Thursday, June 10, 2010

How About Some Help

The widow Oakley was getting aggravated. All she seemed to do all day was to pick up after her three daughters and keep Ted, her nephew under control. When Mrs Oakley's sister and husband died from a tragic accident Mrs Oakley agreed to take the boy in and raise him as best she could.
Ted had a list of chores to do daily and it was the least he could do to earn his keep. Well, actually he had a sizable monthly income from his parents estate, which Mrs Oakley appropriated for herself. She felt she deserved something for keeping an eye on the loafer. When Ted was younger she could just pull down his pants, put him across her knee and spank his backside. Now he was too big to put across her knee. She would bring him into her study, pull down his pants and spank his backside as he stood there. After a good spanking she would give him a strict talking to. Ted would have to stand there with his backside on fire, no pants on as his aunt would would go on about how lucky he was to have a good roof over his head and he should always get his chores done and be more appreciative. Whenever Mrs Oakley disciplined Ted she would wear a very tight sweater or low cut blouse and an ultra short skirt. Poor Ted had another problem in addition to his backside on fire, he would develop a throbbing erection as he stood before his aunt.
Mrs Oakley pretended to ignore his hard-on but secretly she was pleased. It increased her control over him. She began getting up during her lecture and telling Ted to stand there as she walked out of the room. The temptation was too much and Ted would stand there jerking off. One time she left Ted and went and got her three daughters who always knew when
Ted was going to get a spanking. they would wait outside and as Ted left the study they would make fun of him with his backside on fire and unsuccessfully trying to hide his erection straining at his pants. She told them that Ted was getting out of hand and she expected their help. The girls had only heard through the door but had never seen Ted getting his punishment. They were pretty excited as Mrs Oakley hushed them and led them into the study unexpectedly and caught Ted hard at it. The girls exploded in gales of laughter. Ted was right about to climax and couldn't stop. Mrs Oakley stepped over to Ted, reached down and grabbed his balls and squeezed. Ted froze with a stunned look on his face and then started to wail in agony. Mrs Oakley turned to her daughters and told them it was no laughing matter, Ted had to learn how to correctly behave and she was hoping her girls could help. To be continued.