Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Visitor - Marie

Things have not being going well with Marie and me. We got married right out of college where I was a BMOC (Big Man on Campus) due to being the captain the football team. When we graduated Marie got an excellent job where she has done really well for the last few years. My grades were not that good and I finally got a job where I manage a group of data entry women. We had a young woman visit us from Japan on a few occasions and I ended up getting smacked in the balls by Rika and also by my wife Marie. I covered that in earlier postings under the title Vistor.
Marie is a marketing manager and does a lot of travelling. She has become much more assertive with her new job. Nailing me in the nuts seemed to increase her self confidence. She is a beautiful woman. She wears high heels and wears business suites with short skirts and shear blouses where you can just make out her nipples. I get a hard on every time I see her but that is all I get.
Recently she was out of town on a business trip. With a change in plans she got home a day early. It was in the evening. She came in and went down the hall to the den. I was on the computer at a site where women were kicking and squeezing guys balls. I was kneeling before the monitor with my pants down, jerking off.
I guess this was the last straw for Marie. She went back down the hall and came back with our video camera. She stood just at the door way and filmed me jerking off and was able to capture what I was looking at. After a few moments I noticed something out of the corner of my eye. I turned and there was Marie filming me. I had to get the camera away from her. I stood up and started towards her, forgetting my pants around my ankles. I fell face forward. I was struggling to get up and was on my hands and knees. Marie put the camera on a shelve by the door, still recording. She walked around behind me. My dangling balls made a perfect target. She kicked me square in the nuts. I screamed in agony. She then reached down from behind and grabbed my balls and lifted up. I have never before felt such pain and felt so helpless. She pulled up on my balls with one hand and waved her finger in my face lecturing me about jerking off. All the while I was screaming in agony.
Marie sat down on a straight back chair and laid me across her lap, face down. She had positioned the chair so she was still being filmed. She still had me by the balls. She pulled them up between my legs. With one hand she held them and with her other she started to squeeze. She would squeeze one testicle with her finger tips and then squeeze the other. She was asking me questions - how often did I jerk off, what did I think about, did I get a hard on at work, where did I jerk off, do I like getting kicked in the balls, does it hurt to have my balls squeezed.
I was almost incoherent but I answered her questions. When a woman has you by the balls you don't lie. From time to time Marie would tell me to smile for the camera.
Finally she stood up and I tumbled to the floor. I curled up, clutching my balls and crying.
Marie moved out that night. She packed up her clothes and spent the night at our next door neighbour, Linda, a divorced woman who Marie got along with really well. After that she moved into a hotel downtown and then a condo.
It took me a couple of days before the pain was down to the point where I could walk and return to work. My balls were still painfull when I shuffled into the office. All my staff were smirking as I shuffled past and into my office. They got up from their terminals and gathered at my office door. My secretary told me to turn on my computer. I turned it on and there was me with my pants down jerking off before my computer, getting kicked in the balls, over Maries knee confessing that the women at work all gave me a hard on, how I closed my office door and jerked off and how I would love it if they kicked me in the balls. The girls were all laughing when my secretary reared back and punched me in the nuts. I collapsed in pain.
More to come later.

Friday, January 19, 2007

The Visitor - Part 2

In Part 1 Rika, a young woman from Japan came and visited Marie and I when we lived in France. We drove up to Paris to visit the Disney park and all the way there Rika had me by the balls. In a long line up she slipped her hand up my shorts and squeezed my nuts. On a roller coaster ride in the dark she slipped her hand down the front of my shorts and crushed my nuts. On our ride back home I was in such bad shape that my wife drove. In the back Rika got my shorts off and was giving me an ultra slow hand job. She stopped and I started to jerk off. Hearing me moaning my wife pulled over, turned on the interior lights and caught me jerking off with no pants. My wife called me a pervert and punched me in the nuts. Rika also called me a pervert and punched my balls. Then on the remaining ride home she punched me twice more. I passed out.
When I came to Marie was helping me stand and Rika led me into our house by pulling on my balls. They laid me down on the couch in the family room. I curled up, clutching my nuts and moaning in agony. Marie and Rika sat down and discussed my behavior. Rika spoke as if she was very suprised and upset by my behavior and said she was shocked to see me masturbating in the van. Marie said that my behavior had to change and I was to be severly punished. They tied my hands behind my back, tied my ankles, put a blanket over me and we all went to sleep, Marie and Rika in their bedrooms and me on the family room couch.
In the morning Marie said she had to go in to the office but would be back home early in the afternoon. They untied me. Marie asked Rika to keep an eye on me and to make sure I didn't masturbate.
The couch I was on had 4 seat cushions. Rika took a center one out and spread the remaining three evenly. She then sat between two of the cushions and I was laying above her. She threw off my blanket and with the remote turned on the TV. My groin was convenient to her right hand. For the next few hours she watched TV and lightly massaged my balls. I had a quivering stiff erection which she occasionally played with. I repeatedly pleaded with Rika to let me jerk off. She would say OK but as soon as I was getting close to a climax she would say that was enough. After having been punched by her in the balls I did exactly what she said.
In the afternoon we heard Marie's car pull in. Rika got up and went outside to meet Marie. I immediately grabbed my erection and started to stroke myself. Rika ran up to Marie and asked her to get into the house right away. They both ran into the family room as I was about to climax. Marie ran over to me and grabbed a testicle in each hand and with a scream of indignation, squeezed. Unbearable pain shot through me and I screamed in agony. Rika seized my still stiff erection and screamed for the sheer hell of it and bent it in half.
Eventually both women let go. I was curled up on the floor, barely concious.
I had taken my vacation time and I still had a full week. Marie went to work each day and left me in Rika's care. Marie dictated that I didn't wear anything from the waist down. During the day I did the housework and served on Rika. After the terrible beating my balls had taken I vowed not to touch myself. For that full week I had a constant erection. Marie and Rika complimented me on not masturbating and the next week I was allowed to go to work. The first thing I did at work was to lock my office door and jerk off. I am afraid I must have been groaning and moaning as I jerked off. When I opened my office door my secretary looked at me with a smirk on her face.

Thursday, January 18, 2007

The Promotion

I had recently taken over the running of our company from my father who had retired. His secretary of many years retired and I hired a replacement. To tide me over till she could start I hired a temp. When Sue was introduced to me I thought that she was a beautiful airhead. Very pretty with a stunning figure. In her very short skirt and tight blouse she was gorgeous As it turned out she was a hard worker and bright. It was obvious she wanted the job.
I had an important staff meeting coming up in a few days. I needed a lot out of her so I inferred that if she did a good job the position would be hers. Since my dad had retired a power struggle had erupted amongst the managers reporting to me. I had to put it out without offending any of them. They were important to the company but the bickering was out of hand. In the meeting I was going to deliniate their responsibilities and put an end to the internal strife. Sue worked very hard in getting everything ready including the hand-outs and the flip charts.
The morning of the meeting the permanent replacement started and I told Sue we would have to let her go. Sue took it quite well and asked if she could have a couple of minutes to get her things together and have a minute of my time in my office. I said sure. A few minutes later Sue walked into my office, closed the door and locked it. She came up to my desk and held out her hand for a handshake. I stood up and took her hand. Her other hand came up between my legs and she grabbed me by my balls. The pain was so severe I was paralized. with her free hand she slapped a piece of adhesive tape over my mouth. She then held my balls in one hand and unzipped me and pulled down my pants. Sue laid me down on the carpet and sat between my outstreched legs and seriously squeezed my balls. With the tape I couldn't scream. I was making a low moaning sound. Sue kept at it. She dug her thumbs right into the middle of each testicle. I had never before felt so helpless and in such agony. Sue was smiling as she tortured me. Just as I was about to pass out Sue let up. She helped me up and pulled up my pants and zipped me in. I couldn't move. She removed the tape from my mouth and helped me out of my office and down the hall to the conference room. The managers were there and waiting. Sue helped me into my chair at the end of the table and pulled up a chair and sat beside me. She told the managers that I was not feeling well and had larangitus and she would fill in for me. The managers began to complain but as Sue stood up and walked to the flip chart in her very short skirt the complaints died away.
Since Sue had prepaired the charts and the hand outs she was able to lead the managers thru my presentation. She had a natural ability to lead a discusion and bring differing sides to a concensus. She could lead in a non threatening way and by the end of the meeting all the managers were feeling pretty good about their position and Sue had them all feeling they had won and protected their turf. I was in so much pain I just sat there trying not to moan. As the meeting broke up the managers came up and said they hoped I was feeling well and they all said what a find I had in Sue and hiring her was the best move I had ever made. Sue had said during the presentation that she was my executive assistant and I was in such discomfort that I didn't dispute it. Also, I was afraid what she would do to my balls if I corrected her.
After the meeting broke up Sue locked the conference door and told me we had to have a talk. She reached down between my legs and gripped my balls, pulled me up and laid me out on the conference table. Like in my office, she had my pants down and a firm grip on my nuts. She said we should talk about her job. She said she would make an excellent execuive assistant and the secretary I hired could report to her. Sue said that she would look after all my needs herself. She squeezed my nuts. I agreed with everything she said.

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

The Subway

It was the middle of the afternnon and the subway was pretty busy. I was waiting for my train when I noticed a couple of black girls down the platform. They were evidently enjoying themselves. As people were comong off a train they were in the middle of the group, pushing, tripping and in general hassling the crowd. People took it in stride, they just wanted to get on their way. There was a beligerant looking young guy with dyed hair and a leather jacket pushing his way thru the crowd. One of the girls came up behind him and with the edge of her hand gave him a quick chop up between his legs. His knees came together and his hands clamped over his nuts. He had a stunned expression as he slowly sank to his knees. The girls had moved a bit up the platform and were laughing as they watched him. He managed to get back up and he shuffled off, bent over and clutching his nuts. The girls were a couple of real ballbusters. I moved behind a pillar halfway down the platform and watched them. They tripped an old lady and then nailed a couple more guys with the same move, a swift chop to their testicles from behind. They were mean girls and having a great time.
The platform cleared out between trains. They saw me standing down the platform and with mean grins on their faces they started walking towards me. But then they stopped. I am taller than average and quite muscular. They were small and the station was empty. To encourage them I put my hands over my groin and started to back up with a scared look on my face. That was all they needed. As they walked towards me I kept backing up to the far end of the platform and then along the far wall until I was backed up into a corner, unseen from the platform. They were laughing and the smaller of the two asked me what I was afraid off. I said I was afraid they were going to kick me in the nuts. They grinned and said that was a good idea. I had some money on me so I asked how much money would it take not to get kicked in the nuts. They told me to give them what I had. I had a bit of cash in one pocket and more in the other. I pulled out most of my cash and handed it to them. I found it extremely exiting to talk about getting kicked in the nuts but I knew the pain would be severe so I didn't want it to actually happen. Then they told me to pull down my pants. I asked them to promise not to kick my nuts. They agreed so I pulled down my pants. They burst out laughing as my stiff erection sprang straight out, swinging from side to side.
The smaller of the two girls, who seemd to be the leader, reached out and grabbed me by my balls. She told me to be quiet and she squeezed. I started to scream and the other girl clamped her hand over my mouth. I fell to the floor in the corner and they both crouched down over me. They took turns, squeezing and slapping my nuts. Eventually they got bored. The little one laughed and said they kept their side of the bargain - they didn't kick me in the nuts. They walked out of the station laughing and splitting up my cash

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

The Visitor

My wife and I have been married a couple of years. We both work and are doing well in our carreers and have decided to hold off on having children. Recently a girl from Japan that my wife, Marie, knew when she was an exchange student in japan came to vist with us. She was the youngest child of the family my wife stayed with. Rika was a lively teenager who had just finished school but usually dressed in her school uniform, a very short skirt with white ankle socks and buckled shoes, a blouse and sometimes a short jacket. In our village in southern France her uniform wasn't much different from what our girls wore in school, except her skirt was definately shorter. Although there was quite a difference in years Marie and Rika were soon like old friends. Marie had taken some time off work so she and Rika were together quite a bit.
In the evening we would sit in our family room and the girls would tell about their day together. Rika always managed to sit directly across from me. With her short skirt it was all I could do not to stare at her smooth thighs and the beautifull mound outlined by her white underpanties. She usually used a pillow so Marie couldn't see how she was sitting with her legs slightly apart. From the slight smiles Rika gave me it seemed that she thought it was great fun to get me exited and keep me that way all evening.
After a week Marie suggested that I ask for a few days off work and we could drive up to Paris and visit the Disney park. It was about a four hour drive and we drove up Friday evening to the hotel we had booked. Both Rika and Marie were excited about the trip. It was quite late by the time we were underway. I was driving with Rika up front beside me. I had borrowed my boss's small company van which had three rows of seat so there was plenty of room. Marie was in the middle row of seats and our luggage was on the back seat. After an hour or so it got dark and Marie fell asleep and Rika said she was tired and would lay down. We had bought some pillows and blankets so Marie had a blanket and Rika put a pillow on the small console seperating the front seats and laid down pulling a blanket over her. I was shocked, amazed and exited when Rika laid down with her head in my lap. She tucked her hands under her head and her right hand come down over my rapidly stiffening erection. I had on a very light weight pair of summer shorts. She didn't say anything and closed her eyes like she was asleep but her thumb played with the tip of my hard-on and her finger gently and slowly rubbed up and down my hard-on. Rika kept me on the edge of a climax for three full hours. By the time we got to the hotel I was going out of my mind. It was a wonder I kept the car on the road. I called out when we got there. Rika reached a bit lower and gave my balls a tight squeeze and sat up. Marie sat up in the back seat, looked at me and asked if I was alright. I guess I had the look of someone with a stiff erection who just got a painfull nut squeeze. Marie asked if I was coming down with a cold.
It was a nice hotel and we had two rooms. The fun park was great but lots of people. On Sunday afternoon we lined up for the mountain express ride. It was a dark roller coasted inside a fake mountain. Marie didn't like rides so she said she didn't want to go. Rika begged me to go with her. We got into line. It was very tight with people all around us. It looked like we had a half hour wait. As we inched forward I felt a hand slip up my shorts and grasp onto my left testicle. I gasped in pain and shock. I looked down and there was Rika with her arm up my shorts. She smiled up at me and put her finger over her lips telling me to be quiet. For half an hour she squeezed and massaged first one ball, then the other, back and forth giving both of them a brutal workout. With the people so close and Rika being so short no one could see her arm up my shorts. If it wasn't for the people pressed around us I would have fallen over. I was in agony. Rika seemed to be enjoying herself. She had a sunny smile on her face and was humming a tune.
At last we got to the head of the line and she released me. I staggered over to the ride and sat down beside Rika. A steel bar held us in. As soon as the ride was full we headed of into the dark. Rika didn't wast any time. She pulled my shorts forward with one hand and slipped her other hand down the front and grabbed my right nut. She squeezed as tight as she could. All the other people were screaming from fright of the ride. I was screaming in dreadfull agony. For three minutes I held onto that steel bar and screamed. Finally the ride was over. Rika pulled her hand out of my shorts and as the bar was lifted she jumped out saying that was fun and with a laugh asked me if I wanted to go again. I just sat there. A couple of the attendants helped me out of the seat and away from the ride. As Marie and Rika hepled me to a nearby bench one of the attendants said that some people just can't take a roller coasted ride. I spent the rest of Sunday afternoon sitting on that bench, clutching my nuts. Marie and Rika enjoyed the fun park.
That evening driving home Marie said I seemed to have the flu and was in no shape to be driving. Marie drove. Rika got me a pillow and blanket and I laid out on the middle row of seats. Rika and Marie rearranged the luggage and Rika laid down on the back row. After a while it was dark. Rika quietly whispered my name and told me to lay with my stomach against the seat back which I did. Her hand slipped between the middle seat back and bottom. I unzipped and put my erection into her hand. For a couple of hours she gave me an exquisitly slow hand job. It was a wonderful feeling and I had lost touch with reality. I was moaning and groaning, right on the verge of a climax. Marie heard me and thinking I was ill, pulled off the road, turned on the cabin light and looked into the middle seat. Rika had removed her hand so I had gripped my erection and was wildly pumping away, maoning and groaning. My shorts had come off and the blanket had slipped off me. Marie is very straight laced and to see me masturbating in the van outraged her. She shouted that I was a pervert and swung her fist down between my legs. My world exploded. She scored a direct hit on my tender nuts. In a second I went from the edge of a climax to unbearable agony. I screamed and almost passed out. Rika got into the swing of things, looked over from the back seat and also called me a pervert and punched me between the legs as hard as Marie did.
Marie was outraged. We were almost home. After being twice punched in my already tender balls I couldn't move. I lay on the middle seat, naked from the waist down, moaning and holding my battered testicles. Marie asked Rika to get into the middle seat and if I started to masturbate again she was to punch me in the nuts again. Rika happily agreed. As soon as Marie got the van back onto the road, Rika punched me in the nuts again, claiming that I had started to jerk off. As we pulled into our drive she punched me again. I passed out.
It had been quite a trip.

Monday, January 15, 2007

What A Gift - Part 2

In the first part, the girls who worked for Ted gave him a gift certificate with a local Dominatrix. Part of the deal was that they could watch, unknown by Ted. The girls thought it would be fun and maybe catch a glimpse of Ted's privates and see him get a spanking. They saw much more than that.
By now the girls had had a few glasses of champagne and were laughing uncontrollably at the sight of Ted's throbbing erection and the dominatrix squeezing his balls. Linda, the dominatrix, started to tease and deny Ted. She attached a small sleeve to the tip of Ted's erection which was attached to a flexible vacuum hose. The sleeve slid up and down Ted's erection and produced a sucking sensation. Linda slowed it down and poor Ted, who was back in the stocks, was on tip toes, thrusting his hips and groaning with desire and frustration. Linda left it on Ted and came into the view room. She asked the girls how they liked the session so far. The girls responded with laughter, cheers and applause. Linda said that Ted was a perfect client with a deep desire to be controlled.
Linda said that for the last few minutes of the session it was up to them to decide what to do with Ted. She said they could watch Ted being teased and denied, they could watch Linda work on his nuts or they could really blow Ted's mind by getting involved.
All of the girls wanted to get hands on with Ted. Linda pointed out that this would change the power dynamics with Ted, who she understood was their boss. The girls laughed and said they would sort that out later. Linda moved the stock so that Ted was right before the glass mirror/window. She pressed a button and the glass all slid to the side. Ted was staring right at his staff. Since they were slightly elevated and all the girls wanted to tease Ted they opened their legs a bit and gave Ted a look up their skirts. Mona, Teds secretary was the first girl out of her chair. Ted was standing with his head and hands thru the wooden stock and his legs spread. The suction device was still on the end of Ted's erection, slowly sliding up and down. Mona smiled at Ted and began to gently massage his balls, rolling them around with her finger tips. She asked Ted if he wanted his balls squeezed. Ted nodded. Mona said that wasn't good enough - he had to beg to have her squeeze his balls. Ted started to beg, he pleaded with Mona. The other girls were watching and laughing, urging Ted to beg better. Mona smiled and squeezed. She was holding a testicle in each hand. She squeezed and Ted screamed and writhed and jerked around in the stock. Mona was digging her thumbs into each testicle. Linda looked concerned and suggested that Mona should stop. She pointed out that any more would cause permanent damage. Ted had passed out.
Mona and another girl took Ted back to his apartment and put him to bed. Mona stayed for a few hours putting ice on Ted's nuts. The other girls went back to work. The next day Ted was not in. The girls had a meeting. The following morning Ted came to work, red faced and embarrassed. He went into his office. There was a letter on his desk from his staff.
The letter said:
" We had a meeting yesterday and discussed a number of things. We realized that the session with the dominatrix did a lot to raise staff morale and was, in a word, fun. We also realized that you have a kinky addiction to having your testicles abused. We have decided that we will be closing two hours early the last Friday of each month for the ostensible reason of staff training. We will make up the time by working an extra ten minutes per day. On the Monday before the Friday one of us will come into your office and attach a devise to your penis which will stop you from having an erection. It is fairly small and will not interfere with any body functions, other than erection and masturbation. It will be installed on the Monday with a seal. If the seal is broken there will be no session on the Friday. We understand that by denying you a climax for a week, you will have a nice stiff erection as soon as you are released from the device. We decided that it would be amusing for the session to start with you having a nice big hard-on.
Your participation must be of your own free will. We will lock up and gather in the staff training room. The tables will be made up into a box and we will be seated at the tables. At precisely 3:00 PM you will leave your office and come to the training room. You will enter the box and strip naked before us. One of us will inspect the seal on the devise on your penis and as long as it has not been tampered with, she will release your penis and the session will begin. There will be two of us administering your training for each session and we will rotate who the two will be. We will usually use a table or stock to hold you in place and the session will consist of teasing and denial and abuse to your balls - squeezing, slapping, punching, kicking and whatever else we can think up. At 5:00 PM the session will end and you will have a throbbing hard-on and severely aching balls. We will make sure there is no permanent damage. The two who administered your training will see to it that you are helped home.
Other than a brief monthly meeting held by all the staff there will be no mention made of the training - no jokes, comments, slaps at your balls, etc. Other than the session and the few moments on the prior Monday to install the denial device it will be strictly business as usual.
These are the conditions - there is no negotiation. If you do not want to accept these conditions, do nothing. If you want to accept these conditions, right now take off your pants and undershorts, signal for your secretary to come into your office and stand in the center of your office with your legs spread and hands on top of your head. This will signify your acceptance of the conditions. Susan, your secretary will come into your office and see your acceptance. She will signify our recognition of your acceptance by kicking you sharply in the balls.
The letter ended with "Your loving staff" It was signed by all the girls.
Ted was shocked but deeply affected by the letter. He had the bigest erection he had ever had. There was no consideration. He stood up and took off his pants and undershorts and signalled for Susan. A few minutes later Susan walked into the office, smiled at Ted and kicked him in the balls. Ted collapsed to the floor.

The next day one of the girls came into Ted's office as he sat at his desk. She mounted a monthly caledar on the wall directly opposite his desk and with a red marker she circled the Monday prior to the last Friday in the month and also circled the last Friday. She smiled at Ted as she walked out of his office.

Friday, January 12, 2007

What a Gift

Ted ran a small specialty elecrical manufacturing company. It was just him and half a dozen women. He designed the parts and the girls assembled and shipped them. Ted was a good boss, he was young and good looking and a bit shy. The girls all liked him. For his birthday they all chipped in and bought him a gag gift. It was a gift certificate to a local dominatrix who had taken on city hall over a business license and won and also got a lot of free publicity.
There was a lot of laughter and comments and Ted took it all in good spirit but offered to return it since he wouldn't use it. That led to a lot of good natured kidding. Ted kept the certificate in the bottom of a desk draw. The girls from time to time would jokingly ask him if he had used it. What Ted didn't know was for an extra $120.00 the girls got a bonus with the certificate. If Ted called in and made an appointment they would phone the girls and they could come and watch the session through a one-way mirror.
Eventually, curiosity and desire got the better of Ted and he phoned and made an appointment for the next day over the lunch period. By the time he showed up the girls were already seated in the view room. It sat 6 across so they were seated in a row, in comfortable chairs, elevated a few feet from the floor. In front of them was a full wall window (actually a one way mirror) looking into the session room. It seemed well equipped with a stock, a tie down table and various whips, chains, and restraints. The girls had been all given a glass of champagne. The girls were exited and laughing, hoping to catch a glimpse of Ted's privates and maybe see him get a spanking.
The receptionist who had shown them into the view room rolled a large TV monitor in front and left them. The TV came on and showed Ted standing nervously before a desk. The receptionist came into view and sat down behind the desk and asked Ted for the gift certificate and asked Ted what he wanted. Ted just stood there looking embarrassed. The girl got up, walked around the desk and stood before Ted. She barely came up to his shoulders. She reached up and held onto his shoulders as she drove her knee up into his balls. Ted let out a screech and sank down onto his knees before her, his hands clamped over his balls and a stunned look on his face. He looked so stupid that the girls couldn't help themselves - in a few moments they were all laughing at the sight of Ted, clutching his balls and looking completely stunned.
She grasped Ted by his hair and slapped his face and told him that when she asked a question she expected an immediate reply. Ted struggled to his feet still cluching his nuts. The receptionist again asked him what he wanted and looking shamefaced Ted said he wanted his balls squeezed. She told him to strip. As Ted stripped the girls gasped in amazement. Ted had a large quivering hard erection. The receptionist grasped his erection and led him out of the room. A few moments later she led him into the session room. She positioned the stock in front of the window/mirror. It was a standing stock and she positioned Ted with his head and hands through the stock. She attached ankle shackles to him and tied them to eye bolts in the floor. Ted was standing, unable to move with his legs widely spread. He was at ninety degrees to the window. The girls were staring at his massive erection.
The dominatrix came into the room and without wasting any time grabbed Ted's balls, one in each hand and very slowly squeezed them tighter and tighter. She smiled up at Ted and asked if that hurt. Ted groaned "Yes". She asked him if he wanted her to stop. Ted groaned "No". This broke the girls up. They had come expecting a glimpse of his privates and a spanking. Instead they had a full view of his stiff erection and getting his balls squeezed.
More to come soon.

Thursday, January 11, 2007

Kicked at the Garden Center

A couple of years ago I went to a local garden center to pick up a large planter. I selected one and picked it up. It wasn't heavy but it was bulky and the only way I could carry it was to hold it chest high and wrap my arms around it. This left me vunerable from the waist down. I went to the check out counter and the young cashier was finishing with a customer and there was a woman waiting her turn. She was attractive and in her early thirties. I stepped in front of her and said I was in a hurry. She said "Wait your turn. I'm next". I turned around, spread my legs and said "Not any more, I'm next" I offered her a perfect target. I could tell from her glance to my groin she was thinking about it but she did nothing. I paid for the planter and as I walked away I heard the girl cashier say to the woman "You should have kicked him in the nuts. What a jerk"
I went out to my car, put the planter on the ground and opened my trunk. I waited a minute to see if the woman behind me was coming out and if she was parked near me. Lucky Day! She was heading my way. As she got closer I picked up the planter and called to her that she shouldn't be so impatient and she should learn her place. I then turned and put the planter into the trunk. I leaned forward into the trunk with my legs spread. I heard her steps coming in my direction and then I felt an explosion of pain. She kicked me from behind square in my balls. I groaned in agony, clamped my hands over my balls and slowly slid from the trunk onto the ground. When I came to she was gone but what a memory.
She was a real ballbuster, a groin kick woman, a nutcrushed.