonderful jerk off machine very slowly chugging away, up and down his hard-on. Ed was a bit of a neat freak and his pants were carefully hanging up on a hanger. His undershorts were beside the pants, neatly folded, along with his shoes and socks. He was naked from the waist down. This was something beyond anything Jane had come across in her training. She was flustered but intrigued. Except for the fellow in the window across from her apartment she had never seen a man with a hard-on and that guy used his hand, not the fancy machine Ed was using. The manual said the first thing was to introduce yourself to the station supervisor so she went over to Ed, looked down at him and said she was Jane Swift, postal inspector. Ed was right on the verge of a climax. He heard someone addressing him so he focused his eyes and looked up, right up Jane's skirt. Now it was Ed's turn to be transfixed. Her soft white thighs and the beautiful mound and crease in her panties bought Ed right to the edge of a climax. He didn't want the feeling to end so he pulled the sucking tube off his erection and it stood straight up, quivering. Jane pulled a chair up and looked down at Ed and said she was going to go down the inspection check list. She remembered the trainer had told her to try and get all the station staff involved in the inspection so she told Anne and Helen to pull up chairs and join her and Ed. So there were the three women sitting in a circle around Ed, flat on his back with his legs spread slowly stroking his hard-on.

Jane checked the manual to see if something like this was covered. It wasn't so she went right to the inspection check list. The first thing on the check list was a tidy station. Jane looked around and was impressed, right down to Ed's cloths, everything in his office was neat and tidy. Staff moral seemed high, both Anne and Helen had big grins and the occasional giggle and Ed seemed to be enjoying himself. Ed deserved high marks for ingenuity, his suck off machine was remarkable but Jane was concerned since it appeared to be made from parts of a mail sorting machine. Security was first rate with Ed's door being locked. The only thing that bothered Jane was Ed's behavior, he wasn't making the most use of his time. She asked the two girls and they said that Ed needed some discipline. Both Anne and Helen were outraged that all this time when they asked Ed for help he was in his office playing with himself. Jane asked Anne and Helen what they had in mind. Anne and Helen looked at Ed's naked nuts and smiled. Jane looked down at Ed and told him to stop what he was doing, put on his pants and get to work. Ed paid no attention so Jane read aloud the portion in the manual dealing with staff breaks, fifteen minutes per shift. Still no reaction from Ed. Helen asked Jane if she and Anne could have a try and Jane said they could try but nothing seemed to get through to Ed. Helen leaned forward in her chair and gave Ed a swift, hard swat across his nuts. Jane was amazed at the immediate change in Ed's behavior. He dropped his hard-on, grabbed his nuts and let out a howl of pain. Anne got out of her chair and hiked up her skirt and sat on Ed's face and pulled his arms and hands away from his nuts. Helen got up and crouched down on her knees between Ed's legs and grabbed his nuts and cradled them in the palm of her hand. She then started to slowly but firmly spank them. At first Ed struggled to get his arms free but eventually stopped fighting and just laid there with his arms at his side and his legs spread as Helen continued to spank Ed. His cries of agony were muffled by Anne's backside pressed down onto his face. Eventually the girls got up and stood over Ed and laughed as he laid on the floor, curled up, clutching his nuts and moaning. Then they said there were probably customers out front and they had better get back to the counter. Jane was impressed by their evident desire for customer service but she looked down at Ed and felt that he wasn't showing the same concern for customer service.

Jane sat down and read the manual where it covered what powers a postal inspector had when the inspector felt the delivery of the mail was imperilled. Jane hadn't thought much about it but her powers were considerable. She wrote up a preliminary report on her inspection of the sub station and listed the good things but also said that Ed was abusing his break time and the serious charge of using postal property for personal purposes. She then mitigated this charge by writing that he hadn't received monetary gain and the property had not left the post office so he was not to be terminated, just demoted. Helen was to be made acting supervisor and Anne as assistant supervisor and Ed became the junior employee.

A month later Jane made a surprise visit to the sub station and was impressed with the tidiness and general efficiency. She asked Helen if she had any trouble with Ed accepting her as the boss. Helen laughed and said to remind Ed who was in charge each morning she and Anne would spank his nuts and as a treat for good performance they would let him use the jerk off machine during his break periods. Jane knew that both methods of discipline and reward were not covered in the manual but she was quickly learning that not everything had to be exactly by the book, even the sight out back of Ed sorting mail with no pants on and some weights from an old scale tied to a string and the other end of the string tied around Ed's nuts. She asked Helen and she said that Anne had caught Ed jerking off in a corner and that was her form of punishment. From the look of anguish on Ed's face it seemed to be working.

From time to time Jane would stop by the sub station to start her day. The girls would let Jane spank Ed's nuts. Jane found it enjoyable and smacking some guy's nuts was a wonderful way to start the day. As an additional note, Jane counted the windows in the apartment building across from hers and figured out the apartment number of the guy across from her who walked around naked, jerking off and exposing himself. She went across to his building and went up and rang his door bell. He opened the door and Jane kicked him square in the nuts. For the next couple of days she saw him limping around his apartment and then he was at it again, naked and jerking off. Jane went over, he opend the door stark naked with his legs spread and Jane kicked him again in the nuts. Whenever she saw him naked and jerking off she went right over, knocked on his door and when he opened it , naked, and jerking off she would deliver a swift kick to his nuts. After a while Jane realized she was being used but she didn't mind, she just loved kicking him in the nuts.

Monday, August 3, 2009

Laura's Promotion.

Laura should have listened to her friends who told her that a general arts bachelor in philosophy degree was absolutely worthless. They were taking accounting, computer science, engineering and other majors that would lead to jobs. As they graduated they were snapped up by companies who did on campus recruiting. Nobody offered Laura a job.

She finally had to swallow her dignity and apply for secretarial positions. Even then she found it difficult to even get an interview. With no experience and no secretarial training and add the big chip on her shoulder Laura was not the ideal candidate. She finally got an interview with a small company where the person she would be reporting to was doing the interviews. She was getting desperate.

The interview started and Laura realized that the guys brains were between his legs. Swallowing her pride she hiked up her skirt, opened her legs to give him a good view of her panties and got the job. It was a battle from day one. Her boss, Jim Dennison, had graduated at the same time as Laura but he had taken business administration and had lucked right into a sales management job. He continually made fun of Laura's philosophy degree which infuriated Laura. He figured he was God's gift to women and his juvenile double ententes and obscene jokes further infuriated Laura. Also he was constantly trying to look up her skirt and down her blouse. She went to the woman who looked after Human Resources but Anne was of little help. She said most of the young female staff had complained to her and she would love to call him in for a disciplinary session but since he was hired on the owners recommendation there was little she could do based on "he said - she said" evidence. Since Ms Cracken, the owner, was hardly ever there, she didn't see the way Jim acted towards the female staff. Anne said she needed something tangible. Pretty soon Jim had Laura running his errands, picking up his dry cleaning and bringing him coffee. Within a couple of months she was practically doing his job for him while he goofed off and cruised porno sites in his office with the door locked. One day he had to leave early and he forgot to lock his door and turn off his computer. Laura went into his office and checked out what she could find on his computer.

It was easy to check what web pages he had been visiting. Well, well, well - women kicking naked men in the balls, squeezing and crushing their nuts, nut spanking and general domineering over men. The first thing she did, after she stopped laughing, was to change the computer access code so that he could turn his computer on but then have no access to control it. She turned up the volume and then she changed the home page to Nut Squeeze International and then turned off his computer and closed his office door. The next morning Jim arrived and was relieved to see his door closed and his computer turned off. He had left the previous afternoon and he couldn't remember if he had turned off his computer and closed his door. but everything looked OK. Laura had earlier called Anne, the HR person, and Anne arrived at about the same time Jim showed up for work. Anne sat down outside Jim's office to talk with Laura. Laura made up some payroll question. Jim's office door was open when all of a sudden there was an angry shout from Jim and very loud woman's laughter and a scream. The laughter and scream were coming from Jim's computer. Jim was banging at his keyboard trying to turn off the video. Anne and Laura ran into Jim's office and there on Jim's monitor was a video of a fully clothed secretary type woman squeezing some naked guy's nuts.

The laughter and screaming were so loud that it soon attracted all the office staff. They crowded around Jim's door, staring at the computer screen and at Jim frantically trying to turn it off. Laura said she would try and turn it off and with her access code she made the volume louder still. Now, the woman's voice on the video could be heard throughout the entire office as she laughed and described what she was doing to the guy's nuts. The other voice was the guy wailing in agony and begging her not to squeeze his nuts any tighter. Everyone in the office , except Jim, was having a good laugh. Debra, the cute junior accounting clerk who Jim had harassed almost every day, stopped by and shouted "Now we know what Jim does with his door locked. He fantasizes about getting his nuts squeezed. Here Jim, you won't have to fantasize about this". Jim was in a blind panic, trying to turn off his computer as Debra slipped her hand down into his pants, found his nuts and squeezed. Suddenly Jim was screaming as loud as the guy on the computer. He sank to his knees and Debra went down with him. She put her face up to his and told him he was a bad boy and he had to apologize for feeling her up. Jim continued to wail in pain and Debra said "That's not good enough, I demand an apology." Jim continued to scream as one of the women brought Debra a cushion and she got comfortable, sitting cross legged and squeezing Jim's nuts with her left hand as her right hand undid his belt, pulled down his zipper and tugged down his pants. Laura and a couple of the other women helped and they had Jim naked from the waist down, just like the guy on the computer. Now Debra had her right hand free and she then had a nut in each hand. Debra was watching the woman on the computer and matched what she was doing, squeezing Jim's nuts, then pulling on them, then giving them a good spanking. The staff was laughing uproariously, especially the women, and a few stepped forward to give Jim a good nut swat.
Ann had slipped away and came back with her video camera. She motioned Debra away and Debra reluctantly let go of Jim's nuts. Ann took a good long video of Jim laying on the floor in his office, clutching his nuts with the computer monitor showing the woman repeatedly punching the guys nuts. Jim was watching the monitor and although he was moaning in agony he slowly developed a large erection and began jerking off. This was beyond belief as the women howled in laughed and most of them ran off to get their cell phones to take a picture or short video of Jim in action. Finally Jim came in a shuddering, frantic climax to the cheers of all the women. Laura then went and turned off Jim's computer, herded the staff out and away from Jim's office and closed the door to let Jim slowly recover. At quitting time she checked on Jim and he was kneeling, cradling his nuts in his hand and moaning in pain. Laura patted him on the head and told him it couldn't hurt that much as she helped him up, pulled up his pants and zipped him up. She helped him out to his car and told him to be sure to show up tomorrow, they were all going to watch videos of Jim and his nuts and his nuts would be the guests of honour.

The next morning the entire staff arrived early and were at their desks as Jim showed up and shuffled to his office, bent over and holding his balls. He looked ridiculous and the entire office was howling in laughter. They laughed even louder still as Laura, dressed up as a Dominatrix with thigh high boots, a whip in one had and a testicle harness in the other followed him into his office. It looked like Laura was about to get her career on track and a promotion.

Saturday, August 1, 2009


In the small prairie settlement of Post Nebraska times were tough in 1932. Rain was scarce and jobs and money were even scarcer. Helen and Frank Johnson's farm failed after Frank fell ill. They had a mortgage with the bank and the bank took back the farm but the bank knew they couldn't sell or rent the farm so they let the Johnsons stay on. It was in the banks interest since a vacant farm house and barn soon got stripped, right down to the wooden siding. Things turned worse for Helen after Frank died. She had a roof over her head but no way to feed and cloth herself and her two children.

She heard that Ed Watts, who had a farm down the road was looking for a housekeeper to come in to clean his place, do his laundry and cook. A number of women in the area had tried to interest Ed in marrage but he seemed content as a bachelor with his housekeeper looking after things in the house. His prior housekeeper had retired and moved back east to live with her sister. There was no such thing as a prosperous farm around Post but the closest to it was Ed Watt's spread. Ed was a hardworking bachelor who was tight with a dollar. Helen was desperate as she walked up the road to Ed Watts place. He saw her from the field, waved and met her at the house. He was a big man, well over six feet and solidly built. He was very civil and polite to Helen and asked her in and offered tea but since it was almost a hundred degrees outside and almost as much inside it was an empty gesture. The house was a mess inside but Ed cleared off a couple of chairs. After a few minutes of polite chatter Helen got to the point. She said that she sorely needed employment and as politely as she could she suggested that Ed needed to replace his housekeeper. With a sheepish grin Ed agreed that the house needed a good cleaning. He said he really missed Mrs King who looked after everything for him. He said that she had looked after him for over ten years but her health wasn't good. She couldn't take the prairie heat any longer and had moved back east. Ed stared through the window into the distance and said he really missed her and he couldn't function without her firm hand. Helen thought that was a strange turn of phrase but didn't say anything.
Ed knew Helen had two children but Helen said they were usually at school and during the summer they were old enough to look after themselves during the day. Ed told Helen what he paid Mrs King for housekeeping for six and a half hours a day. Helen was surprised that it was so low, barley enough to keep her and her children looked after. Ed looked embarrassed and said that he also paid Mrs King to discipline him. He told how much he paid Mrs King for her discipline and the sum took Helen's breath away. Helen was confused. She had heard about disciplining children, dogs or horses but never a grown man. She knew she could do the housekeeping and she felt she could learn the disciplining, whatever that was. With the discipline money the job paid beyond her highest hopes and Helen said if he was offering the job she would accept. She said she didn't know about discipline but if he could guide her she would pick it up quickly. Ed gave Helen an advance on her first months pay and Helen walked back home. Happy for the first time in a long while. With Ed's money in her purse Helen walked into the hamlet to the trading post. She was prudent but bought groceries. She knew Mary Smith the wife of the owner who was the clerk and a friend of Helen. Mary asked Helen where she got the money and Helen told her about her good fortune and the housekeeping job. Mary had grown up in a big city and was a bit older than Helen and a lot more sophisticated. Helen told Mary that part of the job involved disciplining Ed Watt and asked Mary what would that entail. Mary burst out laughing and said who would have guessed that about straitlaced Ed Watt. May told Helen and Helen's eyes grew wider and wider. "No" she gasped a few times as Mary told her of all the ways the discipline could entail.
Helen sat in stunned silence thinking it over and then said "I'll do it". Mary promised to keep it their secret and Mary said the best way was to take the initiative and the two of them planned how Helen would deliver her discipline.
The next morning Helen walked to Ed's farm and arrived at her starting time of nine. Ed was in the field. In a very harsh voice Helen told Ed to get in the house right away if he knew what was good for him. Ed ran all the way from the field. Helen stopped him at the back door and told him to get out of his dirty boots before coming in the kitchen. Ed took off his boots and Helen then told him his pants were dirty and he should take them off, as well as his undershorts. Ed stood before Helen, naked from the waist down. Helen couldn't suppress her laughter - Ed had a stiff erection. Helen swatted it with a slap and told Ed he was a naughty boy and would be punished. She grabbed his nuts, both in her right hand and squeezed them. Ed was wailing in agony and Helen told him to be quiet, they had a visitor coming. She led him into the front parlour by his nuts and Helen took a seat and Ed stood before her bowed over and wailing in pain as she continued to squeeze his nuts. There was a knock on the front door and Helen let go of Ed and told him to go and open the front door. Ed just stood there, bent over and clutching his nuts. Helen shouted at Ed to move it. Ed shuffled to the front door and with one hand holding his nuts he opened the door. Mary stood there with a look of outrage on her face. She shouted at Ed that he was a very bad boy and she kicked him square in the nuts. Ed collapsed at Mary's feet. Mary stepped over Ed and she and Helen had a glass of lemonade and Helen told Mary how easy it was.
Ed stirred and soon staggered to his feet. Helen told him to put on his pants and boots and get back in the field and she would have a nice lunch waiting for him. Before Mary left she spent some time cautioning Helen about not permanently damaging Ed. Helen had a nice lunch ready for Ed. She cleaned the house and did some washing and ironing. They chatted politely over lunch and Helen left at four. As she left she went out into the field and asked Ed if he was pleased at her first day on the job. Ed said she was wonderful. Helen smiled, said thanks and delivered a swift uppercut between Ed's legs and punched him in the nuts. He collapsed to his knees before her, Helen tussled the hair on his head and said "See you in the morning Boss".
The next day she walked to Ed's place and when he saw her he ran from the field and met her at the farm house. Helen greeted him and told him to get back to work and she would see him at noon. Helen saw the look of disappointment on Ed's face as he turned and went back to the field. She smiled and felt empowered.
Helen called Ed in for lunch and she asked him if he normally spent much time working in the barn. Ed said it depended but but since he did his own blacksmith and mechanical work if averaged out it was a couple of hours a day. Helen said that was good and asked if he had any work he could do right away in the barn. Ed was a bit mystified but said that he had work he could start on right away in the barn. Helen brusquely told Ed to get in the barn and get to work and she would be along shortly. The tone of Helen's voice exited Ed and he had a throbbing erection as he got to work in the barn. When Helen walked into the barn Ed was doing some maintenance work on his tractor. Helen sat down and had a sewing basket and she began repairing a rip in one of Ed's shirts. She was a bit away from the tractor and she called Ed over. She told him it was too hot to work dressed as he was. She told him to strip naked so he would be cooler and from now on he was to always work naked in the barn and to reduce wear on his clothes he was to be naked in the house also. Ed almost jumped right out of his cloths. He went over and stood before Helen. He was naked, tall, good looking, well muscled and his stiff erection was a sight to behold. He stood before her with his legs spread, practically begging for a kick in the nuts. Helen decided to disappoint him. She ran a finger up one side of his erection and down the other. She told him to get to work. Ed groaned and turned and went back to his tractor, with his hard-on bouncing up and down with each step. Helen smiled at the sight and was amazed at the control she had over Ed. After a couple of hours she told Ed he could stay in the barn or go out to the fields. She smirked at the look of surprise and disappointment on Ed's face. Helen got up and left the barn. As the barn door slammed shut behind her she slipped around the side and let herself back in by a side door. She quietly crept forward and saw Ed with his back towards her standing before Helen's vacant chair, rapidly jerking off. Helen almost bust out in loud laughter but she managed to control herself as she went back to the house. At four she called Ed into the house and told him she was finished for the day but she was very disappointed in Ed's behavior. She told him she had gone back into the barn to pick up a dropped knitting needle and she saw him playing with himself and what did he have to say for himself. Ed got red in the face and Helen then asked him what was wrong with his memory, it was only a few hours ago that she told him he had to be naked in the house. She stood before him with her legs spread, her hands on her hips and a stern expression on her face as Ed stripped before her. She told Ed he had to refrain from playing with himself and in the morning if he had played with himself she would know and he would get a spanking. Helen left.
The next morning Ed was waiting for her in the house, with nothing on except his hard-on. Helen walked in and went up to Ed, reached down and grabbed both nuts in her left hand and asked him if he had played with himself. Ed readily confessed and asked if he was going to be spanked. Helen laughed and told him for sure she was going to spank him and that she had asked Mary to come and help her. Mary stepped into the house, looked at naked Ed and burst out laughing. The women had brought some rope and they tied Ed on top of the kitchen table, on his back with his legs and arm spread. Luckily this was a tough farm table and could handle a lot of weight. Mary and Helen both got up on the table. Mary sat on Ed's face and Helen sat cross legged between his knees. Mary reached forward and took Ed's nuts and held them cradled in her hands. Helen took a spanking stick and began lightly spanking his nuts. They spanked lightly because they wanted the punishment to last for hours. They could hear Ed's cries of anguish, muffled by Mary's pussy, as the two women chatted, exchanged recipes and gossip and laughed at Ed's constantly reappearing hard-on. Each time they batted it down it sprang back up. At noon they stopped and untied Ed. He almost fell to the floor. He was bent over, holding his nuts and moaning. He fell before Helen and kissed her feet and then did the same before Mary. Mary laughed and said she had to get one like Ed, one she would train to give her great oral sex. Helen asked Mary what that was and Mary said she would come out tomorrow and would help Helen train Ed to do it.
Mary left and Helen told Ed to spend the rest of the day resting. Helen spent the afternoon working in the vegetable garden. She left at four and walked home, happy after a good days work. She thought she could hardly wait to learn about this oral sex thing.

Thursday, July 30, 2009


BAM BAM BAM, Jill was banging on the bathroom door. She had to get ready for school and Ed, her cousin, was in there. She knew what he was doing and she had had enough. She got her sister and the two of them used a nail to unlock the door. The lock had been installed when they were kids and had a hole in the center of the knob so the door could be unlocked from outside. Ed didn't know about the lock.

Jill unlocked the door and she threw the door open. There was Ed, with nothing on but a stiff erection in his hand and a stunned look on his face. Jill's sister, Helen, had her video camera ready and she immediately started videoing Ed. Poor Ed was right on the edge of a climax and he couldn't stop. He was facing them and wildly pumping away as the girls were howling with laughter. Ed came with a shuddering climax, spewing semen all over himself and a bit on Jill. Her laughter turned to a shout of outrage as Jill got splattered with his semen. Her hand shot out and her fingers wrapped around both his testicles. Jill had learnt in self defense classes and on the school playground that once you have a guy by the nuts you don't let go. She looked Ed in the eyes, laughed and squeezed. Ed screamed in agony. In the course of a few seconds he had gone from the ecstasy of a climax to the searing pain of having his nuts squeezed, squeezed by his younger cousin.

Ed was a house guest for the summer and the girl's parents were away for a week. The girls and Ed were mature and responsible adults and were OK to be left alone, or so the parents thought. With one hand Jill pulled Ed out of the bathroom and into the front hall. With her other hand she picked up the phone and called the girls best friends and told them to get on over, they had something to show them. Within minutes there were 7 girls in their house, all laughing as Jill wrung Ed's nuts and he howled, begged and promised anything not to have his nuts crushed.

All the while Helen had her camera going which she handed to one of the girls while she went off and came back with a long length of rope. She had Jill lead Ed into the front hall where Helen tied Ed's wrists together and she swung the rope over the upstairs banister, pulled it tight and tied it to the rail. Now they had Ed naked with his arms pulled tight above his head. One of the girls, Penny, took a turn giving Ed's nuts a real workout, squeezing, punching, kicking and a good ball spanking. All the girls took turns squeezing Ed's nuts. The girls phoned out for Chinese food and Jill loosened the rope so that Ed, who could barely stand, could lie on the floor. She also got a plate of crushed ice for Ed to lower his balls into.

After the Chinese food the girls decided they wanted to see if they could give Ed another hard-on. Penny took his nuts in one hand and slowly massaged them and with her other hand she stroked his cock. Within seconds it started to perk right up and Penny soon had a nice big erection to wave to the other girls. She insisted that Helen take some good video shots of her waving Eds hard-on back and forth.

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Ms Pennypacker's school

There are a number of prior stories on this blog about Ms Pennypacker and her no-nonsense approach to feminism and putting men in their place. Many women who have watched her instructional videos on self defense and attended her self defense classes are still taken advantage of. In interviews with victims of male aggression it became apparent to Ms Pennypacker that young women hesitated before defending themselves. Mr Pennypacker was a strong believer that the best defense was a strong offence. Nothing beats a swift attack to a man's balls - kicks, punches, slaps or Ms Pennypackers favorite of grabbing a guys nuts and not letting go.

It became apparent to Ms Pennypacker that after her training that any woman who overcomes her initial hesitation could bring any man to his knees. What she needed was a school where women attack men in their groin, until it becomes second nature - an automatic response - if they need to defend themselves. She opened a school as a trial before opening a chain of schools. It was an immediate success. It was particularly popular with professional women who wanted to end the day by kicking some guy in the nuts. It was a great stress reliever.

The problem Ms Pennypacker had was hiring men. She knew there were plenty of men who would like to be whacked in the nuts but they would be embarrassed to have it known. She came up with a novel approach. She placed an ad in the paper calling for men to volunteer to perform a community service in instilling confidence in women who attended her school. Rather anything as crass as being paid, the ad said an honorarium would be donated in their name to the city's women's clubs. Nothing will energise a clubs board as the smell of fresh money to be donated. With encouragement from the many women's club members Ms Pennypacker had enough men to staff her schools.

Helen Gray was the executive assistant to the president of a major investment house. Her job was a pressure cooker. As soon as she heard about Ms Pennypackers school she signed up. She didn't need confidence in overcoming any hesitance about kicking men in the balls. She had all the confidence she needed and she used any excuse to nail guys in the nuts. What she needed was a place to let off a bit of steam and she found the school perfect. She would often drop by after work, change into gym shorts and a tee top and pick up the key to one of the training rooms. She always requested a naked male, tied spread eagled. She would let herself in and find a naked guy waiting. It was always a bit of a lottery, sometimes it would be a young, good looking guy with a nice pair of balls; other times a skinny nerdy looking guy. What she liked best was a middle aged guy with a superior attitude and a throbbing hard-on.

In addition to Ms Pennypacker's talent of getting men by the nuts she was also good at making money. She never let a money making opportunity pass her by. Women who didn't have the nerve or the money to sign up for a session could, for a modest sum, watch. The rooms had an open raised area along one side with a dozen chairs and there were always women spectators. This was especially a favorite way for a group of young women to end their work day. Often there would be up to half a dozen women from the same office laughing and cheering as some poor guy was getting it in the nuts. Ms Pennypacker realized that if the women spectators knew the men getting it in the nuts their pleasure in watching would be heightened. All the men volunteers had a form to fill out which included their place of employment. When the women spectators came in they were asked where they worked. Usually the women would ask why were they asking this. When told it was to check if there were any men from the same company scheduled the women always grinned and readily gave their place of employment. If there was a man scheduled from the same company the women were asked if they wanted preferential seating in that room and the women always agreed. Ms Pennypacker had a small price surcharge for preferential seating which the women never objected to.

The men were brought into the room first by a couple of beefy women. They were told to strip and then were put into various restraints so the women would feel safe. The man was then left alone in the room until a woman came in. Whatever she did was up to her, the only rule was no permanent marks or castration and the session was to end as soon as the guy passed out. The novice women just walked up to the guy and kicked him full force in the nuts. He usually fainted from the pain and that was it, session over. The more experienced women knew how to make it last. Helen Gray likes to have the man standing, spread eagled with his legs wide apart and his arms pulled tight apart. She smiles at the man and thanks him for being a volunteer. She then pulls up a straight back chair and sits before the guy and casually reaches out with both hands and grabs a testicle in each fist and slowly squeezes. The stunned looks on the men's faces always make her laugh. Their wails of agony always make her laugh harder still.

Helen Gray's boss, Tyler Farquois was from old money, lots of it, and he had an ego to match. He was good looking and single and considered himself quite a catch. He heard about Ms Pennypackers school and he thought it would be a hoot to volunteer and he could brag how he was helping women in need of a confidence boost. After all, he thought, what is a little discomfort in the groin compared to the boost in his social standing.

It so happened his first session was the same evening Ms Gray needed some stress relief. It was also the same evening the girls from the general office of the same company were out for a little evening fun. Tyler was led into the session room, he stripped and was tied in a spread eagle. He was good looking and well hung so one of the beefy attendant women gave him a quick, incomplete hand job which left him with a throbbing hard one and he was excited and expecting more of the same.

When Ms Gray came into the school she was told there was a man from her office and did she want to have him. They had a rule about never telling the women the man's name and it also applied when he was from the same office. She smiled and said sure. She usually changed but this evening she kept on the clothes she had on from the office, short black skirt and matching suite jacket, shear white blouse and high heels. The only change she made was to remove her bra so she would be braless and her nipples would show. She wondered who it could be. She hoped it was the head of accounting, a self righteous prick who she would love to destroy, maybe make him into her permanent slave. She also though of a few other men but never her boss, she had never seen him do a charitable thing in his life.

The girls from the office had stopped for a few drinks on their way over and they were a happy, boisterous lot and even more happy when told they could watch some guy from their office getting it in the nuts. They readily agreed to the surcharge and were wondering who it could be as they were led to the session room viewing area. A few mentioned the accounting head but most hoped it would be the company president Mr Farquois, an arrogant stuck up prick. The general consensus was that they would love to see some woman nail him in the nuts. As they were led into the session room and the viewing seats they was a gasp, giggles, outright laughter and then cheers. Right in front of them, naked and spread eagled with a throbbing hard-on was Farquois, the company president. Then in walked Ms Gray, she looked at the spectators and smiled and waved. The girls all waved back and cheered. Ms Gray was not one of the girls but she was always considered fair and likable.

Mr Farquois turned his head sideways and looked at the spectators. He didn't realize there would be spectators and then he recognized them as girls from the general office. He felt a wave of shame and his hard-on started to wilt. then he realized they were cheering and he thought it must be because of his massive hard-on and up it sprang. He stood there, in profile to the girls, showing off his erection, basking in their cheers. The suddenly there was his assistant standing before him. She smiled and thanked him for volunteering. He stared at her nipples and noticed her looking at his erection with a smile on her face. He thought of her as another adoring fan as his erection throbbed. Helen brought the chair up close and sat down and Faruois thought she wanted to get close to admire his hard-on up close. As her hands reached out he thought he was going to get a hand job. It was like no hand job he had ever before experienced. Her fingers wrapped themselves around each ball with the ends digging into each ball and then she squeezed. She looked into his eyes and laughed. The girls in the viewing seats laughed. Tyler had a stunned look on his face and then he started to scream. The more he screamed the more Helen and the girls laughed. Helen worked on his nuts for a good half hour. An attendant came in and told her the time was up. Helen readily agreed for the fee for an additional half hour and all the girls agreed so the attendant told them to have fun and left.

Tyler was conscious but that was about it. All he knew was that Helen was the center of his universe and he was experiencing terrible pain and he adored Helen. Helen asked the girls if any of them wanted to squeeze his nuts. They all shouted that they wanted to. Helen told them to line up and take turns, a few minutes each and not to make Tyler pass out. They did squeezing, pinching and the last girl gave his nuts a good spanking. Helen told them that their hour was up but not their fun with Tyler. She told the girls that Ms Pennypacker always videos each session and she makes the videos available for a fair price. Helen told the girls that she will buy the video and tomorrow morning they will all be in Tyler's office when Helen shows him a copy and all he has to do to make sure it does not become general knowledge is to accept a half hour of ball beating by any one of the girls, daily. They will also receive a nice pay raise. All the girls and Helen were laughing as they dressed Tyler, but kept his nuts outside his zipper. A couple of the girls said they would help Tyler home as they led him out of the school by his nuts.

The girls put Tyler to bed and went into work with him in the morning. Tyler was not in great shape, bent over and moaning. One of the girls was clutching his nuts. The girls shepherded him through the lobby and into his executive elevator and up to his office without being seen by the general office staff. The girls and Helen were waiting in his office. Tyler came in a staggered towards his desk and chair. Helen said no and told Tyler to stand in the center of the room. Helen locked the door and the girls pulled up chairs and formed a circle around Tyler. Helen asked Tyler if he remembered last night and he said he wasn't sure. Helen said she had something to freshen his memory and she played a part of the video on his desk monitor. She told him that if he was a good boy they would keep the video private, otherwise he would be the joke of the town. Anne, the girl who gave him the nut spanking told him to take of his pants since she was going to give him another nut spanking. The girls were prepared to threaten him with the video but it was unnecessary, Tyler took of his pants. The girls all burst out laughing. Tyler had a big hard-on. Helen laughed and said this was going to be easy. Anne grabbed his nuts and started spanking. Tyler was wailing in agony and the girls were howling with laughter.

Monday, June 1, 2009

The Snow Storm

Ed knew he had made a big mistake in driving to Fairbanks in such dire weather. The driving snow made visibility impossible, the snow was drifting across the road, it was over a hundred miles to any shelter, it was getting dark and it was cold as hell. On the plus side he had plenty of fuel, snow tires and chains and a top quality sleeping bag.
He got stuck a few times but managed to dig himself out and keep going. Each time he dug himself out he got colder and wetter from the snow, He decided the best thing was to get out of his wet cloths, climb into his sleeping bag and wait out the storm. He crawled along slowly, looking for a good place to pull off the roadway. He almost ran into the low slung sports car stuck in the middle of the road. He was amazed that anyone in this part of the world would drive such an unsuitable vehicle. He figured that this spot was as good as any so he pulled off to the side, jumped out and checked out the car. The motor was running and a CD was playing as he banged on the window. The window opened and a very attractive woman smiled and said "Hello" and asked him what he wanted. Ed said he just wanted to make sure she was OK. She thanked his for his concern but said she was OK and was waiting for a tow and she closed the window. Ed was amazed but he shrugged his shoulders and returned to his truck. A hundred miles from nowhere and waiting for a tow. The woman was mad. Ed stripped off his wet cloths and snuggled down into his sleeping bag.
Just as he was nodding of to sleep there was a loud banging on his truck. He sat up and looked out the cab but with the snow and darkness he couldn't see anything. He opened the door but the banging was coming from the front. He leaned out to see but with no cloths on it was dammed cold. Then he spotted the woman from the car banging on the hood. All she had on was a business suit, skirt and short jacket. She looked frantic. Ed shouted at her to come around the side but with the howling wind she didn't hear. Stark naked, Ed jumped out of his truck, bulled through the snow, picked her up and ran back to the truck and got her inside. He was frigid and she was livid. She called his a naked pervert as Ed retreated into his sleeping bag. He said he had just saved her life but she called him a naked liar. Ed hunkered down into his sleeping bag. She said she was cold and told him to turn on the truck and get some heat. Ed said no, he needed the fuel to get out from where they were as soon as the storm let up.
It was an old truck with a bench seat and Ed was laying on the seat and she was crouched at one end, shaking from the cold. He felt sorry for her and told her she had a choice, she could sit where she was and freeze to death or get out of her snow encrusted wet cloths and squeeze into the sleeping bag with him. She shouted that she would never get into that sleeping bag naked with him being in there naked. Ed said that was up to her but she had to decide right away because he would not let her in if her core temperature dropped to such a point that she would be like an ice cube entering his sleeping bag and endangering then both freezing to death.
Her teeth were chattering as she stripped and climbed into the bag, snuggling up to Ed's warm body. He flinched from her cold body and then flinched again as she reached down and wrapped her cold fingers around Ed's nuts. She told him she would crush his nuts if he tried anything. With her firm breasts pressing against him and her thighs against his poor Ed got a monster hard-on. She then called him a naked pervert, slipped her other hand down and grabbed a nut in each hand and pinched them both. She was smiling and Ed was in anguish. All night long she punished his nuts, rolling them around between her tinger tips, holding them with one hand and spanking them with the other, squeezing them and holding them with one hand and poking her fingers into them with her other hand. Ed was completely defensless. He held her to him as he buried his face against her neck and shoulder and weeped in agony. She told him her name was Helen and he told her he loved her, worshipped her and would do anything for her. She smiled and said she knew. The next day the storm didn't let up but Helen did let up. She had had time to think and she realized that Ed was no pervert, he had acted honorably and had saved her life. She switched one of her hands from his nuts to his hard-on and slowly stroked him. She moved his face down so he was buried in her breasts all the while with one hand gently massaging his nuts and the other hand very slowly stroking his hard-on.
By the afternoon the storm had ended. Helen moved her car off the road and she and Ed drove on to Fairbanks in Ed's truck, with Helen sitting closely beside Ed with her left hand down his pants with her finger tips rolling his nuts around. Shortly afterwards they moved in together but only under Helen's rule that Ed was to wear no pants in the house, he was never allowed to come and she had total control over his nuts. Helen really got a kick out of her rule when friends of hers came by. There was Ed with a nice erection, opening the door and inviting in her friends and serving then drinks and dinner. In fact, Helen trained Ed to be the perfect servant and dressed him in a two piece outfit, a crisp white waiters jacket and a bow tie tied on his hard-on.
Helen was a generous woman and she often loaned Ed out when a friend was having a party and needed some help. Women in Helen's circle got so used to seeing Ed's erection that they looked forward to him and would playfully swat Ed in the nuts as a sign of greeting. Ed, in turn, adored Helen's friends.