Saturday, November 7, 2009

Mrs Jensen

Ted was a salesman, mainly door to door, for a company with a wide range of products. One of his customers, Mrs Jensen a recent divorcee, phoned him and set up a date for him to come by and do a cosmetics demonstration for her and her friends. Ted loved in house demos, a great way to sell a lot of product.

He showed up at Mrs Jensen's house and was pleased to see at least a dozen women. He showed them some product and offered to do a rinse and tint for a volunteer. They all crowded into Mrs Jensen's bathroom and Ted got Mrs Symes to sit down with her head in the sink. All went well with both the rinse and tint until Mrs Symes saw herself in the mirror. She went ballistic at the tint color, screaming it was not at all what she was expecting. Even Ted had to admit the tint was sort of strange, a bright shade of blue. Ted was trying to keep a straight face but finally burst out laughing at Mrs Symes and her blue hair. All the women took offense at Ted laughing at Mrs Symes and started to tell him off. Mrs Symes exploded and kicked Ted square in the nuts. Ted let out a strangled scream, snapped his legs together, holding his nuts and sank to his knees with a stunned expression of surprise on his face. He leaned forward and threw up on Mrs Jensen's clean bathroom tile floor. Mrs Jensen started screaming about her perfect bathroom tiles and reached down and grabbed Ted by his nuts and lifted him up and marched him out of the house to the garden, threatening she would cut his nuts off if he was sick in her house again. As soon as she got him out to the garden poor Ted promptly threw up on Mrs Jensen, right down her front. Mrs Symes with the blue hair was shouting that she wanted to kick him in the nuts again. Ted was wailing in agony and all the other women were rocking with laughter. Ted's in-house demo was going down hill fast. Mrs Jensen was livid. She was still holding Ted by his nuts and with Mrs Symes help she got his pants off. With one hand Mrs Jensen still had Ted by his nuts and with her other hand she managed to get her blouse off where Ted had been sick. All she had on under the blouse was a half bra, something that held her breasts up and ended just under the nipples. She looked magnificent and she was angrier than she had ever been in her life.

Just then Mrs Jensen's ex husband very unfortunately came by to pick up some of his belongings still at the house. He heard the commotion from the garden and went out back. Now Mrs Jensen nearly lost her mind with anger. In addition to Ted here was her ex husband walking into her house like he still owned it, the bastard. He stood with his mouth open, turned on by his ex wife squeezing some guys nuts, almost topless. Mrs Jensen handed Ted's nuts to Mrs Symes to squeeze and walked up to her ex husband, took his hands and placed them on her breasts and began to rub his crotch. Then quickly she unzipped him, pulled down his pants and undershorts and grabbed his nuts in one hand and his erection in the other. With one hand she was stroking his hard-on and with her other hand she was squeezing his nuts tighter and tighter. He screamed "Donna, please no, no". She shouted "Its Mrs Jensen to you Burt, you lousy bastard" and crushed his nuts tighter and tighter.

For Mrs Jensen there was nothing better than squeezing her ex's nuts to put a smile on her face. The more pain she was delivering the happier she became. He tried to pull her hands away and she squeezed tighter. She told him to keep his hands away or she would crush his nuts. Burt stood before Mrs Jensen wailing in agony as she laughed and squeezed his nuts. A couple of times he moved his hands to pull at her arms but she squeezed tighter and told him she would crush his nuts if he didn't put his hands on top of his head and keep them there. Mrs Symes saw what Mrs Jensen was doing and copied it for Ted. She had Ted standing naked from the waist down with his legs spread and his hands on top of his head as Mrs Symes held a nut in each hand and squeezed. The other women were crowded around and the expressions on both men's faces had them howling with laughter. Some asked to be given a turn and as a gracious hostess Mrs Jensen handed over Burt's nuts to Betty who was first in line for Burt's nuts and Mrs Symes handed over Ted's nuts to the first of a line up. Eventually all the women had had a go at both pairs of nuts.

By the time all the women were finished with them, both men were bare naked, curled up on the grass, clutching their nuts and moaning. The women went back inside Mrs Jensen's house and sat around talking and laughing about the last few hours with satisfied smiles on their faces.

The door bell rang and Mrs Jensen answered it. It was Frank Murphy from next door. Mrs Jensen though he had come to complain about the noise but was floored with amazement and then began to laugh as she asked Frank into the house and introduced him as her next door neighbour. She said Frank had a request to make. Frank looked extremely ill at ease and said that he had seen how the women had punished the two men in the garden and he said he felt he should be punished also. There was general laughter from the women. Betty asked Frank what he had done that was naughty. Fred said he played with himself. Betty said that wasn't enough to be punished, what else had he done? With an ashamed look on his face Frank said that he often slips into Mrs Jensen's laundry room which is at the back of her house and goes through her dirty laundry and borrows her underpanties. This bought a howl of laughter from the women and a bellow of outrage from Mrs Jensen. She turned to Frank and kicked him in the nuts. He sank to the floor on his knees. Betty was laughing like the other women as she grabbed Frank by his hair and pulled up his head. She asked him what he did with the borrowed panties. Frank said he liked to have two, one he would put over his head so the crotch would be in his face so he could smell it and the other pair of panties he would wrap around his hard-on as he jerked off, imagining he was screwing Mrs Jensen. He said she was the most beautiful sexy woman on earth. Betty turned to Mrs Jensen and laughingly said "Hey sexy, what shall we do with this pervert". Mrs Jensen told Betty to get her a length of rope and a stool. She then asked Betty to strip Frank and tie his wrists behind his back.

Frank was standing before Mrs Jensen with a throbbing erection. She looked at him and smiled and asked him if he really thought she was beautiful and sexy. Frank breathlessly proclaimed everlasting love as Mrs Jensen said she was going to spank him. Frank had a disappointed look on his face with the thought of a spanking but it changed to elation as she took his nuts in her hand and began to spank them. The elation quickly turned to anguish as Mrs Jensen kept up a non stop smacking of his nuts. She offered them to the other women who all took turns spanking Frank's nuts. When they finished Frank sank to the floor. Mrs Jensen stood over him and asked if he still felt everlasting love and Frank groaned that he loved her more than ever before. She laughed and told him that as soon as he could move about she wanted him to mow her grass front and back and if he did a perfect job she would spank him again. Frank promised it would be perfect.