Monday, October 29, 2007

Kicked Nuts Over a Shopping Cart

Stu just had to get his nuts kicked. It was all he could think about - some domineering bitch booting him in the groin. He wanted and needed it so bad. Paying for it didn't work for him. It had to be some aggressive woman in an everyday type situation getting mad enough at Stu to kick his nuts.
It was Saturday morning and he headed for the local big box super store. It was a hot summer day and Stu had on a pair of loose shorts and a short sleeve shirt and sneakers. He wasn't wearing undershorts since he wanted as little as possible to come between his nuts and some ball-kicking female. The parking lot was full and, as usual, there was a shortage of shopping carts. Stu spotted a couple of women waiting while some other woman was unloading a cart into her SUV. The situation was perfect. They were right at the back corner of the parking lot and the two waiting women were ideal: early thirties, short skirts, sneakers and tee shirts. They were both slim and attractive. The woman unloading the cart was going slow and it was apparent that the two women were getting impatient. Finally the woman lifted her last thing out of the cart as Stu breezed up, grabbed the cart and headed for the store entrance. He grabbed it right out of the hands of one of the waiting women. She exploded and shouted "Hold it asshole, that's my cart". Stu was elated. He turned, spread his legs and said "Look tubby, this is my cart. Don't blame me if you and your dyke girlfriend couldn't make up your mind to grab it" Stu figured he had it made, a nut kicking for sure. He had stolen her cart, called her tubby and a dyke. As he expected she erupted in anger, stepped towards him and instead of a kick, she swept her right hand up, inside his shorts and grabbed his balls. Stu was paralyzed with agony. A kick in the nuts was extremely painful but nothing like the agony he was feeling now. She had him by the nuts and it was an unending wave of pain. Stu sank to his knees and she bent over him, squeezing his nuts and laughing in his face. He had a stunned look of surprise on his face, his eyes wide and staring, his mouth open and round. He couldn't talk, he just made a high pitched wail. She kept on laughing as she continued to squeeze Stu's nuts. Her friend said "That's it Marge, crush his nuts. That should teach him some manners" The woman who previously had the cart, laughed and urged Marge on.
A car pulled in a couple of spaces along and a guy got out and came over asking what the hell was going on. He had an appalled look on his face as he realized Marge was squeezing some poor guy's nuts. He stepped up to Marge, called her a bitch and slapped her and told her to let the guy go. Unfortunately for him he was also wearing loose shorts. He was standing over Marge who was bent over Stu. Marge looked up and had a perfect target. Her other hand shot up inside his shorts and grabbed him by his nuts.
Now Marge had two guys on their knees wailing in agony. She wasn't about to let go. A small group of women shoppers gathered and urged Marge on. After a little while both guys were flat on their backs, legs spread, taking severe punishment. Marge sat between them , cross legged and looking comfortable, with a hand up each pair of shorts squeezing their nuts. She was laughing and chatting with her friend and the group of onlookers. First Stu passed out and then the other guy also passed out. Marge let go of their nuts and a few of the women onlookers pulled them over to a curb in the corner so they wouldn't get run over. The women went shopping.
About an hour later Marge and her friend came back to the corner of the parking lot and loaded up their car. They checked on the two guys in the corner. One of them was crawling away and Stu was also on his hands and knees, both of them were wailing in agony. Marge's friend got behind Stu, took a quick step and kicked Stu as hard as she could from behind, right between his legs. She caught him square in his nuts. She lifted his back half clear of the ground. Both women got into their car laughing as they drove away. Stu laid on the ground, moaning in agony, curled up, clutching his nuts. Well, he got what he wanted, a good nut kicking and a lot more as well.

Monday, October 22, 2007

Nuts Squeezed in the Kitchen

Ed had come to spend the summer with his aunt and cousin. He was taking some post doctorate study at the local university. He was pretty full of himself and considered himself superior to anyone else and particularly his aunt Pam and cousin Elaine and he let them know it. He was haughty and condescending and both women resented Ed and wanted to bring him down a notch. Both mother and daughter were accomplished cock teasers.

Ed had a hard-on, a real throbber. He had given up trying to hide it from his aunt and her daughter, his cousin. His aunt Pam had noticed it right away and she found it amusing. On Saturday morning Pam had called Ed into the kitchen. He shuffled into the kitchen, bent a bit at the waist, carrying the morning's newspaper. His cousin Elaine was sitting at the kitchen table, having her breakfast. His aunt Pam pulled the paper from Ed's hand and pointed at his obvious erection and asked him what he was carrying in his pocket. Ed got red in the face and stammered that it was nothing. His cousin Elaine laughed and said it was a hard-on and the university genius had it because he spent all his time trying to look up her skirt. As Elaine said that she turned from the table to face Ed, hiked one foot up on a rung on her chair and opened her legs. Poor Ed just stared at her white panties and groaned.

Aunt Pam laughed and told Elaine that she was just a cock teaser. Elaine grinned, nodded her head and said "Every chance I get". Aunt Pam stepped beside Ed and said "Ed, you are just going to have to control yourself. You can't walk around with a hard-on sticking out like a flag pole." As she said that she pressed her left breast against Ed' arm and her left hand dropped and brushed against his erection. His aunt said it was disconcerting and he had to control it. She said "Ed, lower your hard-on right now, make it go limp" Elaine reached over and grasped it and said that it didn't feel like he was doing what he was supposed to. She said that if anything, it was getting harder.

Aunt Pam was trying to control her laughter as she told Ed he was a bad boy and had to be punished. Ed was big, over 6 feet tall and muscular. Aunt Pam knew how to control him, she grabbed him by his nuts. Within a couple of minutes Elaine and her mother had Ed stripped naked with his wrists tied behind his back. They blindfolded him and whacked him in the nuts a couple of times. Ed was doubled over and moaning. Pam smacked him in the nuts again and told him to stand up straight and spread those legs.

Pam thought men were condescending bastards but were basically stupid and she wanted to show her daughter how easy they were to control. She looked at Ed's dangling nuts and smiled. Pam grabbed his nuts and led him into the family room. Pam got comfortable on the couch and had Ed lay across her lap. She gently massaged his nuts and asked Elaine to bring her a cup of coffee. Elaine brought in Pam's coffee and hers as well and turned on the TV to the morning news. Pam looked down at Ed, blindfolded, naked with a stiff erection and she told him it was lucky today was Saturday and she could spend the next few hours with him. Pam watched the news, sipping her coffee and alternately massaging Ed's nuts and stroking his erection. After finishing her coffee Pam gave Ed's crotch her undivided attention. With one hand Pam was quickly stroking Ed's erection and with her other hand she isolated his left testicle and pinched it with her fingertips. Ed screamed. Elaine laughed and said Ed was faking it - it couldn't hurt that much and asked Pam to pinch it again. She did and Ed screamed again. Elaine came over and knelt on the carpet and reached out and with her fingertips grasped his right testicle and pinched it. Pam pinched his left testicle at the same time. Ed wailed in agony and Elaine said maybe it really did hurt and squeezed his right testicle and didn't let go.

Pam had a lot of experience jerking guys off and was able to keep Ed right on the edge of a climax. Poor Ed was going out of his mind from the sexual frustration of almost coming and the unbearable agony of having his nuts pinched and squeezed. It didn't take long before Ed was begging to come and pleading for the pain to stop in his nuts. Pam and Elaine kept up the punishment. Pam was wearing a tight tee shirt and her large breasts were straining the fabric and her nipples were clearly visible. Pam took off Ed's blindfold and Pam's nipples were right above Ed's face. Slowly she moved them across his face. Elaine laughed and said "Mom, you call me a cock teaser?" With the stroking of his erection, Pam's nipples in his face and the searing pain in his nuts Ed began to loose contact with reality. By noon they had reduced Ed to a blubbering idiot. Elaine looked at Ed with a satisfied look on her face and said "I think we have shown the university genius his place in this house" Both women laughed.

They tied Ed securely to the couch, put an ice pack on his swollen nuts and went shopping. Later that afternoon Pam and Elaine came home, they worked on Ed for another couple of hours and then untied him. Ed stood before them, legs spread, naked with a stiff quivering erection as they laid down the law. Speak only when spoken to, no peaking up Elaine's skirt, no pants in the house - naked from the waist down and no jerking off. They told him he was going to get his nuts spanked on a frequent basis. Ed agreed and promised to live by the rules. Pam laughed and said "See Elaine, I told you men are idiots." as she casually kicked Ed in the nuts.
A few days later Pam had her bridge club over. There were eight women and they were on the patio playing bridge at two tables. Pam asked if they would like some refreshments and a couple of the women offered to go into the kitchen to get something. Pam said "No, that's all right, we have staff" She rang a silver bell and Ed walked in and said "Yes, ma'am" Pam said "Ed, ask the ladies what they would like to drink and prepare it for them and then bring in the plates of appetizers." The women were stunned. They considered themselves very liberated and open minded but they started giggling like school girls. Ed had a nice waiters jacket on but that was all. Actually not all because Pam had tied a nice blue bow on the end of Ed's stiff erection.

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

The Nutsqueezers

I got a real brainwave in my early twenties on how to modify a circuit board to make it more efficient in hunting for oil. I made a few and then set up a small company. There was just the three of us - me, a secretary/bookkeeper and an assembly woman who modified the boards. It was a quite, profitable business in a small niche. We did OK.
I remember interviewing Barb, our assembler. I wasn't looking for experience since I could easily show anyone how to modify the boards. I was looking for a pleasant person who would work well with Jill and I. I interviewed Barb in my office. It is a nice office, fairly large with a desk and chair and credenza in one end and a sofa, some chairs and a conference table at the other end. Barb and I were seated in chairs, facing each other. My initial impression was good. There is no doubt she is a good looking young woman, well groomed and articulate. She has light brown hair, freckles and blue eyes. She was dressed appropriately for an assembly job in a conservative blouse, an above the knee skirt and sneakers. I got the feeling that she could be bossy. Barb said she would really like the job. She was sitting right opposite me and she spread her legs a bit. I had a perfect view of her panties and her inner thighs. I couldn't tear my eyes away. She just sat there looking at me with a sardonic smile. We didn't speak for about a minute. I got a throbbing erection which was standing straight up and , although I was seated, was plainly visible. Barb leaned forward and put her hand on my knee and asked if I was feeling alright. Her conservative blouse fell forward as she leaned forward and I was staring at two large beautiful breasts. I just groaned.
Needless to say, she got the job. She and Jill the secretary/bookkeeper got along really well. There were no more free shows from Barb, she applied herself and did a good job. We had a small coffee/lunch area and the three of us were having a coffee break. Barb mentioned that she had been downtown and some guy had hassled her and she gave him a good kick. I asked Barb where she had kicked him. She said in front of the Mega Record shop. I said that I meant where on his body had she kicked him. Jill laughed and said she bet Barb had kicked him where it did some good, in the balls. Barb grinned and said, yes, right in the nuts. The only thing better than a good swift kick to the nuts is to get a grip on them and give them a good long squeeze Barb said. Then Jill and Barb started talking and laughing about the times they had gotten a guy in the balls. Listening to Jill and Barb talk about kicking and squeezing a guy's nuts turned me on, I got a hard-on.
Without really thinking about it I asked what would I have to do to get them to squeeze my nuts. Both women burst out laughing and asked if I really wanted to get my nuts squeezed. I just nodded. Barb told me to go back to my office and she and Jill would talk about it. I got up to leave and Barb told me to wait. They were still seated and I stood before them. My erection was plainly visible and stretching the fabric of my pants. Barb leant forward and unzipped me. She untangled my erection from my shorts and pulled it out. Jill was doubled over with laughter. Barb then took my right hand and put my erection in it and told me to go and wait in my office but no jerking off was allowed. I walked into my office with my dick in my hand as both Barb and Jill were howling with laughter in the coffee room. I flopped down onto my sofa and slowly began jerking off. After a few minutes the woman walked in, saw me and bust out laughing again. Jill got herself under control and said that she and Barb had thought about it and tomorrow after work they would give my nuts a real work out but for the rest of today it would be business as usual, tuck in my erection and get back to work. I meekly agreed but I had a throbbing hard-on for the rest of the day.
The next morning Barb said that she and Jill had something planned for me but that was for after work. At five o'clock they both walked into my office. Jill said they had wanted to make this memorable for me so they had checked the Internet and a kinky book shop and talked to a couple of women Jill knew, one who beats her husband and the other who beats her boss. Both women had changed into black ultra short skirts and white panties. Jill had a shear white see through top and Barb had a tight tee shirt. Barb was carrying some rope and restraints and Jill had a large wooded paddle.
Jill walked up to me and told me to get up from behind my desk and strip naked. I was exited beyond belief and was shaking with fear and excitement as I took off all my clothes. Both women looked at my erection and smiled. Jill told me to bend over. There was a tremendous explosion of pain across my backside. Jill had hit me with her paddle. I screamed in pain and then again in pain as Barb knelt down between my legs and reached up between my legs and grabbed a nut in each hand. Jill began to paddle my behind. With Barb holding my nuts I couldn't squirm away. I just bent over and tried to take it. By the time they finished I was crying in agony with my backside on fire. Then they had me lay on the conference table, on my back with my arms over my head and my legs spread. They tied my arms and legs to the table legs. Jill got on the table and sat cross legged between my legs. Barb took a sofa pillow and put it behind my head so my head was up and I was staring down the table at Jills crotch. Jill took my right nut in her hand and moved it around with her finger tips. She moved it back and forth with her finger tips. I had never felt as vulnerable. At the same time Barb was running her finger tips up and down my erection.
After a few minutes my erection was pointing straight up and quivering. Jill said that this was what I had wanted as she took my other nut and squeezed both of them. Jill had one each, in each fist. She smiled at me and said I shouldn't worry, she wasn't going to burst them, just make them real sore for a while. I screamed in agony. Then she let go of them and Barb said it was her turn. Barb squeezed them. I had my legs tied spread apart and my nuts were laying there unprotected. Barb grabbed them, squeezed them and dug her thumbs into them. I almost passed out from the pain. The women kept at me for some time and kept the pain threshold just below where I would pass out. To pass out would have been a relief.
At about seven o'clock they stopped, untied me and applied ice to my nuts. They both got me dressed and helped me home. Jill took me in her car and Barb drove my car. They helped me into my apartment, undressed me and put me to bed with an ice pack over my nuts.
The next morning I hobbled into work, bent over and holding my nuts. Both women laughed and asked me how they felt. They said it was so much fun they would do it again sometime soon and next time Jill said she would invite her next door neighbour, the woman who beats her boss and Barb said she would invite the a couple of her girl friends. They said they would make it a real party and my nuts would be the guest of honour. Jill looked at me with a serious look and asked if I still wanted my nuts squeezed. I just nodded and both women laughed.

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Fern, the Ball Buster

Ed had a small bond brokerage business. He ran it from a small office with a computer and a phone. One of his clients would tell him they had some money to invest and Ed would line up someone wanting a loan and a deal would be made. Ed's percentage was small but the figures were big and it was extremely profitable and he was getting more and more business all the time. He needed an assistant.

Ed had met Linda at a convention the prior year. She was smart and worked for a large company. She knew the brokerage business inside-out. Ed offered her a job with a share of the profits. She jumped at it and joined Ed. They purchased another desk, computer, chair and an extra phone line and she was in business. Linda took a load of work off Ed and because she was so competent and friendly most of his clients didn't mind when Ed started transferring all the calls to Linda. Ed had time on his hands. He surfed the Internet and subscribed to a few porn sites. Before he knew it he was spending most of his time watching some woman beating a guys balls. Ed would get so exited he would slip into the small supply room and jerk off.

Linda knew what was going on and she was getting pretty angry. They had a profit sharing agreement and she was generating all the profit and giving most of it to Ed. Instead of working, Ed was in the supply room jerking off. One morning she decided that things had to change and Ed had to do some work. She stormed into the supply room while Ed was hard at it. She grabbed his nuts, gave them a squeeze and said he had to get to work - no more playing with himself. She marched him out of the supply room and sat him down at his desk and told him to take the next call or she would rip his balls right off.

Ed was stunned. He was sitting at his desk with a stiff hard-on and his pants around his ankles. Linda had him by his nuts. The phone rang and she told Ed to take the call and get to work. Linda went back to her desk, beside Ed's and kept an eye on him. Ed was working but slowly stroking himself. Linda moved her phone and computer over onto Ed's desk and she sat right beside him , holding him by his nuts and whenever he reached for his hard-on she gave them a tight squeeze. By the end of the day they had done a lot of work and in a few more days like that they should be almost caught up. She released Ed's nuts, told him to pull up his pants and go home.

Linda knew she couldn't work just with one arm and she also knew that as soon as she wasn't holding his nuts, Ed would be back to his old ways. Linda thought about it all the way home. When she got home she went next door to speak with Fern Nutter, a spinster who had recently lost her job. Fern was not much to look at. She wore her hair in a bun, had glasses and always wore sensible cloths. Linda went next door and told Fern she had a job she would like to offer her. Fern said she was not much on computers and her office skills were out of date. Linda laughed and explained that the skills she needed for this job never went out of date. She told her about the the problem she had with Ed and she was expecting Fern to reject it. She was asking Fern to make sure Ed didn't jerk off during office hours and the pay wasn't all that great. Fern said she liked the hours and she liked getting back into the work force and it sure sounded like Ed needed some help so she would be happy to start and would start right away.

The next morning Linda and Fern went in to work together. A few minutes later Ed came in and Linda introduced him to Fern. Linda told him that Fern was to be his monitor. They sat down, at his desk, side by side and Ed got to work, answering the phone and researching investments. After a while Ed said he had to get something from the supply room and went out back. After a couple of minutes when he hadn't come back Fern went into the supply room and caught Ed jerking off. She grabbed Ed by his nuts and hauled him out into the office. Ed was still jerking off with his pants around his ankles. Fern knew what to do. She separated one testicle from the other, wrapped her fingers below the right hand testicle so it was tight in Ed's scrotum. She took her other hands fingertips and pinched the testicle. Ed wailed in agony and Fern did it repeatedly. She told Ed she would stop if he got back to work but she kept a tight grip on Ed's right testicle. Fern made sure Ed took his share of phone calls and did a lot of the paperwork. At quitting time Fern let go of Ed's right nut. Ed staggered into the supply room to jerk off. Linda and Fern followed him in a few minutes later. They chuckled and shook their heads as they watched Ed jerking off and Fern said that he could jerk off today because he applied himself well to his work all day.

From then on things went very well. Fern sat beside Ed, who now took off his pants as soon as he arrived in the office. She got a good grip on his nuts and lightly squeezed them all day. Fern got a head set and acted as the telephone receptionist since that only took one hand. Linda was now running the business and she set daily business quotas for Ed. Fern would monitor his progress during the day and if he was ahead at noon she would allow him to masturbate - but not to come. After a while Fern developed a very proprietary view of Ed's nuts and dick, as far as Fern was concerned they belonged to her. Fern had become an expert ball buster.She stopped Ed jerking off. If there was to be any jerking off, Fern would do it. She loved bringing Ed right to the edge of a climax and then saying "That's it, back to work. No Ed, no begging and grovelling" Since she always kept a grip on his nuts Fern was in charge. Ed soon felt incomplete if Fern didn't have him by the nuts. They started dating and they loved to go to the movies and sit in a dark corner. Fern would have her hand down Ed's pants and slowly and tightly massage his nuts. She would watch the movie and Ed would be in his own version of heaven. Ed eventually moved in with Fern and occasionally Linda would hear her neighbors when Ed would scream in anguish and agony as Fern would occasionally remind Ed who was in charge.

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

The Blinds

Stu was out of work, which suited him just fine. He wasn't sure if he had quit or was fired but after leaving his job he packed up what few possessions he had in his car and hit the road. A couple of days ago he pulled into an old style motel, one long row of rooms side by side, with an office and a small diner at one end. It was clean, comfortable and cheap.

The motel was run by a woman and her two daughters. The mother had a big pair of boobs in a tight sweater. She used them like they were a pair of weapons. As Stu signed in the mother stood beside him with her left boob pressed into Stu's right arm. She had a smirk of victory as she glanced down at Stu's erection sticking straight out and straining the fabric of his pants.
The girls (Debbie and Brenda) ran the diner and sometimes helped their mom by cleaning the rooms. Stu had talked to them in the diner yesterday. They were cute and in their short skirts and tight tee shirts they gave Stu a throbbing hard-on.

Today he had gone for a drive and as he pulled into the motel he saw the two girls go around the side, behind the motel. Stu went to his room which had a large window looking out the back into a field. He opened the window and took a quick peek out. The girls were slowly walking along the back of the motel, looking in the windows. They were smoking cigarettes and it looked like they were sipping from a mickey of gin. They didn't see Stu as he quickly pulled his head back in from the window. He stood by the window and he could hear them laughing. He took another quick look, they were on their knees , peeking over the sill into a room a few doors down. They were whispering to each other and giggling. Whatever it was they thought it was pretty funny.
Stu closed the window to just a crack. The window had old style venetian blinds. Stu lowered them and closed them but flipped the slat back on a couple at the bottom so it would look like the blinds were closed for privacy but someone outside could easily peek into the room through the open slats. He then quickly stripped naked and got under the shower, just long enough to get wet. From the slightly open window he could hear the girls. It sounded like they were moving in his direction. Stu had moved out of the washroom and was standing in the middle of the room, sideways to the window. He was wet and naked with a stiff erection. He just stood there as he could hear them getting closer. His heart was pounding and he had trouble breathing. One of them was outside his window "Ohmygod, take a look" and the sound of choked back laughter. Stu was drying himself with a towel, making sure that his erection was in plain view. He could hear both Debbie and Brenda laughing. Stu laid down on the bed and took his erection and started to jerk off. The girls were giggling non stop. He could hear them getting comfortable - smoking, sipping on the gin and watching the show. Stu was close to coming so he slowed it right down. He had never been so exited before in his life. Slowly he realized they were no longer there. He felt a great sense of disappointment, frustration and relief. Suddenly the motel door flew open and the two girls strode in calling "Housekeeping" "What's this" Debbie called as she stepped over to Stu and grabbed him by his nuts. Brenda closed the door and they were laughing hysterically. They had ditched their cigarettes but were still sipping on the gin. They sat on the bed, one on either side of him. Brenda said "Hey, don't be a hog, give one of them to me" as she reached out and took one of Stu's nuts out of her sisters hand. Debbie said to Stu "I'll have you know that we run a respectable motel. We'll not have guests exposing themselves to us. If you didn't want us to come in and make up the room you should have left a sign on the door knob. You'r a dirty little deviant and it is time you learn how to behave"

The pain was unbearable, Stu was transfixed. He was paralyzed with the agony. He just laid on his back while the girls were laughing, squeezing his nuts and sipping gin. He was beyond screaming. He moaned in pain. Debbie shook the nut she was squeezing and said "Snap out of it Stu, be a man, don't cry like a baby or I'll really give you something to cry about" That was when Stu passed out.

Eventually Stu came to, it was much later and dark out. He was alone in his room, still naked, flat on his back and tied spread eagled on his bed. His nuts felt like they were on fire. He laid like that all night, half awake and half asleep. By the early morning the pain in his nuts was down but he had his throbbing erection back. After a while the door opened and the mother walked in calling "Housekeeping". She had on an even tighter sweater with her nipples standing out like thimbles. She glanced at Stu naked on the bed with his quivering erection and started to clean up the room. She chatted away about the weather and how long Stu planned on staying. Stu couldn't take his eyes of her breasts. After cleaning the room she sat on the edge of the bed, casually took Stu's erection in her hand and stroked it while talking about area attractions. Her other hand cradled his balls and started to massage them between her finger tips, still talking about what he should see in the area. Just as Stu was about to climax she let go with both hands, stood up and said she had to get back to work. As she left the room, she turned back with a broad smile, looked at Stu, naked, tied down with a stiff erection and told him to have a nice day.

A while later Brenda came into the room and without saying a word, walked over to Stu, held his erection in one hand and repeatedly smacked his nuts with her other hand. Stu was howling in agony. Brenda smiled at Stu, patted him on the head and left the room. Later still Debbie came in, tied a cord around Stu's nuts, untied him from the bed and told him to put on his shirt and led him by his nuts into a another room a few doors along. There were a couple of young local women there who burst out laughing as Debbie led Stu in by his nuts. Debbie introduced them to Stu as Madge and Gwen and said they were from the local community college. Debbie said she had asked them if they had ever really hit a guy in the nuts. When they said no, Debbie asked them if they would like to. They both said yes so here they were. Gwen said "I hope you don't mind Stu but we are going to video tape this and show it in our modern women class." Gwen had blond hair and green eyes with a nice sprinkle of freckles across her nose. She was perky with a nice slim build, in shorts and a blouse and white sneakers. Madge was barely five feet tall and a hundred pounds and she had short dark hair, baggy cargo pants and heavy army boots with steel toes. She had a sweatshirt with a hand with curved fingers closing on a couple of balls and the line "GOTCHA". Madge said "Even if you do mind we are going to video tape this. Do I scare you Stu? Just imagine my steel capped boots smashing into your nuts or how about like on my sweatshirt where I grab your balls, give them a vicious squeeze and shout gotcha?"

To Be Continued.