Monday, January 14, 2008

The Disciplinarian - Part 2

The Disciplinarian was posted last summer and should be read prior to reading this.

Mel Jones was going to receive a testicle beating. It was what the crowd and the national media wanted. Everyone wanted it except Mel. With his hands tied behind his back and being led around by Tina pulling on his testicle harness he was completely helpless. She tethered him again to the beating post and went and came back onto the raised stage, rolling a platform with a large barrel laying on it's side. There were eye-bolts into the platform on both sides of the barrel. With a couple of eager volunteers from the audience they quickly had Mel secured over the barrel, on his back with his legs tied to the eye bolts on one side and his wrists tied on the other. Mel was on his back, with his legs spread, laying on the barrel with his genitals at the top point. The female audience were laughing as Mel wailed in fear. Tina then bought out what looked like a large wooden platter, hinged into two sides. She laid it on top of Mel, grasped his genitals and pulled them up and snapped the two sides together. There was a small hole where his testicle cords and the base of his penis came up through. Now, on the platter were Mel's two nuts and a stiffening erection. One of the volunteers was slowly stroking Mel's hard-on.

Ms Russell, the college disciplinarian, had been standing to one side. She looked very studious with her horn rimmed glasses, her hair pulled back and a high necked blouse and sweater and sensible shoes. There was one thing that didn't go with her image - she had on the shortest skirt imaginable. As she moved, one could see her white panties. The skirt almost covered her crotch. Ms Russell walked over to Mel and delivered a stunning backhand to Mel's nuts. Mel screamed, the crowd roared and Ms Russell laughed. She had the microphone and asked the audience if anyone would care to come on stage and deliver a few whacks to Mel's nuts.

There was a forest of hands in the air. Ms Russell waived a girl forward who was sitting up near the front with her mother. The girl bounced eagerly up the steps to the stage and Ms Russell brought the microphone over and asked her name and why she volunteered. She said she was Mary Procter and she just wanted to hurt Mel's nuts. Ms Russell smiled and said that was what all the women wanted, to teach Mel and all the other abusers of women a lesson. She led Mary over to Mel who was strapped over the barrel, on his back with his nuts and erection sticking up through the small hole in the platter. Mary stood at the end of the barrel, on the side away from the crowd so that evryone one could see Mel, his nuts and Mary. Mary didn't need any urging, she smiled at Ms Russell and asked OK? Ms Russell nodded and Mary, with a big grin reached out and grabbed one of Mel's nuts and squeezed. The crowd was expecting a smack but the squeeze was much better and they roared their approval, laughing and cheering. Mary was laughing also, squeezing Mel's testicle with one hand and waving to her Mom and friends with her other hand. Everyone seemd to be having a good time except Mel. He was screaming in pain. Tinna came over and told Mary to squeeeze a little easier, they didn't want Mel to pass out. Mary said OK and let up a bit and then switched to his other nut. The women in the arena and all acroos the counrty were cheering, here was a demonstration of the punishment men could expect for abusing women.