Sunday, August 7, 2011

Right Frame of Mind

Jane and Emily were having lunch together and lamenting on their lack of corporate advancement. They were both secretaries to a couple of senior executives in their company. Jane was especially irate. Her boss, Blake Edwards, head of sales was a young, handsome single fellow. He was very happy with Jane and wanted to keep her as his secretary. She was very efficient and he loved getting glimpses up her skirt and down her blouse.He had blatantly blocked a couple of chances for her to get ahead and told her it was for her own good. Emily and Jane agreed that Jane had three choices: quit and start over somewhere else, stay and just put up with it or get Blake Edwards to help Jane. They agreed that the best choice was getting Blake Edwards to help Jane and that required getting him into the right frame of mind.

After a few days of pondering they came up with a plan which they put into effect. A local dominatrix had won a court case that since she was not a prostitute she should get a business license and be able to offer her services. It got a lot of local play in the papers and the local TV news. Jane went over and purchased an hour gift certificate. She then typed up a letter saying it was a free gift from the dominatrix to entice local businessmen to try her services. It said there were no strings attached and she would go easy on "first timers". There was a phone number to reserve an appointment. Jane then mailed it to Blake Edwards home address.

When Jane purchased the certificate she also purchased a couple of options which doubled her cost. Option one was where the gift purchaser would be advised when an appointment was made and the purchaser could view the session through a one way mirror. Option two was a full video of the session. Jane was about to give up hope that Blake would use the certificate.
She even phoned the dominatrix but was told that he had not used it. Finally the dominatrix assistant phone Jane and introduced herself as Lara and said that Blake had called and made an appointment the next day over the lunch hour. Jane immediately spoke to Emily and the next day they left a little early and got to the dominatrix just before the appointment time.

The assistant, Lara, who was young, small, cute and perky, took them into a small room that had one wall of glass. Lara told them it was one way glass - from the other side it looked like a mirror. Lara said it looked into the session room where Blake would soon be. It had some video monitors on the wall and said that when Blake came in it would show on one of the monitors. Lara was very nicely and conservatively dressed, except her skirt was so short it didn't quite cover her white panties. Lara left and a few minutes later the monitor turned on and there was Blake walking into the reception area. He looked nervous and walked over to Lara who was seated behind a desk. He started to say something when she quickly stood up, leaned across the desk and slapped his face and shouted that he was to speak only when spoken to. She then sat down and went back to some paperwork she had before her. Blake looked shocked and just stood there. It was so unexpected that Jane and Emily burst out laughing.

After a minute the assistant looked at Blake and asked him what he wanted. Blake held out the gift certificate which the assistant took. She gave Blake a form on a clip board and told him to sign it. It was a consent and waiver form. In the fine print he also agreed to be video taped. Blake was so rattled he signed it without even looking at it. She looked a him and repeated her question of what he wanted. Blake looked confused. Lara got up, walked out from behind her desk and kicked Blake square in the balls. Blake screamed, clapped his hands over his balls and sank to his knees before Lara. She grabbed his hair to pull his face up and told him that when she asked a simple question, she expected a reply. She again repeated her question of what he wanted. She then said did he want to be stripped and have his balls spanked, to stand in the corner, to be repeatedly kicked in the balls - just what the hell did he want? While still in agony Blake finally understood and with his head down he mumbled that he wanted his balls held and squeezed. Lara told him to speak up and Blake loudly said he wanted his balls held and squeezed. Lara smiled and said that wasn't so bad. She then led Blake into a room not very different from the room Jane and Emily were in. The monitor switched to showing the room Blake and Lara entered. Lara stood before Blake with her arms crossed and her legs spread wide and told Blake to strip. He quickly did and Jane and Emily burst out laughing again. Lara had a smirk. Blake was naked with a large stiff erection. Lara told Blake not to touch his hard-on and said she would be back in a while and left the room. As soon as the door closed Blake grabbed his hard-on and began to madly jerk off. Jane and Emily were laughing so hard they were close to falling out of their seats.

The door opened and a female office worker, carrying an arm full of files walked in, looked at Blake in horror, screamed, threw the files into the air and fled out of the room. Blake didn't miss a beat. Suddenly the door flew open and Lara strode in and caught Blake wildly jerking off. She grabbed his balls and squeezed. Blake howled in agony and dropped his dick. Lara led him out of the room by his balls and into another room which looked to be where the session would be. She walked him over to the center of the room, give his balls a tight squeeze that left him transfixed and fastened his ankles into a pair of floor shackles, widely spaced so his legs were spread wide. She then attached his wrists to shackles hanging from the ceiling.

Jane and Emily were weak from laughter. They turned to stare at each other and bust out laughing again. They had hoped to see Blake getting a spanking and maybe catch a glimpse of his dick but not this. There was Blake right before them on the other side of the glass wall, naked with a big hard-on.

Then the dominatrix entered the room . She was not dressed the way Jane and Emily had expected. She was dressed similar to Lara, a nice conservative business suite except for the ultra short dress and the shear white blouse showing he nipples. She carried a stool and sat down in front of Blake, grabbed a testicle in each hand and began to squeeze. She worked on his nuts for a good half hour and poor Blake was barely coherent. At one point she asked him if he wanted her to stop and Blake begged her not to stop. Finally she left Blake and Lara unfastened him from the shackles and laid him down on a cot.

The dominatrix went to see Jane and Emily and asked them how they liked it. Both women said it was the funniest thing they had ever seen. Jane asked the dominatrix if they could go into the session room and squeeze Blake's balls. The dom laughed and said sure.

Jane and Emily smiled when they saw Blake. He was flat on his back on the cot, naked with a big erection he was slowly stroking. He had his eyes closed. It was obvious he was close to a climax and he was enjoying himself. Jane sat on the edge of the cot and gently held Blake's balls in her hand. She quietly called him and as Blake opened his eyes she gave his balls a terrible squeeze. Blake howled in agony. She asked Blake what he did when he locked his office door. Blake said he didn't do anything. Jane squeezed tighter and Blake shouted that he jerked off. Emily asked if he jerked off every day and sometimes twice a day and poor Blake said yes, he did. Jane got up and pulled Blake to his feet by his balls. She began walking around the room, leading Blake by his balls. He stumbled along behind her, jerking off. She asked Blake what he thought about when he jerked off in his office. Blake said the videos. What videos. The videos from the camera he installed under Jane's desk, aimed at Jane's crotch. Jane was shocked but elated at the same time. She had him and she had him good. Jane let go of his balls and naked Blake sank to the floor, moaning and clutching his balls as he ejaculated. Jane told him to go home and be in the office tomorrow morning.

Lara gave them the video disk and said she hoped Jane and Emily enjoyed themselves. The women went back to the office and sat in Blake's office and duplicated the disk and then made an edited version, showing what looked like Blake exposing himself to an office worker, admitting to videoing upskirts of Jane and then jerking off and admitting he did it multiple times a day, on company time and a hilarious end with Jane leading him around by his balls and him jerking off and finally climaxing at the end.

The next morning Jane and Emily had a great meeting with Blake. They got in early and loaded their edited video onto Blake's computer and had it running as he got to work. It was the first thing he saw in his office. He sat behind his desk and as he saw Jane leading him around by his balls he developed a throbbing hard-on. Jane walked in and shouted at Blake to get up and strip off his pants and undershorts. He did so. Both Jane and Emily smiled at Blake's hard-on. Jane had a testicle harness with she tightened around Blake's balls. It has a small receiver, battery pac and a pair of electrodes at the sides of the harness. It has an anti tampering function that delivered a massive jolt to the balls if tampered with or if the chargeable battery fell below a certain charge. Jane pressed a button on her transmitter and an electric charge jumped between the electrodes, right through Blake's balls. A couple of quick shots and she had Blake in the right frame of mind.

This was much better than a secretarial promotion. Jane had complete control of Blake and he announced that Jane was promoted as a sales representative and Emily was his new secretary. Within a couple of months Jane had testicle harnesses on the head buyers of her two biggest accounts. Jane found there was nothing better than a couple of powerful electric shots to the nuts to get a sales meeting off to a good start. Emily loved zapping Blake's balls as he bought her her morning coffee.