Monday, January 18, 2010

The Ranch - 1887

It wasn't much of a ranch but at least it kept Mrs Irons and her daughters out of the rain. Mrs Irons was a mail order bride and things sounded glorious in the letters she had received from her late husband, rolling land scattered with a large herd, plenty of water, a nice large log house and hard working hired hands. Well, there was a lot of land, thousands of acres but it was all scrub land not good for much, a few broken down cows, a couple of out buildings, a big old shack and a couple of lazy hired hands.
Mr Irons met Rose and her daughters at the train station in Laramie. They said "How do you do" and got married on the spot. The next morning at first light they set out for the ranch. It was a long all day ride in the buckboard and they got in after dark. Getting in after dark was just as well since Rose would have looked around and headed back east. They bedded down and Mr Irons went at Rose with high passion. It was the most excitement he had ever had in his life . He had a heart attack and died on the wedding night.
Poor Mrs Irons, in the morning her husband was dead and she had a chance to look around the ranch - what a decrepit place. One thing about Rose, she was a practical woman, not much for wasted emotion. In actuality she didn't really know Mr Irons so it was like a stranger had died. She got the hands up and out of the bunk house and had one dig a grave and the other one doing general clean up. She had three daughters, a couple in the their late teens and a twenty year old daughter, Edith, who should have been married but her demanding and overbearing nature drove men off.
Rose cleaned up the house and had a look around. Rose found the hands aggravating, as lazy as her daughters. Luke and Tyler, the hands, just seemed to stand around, acting like they owned the ranch and ignored her orders. Rose knew she had to do something. and exert some authority. She was still an attractive woman so she undid the top buttons of her blouse and went out and found Luke leaning against the bunk house and asked him to come in the house. Looking down the front of her blouse at a nice pair of breasts Luke was willing to comply. She walked in with Luke right behind her. She asked him to close the door, he did and then turned around to face Rose. She kicked him square in the nuts. With a stunned, pained look of shock on his face Luke began doubling over. Rose grabbed Luke by the throat to hold him upright, she forced him against the nearest wall and with her free hand punched him in the nuts repeatedly. Luke's screams got Rose's daughters out of bed. They trooped into the front room and watched her mom beating a hired hand in the nuts. It was so incongruous that they burst out laughing.
Rose wasn't laughing. She shouted at her daughters to pull down Luke's pants, get some rope and tie Luke up and then continue to beat his balls. This struck her daughters as fun and they jumped right to it. Rose went in search of Tyler. She eventually found him in the barn, laying on some hay with his pants down, jerking off. He was obviously enjoying himself with his legs spread, slowly stroking himself with his eyes closed. Rose almost choked with anger - there was so much to do and here was a hired had hiding in the barn and jerking off. She managed to stay calm as she searched and found some light rope. She threw it over a beam and brought it down by Tyler. She fashioned a loop, dropped it over his nuts as she quickly pulled the rope tight. The rope pulled Tylers nuts towards the beam. He was in the straw with his back arched upwards being held up by the rope attached to his nuts. He was screaming and wildly swinging his arms around. Rose attached the end of the rope to a large nail in the wall and went back into the house.
Two of her daughters, Edith and Clare, were sitting on Luke, greatly enjoying themselves by taking turns spanking his balls. Eve, the youngest complained to her mother that her sisters wouldn't give her a turn. Rose smiled at Eve and told her she had a special treat for her. Rose took Eve out to the barn, found a nice piece of hickory wood and asked Eve to pay attention. With the hickory rod Rose swatted Tylers nuts again and again. She gave the hickory rod to Eve and told her to go to it.
Rose went back to the house, sat out front in the rocker and smiled contentedly as she listened to her daughters hard at work disciplining the hired hands.
The girls had found their calling. As a group of three they roamed around the ranch with their hickory rods and whenever the found Luke or Tyler not at work a few swats on their balls got them back at work, maybe bent over and moaning, but back at work.
Rose was concerned that Luke and Tyler would take off the first chance they got but they stayed around and submitted to the disciplining, in fact after a while they seemed to invite it. Money had become a problem and there was not enough to pay the hands. Rose spoke to Luke and Tyler individually and explained the situation. Both Luke and Tyler said they would stay on and see how things went, just for room and board and reduced pay. Luke rather bashfully asked if, instead of pay, could Rose spank his balls daily. Being a practical woman Rose found that an excellent idea, a days work of a hired hand in exchange of a half hour of Rose's time. In the evening Luke would come to the house, take off his pants and lay across Rose's lap and she would spank his balls. This was done in the front parlour in front of the girls. At first the girls found this hilarious but after a while it became a regular part of the day. After a couple of weeks Tyler asked if he could speak with Rose and he also asked for a daily ball spanking in lieu of pay. Each evening for half an hour Rose would spank Luke's nuts in the parlour and one of the girls would spank Tyler's nuts in the kitchen.
With Luke and Tyler hard at work the ranch started to look better. There was a small steam that ran well in the spring but then dried up. They built an earth dam and had a nice large pond for irrigation. The cattle multiplied next spring and things were looking up. A drifter came by, looking for work. Rose explained that they ran an unusual operation and instead of a foreman, she had her three daughters and if a hand stepped out of line the girls would swat his nuts with their hickory rods. In fact, the two regular hands didn't draw money as pay, their pay was a daily half hour nut spanking. The drifter jumped onto his horse and was gone. He must have spread word about the nut spanking ranch because after a few weeks a cowpoke showed up, looking for work and he rather red faced asked if instead of money he could have a daily nut spanking by Rose or her daughters. Rose immediately kicked him in the nuts to see how he reacted to her form of discipline. He grovelled at her feet and she hired him on the spot. a week later another cowpoke showed up and was hired under the same arrangement. They now had four hands so Rose and her three daughters each spent a half hour in the evening spanking, pinching or squeezing nuts. With no payroll the ranch prospered.
Rose declared a cash bonus but all four hand begged instead for a bonus of nut squeezing. Rose set 4 days aside, a day for each hand. Luke was first. He awoke to Eve's fingers wrapping around his nuts. After gently wringing his nuts for over an hour she led him, naked, behind the barn where her older sister spent a good hour beating his nuts with her hickory rod. Then it
was Rose who sat on his face and massaged his nuts with her hands. They left him to rest of a couple of hours and then the oldest daughter had her turn. When they were finished the Irons ranch had a slave for life. They did the same for the remaining three hands.
With the ranch doing well and the herd multiplying Rose soon needed more hired hands. Luckily the reputation of the nut spanking ranch spread and Rose put Edith in charge of the hands. Edith was a natural. In her overbearing, bossy way Edith would explain that instead of money the hand would be paid by having his nuts beat by her or her sisters. She would ask if that was acceptable and most readily agreed while a few would run for their horse and gallop off, no doubt spreading word about the nut spanking ranch. She would then spend about half an hour checking out the applicants riding, roping and general ranch duties. If they past that Edith got to to the fun part. Completely unexpected she would kick the guy in the nuts. Edith loved the look of surprise and pain on the cowpoke's face as he sank to the ground before her. She was an expert on quickly removing a guy's pants and getting a firm grasp on his balls. She would kneel beside the cowpoke, squeeze his nuts and congratulate him on being accepted by the ranch.
After a while there was barely enough time in the evening to spank all the hands nuts.
Rose took a trip to Laramie to hire a a couple of nut spanking girls. She realized an add in the paper would be impossible so she visited the church and spoke to the minister about wholesome country work for a couple of hardworking girls. She said the pay was fair and the work was interesting.
The minister invited Mrs Irons to speak to the congregation the next day on Sunday. Rose was a well educated, morally upright woman who had a very practical approach to life and if nut spanking was acceptable to both the spanker and the spankee it was acceptable to Rose. However she did realize that minor deception was required since polite decorum dictated that nut spanking was not an acceptable form of employment. The minister, Rector Paulson, gave Rose a very nice introduction and pointed out that there were very limited forms of employment for young women and here was a chance for wholesome ranch living. The bank manager, who had never visited the Irons ranch but had gladly accepted her deposits and business took a minute to extol Mrs Irons virtues of hard work, thrift, practicality and a firm grip on what was important in life. When Mrs Irons opened her account at the bank she did so with a large draft on her first sale of cattle. Mr Norris was very impressed and even more so when Rose firmly kicked him in the nuts and demanded the best rate of return on her money. She visited the bank in Laramie every few months to conduct business but her first item on her agenda was to get a firm grip on Mr Norris's nuts as she sat down with him to conduct business. Rose was sure of his undivided attention and as she was firmly massaging his nuts she knew she was getting the best possible terms.
One time Rose took Edith with her to meet the bank manager. As usual Rose got a firm grip on Mr Norris's nuts. She then decided to go shopping and leave Edith to get better acquainted with Mr Norris, or more aptly put, to get better acquainted with his nuts. Mr Norris had a large desk and Edith got comfortable under it, pulled down his pants and held a testicle in each hand. She spent the better part of the day, rolling his nuts around and spanking or squeezing them. She insisted that Mr Norris conduct business as usual except he didn't leave his desk. The staff commented amongst themselves as to his strange behavior, quiet groans and a pained, confused look on his face. They assumed he was coming down with something - he was - a severe case of having his nuts squeezed.
On the Sunday Rose addressed the congregation and ended up hiring two young women for the ranch. In a later installment we will learn how the girls got a firm grip on ranch life.