Thursday, May 1, 2008

The Box

Across the river from the state capital there is a bar called The Box. It is a favorite with most of the female state office workers. The Box was owned and run by women and the entire staff was female, including the bouncers who were the meanest, dirtiest fighters in the entire state. Any man who valued his balls and was foolish enough to enter The Box was on his best behavior. The drinks are reasonable, the place is clean, the women don't get hassled and the entertainment is unbeatable. Up front there is a slightly raised area which passes for a stage. One of the favoirite forms of entertainment and what the place was named after was a large wooden box. On the stage is a large wooden box with curtains coming up to the sides. The box has a door at the back and three steps up to a platform where someone can stand. Up about 2 and a half feet is a small hole in the front of the box.

Mandy and her co-workers had been putting up with an arrogant bastard from the feds who was laying down the law as to how they were to do their jobs to qualify for federal funding. He was their new federal auditor and would be out to see them every second month. Jake Tucker was lewd and rude and kept telling obscene jokes and trying to feel up the women. They decided to take him to The Box after work. The men in Mandy's office knew about The Box, from hearsay and a few who had actually experienced The Box. The men were grinning and told Jake he would have an unforgettable time. Mandy hinted he would get the greatest blow job of his life. In the car over to the bar Mandy sat beside Jake with her hand rubbing his crotch. When they pulled up at the back door to The Box they could barely hold Jake back, he was raring to go and had a hard-on to match. Mandy told Jake that all he had to do was take of his pants, step into the box and force his privates out through the small hole. She told him there was a girl from the office who loved to give blow jobs but was shy and that explained the box. Mandy also said that she would like to give it a try. Jake practically jumped out of his pants, sprang into the box and forced his balls and erection through the hole.

Jake didn't realize it but sitting before the box was the entire female office staff he had been harassing for the part two weeks. When he came in the back all he saw was the box and curtains. The girls knew to be silent but when Jake's hard-on and nuts appeared through the hole the girls erupted into howls of glee. Jake heard this and attempted to pull back out but the hole was tight and Mandy had posted Susie on the other side. She grabbed Jake's nuts with one hand and started to stroke his hard-on. Jake began to shout, demanding to know what was going on. Susie told Jake to shut up and stand still or she would squeeze his nuts. Jake continued to demand what was happening but a quick tight squeeze that Susie delivered to his nuts shut him up. Mandy pulled an upper panel away from the box where it faced the audience. There was Jake's head appearing above the box. With a stunned look on his face he stared out at the women he had been harassing for the past two weeks. The women were hooting, shouting and laughing. Mandy waved a pair of handcuffs in the air and the women cheered. When Jake refused to put his hands behind his back a quick squeeze to his nuts had him immediately do as he was told.

There were a couple of large eye bolts screwed into the inside of the front panel and one of the girls tied a thick rope on to one of the eye bolts, held the rope behind Jake and pulled the rope tight through the other eye bolt. The rope was ass high and firmly pinned Jake against the box wall and there was no way he could pull back his nuts and erection.

Mandy called out that Jake was secure and asked who wanted to go first. Lucy, a young woman from filing jumped up and pulled up a chair, got comfortable and looked up at Jake and asked him how he was doing. From the other side of the box Jake looked down at Lucy and automatically said "Fine". Lucy punched Jake in the balls. The women cheered, Jake screamed and Lucy asked him again how he was doing. Jake managed to gasp "Terrible". Lucy punched him a few more times and turned his nuts over to the next woman. There were eighteen women and they all had a turn. They squeezed, slapped, punched, spanked, pulled, pinched and one girl even bit his nuts. The women got a real kick out of seeing Jake's nuts get abused but the really hilarious part for the women was to see the changing expressions on Jake's face, especially when they stopped the abuse and slowly stroked him back to an erection and almost to the point of a climax, keeping him there and then a sudden painfull punch to his nuts.

After the girls and a couple of the female staff of The Box all had a turn at his nuts they got a dish of crushed ice and put it up against the hole and placed his nuts in the ice. The girls all had a couple of drinks while Jake slowly recovered. His nuts would ache for days but at least he could stand, walk and talk. They let him out of the box and had him stand, no pants, in front of the audience. Much to the girl's amusement Jake had a stiff erection. He couldn't help it. Mandy told him he had been a good boy and for a reward he could jerk off. Jake grabbed himself and stroked faster and faster and finally came with a large shuddering climax, spewing semen all over himself. The girls laughed and cheered. The party broke up and a couple of the girls cleaned Jake off, pulled up his pants and took him back to his hotel. They had to help him up to his room and they put him to bed. It was a couple of days before he showed up back at the office. Jake was pretty subdued for his final few days and at the end of his final day the girls got together and presented Jake with a going away present. It was a photo album of his night at The Box with a few good photos of Jake jerking off before a roomfull of women. They also gave him a DVD and they told him that as long as he was a good boy they wouldn't send the photos and DVD to his wife and boss. They also told him that when he returned in two months they would take him to The Box again.