Monday, December 27, 2010

Flat Broke

Molly lived in a little upscale retirement hamlet of eight homes down in desert country. Molly's house was a beautiful home on an acre lot with a swimming pool. All the houses were on a cul de sac behind an electronically controlled gate. There were eight affluent couples and they all got along well with each other. They would have dinner and pool parties and got together on an almost daily basis. Molly was a good looking woman with a nice figure and a winning personality. She was bright and bubbly and quiet a bit younger than her husband. She had taste, manners, poise and intelligence. There was nothing brassy or cheap about Molly. She had a wonderful life.

Then disaster struck. Molly's husband, Frank, dropped dead from a heart attack. Her neighbors banded together and helped Molly through her initial grief and helped with the funeral arrangements. After a month or so Molly realized that she had to look after her finances. Frank used to do all that. Things were a mess. Frank had let his insurance lapse, the companies he had invested in were bankrupt, he was behind on their car leases, the phone and utility bill were overdue. There was no money in the bank - she was broke. When she realized this she sat down and wept. After a good cry she pulled herself together. She needed some advise and help.

Molly called an old acquaintance of her husband, Myron Gibb. Molly didn't know Myron very well and the few times she met him he gave her the creeps. He never smiled and viewed the world through thick glasses. Molly always felt inferior in his presence, like he was way superior to her. But Frank had always said how smart he was and he was an accountant. That was what she needed, a smart accountant. He was in a big city a few hours away. Molly phoned him and made an appointment to meet him in his office the following day. She met him and explained her situation. Myron was very matter of fact, no condolences, just down to business - which suited Molly. He said the first thing was to review her financial assets and liabilities. On the asset side he asked her about the house. She owned that clear which was a valuable asset. Along with furniture that was it for assets. On the liability side Molly seemed to owe everybody: phone, utilities, car leases, property taxes, credit cards, etc. Myron told Molly that over the long term she could keep her house and lifestyle if she could get a job and earn some income.

Molly told Myron that she had no work experience, her degree was general arts which was worthless in today's job market. Myron took a piece of paper and said they would list Molly's job related assets and liabilities. On the liabilities there was no experience and no training. On the asset side there was Molly's personality, good looks and intelligence. Both Molly and Myron agreed that it was hopeless unless Molly could capitalize on her good looks. Myron thought about it for a while and then told Molly about a woman he knew who ran a successful one person business. It had low overhead, it was in the health care field, had flexible hours and it paid extremely well and Molly would be perfect for it. Molly was immediately interested and started peppering Myron with questions but Myron said the easiest thing was for Molly to meet Ronna Parker who was successful it that business. He told Molly that he was a client of Ronna and just by luck his weekly appointment was that very day. He suggested that Molly come back later in the afternoon and just before his session she could talk with Ronna. Molly was exited and intrigued and said she would be back at four o'clock. She spent the rest of the day thinking and speculating about what business it could be. At a quarter to four she was back at Myron's office. She waited in his outer office with Myron's secretary but the secretary wouldn't tell about Norra's business except that Myron was a devoted client and would never miss his appointment. The secretary did say that she had talked with Norra a few times and had sat in on a session Norra had with her boss and it was a real eye opener. The secretary said that she had a few clients already and would soon have enough to quit her job and go into it full time. She said there was no trouble finding clients and she usually gave a prospective client a free first session and after that they were hooked.

At four o'clock Myron's outer office door opened and there was Norra Parker. Norra was poised and impeccably dressed as a female business executive. She was definitely attractive and about Molly's age. She walked over to Molly and introduced herself and said that Myron had phone her to tell her about Molly and her desire for a career. She sat down beside Molly and said she would tell her about her career and then Molly could decide for herself if it was something she would be interested in. Norra said that she was a trained massage therapist and specialized in the male scrotum. She said that most men and their partners had an aversion to massaging their testicles but a vigorous massage increased blood flow and was very healthy and beneficial. Norra was quick to say that it was non sexual and she was dressed at all times. She said that her clients were very grateful and they adored her. She went over session rates and costs and Molly could see that it was very attractive financially. Norra said that her client book was closed and she was accepting no new clients .

Molly asked if it was safe and Norra laughed and said that when you are holding a man by his balls there is no question about who is in charge. Molly asked if the man is naked and Norra said that depended on what the client wanted but often they start out with just their pants off but after a few sessions they prefer to be naked. Norra smiled and said that they tend to develop a desire to be subservient which was fine with her. Molly asked if it hurt her clients. Norra laughed and said of course, a little pain is worth it for the healthy benefits. Norra said that she is very selective about her clients and she checks them out quite closely. She uses a private investigative firm to check for criminal records and she holds a preliminary interview before accepting them. She has a few on her waiting list that she has checked out and Molly could start with them. She said that Molly could develop a client list in the city or she could build up a local clientele where she lives a couple of hours south. Norra said it is a lot to think about and if she was interested the next step would be to sit in on a session.

Molly's mind was in a turmoil. This was not what she was expecting but she needed money and this was a great way to get some fast. Norra could see that Molly was confused and told her that she was going to start a session with Myron and Molly should just sit in and watch and decide after that. Molly just couldn't imagine strait laced Myron dropping his pants and she would love to see him get his ball squeezed. Molly walked into Myron's office with Norra. Myron looked at Molly with surprise but didn't say anything. He took a blanket out of his credenza and spread it on the carpet and quickly got undressed and stood in the center of it. He had a stiff erection. Norra walked up to him and took a testicle in each hand and began to massage them. She looked up at Myron with a happy smile. He looked scared and then he looked like he was in agony. Norra was no longer massaging his nuts, she was squeezing them, one in each hand. Myron collapsed onto the blanket and Norra went down with him. Now Myron was flat on his back with his legs spread. Norra kneeled between his legs and started rolling his nuts around with her finger tips. Myron had his eyes closed and was moaning. He still had his erection. Norra spoke to him and told him to open his eyes. Myron opened his eyes and looked at Norra. She smiled and said that Molly was going to squeeze his nuts and did he want that. Myron nodded yes. Norra gestured Molly over and urged her to grab Myrons nuts. With trepidation Molly grasped his nuts. They were soft and laying in the palm of her hand. She moved them around within her hand and moved her face close to Myron and looked into his eyes as she squeezed his nuts. He screamed and Molly laughed. A surge of excitement and pleasure shot through her body. She let up on the pressure to Myron's nuts and handed them back to Norra. Norra slapped, massaged, lightly punched, pinched and squeezed his nuts. With about ten minutes left Norra said to Molly that for some of her better clients she would give them a treat. She told Myron that he could jerk off but not to come. Poor Myron was blubbering thanks to Norra as he grabbed his erection and started to stroke himself. It looked so ridiculous to Molly that she just sat looking at Myron and laughing at him. Pretty soon Norra was laughing also. Myron's secretary heard the laughter and came in, saw Myron jerking off on the floor and started laughing also. Myron started going faster and faster and just before he climaxed Norra shouted at him to stop. Myron dropped his erection which was pointing straight up and quivering. Norra ordered Myron to get dressed and go home. Much to the amusement of the three women Myron managed to stuff his erection into his pants, zipper up and stagger out of the office.

Still laughing, Norra gave Molly her phone number and told Molly to think about it and if she wanted, she could have some paying sessions for Molly with in a few days. She said Molly was a natural.


Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Wonderful Way to Start the Day - Round Two

Don Evans had been humiliated by a slip of a woman in a bar fight, something that was supposed to be fun but Don took it seriously and was a big looser. Trixxy had given his nuts a severe beating, cheered on by his own staff. He was such a joke at work that his own female office staff took turns kicking him in the nuts. The women found it hilarious but it was a living hell for Don. His nuts had taken such a beating that he was terrified of getting whacked in the nuts.

Don's life had taken a terrible downwards spiral. His nuts ached all the time, he was concerned he would loose his job and Helen, his wife, had heard about his humiliation at work and she showed up at work to watch Don get it in the nuts and to laugh along with his staff. Now when Don got home his wife would be standing there in a short skirt with her legs spread and her hands on her hips, calling Don a "Bad Boy" and ordering him out of his pants. Sometimes she would invite her women neighbours and women from her work over and they would laugh and cheer as Helen punished Don. Helen would order Don to jerk off and just as he was about to come one of the guest would be invited to kick Don in the nuts. They never said no. Poor Don would hobble around the house, buck naked, with a big erection, doing all the housework, scared that Helen or one of her friends would find something wrong with his housekeeping and whack him in the nuts. After a while one of her friends gave Helen testicle harness so whenever they went out and also around the house Helen would lead Don around by his balls. Just for laughs, sometimes she would take Don to his work in the harness and hand the harness, and Don's nuts, of to Lorraine, Don's secretary. and Lorraine would have Don by the nuts all day. All the women in Don's life were having a great time, laughing at Don, watching him jerking off and beating his nuts.

Through the fog of the humiliation and pain Don felt a rising anger. He had to end this. He realized it had all started at the bar where Trixxy had beaten his nuts. The first step was to beat Trixxy and overcome his fear of getting whacked in the nuts. Much to the surprise of his staff he invited them to go to the bar for fight night. He told them he was going to beat Trixxy and beat her good. Lorraine phoned Helen and told he what Don was planning. Helen laughed and said that Trixxy would probably give Don's nuts a good beating instead. Helen thanked Lorraine for telling her. Helen called a few of her friends and neighbours and they all decided it would be a good laugh to go down to the bar and see Trixxy beat Don's nuts.

After work Don and his staff went to the bar. Don was surprised to see his wife and her group there but he thought it was good. He was going to show them all. They all sat at a big table and had a few drinks. Then Trixxy came out and said it was fight night. She explained the rules which was pretty well anything goes and the fight is over when both sides agree it is over. She said that whether the guy wins or looses the house will buy a round of drinks for the guy's table. She asked for any volunteers for the fight and then burst out laughing when she saw Don stand up. She turned to the crowd and said she in not a cruel person but she fought Don a few months back and she gave his nuts a severe beating. She said he was such a mean, underhanded fighter that he deserved it and she will fight him again tonight and if he tries any dirty tricks she will beat his nuts again. The crowd whooped. laughed and cheered. The fight hadn't started and the crowd was already against Don. As usual Don had to sign a waiver absolving the bar of any legal liability from the fight. It also absolved Don of any legal liability from giving Trixxy a beating.

Trixxy wore her usual fight costume which wasn't much, a pair of bikini briefs and a top that barely covered her big breasts. Don took off his shoes and socks and shirt. He kept on his pants which was all he wore. Don knew the crowd was against him and Trixxy was tricky and quick. He had to come out strong and fast and end it quick. No Mr Nice Guy. Grab her, throw her to the canvas, push his elbow into her throat and twist her arm till she gives in and don't let her get anywhere near his nuts. Simple and effective. Brute force and dirty fighting, Don figured he had it in the bag.

The ring was a simple set-up in the middle of the bar on a small stage so everyone could see the ring. Trixxy had been in a lot of these fights and knew how a beaten guy would think. She was ready for Don. He rushed across the ring but Trixxy just stood there with a smile and her hand outstreched to shake hands. Don stopped, confused and stuck out his hand, Trixxy grabbed it, pulled him close and kneed him in the nuts. It was so unexpected that the crowd roared in laughter. Don sank to his knees with his hands clamped over his nuts and a stunned look on his face. Trixxy patted him on the top of his head and said she would give him a few moments to pull himself together. Trixxy told a couple of jokes, mainly about Don and his glass nuts. The female audience was whooping with laughter and Don realized they were laughing at him. He was in agony but he got to his feet, staggered over behind Trixxy and clamped his arms around her in a hug and shouted that he was going to crush her to death. Don was over twice her size and he picked her up off the floor in his bear hug. A couple of the serving staff and a bartender rushed towards the stage since Trixxy looked helpless and in trouble. Don squeezed her and roared in triumph. Trixxy slumped and Don let up a bit enabling Trixxy to get an arm free. She reached down and slipped her hand between his belt and stomach and reached further down and grasped Don's nuts. By the time help arrived she didn't need it. She had Don under control with a firm grip on his nuts. The crowd was shouting for Trixxy to strip him naked and beat his nuts. With her free hand Trixxy loosened his belt and pulled down his zipper and then pulled down his pants. The crowd cheered.
A couple of the women from Don's table ran to ring side with video cameras and recorded Trixxy laughing as she took a firm hold of Don's nuts and started to squeeze. They caught the terror in Don's face as Trixxy began to squeeze. Trixxy motioned for the mike and addressed the crowd. She asked the women at Don's table if anyone wanted to come up and give Don a whack in the nuts. All the women came up onto the stage and took turns with Don's nuts. Some of the girls sat cross legged between his legs and really gave his balls an extended squeeze, all the while laughing as Don wailed in agony. Even his wife, her friends and women neighbors got into the act. Everybody was hooting and laughing and having a great time, everybody except Don.

Friday, December 17, 2010

More Ms Krebbs

For the first time ever Ms Krebbs looked forward to getting to the office. She would get real pleasure from having Vic Stanley standing before her, begging for her to allow him to masturbate. She would occasionally allow it so that he would always have hope that she would allow it. What she really enjoyed was telling him it was OK, then watching him pull down his pants and just as he would be ready to climax she would say that was enough, time to get to work. If she timed it just right he would not be able to stop and would continue to jerk off. Ms Krebbs would get up from her desk, step over to Vic, reach down and grasp his nuts and squeeze and pull. She would laugh and look into his eyes and continue to squeeze. If Vic grabbed her arm, an instinctive reaction, she would squeeze tighter and tell him not to touch her. If he screamed, another instinctive reaction, Ms Krebbs would squeeze tighter and tell Vic not to scream. Ms Krebbs wanted Vic trained to where he would just stand there as she squeezed his nuts, not trying to defend himself or scream, just stand there as she squeezed his nuts.

Ms Krebbs got so much enjoyment from squeezing his nuts she had him cut out the bottom of all his pants pockets on his left side. As his secretary she was constantly talking and working with him all day. Whenever she wanted to talk or work with him she would snap her fingers and he would get up. Ms Krebbs would stand beside him, slip her right hand into his pants pocket and grab his nuts for a tight massage. At the end of the discussion she would let go of his nuts and Vic would stagger back to his desk and sit down.

Later in the day Vic would get his daily testicle massage from Ms Krebbs and once a week Ronna Parker, a registered licensed massage therapist would deliver the testicle massage. Whenever Vic saw Ms Krebbs or Ronna Parker his balls would start to dance and he would get a hard-on. At management meetings Ms Krebbs began attending with Vic, sitting immediately to his left. If she was late attending Vic would put off making any decision until Ms Krebbs was there. It got so Vic would do nothing unless Ms Krebbs was by his side. It didn't take long for the staff to realize who was running the operation. With Ms Krebbs by his side the reaction of his staff was "Good, she's got him by the balls. Maybe now we'll get some decisions made". Ms Krebbs was an excellent administrator, tough but fair. Before, under Vic, no one knew what the goals were and what was going on. With Ms Krebbs calling the shots everyone knew what they were expected to do, they were measured on their performance and good performance was rewarded with a bonus. One area where Ms Krebbs allowed no interference was Vic's nuts. Any woman making a move to Vic's left hand pants pocket was immediately fired. Vic's nuts belonged to Ms Krebb and everyone knew and respected that.

Vic was doing less and less management, he just accompanied Ms Krebbs as she ran his company and massaged his balls. All the work and decision making was falling on Ms Krebbs. She didn't mind but she needed some assistance. She contacted Sally Owens, the woman who owned the placement agency they used and told her she needed someone specific. A young attractive woman, a recent university grad with plenty of ambition and intelligence, a real nut kicker who wants a top paying job and is not afraid of long hours. Some time before, Sally had fist met Ms Krebbs at a meeting she had with Vic Parker. Sally was shocked and then amused when she realized that during the meeting Ms Krebbs had Vic by the balls. It was really a meeting with Sally and Ms Krebbs and Vic was off in some never land, enthralled by Ms Krebbs massaging his balls. Sally smiled at the memory and told Ms Krebbs that she would find her "A real nut kicker". Ms Krebbs smiled back and told Sally that she was pleased she understood the main requirement of any candidate.

A couple of days later Ms Krebbs was interviewing Peggy Post, a perky, cute woman who had just graduated from university, no experience but plenty of ambition. Ms Krebbs asked Peggy what she wanted from her first job. Rather than saying what most candidates would say - a chance to learn, job security, adequate pay - Peggy laid it right out - responsibility, lots of money and advancement. Ms Krebbs had to laugh. She said that was quite a bit and what did she have to warrant that. Peggy smiled and told Ms Krebbs that Sally Owen had described some particular aspects of the job and the owner, Vic Stanley. Peggy said she could get a firm grip on things and be a real good nut kicker. Ms Krebbs said they should go and meet the owner. Ms Krebbs introduced Peggy to Vic and told Vic that she was going to show Peggy some of the responsibilities of the job. Ms Krebbs snapped her fingers and Vic sprang up and stood at Ms Krebbs side. Plainly in front of Peggy, Ms Krebbs slid her hand into Vic's pants pocket and began massaging his nuts. Peggy smiled and asked if she could have a go. Ms Krebbs pulled her hand out and Peggy slid hers in. The stunned, surprised look on Vic's face was comical. Both women burst out laughing. Vic, who had been trained to quietly take his punishment, wailed in agony and clung to Peggy to keep from falling over. Instead of squeezing his nuts, Peggy selected one, placed it in the middle of her palm and dug into it with her thumb. So far Peggy was having an excellent interview.

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Massage and Ms Krebbs

Vic Stanley was a young entrepreneur who was making a fortune with his high tech company. He had just arrived at cocktail party. A young woman, Ronna Parker who he knew slightly came up to him and said Hi. They chatted and Vic asked Ronna who she worked for. Ronna smiled and told Vic she was self employed as a licensed massage therapist. Vic laughed and said that the licensed part must mean there was no hanky-panky massage. Ronna smiled and said there was no hanky-panky, she gave a therapeutic massage. She asked Vic if he was massaged regularly and Vic mentioned that Bruno at his health club gave him a rub down at least twice a week. Ronna said that was good but she bet that the one area where a massage was most important, Bruno never massaged. She told Vic that a vigorous massage to his testicles would increase the blood flow and general good health of his balls.

Vic looked uncomfortable and Ronna laughed and told Vic that a testicle massage was not painful and her clients found it relaxing and invigorating. Vic continued to look skeptical and Ronna told Vic that she had a portable, fold up massage table and she would come by his office the next day and give him a complimentary massage and he could judge for himself. She said a full massage usually took an hour but since she would just concentrate on the area that Bruno never touched it would only take about fifteen minutes. Vic was scared about a vigorous massage to his balls and said he was usually really busy. Ronna said she had some clients who were very busy like Vic and she didn't use the massage table, they stood a a lectern which she would bring instead of the table and they could read and sign papers, talk on the phone and do most things they did at their desk while she worked on their balls. Ronna looked into Vic's eyes and laughed and said he was afraid. Vic said he wasn't and told her to come by at 10:00 AM.

The truth be told, Vic was terrified. He was terrified it would hurt and he was also terrified that he would become aroused and be humiliated by getting an erection, standing at a lectern with no pants and a throbbing hard-on while Ronna had him by the balls. Right up until the appointment it was all he could think about. Right at 10:00 his secretary came in and told him that a Miss Parker was there to see him, although she didn't have an appointment. Vic's secretary was Ms Krebbs, a stern no nonsence type. She was about thirty, a few years older that Vic. Ms Krebbs was attractive in a severe sort of way. She was always immaculate, short dark skirt and matching jacket, white blouse and sensible shoes. From her tone it was apparent that Ms Krebbs did not approve of unscheduled appointments. Actually there was little Ms Krebbs approved of about Vic but she kept it to herself. She felt that a business should be run in a stern business like way with rules, regulations and consequences for disobeying the rules and regulations. She thought that Vic was way too casual and if she was running things, by God, things would be different. Vic asked Ms Krebbs to send Miss Parker in and they weren't to be disturbed.

Ronna came in and locked the door behind her. She acted in a formal, professional manner and set up the lectern, arranged a visitor chair before the lectern and told Vic to gather any business correspondence he wanted to review during the massage. She then told Vic to take off his shoes and socks and remove his pants and undershorts. Ronna sat in the visitor's chair and looked up at Vic. He took of his shoes and socks but then just looked at Ronna. Ronna sighed and told Vic to come over and stand at the lectern and put his arms on the lectern. Ronna pulled her chair closer and undid Vic's pants and pulled them down, along with his undershorts. Vic was mortified, out sprung a stiff erection. Ronna looked at it and told Vic she was insulted, she was not some sex object, she was a licensed professional massage therapist. She said she would proceed but he had better get rid of his erection and she would ignore it. It was big and throbbing and bouncing around in front of her face -pretty difficult to ignore.

She told him to step out of his pants and shorts. She folded them carefully and laid them to one side. Vic was pretty well standing over her and she looked up and told him to read some of his correspondence and maybe by thinking of that would help him loose his erection. Vic's balls were right on eye level with Ronna. She reached out and took a testicle in each hand and began to roll them around with her finger tips. Correspondence was the last thing on Vic's mind. He groaned and had the stiffest erection of his entire life. Ronna told Vic that his behavior was a disgrace and if he couldn't get rid of his erection she would. Ronna continued to roll his balls gently around and, if anything, Vic became even more excited. After a minute or two Ronna became exasperated at Vic's behavior and she pulled down and squeezed one ball and then the other, like she was milking a cow. She did this for a while. Vic couldn't stand up straight. He was in agony. He was bent over and hanging onto the lectern with a look on his face like he was loosing his mind. Ronna had a contented smile as she pulled and squeezed Vic's nuts. Then she put them in the palm of her hand and pressed her palms together and rubbed them around. Then she took one nut and pummelled it with her knuckles and then did the same to his other nut. Vic started to howl in agony.

Ms Krebbs hear Vic screaming and howling and Ronna laughing. Something was wrong and this did definitely not have the sound of a properly running office. Then things quieted down - Vic had passed out. Ronna pulled up his pants and put on his shoes and socks. She slipped a small ice pack down his shorts. She always took an ice pack to clients. She then moved him into his chair and sat him behind his desk. She then unlocked the door and went out and asked Ms Krebbs to schedule her for half an hour tomorrow morning and each Monday from 10:00 to 10:30. Then Ronna pulled up a chair close to Ms Krebbs and asked if she could talk with her about Mr Stanley. Ronna said that Mr Stanley was undisciplined and he needed some schedule and regiment in his office life. Ms Krebbs readily agreed. Ronna said he needed the steady firm hand of a woman to guide him. Ms Krebbs was nodding in agreement. Ronna told Ms Krebbs that she would provide the firm guiding hand each Monday morning but she felt that Ms Krebbs should provide the firm guiding hand for the rest of the week. She told Ms Krebbs that she has a technique that works well with undisciplined men. For the next little while Ronna recounted her session with Vic. She asked Ms Krebbs if she wanted to sit in on the session tomorrow morning. Ms Krebbs asked if she could participate, she would love to have Vic by the nuts.

The next morning Vic came shuffling into work, bent over and holding his nuts. For the first time ever, Ms Krebbs smiled and called Mr Stanley by his first name by saying "Good morning Vic". He replied "Good morning Gretchen" and she snapped "You call me Ms Krebbs". Poor Vic was in too much pain to complain. By ten he was feeling better when Ronna showed up. Vic wasn't expecting her and without thinking snapped his knees together and clapped his hand protectively over his nuts. Ronna laughed and told Vic it couldn't have been that bad. Ronna told Vic they were going to have another session and Ms Krebbs was going to sit in on it. She called Ms Krebbs in and they locked the door. Ronna told Vic to get naked from the waist down. She was expecting resistance but Vic quickly shed his shoes, socks, pants and shorts. Like last time he had a stiff hard-on. Both Ronna and Ms Krebbs laughed at Vic and his hard-on.

Ms Krebbs asked Vic if he wanted to jerk off. With a shamefaced look on his face Vic nodded yes. Ms Krebbs said she didn't hear Vic, did he want to jerk off. Vic said yes and Ms Krebbs told him to beg. There was Vic, naked from the waist down, totally humiliated, with a quivering erection, begging for permission to jerk off. Ms Krebbs laughed and told him not now, maybe later if he was a good boy. Then she said that she would give him a hand job, come over and stand before her, put his hands on top of his head and spread his legs. Dumb Vic did as he was told, Ms Krebbs reached between his legs, grabbed his balls and squeezed. She laughed and asked him how he liked her idea of a hand job.

Ronna didn't do much. Ms Krebbs had years of resentment built up against Vic and she took great delight in totally humiliating him, causing him unbearable pain and leaving him with a throbbing hard-on, begging to be allowed to jerk off. Finally Ms Krebbs told Vic he could jerk off. Ms Krebbs and Ronna sat back and watched Vic jerk away. Just as he was coming, Ms Krebbs stood up, went over to Vic and kicked him square in the nuts. Vic fell to the floor, curled up in a ball, clutching his nuts and wailing in agony. The two women were laughing as they walked out of Vic's office.

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Doctor's Office

Mary Carter worked in a small bakery shop and she was a pretty, perky young woman. Working in the food industry she had to have an annual medical exam, which was easy since her doctor was only a few doors down from the bakery. Being behind the counter in the bakery she always wore a white bakers coat, just like a lab coat.
Mary was overdue for her medical exam and since it was a quiet time in the bakery she decided to go down to the doctor and see if she could arrange a check up. It was as quiet in the doctor's office as at the bakery. The doctor had gone off on an emergency and there was no one in the waiting room. The nurse/receptionist greeted Mary warmly and said the doctor would be gone for a while and she had to step out but since the doctor had only one appointment booked for the rest of the afternoon, if Mary could wait the doctor would see her as soon as he got back, but it could be a whie. That was fine with Mary.
Right after the nurse left and before Mary had taken a seat in the waiting room a patient arrived, a strapping young fellow well over six feet. He saw Mary and in her white lab coat he assumed she was the nurse. Mary said the doctor was out for a bit and asked him what he wanted to see the doctor about. He said he was playing football yesterday and he suffered a sports injury and he just wanted it looked at to make sure there was nothing serious. Mary asked if he wanted her to have a look. He was a little reticent but said sure and she took him into one of the exam rooms. She thought it was pretty funny but she had never said she was the nurse and he had offered to show her his injury. She picked up a clip board and asked him what was the nature of the injury. He said that probably there is no injury but it is always best to check and said he had gotten hit in the testicles. Mary nodded wisely and told him to pull down his pants and undershorts. Mary thought "Oh my god" as she looked at his balls and dick. They were a nice size and looked magnificent. Managing to keep from whooping with laughter Mary asked him to strip and stand by the examining table. Mary took down his name, address and phone number. His name was Peter Colter. Mary thought "Why not" and grabbed a ball in each hand and rolled them around between her finger tips. She put them down and made a couple of notes on her clip board. She then picked them up again and suddenly said "What's this?", looking at Peter's swiftly raising erection. Peter was red in the face and apologized. Mary said they should ignore it but she intentionally brushed against it and took it in her hand to move it out of the way as she continued to massage his nuts.
Mary said his testicles felt OK but she was concerned about damage. She asked him if he had ejaculated since the injury. He looked embarrassed and Mary said "Peter, did you masturbate since then?". He nodded no but Mary took a firm grip on his nuts, gave them a squeeze and asked him again.
Peter staggered and moaned. Mary felt a surge of excitement and power. She had a guy twice her size, completely under her control. She told him she wanted to see if he could ejaculate and she told him to start masturbating. Peter needed no second prompting - he grabbed his hard-on and started to rapidly stroke himself. Mary told him to slow down as she let go of his nuts and she sat down in a chair, letting the lab coat fall open and slightly spread her legs. She wore nothing but panties under the lab coat and her panties were clearly visible. She swung the chair around so she was directly facing Peter and spread her legs wider. She told Peter to come closer. She took his throbbing erection in one hand and slowly stroked it and took his nuts in her other hand and tightly massaged them. Peter looked like he was about to loose his mind. Mary kept this up for a couple of minutes then let go, and told Peter to get dressed. She then got up and left the examining room just as the nurse came back. Mary told her she had a patient waiting in the exam room and Mary said she would come back later. The nurse went into the exam room and Peter, still naked, came to a shuddering, ejaculating climax. The nurse did what she had been trained to do to unruly male patients, she kicked Peter square in the nuts. As he started to collapse she scored a second straight hit.
She left Peter on the floor till closing time. She helped him up and with a firm grip on his nuts she let him get dressed. Peter asked about the other nurse and and she said there was no other nurse, she was the only one. She asked him why he asked about another nurse and with her holding Peter by his nuts, he told her the whole story. She laughed and said that was Mary who worked a few doors down in the bakery shop.
A couple of days later when Peter could walk, not bent over holding his nuts, he went to the bake shop. Mary saw him and was expecting trouble but Peter had bought flowers and asked Mary out. They went to the movies and in the dark theater Mary's hand was inside Peter's fly, squeezing his nuts. When he walked (maybe hobbled is better) her to her door, she pressed herself against him, gave him a beautiful kiss and a beautiful knee to his nuts. As he sank to his knees he promised eternal devotion, Mary patted him on the head, laughed and kicked him in the nuts.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Aversion Therapy - #7

It has been a few years since we last looked in on Mrs Payne and her aversion therapy. Mrs Payne runs a number of companies where the aim is profitability but also public good. She is a strong believer in equality for women and most of the supervisory positions are held by women.

Business was good and in a large conference room Mrs Payne was addressing a group new hires, mainly young women graduates who were beginning a management training program but also some young men hired for manual labour jobs.

The young women were looking at Mrs Payne with respect, here was a woman who had competed in the male dominated business community and had won. The young men were looking at Mrs Payne with lust and stiff erections, here was a woman dressed in a short skirt and a tight blouse which showcased her large breasts. Mrs Payne outlined the aims of the companies and their philanthropic endeavors. She asked if there were any questions. Emma Jenkins stood up and said she had heard about the Aversion Therapy program and she thought it was an excellent idea and could Mrs Payne talk about it.

Mrs Payne said the Aversion Therapy was one of her favourite programs to help people. She said they have a program to break smokers of their habit where they attend regular sessions and sit in a special chair and light up a cigarette. Each time they inhale smoke they receive a strong electrical shock. They develop an aversion to smoking due to receiving a shock each time they smoke. Mrs Payne said that the first program they developed was to break men of the habit of masturbation. She said she developed the program because it seemed that all the men she hired spent most of their time playing with themselves instead of doing their jobs. This bought forth a titter of amusement from the women. Mrs Payne said it was a serious matter but she didn't want any of the young women to feel uncomfortable about it. She said that tomorrow morning there would be a full explanation and demonstration of the therapy and any woman who felt uncomfortable about it didn't have to attend. She told the young men that their attendance was compulsory. She said that in her desire to help the community they had a screening and had only hired men with a masturbation habit. She said that the more men they could break of constant masturbation the community would be better off.

The next morning Mrs Payne confirmed that all the men and women from the prior day were in attendance. She explained that Aversion Therapy for masturbation was simple and effective. Instead of elaborate and expensive shock equipment the easiest and simplest method was to grip a man by his balls and squeeze them. The man would be monitored by a woman who would hold a man by his balls and let him masturbate and at the appropriate time she would squeeze his testicles. She explained that skill was required on the part of the woman to apply sufficient squeeze to cause excruciating pain but not enough for the patient to pass out. This way the man would associate masturbation with extreme pain and cause an aversion. The young women were smiling and nodding their heads. The young men were crossing their legs and looking nervous.

Mrs Payne said that the first man she had helped was Ted, a long time employee, who used to spend all his time in a shed masturbating. The two women who worked with him had to do their work and his also. Under the Aversion Therapy program they have been able to administer therapy to Ted on an ongoing basis. Ted's habit was so ingrained that they have not eliminated the habit but they have it under control and Ted is an employee doing his share of work. Both of the women have been promoted to senior positions but they are so committed to helping other less fortunate staff members that they have made it a personal commitment to continue providing therapy to Ted until he is cured. Mrs Payne said that Sue has agreed to provide a demonstration of the therapy as Sue led Ted to the front of the room. All in attendance were seated around the wall or at the conference table and had a clear view of the front of the room.

Sue introduced herself and Ted and explained that she had been administering therapy to Ted for some time and he followes her every command. She smiled and said it is easy to train a man when you have him by the balls. All the women laughed.

Sue told Ted to strip. He did. The women gasped and broke out onto laughter. Ted was sporting a large erection which was encased in a clear plastic devise strapped to his body. Sue said that the devise didn't hamper normal bodily functions and stays on during a shower and at all other times and is only removed by the therapy administrator, in this case herself. She said it was very helpful in that it stops Ted from masturbating. Sue had a special key and unlocked and removed the devise. She told Ted he could masturbate, which he immediately did. Sue and Mrs Payne and all the women looked at Ted, some laughing and some in shock and Sue and Mrs Payne with amusement. Sue reached out and grabbed Ted's balls in her right hand and with her left hand squeezed them. Ted screamed and shook all over but continued to madly pump away on his hard-on. Sue smiled tolerantly at Ted and told him to slow done and if he comes she will crush his balls. Still wailing in agony Ted slowed down and was very slowly stroking himself. Sue said that she liked to administer therapy for an hour, anything longer and Ted became like a drooling idiot, crying in agony, slowly jerking off and babbling when not crying.

Sue smiled and said there was almost an hour and would any of the women like to have a turn with Ted's nuts. They all did and in the hour they had all given Ted's nuts a good squeeze. After the hour, Sue reattached the chastity device and led Ted back to his work station. Poor Ted could barely walk, bent over, clutching his nuts and moaning to himself. That was a common sight at Mrs Payne's companies since they were administering Aversion Therapy to quite a few male employees.

Mrs Payne went to the front of the room and asked if any women wanted to excuse themselves from being administrators in the Aversion Therapy program. All stayed. Mrs Payne said that the next step was to match each of the women with each of the young men, men who required aversion therapy. As management trainees the women were assigned two to a small office and it was expected that they would administer the therapy in their offices. Mrs Payne read out the young women and their assigned patient. Emma Jenkins was assigned Matt Hudson. She called out his name and Matt appeared and stood before Emma. He was big, good looking and very embarrassed. He looked so ashamed that Emma immediately got over her insecurity, she thought that this would be fun and led him back to the office she shared. Her new room mate - Jane Scott, had met her patient and she had told him to report to their office later in the afternoon.
Emma led Matt into their office and introduced him to Jane and told him to strip. Matt just stood there, with a red face, embarrassed. Mrs Payne had covered the eventuality of this happening so Emma followed Mrs Payne's advise. She kicked Matt in the balls as hard as she could. Matt had a stunned look on his face as his knees came together, his hands clamped over his nuts, he let out a scream and fell face forward onto the floor. Jane burst out laughing and Emma joined her. Both women sat down in their chairs and watched Matt roll around in agony. the women told each other about themselves, where they were from and what the were hoping for from their job. They agreed that so far it was unconventional and a real hoot.
Matt had calmed down and was quietly moaning. Emma told him to stand up and strip, or get another kick in the nuts. Matt got to his feet and stripped. Like Ted earlier, he had a big erection. Emma and Jane both laughed and Emma asked, what was it about these guys, all with hard-ons.
Emma decided that it was best to show who was in charge. She grabbed Matt by his balls, told him to put his hands on top of his head and spread his legs. She grabbed a testicle in each hand and told Matt to tell her about his masturbation compulsion. Jane laughed and said "Yeah Matt, tell us all about it". Emma smiled encouragingly as she started to squeeze his nuts. Matt begged Emma not to squeeze his nuts and blurted out that he jerks off every chance he gets - he just can't help it. Emma was slowly massaging his nuts with her finger tips, rolling them around and stroking her finger tips back and forth over them. She asked him if he wanted her to help him, provide Aversion Therapy and brake him of his vile habit of stroking himself. She asked him if he wanted her to help him stop doing this as she moved one of her hands to his erection and slowly stroked him. Poor Matt was going out of his mind. Emma and Jane were laughing at him. Matt ejaculated and came all over Emma's new dress. Emma didn't get angry. She looked at Matt and told him he definitely needed Therapy and for the next hour both she and Jane worked on his nuts. Then she locked on his chastity devise, kissed him on the cheek and told him she would see him tomorrow morning.
The next morning Matt was waiting outside her and Jane's office. Emma saw him, laughed and asked him if he hadn't been able to jerk off. She then asked if he had a big hard-on. Matt nodded that he had, Emma laughed and told him to come in and she would see what she could do about it. She told him that if he was a good boy during his testicle punishment she would let him jerk off for a bit. Wow, Emma sure loved coporate life!


Friday, September 17, 2010

Permanent Position

Jill worked for a big shipping company. She was an assistant to Mrs Lean,the president's secretary. Jill liked everything about the job except Mrs Lean. Jill was young and attractive and got along well with everyone else in the company. That was the problem - Mrs Lean resented Jill and perceived her as a threat and had fired her effective that day.
Mrs Lean wanted her out of the building immediately but Jill walked past her desk and into the president's office. In addition to being the president, Mr Gray was also the majority shareholder. Jill had heard a rumour that Mr Gray had been seen frequenting a dominatrix. It was one of those rumours where someone had heard from someone who had heard from someone. Unsubstantiated and maybe true or maybe false.
Jill thought she had nothing to loose and her job to gain. She walked into his office and closed the door behind her. Mr Gray was working at his desk and he looked up, startled at the slamming of his door. Jill was conservatively dressed with a dress that was done up to her neck and went below her knees. She had on black hose. Jill hitched her dress up so the hem was up to her hips, revealing the crotch of her white panties. Her hose were individual hose, ending about half way up her thigh with an elastic top. Jill spread her legs, thrust out her hips and told Mr Gray to get up from his desk and come and stand before her. He just stared at her crotch. Jill said "Now!" and he got up and came and stood before Jill. Jill felt a thrill at the power she had over him but she kept a stern look on her face and told him to take off his pants and undershorts.
He just stood there and Jill again shouted "Now!" and he quickly stripped his pants and shorts. She stepped close to him, looked into his eyes and smiled as her hand came down and her fingers wrapped around his balls and squeezed. Her other hand came up over his mouth to cut off his scream. Jill laughed. It was so easy. She spent the next few minutes massaging and squeezing his balls. She told him he was a bad boy and she was punishing him. He just moaned and stood before her. Jill lowered him to the floor and went and locked his office door. She came back and knelt between his legs and gave his balls a real workout.
After about an hour Mr Gray was swearing eternal devotion. Jill smiled and helped him stand up and propped him up behind his desk. She was still massaging his balls as she dictated an email which Mr Gray sent throughout the company saying that Jill Watts was his executive assistant and any order from her was the same as coming directly from him. She then helped him into his pants, punched him in the balls and left his office. He spent the rest of the day in excruciating pain, gripping the edge of his desk, unable to move.
Jill got directly to work. She called the Human Resources vice president and told him to fire Mrs Lean immediately with a generous severance package. She then told him her pay was to be just above the highest paid person reporting to Mr Gray. She then called the building manager and told him she was going to share Mr Gray's office with him. Jill told him to set up another desk, chair, phone and Internet connection.
Twice a day Jill had a closed door "briefing" session with Mr Gray. Fist thing in the morning she would give his balls a beating and again at quitting time. If he pleaded for a noon time ball beating and begged nicely she would oblige, otherwise he had to wait for quitting time. The rest of the time she worked diligently as his executive assistant. Jill loved the weekly execuive meetings where all the vice presidents met with Mr Gray and Jill. All the VP's had to do a report showing how they were doing in their areas in relation to targets and budget. It was up to Jill to grill them. They were all fearful of Jill. She had a quick mind and a prodigous memory. Jill found it great fun, especially if her found a VP was winging it or trying to deceive her. Mr Gray had little to say and if asked on any point would refer it to Jill. Jill had cut a hole in his right hand pants pockets and sat close beside him with her hand in his pocket and her fingers gripping his balls. Jill was well liked and everyone said Jill sure had a grip on things and that was the truth, a firm grip.

Monday, September 6, 2010

Wonderful way to start the day.

Things were getting pretty rowdy at the bar. It was a mixed Friday night crowd but mainly female office workers who wanted to blow off some steam, have a few drinks and a few laughs. The guys there either came in with female office workers or were there trying to pick them up. Whatever, the guys were definitely in the minority.

The main draw of the bar was the wrestling There was a small ring where the fights would be. They were joke fights with some poor guy lured in from the crowd and Trixxy would take them on. Trixxy was a slip of a girl, cute with blond hair, blue eyes and freckles. She wore a low cut blouse and a very short skirt. The guys would take off their shoes and socks and shirts, leaving on their pants. Most guys were bought up to not physically hurt a woman and all Trixxy had to do was roll around with them for a few minutes, press their faces into her boobs and then get a good grip on their nuts, all the women would cheer and the guy would give up. The guy would get applause from the crowd and free drinks at the bar - good clean fun. It was no trouble luring guys up to fight, Trixxy was a real looker, no one got hurt, the guys got their faces pressed into her boobs and free drinks.

There had been a couple of fights and the MC was looking for the next volunteer. Don Evans had come in a bit earlier with a group of girls who worked for him. Don was cold, arrogant and cheap but the girls thought that an evening out with him would thaw him out and make for a better work relationship. So far it hadn't worked. When Don heard "free drinks" he jumped up and said he would take on Trixxy. As he stripped down to his pants the MC was telling Don it was just a fun fight and to take it easy and no one would get hurt. The bell rang and Don ran out from his corner, threw a roundhouse punch and Trixxy ducked but it caught her on the shoulder and sent her sprawling. The crown booed Don and the MC motioned that he would stop the fight but Trixxy waved him away as she got to her feet. Don bore in again but Trixxy danced away. With a triumphant shout Don caught her in a bear hug. It looked like he was about to snap her in two when Trixxy's right knee came up like a piston and smacked into Don's balls. He let go and staggered back as the crowd cheered. The bell rang to end the round. Don was bent over and clutching his nuts as he made his way back to his corner. He sat holding his nuts and moaning. Over in Trixxy's corner she was smiling and waving at a cheering crowd.

The bell signalled the start of round two. Don realized that he had better end this soon. He immediately tried a kick to Trixxy's right knee, the one that had smacked Don's nuts. He almost hit her but she spun away, catching his foot, lifting it high and delivering a straight punch into his groin. The only thing that saved Don was that Trixxy had been moving away so there was little force behind the punch but even a light punch to the nuts could deliver considerable pain. The crowd were enraged at Don. Here was a friendly wrestling match and he was throwing punches and now kicking. But he wasn't doing too well. He was standing in the middle of the ring with his hands over his nuts and a stunned look on his face.

Trixxy came up to Don and quickly undid his belt and pulled down his pants. The crowd roared their approval. The girls at Don's table cheering with everyone else. Don made a feeble swing at Trixxy and fell flat on his face. Trixxy grabbed his pants and pulled them off and then did the same with his undershorts. She threw them at the MC and they disappeared. Don managed to get to his feet, stark naked. Trixxy danced around Don, slapping at his bare backside. the crowd loved it. The bell rang to end round two. Don made it back to his corner and tried to get out of the ring. The crowd pushed him back. He sat on his stool, naked, with aching balls but he was angry. Over in Trixxy's corner it was more of the same as before - smiles, laughter, waving at the crowd.

The bell rang the start of round three. Don was enraged as he came out at the bell, one hand clutching his nuts, the other hand waving around the stool he had been sitting on. He swung it at Trixxy's head, she ducked and ran straight at Don. They landed in a crash. Don had a firm grip on a stool leg, Trixxy had a firm grip on Don's nuts. They lay on the mat for at least five minutes as Trixxy worked on Don's nuts and Don wailed in agony. She would hold them together as a tight pair, separate one out and pinch it and then the other. The MC asked the crowd if Trixxy should give Don a spanking. The crowd roared for the spanking. Trixxy held Don's nuts in one hand and spanked them with the other. Then Trixxy let go of Don's nuts and got up and stood over him. She raised her arms in victory and the crowd cheered. Don, flat on his back, stared up Trixxy's skirt at her soft thighs and the mound in her white panties. He was in agony but he got a hard on. The crowd saw his erection and broke out in laughter. Trixxy looked down at Don's hard on and laughed also. The MC handed Trixxy his mike and she asked the girls from Don's table to join her in the ring. There were six of them and they all worked for Don. Trixxy asked them to rate Don's hard on. They agreed that although Don was a jerk he did have a nice erection. Lorraine squatted down beside Don, she took a hold of his erection and started to slowly stroke him. She then moved one of Don's hands onto his erection and removed her own. Now Don was jerking off before the crowd. The women in the crowd were howling with laughter and the few men were looking very uncomfortable. Most thinking thank heavens it wasn't them and a few wishing it were them. Trixxy turned to the girls from Don's table who were on the stage and told them if they wanted to give their boss a whack in the nuts now was the chance. They all nodded yes and one by one they had their turn with Don. He was completely defenceless and some of the girls squeezed his nuts, Lorraine gave them a good nut spanking and the others punched them.

Poor Don was right out of it, buck naked, bent over from the beating to his nuts and madly jerking off. They helped him back to their table. Lorraine got a good grip on his nuts and told him to slow down the stroking and if he came she would rip his nuts right off. The bar gave them a couple of free rounds and the girls enjoyed the rest of the evening. Don sat slumped in his chair, naked and slowly jerking off while Lorraine massaged his nuts, telling him he was a bad boy and occasionally swatting his nuts.

Monday morning the girls all got to the office early - they wanted to see if Don would show up and how he would react. Don came in and he was walking past the girls towards his office when Lorraine called out to Don. She told him he was a bad boy, jerking off before all the girls and he deserved to be punished. She ordered him to stand before her desk and drop his pants and shorts. Lorraine got up and came around her desk and stood before Don. She shouted "Bad boy" and kicked him in the nuts. All the girls burst out laughing. Lorraine caught Don and helped him into his office.

After that it became a routine that every morning one of the girls would call Don a bad boy as he came into the office, tell him to stand before her desk and drop his pants. If Don had a hard-on, which he usually did, the girl would tell him that as a special treat he could jerk off. She would then stand before Don and watch him and just as he was about to come she would kick him in the nuts. It was a great moral booster and a wonderful way to start the day.

Friday, August 27, 2010

Troublesome Todd

Milly Foster got laid off. Her whole division, which was in the hoist business, was shut down and she was out of work. She was in her late twenties and had worked there right out of college. She did get a generous severance package and decided that she would use it to try to start up and run her own business.

She knew hoists and her prior companies customers and suppliers so she was in business. She rented a warehouse and set up an office area. Right from the start she was getting orders and she needed staff. Milly contacted a few people from her former employer, who had also been laid off, and offered them jobs. Janice came on as clerk/receptionist, Nancy looked after the warehouse and shipping/receiving and Todd did sales. Milly was a bit reluctant about Todd since he had been her boss but he was an excellent salesman and they had discussed the change with her being his boss. Todd said it was no problem and he really needed a job since he had debts and no cash back up. His severance had gone to paying down some debts and he had blown the rest.

Things got off to a great start and Milly had some promotional fliers made up and sent to customers of the old company. It had taken a while to get the fliers just right. The first photo taken of Milly had her with a short dress, legs spread and a small hoist in her hands. Milly said it looked suggestive and they toned it down. They sent out the revised flier and with Todd following up sales took off but lately Milly ran into problems with Todd. He wouldn't follow her directions and even started telling her what to do. Milly hated it when Todd would brush himself against her. The first time it happened Milly was astonished and thought "Was that his erection or did he have a foot long pipe in his pants?" Then Janice complained that Todd was hassling her with vulgar comments and had groped her. Milly couldn't fire Todd, she needed him. Todd was great in his job, customers loved him and he kept the orders rolling in.
When Todd wasn't out visiting customers, hassling Janice or rubbing up against Milly he stayed in his office with the door locked.

Milly didn't know what to do. She called the woman who had run the Human Resources department in her old company. Ruth Parker hadn't landed another job yet and she said she would come over and talk with Milly about Todd. Ruth came over and she was all business, dressed conservatively with a knee length skirt and matching jacket. They sat in Milly's office and Milly explained the problems with Todd. Ruth nodded and said that some of the women at the old company had complained about Todd but he was so good at his job that management didn't want to do anything to upset him. One of the girls said that Todd had exposed himself to her but Ruth had a hard time accepting it since the girl described an erection of huge proportions and balls the size of large oranges. Maybe Todd had bought a plastic gag prop in very poor taste. Never the less, she was about to act on the allegations when the division was shut down. Ruth expressed surprise that Nancy had not complained about Todd. Milly asked Nancy to come to her office and asked if Todd had harassed her. Nancy who stood all of 5 feet and 100 pounds smiled and said he did it once. She said he pressed himself against her and she kneed him in the nuts. As he started to fall she got him in a bear hug and drove her knee up repeatedly into his nuts. When it looked like he was loosing conscious she released her hug and let him fall to the floor. She smirked and said he never bothered her after that. She said that for fun, whenever she saw him she would ask him if he wanted a hug.

Ruth said Nancy had the right idea and their best approach was to attack the problem head on. Milly said that Todd was in but he had locked himself into his office. Milly said she had a master key that opened all doors. Ruth said the best thing was to walk in unannounced on Todd and lay down the law - shape up or ship out. Ruth said she had a suspicion and pulled a small video recorder from her brief case.

The two women stood outside Todd's door. Milly quietly inserted the key, turned it and slowly opened the door. Ruth had her video recorder running. There was Todd, stark naked staring at a blown up photo of Milly, the first photo that Milly thought was too suggestive. Todd had a huge erection that he was slowly stroking. Someone had digitally altered the photo and a naked Todd was standing beside the photo of Milly and instead of a hoist in her hands she had Todd's balls which she was squeezing.

This was so sudden and so unexpected that both women burst out laughing. Todd turned to them with a look of total surprise that they laughed even more. Ruth quickly stepped across the carpet. reached down and grabbed Todd by his balls and squeezed. Todd let out a high pitched squeal which made Ruth and Milly laugh even harder. Janice heard the commotion and came and looked into Todd's office. There was Milly laughing as Ruth was squeezing Todd's balls. Todd was naked except for a huge erection swinging back and forth. He was wailing in agony, barely able to stand up as Ruth had a testicle in each hand, rolling them back and forth and squeezing them. Ruth saw Janice in the doorway and motioned her in and handed her Todd's balls. Janice took them with a smiled, stuck her face up to Todd, smiled at him and squeezed. Todd sank to his knees before Janice, fell flat on the floor and with a tug from Janice was on his back with his legs spread. Janice knelt between his legs and cradled a ball in each hand and squeezed them with her thumbs with a mean, vindictive smile. Ruth and Milly knelt down beside Todd and laughed as he writhed and shook on the floor, wailing in agony.

Ruth took Todd's nuts from Janice and held them loosely in one hand and slowly stroked his, amazingly, stiff erection with her other hand. She gently massaged his balls and asked if he could hear and understand her. Todd's reply was for her to please not squeeze his nuts any more. Ruth smiled and said that was up to Milly. He turned his face to Milly and begged that his balls not be squeezed any more. Milly smiled and said OK as she punched him in the nuts. The three women tried various ways of holding Todd's nuts while punching them. Then they got Todd to his feet and had him bend over his desk. They stood behind him and took turns kicking his dangling nuts till he slid off the desk and fell onto the floor.

They took the chairs from his conference table and set them around Todd and discussed how they should proceed. Ruth showed them the video recording when they had surprised Todd. The video also showed the altered poster of Milly squeezing a pair of nuts. Ruth laughed and said that with the video they really had Todd by his balls. If he ever stepped out of line they could distribute the video and he would become a laughing stock.

They left Todd laying on his floor and by the end of the day he was able to get dressed and stagger out to his car. Milly told him not to be late in the morning, they had some things to discuss. The next morning he came shuffling in, bent over and clutching his beaten nuts. Todd, Ruth, Janice and Milly met in Milly's office. There were three chairs and Todd stood before them. Janice, unexpectedly, spoke up and asked if she could start the meeting. Milly was surprised but said OK. Janice got out of her chair, walked over to Todd and kicked him in the nuts. She then returned to her chair and sat down. Todd make a strange choking sound, clamped his knees together, held his nuts and sank to his knees. Trying her hardest not to laugh Milly laid down the law to Todd, no more brushing against her, no more groping or lewd comments to Janice or Nancy and he could only jerk off in his office if the door was open and either her of Janice gave him permission.

Milly and Janice called Nancy in from the warehouse and told her in detail about what happened with Todd and the rules. Nancy looked at Todd, on his knees, holding his nuts and she smiled. Nancy suggested that to make sure he never forgot his place in the company, every Friday afternoon he was to appear in the warehouse before her, pull down his pants and she would squeeze his nuts. Also, to give him something to think about and look forward to, she would do the same thing to him Monday morning. Milly laughed and said it was an excellent idea and asked Todd if he agreed. To everyone's surprise and laughter Todd nodded, yes - he agreed.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

The Librarian

Mrs Franks ran a tight ship, if a library could be called a ship. No noise of any kind and if you had to talk it was done in a whisper. She could ban anyone for whatever reason and at a university to be banned from the library was tantamount to a death sentence, to both students and faculty. members

She had been head librarian as long as anyone could remember and you did not cross Mrs Franks. She seemed to spend every waking hour at the library and no one had ever seen or heard of a Mr Franks. She was like a stern force of nature, tweed skirt, hair up in a bun, horn rimmed glasses, no make up, sturdy no nonsense shoes and a huge pair of breasts. If you broke any rule she called you into her office and she berated you. Both students and professors just took it, staring at those magnificent breasts and apologising for their transgressions. Many went out of their way to be late returning a book or purposely making some noise just to be hauled into her office and be scolded.

Mrs Franks was an intelligent woman and she realised that many transgressors were purposely breaking her rules just to be berated by her. For the first time in her life she didn't know what to do. She didn't want to use the ultimate penalty -banned from the library and there was no use in scolding them, that was what they wanted. She needed to instill some discipline. and she needed some expert advice. Mrs Franks checked around and was referred to an expert in discipline, Miss Trix, a local dominatrix. She contacted Miss Trix. Miss Trix is not into freebies but she agreed to help at no charge since she was interested in Mrs Franks problem and found it amusing that professors and senior university staff were being hauled into the head librarian's office for a scolding.

Mrs Franks and Miss Trix discussed the problem and Miss Trix suggested that at the first transgression, the student (mainly male) be bought in for a scolding and a warning. On the second and any subsequent transgressions, the person be banned or offered an alternative. The alternative is that the person drop their pants and Mrs Franks snaps a book shut on their balls. Effective, economical and quick.

Mrs Franks instituted it. Everyone went for the book snap. She would order them into her office and tell them to drop their pants. When she snapped the book shut on their balls, she would have a superior smile. These men would stand before her with their balls hanging there and usually with a stiff erection and they always stared at her big breasts. As she snapped the book closed the change was instantaneous to a blubbering idiot - she loved it.

It was a mixed success. Virtually everyone elected to have Mrs Franks snap a book shut on their balls. Luckily it was quick because the number of men breaking the rules escalated and she spent half the day snapping books closed on balls. She even regularly snapped books closed on the balls of most deans and the university president. She needed a special assistant. Mrs Franks had a female clerical staff working for her and they all knew of her new form of library discipline, the whole university knew. Mrs Franks needed a no nonsense type of woman, one who would tolerate no breaking of the library rules and a strong right hand to snap books closed with authority. Mrs Franks wasn't going to hold a competition for the job, she was going to approach a few of the women and see if they were interested in an additional duty. She decided on selecting three women and try them out and see if any of them would be suitable.

The first was Anne Demmers. Anne was a serious type who had reported a few rule breakers to Mrs Franks. Mrs Franks talked to Anne and she said she would love the additional duty. She said that she would be diligent in enforcing the rules. They went on a walk around the library and almost immediately came across a student, Stu Yardley, who saw Mrs Franks approaching . He knocked over a chair and cursed loudly and looked at Mrs Franks expectantly. Stu was rewarded when Mrs Franks called out his name and told him to go to her office and take a chair outside her door.
Mrs Franks and Anne then went to the book return desk. An assistant professor was arguing with the clerk that a book he was returning was only a day overdue, she said it was two weeks overdue. She saw Mrs Franks and called her over and with a vindictive smirk at the assistant prof told Mrs Franks that the assistant prof was late again with returning books and something had to be done. Mrs Franks agreed and told the assistant, Harry Taft, to go immediately to her office and wait outside her door. He looked terrified and started to plead - she told him to be quiet, they were in a library, and go and wait outside her door. They continued on their rounds and spotted Vick Lucas, a tackle on the university football team shove a junior out of his way. At 6' 6" and over 250 pounds, Vick sent the junior flying. Mrs Franks was infuriated and told Vick to get to her office and wait outside her door. Vick who was never afraid of anybody looked panic stricken. He knew what was coming. Mrs Franks had snapped a book shut on his balls a month ago and he was terrified.

Mrs Franks discussed book snapping with Anne as they walked back to her office. Anne expressed her interest in trying it and they agreed that Mrs Franks would be in the background and Anne would do the berating and book snapping. When the got to Mrs Franks office, the three rule breakers were waiting outside Mrs Franks office door. The two women went in and Anne called at Stu to get into the office. Anne closed the door and started to tell Stu off, him knocking over a chair, cursing and making a noise. She said he had a choice, banned from the library or some immediate discipline, a book snapped shut on his balls. Stu immediately said he would take the book snapping and had his pants half off when Mrs Franks told him to hold it. She had recently seen a lot of his type, guys who couldn't wait to get their balls smashed by a book snapping. She quietly went over to Anne and they discussed Stu. Anne laughed and nodded and turned to Stu. She told him to take of his pants and she grabbed his balls and led him to a supply closet just back of the office. As she closed the door on him she told him no jerking off. Anne waited outside the door for a minute and then threw the door open. Stu had a stiff erection in his hand and he was pumping himself. Anne shouted "No jerking off" and kicked his bare balls. Stu stoped as if paralyzed and started to wail in agony and collapse. Before he could hit the floor Anne delivered another devastating kick to his balls. Stu was on the floor, curled up into a ball, clutching his nuts and wailing in agony. Anne looked down at Stu with a smile and went and reported back to Mrs Franks.

Anne opened the office door and told Harry Taft to get inside. Harry was terrified, he couldn't be barred from the library and he was afraid of getting his balls snapped in a book. Also, the wail of agony coming from behind the office totally spooked him. Anne looked at Harry and gave him a friendly smile and asked him if he wanted to be banned from the library or get a little discipline, nothing too bad. Harry started to feel that maybe they would go light on him and he said discipline. Anne gave him her sunny smile and told him to take off his pants and undershorts. Harry stood before Anne and Mrs Franks, naked from the waist down. Both women smiled at Harry and stared at his equipment. After a minute or so Harry started to feel relieved. He couldn't keep his eyes away from Mrs Franks huge breasts and he then got a stiff erection. Still smiling, Anne told Harry he was a bad boy with bad thoughts who keeps books well past the return date and he needed to be punished. She walked up to him, grabbed his balls and led him to the back office, held them in a new, big, hard backed book which she snapped shut on his balls. Poor Harry collapsed and passed out.

Anne went back into Mrs Franks office. She smiled encouragingly at Anne and told her she was doing very well and if she could handle Vick Lucas, the huge muscular football player, the duties would be hers. Anne undid the top buttons on her blouse and then called Vick in and had him sit before Mrs Franks desk. Anne spoke harshly to Vick calling him a bully and a coward for pushing the other student. She said the choice was his - banned from the library or having a book snapped shut on his balls, painful but short. Vick chose the book snapping. Anne went behind the desk and picked up the sheet with the library rules. She stood up and leaned over and her blouse opened and a large beautiful pair of breasts hung right in front of Vick. Anne said to Vick "Vick, I want you to take a long look at these" as she handed him the library rules. Still leaning over with her breasts right in Vick's face she said they should go over the rules and she slowly read them out while Vick stared at Anne's magnificent breasts.

Anne straightened up and told Vick to strip naked. Vick was tall and muscular and he liked showing off his body. He quickly stripped and make quite a sight with his muscles and large throbbing erection. Anne shouted "What's this" as she swatted his hard on. She reached down and grabbed a ball in each hand and squeezed. Vick howled in agony. Anne squeezed tighter. Vick's screams could be heard throughout the library. Word quickly spread that Anne Demmers, Mrs Franks' assistant had Vick Lucas by the balls and she was going to parade him through the library as an example of what would happen to those who broke the rules.

The library quickly filled up, mainly with all the female student body and faculty. Anne led Vick out of Mrs Franks office to the main floor open area. She had Vicks hands tied behind his back and a length of cord tied around his scrotum so she could lead him around by his balls. In her other hand she held a long pointer which she used to swat his balls. Prior to leading him out of the office Mrs franks had given Vick a slow and steady hand job. Naked, tide up, balls being beaten, Vick was sporting a large erect hard on. Walking in front of him, leading him by his balls was Anne, swatting his balls and reading out loud the library rules.

Anne soon became the assistant librarian. Vick, Stu and Harry became her special helpers and if they did a good job Anne would beat their balls and as a special treat she would strip them naked, give them a hand job just short of a climax and lead them through the library swatting their balls as a demonstration of what happens if someone breaks the library rules. Pretty soon Mrs Franks and Anne were talking about another book snapping assistant, the men on campus just couldn't operate within the library rules.

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Don, Mr Real Estate

Don's job on Wall Street in New York had disappeared in the market crash. Don had a few bucks in the bank and decided to head west and start over. He moved to a small town in Idaho and took a room at a boarding house till he decided what he would do. On his very first day he was walking by the Court House where there was an auction being held, right on the court house steps of property being sold for unpaid taxes. It was an exciting atmosphere with biddings and property being sold at a fast pace. Don figured "What the hell! Everyone else is getting rich, why not me." as he put in a bid on a farm being sold by the county for unpaid taxes. Ted went to the auction just out of curiosity but he got swept up in the excitement and put in a low bid on property he had not even seen. As it turned out he got it cheap as he was the only bidder.

When he looked at the particulars he realized why he was the only bidder. It was a in a far corner of the county with only a dirt road to it. There was no phone or electricity. There was a note in the file that services could be made available if he paid for running in the wires. The old quote was far more than what he had paid. There were a few photos of the land, laying fallow and a couple of broken down buildings. The only plus side was that it was a large plot of land.

It took a week or so for the papers to be sorted out but finally Don got possession and he decided to take a ride out to see his property. During the week Don had looked at a couple of business ventures but nothing had worked out and Don liked the idea of going "back to the land" although the only land he had every known was Central Park in New York City.

He got lost a couple of times and had to asked directions. The locals knew it as the Porter's place. Evidently the previous owners were the Porters. Although it was a dirt road it was a sunny day and the dirt was dry so Don was able to drive right up to it. He was pleasantly surprised. Yes, the fields were fallow but there was tall native grass growing. The fences were broken down in places but Don could see that they could be fixed up. The barn looked like it was close to collapsing and definitely needed a lot of work and the house looked run down but neat and clean. There were flowers in front and Don could see a girl out back tending a vegetable garden. Don was aggravated, the prior owners were supposed to have moved out. There had been a note in the file that the prior owners were a cantankerous lot and had given a county tax collector a severe beating when he had shown up. Since it was only the tax collectors word against the Porters and no real evidence the charges were dropped.

Don parked out front and took the walk to the front door. He was suddenly overcome with a feeling of trepidation. It was probably the Porters still on his property, they had beaten the tax collector and it was deathly quiet and secluded. If Don had not been so angry he would have felt afraid. He knocked on the front door, ready to turn and run when it opened. It opened and there stood a pretty little middle aged lady with a friendly smile. She said it was so rare to have a visitor and politely asked if he was lost. Don introduced himself and asked if she was Mrs Porter. She said yes and Don told her that he had purchased the property from the county and he was the new owner and he wanted her off his property. She smiled and quietly said she didn't think so as she quickly unleashed a devastating kick that caught Don square in the nuts. Don was stunned. He had never felt such pain. He clamped his knees together and grasped his nuts and sank to his knees before Mrs Porter, wailing in agony. She patted him on his head and went out back and called in her three grown daughters.

They came in from where they had been working the farm. Mrs Porter told the girls to help Don into the kitchen and they could get to the bottom of a misunderstanding. Two of the girls were holding Don up and Mrs Porter told Don to stop making such a fuss over a little kick. She then asked him what was this about him being the new owner. Poor Don was in agony and wailed "Jesus Christ, my fucking nuts. Oh! my fucking nuts" Mrs Porter shouted at Don to watch his language before four ladies and poor Don just groaned "Son of a bitch, my fucking nuts" Mrs Porter was livid with anger as she slipped her hand down the front of his pants, curled her fingers around his nuts and squeezed. The pain exploded in Don. His whole world became Mrs Porter, her squeezing fingers and his nuts. He passed out.

Don came too about an hour later. The women had removed his pants and he was laying out in the grass with one of the girls holding his nuts and running cool water from a pitcher over them. She smiled and said she was Linda and she hoped the cool water had helped. She then called her mother and sisters. They came over and stood in a circle looking down at Don. Mrs Porter again asked him what was this about him being the new owner and he had better watch his language this time or she would have to squeeze his nuts again. She bent over, grasped him by his nuts and said "Well?". He looked up but couldn't help but look up their short denim skirts. They all had smooth thighs and white tight panties, even Mrs Porter. With Mrs Porter lightly massaging his nuts and him looking up their skirts, Don got an almost immediate throbbing hard-on. With no pants on it stood up like a telephone pole. The girls all burst out laughing and Mrs Porter just shook her head and looked angry but there was a tiny triumphant smile at the corners of her mouth.

Mrs Porter told Linda to get Don up and march him into the house and the kitchen, they had super to get ready and they could go over this new owner business after supper. In the kitchen she told Don that they were just four women out on their own and they had to defend themselves as best they can. Don asked if he could have his pants back. Mrs Porter said she would think about it. She told Linda to get comfortable and continue to squeeze Don's nuts as long as he is sporting that big erection, it was her job to keep Don under control since it was obvious he couldn't control himself. Mrs Porter told another daughter, Anne, to get a towel and dry Don where he had got wet from the water being poured over his nuts. Anne went to work with the towel, rubbing Don's erection. Mrs Porter asked Don if he could behave himself while they prepared supper and they would discuss this property business after supper. Don said he would behave himself and Mrs Porter said she would consider giving him his pants back later but for now Linda would continue to hold his nuts - she wanted him under control. She asked her daughter to stand Don over by the fire, facing her so she could see what he was thinking. She smiled to herself that it was pretty clear what he was thinking with that big hard-on sticking out.

After super she got the girls together and she took over holding Don by his nuts. She asked Don to tell her what this was about a new owner. The more Don explained about the tax sale the angrier Mrs Porter became and the angrier she became the tighter she squeezed Don's nuts. Finally Don couldn't speak, he just wailed in agony. Mrs Porter asked for proof, did he have a bill of sale, a deed, anything to prove that he actually was the owner. Don managed to croak "Jacket pocket". Mrs Porter told Linda to check his pockets. She started with his pants pockets and it took a few minutes before Linda found an envelope in his jacket pocket. Those few minutes seemed like an eternity to Don. He had never felt such helplessness and such agony and in the center of it was Mrs Porter and her squeezing hand. When Linda said she had found the envelope Mrs Porter reached for it and let go of Don's nuts. Don was so grateful he crawled over to Mrs Porter and kissed her feet. He managed to croak his thanks that she had stopped squeezing his nuts and pledged he would behave himself.

Mrs Porter and the daughters burst out laughing and while still laughing Mrs Porter said that she hadn't realized that she had let go of Don's nuts. She bent down and reached out and wrapped her fingers tight around his nuts and squeezed and reminded Don that they were just some defenseless women who needed to protect themselves. Don passed out. Mrs Porter said they couldn't really do much more to get to the bottom of this property business until Don came to so she told the girls to strip Don and tie him up and put him in a bed. When it was time for the girls to go to bed Linda said that as the oldest she would undertake the responsibility of monitoring Don. She sat in a chair in the room he was in and watched him till everyone else was asleep. She then stripped naked, woke up Don, snuggled up close and with one hand slowly stroking his hard-on and her other hand massaging his nuts she told him to be quiet. By the morning Linda had Don going slowly out of his mind.

In the morning Linda left Don's arms tied behind his back and she led Don into the kitchen by his nuts. Mrs Porter laughed and asked Don if his hard-on was a permanent thing. She said she and the girls wanted to discuss this business about his ownership claim but that was difficult with him standing there sporting a big erection. Anne said it was obvious he was having naughty thoughts and should be punished and they should all have a hand in the punishment. Don was terrified that they were going to take turns kicking him in the nuts. He was relieved when Linda suggested they spank him. Don thought that would hurt but not too much. Mrs Porter asked Don if he though a good vigorous spanking would get him in the right frame of mind. Don thought of the alternatives and felt that spanking his backside was far better than kicks to his balls. He said it would be good for him. The girls lifted him from the floor and laid him on the table, flat on his back. They spread his legs and tied them to the table legs. Anne shouted that she wanted to be first. She cupped Don's nuts in her left hand and started spanking them with her right. The girls and Mrs Porter burst out laughing at the surprise and shock on Don's face when he realized it wasn't his backside that was going to be spanked.
When the girls and Mrs Porter had all had a turn spanking his balls, poor Don was a blubbering idiot begging forgiveness and pledging eternal devotion. Mrs Porter laughed and said that it looked like Don was becoming more reasonable. She said that he was in no condition to talk about the ownership business and they should leave it for another day. Over the course of the day the girls came by and Don's spread legs and dangling nuts was too much of a temptation and they slapped Don's nuts to keep him in the right frame of mind.

Mrs Porter decided the time had come to review the ownership issue - but she misplaced her reading glasses and they offered Don their hospitality for a few more days while they searched for Mrs Porter's glasses. Mrs Porter's idea of hospitality was to constantly smack Don in the balls. Poor Don, he never realized real estate could be such a difficult enterprise where more than your finances could get crushed.