Friday, February 12, 2010

The Heckler

Mary at work was talking up a new bar nearby. She said it was informal and lots of fun and they had a floor show. Also they had games where the winning player won free rounds for his/her table. It sounded like fun and the work gang agreed to meet there at eight.

Mary had saved a couple of tables up front. After a few drinks everyone was relaxed and having a good time. The MC, Donna, was a cute young woman who was pretty funny. Dan, at our table started heckling her. She gave as good as she got but it started to escalate and Dan, having had quite a few drinks, challenged her to a fight. It was pretty ridiculous, he was twice her size but she took him up on it with a couple of conditions. He could only fight one armed and he had to get rid of his bulky suit. He could keep on his boxer shorts and shirt. So clothes wise they were evenly matched, she had on a tee shirt and short skirt. Someone came up with some duct tape to strap Dan's arm, folded at his side, to his chest.

Dan was up on the small stage in his boxers and shirt with one arm strapped but it still looked really one sided. He was twice her size and Donna barely came up to his shoulder. Then people started talking about rules and that got so complicated that Donna finally shouted that the only rule was that there would be no rules, anything goes.

As soon as Donna said there were no rules Dan charged at Donna, hoping to flatten her with his charge. She was ready and side stepped, Dan came back and swung a killer right at her face but Donna ducted. He then tried a kick but Donna danced back out of reach. The crowd jeered Dan and shouted for him to fight fair but Dan shouted back that there were no rules so anything was fair. Dan was not in very good shape and was a bit winded. He stood to catch his breath. Donna skipped behind him and pulled down his boxers and playfully slapped his bare backside. The crowd whooped with laughter. Dan spun around and took a step towards Donna but fell on his face, tripped by his boxers around his ankles. He struggled to his feet and bent to pull up his boxers. Donna planted a foot on his backside and sent him flying. The crowd was killing themselves with laughter. Dan struggled to his feet, his boxers nowhere in sight.

Dan shouted that he was going to kill the little bitch and unleashed a round house right that missed just by inches. As he rushed past her Donna stuck out her foot and tripped Dan. He crashed to the floor., flat on his back. Donna jumped on him, her two feet landing on his stomach and driving the wind out of him. She jumped up in the air and came down with her feet in the same spot. Donna then went and stood to one side with her arms crossed and smiled at Dan as he struggled to his feet. She asked if he had had enough and was ready to quit. He again called her a bitch and staggered towards her. Instead of backing up, Donna took a step forward, reached out her hand and grabbed Dan by his nuts. She held his nuts in a vise like grip and smiled up at him. Dan screamed and the crowd cheered. Donna slowly lowered Dan to the floor, all the while squeezing his nuts. All Dan could do was scream and hold onto Donna's arm. She patted his head and made soothing sounds. Someone handed her her microphone and she called him a poor little baby and asked if it hurt. Poor Dan couldn't even talk. The crowd loved it, hooting and laughing.

Donna was laughing along with the crowd and asked them if she should keep squeezing his nuts as tight as now, squeeze tighter or let him go. Donna said to Dan that the crowd was a mean bunch as she squeezed his nuts tighter. Poor Dan couldn't even scream any longer, he just laid on his back with his legs spread accepting the terrible punishment from Donna. Donna said that she was going to let go of Dan's nuts to give him a chance to recuperate. Donna was relaxed as she sat on Dan's stomach and chatted with the crowd, telling jokes, mostly about women whacking guys in the nuts. The audience loved it, especially the women. Donna called for a free round of drinks for Dan's table. His table jokingly drank to Dan's nuts. Donna asked the women in the audience if they had ever wanted to kick, smack, pinch, spank or squeeze a guy in the nuts now was their chance. She put the mike down to Dan and asked him if he minded. He just moaned so Donna said that he didn't say no so they should come right on up. The women from Dan's table were the first up, being led by Mary who had recommended the bar. Donna asked Mary what she was going to do - kick, smack, pinch, spank or squeeze. Mary was looking at Dan's nuts and laughing and said she wanted to do one of each. Donna looked at the long line of women wanting a chance at Dan;s nuts so she said sorry, one only. Mary said OK, picked up Dan's nuts, settled them in the palm of her left hand and started rapidly and forcefully spanking them with her right hand. Dan who had been laying comatose, screamed, sat up straight, fell over and fainted. Donna said sorry but that was it, a good nut beating is fun but she didn't want him sterile or castrated. She told the women to come back soon and maybe she can get Dan back or arrange another fight.

Donna finally ended her act. A couple of Dan's co-workers carried him to a taxi. Mary got in the taxi and said she would make sure that Dan got home and safely tucked into bed. It took both her and the taxi driver to get Dan into his apartment. Mary got Dan undressed which was easy, he only had on his shirt and boxers. She laid him out on his bed and then she couldn't help herself, his nuts looked so inviting that she settled them in the palm of her left hand and spanked them with her right. Unlike earlier when she had spanked them as rapidly as she could, this time she did it slowly to make it last. Good lord, how she loved smacking his nuts.

The next day at work Mary asked if everyone agreed that the bar she recommended was great and lots of fun. Everyone agreed except Dan, who sat behind his desk, bent over, moaning and clutching his nuts. Mary went over to Dan and told him to be a good sport, it was lots of fun, especially her spanking his nuts. Quietly she asked him if he remembered her spanking his nuts, first at the bar and later at his apartment. Dan nodded and said that was all he could think about. She laughed and said they should do it again real soon. Surprise, surprise, Dan nodded yes. Mary smiled, playfully jabbed him in the nuts and went back to work, happily humming a tune and watching the clock. She phoned Sue, her roommate and told her to go straight to their apartment after work, she had something priceless so show her. At quitting time Mary collected Dan and took him back to her apartment. In the taxi she slid her hand down his pants and got a firm squeeze on his nuts which she didn't let go as she led him into her apartment and introduced him to her roommate. Not one to beat around the bush, Mary told Dan to go into her bedroom, strip naked and lay on the bed. She then reminded Sue that just a couple of days ago Sue had said that she would love to beat some guy's balls until he screamed and begged for mercy.

Mary led Sue into the bedroom and sat her down beside Dan who was naked, laying on his back with a stiff erection. Both women looked at Dan and laughed. Mary took Dan's nuts and settled them in the palm of Sue's hand. Mary began to jerk Dan off as she handed Sue a wooden ruler. Sue began spanking Dan's nuts with the ruler. Sue found all the tension of the day disappear and she became relaxed as she beat Dan's nuts. Mary would rather be beating Dan's nuts but she could always do that later and she did find a sense of empowerment as she slowly stroked his erection. Feeling content both women chatted about shopping, friends and gossip as Dan laid beside them, naked with a stiff erection from Mary's hand job and unbelievable pain in his nuts from Sue's nut spanking.