Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Beach Weekend

A gang from the office had got the loan of a beach cabin and it had been a great weekend. There were 12 people, equally guys and girls. Since they had to face each other Monday morning at work it was just clean fun with nothing getting out of hand. They driven up in two large SUVs and what with the sleeping bags, backpacks and food hampers space was limited but OK. Just as they were ready to start back Ed's car wouldn't start. They called a local mechanic and after an hour of fooling around he said that he couldn't get it going without a part from the city. Leave the car and pick it up later in the week. With two cars it was cramped, now they were down to one. Everyone had to fit into Sue's SUV for the four hour drive back to the city . They managed to get everyone in by folding down the back seats and everyone just piled into the back. It was damn tight with arms and legs every which way.

It was dark out and except for Sue, the driver and someone up front to keep her awake, everyone else made themselves as comfortable as possible. After a while the chatter dropped off and after a very strenuous weekend most people just dozed. Ted was half awake when he felt a hand casually slip into his lap. He reached down and gently moved it, not wanting to wake up the hand's owner. It was small and obviously a woman's hand but whose he didn't know. No sooner did he get settled when the hand again slipped into his lap. Maybe he should have moved it but it felt nice to have the sleeping woman's hand in his lap. Pretty soon Ted had a throbbing erection and the hand had moved to be right over his hard-on, gripping it and slightly jerking him off. This was no sleeping woman. Ted was going out of his mind. Then the woman slipped her hand down into his shorts and had his hard-on in her hand. Ted reached down to the hand and began to trace his hand up the arm to find out who the woman was. She switched her grip from his hard-on to his nuts and squeezed. It was clear she wanted to remain anonymous. It was all Ted could do to not scream. He made a low groan. He heard a quiet laugh of amusement.

Then it started. For the next three hours the woman worked on Ted's nuts. She squeezed them, she rolled them around on her finger tips, she pinched them and she even got them trapped where she could deliver short slaps. Once more Ted tried to trace the arm but she squeezed his nuts so tight that Ted was paralysed by the pain. Again, the amused laugh. All he could do was take it. It never entered his mind that he could scream and make a fuss and end the agony. The truth was that he didn't want it to end, he wanted to be at the mercy of the mysterious woman who had him by the balls. He wanted to be her slave.

Eventually they got to the city and the mysterious hand disappeared. Ted could barely think or see straight but he looked one by one at the women and one of them, Sandra, the junior office clerk gave Ted a slight smile and a wink.

Sandra was all Ted could think about. Whenever he saw her he got a hard-on. He tried to engage her in conversation and tried to ask her out but Sandra would just give Ted a condescending smile and a brush off. Shortly after the beach week end Ted got a promotion and his own private office. On his first day in his office, just about quitting time, Sandra walk into Ted's office and congratulated him on his promotion. Like ever time he saw her Ted got a hard-on and was tongue tied. Instead of the condescending smile, Sandra laughed in his face, slipped her hand down his pants and grabbed his nuts. She stood very close to him, laughed in his face and squeezed his balls. Ted yelled in agony but Sandra had closed his office door and most of the staff had already left. Sandra gently lowered Ted to the floor, pulled down his pants and made all his dreams come true. She worked on his nuts for three hours and then got up and went home. Ted finally got up and staggered out of the office, bent over and clutching his nuts.

The next morning Ted made it to work but was still in pretty bad shape. He was sitting behind his desk, bent forward and cradling his nuts in his hands. Sandra came into his office, closed the door and told Ted to stand up. He did and she promptly kicked him in the nuts and sat him back down behind his desk.She then phoned out to his secretary that Ted wanted a memo sent to his staff and Sandra dictated the memo. Ted signed it saying that Sandra was his administrative manager and all his staff should report to him through her.

Monday, January 18, 2010

The Ranch - 1887

It wasn't much of a ranch but at least it kept Mrs Irons and her daughters out of the rain. Mrs Irons was a mail order bride and things sounded glorious in the letters she had received from her late husband, rolling land scattered with a large herd, plenty of water, a nice large log house and hard working hired hands. Well, there was a lot of land, thousands of acres but it was all scrub land not good for much, a few broken down cows, a couple of out buildings, a big old shack and a couple of lazy hired hands.
Mr Irons met Rose and her daughters at the train station in Laramie. They said "How do you do" and got married on the spot. The next morning at first light they set out for the ranch. It was a long all day ride in the buckboard and they got in after dark. Getting in after dark was just as well since Rose would have looked around and headed back east. They bedded down and Mr Irons went at Rose with high passion. It was the most excitement he had ever had in his life . He had a heart attack and died on the wedding night.
Poor Mrs Irons, in the morning her husband was dead and she had a chance to look around the ranch - what a decrepit place. One thing about Rose, she was a practical woman, not much for wasted emotion. In actuality she didn't really know Mr Irons so it was like a stranger had died. She got the hands up and out of the bunk house and had one dig a grave and the other one doing general clean up. She had three daughters, a couple in the their late teens and a twenty year old daughter, Edith, who should have been married but her demanding and overbearing nature drove men off.
Rose cleaned up the house and had a look around. Rose found the hands aggravating, as lazy as her daughters. Luke and Tyler, the hands, just seemed to stand around, acting like they owned the ranch and ignored her orders. Rose knew she had to do something. and exert some authority. She was still an attractive woman so she undid the top buttons of her blouse and went out and found Luke leaning against the bunk house and asked him to come in the house. Looking down the front of her blouse at a nice pair of breasts Luke was willing to comply. She walked in with Luke right behind her. She asked him to close the door, he did and then turned around to face Rose. She kicked him square in the nuts. With a stunned, pained look of shock on his face Luke began doubling over. Rose grabbed Luke by the throat to hold him upright, she forced him against the nearest wall and with her free hand punched him in the nuts repeatedly. Luke's screams got Rose's daughters out of bed. They trooped into the front room and watched her mom beating a hired hand in the nuts. It was so incongruous that they burst out laughing.
Rose wasn't laughing. She shouted at her daughters to pull down Luke's pants, get some rope and tie Luke up and then continue to beat his balls. This struck her daughters as fun and they jumped right to it. Rose went in search of Tyler. She eventually found him in the barn, laying on some hay with his pants down, jerking off. He was obviously enjoying himself with his legs spread, slowly stroking himself with his eyes closed. Rose almost choked with anger - there was so much to do and here was a hired had hiding in the barn and jerking off. She managed to stay calm as she searched and found some light rope. She threw it over a beam and brought it down by Tyler. She fashioned a loop, dropped it over his nuts as she quickly pulled the rope tight. The rope pulled Tylers nuts towards the beam. He was in the straw with his back arched upwards being held up by the rope attached to his nuts. He was screaming and wildly swinging his arms around. Rose attached the end of the rope to a large nail in the wall and went back into the house.
Two of her daughters, Edith and Clare, were sitting on Luke, greatly enjoying themselves by taking turns spanking his balls. Eve, the youngest complained to her mother that her sisters wouldn't give her a turn. Rose smiled at Eve and told her she had a special treat for her. Rose took Eve out to the barn, found a nice piece of hickory wood and asked Eve to pay attention. With the hickory rod Rose swatted Tylers nuts again and again. She gave the hickory rod to Eve and told her to go to it.
Rose went back to the house, sat out front in the rocker and smiled contentedly as she listened to her daughters hard at work disciplining the hired hands.
The girls had found their calling. As a group of three they roamed around the ranch with their hickory rods and whenever the found Luke or Tyler not at work a few swats on their balls got them back at work, maybe bent over and moaning, but back at work.
Rose was concerned that Luke and Tyler would take off the first chance they got but they stayed around and submitted to the disciplining, in fact after a while they seemed to invite it. Money had become a problem and there was not enough to pay the hands. Rose spoke to Luke and Tyler individually and explained the situation. Both Luke and Tyler said they would stay on and see how things went, just for room and board and reduced pay. Luke rather bashfully asked if, instead of pay, could Rose spank his balls daily. Being a practical woman Rose found that an excellent idea, a days work of a hired hand in exchange of a half hour of Rose's time. In the evening Luke would come to the house, take off his pants and lay across Rose's lap and she would spank his balls. This was done in the front parlour in front of the girls. At first the girls found this hilarious but after a while it became a regular part of the day. After a couple of weeks Tyler asked if he could speak with Rose and he also asked for a daily ball spanking in lieu of pay. Each evening for half an hour Rose would spank Luke's nuts in the parlour and one of the girls would spank Tyler's nuts in the kitchen.
With Luke and Tyler hard at work the ranch started to look better. There was a small steam that ran well in the spring but then dried up. They built an earth dam and had a nice large pond for irrigation. The cattle multiplied next spring and things were looking up. A drifter came by, looking for work. Rose explained that they ran an unusual operation and instead of a foreman, she had her three daughters and if a hand stepped out of line the girls would swat his nuts with their hickory rods. In fact, the two regular hands didn't draw money as pay, their pay was a daily half hour nut spanking. The drifter jumped onto his horse and was gone. He must have spread word about the nut spanking ranch because after a few weeks a cowpoke showed up, looking for work and he rather red faced asked if instead of money he could have a daily nut spanking by Rose or her daughters. Rose immediately kicked him in the nuts to see how he reacted to her form of discipline. He grovelled at her feet and she hired him on the spot. a week later another cowpoke showed up and was hired under the same arrangement. They now had four hands so Rose and her three daughters each spent a half hour in the evening spanking, pinching or squeezing nuts. With no payroll the ranch prospered.
Rose declared a cash bonus but all four hand begged instead for a bonus of nut squeezing. Rose set 4 days aside, a day for each hand. Luke was first. He awoke to Eve's fingers wrapping around his nuts. After gently wringing his nuts for over an hour she led him, naked, behind the barn where her older sister spent a good hour beating his nuts with her hickory rod. Then it
was Rose who sat on his face and massaged his nuts with her hands. They left him to rest of a couple of hours and then the oldest daughter had her turn. When they were finished the Irons ranch had a slave for life. They did the same for the remaining three hands.
With the ranch doing well and the herd multiplying Rose soon needed more hired hands. Luckily the reputation of the nut spanking ranch spread and Rose put Edith in charge of the hands. Edith was a natural. In her overbearing, bossy way Edith would explain that instead of money the hand would be paid by having his nuts beat by her or her sisters. She would ask if that was acceptable and most readily agreed while a few would run for their horse and gallop off, no doubt spreading word about the nut spanking ranch. She would then spend about half an hour checking out the applicants riding, roping and general ranch duties. If they past that Edith got to to the fun part. Completely unexpected she would kick the guy in the nuts. Edith loved the look of surprise and pain on the cowpoke's face as he sank to the ground before her. She was an expert on quickly removing a guy's pants and getting a firm grasp on his balls. She would kneel beside the cowpoke, squeeze his nuts and congratulate him on being accepted by the ranch.
After a while there was barely enough time in the evening to spank all the hands nuts.
Rose took a trip to Laramie to hire a a couple of nut spanking girls. She realized an add in the paper would be impossible so she visited the church and spoke to the minister about wholesome country work for a couple of hardworking girls. She said the pay was fair and the work was interesting.
The minister invited Mrs Irons to speak to the congregation the next day on Sunday. Rose was a well educated, morally upright woman who had a very practical approach to life and if nut spanking was acceptable to both the spanker and the spankee it was acceptable to Rose. However she did realize that minor deception was required since polite decorum dictated that nut spanking was not an acceptable form of employment. The minister, Rector Paulson, gave Rose a very nice introduction and pointed out that there were very limited forms of employment for young women and here was a chance for wholesome ranch living. The bank manager, who had never visited the Irons ranch but had gladly accepted her deposits and business took a minute to extol Mrs Irons virtues of hard work, thrift, practicality and a firm grip on what was important in life. When Mrs Irons opened her account at the bank she did so with a large draft on her first sale of cattle. Mr Norris was very impressed and even more so when Rose firmly kicked him in the nuts and demanded the best rate of return on her money. She visited the bank in Laramie every few months to conduct business but her first item on her agenda was to get a firm grip on Mr Norris's nuts as she sat down with him to conduct business. Rose was sure of his undivided attention and as she was firmly massaging his nuts she knew she was getting the best possible terms.
One time Rose took Edith with her to meet the bank manager. As usual Rose got a firm grip on Mr Norris's nuts. She then decided to go shopping and leave Edith to get better acquainted with Mr Norris, or more aptly put, to get better acquainted with his nuts. Mr Norris had a large desk and Edith got comfortable under it, pulled down his pants and held a testicle in each hand. She spent the better part of the day, rolling his nuts around and spanking or squeezing them. She insisted that Mr Norris conduct business as usual except he didn't leave his desk. The staff commented amongst themselves as to his strange behavior, quiet groans and a pained, confused look on his face. They assumed he was coming down with something - he was - a severe case of having his nuts squeezed.
On the Sunday Rose addressed the congregation and ended up hiring two young women for the ranch. In a later installment we will learn how the girls got a firm grip on ranch life.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Ed,The Time Waster

Es was standing in his office with his pants down around his ankles doing what he most enjoyed - jerking off while watching a video of a woman beating some poor guy in the balls. The woman had a sadistic smile as her finger tightened around the guy's nuts. Ed's secretary was on the other side of his locked office door so he had the sound on mute but he could imagine the guy's screams of agony. More than once he had day dreamed about standing in his office with his pants down and his secretary kicking him in the nuts. Just thinking about it would give him a hard-on but he knew he couldn't even hint about it. His secretary, Linda, was young but she dressed like an old maid and had the morals to match. She always wore long dresses and sat with her knees pressed together like she was protecting the national treasury. He figured that if he ever asked her to kick him in the nuts she would faint and then report him to the police. It was better to leave well enough alone and just watch the videos he had on his office computer.

Just as he was about to come an instant message appeared on his screen. Jackie Strong, the new Human Resources manager was demanding that he go to her office immediately. The company owner, Ms Logan, was concerned that staff was wasting time like long coffee breaks, extending the lunch hour, skipping out early and whatever else so she hired Ms Strong and gave her a broad mandate to eliminate wasted time, mainly to reduce production costs but also anywhere else in the organization she found it.

"Who the hell does she think she is" thought Ed as his hard-on quickly wilted. He was the VP Finance and she was just the HR manager and here she was demanding that he report to her office. What a bitch thought Ed as he pulled up his pants. He stormed out of his office and was about to tell Linda where he was going but she was not there. Not wasting any time he strode off down the hall and burst into Jackie Strong's office to give her a piece of his mind. In the middle of her office he came to a sudden stop, his mind was reeling, he couldn't speak. Jackie was standing in front of her desk, leaning against it, with her arms crossed and a smug smile of condescension on her face. She was wearing a pair of tailored slacks which, with her leaning back against her desk, perfectly outlined her pussy. Sitting in the chairs flanking her desk was her assistant Patty, and Linda his secretary. What had stopped Ed in mid stride was the monitor on Jackie's desk, facing Ed. There he was with his pants down, in his office, vigorously jerking off. Ed was speechless.
Jackie had a smile on her face, she was enjoying herself. She told Ed that Patty had checked all the company computers and installed a hidden camera in his office after finding the porno videos on his hard drive. They had been monitoring him for a week and with his twice a day jerking off he was a major waster of company time. He said she had made a compilation of Ed climaxing one after another and had sent the video of Ed's climaxes to Ms Logan, the owner and she had replied to Jackie that the mandate was hers and it was up to her how she handled it. Jackie told Ed that Ms Logan had found the video hilarious but was angry with all the time Ed was wasting. Jackie told Ed that she didn't want to hurt or humiliate him, she just wanted to eliminate all wasted office time. If he wanted to jerk off during two 15 minute breaks, morning and afternoon and during his lunch hour, that was up to him, but not during company time and Linda, his secretary would monitor his time. If he couldn't stay within those guidelines Jackie said she would make the video of Ed's climaxes public.
Ed was stunned, he just nodded acceptance. Jackie said she wanted to be fair and they had watched as Ed was about to climax when he saw her instant message and had to stop his jerking off just as he was about to come. She said it wasn't fair to deny him that climax and he could have his first morning 15 minute break and they (Patty, Jackie and Linda) would monitor him. She told him to drop his pants and go at it - he only had 15 minutes.

Ed's mind was still reeling. With a stunned look on his face he looked at Linda who had a look of outrage on her face, at Jackie with a predatory smile on her face and her beautifully outlined pussy and lastly he looked at Patty who was clearly enjoying her self and was laughing. Ed stared at the three women and he couldn't help it, he was getting a hard-on. He undid his pants and let them fall to the floor. He slid down his undershorts and out sprung his hard-on, bouncing up and down. He grabbed his erection and began pumping himself up and down. After a while he began to slow it down to stretch out the experience and prolong the climax. Jackie and Patty were both howling with laughter at the spectacle and Linda still had a look of outrage. She finally stood up and shouted at Ed that he shouldn't be enjoying himself, to think that all that time he was on the other side of that locked door abusing himself he should be punished. She was shaking with anger as she walked up to Ed, reached down and grabbed his nuts in her hand, looked into his eyes and began to squeeze. The pain sent Ed into a state of shock, he couldn't move, he just stood there with his legs spread as Linda squeezed his nuts. As Linda continued to punish Ed her anger diminished, he was being punished and she had to admit to herself that she enjoyed administering the punishment. She began to smile and then was laughing as loud as Jackie and Patty. Ed began howling in agony and Jackie called to Linda to stop, she said they didn't want to send him to the hospital with crushed testicles. Linda relaxed her grip, looked into Ed's eyes and asked him if she was hurting him, Poor Ed couldn't talk, he just nodded yes. She then asked if her wanted her to stop and Ed wagged his head side to side to say no. This got the three women laughing even louder.

Finally Linda said that his 15 minutes were up and it was time to get back to work, pull up those pants and get back to work. Ed pulled up his pants, stuffed in his erection and staggered out of Jackie's office.
Linda stayed behind and after they stopped laughing. Linda said that she would monitor Ed and make sure that his jerking off time was limited to his 2 breaks a day and his lunch hour, no more wasted company time. She said she would punish him as she felt necessary. Jackie agreed that was fine. When Linda got back to her desk she went into Ed's office and told him to stand in the corner. She sat behind his desk and reviewed all his porno videos. It took up the rest of the morning and Linda made notes on the various ways the women on the videos abused testicles. At lunch time she told Ed to come out from the corner, lock the door and stand before her. She reminded him about the video of his climaxes which would be distributed if he wasn't a good boy. He obediently went and locked the door, stood before Linda and without any command from her, dropped his pants , spread his legs and started to jerk off. Linda got comfortable in Ed's chair, consulted her notes then reached out and grabbed a nut in each hand. Over the next few weeks, three times a day Linda worked on Ed's nuts and at each session she tried a different abuse from the videos. She pinched them, kicked them, squeezed them, punched them, kneed them and her favourite was to spank them. There was nothing Linda liked better than to get comfortable in Ed's chair with Ed standing before her with his pants down and sporting a nice big hard-on as she grabbed his nuts and held them in one hand and she spanked them with her other. Ed would howl with agony and stagger from the pain and put his hands on her shoulders to stay upright before her. Under any other occasion Linda would not allow Ed to touch her but she forgave him as he managed to stay upright before her as she spanked his nuts.
Occasionally Jackie would drop in if she was under a lot of pressure. She found that nothing got her into a better frame of mind than giving Ed a couple of good punches in the nuts.
Ms Logan would call Ed up to her office to go over some financial numbers. Ms Logan found that nothing focused Ed's mind as her sitting beside him with her hand inside his pants, firmly squeezing his nuts. From time to time she would call on Ed to address one of her women's groups. As her VP finance, Ed was an accredited accountant and very knowledgeable about investments, taxation and retirement planning. She would set up a table with a skirt across the front and side and then sit beside Ed as her gave his presentation and then took questions from the audience. During all this Ms Logan would have her hand in his pants with a firm grip on his nuts. During the question period many women would compliment Ed on how patient and polite he was. Ed was extremely polite as Ms Logan sat beside him, massaging his nuts between her fingers.

Patty would call Ed down to her office and for a good laugh kick him in the nuts. She often invited women from the production line and elsewhere in the company to show them how easy it was to control a man. She would have a couple of women sitting in her office when she would call Ed down to her office. She was initially surprised that he would come, knowing what was in store for him - pain and humiliation. She would get up from behind her desk, walk up to him, slap him across the face and bark at him to take off his pants. He always did. She loved the way he would get that stunned surprised look on his face as her foot connected with his nuts. Both Patty and her guests would laugh with glee as his knees came together and his hand clamped over his nuts as he sank to his knees before her. Groaning with pain he would lower his head to the floor. Then Patty would step behind him, crouch down and pull his knees a bit further apart then invite one of her female guests the option of either kicking him again in the nuts this time from behind or reaching between his legs from behind and getting a good grip on his nuts and delivering a squeeze for as long as they liked. Most women opted for the long squeeze. That was a real crowd pleaser as the women would cheer and laugh as Ed rolled onto his back with his legs spread, holding onto the woman's arm that was clutching his nuts and moaning.

Jackie felt good about Ed. She had eliminated an area of lost time and she felt that Linda and Patty seemed to enjoy their jobs. She also admitted to herself that she enjoyed having the VP Finance subservient to her. She also realized that she had a lot of work ahead of her in eliminating wasted time. She suspected that some of the production workers in the plant were busy playing with themselves instead of doing productive work. This was something she would have to look into. The pressures of her job were tremendous and getting to her. She smiled as she made her way to Ed's office, nothing relieved the pressure like smashing Ed in the nuts.
She winked at Linda as she walked unannounced into his office. Linda got up and closed and locked the door leaving Ed and Jackie alone in Ed's office. Jackie told Ed to get up, drop his pants and spread his legs. She loved that he had become so obedient. Jackie decided that she had a lot of stress to get rid of and that would take some time and she wanted to spend some time with Ed and a series of punches was too quick. She looked at his dangling balls and decided to get Ed to pull up his pants and go to her office. She had a lot of work to do and she could wack Ed's nuts all afternoon.

After her success with Ed, Jackie went after Dan Hardy, the other senior manager who had porno files on his computer. He was an arrogant SOB who talked down to all the women in the office and intimidated and bullied them, even Ms Logan admitted that she felt intimidated in his presence. Jackie told Ms Logan that she had a video compilation of Dan wasting time in his office by jerking off and Ms Logan was delighted, in spite of the wasted time. Patty spoke to Mary, Dan's secretary, and showed her the video. Mary said she wasn't surprised what with all the times Dan would lock his door, asking not to be disturbed. This time they decided they would handle things a little different. This time no civilized discussion over a surveillance video, this time it would be caught in the act with his pants down, jerking off wasting time.

Dan's secretary phoned Jackie to say that her boss had just locked his office door. Jackie told Patty and the three of them met in Jackie's office and watched Ed on the hidden camera in his office. They watched him for a few minutes and then Jackie said lets go. They marched down to Dan's office and using a master key they unlocked Dan's office door. They burst in just as Dan was about to come. He looked at them with a stunned look on his face as he continued to vigorously pump himself. Jackie stepped over to Dan, reached down and got a firm grip on his nuts and squeezed. Dan was wailing in agony as the three women stood around Dan, studying him as he was being racked by pain but he continued to jerk off. He looked pretty funny and the three of them were laughing at him. Jackie squeezed harder and as Dan was passing out he could hear her telling him that he had to apply himself to his job and stop wasting time.