Tuesday, June 26, 2007


Sid Harris got a job after school working for a mattress distributor. It is a big east coast company but they had a few customers who had stores on the west coast so they opened a west coast distribution center. It wasn't much, just a big warehouse full of mattresses and box springs. Sid comes in and puts away any delivered mattresses and pulls any for shipping out. It is a no brainer job but pays well and only takes a few hours after school.

Sid works for Linda. She runs the place and it was just Sid and Linda. It was pretty boring for Linda being there alone all day. She looked forward to Sid showing up. He was a cute guy, just a few years younger than herself. Linda loved to tease Sid. Sid came in after school and Linda said they had to check off and put away a shipment that had come in. It is a warehouse environment so Linda wears jeans - skin tight jeans that outline her pussy.

As Sid put the mattresses away Linda stood to one side with a clip board and checked the mattresses off the receiving slip. Sid had to call out the stock number on the mattress. He would look at Linda, or more accurately, at Linda's pussy. When they finished she asked Sid if he had any problem working with her. Linda glanced down at Sid's erection straining the fabric of his pants. She smiled and went back to her office. Sid went out back and hid behind a pile of mattresses and jerked off. It became a habit with Sid. After working with Linda he was so exited that he had to jerk off. He didn't realize it but Linda had a closed circuit surveillance system installed with hidden cameras covering the whole inside and outside of the warehouse. Linda would sit in her office checking paperwork and casually keep an eye on Sid, hidden away, jerking off. Linda realized it was mean but she found it fun to watch Sid and right before he was about to come to call him on the warehouse PA system to come to her office right away. Poor Sid had to pull up his pants and tuck in a quivering erection and come and stand before Linda. It was all she could do not to laugh in his face.

Business was picking up and they needed someone to take phone orders. Linda didn't know if the increased orders was temporary or not so she thought that it would be best to hire someone for a few months and see how the volume went. Sid had mentioned to Linda that he lived at home with his mother who was a single mother and he had a younger sister who was looking for a summer job. Linda didn't care for hiring relatives but it would only be for a few months so she had Jill come in for an interview. Jill seemed smart and she got the job.

Linda and Jill got along well. They both worked in the office and it wasn't long before Linda told Jill about the closed circuit TV system and they both found it hilarious to watch Sid sneak out back, check that neither of them was around, then drop his pants and jerk off. Jill told Linda that it wasn't much fun to cock tease your own brother but she did it at home whenever she had nothing to do and she got bored and her mom wasn't around. She said she squeezes into a pair of tight shorts and would say she was doing her exercises as they watched TV. She would do a bump and grind routine, pushing her pelvis back and forth. It always worked and once he had an erection she could boss him around. Jill said that she was pretty sure that when he was in his bedroom with his door locked he was jerking off.

One time the two girls were in the office watching Sid jerk off and Linda asked Jill if she had ever hit Sid in the nuts. Jill laughed and said she had thought about it but had never actually done it. Then Jill asked Linda if she had ever nailed a guy in the nuts. Linda said she had a couple of times and it was a real laugh the way the guy reacted and it gave her a real rush of power. They sat there watching Sid and his nuts. They turned to each other, smiled and got up and went into the warehouse. They quietly went down the back and quickly went where Sid was and Jill shouted "What the hell do you think you are doing?" at the same time as she grabbed his nuts. Both girls were laughing and calling Sid a dirty pervert. Jill squeezed his nuts and Sid screamed in agony. Jill told Sid there was to be no more jerking off at work or home. Jill walked Sid up to the office. Sid said it had been just this one time, only this one time. Linda pulled up some prior surveillance of Sid jerking off and showed Sid, many different times, jerking off. Sid was shocked that they had recorded him but he was in no position to complain. They had him by the nuts and they had him good. Linda told him that if she sent some files of Sid jerking off instead of working to the head office he would loose his job. Jill told him that if she showed some files to their mom he would be thrown out of the house, if she showed them to his friends he would be laughed at and ridiculed and if they showed them to the police they could charge him with indecent exposure. Linda said that Jill was going to keep an eye on him and make sure there was no more jerking off. She said "Jill is in charge of you, right Sid?" Sid nodded, Linda said "I didn't hear that, right Sid?" Sid was groaning in agony. Jill still had him by the nuts and she had forgotten how hard she was squeezing his nuts. She let up a bit and Sid managed to croak that both girls were in charge and he wouldn't jerk off any more.

They took him back into the warehouse, stripped him naked and had him lay down on a box spring mattress. They tied his arms and legs to the four corners. Jill said "This is for your own good big brother" as she cupped his nuts in one hand and spanked them with the palm of her other hand. Sid howled in agony. Jill worked on Sid's nuts till quitting time. She walked quickly home and Sid got home a bit later, shuffling and holding his nuts. Jill told her mother about Sid jerking off at work. Ms Harris didn't believe it but Jill had emailed a clip of the surveillance file and sent it to her at home email account. She showed her mother the clip of Sid sneaking behind a pile of mattresses, looking around to check that he was alone and then pulling down his pants, taking his erection and jerking off. Ms Harris got very angry. She remembered years before she had caught Sid's dad jerking off and after the second time she kicked him out of the house. Now the son was taking after the father and she had to stop it before it got too ingrained. She was fuming with anger when just then Sid shuffled into the house, holding his aching nuts. This was too much for Ms Harris who didn't know that her daughter had given Sid a severe ball spanking. Ms Harris shouted "Damn it Sid, no playing with yourself" as she stepped towards him and although she was just five feet tall and one hundred pounds, she was so angry that she lifted him off the ground with a severe kick to his testicles. As Sid staggered around the kitchen with a stunned look on his face Jill burst out laughing. Ms Harris started to smile and then began to laugh also. Sid did look pretty stupid, staggering about, howling and clutching his nuts. Eventually he calmed down to where he was just moaning. Ms Harris and Jill helped Sid up to his room, undressed him and put him to bed. Ms Harris said she didn't want him playing with himself during the night so they got some cord and tied his wrists to the top bed posts.

Ms Harris and Jill went back downstairs and Ms Harris told Jill that she needed her help in curing Sid of his vile habit. Jill was just dying to tell Susan, her best friend, about Sid and his jerking off. Jill lied to her mother and said that Susan's older brother jerks off all the time and Susan and her mother are curing him of it. Ms Harris asked Jill if she could call Susan and ask her to come over and give them some advise. While Ms Harris was upstairs checking on Sid, Jill called Susan. She told her about Sid and said that she had made up a story about Susan and her mother curing Ed, her older brother of jerking off. Susan just laughed and said they are doing a poor job since he jerks off every chance he gets. Jill told her to come over and she would show her Sid, tied to his bed and she would take off his cover so she could see him naked and smack his nuts. Susan laughed and said she would be right over.

Jill told her mother that Susan was coming over. Susan lived only a couple of blocks away so shortly afterwards Susan was there. Ms Harris said that Jill had explained how Susan and her mother were curing Ed and could she tell her how to cure Sid. Susan played it up as the jerking off expert and asked to see the patient. They went upstairs. Sid had calmed down and his balls now just really ached but he was awake and alert. Jill, her mother and Susan breezed into the room. Susan casually pulled the cover off Sid and grasped him by his nuts. Sid's cry of protest was cut short by Susan lightly squeezing his nuts. Susan then asked how they knew Sid was jerking off. They told her about seeing Sid jerking off at work and the surveillance tapes. The two girls and Ms Harris talked amongst themselves, ignoring Sid laying naked on the bed, but Susan still had him by his nuts. Susan was making it up and said the main thing is constant vigilance and punishment if they find him jerking off or even having dirty thoughts. With Ed, the moment he comes home he is naked from the waist down and if they find him with an erection they spank his nuts. Jill got into making it up also by saying that whenever she goes over to Susan's house she helps in the surveillance and had often spanked Ed's nuts and now it was Susan's turn to help them with Sid. Susan said she would be glad to help. As the while she had been lightly massaging Sid's nuts and he was sporting a large erection.

Susan said that she had already had her dinner and she suggested that Ms Harris and Jill go downstairs and have their dinner and she would look after Sid. Jill and Ms Harris went downstairs with Ms Harris saying what a blessing it is to have a friend like Susan. Ms Harris said that she was shocked to hear that Ed jerks off, he seems like such a nice young man.

Susan looked at Sid and smiled and said they were alone and he had been a bad boy and she was going to punish him. She had a strong, thick elastic band and made it double and stretched it over Sid's left testicle. She snapped it into place. It flattened his nut in the center and almost made it look like 2 nuts. Sid made an agonizing cry and Susan settled back in her chair by the bed and watched Sid. She laughed and said that tomorrow she would have two elastic bands. She settled back in the chair, hiked her skirt and spread her legs. Sid had a perfect view of her panties. His erection was standing up straight again.

For the next few days life was hell for Sid. At work Linda and Jill teased him and spanked his nuts. At home his mom, Jill and Susan teased him and beat his nuts. They were driving him crazy with teasing him.. He had a constant erection and whenever he had half a chance he would try and masturbate. They always caught him. Ms Harris began to despair that she would ever cure him. One night Susan was over having fun with Sid when Susan's mom sent Ed over to tell Susan it was time to come home. Ms Harris answered the door and there stood Ed. As she invited him in she immediately thought of all the stories Susan had made up about Ed constantly jerking off and something snapped in her mind. She was livid in anger. Ms Harris was barely five feet tall and Ed was well over six feet so she just stooped a bit and raised her arm up inside Ed's shorts and grasped his nuts and squeezed. Just the stunned look on Ed's face made Ms Harris feel better and his wail of agony was music to her ears.

Susan was upstairs and was just finishing spanking Sid's nuts. She heard the commotion downstairs so she let go of Sid's nuts and ran downstairs. Jill was in the kitchen. Both Susan and Jill got to the entrance hall at the same time. They were shocked to see Ed, flat on his back with his legs spread and Ms Harris sitting cross legged between his legs with an arm up his shorts and a vindictive smile on her face as she shouted at Ed to promise to stop jerking off. Both Susan and Jill said that they had made in up, Ed didn't jerk off. Ms Harris didn't hear them as Ed begged her to stop squeezing his nuts. He said he was sorry and he promised not to jerk off any more. Susan looked at him in shock, then shouted that her brother was a masturbator, living in the same house as her. She sat down next to Ms Harris and slipped her hand up his other pant leg and Ms Harris released one of Ed's nuts so they each had one. Susan asked him when and how often did he jerk off. She had his left nut. Susan rolled it around with her finger tips and then dug her thumb into the center. Ed screamed and said as often as he could, usually two or three times a day. He said he jerked off in the laundry room, into Susan's used panties. Both girls and Ms Harris were shocked - a brother jerking off into his sister's used panties. Susan couldn't help but smile as she imagined her big strong brother down in the laundry room, with her used panties wrapped around his erection jerking off. She asked him if that was how he did it, wrapped around his hard-on. She was still digging her thumb into his left nut and Ed was howling in agony and he would tell Susan anything she wanted to know. He nodded yes and then said that he would hold another pair up to his nose to sniff them. She was shocked but strangely flattered. She almost asked him how she smelled. Instead she dug down harder with her thumb and Ed passed out. The three females looked at each other with rueful smiles, two jerk off to be punished and monitored.

They discussed the situation and realized that they had better tell Mrs Grant, Ed and Susan's mother about Ed's two compulsions - jerking off and sniffing his sister's panties.

To be Continued

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Office Party

Emma worked for a progressive advertising company in New York City. She was from a small town and felt a bit out of place but really worked hard to fit in. The company said they were going to hold a costume party, and the more outrageous the costume the better. There were no restrictions but nude and fetishes were encouraged.

Emma felt that this was her chance to show the other workers how wild she could be. She decided to go as a Dominatrix. She reserved a costume from a rental place with thigh high black boots, skin tight latex shorts, a shear top and a full face mask. On the evening on the party Emma went to the rental place to pick up the costume. She put it on and from there she went to the party. The rental clerk said she was breathtaking and Emma had to agree. The clerk said she needed some accessories and outfitted her with a belt and hanging from her belt was a whip, handcuffs, a couple of testicle harnesses and a length of black silk cord.

When Emma got to the party it had been going on for a while. She walked in and caused a sensation. She walked up to her supervisor, who had been giving her a hard time at work, placed her hands on his shoulders and kneed him in the groin. He sank to his knees before Emma, clutching his nuts and groaning in agony. Emma helped him up and took him into a small room out back. She kneed him in the nuts again and then stripped him naked. She handcuffed his hands behind his back, used a length of cord to tie his ankles so he would only be able to walk with short shuffling steps and attached a testicle harness. She pulled it tight so the harness was very tight on his nuts. She attached a length of the cord to the harness and tied the other end to her belt. She began stroking him and in a few minutes she had given him a nice erection. She kept on masturbating him and soon had him to the point where his erection was quivering and ready to climax. To further exite him Emma whispered some erotic suggestions into his ear. She then felt she had the perfect accessory and walked back to join the party. Her boss, tethered by his balls to her belt, shuffled along behind her, barely conscious but sporting a large erection.

This caused an even larger sensation. The whole party erupted into laughter. There were questions about who was behind the mask. Emma circulated at the party, towing her accessory behind her. Over the course of the evening she asked most of the female office staff to stroke her boss and they all complied. At the height of the party she cut her boss loose from her belt and slipped out of the party. He spent the rest of the party naked, in a testicle harness, handcuffed with a large erection. Everyone at the party was impressed with his good nature. Most of the women were also impressed with the size of his erection. As the party broke up two girls who were junior office staff gathered up his cloths and took him to their place. They later told the office that they stayed up till dawn teasing his cock and ball squeezing. By morning he could barely talk. They called a locksmith who undid the handcuffs.

The next day he went to work with the two girls. The rest of the staff kidded him but were very impressed with how he took it in good spirit. There was a lot of speculation as to who was the dominatrix behind the mask. Some of the staff told Emma that she should have gone to the party. Out of the costume and without the mask she was just plain Emma. She had wanted to impress her fellow workers but was too timid to step forward. Also, she realized they wouldn't believe her. Even her boss said she had really missed something. After he had said that she stepped close and whispered the same erotic words she had used the night before.

Aversion Therapy - #5

Mrs Payne was not overly religious but she recognized that the local churches did a lot of good in the community. She was a member of the largest local church and she was active in the Lady's Auxiliary. The auxiliary was dedicated to helping women in the community, not just church members but all women. The auxiliary met weekly. Attendance was small and Mrs Payne had to admit the meetings were not very interesting. Meetings were held in the church addition. Mrs Payne usually got there early to make sure the meeting room was open and there were sufficient chairs. Sometimes there was a boy scout meeting in the basement earlier in the week and the boys would come upstairs and borrow the chairs.

The evening of the weekly meeting Mrs Payne got there a few minutes early and , sure enough, a few of the chairs were gone. She went to the basement stairs and just before she turned on the light she heard a noise and a cough in the basement. With all the cases of male masturbation she had recently come across she thought that one of the boys was downstairs in the dark playing with himself. She realized that he should be broken of the vile masturbation habit before it became too deeply ingrained. She found the flashlight kept in case of a power failure and crept down the stairs. She intended to sneak up on the boy and grab his nuts and give them a good squeezing. She had found that an excellent way to subdue a male and make him receptive to changing his habits. Mrs Payne's whole way of life was dedicated to helping people and she wanted to help the boy downstairs who was jerking off in the dark. She wanted to help him change his ways.

Mrs Payne quietly got to the bottom of the stairs and as her eyes grew accustomed to the dim light she could see someone standing near the stairs, with his pants down around his ankles, masturbating. He was leaning against the wall with his head back and it looked like he had his eyes closed. He was slowly stroking his large erection and moaning with pleasure.

Mrs Payne was incensed. She quickly strode across the floor shouting "What in the name of God do you think you are doing?" With one hand she grabbed his balls and with the other she flicked on the flashlight. She was shocked to see that she didn't have a boy scout by the balls, she had Mr Bob Wacker, the church administrator. He was even more shocked than Mrs Payne. She had caught him jerking off and she had him by the balls. Mrs Payne did what she had always done when she had a man by the balls - she squeezed. Mr Wacker screamed and fell down. Mrs Payne didn't let go of his balls. She went down with him. It ended up with Mr Wacker flat on his back with Mrs Payne sitting on his stomach with a nut firmly grasped in each hand. Mrs Payne , rightly so, considered she was in charge. She said"I'll repeat my question - What in the name of God do you think you are doing?" Mr Wacker was terrified, mortified and in extreme pain. He couldn't think straight. He said "Nothing, I was doing nothing". It was so unexpected that Mrs Payne laughed. She shouted "Nothing! You were doing nothing! Do you call standing in the dark with your pants down masturbating doing nothing? And what about this?" She let go of one of his nuts and grabbed his still stiff erection. She slowly stroked it as she lectured him on the evils of masturbation. Poor Mr Wacker was loosing contact with reality. He was loosing his mind. The shock, the pain and the unbelievable pleasure was pushing him over the edge.

Mrs Payne asked Mr Wacker if he wanted to be broken of his vile masturbation habit. He said "Yes". The poor man would agree to anything Mrs Payne asked. She got up off him but still held him by his erection and his left nut. She told him to step out of his pants which were still around his ankles. She then marched him upstairs to the Ladies Auxiliary meeting.

Most of the usual twenty women were there. There was a gasp of shock and a nervous titter of laughter as Mrs Payne marched Mr Wacker to the front of the room. They had never seen anything like it. Mrs Payne said "I found Bob Wacker at the bottom of the stairs, in the dark, with his pants down and a large erection. Tell the women what you were doing down there Bob." He was no longer Mr Wacker, now he was just Bob. Bob didn't say anything. Mrs Payne started to really squeeze his left nut and Bob shouted "I was jerking off." Mrs Payne said "Bob realizes that is bad and he wants to change his ways, isn't that right Bob?" Mrs Payne was still slowly stroking him and severely squeezing his left nut. Bob shouted "Yes, right, change my ways. Ohh, my nuts, they hurt. Change my ways. Anything you say Mrs Payne."

Mrs Payne asked Susan Jones to take control of Bob while she addressed the meeting. Susan was the youngest member. She went to the local college and was an ardent feminist. She smiled and said she would love to help. She came up front. Mrs Payne instructed Susan to stand behind Bob and hold his nuts from behind with her hand between his legs. She asked her to reach around Bob, grasp his erection and slowly stroke it. Mrs Payne told the meeting about aversion therapy where you apply a painful stimulus at the same time as the patient is experiencing the thing you want to break them of doing. She said that in her companies they are treating four men with masturbation habits. She said they had considered electric shock to the testicles but found that a good squeeze worked just as well and was far simpler. She turned to Bob "Bob, do you want aversion therapy? Just nod your head if you do." Bob wasn't sure what was going on so he just nodded his head.

Mrs Payne instructed Susan to squeeze Bob's nuts. Bob started to wail in agony. Mrs Payne told the meeting that it was for Bob's own good. She told them to be on the lookout for other men in need of therapy. She set up a daily treatment schedule for Bob and asked for volunteers, 2 woman per session. She was very gratified that most of the women volunteered and Mrs Wacker, Bob's wife, put her name down for three sessions and as an alternate if any of the other ladies could not make it. She made it clear that she was looking forward to helping her husband by providing therapy. Mrs Wacker had the local jeweller make her a broach that said "Ballbuster". She was really taking her community charity work to heart.

Mrs Payne sent a newsletter to all church members saying that a church member had been caught with his pants down abusing himself in the church basement. She wrote that some would just ignore it or cover it up but she felt it best to bring it out into the open. The best thing was to help your fellow man and they were helping the masturbator with aversion therapy which was being applied daily and would be applied at the next meeting, Tuesday evening. She briefly explained aversion therapy. She went on to write that the Ladies Auxiliary was engaged in a variety of good works throughout the community and they were always looking for new members and she encouraged all women of the community to attend, church members or not. The only qualification for membership was a desire to help people in the community. She went on to say that if seeing a naked man have his testicles squeezed would be offensive they should not attend the next few meetings.

Next Tuesday was unbelievable. The church parking lot was full, there was a traffic jam out front. They moved the meeting from the small meeting room into the gym. They eventually had to close the doors. It seemed that every woman in town wanted to join the Lady's Auxiliary.
Mrs Payne started the meeting and a few members reported on project they were responsible for such as the upcoming bake sale and the garden show. Susan Jones went up front to report on the progress with the masturbator. She said early indications were that the therapy was very helpful but they had to maintain therapy for some time. There had been no official notification as to the identity of the masturbator but there was a wide spread rumor that it was Mr Wacker. Susan said she would now demonstrate how the therapy was applied. She went to a room off the gym and came back with Mr Wacker. He didn't have any pants or undershorts but he did have a large erection that he was stroking as he walked. Susan was walking right behind him with her hand between his legs holding his nuts. Susan got Mr Wacker to lay down on a table. She strapped him to the table but left one arm free so he could continue to masturbate. Susan said "Now I will begin the therapy. It's really pretty simple, you make sure he is playing with himself then grab a testicle in each hand and squeeze. Not too much, we don't want to cause permanent damage and for Mr Wacker to pass out, we want him to feel this. Mr Wacker, are you feeling this?" Mr Wacker screamed and the women laughed and cheered.
Susan then asked if anyone else at the meeting would like to help Mr Wacker. One of the first to volunteer was Miss Green, the church organist. Although she had been an unpaid church volunteer for many years Mr Wacker was her supervisor and he had always treated her in a disdainful, patronizing manner. Miss Green was an accomplished organist and she loved playing the organ. As much as she loved playing the organ she despised Mr Wacker. She almost ran to the front and said she would love to help Mr Wacker. She didn't wait for any approval or additional instruction. There was Mr Wacker, tied down, naked and vulnerable. Miss Green took her time - this was something to savor and enjoy. She looked at his erection and his balls. She called his name and he looked at her. She smiled malevolently and said "Don't worry Mr Wacker, I'm going to help you even if it means crushing your nuts. Don't think of me as the church organist, think of me as your own personal ballbuster, nutcrusher, testicle squeezer and castrating bitch, dedicated to help you overcome your vile compulsion. " Then she went to work.

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

The Ballbuster

As long as Mandy could remember Ed lived next door. He was a couple of years older and was an inconsiderate bully. Mandy had long ago learnt to stay out of his way. Ed had just gotten a car and he seemed to be cutting a lot of classes to drive around in his car.
Mandy was walking home from school at lunch time. It had just rained and there were puddles on the road. Ed saw Mandy walking along so he came roaring up, right through a puddle. The splash from the puddle soaked Mandy. She heard Ed laugh as he drove off. Mandy walked home, soaking wet and fuming about Ed. He was twice her size and there wasn't much she could do about it.
As she walked up her driveway she glanced next door. Ed was in his garage, half under his car. Mandy had decided she had had enough. She walked quietly into Ed's garage. All that was holding his car up was a floor hydraulic jack. Many was familiar with hydraulic jacks from watching her Dad work on his car. She went over to the jack and slowly turned the control wheel on the end of the handle. The car slowly descended. Ed let out a yell and Mandy stopped the descent. Ed shouted "Who the hell is that? I'm stuck under here. Jack the damn car back up." Mandy said "Now Ed, you are a naughty boy. You should know better than to get under a car without jack stands"
Ed shouted "Mandy, you little bitch, jack this car up. I'm going to beat the crap out of you if you don't jack up my car right now."
Mandy looked around the garage and found some jack stands. She adjusted them and put them under the car and lowered the car onto the stands. She said "Now you don't have to worry about the hydraulic jack failing. You are nice and secure under there." Ed's chest, arms and head were under the car, with his arms above his head so he couldn't get his arms down. From his waist on down was outside the car. Mandy sat on Ed's stomach, unbuckled his belt, pulled down his zipper and lowered his pants. Ed was struggling, kicking the air and yelling. Mandy cupped his balls in her hand and slapped them as hard as she could. Ed screamed in agony. Mandy got off Ed and told him to behave himself, she was going next door to have her lunch. She said "Don't worry Ed, I won't forget you, I'll be back soon and we can spend the entire afternoon in here - you, me and your balls. You parents usually get home about 5:30. I'll make sure we are finished by then." She slapped his balls again and left him in the garage.
Mandy went next door and made herself a cheese sandwich.
After lunch she went back to see Ed. He was yelling and threatening Mandy. She laughed and said "Ed, you just don't get it. You don't threaten, you beg." She sat on his stomach again, grabbed a nut in each hand and went to work on them. She had a rough idea how much abuse they could take before permanent damage occurs. She pulled, pinched, slapped and squeezed them flat between her palms. Ed was in a state of shock. He was begging Mandy " Oh no. Please no Mandy. I'll do anything you say from now on. Oh my balls! Please, please. I'll be your slave." All afternoon she worked on his testicles. Mindy had a contented smile and was humming to herself. Ed was in a pool of unbearable pain.
About 4:00 she went next door and phoned her best friend, Judy, who lived just down the street. Judy asked Mandy if she was OK since she hadn't been in school for the afternoon.. Mandy laughed and said she was fine. She told Judy to come right over but to go into Ed's garage. Judy disliked Ed as much as Mindy did. She said " No way Mindy, I can't stand that guy and I'm afraid of him. If he catches us in his garage he'll beat us up." Mindy told Judy to just trust her and come right over.
A few minutes later there was a knock on the garage door (Mindy had it closed since Ed was screaming so loud) and Judy poked her head in. She stared in shock. Mindy was sitting on Ed's stomach with a nut in each hand. She was chastising Ed and telling him he was being punished for being such a bad person and he had to turn over a new leaf. Ed was moaning and pleading with Mindy and swearing eternal devotion. Mindy looked at Judy and both girls started to smile and then giggle and then they were laughing outright. Mindy told Judy she would tell her later about how this happened but right now they had less than an hour left to punish Ed. Mindy gathered Ed's balls into the cup of her hand and told Judy to slap Ed's nuts as hard as possible. Judy took a windup and really let go with a slap. Ed screamed and Judy told Ed that she was in the garage too and Mindy was just a warm up - the real ball pain would start now. Judy took a ball in each hand and squeezed. Then she dug her thumbs into the middle of each ball. Ed was groaning and then mewing like a cat. Poor Ed couldn't talk. He just took the punishment.
At about 5:00 Mindy jacked the car up and both girls had to pull Ed out from under the car. They helped him into his house and upstairs to his room. They undressed him and put him in bed. He was blubbering like a baby, moaning about his balls. Mindy took them in her hand, rolled them around and felt them. She told Ed they were OK. The only difference was from now on they belonged to her and Judy. She told Ed that aching balls or not, tomorrow he had better be in his car waiting to drive them to school. She gave Ed a kiss goodnight and punched his nuts. Judy did the same thing.
The next morning Judy came over and they went outside. Ed was in the driveway sitting in his car. Mandy walked up to the car and told Ed to get out and open the door for her. He did. Mandy and Judy both had to smile. Ed was moving slow and holding his nuts in his hand. Mandy told him he to leave himself alone and he was impolite and from now on he had better be ready to open doors for her. He was standing by the door. Mandy reached between his legs, grabbed his nuts and gave them a good squeeze. Ed screamed and fell to the ground. Mandy bent over him, still squeezing his nuts. She happened to look up and saw Mr Wacker standing at the end of the driveway staring at her as she was squeezing Ed's nuts. Mr Wacker was on his way to work but he stared like he was transfixed. Mandy called to him "What are you staring at? Do you want to be next?" Amazingly he nodded yes and said "Please". Mandy told him to come up the drive. She asked Judy to kick Mr Wacker in the nuts. As he walked up the drive Judy walked down it. Judy walked up to Mr Wacker and without missing a step launched a kick that caught him square in the nuts. He had a look of complete surprise on his face as he slowly collapsed to the driveway. He curled up, clutching his nuts and moaning. Judy looked down at him and said "Well, you asked for it and you got it. Happy?" Judy burst out laughing as Mr Wacker nodded yes.
Mandy stopped squeezing Ed's nuts and helped him stand up and get into the car. Judy got in the back. Ed was gripping the steering wheel using both hands with a stunned look on his face. Mandy told Ed to pull himself together and drive them to school. She sat close to Ed and covered her and Ed's lap with a car blanket. She loosened Ed's pants, slipped her hand in and held Ed's nuts in a proprietary manner. She told Ed not to drive over Mr Wacker.
Mandy worked out a schedule. Her parents left for work at a regular time together. Five minutes later Mr Wacker would walk up the driveway, step behind her house and pull down his pants and start to jerk off. Mandy would come out of her house and before getting into Ed's car she would step around to the back of her house and grab Mr Wackers nuts and slowly squeeze them tighter and tighter till he fell to the ground. She would then take the $10 bill he had ready in his shirt pocket and get in the car with Ed. Mandy loved it - $10 for a minute's work.
Mr Wacker loved it also. The big winner was Mrs Wacker. Mr Wacker arrived at work each day in great pain which everyone mistook for deep concentration. His nuts hurt so much he didn't move once he sat at his desk. What a guy, works right through breaks and lunch. Management was so impressed they gave him a big pay raise which made Mrs Wacker happy.

Friday, June 8, 2007

The Disciplinarian

The community college board was holding an emergency meeting. Sexual harassment in the college was out of control. All board members knew something had to be done but they didn't know what. Two female students who had been harassed were bringing lawsuits against the college for fostering an environment where harassment was tolerated. Female students were afraid to walk the college halls. What had been lewd remarks and ogling had escalated into physical contact.

Mary Russell had recently been hired as an English lecturer and she had asked to address the board. She said the college needed a school disciplinarian and she had a program that would curb the harassment. She produced a letter from the college dean supporting her program and another letter from the college's legal council saying everything in the program, while unusual and potentially controversial, was legal. Ms Russell had a letter from the school psychiatrist said everything in the program was based on proven behavior principles.

The board chairman, Mr Robins, said in a condescending tone "That is all well and good but what is it going to cost us? As you know, young woman, we don't have money to throw around." Ms Russell said "Nothing. Nothing at all. In addition to my normal duties I will act as the disciplinarian and I should be able to find someone to volunteer to act as my assistant" That perked up Mr Robins and the whole board nodded in approval voicing comments "Well, the price is right!" "With all those supporting letters we should be in the clear if anything happens" "Lets vote it in and get out of here. I'm late for my tee off time".

Ms Russell wasted no time. Within 24 hours she had a flyer printed and distributed throughout the college. It had a picture of her as College Disciplinarian and a photo of Tina Clark, one of the students, as Assistant Disciplinarian. Both women looked very serious and glared out from the flyer. It looked like they would put up with no nonsense. It said that from now on any harassment would not be tolerated. Any female who feels she has been harassed should file a complaint with Ms Russell. If she has a collaborating witness the complaint is accepted as correct and punitive measures would be taken against the harasser. If there are no witnesses then both parties appear before the Disciplinarian or her assistant and a ruling is made. For the first transgression the punishment is 10 blows with a cane across the person's bare backside and after two transgressions the punishment is a full body beating, excluding the genitals and after three transgressions the punishment is a full body beating including the genitals. For the full body beatings the person will be naked and tied in place. To make students aware of the punishment and to add an aspect of shame the punishments will be held weekly in the auditorium before anyone who wants to attend.

The flyer caused a sensation. first it was picked up by the local media and then the national networks carried it. One of the national network senior male reporters condescendingly asked Ms Russell if she thought her program would work. On national TV she said "Sure, if I gave your balls a paddling before a thousand cheering young women I can bet you would behave and pray that I didn't do it to you a second time." The national reaction was overwhelmingly positive. Other jurisdictions across the country were clamoring to follow suite.

It only took a few days for the first group of complaints to be filed. They were upheld. The young men were told they had to appear next Friday at the auditorium. It was appear or be expelled and be charged with sexual harassment which carried a prison sentence. They apologized but it was too late. Friday morning the auditorium was filled with students, mainly women and the national media was there. The transgressors were 5 men with one upheld complaint each and two who had 2 upheld complaints. Those 2 had been apprehended immediately after the complaints were filed. There was concern they would not voluntarily appear for a full body beating.

All seven were brought out onto the auditorium stage about 2 minutes apart. Five naked from the waist down and two completely naked. All seven had their hands tied behind their backs. Tina Clark had been responsible for them prior to their appearance. Tina was an ardent feminist and she realized what a golden opportunity this was to show how vile and base most young men were. Before bringing them onto the stage Tina stroked them to an erection and then led them onto the stage by their erections. The audience loved it. Tina became a media sensation. The five without pants had to bend over and were given 10 blows of a thin cane. Ms Russell wielded the cane. She was demurely dressed except for her black skirt which was extremely short. She had her hair pulled back and wore glasses. The first naked student, Mel Jones was led before her by Tina, leading him by his quivering erection. Ms Russell attached a testicle harness to him and attached it to a post on the stage. She picked up the microphone and told the audience that the testicle harness caused no pain unless Mel attempted to move away from the post and then there would be a tug on his testicles. Ms Russell said the harness did not contravene her statement that the full body beating did not include the genitals since they would not be beaten - harnessed but not beaten.

Mel stood facing the post, tethered by his balls. Ms Russell and Tina walked up to Mel. They both had rubber covered batons. They began beating him all over, except his balls. Mel tried to get away but he was tethered to the post by his balls. It looked ridiculous, he was twisting and dodging with his body but he couldn't get away. With his arms tied behind his back he couldn't defend himself. Eventually they stopped beating him. Tina unhooked the testicle harness from the post and led Mel off the stage by his balls. The women loved it. Ms Russell called Tina to come back on stage with Mel for an encore. Still wearing the testicle harness, Tina led Mel back onto the stage. It was obvious she had been working on Mel back stage for he had his erection back, as big as before. Ms Russell stepped over to Mel, slapped his dick and asked him how he liked being beaten. She shoved the microphone up to his mouth. Mel started cursing Ms Russell and calling her all sorts of names. Ms Russell laughed and pulled the microphone away from Mel. She turned to the audience "Did you all hear that? That was the worst kind of verbal harassment. That makes three transgressions and you all know what that means. Poor Mel is going to get it in the balls. We can do the phase three punishment right now or postpone it for a week" The crowd started to chant "Now" "Now". Tina took the microphone and said "lets put it to a vote" "Who wants it now" There was a large cheer. She then said "Who wants to wait a week" There was silence. Ms Russell laughed and said "Well Mel, what do you say now? Be careful or we will punish you now and again next week if you verbally harass me again."

All the bluster was gone from Mel. He looked afraid. He begged "Please don't hit me in the balls" Ms Russell laughed and said "Don't worry Mel, I won't hit you in the balls, I was thinking more of a good long tight squeeze"
To be continued in The Disciplinrian Part2.

Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Aversion Therapy - #4

It seemed that wherever Mrs Payne turned, she was finding men obsessed with masturbation. Women in her companies were currently providing aversion therapy to three men. (Refer to prior postings for details on the therapy) Mrs Payne was very pleased to be able to help these men but she feared that many more men needed the therapy.
With a couple of exceptions all her employees were women. She called a multi company staff meeting to discuss this apparent epidemic. Mrs Payne had a few companies and many employees and the meeting was held in an auditorium. There was a general consensus that masturbation was on the rise amongst men. In those companies where the staff were providing therapy there was understanding and appreciation of aversion therapy. In other companies the staff expressed skepticism and misunderstanding. The comments ranged from "Kick every man in the nuts to start his day" to those who suggested that women just ignore it and put up with the huge loss in productivity while men were off in hiding, jerking off. The comments from staff where aversion therapy was being provided was more positive. They felt that men with the problem need to be identified and then helped. Mrs Payne felt that all her female employees needed to understand aversion therapy. She announced that the next day there would be a further multi company meeting where there would be a demonstration of the therapy being applied. She said it could be too graphic for some staff members and it would be understandable if staff chose not to attend.
At the meeting the following day there was a 100% female staff turnout. There was a party atmosphere as women from different companies introduced themselves to each other. There was a lot of giggling and laughter about the subject of the meeting. The staff were seated in rows and at the front there was a stage. Mrs Payne went to the front and addressed the meeting. She said "Many of you are unfamiliar with aversion therapy. It has proven to be very effective and I felt it best to demonstrate application of the therapy. As I mentioned yesterday this is graphic and if anyone wants to leave now they should do so." No-one left.
Susan came out, leading John by his erection. There was a loud eruption of laughter from the staff. John was naked from the waist down. Jill was with Susan and Jill had a firm grip on John's balls. While John loomed over both women he was bent at the waist with his arms at his sides, obvious subservient to both women who were about half his side. Susan led John over to a table right at the front of the stage and ordered him to lay down on the table on his back. She locked his wrists above his head and using the straps on the table, attached his ankles to the corners with his legs spread wide.
Susan pressed his erection down and then let it go. It sprang upright much to the amusement of the audience. She took his erection in her hand and began to slowly stroke it. She spoke to the audience "The best way to administer the therapy is when the masturbation experience is strong. The problem is that most men will stroke quickly and reach a climax. By taking over and going slow you can extend the feeling and extend the aversion. Once they are enjoying the sensation, squeeze their balls like this." Susan nodded at Jill who grabbed a ball in each hand and squeezed. John screamed and arched his back but was securely held down. He was writhing in agony and begging to Jill not to squeeze his balls again. Susan pulled out a pair of ball clamps and said"These are great. You can buy them at any hardware store and ask for carpenters clamps. You can adjust the pressure and interchange the jaws. Go with the ones with the slight depression. A testicle fits in there and when you clip the jaw shut it produces a constant pain. You don't have to bother with it again until you decide to remove the pain. It's an excellent aversion technique. Would anyone in the audience like to put them on John and then stroke his erection? Remember, by applying the aversion therapy you will be helping him. John has a bad case of masturbation compulsion so you will be doing him a lot of good."
There was a god bit of discussion and giggling in the audience. Two junior secretaries from one of the companies walked up front and asked if they could do it together - giving each other moral support. They said they would each like to install a ball clamp, both at the same time. They laughed and said that would make him jump. Susan reminded them that they would have to stroke his erection for the therapy to be effective and were they OK with that. They laughed and nodded. Susan asked them why, out of the entire audience were they the first to volunteer. They said that John lived just down the street and they had both had a crush on him for years. Susan told them to go to it.
They stood over John on the table and asked him how he was. John blushed and stammered "Fine". That bought a large laugh from the audience. The girls each picked up their ball clamp and together they clamped them onto his balls. John let out a wail of agony. They laughed at John and told him it was for his own good. One of them slowly stroked his hard-on. The girl stroking John's hard-on turned to the audience and urged them to seek out the masturbators and treat them. Susan told the women not to think of themselves as a ballbuster but rather as a helper to all men who have a compulsion to masturbate.
The two girls continued to work on John while Mrs Payne went to the podium. She said "Now you can see how well the therapy works. If you think a man is a compulsive masturbator talk it over with your coworkers and see if you can get him by the balls. Since virtually all men are compulsive masturbators it may be best to just assume they are masturbators in need of therapy. Once you have a man by his balls you have control. Once you have control you can start helping him by administering the aversion therapy. I really like to help so I would really appreciate it if you could call me and let me help. Nothing feels better than to squeeze a guys balls and know that you are helping him." The women all arose and gave Mrs Payne a standing ovation.

Monday, June 4, 2007

Aversion Therapy - #3

Mrs Payne was appalled at the apparent rampant spread of the habit of masturbation amongst the local men. First it was Ted at her mail order business and then Bob at her electrical company. Luckily she had excellent staff who are dedicated to helping their fellow man. Through aversion therapy Mrs Payne was sure that both Bob and Ted could be helped to break their vile habit. The therapy works by applying a negative stimulus whenever the patient engages in an undesirable action. In the case of Ted and Bob, their coworkers squeeze their balls when they masturbate.
Mrs Payne suspected that John, her part time gardener, would go and masturbate after speaking with her. He was in university and since he needed the job she was surprised that the habit was so ingrained that he would jeopardise his job. She wanted to be sure and if he had the habit she wanted to be able to help him. She asked Susan, the young woman who had first told her about aversion therapy to come out to her house. She told Susan about her suspicions regarding John and asked Susan to follow her at a discrete distance.
Mrs Payne had dressed dressed carefully. She went looking for John. She found him in the greenhouse. Mrs Payne walked up to John and bent over some pansies and asked him what he thought of them. When she bent forward the blouse she was wearing fell open and Mrs Payne's magnificent breasts were hanging there, right in front of John. He groaned. Bending over and looking at the pansies Mrs Payne said "Have you ever seen such beauties, John?" John stammered that they were definitely beautiful, the most beautiful he had ever seen. Mrs Payne said " They are very healthy. Go on John, feel them." As Mrs Payne straightened up she glanced at John and saw his erection straining against the material of his pants. She was surprised by the size of it. She straightened up beside John and the back of her hand brushed against his erection. John looked like he was about to faint. Mrs Payne didn't mind the thought of John fantasizing about her but not masturbating. Such behavior had to be discouraged in the most forceful way.
Mrs Payne thanked John and turned away. After leaving the greenhouse she quickly came back in to see John slip into a storage closet at the back of the greenhouse. She signalled Susan to join her and then waited a couple of minutes and then silently walked to the back and pulled opened the storage closet door. Mrs Payne and Susan both knew what to expect and that was what they saw but it was still somewhat of a shock. John was standing there with his pants down and a huge erection that he was madly pumping. The stunned look on his face and the huge size of his erection was so unexpected that Susan burst out laughing and Mrs Payne struggled to keep a straight face.
John was well over 6 feet and was a body builder. He had a magnificent physique and was very strong. Susan knew just how to get him under control. She did just what she had done to Bob. She reached out, grabbed his left ball with one hand and squeezed. With her other hand she pulled some twine from her pocket and asked Mrs Payne to tie John's hands behind his back. Mrs Payne was surprised but, considering the size and strength of John, she realized it was a wise precaution and secured John's hands behind his back. Then Susan pulled a pair of clamps out. They were quite small, alligator style clamps. Susan said "We have started using them on Ted. It lets us get on with filling orders and the same time squeezes Ted's balls. They are real time savers. June found them at a hardware store. They are designed for clamping pieces of wood together when gluing them. You can adjust the clamp pressure and they have a variety of clamp jaws. The best ones have a slight curvature which lets the ball rest inside the clamp and then you release the jaw. Very effective"
Susan handed them to Mrs Payne. Mrs Payne looked them over and opened and closed the jaws a few times. She then turned to John and snapped them on his balls. Both women stepped back and watched the reaction of John. He took a deep breath and let out a low groan. He clamped his legs together and sank to his knees before Mrs Payne. "My balls, my balls. Please Mrs Payne, my balls". Mrs Payne beamed with happiness. She smiled at Susan and patted John's head. " I'm impressed. These work extremely well. I have been worried about applying too much or not enough pressure. These can be adjusted to exactly the maximum pressure before permanent damage. We want to help and cure these young men, not damage them." While talking with Susan Mrs Payne had reached out and had taken John's erection in her hand and was slowly stroking it.
With John on his knees he was face to face with Mrs Payne. She was smiling at John. "John, you need help with your masturbation problem. Susan and I will provide you with aversion therapy to rid you of this compulsion. Do you want to be helped?" The clamps were squeezing his balls and Mrs Payne was stroking him. John's brain was on overload. He just nodded dumbly.
Mrs Payne spoke with Susan for a few minutes and then Susan released a clamp and took John's left ball in her hand and got him to his feet. He towered over Susan but meekly shuffled along beside her as she led him to the house, squeezing his ball. She laid him down in the family room on the floor and provided therapy for a full hour. She then released the clamps, helped him to his feet and sent him home with aching balls and a throbbing erection. She told him to return tomorrow afternoon for more therapy.
Mrs Payne got great pleasure helping people. Susan got great pleasure inflicting pain and controlling men. Both women were happy. John shuffled of, bent over, with a stiff erection, clutching his balls and moaning.