Monday, April 9, 2007

Picture Frames

Jim had a nice little business doing something he liked. He made picture frames. He also sold paint supplies and prints but mainly it was frames. He had a small shop in a commercial district, a couple of steps down from street level. His location had a nice little dividend in that when he took his coffee and lunch breaks he could sit in a chair and look up to the sidewalk and up the skirts of the office girls always walking by. Usually by the time his break was over he had quite a hard-on. It could be embarrassing if an office girl came into his shop during his break and he had to get up to serve her, trying to hide a stiff erection.
One day, as he was finishing his morning coffee break the shop door opened. The door was at street level and opened onto a small landing from which there were four steps down into the shop. The customer just stood for a moment on entering the shop. She was a young professional woman in a dark business suite with a jacket, white blouse and a very short skirt. Jim looked up at her to say hello but all he could do was stare up her skirt at her panties. He managed to croak something sounding like Hello. She was used to the effect she had on men and she dressed and acted, like standing at the top of the stairs, to heighten her effect. Her name was Mary Worth and as she came down the steps and walked over to Jim she couldn't help but notice his erection sticking out like a pole. Again, this was also something she was used to and as she came up to him she brushed the back of her hand against it and smiled as Jim almost fainted.
Mary had three prints with her and she asked Jim to mount and frame them for her. She said she had just had a promotion which gave her her first office and she wanted the prints for her wall. She said she was particular about the frame and asked Jim to show her some samples. She picked a frame that Jim didn't have in stock but he said he could get it from the supplier in three days and then another day to mount them. She said that would be fine and she would be back in four business days. Since it was a special order Jim asked if she could pay up front, which she did. When Mary left the shop, she stopped on the small landing, turned and told Jim she would see him next Tuesday. Jim stood there open mouthed staring up at her panties. Mary smiled and left the shop.
Jim ordered the special order frame and a parcel came from his supplier Monday. Jim was relieved it had arrived but he was so busy he didn't have a chance to assemble the frames. He came in a bit early Tuesday to get them ready for Mary. Every time he thought of her he got an erection. He opened the parcel and realized that he had made a mistake when placing the order. If he had spent less time thinking about Mary's ultra short skirt and more time thinking about the order he would have got it right. He phoned the supplier again and placed the order, this time getting the order right. He asked for next day delivery. Later in the morning Mary came in the shop, again stopping at the landing so Jim could see up her short skirt. Mary liked being in control and giving every man she met a stiff erection gave her the control she wanted. It also was very helpful in her rapid advancement within her company.
Jim started to hum and haw and admitted that the frames weren't ready. He tried to blame in on the frame supplier but Mary was furious and she said she didn't give a damn whose fault it was - she wanted her order. She walked over to Jim, slid her right hand down the front of his pants, quickly found his balls and began to squeeze. Poor Jim had never had his balls squeezed and the pain was beyond anything he could have imagined. He made a croaking sound as he sank to his knees before Ms Worth. She stood over him, bent at the waist, still squeezing his balls. Mary told him that if the order wasn't ready tomorrow there would be more of the same.
The next morning there was no delivery. Jim phoned the frame company in a panic. Yes, they had sent the correct frame material but somehow it just went by two day delivery and it would be there tomorrow. Jim was in a panic all morning worrying about how Ms Worth would react to no framed prints.
At noon Ms Worth entered the shop, this time with another young woman whose skirt was even shorter than Ms Worth's It was so short that when she moved you could see the white of her panties peeking out from the bottom of the skirt. One glance at Jim was enough for Ms Worth to know the order wasn't done. She turned around and went back to the entrance door and turned the sign saying OPEN around so it now read CLOSED. Jim was backing up in the shop with his hands crossed over his balls. Ms Worth laughed at Jim and told him to just take his punishment like a man. Jim forgot about Ms Worth's friend who was behind Jim. She came up beside him and from the side, slid her hand down his pants and had him by the balls. She led him over to the work table, had him climb on top, lay flat on his back and with her free hand she pulled down his pants. Now Jim was naked from the waist down and Ms Worth's friend really went to work on Jim's balls. Each time she dug her thumbs into his balls he let out a dreadful wail of agony.
Pretty soon there was a crowd of office girls looking down through the windows into Jim's shop. For a long time they had to put up with him looking up their skirts and it now looked like he was getting some serious punishment. Each time Jim wailed, the girls laughed and cheered.
Eventually the two young women left the shop and said they would be back tomorrow. Jim spent the rest of the day, crouched in a corner, clutching his balls and dreaming of the two women with their gorgeous legs and shear panties.
The next morning the correct material came in and Jim mounted and framed Ms Worth's prints. They were ready. All morning she was all he could think about, her beautiful long legs, her white panties, her nipples outlined against the material of her white blouse, her condescending laugh and the unbelievable sensation of utter helplessness and agony as she and her friend had squeezed his balls. At noon Ms Worth and her friend came in the shop. Jim made a snap decision and said he was sorry, they weren't ready. Ms Worth told Jim he knew what that meant as she put up the closed sign and came after Jim's balls. This time Jim didn't back away or try and protect himself. He walked over to the work table hopped up an laid down on his back as he pulled down his pants and spread his legs. He took it like a man.