Friday, May 4, 2007

The Window

Ed had lived in the same house all his life. His bedroom was upstairs at the end of the house and his window looked at the house next door, about ten feet away. The houses were built on the side of a hill and the house next door was higher than his. Looking out his window at the window next door all he saw was the top of the wall across from the window and the ceiling. From their window they had a clear view into his bedroom. This didn't bother Ed since he never saw anyone in that room and never anyone looking out the window so he had come to ignore it. There was a girl living there who was in Ed's class but she was quiet and not very popular. She had a girlfriend, Jill who was just as quiet and plain and who lived down the street and that was it. Ed was well liked and was on the football team. He had a summer job and had saved some money and had his own car. Ed was popular and never gave a thought to Marie, the girl next door.
One evening he came into his room and before he turned on the light he noticed that he could see Marie. She was facing the window and she must have moved a desk against the window. He could see her clearly and she was holding a book, reading. Ed stood in the only place in the room where she couldn't see him, against the wall right beside his window. Ed was exited. He had an uncontrollable urge to strip naked and lay on his bed and jerk off in front of Marie. Within a minute he had a hard-on. He stood against the wall fighting the desire. Finally he left his bedroom and went down stairs. After a couple of hours he went back upstairs and the light in Marie's room was off. She was all he could think about. He got a mirror from the basement and propped it so that he could see out the window by looking at the wall. He lay on his bed in the dark and could check her window by looking to the side, towards the far wall. Otherwise he would have to keep lifting his head. A few hours later the light came on in her room but she didn't sit near the window and eventually the light went out.
The next day at school he made a point of looking at Marie and he realized she was a pretty girl but she ignored everyone in the class and the rest of the class seemed to ignore her. She was all he could think about. That evening, after dinner, he went up to his room and locked his door. He didn't turn on the light and in the dark he laid on his bed and from the mirror he could see Marie, sitting where she had sat yesterday, reading a book. He immediately got a throbbing erection.
Ed couldn't control himself. He got up and went over and flicked on the light switch and went and stood beside his bed. He stared to get undressed and glanced in the mirror. His heart sank as he saw Marie get up and move away from the window and the light went out in her room. Then she came back and sat down to look out her window. There was enough light from Ed's window to make her out. Ed continued undressing. He had taken of his shirt when she turned off her light. He kicked of his shoes and took off his pants. Even with his undershorts the outline of his erection would be clearly visible. He stood on one foot and then the other, taking of his socks. Then he took off his undershorts, standing sideways to the window. His erection was sticking straight out, like a telephone pole. He laid down on his bed, flat on his back and started to stroke himself. From time to time he would move his head to the side and check that Marie was still watching him. He stroked himself slowly, making it last but as he got closer to coming he stroked as fast as possible, bouncing up and down on the bed. He heard something. It was laughter. Marie was laughing as Ed reached a shattering climax. He came like he had never come before. He ejaculated and ejaculated again. Through it all he could hear Marie laughing. He looked in the mirror and could see her laughing.
Ed laid flat on his back with a limp cock in his hand and semen all over his front. He felt terribly ashamed. He didn't know what to do. The light was on and there he was naked before Marie and she was laughing at him. He knew for his own self respect he had to pretend that he didn't know she was there but it was pretty difficult with her out-loud laughter, from ten feet away. Then she called his name. She said she had taken some great digital video shots, especially with him ejaculating but she wanted one with him standing, facing her, with his limp cock in his hand. She told him not to wipe of the semen - it would look great in the video. It was like Ed had no self control. He got up from the bed, stood beside it facing Marie and held his limp cock in his hand. He could hear and see Marie laughing at him as she shot the video. Ed dropped his cock and just stood there with his face down. Then it started, Ed got another erection. Marie told Ed to jerk off again, which he did, this time standing up before his window, facing Marie. He stroked himself faster and faster and climaxed again. Marie caught it all on video. She then told Ed to clean himself up and get a good nights sleep.
Ed spent a sleepless night, with a constant hard-on and Marie's laughter running in his mind. He was terrified with what she would do with the videos.
The next morning Ed went out to his car to drive to school. Marie was sitting in the front seat and her friend, Jill was in the back. Ed was shocked and ashamed. Marie told Ed to not say anything and they should get along fine. Ed got behind the wheel, Marie moved over to be close beside him and she slipped her hand down his pants and grabbed his balls. Then she laid a summer jacket over her arm, hiding the fact that she had Ed by the balls. She then told him to pick up his usual buddies and to introduce her and Jill as his new girl friends. With her tight grip on his balls, Ed did what she told him to do.
After classes Ed waited for Marie and Jill. Marie got in the front and sat close to Ed and slipped her hand down his pants. Instead of squeezing his balls she slowly stroked him. Like in the morning she didn't speak with Ed, other than instructions. When they got home Marie had Ed on the edge of a climax. She told Ed to go up to his room, lock the door and do what he did last night. She told Ed that last night after shooting the video she had edited it and sent a copy by e-mail to Jill. Jill has seen the video of him masturbating but Jill said she wanted to see Ed actually doing it.
The two girls got out of the car, Jill turned and looked at Ed and gestured a jerk off move with her hand, broke out in laughter and told Ed to get upstairs and put on the show. Ed was trapped. Ed went in the house and went upstairs and locked his door. The thought of Marie laughing at him exited him. The thought of Jill laughing at him gave him a throbbing erection. Ed went and stood beside his bed. He could see in the mirror that both Marie and Jill were looking out their window. Ed strpped and soon was standing sideways to the mirror stark naked with a stiff erection. Jill started to laugh and she called out to Ed to turn on the light - she didn't want to miss anything. Ed turned around and walked over to turn on the light and then back beside the bed, with his large hard-on swinging from side to side. Both girls were laughing and Jill told Ed to walk around the room a couple of times and then jump up and down. The more his erection bounced around the more the two girls laughed. Jill told Ed to jump up and down again - she wanted a close up. She picked up her video camera which had been aimed at the window and recording all along and zoomed in for a close up of Eds bouncing and swinging erection. She then put the camera back and adjusted for a wider angle to pick up the window.
Jill then called for Ed to lay down on his bed and start jerking off. Like yesterday, he started slowly but got faster and faster and was bouncing on the bed when Jill shouted at him to stop. Ed let go of his erection but it stood straight up, quivering, straining to ejaculate. Ed groaned and Jill called across that she was a cock teaser, cock teaser, cock teaser. She then told Ed to start stroking himself very slow. For over half an hour Jill instructed Ed and had him right on the edge of coming. Jill called over to Ed and asked if he was there alone. Ed said yes and Jill said she was coming over. To be continued