Monday, November 3, 2014 - Part 3

Part 1 and 2 should be read prior to reading this.

Prosperity had come to Niko. For the first time anyone could remember there was money in the town. Even the mood had changed. The women folk were a smiling, happy group with a spring in their step and a ready smile. The men, on the other hand, were a worried group, bent over and cradling their aching nuts in their hands.

Mrs Farley was a progressive film maker, always looking for something new. Mrs James had been in a few videos and had really enjoyed kicking her neighbour in the nuts. The money came in handy and Elmer, the neighbour now mowed her grass and did odd jobs around the house. Mr James, took off when the women of Niko began whacking ever man in town in the balls. That was fine with Mrs James, her husband had been a dud and a mistake. Elmer, in contrast, was a lot of fun. Fun for Mrs James in dreaming up new ways to whack Elmer in the nuts.

Mrs James went to see Mrs Farley and Penny with a suggestion for a new video, not the kind they were churning out in the warehouse/studio with a room where some poor guy got it in the nuts for a half hour. Mrs Farley was receptive to any suggestion to increase the cinematic artistry of her videos so she invited Mrs James to sit down and have a cup of tea and tell them of her idea. Mrs James outlined a documentary shot on location around the town. The first step was for the city council to pass an ordinance that all men be naked from the waist down. This would guarantee national press coverage and ensure great sales of the video. Then Mrs James would go about the town, followed by Mrs Farley and Penny to capture her encounters with the semi naked men of the town. Mrs James asked Mrs Farley to imagine Mrs James standing in an aisle of the hardware store with Ed, the store owner, discussing some faucet washers. Prior to the shot a couple of lady fluffers from the crew would have worked on Ed. The fluffers had fluffed up Ed like you fluff up a pillow. Gentle hand motion. In the middle of the washer discussion, Mrs James would have noticed Ed's quivering erection and in a show of indignation, reached down and grabbed Ed by his nuts. Pushing her face close to Ed she would demand what was going through his dirty mind and before he could reply she would squeeze his nuts, Ed would scream and crumple up on the floor. She would then proceed through the town, dealing with a variety of the Nikon men.

Mrs Farley loved the suggestion. She loved the documentary aspect and shooting outside, on location. Penny suggested that she could do some street interviews with the women of Nikon, women going shopping or doing errands, followed by their man, being led by a testicle harness. Penny was a big fan of testicle harnesses, nothing kept a man in line like a tightly cinched harness, biting into his balls. Penny had some men in town making the harnesses and they were selling them on the Nikonutbusters web site. Penny loved watching the men making the harnesses, each man in his own testicle harness, under the supervision of Mildred, the woman foreman who kept the harness leashes in hand. Mildred lived on a farm just outside of town.  She was a no nonsense type who always wore a pair of tight jeans and and a skin tight white tee shirt which perfectly showed of her big breasts and magnificent nipples. With her big boobs and a testicle harness on each man working for her, she had perfect control over her staff.  Her shop was a favorite with reporters from out of town.  She only granted female reporters an interview. The usual interview consisted of a worker standing beside his work station showing how he made a harness. The worker had on a harness and an erection - nothing else.  Mildred kept track of production and a check was regularly sent to  the workers  woman.  Usually Mildred had the workers woman come in for the interview with the reporter in her office.  Mildred,the lady reporter and the workers woman would be seated in Mildred's office and the worker, in his harness and erection would be left standing.  Usually the workers woman was his wife but sometimes  a relative such as a sister or a neighbor.  Some enterprising women had three or four men in testicle harnesses working around town. If it was a big city paper or a TV station women reporters would have one of the younger men assigned to her as her personal valet.  The women reporters got a real kick out of leading some good looking guy with a hard-on around by his balls.  It also guaranteed national news coverage.