Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Beach Weekend

A gang from the office had got the loan of a beach cabin and it had been a great weekend. There were 12 people, equally guys and girls. Since they had to face each other Monday morning at work it was just clean fun with nothing getting out of hand. They driven up in two large SUVs and what with the sleeping bags, backpacks and food hampers space was limited but OK. Just as they were ready to start back Ed's car wouldn't start. They called a local mechanic and after an hour of fooling around he said that he couldn't get it going without a part from the city. Leave the car and pick it up later in the week. With two cars it was cramped, now they were down to one. Everyone had to fit into Sue's SUV for the four hour drive back to the city . They managed to get everyone in by folding down the back seats and everyone just piled into the back. It was damn tight with arms and legs every which way.

It was dark out and except for Sue, the driver and someone up front to keep her awake, everyone else made themselves as comfortable as possible. After a while the chatter dropped off and after a very strenuous weekend most people just dozed. Ted was half awake when he felt a hand casually slip into his lap. He reached down and gently moved it, not wanting to wake up the hand's owner. It was small and obviously a woman's hand but whose he didn't know. No sooner did he get settled when the hand again slipped into his lap. Maybe he should have moved it but it felt nice to have the sleeping woman's hand in his lap. Pretty soon Ted had a throbbing erection and the hand had moved to be right over his hard-on, gripping it and slightly jerking him off. This was no sleeping woman. Ted was going out of his mind. Then the woman slipped her hand down into his shorts and had his hard-on in her hand. Ted reached down to the hand and began to trace his hand up the arm to find out who the woman was. She switched her grip from his hard-on to his nuts and squeezed. It was clear she wanted to remain anonymous. It was all Ted could do to not scream. He made a low groan. He heard a quiet laugh of amusement.

Then it started. For the next three hours the woman worked on Ted's nuts. She squeezed them, she rolled them around on her finger tips, she pinched them and she even got them trapped where she could deliver short slaps. Once more Ted tried to trace the arm but she squeezed his nuts so tight that Ted was paralysed by the pain. Again, the amused laugh. All he could do was take it. It never entered his mind that he could scream and make a fuss and end the agony. The truth was that he didn't want it to end, he wanted to be at the mercy of the mysterious woman who had him by the balls. He wanted to be her slave.

Eventually they got to the city and the mysterious hand disappeared. Ted could barely think or see straight but he looked one by one at the women and one of them, Sandra, the junior office clerk gave Ted a slight smile and a wink.

Sandra was all Ted could think about. Whenever he saw her he got a hard-on. He tried to engage her in conversation and tried to ask her out but Sandra would just give Ted a condescending smile and a brush off. Shortly after the beach week end Ted got a promotion and his own private office. On his first day in his office, just about quitting time, Sandra walk into Ted's office and congratulated him on his promotion. Like ever time he saw her Ted got a hard-on and was tongue tied. Instead of the condescending smile, Sandra laughed in his face, slipped her hand down his pants and grabbed his nuts. She stood very close to him, laughed in his face and squeezed his balls. Ted yelled in agony but Sandra had closed his office door and most of the staff had already left. Sandra gently lowered Ted to the floor, pulled down his pants and made all his dreams come true. She worked on his nuts for three hours and then got up and went home. Ted finally got up and staggered out of the office, bent over and clutching his nuts.

The next morning Ted made it to work but was still in pretty bad shape. He was sitting behind his desk, bent forward and cradling his nuts in his hands. Sandra came into his office, closed the door and told Ted to stand up. He did and she promptly kicked him in the nuts and sat him back down behind his desk.She then phoned out to his secretary that Ted wanted a memo sent to his staff and Sandra dictated the memo. Ted signed it saying that Sandra was his administrative manager and all his staff should report to him through her.