Friday, April 25, 2008

Andy had a hard-on. He had had it for the past two weeks, ever since he had arrived at his aunt's farm. His cousins, who were a couple of years younger than Andy, were real cock teasers. There were no other men around so when Andy showed up for the summer the girls really went to work on him. When the girls weren't talking on their cell phones they were making sure Andy got a good view up their short skirts. Whenever they were around Andy they sat so they faced him with their legs apart so Andy could see their white panties. When working in the barn they brushed against him and casually brushed the back of their hands against his constant erection. To the girls it was great fun but Andy was going out of his mind. The girls acted very innocent and Andy wasn't sure if the girls were doing it on purpose or not. He couldn't complain to his aunt about her daughters, what could he say? The only relief he had was to jerk off.

It was late in a hot afternoon and Andy was in his favorite hiding place, behind the barn, laying down in the tall grass with his pants down, jerking off. The girls had walked into the nearby village where they had some girl friends but his aunt was around. He was afraid his aunt would find him. Aunt Wilma was barely five feet tall and hundred pounds but Andy was afraid of her. She had caught him last week leaning against the basement wall with his pants down jerking off and she had gone into a rage. She had surprised him just as he was about to climax and he couldn't stop. Aunt Wilma kicked Andy in the nuts. He collapsed and she pulled his belt from his pants and stood over him and lashed his back and his bare behind with his belt. Then she kicked him in the nuts again. Andy was in terrible agony for the next couple of days. He was terrified of his aunt.

He lifted his head above the grass to look around to make sure his aunt wasn't in sight. Across the back field he could see his cousins walking across the field towards the barn. They usually took the road but across the field was shorter. Andy peeked at them through the grass. As usual they were both wearing very short denim skirts and tight tee shirts. Andy stroked himself as they got closer. Their skirts were so short that Andy caught flashes of their white panties as they walked. He was hypnotized. He was staring at them through the grass as he slowly stroked himself. The girls were walking almost straight towards him. Andy slid over a few feet so that he was laying across the slight path that went around the corner of the barn, he kicked of his pants, spread his legs and slowly stroked himself as the girls got closer. He had never been so exited before in his life. He could hear them talking and giggling together. Then he could hear the rustle of grass as they got closer. Andy closed his eyes and let go of his erection and laid flat on his back with his arms at his side and his legs spread. His erection was straining straight up and quivering.

Suddenly there was total silence, Then he could hear the girls whispering and giggling. Andy couldn't control himself. He grabbed his erection and slowly stroked himself as he opened his eyes. Rita, the oldest of the two, was standing a few feet away and told Andy to smile as she took a photo with her cell phone. She laughed and told Andy it was perfect as she pressed a few keys and transmitted it to her email account. Lara also took photos of Andy jerking off which she also transmitted to her email account.

Lara suddenly jumped onto Andy and sat on his stomach, facing his feet. She grabbed his scrotum between his nuts and his crotch and held it tight, forcing his nuts tightly at the end of his scrotum. His nuts were nicely outlined sitting at the top of her fist. She called to her sister to take a photo as she slapped Andy's nuts. Andy screamed as Lara laughed and said she was going to spank Andy. She sat on his stomach, spanking his nuts. Rita then took a turn spanking Andy's nuts. Both girls were laughing as Andy was wailing in agony. Rita got up off Andy and the girls stood over Andy watching his writhing in pain and clutching his spanked nuts.

Aunt Wilma heard the laughing and screaming and came out of the house to investigate. She came round the corner of the barn and saw Andy, naked from the waist down, with his hands between his legs, exposing himself to her two daughters. Aunt Wilma exploded in anger. She stepped over to Andy, reached down and grabbed his nuts, pulled him to his feet and led him into the house. The girls followed, trying to look serious. Aunt Wilma was standing in front of Andy, tightly squeezing his nuts. Andy was in so much pain he could hardly stand up. She asked Andy what did he think he was doing. He just wailed in pain. She then asked her daughters and they explained that as they came round the side of the barn they saw Andy playing with his privates. They said they couldn't believe it and knew no-one would believe them if they told so they took some pictures with their cell phones. They showed their Mom the photos and Andy looked so stupid with his large erection that all three of them began to laugh.

Aunt Wilma said it was no laughing matter and Andy had to learn to behave properly. She asked her daughters if they thought that regularly spanking Andy would have the desired results. The girls said it was worth a try. Aunt Wilma led Andy to his room by his nuts and told him she would bring some ice for his nuts and starting tomorrow the girls would spank his nuts regularly until he learnt to behave. She also told him that from now on he was to be naked from the waist down and the girls would monitor him to make sure he didn't get any more large erections and an erection would result in a nut spanking.

After that Aunt Wilma always seemed in a happy mood. Whenever she saw Andy she would walk over and give him a good heavy slap in the nuts. It just seemed to make her day as Andy fell to the floor wailing in agony. The girls would order Andy to strip naked and invite their girl friends from the village to come over and spank Andy's nuts. Everybody seemed to find it hilarious to see a naked Andy bent over, clutching his nuts with a suprised look of agony on his face. Everybody found it funny except Andy.