Tuesday, July 26, 2011

The Humbler

Nancy Meeks called her board to order. She looked around the boardroom at her four female vice presidents of production, marketing, product development and human resources and at Avery Strong, her chief financial officer. She then introduced Sue Dale from a consulting company they had used in the past. Ms. Meeks told her board what they already knew, sales were down drastically and they had to do something and it was with this in mind she had contacted Sue. She then turned the meeting over to Sue. Sue pointed out that the market could only accept so many upscale knitting and sewing supplies. They had to expand their product line or go out of business. Sue said she had identified a new product that had a lot of potential and it fitted in well with the other Meeks products. It was a quality product that was aimed at the female market. It was fairly straightforward to operate and, like all other Meeks products, it would come with instructions, a video and telephone operators to answer any questions and assist as much as possible.

Sue said that with the slowdown in wooden frames and other wooden products, the new product could easily fit into their production schedule. She also said that what pleased her most was that the new product fit within all the parameters set down by Ms Meeks. It would help the woman of the house maintain harmony in the home, keep her husband by her side and be attractive to women of all ages. It had to be a quality product at a moderate price with broad appeal. Sue said it fits in well with their direct marketing with women selling to women in their neighborhood with in house product parties and demonstrations. She also said that with careful marketing it could have the potential for sales to businesses.

The executive committee was exited and wanted to see this new product. Ms Meeks interjected that she had seen the product and it had her full support and she hoped the committee would be fully behind it since the survival of the company and their jobs depended on the new product being a success.

Sue pulled a wooden object out of a bag and held it up. She said it was called The Humbler. The women looked at it with some confusion. Sue held it up. It was about 2 feet long and was basically two strips of wood hinged at one end and a clasp at the other to hold the two strips together. When clasped the two strips were tight against each other and there was a small hole half way along. The hole was half a hole on one strip and half on the other and when pressed together made the hole. She said that basically, it held a man's testicles behind him and they had three models, one where the man was immobile and on his knees, another where he could crawl and a third where he could walk, with small steps and bent over. The committee started to protest but Ms Meeks slapped the conference table and shouted at them to get over it or they would all be out of work. Sue asked Avery to help her demonstrate it. Avery Strong was an arrogant sort who enjoyed being the only man in the company. In subtle ways he had belittled most of the staff and had made a sport of looking up their skirts and down their blouses. He was an excellent financial officer except he was detested by the entire staff.

Sue asked him to come up front. She then told him to take off his pants. Avery hesitated but secretly was thrilled. He was proud of his large package and was exited to show it off to the women. Ms Meeks told him to go ahead, don't be modest, the future of the company depends on The Humbler. All the women urged him on. Appearing reluctant but really excited, Avery took of his pants and shorts. The women all burst out laughing, Avery was so excited that he had a throbber of an erection. Sue was standing directly behind Avery, she reached forward between his legs, grabbed his balls and yanked them backwards. Avery howled in agony as Sue continued to pull them and Ms Meeks slammed The Humbler together and latched it with Avery on one side of the Humbler and his balls on the other side. The Humbler was stretched across the back of his thighs. His scrotum went through the hole. The hole had a recess on the back side and Avery's balls fitted nicely in the recess, proudly on display and readily accessible. The pull on his balls was so severe that he brought his knees almost up to his chin. He immediately fell to his knees, with his forehead on the floor and his backside and balls up high. He started to scream to be released but Sue grabbed his balls and told him to shut up or she would spank his balls. Immediate silence from Avery. Sue swatted his balls and told him to be humble. She swatted them a couple more times and Avery howled in agony and said "Sue, I'll be humble" She swatted his balls again and said "What's with this Sue business, to you I am Ms Dale and don't you forget it" as she delivered another swat. Avery started mumbling "Ms Dale, Ms Dale, Ms Dale" with his forehead on the floor and his naked balls and backside straight up in the air. It looked so ridiculous that all the women started laughing.

Sue started going over price points and production costs. She also pointed out that they had acquired the patents from the inventor by paying her a royalty. One of the women asked about the potential to selling to businesses. Ms Meeks smiled and asked the Human Resources vice president how she would like it if legally she could administer The Humbler to every male in need of discipline. Sue Dale said they had looked into the legality and if use of The Humbler was accepted by the employee at time of hiring, it could be used. Ms Meeks laughed and said she could see it where every HR department had a few Humblers on hand for discipline.

Avery's balls looked so inviting that each of the vice presidents took turns pinching and squeezing his nuts. Between howls of agony and despair, Avery would mumble "Ms Dale, I'll be humble. Ms Dale, I'll be humble." The next day they introduced The Humbler to the full staff with Avery again demonstrating. Ms Meeks wanted the staff fully familiar with The Humbler and how to install it and make sure men become humble. Avery Strong's secretary was in charge of the demonstration and Avery's balls. For the next month all women staff had a hands on demonstration of The Humbler. Avery Strong's balls were pummelled and squeezed by every woman in the company. They also starred in the instructional video.

When Avery arrived at his office, his secretary would tell him to take off his pants. She would smirk at his stiff erection as she would grab his balls and install The Humbler model. Just for the fun of it and to get her boss in the right frame of mind she would give his balls a good long squeeze. He would spend the day bent over and shuffling around, with no pants and his balls exposed behind him. It became company sport to swat his balls.