Sunday, July 4, 2010

Don, Mr Real Estate

Don's job on Wall Street in New York had disappeared in the market crash. Don had a few bucks in the bank and decided to head west and start over. He moved to a small town in Idaho and took a room at a boarding house till he decided what he would do. On his very first day he was walking by the Court House where there was an auction being held, right on the court house steps of property being sold for unpaid taxes. It was an exciting atmosphere with biddings and property being sold at a fast pace. Don figured "What the hell! Everyone else is getting rich, why not me." as he put in a bid on a farm being sold by the county for unpaid taxes. Ted went to the auction just out of curiosity but he got swept up in the excitement and put in a low bid on property he had not even seen. As it turned out he got it cheap as he was the only bidder.

When he looked at the particulars he realized why he was the only bidder. It was a in a far corner of the county with only a dirt road to it. There was no phone or electricity. There was a note in the file that services could be made available if he paid for running in the wires. The old quote was far more than what he had paid. There were a few photos of the land, laying fallow and a couple of broken down buildings. The only plus side was that it was a large plot of land.

It took a week or so for the papers to be sorted out but finally Don got possession and he decided to take a ride out to see his property. During the week Don had looked at a couple of business ventures but nothing had worked out and Don liked the idea of going "back to the land" although the only land he had every known was Central Park in New York City.

He got lost a couple of times and had to asked directions. The locals knew it as the Porter's place. Evidently the previous owners were the Porters. Although it was a dirt road it was a sunny day and the dirt was dry so Don was able to drive right up to it. He was pleasantly surprised. Yes, the fields were fallow but there was tall native grass growing. The fences were broken down in places but Don could see that they could be fixed up. The barn looked like it was close to collapsing and definitely needed a lot of work and the house looked run down but neat and clean. There were flowers in front and Don could see a girl out back tending a vegetable garden. Don was aggravated, the prior owners were supposed to have moved out. There had been a note in the file that the prior owners were a cantankerous lot and had given a county tax collector a severe beating when he had shown up. Since it was only the tax collectors word against the Porters and no real evidence the charges were dropped.

Don parked out front and took the walk to the front door. He was suddenly overcome with a feeling of trepidation. It was probably the Porters still on his property, they had beaten the tax collector and it was deathly quiet and secluded. If Don had not been so angry he would have felt afraid. He knocked on the front door, ready to turn and run when it opened. It opened and there stood a pretty little middle aged lady with a friendly smile. She said it was so rare to have a visitor and politely asked if he was lost. Don introduced himself and asked if she was Mrs Porter. She said yes and Don told her that he had purchased the property from the county and he was the new owner and he wanted her off his property. She smiled and quietly said she didn't think so as she quickly unleashed a devastating kick that caught Don square in the nuts. Don was stunned. He had never felt such pain. He clamped his knees together and grasped his nuts and sank to his knees before Mrs Porter, wailing in agony. She patted him on his head and went out back and called in her three grown daughters.

They came in from where they had been working the farm. Mrs Porter told the girls to help Don into the kitchen and they could get to the bottom of a misunderstanding. Two of the girls were holding Don up and Mrs Porter told Don to stop making such a fuss over a little kick. She then asked him what was this about him being the new owner. Poor Don was in agony and wailed "Jesus Christ, my fucking nuts. Oh! my fucking nuts" Mrs Porter shouted at Don to watch his language before four ladies and poor Don just groaned "Son of a bitch, my fucking nuts" Mrs Porter was livid with anger as she slipped her hand down the front of his pants, curled her fingers around his nuts and squeezed. The pain exploded in Don. His whole world became Mrs Porter, her squeezing fingers and his nuts. He passed out.

Don came too about an hour later. The women had removed his pants and he was laying out in the grass with one of the girls holding his nuts and running cool water from a pitcher over them. She smiled and said she was Linda and she hoped the cool water had helped. She then called her mother and sisters. They came over and stood in a circle looking down at Don. Mrs Porter again asked him what was this about him being the new owner and he had better watch his language this time or she would have to squeeze his nuts again. She bent over, grasped him by his nuts and said "Well?". He looked up but couldn't help but look up their short denim skirts. They all had smooth thighs and white tight panties, even Mrs Porter. With Mrs Porter lightly massaging his nuts and him looking up their skirts, Don got an almost immediate throbbing hard-on. With no pants on it stood up like a telephone pole. The girls all burst out laughing and Mrs Porter just shook her head and looked angry but there was a tiny triumphant smile at the corners of her mouth.

Mrs Porter told Linda to get Don up and march him into the house and the kitchen, they had super to get ready and they could go over this new owner business after supper. In the kitchen she told Don that they were just four women out on their own and they had to defend themselves as best they can. Don asked if he could have his pants back. Mrs Porter said she would think about it. She told Linda to get comfortable and continue to squeeze Don's nuts as long as he is sporting that big erection, it was her job to keep Don under control since it was obvious he couldn't control himself. Mrs Porter told another daughter, Anne, to get a towel and dry Don where he had got wet from the water being poured over his nuts. Anne went to work with the towel, rubbing Don's erection. Mrs Porter asked Don if he could behave himself while they prepared supper and they would discuss this property business after supper. Don said he would behave himself and Mrs Porter said she would consider giving him his pants back later but for now Linda would continue to hold his nuts - she wanted him under control. She asked her daughter to stand Don over by the fire, facing her so she could see what he was thinking. She smiled to herself that it was pretty clear what he was thinking with that big hard-on sticking out.

After super she got the girls together and she took over holding Don by his nuts. She asked Don to tell her what this was about a new owner. The more Don explained about the tax sale the angrier Mrs Porter became and the angrier she became the tighter she squeezed Don's nuts. Finally Don couldn't speak, he just wailed in agony. Mrs Porter asked for proof, did he have a bill of sale, a deed, anything to prove that he actually was the owner. Don managed to croak "Jacket pocket". Mrs Porter told Linda to check his pockets. She started with his pants pockets and it took a few minutes before Linda found an envelope in his jacket pocket. Those few minutes seemed like an eternity to Don. He had never felt such helplessness and such agony and in the center of it was Mrs Porter and her squeezing hand. When Linda said she had found the envelope Mrs Porter reached for it and let go of Don's nuts. Don was so grateful he crawled over to Mrs Porter and kissed her feet. He managed to croak his thanks that she had stopped squeezing his nuts and pledged he would behave himself.

Mrs Porter and the daughters burst out laughing and while still laughing Mrs Porter said that she hadn't realized that she had let go of Don's nuts. She bent down and reached out and wrapped her fingers tight around his nuts and squeezed and reminded Don that they were just some defenseless women who needed to protect themselves. Don passed out. Mrs Porter said they couldn't really do much more to get to the bottom of this property business until Don came to so she told the girls to strip Don and tie him up and put him in a bed. When it was time for the girls to go to bed Linda said that as the oldest she would undertake the responsibility of monitoring Don. She sat in a chair in the room he was in and watched him till everyone else was asleep. She then stripped naked, woke up Don, snuggled up close and with one hand slowly stroking his hard-on and her other hand massaging his nuts she told him to be quiet. By the morning Linda had Don going slowly out of his mind.

In the morning Linda left Don's arms tied behind his back and she led Don into the kitchen by his nuts. Mrs Porter laughed and asked Don if his hard-on was a permanent thing. She said she and the girls wanted to discuss this business about his ownership claim but that was difficult with him standing there sporting a big erection. Anne said it was obvious he was having naughty thoughts and should be punished and they should all have a hand in the punishment. Don was terrified that they were going to take turns kicking him in the nuts. He was relieved when Linda suggested they spank him. Don thought that would hurt but not too much. Mrs Porter asked Don if he though a good vigorous spanking would get him in the right frame of mind. Don thought of the alternatives and felt that spanking his backside was far better than kicks to his balls. He said it would be good for him. The girls lifted him from the floor and laid him on the table, flat on his back. They spread his legs and tied them to the table legs. Anne shouted that she wanted to be first. She cupped Don's nuts in her left hand and started spanking them with her right. The girls and Mrs Porter burst out laughing at the surprise and shock on Don's face when he realized it wasn't his backside that was going to be spanked.
When the girls and Mrs Porter had all had a turn spanking his balls, poor Don was a blubbering idiot begging forgiveness and pledging eternal devotion. Mrs Porter laughed and said that it looked like Don was becoming more reasonable. She said that he was in no condition to talk about the ownership business and they should leave it for another day. Over the course of the day the girls came by and Don's spread legs and dangling nuts was too much of a temptation and they slapped Don's nuts to keep him in the right frame of mind.

Mrs Porter decided the time had come to review the ownership issue - but she misplaced her reading glasses and they offered Don their hospitality for a few more days while they searched for Mrs Porter's glasses. Mrs Porter's idea of hospitality was to constantly smack Don in the balls. Poor Don, he never realized real estate could be such a difficult enterprise where more than your finances could get crushed.