Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Ted's Video

After clearing customs at the airport Ted spotted a cute woman with his name on a sign. Ted went over and introduced himself and within a few minutes Ted and Emma were in a taxi on the way to the studio. Ted could hardly believe it was happening. Ted had called the market right and had made a killing on foreign exchange. all that money but life had felt flat, no excitement. On a whim he sent an email to Nut Squeeze International asking if he could be a male model in some of the videos they put up on their site. He offered a considerable sum as an inducement. Negotiations took a few months, during which Ted was on a tight diet and worked out daily. Everything was done and here he was.

Ted wanted Emma to be aloof and kick him in the nuts during the introduction but she was quite the opposite. She was friendly with a bubbly personality and in the taxi she talked about how she and Ted would work together in the videos. She said there was a thin storyline but it was mainly about her stripping Ted, kicking him a few times in the nuts and then lengthy sessions of her squeezing his nuts in various ways while he writhed in agony. Emma talked as if she was talking about the weather, not Ted's nuts. Emma said that in a few of the sessions she would be joined by another woman and the two of them would punish Ted. She laughed and said it was a good thing he had two nuts so they would both have something to work on. Ted had a throbbing erection and asked Emma if she could give his nuts a workout right there in the back of the taxi. She looked at Ted in shock, called him a pervert and leaned close and forcefully drove her fist between his legs and hit him square in the nuts. Agony exploded through his body as he doubled up, clutching his nuts and moaning in pain. Emma laughed and told Ted to get used to it, there was a lot more to come over the week and she would be delivering it.

At the studio Emma had to help Ted out of the taxi and into the building, he was still bent over and clutching his nuts. Inside they went into the office and Emma introduced Ted to Sandra, the owner. Sandra was even more beautiful than Emma, she had blue eyes and blond hair with a nice slim figure and she was wearing a skirt so short it barely covered the crotch of her panties. Sandra smiled indulgently at Ted and told him it couldn't be that bad and he should stand up straight like a man. Ted let go of his nuts and started to straighten up as Sandra stepped forward, put her hands on his shoulders, smiled sweetly while she looked into Ted's eyes and drove her knee up between his legs. She connected right on his nuts. Ted started to collapse as Sandra's knee retracted and then came up again like a piston, again smacking Ted in the nuts. He collapsed at Sandra's feet. She looked down at him, smiled and said he would be fine in the videos - no acting required, just naturally reacting to the punishment that the girls would inflict on him.

Emma took Ted to his hotel, helped him check in and went up to his suite with him. Ted was in pretty bad shape so Emma said she would spend the night, putting ice on his nuts. All night long Ted felt Emma's fingers on his nuts, rubbing ice on them. By the morning the pain in his nuts was gone but he had a large throbbing erection. Emma slipped a testicle harness on Ted with a short leash. She helped him get washed, shaved and dressed. She left him unzipped and the leash came out through his zipper. She led him through the lobby and out in front of the hotel as if she was walking a dog. A number of hotel guests and staff noticed the leash, the women smiled approvingly and the men looked uncomfortable. Emma gave Ted a condescending smile and as he was stepping into the taxi to the drive to the studio, as a special treat, Emma reached into his pants, grasped his nuts and tightly massaged them all the way to the studio. Ted was in heaven - he would do anything for Emma.

The studio was pretty basic, a couple of girls with video cameras and some work stations for editing and special effects. Except for Sandra's office it was just one large open box. There was an area in one corner where most of the videos were shot. Emma led Ted to the corner and removed the harness. Sandra came over and told Ted to strip since the first video was to be basic ballbusting with Emma catching Ted jerking off. Emma laughed and Ted looked aprehensive as he stripped. A technical discussion developed about lighting, angles and exposure. Sandra was standing beside Ted and she casually took hold of his nuts and gently massaged them while she and Emma and the two video girls held their discussion. After a few minutes the discussion broke up and Ted was left standing there with a throbbing erection. Sandra smiled and told Ted he was excellent and should start jerking off. The four women watched Ted and the other staff, all females came over to watch the video. This was nothing new to the women but they all smiled in anticipation of the action about to unfold. Emma was coming home from work to find Ted, her boyfrien jerking off. She shouted at Ted and Ted reacted perfectly, he looked terrified and clapped one hand over his nuts while he continued to jerk off with the other hand. In a calm but threatening voice Emma told Ted to spread his legs and put his hands on top of his head. Ted half obeyed, his left hand went to the top of his head and his right hand continued jerking off. Emma pulled up a chair, sat down right in front of Ted and held his balls in one hand while she spanked them with the other. Ted howled in agony and all the staff smiled, Ted was a natural!


Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Ms Pennypacker on TV

In prior blogs we heard how Ms Pennypacker's no nonsense approach to raising the self confidence of women has helped women and created a business empire for Ms Pennypacker. She has a self help book, a video, a string of stress relief clubs, self defense seminars, a line of cloths and numerous speaking engagements.

Ms Pennypacker decided it was time for national TV coverage. She approached a specialty woman's interest network and they readily agreed to air a program designed to raise women's self confidence. Ms Tinner, the programming manager was happy to get behind a public interest program and she also knew that nothing attracted viewers like some women kicking guys in the nuts and nothing raised a woman's self confidence than being able to kick guys in the nuts. As they say, it was a Win - Win situation unless you were one of the guys getting it in the nuts.

As Ms Pennypacker explained, the program would start with her discussing the high incidence of violence against women with a female university dean with plenty of stats and graphs to give it the program a serious tone and emphasise the public service aspect of the program . It would then quickly go to the major parts of the program, self defence for women. Ms Pennypacker then made it clear to Ms Tinner that nothing worked better in self defence than getting a good grip on some guy's nuts and not letting go and that would be what the main part of the program would be about. Ms Tinner agreed while thinking of the sky high viewer ratings for the program. She did express some concern about where Ms Pennypacker would find men willing to have their nuts squeezed and how much they would have to pay them. Ms Pennypacker laughed and told her to leave that to her.

Ms Pennypacker advertised on a couple of local colleges for young women to earn excellent wages doing interesting public service work. She received a huge number of applications and when told it entailed being in a TV program to teach women self defence and that may entail squeezing some guy by the nuts most of the women were enthusiastic. Ms Pennypacker didn't like it but she knew that looks count on TV and she interviewed the women and selected slim, pretty women with nice legs and big breasts. Ms Tinner, the program manager, begged to be on the show and as a favour Ms Pennypacker agreed. Ms Tinner said she had dreamt about beating men in the nuts.

She then needed men and was looking for slightly older men with an air of success and arrogance, the type of men women like to see brought down and humiliated. She advertised in business journals, looking for men willing to do some public service by helping train young women for the modern world. She was inundated by applications. As with the women Ms Pennypacker knew that looks counted and she ended up hiring tall, slim but well built men, handsome and exuding arrogance and an air of privilege. She explained that they were doing a TV program about teaching the women self defence and clothing would be minimal but with their magnificent bodies that should be no problem.With their huge egos the men all thought that would be fine, all secretly pleased with the thought of them and their bodies on TV for all to admire.

With taping set, Ms Pennypacker gathered the women together and explained the first day's shoot. She said that they would shoot a lot of video and then edit it down to half hour segments. The women were all enthusiastic. She then brought the women and men together and paired the women and men up into pairs with a video camera woman to each pair. She had a dozen pairs spread over a large studio stage. The men were leering at the women and grinning. Ms Pennypacker was using a bullhorn and told the men to walk towards the women like they were about to attack them. She then told the men to run their hands over the women, feel their breasts and between their legs. She then told them to wrestle the women to the ground. The men were all enthusiastic during this and the women put up with it. She then had the men and women facing each other. Pretty well all of the men had erections, clearly visible through their gym shorts. Ms Pennypacker said "Now" and all the women kicked their partner in the nuts. The few that didn't immediately collapse got a quick second kick and all the men were down. The women leaped on them, pulled off their shorts and got a good tight grip on their nuts. The men were howling in agony. Ms Pennypacker made sure the sound person picked up the howling, it made great background sound.

She then went to work with a couple, Susan and Ned. Susan was real cute and quite tiny in stature. Ned was big and muscular and up to a few minutes ago extremely arrogant. No longer, Susan was sitting on his stomach, squeezing his nuts. Ned was in extreme agony and begging Susan to let go of his nuts and the camera woman was picking it all up. Ms Pennypacker got into the scene and was talking to the camera saying that Susan could easily increase Ned's discomfort. The to demonstrate, she changed positions with Susan. She clasped Ned's scrotum, pushing his balls tightly towards the end, where his balls were nicely outlined. She then took her other hand, smiled at the camera and pinched Ned's left testicle. Ned screamed in agony, Ms Pennypacker laughed and then pinched his right testicle. Looking at the camera she explained that the objective of assertive self defense was to make sure the assailant never tried to be physically assertive again. She then handed Ned's nuts back to Susan and told her that the longer she kept up the training the more effective it would be, pinching Ned's nuts for ten minutes was better than for five, an hour was better than half an hour and all afternoon was better than a couple of hours. Ms Pennypacker said she would check back later in the day and for Susan to keep up the good work.

Ms Pennypacker went and stood before some blackboards and in her white lab coat she looked very professional and knowledgeable like a university professor. She was very serious as she explained to the camera that for a woman to be truly effective in a physical confrontation with a man she had to have detailed knowledge of a man's body, and specifically his groin. She said that a noted banker had agreed to help her. She went off camera and came back leading a masked and naked man by his quivering erection. He had his wrists tied behind his back and he had a spreader bar clamped to his ankles, forcing his legs wide apart and he shuffled rather than walked. She was slowly stroking his hard on and he looked to be on the verge of a climax. She lifted and probed his testicles and undertook a very close examination of his erection. She went on to say there are many ways to inflict punishment to a man's balls and she plans to demonstrate some of them in this and future programs. She said a very effective way is to spank his nuts. She took his nuts and cupped them in her hand and slapped them firmly with her other hand. He screamed in pain as Mr Pennypacker vigorously spanked his nuts. When it looked like he was about ready to pass out from the pain, Ms Pennypacker stopped her spanking. She smiled at the camera and pointed out that it effectively deflated his erection.

Ms Pennypacker spent the rest of the day going from couple to couple showing the best way to hold, squeeze and beat a man's nuts. The women found a lot of it quite funny but no men were laughing. She then went back to Susan and Ned and Susan was still pinching Ned's nuts. Poor Ned looked like he was in a trance, barely in touch with reality. Susan got off his stomach and told him to stand up. Ned staggered to his feet, bent over and clutching his nuts. Susan reached up and patted Ned on the head and told him he was a good boy and she was taking him home for further obedience training. At the end of the day and the end of the first program was a shot of Susan leading naked Ned around by his nuts then turning and delivering a swift uppercut between his legs and connecting solidly with his nuts and Ned falling to the ground and groveling at Susan's feet, moaning and clutching his nuts and declaring eternal devotion.

The first episode was a rating smash.