Sunday, March 14, 2010

Things weren't going too well in Niko. The only employer in town was the brush factory and they closed down last fall. Half of the people left town and the other half were barely able to hang on. The town council had tried to lure new business but Niko was in the middle of nowhere and had nothing going for it. Niko needed something going for it.

Then widow Farley put in an application for a business license. Normally an application for a business license would have been exciting news but the city council remembered Mrs Farley's prior attempt at business. It was a tea room, a nice idea in a booming city but a disaster in Niko. There were no tourists and no tea drinkers in town. But she was trying so the city council got together and opened up her application. They couldn't figure out what kind of business it was so they called in Sue Nance, the town bookkeeper and librarian. She read the application a couple of times and said it had something to do with the Internet and there was something about jobs. Well, the Internet was the future and there may be jobs so the council approved the application. Also, she had requested use of a small warehouse that had reverted to the town for back taxes and that was also approved.

The next week Mrs Farley and her daughter were hard at work cleaning up the warehouse. There was a lot of speculation in town about an Internet business. It sounded exiting. Then Mrs Farley hired her first person. Steve Miller was a young single fellow who had a small spread at the edge of town and he was trying hard to make a go of it. Word about town was that it was only a part time job but it paid well, which was all Steve knew about it but he was willing to try anything. He was desperate for some cash.

He showed up the next day and signed some papers and was ready for work. Mrs Farley said he was to be a model in an instructional video to be sold on the internet. All he had to do was stand there. Mrs Farley picked up a video camera and Polly, her daughter came into the warehouse. Polly was a cute young woman, barely over five feet, slim and pretty and nicely dressed in a short summer skirt and blouse and sneakers. She had known Steve all her life. Mrs Farley shouted "Action" Polly walked up to Steve, smiled and said "Hi" and kicked him in the balls. Steve was in agony and started to bend over. Polly grabbed and pulled his hair and stopped him from folding in two. She moved a little closer and repeatedly kicked his nuts until Polly let go of his hair and Steve fell to the floor. Mrs Farley shouted "Cut", Polly said that was fun and Steve curled up in a ball, clutching his nuts and moaning. Mrs Farley instructed Steve to take of his pants but he just laid on the floor moaning. Mrs Farley and Penny undid his pants and pulled them off.

Mrs Farley said they would stop while Steve pulled himself together. She and Polly had a cup of tea and laughed as they watched Steve squirm around on the floor, clutching his nuts and moaning. After the tea Mrs Farley told Steve to get up, they had another scene to shoot. As Steve slowly got to his feet Mrs Farley shook her head and said to Polly it was hard to believe that Steve was such a slacker. Polly agreed and shouted at Steve to get moving and show some enthusiasm.

Poor Steve was almost in a trance. For the rest of the day Mrs Farley led Steve around by his nuts and videoed Polly kicking, punching, slapping and squeezing Steve's nuts. Mrs Farley was happy with the day's shoot and said they had enough to put together their first video. She paid Steve and included a nice bonus. Polly had to drive Steve home and she told him to be ready for another day's shooting tomorrow. Steve was in agony but he sure needed the money and figured his nuts could take another day.

Mrs Farley and Polly put the video together that evening and had it for sale that evening. It got picked up by all the major search engines and by morning they had a flood of orders. Polly went out and got Steve and they did another day's shoot. Mrs Farley didn't believe in useless dialog and a moronic story line. She just had Steve in a room with no pants and Polly walked in, kicked him in his nuts and took it from there. Their second video sold as well as the first.

Polly spoke to a couple of her friends about being in show business and they were enthusiastic. Polly said it paid well and all they had to do was follow some basic instructions and beat guy's balls. Polly was surprised that there was such a high level of fascination among the men to getting their nuts beaten. The guy's said they did it for the money but Polly wasn't sure. Word spread that it was easy work, especially for the women and that it paid big money. Pretty soon the whole town was clamoring to be in the videos and Mrs Farley promised that the whole town would have a chance. Mrs Farley said that there would be a large try out in the town auditorium. The talent judges would be the town librarian, the head of the horticultural society and Mrs James, the town administrator. Mrs Farley wanted the endorsement of the town leaders and a stable of actors willing to kick nuts and get their nuts kicked and she wanted it fast. She felt that a large try out was the best way. Each judge was to receive a thousand dollar honorarium which was a huge, jaw dropping sum in Niko. Mrs Nance, the town bookkeeper and the biggest busybody gossip was in charge of matching up the contestants and getting them on the stage, which would be quite a job since virtually the whole town wanted to try out. She was given the title of talent administrator and was to get a thousand dollar honorarium.

Everyone was expecting dialog and acting except Mrs Farley. She didn't want a story line cluttering up her videos. She wasn't looking for actors. She wanted young women who genuinely enjoyed kicking men's nuts and she wanted men who could take having their nuts kicked by attractive women. She called the judges and administrator together and told them of her plan. The men would come out one at a time, naked and the women would take turns kicking them in the nuts. The men who could take the most kicks were the winners. The women who could dispatch the most men with just one kick were also the winners, ranked in order of how much they appeared to enjoyed it.

The four women (the judges and administrator) started to object and Mrs Farley said it had been cleared by the town's attorney as long as the participants agreed to what was to happen but any of the four who wished to withdraw and loose their thousand dollar honorarium were free to do so. There was a little grumbling but no-one wanted to kiss a thousand dollars goodbye.

The spectacular got underway and the first naked guy was bought out. When the first woman lined up to kick his nuts he started to try and protect himself. Mrs Farley had him disqualified and quickly had a docket wheeled out where the guys neck and arms were secured at the top and his spread legs at the bottom. She had expected such an eventuality and was ready. The whole county was there to watch and each had paid admission which covered the four honorariums and had some left over which was donated to the town treasury . Each time one of the girls delivered a devastating kick the crowd would roar it's approval. Only one woman refused to kick and she turned out to be the crowd favorite. She was spinster Nancy Meek, the church organist who went up to the microphone and said that kicking a man in the testicles was impolite. She walked up to Wally Filmore as she smiled, reached down and grabbed his nuts in her hand and squeezed. It was the first time anyone could remember seeing Miss Meek laugh.

The try out was a huge success. The try out brought a lot of out of towners who spent money in Niko, the town treasury got a boost from the admission and Mrs Farley had a stable of women who loved smacking nuts and guys who loved to get smacked in the nuts. The women of Niko had a fun afternoon and the men had stunned expessions and aching nuts. Polly had tipped of the major network media and received national coverage of women kicking men in the nuts. The next day their sales went through the roof and the most popular video was the two hour long one of the women of Niko kicking the men of Niko in the nuts. It was great, just ordinary women enjoying themselves - young, old and middle aged women walking up to naked men held in a stock and kicking them in the nuts until they collapsed. Miss Meek became an internet sensation - her laughing as she squeezed Wally Filmore's nuts. Wally owned the hardware store which wasn't doing too well and he had hoped to pick up a few much needed dollars as a video actor. This was no act, he was in unbearable agony with Miss Meek laughing in his face and squeezing his nuts. Niko finally had something going for it.