Monday, January 14, 2008

Ballbreaking New Boss

Everyone was pretty upset. The company had been taken over and only the best and brightest would be offered a job in the new company. Ed Hull was worried - he had just bought a fancy new convertible and signed a lease on an apartment. He wished he hadn't taken out a large loan to buy the car since he may find himself out of work. Everyone was being interviewed by the new company and Ed was hoping for the best.

He was scheduled for his interview the next day with Nat Crusher. From the name, Ed imagined a pro wrestler. He drove over to the new corporate offices and was surprised to find no parking. He drove around the block a few times and finally spotted a space up ahead. There was a car just ahead of the spot and Ed wasn't sure if they were planning on backing in or not. If Ed didn't find a spot soon he would be late for his appointment. The car ahead started to back into the spot but Ed swooped into the spot nose first. There was some yelling and honking from the car but Ed was just happy he had found a parking space. The car ahead drove off with a final beep from the horn.

Ed opened his brief case to make sure his resume was on the top. He had some reference letters which he attached with a paper clip to the resume. He checked himself in the rear view mirror and opened the door to get out. He liked his car but it was real low slung and not easy to get into and out of. Ed had one leg in the car and the other leg out when a couple of real ballbusting looking women were standing there. Black business suits with ultra short skirts and high heels. One of them said "Hey, here's the dick head that stole our parking spot. What have you got to say for yourself jerk off?" As she said that. she bent down and drove her fist up between Ed's legs and punched him square in the nuts. Ed wailed in agony, still stuck half and half out of his car. The other woman laughed and said "This makes such a perfect target, I can't help myself" as she stepped forward and unleashed a powerful kick, again connecting with Ed's nuts. The two women turned around and continued walking up the street, laughing and exchanging high-fives.

Ed must have sat in the car for a good half hour. He was in agony. He finally got out of the car and clutching his nuts in his hand he staggered up the street to the corporate offices. He went up to the tenth floor and told the receptionist he was Ed Hull. to see Mr Nat Crusher. She told him that he had missed his appointment and that was that. Ed stood in the middle of the reception area, bent over, clutching his nuts and in obvious pain. The receptionist laughed and asked Ed if he drove a convertible. He nodded and she said she would see what she could do and led him into a small side office and told him to wait. Ed was in so much pain he couldn't think straight. It felt like his whole insides were on fire. There was no way he could sit down. He just stood there, and loosened his pants so he could hold and support his screaming nuts. What a sight!

The receptionist came in to get him but took one look and managed to back up and close the door before she broke into howls of laughter. She went into her boss's office and said "You just have to come and see this Ed Hull. You won't believe it. He must be the guy you told us about who stole your parking spot. He's moaning and got his fly down and is cradling his nuts in his hands." The receptionist, her boss and her boss's assistant got up and went in to see Ed. Ed looked at them with a mixture of horror and shock and they broke out into howls of laughter. They were the two women who had punched and kicked his nuts out on the street. Ed tried to cover his nuts and pleaded with them not to hit his nuts again. That got them laughing even louder. The boss said "We have to keep him around just for the clown effect. He's perfect."

She said to Ed "I'm Natasha Crusher, pleased to meet you" and she held out her hand for a handshake. Ed dropped his nuts and automatically held out his hand. Ms Crusher bypassed his hand and went straight to his nuts and grasped them. Poor Ed was almost in shock. Holding Ed firmly by his nuts she conducted the interview. She was standing before Ed in her short skirt and rolling his nuts around in her hands. Ed, even though he was in agony, got a large stiff erection. Ed's answers to her questions were the total unvarnished truth. She was impressed with his technical knowledge and knew that he adored her and with a little training she could turn him into the most loyal, obedient servant. Ed got the job.

Ms Crusher told Ed to go home and put his nuts on ice and in the morning he was to report to Nancy, the receptionist. As he left her office she said "One more thing Ed, no more jerking off." Ed started to deny he jerked off but Ms Crusher just laughed and said that all men jerk off if given half a chance. She dismissed Ed and told him to report to Nancy at 9:00 the next morning.
As soon as Ed got to his apartment he jerked off, thinking about Ms Crusher and her hand gripping his nuts. By the time he left for work in the morning he had jerked off at least half a dozen times. He remembered how difficult it was to find parking so he left plenty of time and got to the office with time to spare. He reported to Nancy and was shocked that she was to do his initial training and she had a replacement receptionist taking over reception for her. The replacement receptionist escorted Ed to an office where Nancy was sitting behind a desk. As he came in Nancy got up from her chair and came around the desk. His second shock was the appearance of Nancy. In her business suit with her ultra short skirt and high heels she was devastating. His third shock was Nancy shouting at him that he was twenty minutes late. He tried to explain that Ms Crusher had told him to arrive at nine. She said "Damn it, no excuses. You were probably at home jerking off and what's with this Nancy business, I'm Ms Horn to you and don't you forget it." Ed's fourth shock was that he was getting turned on by Ms Horn's verbal abuse. He stood before Ms Horn with a throbbing erection, straining against his pants. Ms Horn glanced down at his erection with a triumphant smile and Ed's fifth shock was Ms Horn commanding him to take off his pants. Poor Ed was completey disoriented. He just stood there, unsure what to do. Ms Horn kicked Ed in the nuts. He sank to his knees before her with his hands clamped over his nuts. Ms Horn patted him on the top of his head and told him to take off his pants or she would have to kick his nuts again. She went and sat behind her desk and went over some papers while Ed shamfacedly took off his pants. Ms Horn ignored Ed. He stood before the desk, naked from the waist down. He quickly got a stiff hard-on. Ms Horn ignored Ed for a few more minutes. Eventually she looked up, got up and came around her desk and grabbed Ed by his nuts. She said the first thing he had to learn in his training program was total obedience. Ms Horn squeezed his nuts and asked Ed what was the first thing he had to learn. Ed was groaning in agony but managed to say "Obedience, Ms Horn". Ms Horn smiled and said he was learning. She let go of his nuts and told him to kneel in the corner, looking into the room. She said she had to leave for a few minutes.

Ms Horn left the room and Ed managed to not jerk off. Ms Crusher walked in, smiled at Ed and said Ms Horn should be back soon. She asked him how his orientation training was going then stepped closer, looked down at his spread legs in his kneeling position and his quivering erection, and kicked his nuts. Ed let out a scream, fell to one side and curled up, clutching his nuts. Ms Crusher laughed and said as she looked down at Ed "Yes, we'll definately have to keep you around for the clown effect, you are perfect" Ms Crusher walked out of the room. A few minutes later Ms Horn came back in along with Susan, the replacement receptionist. Ms Horn told Ed to get to his feet and meet Ms Owen, her other student. Ed managed to struggle to his feet. Ms Owen looked at Ms Horn with a questioning look and Ms Horn nodded yes and told her to do it just as she had told her. Ms Owen giggled, skipped over to Ed and punched his naked nuts as hard as she could. Ed collapsed in agony and Ms Owen stood over him, laughing. Ms Horn smiled and thought that things were going well, both students were progressing excellently.