Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Getting ahead

Ed stood before Ms Webb as she berated him for his performance. His actual work was flawless but he rarely sent her progress reports on his projects. Also, he kept odd hours. Sometimes he would not come in till noon and other times he would work around the clock. He was unconventional but senior management loved him. He had invented most of the companies best selling products and his phased accelerator looked to be another best seller. Since graduating with a Masters in Business she had worked hard and over the years in the company she had steady job progression and her current job was one step short of a senior position. To get that next promotion she had to keep Ed in line. Yet again she had Ed standing before her desk. She realized that Ed went out of his way to irritate her until she would call him into her office. She had a habit of sitting on an edge of her desk, she felt it lent an informal air. She was slightly swinging a foot back and forth as she spoke to Ed. He was standing before her with his legs spread. If she really swung her foot it would come up between his legs and smack him in the nuts. It hit her like a shock - maybe Ed wanted to be berated, maybe he wanted to be dominated, maybe he wanted to be kicked in the nuts. She had noticed that Ed would stand close to her with his legs spread. A couple of times he had her so irritated that she had considered kicking him in the nuts. Here was a chance, she could call it an accident. She leaned back and looked Ed in the eye and called him a bad boy as her foot lashed out and up in an arc, between his legs and a perfect hit on his nuts. Ed had a stunned look on his face as he stood frozen and then started to collapse before Ms Webb. She was laughing as she delivered another perfect kick, square on his nuts, as he started to hit the floor. She got up, locked her office door, closed the blinds and turned of her lights. She pulled off her panties and stuffed them in Ed's mouth. She took his belt and tied his wrists behind his back. She then went to work. She took a nut in each hand and squeezed them. It was wonderfull - the look on Ed's face was a mixture of unbearable agony and complete devotion. For the next couple of hours she concentrated on his nuts, she spanked them, pinched them, held them in her hand and squeezed them. Ed was in a delirium, somewhere between conscious and unconscious. Finally she decided he had had enough for his first session. She dressed him and since the staff had all left for the day she helped him to her car and drove him home. She fixed up an ice pack, set his nuts on it and went home. The next morning she went back to his place and quietly let her self in. Ed was laying on his bed, naked and slowly jerking off with his eyes closed. Ms Webb laughed to herself and thought Perfect as she grabbed his nuts, gave them a squeeze and shouted "What the hell are you doing? Did I say you could jerk off? No jerking off until I say you can. From now on you beg for permission. And no coming" With that she clamped on a penis lock. Senior management were amazed with the improvement in Ed. There was a rumour, started by Ms Webb, that she had Ed by the nuts. He was punctual, he kept Ms Webb informed of his projects and she informed senior management. The president of the company, Thomas Hardy, took a personal interest and Ms Webb met with him twice weekly. She could tell that he was turned on by the rumour that she had Ed by his nuts. Mr Hardy came to Ms Webb's office for an update on Ed. She sat on a corner of her desk and Mr Hardy stood close before her. He seemed hypnotised by her swinging foot. Ms Webb kicked of her shoe and increased the swing and her foot. Each swing and her foot caressed his nuts or his rapidly stiffening erection. She laughed and said "Tommy, you are having naughty thoughts. You are a bad boy" Her foot lashed out and smacked into his nuts. By the next morning she had a penis lock on the company president. That afternoon she planted a rumour on the executive floor that she was a dominatrix and later sent a note to the chairman of the board asking if he would like any company updates since she had a firm grip on things.

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

The Ladies Night Out

The women at Page Electronics get together every few months for a women's night out. Senior management thinks it is a good idea to foster a team spirit and the company subsidized the evening. The usual routine is for the women to meet after work at a bar for a few drinks and then retire to a private room for dinner and then, after a few more drinks, a show. Eve was tapped to organize the evening. The last years show was a roaring success with a couple of well hung male strippers putting on a show. Eve wanted to go one better. She phoned the agency they had used last time and booked a couple of male strippers. She then asked Susie at the agency if she had any suggestions for another act. After finding out that the audience was a group of women office workers who had, by then dinner, a few drinks and a couple of male strippers, Susie had a suggestion. Eve assured Susie that they were a sophisticated group so Susie suggested a dominatrix with a slave that the women could all have a turn at whacking the slave in the nuts. Eve was pretty broad minded but the idea of a group of women beating some guy in the nuts was a bit shocking so she told Susie that she would ask the women at work. Eve asked and was amazed that all the women laughed and thought it was a great idea. Most said it would be interesting to watch but they would not whack the slave in the nuts. Eve told Susie to go ahead and book the dominatrix and the slave. Eve told Susie that most of the women said they would not whack the slave's nuts. Susie laughed and told Eve that after a few drinks the wowmen would be lined up for a whack. Well, the night got off to a good start. Pretty well all 24 of the women from the office met at the bar and after a few drinks they had dinner, more drinks and then the well hung male strippers. The strippers put on a great show with big dicks and lots of laughs. Every thing was going great and Eve was getting high fives and slaps on the back for organizing a great nights out. Ed Looper, the senior financial officer stopped by. He was pretty conservative, young, full of himself and not well liked. He actually came by to make sure that the money allocated was being well spent. About the same time the dominatrix showed up but she had bad news, the slave had taken such a nut beating a few days prior that he was bowing out. The Dom gave Eve Susies home number and ask Susie to get a guy over right away - they couldn't be too fussy, just some guy with a pair of balls. Eve phoned and Susie said she had a guy who could be there in a matter of minutes. Eve told the Dom and she went up onto the small stage and told the women that the slave would be there any minute. The Dom took a few minutes to set up an over head rope from the ceiling. Ed Looper loved being the center of attention and was backstage, getting ready to walk onto the stage to tell the women that he had arranged the money for the Night Out. The Dom saw Ed backstage and whispered "Thank God - the slave" and kicked Ed square in the nuts. Totally unexpected. She then slipped her hand down his pants, grabbed his nuts and led him out onto the stage.   Every one howled with laughter. Ed clamped his knees together with his hands holding his balls with a stunned look on his face. The Dom thought "Finally a slave who can act suprised and show pain" as she kicked him again in the nuts. The Dom held him up with one hand and with her other undid his belt and yanked of his pants and undershorts. Here was the mighty and arrogant Ed Looper with no pants - the women were whooping with laughter. The Dom had a firm grip on Ed's nuts and led him over beneath the rope hanging from the ceiling. She quickly tied his wrists together and hung him from the overhead rope so he could barely touch the floor with his arms pulled over his head. She then took a leg speader and attached his ankles with Velcro. Now she had him hanging from the ceiling by his arms and his leags spread wide. Ed started to come to and began shouting. The Dom attached a gag with a perforated ball in his mouth so he could breath but make little sound. The Dom was thinking "Great, this is the best slave they have ever sent me." The Dom stood beside Ed and told the women a couple of stories as she stroked his rapidly hardening erection. The women were howling with laughter, from both the stories and Ed's hard on. The Dom asked if any of the women wanted a go at her slave's hard on. The women urged Mary Woods to have a go. Mary was Ed's secretary and despised him. She thought she may get fired but she wasn't going to miss this chance. She bounced up the steps to the stage and bowed to the laughing women. She took Ed's erection in her hand and began to slowly stroke it. The Dom stood beside her with the microphone and Mary said "Now Eddy, what is this?" as she shook his erection. "Are you having naughty thoughts?" Mary was now stroking Ed very slowly. She let it go and it stood straight up, quivering. Mary said "Eddy, do you want me to stroke it some more?" Ed vigourously nodded his head up and down. The women were howling with laughter as Mary was softly playing with the head of his quivering hard on. Mary said "Now Eddy, it seems you are having naughty thoughts and you must be punished. Why are you nodding no? OK Eddy, lose that stiff erection right now and we won't punish you. Otherwise we are going to take turns squeezing your nuts." All the while Mary was slowly stroking his erection. She said "Let hear what Eddy has to say" as she removed the gag. Ed looked at Mary and begged her to jerk him off.  The audience was roaring with laughter but Mary acted highly offended and put the gag back. She grasped one of his balls and pinched it between her thunb and forefinger. Ed bucked and squirmed and made gurgling noises. Still pinching his nut Mary turned to the women and asked them what should they do with such a naughty boy. There was a lot of laughing and a genereal concesus that they should all take turns having a go at his balls. All the while Mary was still pinching his left testicle and Ed was twitching like a fish on a line. Eventually Mary said that it looks like they were in agreement that each woman have some time with his balls. Mary said "Lats see what Ed has to say about that" She stopped pinching his left nut,removed the gag and between groans of agony Ed gasped "Mary, I love you, I worship you, I adore you" and then he passed out. To be continued.