Thursday, December 22, 2011


Ed ran a small commercial loan company. He specialized in small companies that were already in business and needed cash to grow. He charged a fair interest rate for viable companies with a good business plan. He had a couple of analysts to review loan applications. If they looked good they would set up a meeting with the applicant and Ed. He also had a couple of clerks to do the basic bookkeeping and answer the phone. His two analysts and clerks were all women. They liked the work but were not too happy with Ed. He was pretty tight with a dollar and raises, if they ever came were small and far apart.

Sally, one of his analysts, set up a meeting with a Mrs Wiggins. Ed asked Sally for a run down on what the loan was all about but Sally said the request looked fiscally sound and he should let Mrs Wiggins explain what she needed the money for. Sally said it was unusual but it was operational and profitable.

The next day Mrs Wiggins came over with her lap top and a projector and put on her presentation. She said the business started by chance a year before. She was at a neighborhood house party and had her video camera and after a few drinks her next door neighbor jokingly said that one of the male guests probably had glass balls. He took exception, stood up and spread his legs and dared Doris Hamilton to kick his steel balls. There was a bit of joking back and forth with him taunting the woman and calling her chicken. Suddenly Doris kicked him in the groin. Mr Steel Balls let out a scream, clapped his hands over his nuts and sank to his knees. Luckily Mrs Wiggins was video recording. All the guests, except Steel Balls, were whooping with laughter. Doris told Steel Balls she was sorry and went to help him up. He was in agony and started to swear at her. She said he had asked for it and she kicked him again, square in the balls. Steel Balls collapsed to the merriment of all the other guests.

Over the next couple of days all the guests at the house party asked Mrs Wiggins if she could forward them a copy of Steel Balls getting it in the nuts. Mrs Wiggins told Ed and Sally that she was amazed at how people were interested in seeing Steel Balls getting kicked. She decided to post on the Internet a few short clips of the video which ran for four minutes and charged $5.00 for the full clip. It came up pretty high on a couple of search engines for people looking for that kind of thing. At over 1,000 hits she made over $5,000. Mrs Wiggins explained that she gave some of it to Doris, her neighbor. Then the two women went out looking for unsuspecting men for Doris to kick in the nuts. They were amazed how easy it was. Doris would just walk up to a man and ask if he would like a kick in the nuts. Out of 20, 3 men said Yes. that was all it took, as soon as the guy said yes, Doris would unleash a powerful kick. The results were hilarious - total shock followed by agony and wailing. The more women bystanders laughing, the better. They posted them and did very well. Now Mrs Wiggins wanted to expand to a more professional site with better equipment and a steady stream for Doris to kick. Mrs Wiggins said she would also get into the act but she felt there was a demand for videos of women grabbing men's nuts and squeezing them. Mrs Wiggins said she needed $150,000 and she presented budgets, cash flow projections and a video clip of highlights of her small library. Ed sat there speechless with his mouth hanging open. He had his hands clapped between his legs, hanging on to his nuts. Mrs Wiggins smiled as she recognized the type. Ed wanted his nuts worked over.

Monday, September 19, 2011


Sue and Nancy were having a great time. They had both taken a three month leave of absence from work and were on what they called a trip of discovery. To discover what they had so far missed in life. They had both worked for a high powered firm right out of school for the last seven years with hardly a break.

Sue had set up a small web site and she told the people at work to keep an eye on it - she would post during her trip. Her first post was from a beachfront in Thailand. One of the girls in the office checked her site, saw the posting and called the staff over to have a look. There was Sue in a short skirt sitting on a rock and waving and saying what a wonderful place it was and how she loved doing things she had never done before. As she was saying that she casually raised a knee and spread her legs a bit. A beautiful upskirt shot and she had no underpanties on. Laughing into the camera she said to the people at work to keep an eye on Stu. She said he would probably go into his office, lock his door, pull up her site and jerk off looking at her pussy. All the staff gathered around the computer bust into laughter and looked at Stu. Stu was the office manager. He got red in the face and told them to turn off that smut and get back to work. As he turned to walk away, one of the girls called after Stu, asking him what was that thing in his pocket, getting bigger every moment. As he slammed the door to his office, the staff was howling in laughter. He couldn't help himself, he locked the door, pulled up the video of Sue's pussy and jerked off.

Embarrassed and agitated, Stu went over to Human Resources and burst into Marge Winston's office and shouted that something had to be done about Sue's web site. Marge had her staff of three women in her office going over staff projections but she looked at Stu and said that it had nothing to do with the company, Sue was on a leave of absence and wasn't currently an employee and the site made no mention of the company's name. Marge had a small smile as she said that she had heard that after watching Sue he had gone into his office and locked the door. Marge then said that if he was doing what she suspected he was doing, that was against company policy and she would have to discipline him - no jerking off on company time. Marge stood up, hiked up her already short skirt, spread her legs and and asked Stu if he was being a bad boy. Stu was in emotional turmoil. He was angry, embarrassed and almost overcome with a desire to drop his pants and beg Marge to discipline him with a swift kick to his nuts. He just stood there. Marge glanced down and started to laugh and said she had heard that he had something growing in his pants pocket as she stepped forward and patted his rising erection. Stu staggered out of her office as the four women were roaring with laughter.

A couple of days later there was another post to Sue's website. At morning coffee break the staff gathered around a terminal. They called Stu over for a look. Stu said he was too busy but he couldn't help himself. He went over for a look. There was Sue and Nancy smiling at the camera. Sue said they had purchased a small tripod so they could both be in the video. Both were wearing tee shirts and short skirts. Sue laughed and said "Too bad Stu, sorry to disappoint you but I'm wearing panties" as she flipped up the front of her skirt to show her panties. Nancy said that she wasn't as she flipped up the front of her skirt to show her pussy. Nancy said that she had always wanted to experience kicking a guy in the nuts, Stu preferably but any guy would do. She said she didn't know when it would happen but sooner or later there will be a post of both Sue and her kicking some guy in the nuts. She then flipped up the front of her skirt again and moving her hand in a jerking off motion said with a laugh for Stu to get to it. Feeling humiliated, Stu stalked back to his office as his staff were howling with laughter and a few shouted for Stu to get to it. Stu locked his office door, pulled up the latest post to Sue's web site and watched the two women laughing as Stu jerked off.

Meanwhile, Marge from HR heard all the laughter and went to investigate. She asked one of Stu's staff what all the laughter was about and was told about Sue's web site and that they were all pretty sure Stu was in his office behind a locked door, jerking off. Marge realized that this had to stop. She went back to her area, picked up a master key and a video camera and told her three clerks to come with her. As they walked towards Stu's office Marge handed the camera to one of her clerks and told her to keep it running and aimed on Stu and she wanted audio as well as video.

The four HR women quickly marching through the general office area caught every one's attention and by the time they reached Stu's office most of the office staff were following behind. wanting to see what was going on. Marge had the master key out and put it in the lock and quietly turned the door handle. She turned and nodded to her staff and flung the door open. They stepped inside his office and Marge shouted in outrage "What the hell is going on?". Stu was standing before his computer monitor with his pants down around his ankles, madly jerking off. He turned towards the door and the camera with a look of stunned surprise on his face, still wildly pumping away. Marge was shaking in rage, she stepped across the office, grabbed Stu's nuts, squeezed and shouted again "What the hell is going on?" Stu screamed in agony, his staff who were peering into the office were howling with laughter as well as Marge's staff. Marge realized how ridiculous the scene looked and she began to smile and said that it was pretty clear what was going on. Still maintaining a vice like grip on Stu's nuts she pulled him out of his office into the center of the general office area. With his pants still down around his ankles Stu tripped a couple of times and would have fallen except for Marge's grip on his nuts. He was wailing in pain and still madly jerking off. Marge held his nuts in one hand and punched them with her other and shouted at Stu to drop his hard-on. Now Stu stood before his staff, naked from the waist down with a large throbbing erection and Marge with a grip on his nuts and him howling in agony. Marge shouted over the laughter that Stu had something to say. Marge turned to Stu and told him to apologise to his staff, confess that he jerks of in his office and promise not to do it again and then with a wicked smile said he could only jerk off if she gave the OK. Stu had trouble talking but managed to say he was sorry and would only jerk off in future if Marge said it was OK. He then turned to Marge and asked for permission to jerk off. This got the staff laughing again and Marge smiled indulgently and told him not now but maybe later and punched him again in the nuts.
Two of his staff helped Stu into his office and sat him behind his desk, with his pants neatly folded and on a chair. Marge called the staff together and told them that apart from his jerking off problem he was a good office manager. She asked them if they wanted Stu to still be their boss. One of the girls asked if Marge could delegate the authority to give Stu permission to jerk off to a staff committee. She said that that way they could control his jerking off and keep it under control. Marge said that was acceptable.

The staff formed a committee and set some rules and procedures. One of the staff always worked in Stu's office alongside Stu. Her job was to do her daily job but also to keep an eye on Stu. If Stu had an urge to jerk off, which seemed to be always, he would ask the daily girl for permission. She could deny the request or call the committee together and Stu could plead before them to be allowed to jerk off. He had to appear naked and to avoid frivolous requests he would get his balls beaten if they denied the request. Being on the committee was a fun position and all the girls took turns being on the committee and beating Stu's balls.

One of the girls emailed Sue and Nancy and sent a photo of Stu getting his balls beaten. Both Sue and Nancy said that was one of the things they wanted to do. The committee promised them as much time as they wanted with Stu. With Stu as office manager his area had high staff moral and very low turnover. All the women loved working for Stu.

Monday, September 5, 2011


Ed had worked hard and had accumulated some money. He figured that if he was careful with his investments he could retire, nothing fancy but enough to live on. After a lot of checking he picked Ecuador, a place on the coast in a small town. It had what he needed, internet access, nice climate, low cost of living and a low crime rate. On the minus side was a religious culture where sex out of marriage was frowned on and it was a bit hard to get to but maybe that was an advantage.

Ed sold his car and other possessions, got a permanent residence visa, said farewell to his friends and relatives and caught a plane. He wasn't expecting much in the way of a send off but he wasn't prepared for the total lack of interest. No surprise going away party, no family get together- just a yawn and "See you". All his worldly possessions he carried in a backpack and a small satchel - his laptop, some cloths, shaving gear and other odds and ends. He figured that if he didn't like it he could always turn around and head back.

Quinto, the capital city had a nice, picturesque charm but was chaotic and noisy. He caught the first bus for the coast. He picked the town he had chosen from information on the internet. Ed was not disappointed. Things that had to be imported were expensive but food, restaurants, services and rent was very affordable. The first thing Ed did was make an appointment to see the town's only English speaking attorney. He wanted some advice on leasing a place, tax laws and just what was socially acceptable and not. He spent the rest of his first day wandering around the town. he spent the night in the only hotel which was really a series of nice bungalows, right on the beach. The next morning he had his attorney appointment. The laws and taxes were as he had expected. The attorney explained that the social mores were pretty light and as long as he maintained a respectable presence there should be no trouble

The owner of the hotel owned a bungalow that was a bit down the beach and Ed agreed to rent it on a month to month basis. A couple of days later Ed hobbled into the hotel and said that he had sprained his leg. The manager said that Mell was good with sprains and massage and he would see if Mell could go down the beach and look in on him. Ed wasn't too keen on some guy massaging his leg but he was in pain and needed some help. A few hours later Mell showed up. Mell was short for Mellanie. She was a middle aged woman, slim, plainly dressed and clean. She spoke little English and Ed was just learning Spanish so they made do with sign language. She gestured for Ed to undress and lay on the bed. Ed did but quickly put a sheet over himself. Mell signalled for Ed to lay on his back and then grabbed the sheet and pulled it down, Ed quickly pulled in back up, up to his chin. She pulled it down again and Ed pulled it back up. Mell said "OK" and grabbed the bottom of the sheet and pulled it up to Ed's chin so he had the sheet up around his neck. She then quickly dropped her hand and grabbed Ed by his balls. Ed froze. Mell held Ed by his balls. Within a minute Ed had a stiff throbbing erection. Mell let go of Ed's balls and started to massage his leg, first one leg and then the other. Mell was sitting on the bed beside Ed and every few moments she would brush against his hard on. She slapped his stomach and signalled for him to roll over. Mell then massaged his back, shoulders and arms. She then massaged the back of his thighs, running her fingers across his balls. Mell signalled for Ed to roll back onto his back. She laughed as Mell's hard on sprang up. She took a ball in each hand and started to vigorously massage them. She squeezed them, slapped them, pinched them and in general, gave his balls a beating. Ed was howling in agony and Mell just signalled for him to hush up. She then gathered both balls into one hand and tightly squeezed them and with her other hand, took Ed's hard-on and started to jerk him off. Ed tried to reach up her skirt but she firmly told him "Never".

Ed was going out of his mind. He started to arch his back and buck. He was about ready to climax when Mell let go of him, stood up and asked if he wanted her to come back tomorrow. Ed was bouncing on the bed and pleading with her to stay. She just smiled, said "Manyana" and bent down and delivered a smashing punch to Ed's balls. Ed screamed in agony and Mell laughed as she left Ed's bungalow.

Ed spent a terrible evening and night. He had throbbing balls and a throbbing erection. All he could think about was Mell squeezing his balls. It was almost morning before he fell asleep. He even dreamed about Mell holding his balls. As he slowly woke up he realized it wasn't a dream. There was Mell sitting beside him on the bed, gently massaging his balls. He took her other hand and guided it to his erection. She smiled and shook her head "No'. She dropped his balls and went into the kitchen and Ed could hear her making him breakfast. Ed lay in bed, with his aching balls and stiff erection thinking "This is the damnedest massage I have ever had". After a while she came back into the bedroom, said something in Spanish and left. Ed got up and went into the kitchen. Mell was gone but she had made breakfast and Ed had one of the best tasting breakfasts ever.

All Ed, his balls and his erection could think about was Mell. What with his balls and erection Ed shuffled instead of walked but he made it down to the hotel to look for Mell. As he shuffled in the manager came up to him and said he had just had a talk with Mell. She asked him to translate the message and give it to Ed. She said that Ed needed someone to come in daily, clean up and cook his meals. With her children away at school all day she had the time and since her husband had died things were tight financially and she needed some extra income. The manager said she had mentioned a salary which he thought was reasonable and Ed agreed. The manager said that Mell was plain and not much to look at but that wasn't necessary for the job. She was reliable, hard working, honest and very respectable and nobody would have any comments about her going to Ed's bungalow daily. Ed wanted to tell the manager to find Mell and have her start right away but he had sense enough to ask him to tell her that he was happy to offer her the job and could she start tomorrow morning.

Mell was the ultimate cock teaser. She never bought Ed to a climax. She would bring him right to the edge, keep him there and then stop. She would put his hand on his erection and signal for him to jerk himself off. Ed got over the humiliation and Mell would smile indulgently as Ed climaxed. Within a few months Mell had Ed trained that he followed her around like a puppy dog. He was never allowed to even look up her skirt or touch her. Ed longed for Mell. She had him naked from the waist down all the time and would smile approvingly at his quivering erection. When they left the bungalow Mell would strap a testicle harness tight around Ed's balls just so he would remember who was in charge.

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Right Frame of Mind

Jane and Emily were having lunch together and lamenting on their lack of corporate advancement. They were both secretaries to a couple of senior executives in their company. Jane was especially irate. Her boss, Blake Edwards, head of sales was a young, handsome single fellow. He was very happy with Jane and wanted to keep her as his secretary. She was very efficient and he loved getting glimpses up her skirt and down her blouse.He had blatantly blocked a couple of chances for her to get ahead and told her it was for her own good. Emily and Jane agreed that Jane had three choices: quit and start over somewhere else, stay and just put up with it or get Blake Edwards to help Jane. They agreed that the best choice was getting Blake Edwards to help Jane and that required getting him into the right frame of mind.

After a few days of pondering they came up with a plan which they put into effect. A local dominatrix had won a court case that since she was not a prostitute she should get a business license and be able to offer her services. It got a lot of local play in the papers and the local TV news. Jane went over and purchased an hour gift certificate. She then typed up a letter saying it was a free gift from the dominatrix to entice local businessmen to try her services. It said there were no strings attached and she would go easy on "first timers". There was a phone number to reserve an appointment. Jane then mailed it to Blake Edwards home address.

When Jane purchased the certificate she also purchased a couple of options which doubled her cost. Option one was where the gift purchaser would be advised when an appointment was made and the purchaser could view the session through a one way mirror. Option two was a full video of the session. Jane was about to give up hope that Blake would use the certificate.
She even phoned the dominatrix but was told that he had not used it. Finally the dominatrix assistant phone Jane and introduced herself as Lara and said that Blake had called and made an appointment the next day over the lunch hour. Jane immediately spoke to Emily and the next day they left a little early and got to the dominatrix just before the appointment time.

The assistant, Lara, who was young, small, cute and perky, took them into a small room that had one wall of glass. Lara told them it was one way glass - from the other side it looked like a mirror. Lara said it looked into the session room where Blake would soon be. It had some video monitors on the wall and said that when Blake came in it would show on one of the monitors. Lara was very nicely and conservatively dressed, except her skirt was so short it didn't quite cover her white panties. Lara left and a few minutes later the monitor turned on and there was Blake walking into the reception area. He looked nervous and walked over to Lara who was seated behind a desk. He started to say something when she quickly stood up, leaned across the desk and slapped his face and shouted that he was to speak only when spoken to. She then sat down and went back to some paperwork she had before her. Blake looked shocked and just stood there. It was so unexpected that Jane and Emily burst out laughing.

After a minute the assistant looked at Blake and asked him what he wanted. Blake held out the gift certificate which the assistant took. She gave Blake a form on a clip board and told him to sign it. It was a consent and waiver form. In the fine print he also agreed to be video taped. Blake was so rattled he signed it without even looking at it. She looked a him and repeated her question of what he wanted. Blake looked confused. Lara got up, walked out from behind her desk and kicked Blake square in the balls. Blake screamed, clapped his hands over his balls and sank to his knees before Lara. She grabbed his hair to pull his face up and told him that when she asked a simple question, she expected a reply. She again repeated her question of what he wanted. She then said did he want to be stripped and have his balls spanked, to stand in the corner, to be repeatedly kicked in the balls - just what the hell did he want? While still in agony Blake finally understood and with his head down he mumbled that he wanted his balls held and squeezed. Lara told him to speak up and Blake loudly said he wanted his balls held and squeezed. Lara smiled and said that wasn't so bad. She then led Blake into a room not very different from the room Jane and Emily were in. The monitor switched to showing the room Blake and Lara entered. Lara stood before Blake with her arms crossed and her legs spread wide and told Blake to strip. He quickly did and Jane and Emily burst out laughing again. Lara had a smirk. Blake was naked with a large stiff erection. Lara told Blake not to touch his hard-on and said she would be back in a while and left the room. As soon as the door closed Blake grabbed his hard-on and began to madly jerk off. Jane and Emily were laughing so hard they were close to falling out of their seats.

The door opened and a female office worker, carrying an arm full of files walked in, looked at Blake in horror, screamed, threw the files into the air and fled out of the room. Blake didn't miss a beat. Suddenly the door flew open and Lara strode in and caught Blake wildly jerking off. She grabbed his balls and squeezed. Blake howled in agony and dropped his dick. Lara led him out of the room by his balls and into another room which looked to be where the session would be. She walked him over to the center of the room, give his balls a tight squeeze that left him transfixed and fastened his ankles into a pair of floor shackles, widely spaced so his legs were spread wide. She then attached his wrists to shackles hanging from the ceiling.

Jane and Emily were weak from laughter. They turned to stare at each other and bust out laughing again. They had hoped to see Blake getting a spanking and maybe catch a glimpse of his dick but not this. There was Blake right before them on the other side of the glass wall, naked with a big hard-on.

Then the dominatrix entered the room . She was not dressed the way Jane and Emily had expected. She was dressed similar to Lara, a nice conservative business suite except for the ultra short dress and the shear white blouse showing he nipples. She carried a stool and sat down in front of Blake, grabbed a testicle in each hand and began to squeeze. She worked on his nuts for a good half hour and poor Blake was barely coherent. At one point she asked him if he wanted her to stop and Blake begged her not to stop. Finally she left Blake and Lara unfastened him from the shackles and laid him down on a cot.

The dominatrix went to see Jane and Emily and asked them how they liked it. Both women said it was the funniest thing they had ever seen. Jane asked the dominatrix if they could go into the session room and squeeze Blake's balls. The dom laughed and said sure.

Jane and Emily smiled when they saw Blake. He was flat on his back on the cot, naked with a big erection he was slowly stroking. He had his eyes closed. It was obvious he was close to a climax and he was enjoying himself. Jane sat on the edge of the cot and gently held Blake's balls in her hand. She quietly called him and as Blake opened his eyes she gave his balls a terrible squeeze. Blake howled in agony. She asked Blake what he did when he locked his office door. Blake said he didn't do anything. Jane squeezed tighter and Blake shouted that he jerked off. Emily asked if he jerked off every day and sometimes twice a day and poor Blake said yes, he did. Jane got up and pulled Blake to his feet by his balls. She began walking around the room, leading Blake by his balls. He stumbled along behind her, jerking off. She asked Blake what he thought about when he jerked off in his office. Blake said the videos. What videos. The videos from the camera he installed under Jane's desk, aimed at Jane's crotch. Jane was shocked but elated at the same time. She had him and she had him good. Jane let go of his balls and naked Blake sank to the floor, moaning and clutching his balls as he ejaculated. Jane told him to go home and be in the office tomorrow morning.

Lara gave them the video disk and said she hoped Jane and Emily enjoyed themselves. The women went back to the office and sat in Blake's office and duplicated the disk and then made an edited version, showing what looked like Blake exposing himself to an office worker, admitting to videoing upskirts of Jane and then jerking off and admitting he did it multiple times a day, on company time and a hilarious end with Jane leading him around by his balls and him jerking off and finally climaxing at the end.

The next morning Jane and Emily had a great meeting with Blake. They got in early and loaded their edited video onto Blake's computer and had it running as he got to work. It was the first thing he saw in his office. He sat behind his desk and as he saw Jane leading him around by his balls he developed a throbbing hard-on. Jane walked in and shouted at Blake to get up and strip off his pants and undershorts. He did so. Both Jane and Emily smiled at Blake's hard-on. Jane had a testicle harness with she tightened around Blake's balls. It has a small receiver, battery pac and a pair of electrodes at the sides of the harness. It has an anti tampering function that delivered a massive jolt to the balls if tampered with or if the chargeable battery fell below a certain charge. Jane pressed a button on her transmitter and an electric charge jumped between the electrodes, right through Blake's balls. A couple of quick shots and she had Blake in the right frame of mind.

This was much better than a secretarial promotion. Jane had complete control of Blake and he announced that Jane was promoted as a sales representative and Emily was his new secretary. Within a couple of months Jane had testicle harnesses on the head buyers of her two biggest accounts. Jane found there was nothing better than a couple of powerful electric shots to the nuts to get a sales meeting off to a good start. Emily loved zapping Blake's balls as he bought her her morning coffee.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

The Humbler

Nancy Meeks called her board to order. She looked around the boardroom at her four female vice presidents of production, marketing, product development and human resources and at Avery Strong, her chief financial officer. She then introduced Sue Dale from a consulting company they had used in the past. Ms. Meeks told her board what they already knew, sales were down drastically and they had to do something and it was with this in mind she had contacted Sue. She then turned the meeting over to Sue. Sue pointed out that the market could only accept so many upscale knitting and sewing supplies. They had to expand their product line or go out of business. Sue said she had identified a new product that had a lot of potential and it fitted in well with the other Meeks products. It was a quality product that was aimed at the female market. It was fairly straightforward to operate and, like all other Meeks products, it would come with instructions, a video and telephone operators to answer any questions and assist as much as possible.

Sue said that with the slowdown in wooden frames and other wooden products, the new product could easily fit into their production schedule. She also said that what pleased her most was that the new product fit within all the parameters set down by Ms Meeks. It would help the woman of the house maintain harmony in the home, keep her husband by her side and be attractive to women of all ages. It had to be a quality product at a moderate price with broad appeal. Sue said it fits in well with their direct marketing with women selling to women in their neighborhood with in house product parties and demonstrations. She also said that with careful marketing it could have the potential for sales to businesses.

The executive committee was exited and wanted to see this new product. Ms Meeks interjected that she had seen the product and it had her full support and she hoped the committee would be fully behind it since the survival of the company and their jobs depended on the new product being a success.

Sue pulled a wooden object out of a bag and held it up. She said it was called The Humbler. The women looked at it with some confusion. Sue held it up. It was about 2 feet long and was basically two strips of wood hinged at one end and a clasp at the other to hold the two strips together. When clasped the two strips were tight against each other and there was a small hole half way along. The hole was half a hole on one strip and half on the other and when pressed together made the hole. She said that basically, it held a man's testicles behind him and they had three models, one where the man was immobile and on his knees, another where he could crawl and a third where he could walk, with small steps and bent over. The committee started to protest but Ms Meeks slapped the conference table and shouted at them to get over it or they would all be out of work. Sue asked Avery to help her demonstrate it. Avery Strong was an arrogant sort who enjoyed being the only man in the company. In subtle ways he had belittled most of the staff and had made a sport of looking up their skirts and down their blouses. He was an excellent financial officer except he was detested by the entire staff.

Sue asked him to come up front. She then told him to take off his pants. Avery hesitated but secretly was thrilled. He was proud of his large package and was exited to show it off to the women. Ms Meeks told him to go ahead, don't be modest, the future of the company depends on The Humbler. All the women urged him on. Appearing reluctant but really excited, Avery took of his pants and shorts. The women all burst out laughing, Avery was so excited that he had a throbber of an erection. Sue was standing directly behind Avery, she reached forward between his legs, grabbed his balls and yanked them backwards. Avery howled in agony as Sue continued to pull them and Ms Meeks slammed The Humbler together and latched it with Avery on one side of the Humbler and his balls on the other side. The Humbler was stretched across the back of his thighs. His scrotum went through the hole. The hole had a recess on the back side and Avery's balls fitted nicely in the recess, proudly on display and readily accessible. The pull on his balls was so severe that he brought his knees almost up to his chin. He immediately fell to his knees, with his forehead on the floor and his backside and balls up high. He started to scream to be released but Sue grabbed his balls and told him to shut up or she would spank his balls. Immediate silence from Avery. Sue swatted his balls and told him to be humble. She swatted them a couple more times and Avery howled in agony and said "Sue, I'll be humble" She swatted his balls again and said "What's with this Sue business, to you I am Ms Dale and don't you forget it" as she delivered another swat. Avery started mumbling "Ms Dale, Ms Dale, Ms Dale" with his forehead on the floor and his naked balls and backside straight up in the air. It looked so ridiculous that all the women started laughing.

Sue started going over price points and production costs. She also pointed out that they had acquired the patents from the inventor by paying her a royalty. One of the women asked about the potential to selling to businesses. Ms Meeks smiled and asked the Human Resources vice president how she would like it if legally she could administer The Humbler to every male in need of discipline. Sue Dale said they had looked into the legality and if use of The Humbler was accepted by the employee at time of hiring, it could be used. Ms Meeks laughed and said she could see it where every HR department had a few Humblers on hand for discipline.

Avery's balls looked so inviting that each of the vice presidents took turns pinching and squeezing his nuts. Between howls of agony and despair, Avery would mumble "Ms Dale, I'll be humble. Ms Dale, I'll be humble." The next day they introduced The Humbler to the full staff with Avery again demonstrating. Ms Meeks wanted the staff fully familiar with The Humbler and how to install it and make sure men become humble. Avery Strong's secretary was in charge of the demonstration and Avery's balls. For the next month all women staff had a hands on demonstration of The Humbler. Avery Strong's balls were pummelled and squeezed by every woman in the company. They also starred in the instructional video.

When Avery arrived at his office, his secretary would tell him to take off his pants. She would smirk at his stiff erection as she would grab his balls and install The Humbler model. Just for the fun of it and to get her boss in the right frame of mind she would give his balls a good long squeeze. He would spend the day bent over and shuffling around, with no pants and his balls exposed behind him. It became company sport to swat his balls.

Friday, June 17, 2011

Quick Cash - 2

What Warhol said about 15 minutes of fame was happening to Susie. Her ballbusting videos were the in thing and no Hollywood party was complete without Susie and wherever Susie went she led Ed along. She had him on a leach attached to a testicle harness.

Not only was Nancy producing Susie's videos she had also become her manager. At Nancy's suggestion, Susie would bring some extra testicle harnesses and at most parties she would have big time producers or stars beging to be her slave. Inevitably before the party was over Susie would be leading a group of naked powerfull men around by their nuts. Invitations were pouring in and Susie began charging big money appearance fees. For an additional fee, Nancy would allow these powerful men to appear in a video with Susie. They all chose to be masked and Susie would give them an unforgetable nut beating. Nancy sold the videos on her web site and it became a popular and fun thing at events and parties to show the videos and try and identify Susies' willing victim. Susie had become an internet sensation.

Friday, May 27, 2011

Quick Cash

Susie was working in the Tuck Shop a fast food place, long hours and low pay. One day Ed showed up. He was a cut above the usual customers. He was driving a hot new car and was sharply dressed. He was good looking and a smooth talker. He and Susie hit it off and it was easy for him to talk her into quitting her job and heading for the coast. He painted a picture of beach life, fun times and easy money. Ed had all sorts of ideas on how to make money quick and easy.
It didn't take Susie long to realize that Ed was long on talk but short on results. A big talker. After about a month they were getting low on cash, the money that Susie had saved up. They were living in a cheap motel room. Then a repossession firm came and took away the car since Ed was way behind on his payments. Ed was a looser and Susie was about ready to move out but they were both broke.
A girl at the motel told them about a movie company that would pay them good money for soft porn. Susie asked if she would have to take off her clothes and the girl said no, just dress nice and casual with a short skirt and the occasional flash of her panties. Off they went to the movie company.
It was a small outfit in a nice location. The receptionist took them out back to Nancy's office. Nancy explained that they liked to use couples that knew and trusted each other. Nancy said she would show them one of their productions and they could decide if it was for them or not. The video started with a cute young woman, sort of like Susie, walking into a room. There was a naked guy tied spread eagled against the wall. The girl walked over and grabbed his balls and started to squeeze. From the reaction of the guy it looked like she was crushing his nuts.
Ed looked like he was about to bolt out of the room so Nancy paused the video and told them that the couple were acting. She was pretending to crush his nuts and he was pretending awful agony. She had to squeeze them but nothing extreme. Also, they had a safe word and if she was hurting him he could say the safe word and they would halt the filming. Also, groin kicks and punches were faked. Nancy laughed and said that at the end of a 45 minute shoot Ed would likely have sore nuts but that would be about it. She told them what it paid which was considerable and they could work as much as they wanted.
Nancy told Susie that she looked perfect and as long as she could act a bit she would be fine. She said that she had to see Ed naked. Ed was pretty proud of his equipment and quickly doffed his pants. Nancy said they were hired and they could start right away. There was no script or lines to learn, Ed would be tied up naked and Susie would beat his balls - that was it.
Ed was nervous and showing trepidation but Susie was eager. This was a chance to earn good money and lead the life Ed had promised. Susie told Ed the safe word would be Tuck. Susie picked it from Tuck Shop where they met.
Nancy said she ran the video camera and she was ready whenever they were. Ed stripped and Nancy tied his wrists and ankles to the eye bolts on the wall. She then gave Ed a playful swat on the nuts and shouted "Action". Susie came into the room, looked at Ed and walked over and kicked him in the balls. Ed wailed in agony, Susie laughed and Nancy shouted that it was perfect - great acting. Susie then pulled up a straight backed chair and sat down and grasped a testicle in each hand and rolled them around with her finger tips and then slowly squeezed them tighter and tighter. Ed was screaming and shouting "Oh fuck, oh fuck, good god, oh fuck, son of a bitch."
Susie was laughing and delighted that Ed was such a good actor, he hadn't once used the safe word. Susie was trying to use restrain but it was so enjoyable to see Ed, the big talker, in so much agony, even if he was faking it.
Susie then cradled Ed's nuts in her hand and began spanking them. She next squatted down on her heels with her knees spread and Nancy zoomed in for a nice up skirt shot of Susie's panties. Susie reached up and grabbed Ed's nuts and pulled them down and squeezed them. Susie was really impressed with Ed. Not only was he proving to be a good actor but she realized that he must have balls of iron. She had been really giving them a work over but he hadn't used the safe word even once. Lots of screaming and swearing but no use of the safe word.
For a full 45 minutes, without a break, Susie worked on Ed's nuts. Susie was laughing and Ed was acting like he was comatose, on the verge of passing out.
Finally Nancy shouted that was it. She told them that she was estactic, the faked ball beating looked real and the acting of both Susie and Ed was perfect, Ed looked like he was in real pain and Susie looked like she was enjoying it. She asked them if they wanted to do another one. Susie immediately said yes. Nancy said there would be a short break while she reloaded her camera .
Nancy said the nest shoot would be outdoors, in the private garden behind the studio. She said they could tie Ed spread eagled between two trees, a nice change fro the prior shoot which was indoors. Finally Nancy called that she was ready. Susie told Ed to get up since they were going to do another video. Ed acted like he didn't hear her and just sat clutching his nuts, moaning and staring ahead glassy eyed. Susie had gotten so used to grabbing Ed by his balls during the shoot that she just grabbed them and led him outside to the garden.
Susie was thinking that acting sure agreed with Ed. He was suddenly much more easy going and she liked leading his around by his balls. Ed looked at Susie and asked her why she didn't stop when he said the safe word 'Fuck". Susie looked at Ed and laughed and said the safe word was "Tuck" but for this next shoot there was no safe word. She was going to work on his balls and he just hung his head as Nancy tied his ankles and wrists between the trees. Nancy shouted "Action" and Susie punched Ed in the nuts and kept up the punishment for another 45 minutes.
From then on Susie lead Ed around by his balls. They made lots of ball busting videos and Ed did whatever Susie said. Life on the coast was good for Susie.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

The Supply Closet

The Norris family had a large and profitable family business. Ted Norris remembered the first time he saw Ms Hill. He was thirteen and Ms Hill, about twenty, had just been hired as his father's private secretary. Ted had dropped by the office to see his dad but his dad had already left for the day. The only person left in the office was Ms Hill. Ted introduced himself and said he was Ted. She said she was Ms Hill and that was the way they have been since then ,Ted and Ms Hill. She was elegant and aloof. Ted shook her hand and got an immediate hard-on. At six feet and 120 lbs Ted had no chance to hide his stiff erection. Ms Hill watched it rise and stiffen with amusement. They stood and chatted for a moment and then Ms Hill turned back to her desk, artfully brushing herself against Ted's erection. She almost burst out laughing as Ted almost fainted. Ted staggered into the office supply closet, locked the door, dropped his pants and started to jerk off. Just as he was about to come, Ms Hill used her key and opened the door. She stepped into the closet, locked the door behind her and grabbed Ted by his balls. She told him he could keep stroking himself but not to come. For about an hour she squeezed and massaged his nuts and told him he was a bad boy. She then told him to pull up his pants and get on home. Over the next year, whenever Ted knew his dad was away he would go by the office, Ms Hill would order him into the supply closet and crush his nuts, saying it was punishment and for his own good. After that year, at 14 Ted and his father had a bad argument and falling out. Ted was sent away to a private school and then university. His mother had passed away when Ted was a child. There was no one to return home to so Ted never returned home. After graduation Ted travelled and basically had a good time. A couple of times he needed the company's attorney to get him out of a few scrapes with the law. Ted knew no one at the company, except Ms Hill, and no one there knew him, except by reputation as the kid who always wanted a bigger allowance. Now, at 24, Ted's father had passed away and he was suddenly called back home to be the president of the company, started by his grandfather and then prospered under his father and now his responsibility. Ted had assumed he had been cut out of his father's will but not so - he had inherited all the voting stock. Ted had filled out and was a handsome young man, well educated, intelligent and self assured. The senior executives had been given a free hand over the last couple of years due to the poor health of Ted's father. One of them , Phil Roberts,the executive vice president had taken over the running of the company for the last couple of years and Ted's only contact with the company had been his monthly allowance. As far as Phil Roberts was concerned Ted Norris was a minor irritant and as long as he stayed away, all the better. Ted was expecting some resentment and hostility from the entrenched executives so on his first day back in town he didn't even go by the company till later in the day. He spent all morning and pats of the afternoon downtown with Marty, a friend from his old days who had just been called to the bar. They went over the company bylaws and all the golden parachutes the executives had given themselves. Marty felt that all the sweetheart deals they had given themselves would be throw out by the courts. Later in the afternoon Ted and Marty went to Phil Roberts office and Ted told his secretary that Ted Norris was there to see him. She said that since he didn't have an appointment and Mr Roberts was busy he would have to wait. She did buzz through that Mr Norris was waiting to see him. Phil Roberts was in his office with some of the vice presidents and Roberts laughed and said he would keep the kid waiting and then raise his allowance. Marty and Ted left and went down to the basement to the building supervisor's office. Ted looked like a much younger version of his father and the super said that everyone knew he was going to show up soon. Ted introduced himself as the owner of the company and asked the super if he wanted to keep his job. He told him that after 6PM he wanted the locks to Phil Roberts office changed and locked. If he mentions it to anyone other than the locksmith he will be fired. If he does it properly and discreetly he will get a nice bonus. They then went upstairs to the director Human Resources and told Sue Conner to prepare a severance check for Phil Roberts with 2 years severance and a contract of severance. Also prepare another check with 2 weeks severance. If Roberts does not take the voluntary termination with 2 years severance he will be fired with 2 weeks severance. In either case he is to be met as he arrives at his office where the locks have been changed, presented with the alternatives and then escorted out. If word of this termination leaks, then she had better prepare her own severance check. In the morning Phil Roberts walked into his office area and called to his secretary that if the Norris kid shows up keep him waiting for half an hour and then let him come in. He tried his office door and it was locked. he used his key and it didn't work. His secretary had ducted out. Two beefy security personnel showed up along with the HR director. She presented Roberts with his severance package but he started swearing and kicking on his office door. Security picked him up bodily and escorted him out of the building. Ted went to his office for the first time and there was Ms Hill. She smiled and said she had heard he had been busy but that was no excuse for not coming by to see her sooner. She ordered him into the supply closet, locked the door and kneed him in the nuts. She pulled down his pants, grabbed a testicle in each fist and squeezed them. Ted screamed in agony but Ms Hill laughed and said the room was sound proof. After half an hour, Ted was curled up at her feet, declaring eternal devotion and kissing her shoes. She grasped his nuts and helped him to his feet, pulled up his pants and supported him into his office and sat him behind his desk. Later that afternoon Ted called an executive meeting with all his vice presidents and directors. Sue Connors reported that Phil Roberts did not sign the voluntary severance contract. Ted told the director of internal audit to do a detailed audit going back five years of all Roberts travel expense claims. He said he could pretty well guarantee that Roberts had been falsifying his travel claims and the company will push for criminal charges. He also told the auditor to check all company travel claims with a view to criminal charges. Most of the vice presidents went white in the face. Ted told them that if any are guilty of fraudulent claims the best thing is to see Ms Hill and admit it and she will work out a penalty so that there will be no criminal charges. As it turned out all the vice presidents were guilty of outrageous travel expense claims and the auditor presented Ms Hill with files on them. One by one she brought them into her office and reduced them to tears. She told them that they could receive punishment from the criminal justice system or her own punishment where they would still have their jobs and receive ongoing guidance that their own secretaries would administer. They readily agreed. She had them strip naked, get down on their knees and their own secretaries eagerly and laughing kicked them repeatedly in the balls. When asked, all the secretaries agreed that they should regularly and continuously remind their bosses of their transgressions and be punished. They suggested to Ms Hill that they do rotation and each secretary kicks a different pair of nuts each Friday. At 2 in the afternoon each VP takes of his pants and kneels in the middle of his office with his knees spread waiting for a woman to come in and repeatedly kick his nuts. This proved so popular with the female staff that the program was modified and every male who had falsified his travel claims got kicked in the nuts Friday afternoon. Even men who had not falsified their claims had the chance to volunteer for the program. Within a few months most of the male staff were getting guidance from the women. Ball spanking became popular and soon the women were kicking, spanking, pinching, punching and squeezing the men's nuts. The men soon became very polite and subservient to the women staff since you never knew which woman would be providing guidance.
The only male who knew who would have him by the nuts was Ted. Ms Hill kept Ted as her own private project. Every Friday afternoon she would collect Ted and lead him to the supply closet and squeeze his balls for the remainder of the afternoon. When Ted was away travelling on business on a Friday, Ms Hill accompanied him. She became adept at finding a closet or suitable place to administer Ted's punishment.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011


Sam was walking to work and was deep in thought. He was in a great frame of mind. He had just been promoted to manager of his section. It had been pretty close, between himself and Angel Warren. Angel was a perky, cute, back stabbing bitch but he had to admit she had handled her disappointment well. She had congratulated him and said she was looking forward to him being her new boss. Sam had a couple of weeks before taking over his new job and he used the time for a well earned vacation. He was going to take it easy and also read up on his new position. Near his condo he was walking past a panel van with the hood up and a woman looking at the engine. She asked Sam if he knew anything about engines. Sam peered under the hood when a cloth from behind was placed over his face. He smelled chloroform as he passed out and was quickly steered to the back of the van and inside. He came to but was disoriented. He was tied up, blindfolded and it felt like he had no clothes on. He started to cry for help but a hand grabbed his balls and squeezed. Sam was transfixed by the pain. A woman's voice told Sam he was going to be their guest for the next two weeks and he was going to undergo some behavior modification. She said they were women owned and operated and ran a profit oriented business. A client had retained them to mold Sam to her specifications. Her main specification was total obedience on the part of Sam. Still squeezing his nuts she told him that from now on he was only to talk when spoken to. He started to object but the woman grasped a testicle and pinched it between her thumb and forefinger. There seemed to be more than one woman in the back of the van as another slapped a piece of wide tape across his mouth. The woman told Sam they had about a two hour drive ahead of them and he should lay back and enjoy it. She took a ball in each had and vigorously massaged his balls. Sam moaned in agony. They finally reached their destination and Sam was hauled out of the van by his balls. His legs had been untied but his hands were still tied behind his back. A loop was placed over his balls and tightened. Sam was led away by his balls. He was taken to a small room with a cot and a toilet. His blindfold was removed and a young woman in shorts and a tee shirt led him by his balls to the cot and told to lay down. Sam was in such agony he collapsed onto the cot. The young woman tied his ankles to the corners of the cot with his legs widely spread. She looked down at him and told him she hoped he would enjoy his stay. With a big smile she punched him in the nuts and left the room. Sam wanted to cradle his nuts in his hands but they were tied behind his back. Through his gag he wailed in agony. He didn't know how long he laid in that room but he was rarely alone. Women would come in and beat on his nuts. Some spanked them, some squeezed them and some pinched or punched them. Poor Sam was in such despair and agony that he was loosing touch with reality. No food, water or sleep - just a constant procession of young women beating his nuts. After what seemed like forever to Sam but was really about 48 hours a young woman came in and untied Sam. She gave Sam a tee shirt but no pants. She had a tray with food. She told Sam she was going to remove the gag but he had to remember that he was not to talk unless spoken to first. She pulled off the tape. Sam couldn't help himself, he begged her not to beat his nuts any more. She just smiled and shook her head and two more women came in the room, tied him back on the cot and took turns beating his nuts till Sam passed out from the pain. When Sam came to he vowed to himself that he would not speak unless spoken to first. He was learning. Two of the young women came in and told Sam they were going to teach him obedience - total unquestioning obedience. A flood of questions came to Sam's mind but he was terrified of another nut beating so he kept his mouth closed. They untied him from the bed but kept his arms tied behind his back. They tied a thin, strong rope around his nuts so they could pull him around the room. They then set up a small grille like a picket fence and ran the rope through the fence. One of them shouted at Sam to get to the nearest corner. It was totally unexpected and Sam wasn't sure which was the closest corner so he stood for a moment in confusion. There was a strong pull on his nuts and Sam was pressed against the fence with his nuts pulled through the fence. One of the women stood pulling on the rope. The other woman had a thin flexible cane and she began to whip Sam's nuts. Poor Sam was wailing in agony and the women laughed and said he had to obey their commands faster in future. It didn't take long before Sam would obey as fast as he could. The woman who had spoken to him when he had first arrived came to see him. She told him to stand against the wall, spread his legs and put his hands on top of his head because she was going to kick him in the balls. Sam did as she told him. She smiled and unleashed a devastating kick that caught Sam square in his nuts. Sam collapsed onto the floor, screaming in pain and clutching his nuts. The woman sat on the edge of Sam's bed, watching Sam. After a little while Sam stopped his screaming and she told him to stand up again and stand before her, she was going to squeeze his nuts. Again, Sam did as she told him. She grasped a testicle in each hand and slowly squeezed them tighter and tighter. Sam collapsed onto the floor, she squatted down beside him and continued to squeeze his nuts until he passed out. All the time that Sam had been receiving training he had been kept totally naked. Even though his nuts continually ached he got a hard-on whenever one of the young women came to see him. Sometimes, before beating his nuts they would tell him he could masturbate but not to come. The next day she came to see him again and congratulated him that his behavior modification was progressing very well and it was now time to meet their client who had arranged and paid for his behavior modification. The only thing still to be done was for him to be trained to be totally obedient to their client and it was time to meet their client and his master. She said she was very pleased with him and as a special treat he could jerk off but not to come. Sam wasted no time in grasping his erection and vigorously stroking himself. As he came closer to a climax he slowed down until he was barely touching himself and his erection was straining upwards, quivering, on the verge of a climax. The woman said that was enough and led Sam, by his balls into another room and there, standing with a triumphant smile on her face was Angel Warren, the woman he had beaten out for the big promotion at their place of work. Along with Angel was Beth Tanner, Angels' assistant. Angel and Beth were both laughing as they looked at Sam. He was bare naked with a stiff erection. Angel said they should find out how obedient Sam was and Beth laughed and told Sam to come and stand before her, she was going to spank his balls. Sam immediately stepped before her and spread his legs. Laughing uproariously Beth grabbed Sam's nuts in one hand and began spanking them with the palm of her other hand. Sam screamed in pain and sank to the floor. He ended up flat on his back with Beth kneeling beside him, still spanking his nuts. Both Angel and the woman from the company looked on approvingly. Beth gave Sam's nuts one last swat and then got up and joined the other two women. The three women stood and looked down at Sam with satisfied smiles. Their smiles turned into laughter as Sam developed an erection. Over the next two days both Angel and Beth worked on Sam and one or the other had him constantly by the balls. For the two days before returning to the office Angel and Beth kept him naked, with aching nuts and a constant hard-on. Poor Sam worshsipped them both. It was pretty clear who was going to be working for whom.

Friday, January 21, 2011


Pam Evans had worked for the company for many years. She was secretary to the company president. Miss Evans was a very nice lady. She was always imaculately dressed, usually with a conservative silk dress. She was in her forties and wore little make up or jewelry. She was quiet and was always in good taste. Everybody liked her.

As secretary to the president she had considerable power but she was always helpful and used her power sparingly. The president, Ben Wilson, had a doctorate in physics. He had started the company about twenty years ago and Miss Evans was his first hire. Dr Wilson was very intelligent but was lacking in social skills. To put it bluntly - he didn't like people. Miss Evans was one of the few people he put up with. The staff knew it was always best to speak with Miss Evans before trying to see Dr Wilson. She would tell people that she would bring it up with the president and get back to them. She spent the first hour of the day in conference with the doctor, going over company matters. She was very diplomatic and the system worked well.

Many years ago, shortly after she was hired, she caught the doctor with his pants down around his ankles jerking off in his office. He was very absent minded and forgot to lock his office door. She came in and quietly sat in a visitor chair and watched. Just as the doctor was about to climax she got up, walked up to him, grabbed his nuts and told him that it would never do for him to behave like that. She stood in front of him and squeezed his nuts. She told him it would be very detrimental to the company for a staff member to walk in and find the president jerking off. She told him that from then on, she would allocate the first half hour of each day when she would make sure the door was locked and she would squeeze his nuts while he jerked off. She then said they would then spend the next half hour going over company matters. Miss Evans had Dr Wilson by his nuts and he readily agreed. The first thing she did was to have his office made soundproof. The routine was that at the start of the business day a senior clek would sit at Miss Evans desk and answer the phone and do some data entry. She would go into the presidents office and lock the door. Dr Wilson would take off his pants and shoes and lay on the conference table or on the floor. Miss Evans liked it best when he laid on the floor and she positioned a chair over him and could just reach down and grasp his nuts and squeeze and pull. She changed the position but it was basically the same.

The schedule worked well, no one caught the president jerking off and after the morning hour he was free to work in his lab, which was attached to his office, and Miss Evans effectively ran the company. The doctor was brilliant but he didn't like administrative detail and Miss Evans found that a tight squeeze on his nuts kept him agreable to her suggestions for running the company. She was the only person allowed in his lab and she came in a few times during the day to confer with him. While talking with him she would slip her hand inside his lab coat, unzip him and get a good grip on his nuts. She found that things worked best if she had his undivided attention and nothing worked as well as a good grip on his nuts.

After squeezing his nuts for twenty years the doctor was devoted to Miss Evans. She was proper and would not allow him to touch her. She had laid down the rules years ago. She was allways dressed, he couldn't touch her and he had to have his pants off for the first half hour. He could masterbate but he could only come if she gave her approval. Sometimes she would approve and sometimes she would say no. He was allowed to beg when she said no and ocassionally she would then say yes. She liked to say no and then think of him with a stiff erection for most of the day.