Friday, April 30, 2010

Audit Department

Ed had it pretty good. He was general manager of a large charitable group aimed at helping the needy in his city. The pay was good and he enjoyed the publicity and the prestige. Also there were various expenses he could claim which further boosted his generous compensation package. His office was splendid and his gorgeous secretary was all tits and ass. Furthermore, the board of directors were a docile bunch and he could do pretty much as he pleased.

Ed had some managers reporting to him and he made sure they did all the work while he took all the credit and if something went wrong, they took all the blame. The audit group was a small department, a manager and a couple of clerks. They checked the books. The previous manager who seemed to sit in his office and doze retired and Ed had wanted a replacement, someone easy to intimidate and influence. He headed the hiring committee and he found just the person he was looking for. Helen Green was a recent community college graduate with little experience. She wasn't much to look at, horn rimmed glasses, hair pulled back into a bun, long tweed skirt and blouse buttoned right up to the top. She seemed nervous and deferential - just the person. The other committee members said she seemed young and unqualified but when Ed said Helen was the one, they went along with him.

Over the months Ed almost forgot about Helen. She and her two female clerks worked away checking paperwork and there were no complaints or even reports. Ed had cut a few corners and claimed some expenses he wasn't entitled to and steered some contracts where he had received nice kickbacks. He was confident that plain unimaginative Helen would find nothing amiss. Ed had hidden his thieving well and was unconcerned about being found out. Life was good for Ed.

After about six months after being hired Helen made an appointment with Ed for the following morning. She and her two clerks came into Ed's office. Helen had the same nerdy look but gone was the nervous and deferential Helen. She walked across the office and slapped a report down on Ed's desk and told him his falsifying expense claims and receiving kickbacks could land him in jail for a long time. Ed tried to bluster his way out of it but Helen just laughed in his face. She said she had all the evidence, copies of checks and videoed interviews with the company heads he had shaken down for kickbacks. Ed's face turned ashen, he slumped in his chair. Gone was the aggressive, confident Ed. He was beaten and he knew it, his life was virtually over. He begged Helen for some way out, some way to make amends. Helen said that she had discussed it with her clerks but they felt that Ed would be unable to take direction and accept punishment. Ed eagerly said that he would accept punishment and do whatever they said. Helen told him that she would discuss it with her clerks and let him know in an hour whether or not she would call in the press and the police. Ed sat in his office sweating and worried half to death. After an hour Miss "Tits and Ass" stuck her head in and said that Helen had phoned and he was to go immediately to her office.

Ed went to Helen's office and walked in. Helen shouted at him to get the hell out and knock before barging in. In a state of confusion Ed retreated and then knocked on the door. Sue, one of the clerks opened the door and asked Ed what he wanted. He said he was called by Helen. Sue said that Helen was busy at the moment and he was to wait outside her office and not to wander off. Sue said that Helen had asked her to give him something and she swiftly kicked him in the nuts. Sue laughed at Ed as he slowly sank to his knees, with a stunned surprised look on his face, his hands clamped over his nuts, making a strange croaking sound. Sue called Helen and Margo and the three of them helped Ed into a chair. He promptly toppled off the chair. They agreed that he didn't look good laying in the hall outside Helen's office so they helped him in, closed the door and left him on the floor to recover. They went on about their normal duties.

After lunch Ed had recovered to the point where the three could talk to him. Helen told him that they had discussed it and felt that they would give him a chance but no more kickbacks or fraudulent expense claims. They also said that he needed to be punished and undergo an ongoing program of behavior modification. Sue laughed and said that she had voluntiered to do the punishment program and behavior modification with help from others as needed. She said they may as well start right away. She told Ed to go and stand in the corner and take off his pants and undershorts. Ed started to object when Helen cut him off by saying he was in no position to object - either do what they say or if he ever again objected they will call the police and the press. Helen told him that from now on it was total obedience.

Ed quickly striped from the waist down. Sue then told him to spread his legs and put his hands behind his back. She pulled up a chair and got comfortable. She reached out and grasped a testicle in each hand, smiled up at Ed and told him this was for his own good. Sue's fingers tightened around each nut and she squeezed. Ed's eyes bulged, he screamed and he grabbed Sue's arms. Sue looked into Ed's face and told him he was never again to touch her as she squeezed tighter. Wailing in agony Ed let go of Sue's arms as his flapped around. She told him to get them behind his back, which he did. She then told him he was a good boy and continued to squeeze his nuts. Ed slowly sank to the floor. Sue repositioned her chair so she could reach down with her right hand and get a good grip on his nuts. Sue asked Margo to get her some audit reports which she held in her left hand and read at the same time as she was queezing Ed's nuts. She then made a few phone calls and spent the rest of the afternoon working while squeezing and massaging Ed's nuts.

The next day Ed was told to report to Sue's and Margos shared office. Sue brusquely told Ed to drop his pants and stand in the corner and jerk off. She then got on the phone and asked Nancy, Ed's secretary to please come to her office. Ed was right at the verge of a climax and Sue told him to drop his erection and put his hands behind his back. Ed looked ridiculous, naked from the waist down with a throbbing hard-on. Nancy walked in, looked at Ed and burst out laughing. She reached down and held his hard-on and began to slowly stroke it and with her other hand she grabbed his nuts and began to roughly massage them. She looked into his eyes and told him she hated how he refers to her to his friends and visitors as Miss Tits and Ass. She said that from now on he was to call her Ms Devon. Nancy told him that Sue had asked her to help in the punishment and behavior modification and she was delighted to help Ed. As she told Ed how delighted she was to help him she bent his erection almost in half and crushed his nuts . Ed screamed and fell to the floor. Sue came over and stood by Nancy and the two of them looked down at Ed as he writhed about on the floor, moaning in agony and holding his hard-on and his nuts. Sue was smiling as she told Nancy that she had to curb her enthusiasm. Then both women burst out laughing as Ed began to jerk off. Nancy took out her cell phone and took some photos of Ed jerking off. She then told Ed to frop his hard-on and get back to his office and make her some coffee. She would be along shortly to coninue his punishment.

Nancy called her two assistants into her office and they went over the reports they had complied on the other 4 managers reporting to Ed. They agreed that they had found them out doing the same thing as Ed, falsifying expense reports and minor graft, not to the same extent as Ed but enough to interest the police and lose their jobs. They laughed and hi fived. They would soon be wringing their nuts. Who ever thought that auditing could be such a fun job.

Monday, April 19, 2010 - Part 2

Mrs Farley's business was of to a great start but she needed to get things streamlined. She had a couple of local women making DVD discs and mailing them out but that was not the way to go. She needed a geek. Someone to set things up so a customer could order a video and pay online then download the video and watch it right away.

She spread word around town and everyone said the same thing "Seymour Glick". Everyone in town knew that Seymour was weird and lived like a hermit in his house which had been left to him by his mother. He had also inherited some money from her that he lived off. Mrs Farley phoned Seymour but he wouldn't answer the phone. She went to his house and beat on the door but he just shouted that he was busy and for her to go away. Polly said she knew Seymour from high school and he was weird but he had had a crush on her so she would give it a try. Polly dressed in her old high school cheerleader uniform with the very short skirt. She went over to his house, knocked on the door and shouted that it was Polly Farley and she wanted him to open the door. He shouted out "What for?" and Polly answered "So I can grab your nuts and give them a good squeeze". Seymour opened the door and said "That's weird" . It was the middle of the afternoon but Seymour was wearing pajamas. Polly stepped into his house and immediately pulled down his pajama bottoms and grabbed his nuts with one hand and she yanked off her panties with the other. She pulled him to the floor by his nuts and sat on his face. She was facing his nuts and she gave them her undivided attention for a couple of hours. Her pussy in his face and her fingers on his nuts were the center of his universe. After a couple of hours Polly had reduced Seymour to a stammering, shaking idiot, pledging eternal devotion and servitude to Polly.

Over the next few days Seymour had set up all his computer hardware in a corner of the warehouse and the phone company had installed a high speed service. As long as Polly massaged his nuts every couple of hours Seymour kept hard at it. He was a sight wearing only his pajama tops and a permanent hard-on. Mrs Farley loved Seymour - he was building a state of the art site. Every time she went by him she would smack his nuts in gratitude. Poor Seymour got so that he loved Mrs Farley almost as much as he loved Polly.

Now that Mrs Farley had her company's infrastructure in place she needed product. All her videos had been of women kicking men in the nuts. The only exception was the bit about Miss Meek squeezing Wally's nuts and that was a huge success. She needed more nut squeezing. She phoned Miss Meek, the spinster church organist and asked her if she could come by the warehouse studio at a convenient time. The next day Miss Meek came by and Mrs Farley asked her to star in her next video. Mrs Farley mentioned a reasonable sum of money and Miss Meek agreed, as long as she didn't have to do anything impolite. Mrs Farley agreed, nothing impolite. She then decided to go and see Wally Filmore and he readily agreed as soon as Mrs Farley said that it was a role with Miss Meek squeezing his nuts. He didn't even ask how much it paid.

The next day shooting started. Mrs Farley asked Miss Meek to dress the same way as in the prior video except that she wanted her to wear a shorter skirt. Miss Meek arrived and was ready to start. She had on the same dark business suite but instead of a skirt below her knees, this time there was hardly any skirt at all. It was so short it didn't cover the crotch of her white panties. She walked into the studio and Wally was ready, no pants and when he saw her he moaned and instantly got a big hard-on. Mrs Farley shouted action and Miss Meek walked up to Wally, grabbed his erection and bent it and told Wally he was a bad boy for having impolite thoughts and she was going to teach him to be polite. She then grabbed his nuts with her other hand and squeezed. Wally was perfect, frozen in stunned agony. A look of surprise and pain rolled into one. She pulled up a chair and set it beside Wally who had fallen to the floor. She reached down and firmly grasped his nuts and moved them around with her fingers and squeezed. Wally was howling in agony as Miss Meek looked into the video camera and started a long dialog about how impolite society had become. All the while she kept squeezing his nuts. Miss Meek had an innate sense of show business as she kept her spread legs towards the camera for a breathtaking up skirt shot.

Mrs Farley did another audition. This time she wanted healthy looking farm girls squeezing the farmers nuts. It and the subsequent video was a huge success.

Miss Meek suggested bus trips from a major city a couple of hours away. It would give city folk a chance to enjoy some country nut squeezing. The first trips were aimed at city professional women who would enjoy a chance let off steam anonymously and nothing was better at letting off steam than squeezing some poor guy's nuts. After a bus ride with an open bar there was a gourmet dinner with fine wines. Then a selection of naked and handcuffed men to choose from and a private room to beat, kick, squeeze, spank, etc the poor guy's nuts. Then a relaxing drive back to the big city. A perfect women's night out.