Saturday, December 12, 2009

No Longer The Janitor

nMargo had graduated near the top of her university class and had interned during the summers for a major bank and felt she had great qualifications as a stock analyst She applied as an analyst at a few major firms but had not even received an acknowledgement of her application. She finally applied at a small Wall Street firm and had been turned down by the young founder and sole owner of the firm. The arrogant SOB, Tyler Hamilton, who had interviewed her had spent most of the interview trying to look up her skirt. He offered her a job as their night janitor. She would have loved to have kicked him in the nuts but jobs were scarce and money was short so she had been forced to swallow her resentment and accept the offer. The job itself wasn't all that bad. She was on her own and as long as she vacuumed the carpets, cleaned out the waste paper baskets and dusted and straightened things up she was in the clear. She was usually finished after 4 or 5 hours and then had a couple of hours to kill. She could read, listen to her iPod or poke around the office. Margo was a bit of a snoop and she got a kick out of looking into the private lives of her supposed superiors. It was amazing what people kept in their desk drawers - condoms, vibrators, liquor flasks, personal financial records, pornography, personal correspondence and copies of job applications to competitors.

Margo always kept Tyler Hamilton's office her last of the shift. She always snooped in his office but never found anything. He had a big credenza behind his desk but it was always locked. Snooping in his desk one evening Margo found the key. She unlocked his credenza but it was a big disappointment - the usual business stuff. Then she came across a couple of DVDs. She took them out to his secretary's work station, turned on the computer, slipped in a DVD . Wow! Pay dirt! There was arrogant Mr Hamilton, buck naked and tied down and getting his nuts smacked by what appeared to be two professional dominatrixes. Each DVD lasted an hour and looked to be a session with him and the dominatrixes. They included him with no pants or totally naked and the two women dressed as executive women in business suits with short skirts and shear blouses. They kicked him in his nuts, punched and spanked his balls but mainly they spent most of their time squeezing his nuts and laughing at him. Margo found the DVDs hilarious but as she was putting them back into his credenza she made a decision. She kept the DVDs and locked up his credenza and returned the key.

Margo had taken advanced psychology in college and had a fair understanding of male fetishes. She knew what Tyler Hamilton's fetish was and she intended to use it. At the worst she would be out of a job she detested.

The next day, at the end of the day Margo changed into what she referred to as her cock tease outfit, an ultra short skirt and matching jacket in black with a shear white blouse where her nipples strained against the fabric. She had on black high heeled shoes. Her ultra short skirt almost but not quite covered the crotch of her white panties. Margo had worn her cock tease outfit a few times and knew it gave every normal guy a throbbing erection. She felt pretty sure it would have a devastating effect on Tyler Hamilton.

She phoned Mr Hamilton's secretary and asked if she could schedule a few minutes of his time at the end of the day. It was arranged

She waited until a few minutes past five, as most of the staff were leaving when she walked into his office. Without looking up from his desk he barked "This had better be good. You kept me waiting". Margo closed and locked his office door, spread her legs and put her hands on her hips. Tyler looked up and a look of shock was on his face. He groaned. Margo knew she had him. She told him to stand up, take off his pants and stand before her. He looked at her, dumbfounded. She walked up to his desk, leaned across it and slapped his face. He got up and did what she had told him to do. There he was, naked from the waist down with a throbbing erection. Margo was thrilled, it was so easy. She looked into Tyler's eyes as she reached down and cupped his nuts in her hand. She smiled at Tyler and began to laugh as she wrapped her fingers around his nuts and began to squeeze. He screamed and pulled at her arm. Margo squeezed tighter and told him to let go of her arm or she would crush his nuts. He let go and just stood there with his arms at his side. Margo rolled his nuts around between her fingertips., ocassionally pinching down on them. She had him good.

Margo told him to take off his pants and lay on his desk and she was going to spank his nuts. For the next two hours Margo did everything to Tyler's nuts that she saw on his DVDs plus a few tricks that she had thought up on her own. For most of the two hours Tyler screamed in agony but almost everyone was gone and also his office was soundproof.

Every evening for a week Margo worked on Tyler and by the end of the week she had turned him into a very obedient slave. When she was not squeezing his nuts she had him wearing the Cock Lock, a chastity devise. She had Tyler hire her as the executive vice president. The fact that the former janitor was now every ones boss got all the office tongues wagging until Margo sat down with them individually and mentioned a few of their personal secrets she had uncovered during her snooping evenings.

Margo and Tyler shared an office and sat side by side behind a large, wide desk. Margo cut the bottom out of all right pockets of Tyler's pants. She sat so close on his right side that she would slip her hand into his pocket and then she kept her hand in his pants, firmly squeezing his nuts. By nine thirty in the morning Tyler's eyes would glaze over and by ten thirty he would slump behind his desk, drooling and making odd sounds. They moved in together and Margo made sure that Tyler never had a climax. She made sure he always wore his chastity devise and kept him right on the verge of a climax for months at a time. The poor guy had a permanent hard-on and permanently aching nuts.

Margo ran the company and she was an excellent administrator. Sales and profits boomed under her leadership. One by one she sat down with all the company vice presidents and senior managers, all men, and offered them job security and lucrative bonuses. All they had to do in return was work hard, show her unwavering loyalty and drop their pants, lay down on their desks while Margo went to work on their nuts. Every senior man in the company got his nuts squeezed at least once a month by Margo and if they had done extremely well as a bonus Margo would call them in for a special nut squeezing session. Initially some men resisted but after a few sessions with Margo they became devoted servants and all worked hard to get that bonus, an extra nut squeezing session.

Margo visited her major suppliers and squeezed them for special prices. After an hour or two with Margo she got the lower prices she was looking for. She also visited her major customers and explained the necessity of price increases. In her cock tease outfit Margo knew what buttons to push to get what she wanted.

The company was growing and doing well so Margo set it up with Tyler Hamilton that she become and equal owner/partner. It was the easiest negotiation she had ever had. She threatened to stop squeezing his nuts if he didn't agree. Tyler was no longer effective as president so Margo made him Chairman of the Board. She wanted a small support staff of nut busting women and she devised a unique recruiting campaign. On selected billboards throughout the city she had an ad showing a woman in a short skirt talking to a man. Her hand was hidden by her body but it was apparent that the woman had the man by the nuts. She was smiling and he looked to be in terrible pain. The print said that to get ahead you had to grab a chance and squeeze it and if you are that sort of person apply. After a few days the billboard company pulled the ads but the ad did it's job. Her HR department was swamped with job applications from both men and women. According to the psychological profiling of the applicants the women were the typical ball busting bitches and the men wanted to get their nuts squeezed. Margo told her HR staff to hire a male assistant for each ball busting bitch hired. Margo liked the thought of a well balanced, happy work force.