Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Hilda and Emma

Hilda Stern loved whacking guys in the nuts.  She was the life of the party.  Everyone roared with laughter when little Hilda had some big guy on his knees, cradling his balls and moaning.  What Hilda loved the most was to have some big guy with his pants off and Hilda having his balls in her hand.   Hilda was invited to an office party hosted by some women from her office.  She was having some fun, nailing a couple of guys from sales in the nuts to everyones amusement except the guys who got nailed.  Burt the production manager was Hilda's boss, a big obnoxious guy who had too much to drink and was throwing his weight around.  Hilda went up to him and said he wasn't that tough, just a lot of hot air.  Burt towered over Hilda and told her to get lost or he would step on her.  Hilda said just more hot air.  Burt laughed and said he would have to put her over his knee, pull down her panties and give her a good spanking.  Hilda then challenged Burt to a fight, the only rules were no eye gouging or biting and the fight went on until Hilda gave up. Hilda would fight in her panties and bra and Burt in his boxer undershorts.

Nothing livens up an office party like a fight.  The crowd formed a ring.  It looked pretty one sided, Burt at well over 200 pounds and Hilda barely 100 pounds. Burt said he was really looking forward to pulling down her panties as Hilda kicked him in the nuts.  Burt let out a howl and hollered that he would kill the bitch.  Hilda laughed and danced around, just out of reach.  The kick slowed Burt up, he was bent over and holding his nuts with one hand. Hilda was dancing around Burt and he was having trouble keeping up with her. Hilda was behind Burt and she unleashed a swift kick from behind up between Burts legs that smashed into his nuts. Burt bellowed and fell flat on his face.  The fight was over and Hilda was bowing to the crowd as Burt came to, got up and threw a roundhouse swing.  Hilda saw it at the last moment and moved back but it just caught her on the shoulder. She went flying and landed on her back.  Burt lumbered over, laughed and said no rules and slowly raised his leg to stomp Hilda. The crowd was shouting at him to stop and he was taunting everyone by waving his foot over Hilda.  He was taunting and looking at the crowd, not Hilda. She suddenly sat up and in one motion pulled down his boxer shorts with one hand and got a good grip on his nuts with the other.  Burt stood there with a stunned look on his face and then he started to wail in agony.  The crowd were cheering Hilda on.  With a tight grip on his nuts Hilda steered Burt to the floor, flat on his back.  Hilda asked for a pillow, set it between Burts knees, sat on it and got comfortable.  Hilda laughed and joked with the crowd as she squeezed, punched and slapped Burts nuts. He was no longer trying to protect himself, he laid there with his legs spread accepting the terrible punishment.  A couple of people said maybe she should stop but others pointed out that the rules said the fight went on until Hilda gave up.  Hilda laughed and said she was  not giving up just yet as she punched Burt again in the nuts.

It was a few days before Burt came shuffling into the office, bent over and holding his nuts.  He went into his office and  Hilda followed him in.  Burt backed into a corner before tiny Hilda, begging her not to hit him again in the balls.  Hilda laughed and said she would think about it but for now he should take off his pants and undershorts and stand in the corner.  Hilda said  "You have been a bad boy, jerking off.  Don't deny it, I can tell by just looking at you. Stand in the corner, facing me with your hands behind your back."  Hilda went out and got some work and came in and sat at Burt's desk, ignoring Burt.  She glanced up and chuckled, Burt had a large throbbing erection. Hilda said "Burt, this has to stop, I want you to think about work.  This will be for your own good.  Hilda went to Burt's office door and called in Emma, the new young hire.  Emma came in , took one look at Burt and burst out laughing.  Hilda told Emma that this wasn't a laughing matter.  Burt had to begin thinking of something other than sex. She asked Emma if she would like more responsibility and a nice raise in pay.  Emma said yes and Hilda said Burt was her responsibility and what would she suggest to get Burt to think of something other than sex. Emma thought for a moment and said that a good nut squeeze would have Burt thinking about pain, humiliation and servitude instead of sex.  Hilda said that sounded like an excellent idea and asked Burt what he thought of it.  Burt stood there with his throbbing erection and Emma stepped up to Burt and kicked him in the nuts and told him that when he is asked a question he had better reply.  Emma had a satisfied smile, Hida was laughing and Burt was on his knees, wailing in agony with his hands still behind his back.  His nuts made an appealing target and Emma unleashed a powerful kick, right on target.  Now Burt was still on his knees with his forehead pressing down onto his office carpet and his hands still behind his back.  Emma stood over Burt and told him that from now on he was to do whatever she or Hilda  ordered. 

Hilda smiled at Burt and told him to stand up.  Burt staggered to his feet and both Emma and Hilda laughed at Burt's hard-on.  Hilda told him he could jerk off.  Burt immediately grabbed his erection and started to jerk off.  Both women looked at him with tolerant, superior smiles.  Just as he was about to climax Hilda said that was enough, no more jerking off.  Burt continued to stroke himself and Emma asked if he wanted his nuts squeezed again.  Burt said  "Yes please"  which broke the two women up. Emma and Hilda were laughing as they each grabbed a nut and squeezed. 

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Bob the Masturbator.

Mildred Dales was fed up with the way her staff were constantly complaining about the new hire Bob. She had been a bit concerned about hiring a man into an all woman group but he had good qualifications and she had to admit, he sure filled out his pants nice.  They needed a licensed technician and he was the only one they could find and afford To make her staff happy she may have to kick Bob out but she  liked having him around.  She loved the way his big balls moved in his pants.  She fantasized about holding them and having him completely under her control. She decided that the best thing was to have a staff meeting to get to the bottom of the animosity between the women and Bob.

That afternoon she called a staff meeting and said there seemed to be some bad feelings towards Bob and what was the problem?. She asked what it was about Bob that they didn't like.  They astounded Mildred by saying that Bob hogs the bathroom all morning, jerking off and later in the day he is at it again. Before Mildred could reprimand them they went on to say that whenever he is around them he is trying to look up their skirts. They also said he is an arrogant fool, proud of his package by wearing tight pants and standing with his legs wide and his hips thrust forward. On this last point Mildred had to agree with them.  He always seemed to have an erection which he did nothing to hide. Mildred was ashamed to admit to herself that she loved sneaking peeks at Bob's stiff, large erection, outlined so nicely in his pants. She wondered if she was the reason for his erection.

Then it was Bob's turn.  He accused the girls of flashing their underpanties at him all the time. And the way they would stand up and reach across the table so their boobs would almost fall out of the tops of their blouses. He even said he got a hardon every time he sees Ms Dales, she had become a real cock teaser with her nipples straining against the thin material of the tee shirts she has started to wear. Mildred feigned outrage but secretly she was thrilled - a cock teaser, oh my stars, a cock teaser.

Susie suggested that Bob find someplace other than the bathroom to jerk off.  Mildred said that she didn't want some masturbator lurking in dark corners jerking off.  Someplace out in the open so they could keep an eye on him and make sure he doesn't become obsessed with his dick, jerking off all the time.  Remember, this is a place of business.  Bob admitted that maybe his jerking off was excessive and he would try and control it.  The women said that wasn't enough.  Helen Hunter said that he needed a devise locked on his dick that stopped him jerking off.  She said she would buy one and be responsible for Bob's dick.  Bob looked horrified and Helen laughed and told Bob not to worry, if he was a good boy she would let him jerk off a bit.  All the women laughed and Mildred said that as supervisor she should also have a key.   Helen said she knew where to buy one and they could continue the meeting tomorrow.   Just as the meeting was ending, Nancy Edge came up front from her desk and shouted that it was an outrage that they all talked politely about a pervert masturbator.  She hollered that he was a sinner and should be punished. Nancy was a small woman with big breasts and an ultra short skirt   Nancy then kicked Bob in the nuts.  Bob had a stunned look and started to howl in agony.  Nancy laughed and kicked him again in the nuts. Bob doubled up, clutching his nuts.  This wasn't enough for Nancy, she stepped up to Bob and quickly undid his belt and zipper and pulled down his pants and undershorts in one swift motion.  She reached in and grabbed his nuts in a vise like grip. Bob was bent over screaming.  Nancy had a delighted look on her face as she just stood looking at Bob.   She was laughing as she patted his head and asked if he would be a good boy and not jerk off.  He managed to gasp that he would be good.  Nancy smiled and shook her head and said that he had to be sincere but he didn't sound sincere.  She held his balls in one hand and punched them with her other hand, made into a small but lethal fist.  She asked Mildred to hold him up as she continued beat his balls.  Nancy shouted that this was the only way to treat a masturbator, beat his nuts until he repents his sinful ways - no fancy locks or office meetings - just beat his nuts.  She was obviously enjoying herself and the female staff were whoopping with laughter.  Nancy shouted that all men are masturbators until they have had their nuts firmly and frequently beaten.  She said that both her landlord and her next door neighbor used to look at her with lust in their eyes.  Now they look at her with fear and cover their nuts with their hands. She has shown them the errors of their ways.  She looked at Bob and asked if he repented.  Poor Bob couldn't even talk, he just nodded his head and mumbled repent, repent.  Nancy said he didn't sound sincere enough and he was looking at her breasts with a lustful longing.  She continued to whack his nuts.  Bob passed out.
Mildred said that the meeting was over but they would have another meeting tomorrow and maybe Bob would be sincere enough for Nancy.
The next morning Bob came shuffling into the office bent over and holding his nuts.  Nancy came bouncing in wearing a skin tight blouse which clearly showed her nipples.  Bob looked at her and groaned.  Nancy looked at Bob and laughed and asked if he was having naughty thoughts.    

Monday, July 8, 2013

Wagon Train - 1867

Ed was slumped low in his saddle.  His horse could barely walk. Ed slid off his horse and walked beside it.  He had been following the Oregon Trail heading west but had decided to take a short cut.  Big mistake. Now he was lost, no water and starving.  He had figured there would be settlers but he had seen no other person for days.  The land was scrub, hard and dry.

Suddenly there was a kick of dirt right in front of him, followed immediately by the crack of a rifle. Ed froze. He very slowly looked around but whoever it was was hidden behind some bushes. He knew that any sudden move and he would be dead.  He slowly raised his hands above his head and called out that he had no money, water or food.  A woman's voice called to him and shouted that his gun and rifle were worth something and he was to very carefully lay them on the ground.  Ed thought he had a chance but he still couldn't tell where the voice was coming from.  He slowly dropped his gun belt and then slid his rifle out of it's scabbard and laid it on the ground.  The woman voice told him to move away from the gun and rifle. She shouted that his clothes must be worth something and shouted at him to strip.   Ed defiantly shouted that he wasn't going to strip naked before a woman.  The woman laughed and told Ed he wasn't stripping before a woman.  He was stripping before a bunch of women.  Two rifles barked and kicked up dirt inches from his feet. Ed chucked his clothes as quick as possible and was standing stark naked. Ed stood 6' 4" and was a well put together young man but there was little he could do against a pack of women with rifles.  He put his hands in front to cover himself but she shouted at him to put them behind his back.  She called that a woman was going to come up behind him and tie his wrists together and tether his ankles and if he as much as twitched she would shoot his left nut off. Ed stood perfectly still.  He heard a someone walk up behind him and then felt his wrists being tied together and then his ankles with about a couple of feet of loose rope so be could shuffle along. The woman behind him called to a woman named Kate and asked if it was OK for her to kick Ed in the nuts.  She said he probably deserved it.  Kate said OK but just the one kick. The woman behind Ed came and stood before him,  She was just a slip of a girl.  She smiled at Ed, said she was Nancy and she was going to smash Ed's nuts.  She laughed and said he could beg her not to and maybe she wouldn't kick his nuts.  Ed was terrified, Nancy had a mean glint in her eyes.  She told Ed to promise complete obedience and devotion.  Ed did but Nancy said he didn't sound sincere.  Nancy reached down and grabbed Ed's nuts and squeezed.   Kate and some other women were laughing as Ed screamed in agony.  Nancy said he didn't sound sincere as she kicked Ed in the nuts.  He crumpled to the ground as the women laughed good naturally.

Nancy tied a rope lead to his nuts and led him behind some bushes.  They had a group of wagons, cattle and horses. Nancy led Ed to a wagon and had him lie down in the back.  She got some water and slowly let him drink and then she gave him something to eat.  His arms were tied behind his back and he was laying on his side. Nancy got a blanket and laid down beside Ed and said he was her property now.  She snuggled her backside up against his crotch  Ed immediately got a hard on.  Nancy took his hard-on and stroked him till he was about ready to come.  She said that was enough, laid on her side and snuggled her backside up against Ed's throbbing erection, got a tight grip on his nuts and went to sleep.

In the morning Nancy put Ed's boots on him, his hat on his head and tied his ball lead to the back of the wagon. Ed was tied at one corner of the wagon and a cow at the other corner. They got underway at first light.  Ed jogging along naked with his unrelieved hard-on bobbing along in front of him.  The women all laughed at him - he did make a sight.  Up on a hill they were being watched by a band of Indians who didn't know what to make of it.  They concluded that the women possessed strong spirits and Ed was touched by madness.  They decided to stay away from such bad medicine.

Nancy told Ed they were headed for a large spread they had purchased sight unseen but it had good earth, miles of grassland and abundant water.  They needed ranch hands and Ed was the first.  It was Nancy's job to turn him into an obedient slave, one with a stiff hard-on and aching balls.  She untied him and had him help her around the wagons. That evening she loaned him to one of the other women who squeezed his balls and stroked his hard-on and then had him lick her pussy. Ed'd life became one of herding cattle by day and getting a good ball spanking and licking pussy, all buck naked except for his hat and boots. Ed'd main complaint was that Nancy very rarely let him come, but when she did Ed was extremely grateful.

More to come.  The women need some working capital so Nancy gets Ed to rob a bank.  The description was boots, hat, a big boner and a gun.  

Friday, July 5, 2013

The Cyclist

Bob wasn't much of a cyclist.  Actually he didn't even have a bicycle but he sure had a dynamite pair of cycling shorts.  They were ultra thin and ultra tight.  They showed off his package like he had no shorts on at all.  Bob loved walking around in his shorts. He tucked his dick so it was front and a little off center.  Truth be told he did have a big dick and he got a real kick when women did a double take. He also had a nice pair of big balls and the shorts clung to them and clearly showed them off.  What he liked most was two young women sitting so he could stand near them, giving them a clear view.  Most often they would stare, whisper between themselves and giggle.  When he heard them giggle he always got a hard-on.  His dick blossomed in size and almost came out the top of his shorts.  Then the giggling got even louder.

He had never worn them to work although he dreamed about showing off his package at the office. He was the only male in the office.  There were ten women of all ages, mostly young.  The supervisor was Ms Grunt - a no nonsense old maid who no one had ever seen her smile or look happy.  She ran a tight ship and Bob was surprised when she said they would have casual Fridays - shorts OK.

Friday morning Bob came in a few minutes late. He wanted to make sure that the women all saw him at the same time. He loved it when he heard them all gasp.  Then there were titters and giggles as he slowly walked across the open area to his desk.  The giggles got to him and he quickly developed a stiff erection.  He tried to sit down but his erection made that difficult and painful.  He stood beside his desk and the giggles turned into a gale of laughter. Ms Grunt came out of her office and saw Bob standing by his desk.  She came towards him and asked what was going on. As she asked she saw his big erection and balls. With an evil, malignant glint in her eye, she grabbed Bob by his balls and asked what was it he had in his pockets - it had better not be office supplies.  Bob stood there wailing in agony and Ms Grunt said it was too late to try and get out of it - stealing office supplies by stuffing them in his shorts. With a vise like grip on his balls Ms Grunt poked at his erection and told him to pull it out, she wanted to see what he had tried to steal. She said it looked and felt like one of the large oversized felt tip markers.  She ran her fingers back and forth along it and poor Bob almost came.  All the women were howling with laughter and Ms Grunt had a smile at the corners of her mouth.  They all knew what Bob had in his shorts and they wanted him to pull it out.

Bob was having short circuits in his brain.  Ms Grunt was inflicting intense pain by gripping his balls and also intense pleasure by slowly stroking his erection.  To Bob she became like a goddess and Bob told her so.  Ms Grunt was enjoying herself.  No one had ever before told her she was a goddess. She let go of his balls and told him to show her what was in his shorts.  Bob would do whatever she ordered  and he pulled down his shorts.  The room exploded in laughter.  Ms Grunt patted Bob on the head and said she was relieved there were no office supplies in his shorts.  She told him he was a good boy and could jerk off - but no coming.  He spent the rest of casual Friday standing by Ms Grunts desk, slowly stroking himself and looking at her with pain and adoring eyes. For the first time ever Ms Grunt looked happy, smiling at Bob and tightly squeezing his balls.  All the women took a turn squeezing his balls.  Ms Grunt said casual Friday was a success and they would have it every Friday and Bob could stroke himself but no coming.
 She told Bob that if he was a good boy she would squeeze his balls on Fridays.   Lord, how Bob adored Ms Grunt.