Thursday, March 15, 2007

Gym Club

The women's gym club had decided to hold some self defence classes. They had arranged for an instructor to come in. They were holding their first class in the main gym which was also the basketball court. They had booked the time and Sue had just introduced herself when a bunch of guys came onto the court, ready to play some basketball. Sue smiled and politely told them that the court had been booked for the next hour to teach women's self defence. This didn't go down too well with the guys and Brad, at about 6'4" and 250 pounds, laughed and said that was something he had to see. Also, he led the rest of the guys onto the court and told Sue to pack up - they were going to play basketball. Sue strode to center court and said if they wanted to play they would have to remove her. She stood there defiantly and at barely 5 feet tall and 100 pounds the basketball players loomed over her. Brad laughed and grabbed her arm.
Sue called to the women to watch, this was to be their first lesson. Rather than pull away from Brad, she moved in close to him and slammed her knee up between his legs. It came up like a piston and smashed into his balls. Brad started to fall forward but Sue reached up with her hand and braced it against his throat to hold him upright and bought her knee up twice more into Brad's badly beaten balls. Then she stepped back. Brad sank to his knees with his hands clamped over his balls and a stunned look of anguish on his face. He then fell face forward and started to wail in agony.
The rest of the basketball players lifted him and carried him off the court. Sue had the girls practise ramming their knees up as fast as possible. Over the next few classes she also had them practise various other moves. After about a week Brad and the other players showed up on the court. Brad wanted a rematch but he said no more sneaky moves. Sue laughed and said that was OK with her. She suggested that they make it real interesting and she would pair up her students with the rest of the basketball players, or were they too afraid to tackle a bunch of young women. The players were pretty quiet and it looked like they were remembering the way Brad had been quickly and decidedly beaten by Sue. Most of them had their hands protectively covering their balls.
Sue laughed at them and said she promised that her students would not kick or knee their nuts. She also said that they should have a dress code for the match, shorts and tee shirts and the guys can all wear protective cups. At that bit of news the guys all agreed to the match. It was set for the following week.
The women were afraid. All they had practised were kneeing and kicking guys in the balls. Sue told them not to worry. She told them the training for the next week was to be at a hall across town. She told the women that she wanted the training to be secret and the method of self defence to be a quick, effective, surprise attack. At the next days lesson Sue had a couple of the girls act as guys. She had made some scrotums from cloth with a couple of golf balls to act as nuts. She had the women hang these between their legs. They also put on athletic supporters and slid a cup down inside. Then they put on shorts and tee shirts. Sue stood before one of them, then she fell to her knees and as she fell she grabbed the top of their shorts and pulled them down along with the athletic supporter. Then she reached between their legs and grabbed the scrotum and squeezed the golf balls. She did this very quickly in one fluid motion. Sue told them the key to this move was speed. She said if they practised and were quick enough they would have every guy by the balls. Sue broke the women into groups to repeat the move over and over again. At first the women were hesitant and slow but by the third day of practise they had it. They were quick and accurate. Then Sue had them practise how to grab and apply only a moderate squeeze and then slowly squeeze tighter and tighter.
By the time of the match there was quite a crowd on hand. Word had spread and the general consensus was that the guys would have no trouble beating the girls. The only concern was that they not be too rough on the weaker sex. Since Sue and Brad could not agree on a referee there were no rules other than the women couldn't kick or knee, but since the guys all had on protective cups that didn't make any difference. The match was only over when both sides agreed. There was some concern from the spectators on this point since some said that what if the guys were soundly beating the women and if the guys decided not to stop the beating could go on too long. Brad laughed and said that after giving the women a good thrashing and feeling them up a bit they would call the match.
The match started with an equal number of women and guys. They were paired up and facing each other, standing only a foot or so apart. Brad was facing Sue and he laughed and said ladies first. Sue called out NOW. All the women dropped to their knees, pulling down the shorts and supporters of the guys. By the time the guys realized what was happening the women had the guys by their balls. The guys were wailing in agony about their nuts. Sue called TIGHTER and the wailing changed to screams of agony. By this time the guys had fallen to the ground and the women were sitting beside or on top of them squeezing their balls. Sue called to her team to get comfortable and not to let up. Each woman had a testicle in each hand and they were unmerciful. The guys were beyond pleading and begging, they were just laying there in a pool of unbelievable pain. Some were still screaming and some had gone beyond that to a strange animal like sound. They couldn't defend themselves. They were all laying on their backs with their legs spread and their arms laying at their sides. The women did not let up.
Most of the female spectators had big smiles and a strange vindictive gleam in their eye. A few had been so taken up by the spectacle before them that they had grabbed their boy friend or even a stranger and had him by the balls. Some of the men were shouting that the women should let the men go but quite a few just looked on in a strange fascination. More than a few were turned on with throbbing hard-ons, wishing the women had them by the balls.
Eventually Sue called out to her team to let the guys go. By this time most of them were comatose and just laid there. Some of the women and spectators helped pull up their shorts and helped them off the court.
The women's self defense class had no more trouble from the guys basketball team.

Monday, March 12, 2007


Ever since his aunt Lisa began looking after him she regularly spanked him. It didn't seem to matter if he deserved it or not she would take him into the study, pull down his pants and put him over her knee and whack his backside. Now, he was almost twenty and she still spanked him. His aunt had recently began to use a paddle, instead of her hand, on his backside and each smack felt like a small explosion - it hurt. The rubbing of his bare penis against her thighs always gave Bob a throbbing erection. After the spanking his aunt would make him stand before her while she, still sitting, lectured him on his behavior. She completely ignored his erection which was almost in her face. With his backside on fire Bob finally had the nerve to talk back to his aunt. He told her that it wasn't fair, he did most of the chores while his two cousins, his aunts daughters, did nothing. Much to Bob's surprise she agreed with him. She got up and opened the study doors. His cousins were startled and almost fell into the room. They always listened in on Bob getting a spanking and would tease him afterwards. They had never actually seen Bob getting a spanking and were startled when their mother ordered them into the study. They took one look at Bob and burst out laughing. There he was with no pants on and a stiff erection.
His aunt told them in was no laughing matter. Bob had complained that the girls did nothing and she had to agree. She said it was time the girls assumed some responsibility around the house and they had to help out. That wiped the laughter off the girls faces and they glared at Bob. His aunt said that she had to do everything and from now on they had to help out; no more just sitting around. She said that they were old enough to take over some of the jobs in running the house. She said that from now on they had the responsibility of disciplining Bob. She told them spanking was the best and they should always make sure he had his pants off. She showed them the paddle, she ordered Bob to bend over and gave him a painful smack across his backside.
She went on to say that since he had grown it had become difficult to inflict punishment sufficient to deter bad behavior so she had decided that the girls use the paddle in a new way. She swung the paddle up on edge between Bobs' legs and connected with his nuts. Bob stood for a second, clamped his hand over his nuts, sunk to his knees and started to wail in agony. His aunt looked down at him with a big smile of satisfaction and said that was excellent and she recommended her daughters include that in future punishment. Over the next few minutes she showed the girls the best way to squeeze his nuts and how to best spank his nuts. She had Bob lay down and she sat on his face with her pussy pushing into his face. She showed the girls the best way on sit on him and comfortably reach his nuts. Bob was wailing in agony as his aunt showed the girls how to best punish him. With that she handed the paddle to her daughters and told them that Bob was their responsibility. She told them to exercise some caution and not to rupture his testicles and she walked out of the study. The two girls looked at each other with wide, malicious smiles and turned to Bob. June, the eldest, grabbed Bob by the balls and led him out of his aunt's study. They took him up to their bedroom and paddled his balls until he passed out.
Every afternoon they disciplined Bob, without even checking on what he might have done wrong. Bob's aunt would hear Bob howling in agony from getting smacked in the balls and she would compliment the girls on doing such a good job. Bob's cousins mentioned it at school that they were whacking Bob in the balls every day after school. Pretty soon they were inviting girls from school to come over and they were charging them to watch and if they had enough money they could whack Bob's balls. School became hell for Bob. The girls seemed to think that since they had paid money to whack Bob in the balls they had an open license to smack his nuts every chance they got. Bob would be walking down the hall and a small girl was coming the other way. Just as she was about to pass she unleashed an uppercut right between Bob's legs. All the kids in the hall burst out laughing as Bob staggered to his next class, bent over and clutching his nuts. He staggered into his next class and collapsed into a chair. The kids found that hilarious and Miss Edge, the new English teacher thought Bob was acting up. All through class he was clutching his nuts and moaning, to the general merriment of the class. At the end of the class, the last of the day, Miss Edge told Bob to stay behind. She was a new teacher who had just graduated. Bob sat in his seat and she came down the aisle and hopped up and sat on the top of the desk beside him. She started to lecture Bob on the importance of education. As he turned to face her his eyes were level with her crotch. Her short skirt was hiked up and her legs were slightly apart.
Bob got an instant erection. He couldn't stop from staring between her legs. Miss Edge realized he wasn't listening to her and was staring up her skirt. She hopped of the desk, picked up a pointer and slammed it down on his desk and asked, in a shout, what he was staring at. Bob didn't know what to say and he started to stammer. She told him to stand up when addressing a teacher. He started to stand but his erection was caught in his pants and it felt like it would snap in two, so Bob fell back into his seat. He knew that if he reached into his pants to straighten things out she would go ballistic so he just sat there. This infuriated her. Miss Edge was shouting and waiving the pointer around. Bob had no choice - he tugged on his hard-on as he stood up. He got it half way free and now it stuck straight out like a telephone pole. Miss Edge looked at Bob's hard-on and took it as some kind of personal insult. She shouted that she was due some respect, she was a professional, a teacher, a college graduate. She swung the pointer down and it hit the end of Bob's erection. His dick felt like it was on fire. Then she swung the pointer up and caught him square in the balls. Bob was staggering and fell against the desk. His hands were clutched over his nuts and he was moaning. For some inexplicable reason Miss Edge thought Bob was making fun of her so she came at him again with the pointer and hit his erection on her downswing and his balls on her upswing. Poor Bob almost passed out and Miss Edge then realized that he wasn't making fun of her. He was almost unconscious from the pain she had caused him.
She said she was sorry and asked if he was alright. Bob groaned that his nuts and cock both hurt and begged her not to hit them again. Miss Edge went down the hall to the staff room fridge and came back with some ice. It was Friday, after classes and the school was pretty much deserted. The principle was in his office and that was about it. She closed the class room door and told Bob to pull down his pants and lay down on the floor. She handed the ice to Bob and told him to rub it on himself. Bob felt ridiculous but the relief was immediate. She stood over Bob and watched with an amused look on her face. Bob couldn't help himself again. He was staring up her skirt. She moved a bit closer and opened her legs wider. She was almost laughing in his face. When he first applied the ice his erection was gone but now it was back, straight up and quivering. Mr Quigley, the school principal, was making his rounds before locking up the school. He heard moaning and laughter from Miss Edge's class so he went over and opened the door and stepped into the coat room at the back of the class. Then he peeked in. He was shocked. There was one of the students, Bob Wilson, flat on his back on the floor with no pants on and sporting a large, quivering erection. Standing over him was Miss Edge with her legs spread and her skirt hiked up, standing over him. Bob was slowly masturbating himself. Miss Edge laughed and told Bob he was a naughty boy. She reached down and grabbed Bob by his nuts and squeezed and pulled in one motion. Bob was transfixed by the pain and he began wailing in agony. She told Bob to pull up his pants and go home. Bob got to his feet, pulled up his pants and staggered from the classroom, bent over and clutching his nuts . Mr Quigley was also transfixed. He got an instant erection and was swept by a desire that it was his nuts Miss Edge had squeezed. He couldn't help himself, he opened the door and staggered into the room, pulled down his pants a laid on the floor, spread his legs and offered his balls to Miss Edge. Now it was Miss Edge's turn to be shocked - here was her boss, the school principle, practically begging her to squeeze his nuts. He looked ridiculous and so venerable. Miss Edge was a new teacher and was on probation. She realized that here was a perfect opportunity to ensure a secure teaching post. She smiled as she reached down and grabbed Mr Quigley's nuts and gave them a severe squeeze. She had him by the nuts and she didn't intend to let go. She squeezed, massaged and paddled his nuts until Mr Quigley was laying there with his legs spread, babbling like an idiot. Miss Edge went and got some more ice, this time for her boss. She iced his nuts and then helped him to his feet and out to her car. She drove him home and helped him to his front door and rang the door bell. Mr Quigley was bent over and moaning. Ms Edge smiled at him and told him it couldn't be all that bad. She lightly kissed him on the cheek as she drove her knee up between his legs and smashed his nuts twice before Mrs Quigley came to the door. Ms Edge told his wife that Mr Quigley seemed to have come down with something. Miss Edge drove home happy with the knowledge that her teaching career was off to an excellent start.
When Bob got home his cousins were waiting and real mad. June kicked him in the nuts and shouted that they had some girls from school who had paid good money to whack him in the balls and he had kept them waiting. The two of them almost carried Bob up to their bedroom. There were three girls from his class waiting. They started laughing and cheering as June ordered Bob to pull down his pants.
The next Monday Ms Edge asked Mr Quigley's secretary for a few moments of his time. She told her to go right in, Mr Quigley always had time for the teaching staff. Ms Edge had chosen one of her shortest dresses and she walked into Mr Quigley's office, spread her legs, hiked her skirt and told him he had an appointment in her class room next Friday after classes. He nodded his head and groaned with desire.
On Friday Ms Edge almost lost her nerve. Prior ro beating Bob's balls and then Mr Quigley's she had never even thought of dominating a man. She thought about it all week and decided she would go through with it. By the time she was through with him on Friday, his balls would belong to her. Mr Quigley also almost lost his nerve but the thought of Ms Edge dominating him drove him to her class room. He walked into her class and Ms Edge got up from behind her desk and ordered him to close and lock the door. She then odered him to strip naked and lay down across her desk. Ms Edge quickly tied his wrists and ankles to the four legs of her desk. She laughed at him - he looked totally ridiculous - bare naked, tied down with a throbbing erection . She told him he was a naughty boy as she swung her pointer at the tip of his erection. He howled in agony. Ms Edge laughed and told him that was nothing. She dropped the pointer and climbed up on the desk and knelt between his spread legs. She took a testicle in each hand and began rolling them around between her finger tips. As she rolled them around she squezed them tighter and tighter. Mr Quigley began making a lot of noise, something between a moan and a strangled scream. Ms Edge had anticipated this and had a length of duct tape with some holes for breathing. She got off the desk and slapped the duct tape over his mouth. She then took a pair of alligator paper clamps and clamped one on each nut. Mr Quigley was bucking and making a strange noise. Ms Edge smiled down at her boss, tussled his hair and went out for dinner.
Since starting at the school Ms Edge went out of her way to be friendly with Edith Dewey, the principle's secretary. Ms Dewey was young and dressed and acted in a very shy, unassuming way. Actually, Linda Edge was Edith Deweys only friend. Edith had told Linda that she was afraid of men and felt very inferior around them. Over dinner, Linda thought about Edith and reached a decision. After dinner, instead of going straight back to the school she went by Edith's apartment. Edith was happy to see Linda and told her she was pleased with her unexpected arrival. Linda laughed and told Edith she had a suprise for her over at the school and it was just the thing to get over her fear of men and her feeling that they were superior to her. Edith started bombarding Linda with questions but Linda just told her to wait and see. They drove to the school, parked the car and went to Linda's class room.
Before going in, Linda told Edith that she had to get over her feeling of inferiority towards men. She told Edith that if she could beat naked, tied down men with throbbing erections she would loose that feeling. Edith looked at Linda with an incredulous stare and burst out laughing saying "that would be the day". Linda nodded and said "Well ,this is that day" as she unlocked and opened the classroom door.

Thursday, March 8, 2007

England - Part 3

Mrs McDougal and Mrs Kerr sat and talked and gossiped. All the while Mrs McDougal had a firm grip on Herbert's nuts. He was whimpering and pleading but the women just ignored him. Mrs Kerr gave one of the devices for Mrs McDougal to use on Ted. She said it was a wonderful devise and should be used on all the men in the county. As far as she could see it would eradicate the widespread masturbation habit most of the men were engaged in. She felt that as the wife of the local minister she had a moral responsibility to utilize as many devices as possible.
Mrs McDougal released Herbert. He was bent over, clutching his nuts and moaning. Mrs Kerr patted him on the head and said that Mrs McDougal punished him for his own good. She commanded Herbert, her husband and local minister, to thank Mrs McDougal for squeezing his nuts and teaching him not to constantly have an erection. He thanked Mrs McDougal and she smiled at Herbert and said he was welcome but he was a naughty man and needed further discipline. Mrs Kerr laughed and agreed. Herbert stood there without his pants, knees pressed together, clutching his nuts and moaning. Mrs Kerr got him dressed and led him out to their carriage.
The next day Mrs Kerr dressed carefully and went to see the local Lord. The device was such a blessing to her, she could leave Herbert at home alone and know that he could not play with himself in her absence. Lord Dayton was a terrible snob but since she was the wife of the local minister his lordship decided to receive her. Mrs Kerr dressed in what she understood to be the latest fashion from France. She was almost topless. She was amply endowed and the very low cut dress emphasised her breasts. She removed her shawl and his lordship was enchanted. She leaned forward and said she needed his advise. She said that there was a habit many local men were engaged in that was reducing the productivity of the county. Instead of productive endeavours many men were busy masturbating and something had to be done to put a stop to it. His lordship was shocked, not with the news itself but that she would come out and say it. Mrs Kerr said that she felt it a moral responsibility to bring this problem out into the open. She said she could break any man of the habit but she didn't know how to go about it. When his lordship enquired how she could do that she showed him the device she had in a bag with her. She said the first thing was for the man to agree he had a problem. She said she would then drain him and put the device in place. Then it was just a matter of regular visits for draining and periodic discipline if needed. When he asked what she meant by draining she explained that
draining consisted of slowly stroking the mans' erection until he had a strong ejaculation. She smiled at his lordship and said that if he had a masturbation problem she would take of his pants, lay him on the floor right there, right now and slowly masturbate him while massaging his balls and letting her breasts caress his face until he finally would come with a thundering ejaculation. He queried that all he had to do was say he was a chronic masturbator and she would do the rest. She just smiled, leaned forward until her nipples were in plain view and nodded. His lordship quickly admitted that he was a chronic masturabtor and he needed help. Mrs Kerr said it was her duty to cure him. She ordered him to stand before her. She undid his pants and pulled them down and had him lay on the floor. Mrs Kerr got comfortable and then she teased him for over an hour and then brought him to an ejaculation, stronger than anything he had ever before experienced.
As he was laying there in bliss she attached the device, locked it and said she would see him next week. He demanded that she remove the device and bring him to another ejaculation. She laughed in his face, grabbed his balls and gave them a terrible squeeze and didn't let go. She punished him for an hour by squeezing and slapping his nuts, then left him curled up on the floor clutching his nuts. As she left she told the butler that his lordship wanted to be alone for a while.
Within a couple of days his balls were back to normal but he had a constant hard-on. He sent word to Mrs Kerr to come and see him. She sent word back that she was too busy. His throbbing erection was driving him crazy. He went and called on her. Mrs Kerr kept him waiting for an hour which was a terrible snub but he just sat there. Her house servant was amazed that his lordship would accept such treatment and it quickly became the talk of the county. She finally allowed him to see her in the parlour. Her dress was as low cut as before. His lordship almost ejaculated on seeing her. He asked her to please remove the device and give him a draining. She told him to take off his pants. She then reached between his legs and gently massaged his balls. He was panting with desire and his erection was standing up and quivering. He pleaded with Mrs Kerr but she said he had to learn his place, which from now on was to be at her feet. She told him to go back to his estate and she would come out and see him tomorrow and she may consider giving him a draining.
The next morning Mrs Kerr went out to Lord Dayton's estate. His lordship saw her right away in the parlour and told his servant to make sure they were left alone. As soon as the servant left, his lordship dropped to his knees before Mrs Kerr and begged her to remove the Humbler and give him a draining. Mrs Kerr told Lord Dayton to remove his pants and lay down across her lap. As soon as he was in place Mrs Kerr laughed in his face and promised that the next day she would give him a draining but today he still needed to be punished and he had to admit his masturbating sins and to learn his place in her presence. She graped a testicle in each hand and squeezed. She then dug her thumb into each one and sat there with a contented look on her face. The lordship wailed in agony. The house servant had left the parlour door open a crack. She bought a chair up to the doors so she could watch through the crack. She watched Mrs Kerr reduce Lord Dayton to a crying pleading thing, unable to protect himself from Mrs Kerr's punishment. He admited that for years he had played with himself every chance he got but since she had locked the Humbler in place he had a constant erection and was going out of his mind - even the sight of his maid had his hard-on doing a dance in his pants. The maid laughed quietly to herself. By tomorrow Lord Dayton's humiliation would be the gossip of the county.
After spending the rest of the morning punishing and humiliating his lordship, Mrs Kerr left. She arrived back the next morning and as soon as they were alone she undressed his lordship and very slowly masturbated him. After an hour she brought his to a huge climax and while he was still laying there she reattached the Humbler. She knew she had his lordship as her own personal slave. Over the course of the next few weeks Mrs Kerr visited most of the landowners in the county. All she had to do was explain how she would immediately drain them and return weekly and they admitted to their sins. It quickly became more than she had time for. She went to see the McIssac sisters and they were enthusiastic recruits. With the McIssac sisters a draining was only a special treat, most visits consisted of extended teasing and a severe ball beating. To be continued

Monday, March 5, 2007

England - Part 2

Betty and Sara McIssac got comfortable on the high stools Mrs McDougal brought to them. They didn't know that Ted was the owner of the estate. The way Mrs McDougal explained Ted to them, he was a field hand caught playing with himself instead of being hard at work. They both had malicious smiles as they looked at Ted right in front of them, naked and helpless in the stock. He was standing straight upright with his legs spread wide apart and his arms were up at his head height with his wrists held in the stock, along with his neck. They started by taking turns stroking him until he had a large throbbing erection. Then for the next little while they slowly masturbated Ted. Just about when he was ready to climax they stopped. Each girl took a ball in her hands and rolled it around, squeezing tighter and tighter. When Ted started to groan in agony they got big smiles, when the groans turned to screams they started to laugh. Mrs McDougal came over and suggested to the girls that they stop since she needed the fellow to work in the fields, not lay around for days nursing crushed nuts. The McIssac girls agreed and hopped off the stools and said they thought that was an excellent form of punishment and something they will start on their estate. They said their goodbyes and just before leaving Betty walked over to Ted, kissed him on the cheek and told his what a strong good looking lad he was. She patted him on the head and unleashed a devastating kick up between Ted's spread legs. Ted screamed and passed out.
For the next few days Ted could barely walk, his balls were extremely tender and they were swelled up. Mrs McDougal realised that she had to increase her control over Ted, having him laying around with bruised balls did nothing to getting the estate in good order. She realized that what she needed was a devise to stop Ted from jerking off. Luck would have it that the new church minister and his wife paid a social call. She was a pretty but pretentious young woman, dressed in the latest fashion from London and he was arrogant and condescending. Both the minister and his wife were great gossips. Within minutes they were telling Mrs McDougal all the latest tales from around the county. With a bit of a self concious laugh Mrs Kerr, the minister's wife, said she had heard from the McIssac girls that there was a bit of an obedience problem on the estate. Mrs McDougal said that yes, they had caught a farm hand masturbating and they punished him. Both the reverend and Mrs Kerr piously said that was a terrible sin and no punishment was too severe. Mrs McDougal agreed. Mrs Kerr asked what the punishment consisted of. Mrs McDougal guessed that the McIssac girls had told Mrs Kerr exactly what had happened but decided to go along with her. She said she had a devise set up in the kitchen and took them there. She said the easiest way to show how the devise worked was to demonstrate it on the Reverend. She guessed that the McIssac girls, bold as they were, had not had the nerve to tell a minister how they had squeezed a man's nuts. She also guessed that neither had her wife told him. She had him stand up straight and hold up his wrists. She slapped the stock into place securing his neck and wrists. He was in a state of shock while she pulled his ankles apart and placed them into the lower stock. He had his legs spread and was defenceless. Mrs Kerr laughed and said it was an excellent invention. She said it was great way to get a man to confess his sins and seek redemption. It was almost as if the reverend wasn't there as Mrs Kerr said she suspected the reverend Kerr plays with himself almost every chance he gets. Mrs McDougal said it would be easy enough to find out. She suggested to Mrs Kerr that she pull down her husbands pants, grip his testicles and ask him, since any man will tell the truth when a woman has him by his balls. The Reverend started to object but Mrs Kerr quickly unbuttoned him and pulled down his pants. She grasped a testicle in each hand, squeezed and asked him if he played with himself. The Reverend denied it but Mrs Kerr squeezed tighter and tighter until he screamed yes. She then asked if it was every chance he got and again he screamed yes. He said he couldn't help it, he got such a hard-on talking to all his female parishioners with their low cut dresses which seemed to be the fashion. Mrs McDougal watched in fascination since Mrs Kerr was doing to the Reverend what she had done to Ted' uncle and now to Ted. It was so easy.
Mrs Kerr told her husband he was doing a bad thing and it was her duty to help him stop such a despicable habit. She then began speaking with Mrs McDougal and said that what she needed was a devise to lock up the Reverend's genitals. Mrs McDougal said that she also needed the same thing for her masturbating farm hand. They had a chat about the men in the county and they had a suspicion that most of them were secret masturbators. Mrs Kerr said she had heard of a devise available in London that locked up a mans' cock and his balls just hung below, where they were nice and handy. Both women laughed, Mrs Kerr slapped the Reverend's balls and said that she would order one from London and let Mrs McDougal know how well it worked. They let Mr Kerr out of the stock, Mrs Kerr pulled up his pants but left him open in the front. She reached in and grasped his nuts. The Reverend was pleading with Mrs Kerr not to squeeze his nuts and was saying he was sorry and he wouldn't play with himself any more. Mrs Kerr and Mrs McDougal smiled knowingly at each other as Mrs Kerr led the Reverend out to their carriage and they were off.
Mrs McDougal encouraged Ted to build up the estate and in the few months since he had arrived a lot had been done. With the girl's help they had rebuilt the brocken fences, culivated some fields and done a spring haying. They had also fixed up some of the outbuildings and due to Mrs McDougals caney trading they had started to build a small herd of cattle and sheep. All this had been done with a minimal outlay of capital. With the sale of hay and some cattle the estate began to prosper. Ted went into town a few times to open and then deposit into a bank account. He became known to the merchants in town and was well liked and respected. Mrs McDougal or one of the girls was always with him on trips to town and after such trips he was always treated to a long slow wash in the tub with the soapy cloth. Afterwards Mrs McDougal or one of the girls would lay Ted across her lap and very slowly stoke Ted's quivering erection and gently massage his balls. This took all evening and ended in Ted having a massive climax. The girls and Mrs McDougal reffered to this as Ted's treat. Ted would do anything for a treat. Mrs McDougal knew that as long as she had control of Ted's cock and balls she and her girls had a secure future. By helping Ted build up the estate she knew it would be prosperous also. She anxiously awaited news from Mrs Kerr on the devise she had talked about.
A few weeks after the Kerr's memorable visit they returned. There was no hint of arrogance in Mr Kerr on this visit. He was subservient to his wife and it was clear that she was in charge. After they got comfortably seated in the front parlour Mrs Kerr told Mrs McDougal that she had received the devise from London and it was called the Humbler. She laughed and said that once you strap it on a man he becomes very humble. It is tamperproof with a lock and key. He can shower and urinate but he can't masturbate. Mrs Kerr said it is great fun to tease her husband and then send him to bed with a stiff erection and no relief. She said that she had ordered a few and she had one for Mrs McDougal to use on her farm hand. She handed Mrs McDougal a Humbler. She then told her husband to stand up and take off his pants. Mr Kerr, or Herbert as she suggested Mrs McDougal call him, stood naked from the waist down except for a wire cage like devise with some leather and steel straps holding it in place. Inside the devise was a stiff erection. Mrs McDougal was so suprised she burst out laughing and Mrs Kerr joined her. Mrs Kerr said that wasn't the best part, look at how his balls hang free below the Humbler. She told Mrs McDougal to hold out her hand and cup her hand, which she did. Mrs Kerr then told her husband to place his balls into Mrs McDougal's hand. There was fear written across Herbert's face and he was pleading not to squeeze his balls as he steped over to Mrs McDougal and bent and lowered his balls into Mrs McDougals outstreched hand. Mrs Kerr told Herbert she could tell he was having naughty thoughts by his erection and he needed to be punished and it would be for his own good. She nodded with a smile to Mrs McDougal who tightened her fingers around Herbert's balls. Herbert started to wail in agony and both women laughed. To be continued.