Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Naughty Husband

As Penny was driving home she was thinking about her marrage. She had been married to Ted for about 2 years. She had hoped that they would have become closer but that has not happened. If anything Ted had become distant both emotionally and physically. She used to love it when Ted would go down on her and with his tongue give her climaxes, like a wave, climax after climax. But not anymore. And he hardly talks to her. Also, he doesn't do anything around the house. Penny had discussed her marrage problems with Lisa, her best friend since childhood and Lisa had suggested that she had to have a serious talk with Ted. Penny was thinking that when she got home she would make a nice dinner and when Ted got home, after dinner they would have to have a serious talk. Something had to change. She had left her office a couple of hours early so she would have time to make dinner. She went into the downstairs bathroom, or at least started to go in. She stopped in shock. There was Ted with his pants down around his ankles vigourously jerking off, watching his computer tablet which he had proped up on the counter. She could clearly see the image which was of some woman, nicely dressed , squeezing some guy's nuts. The guy looked to be in agony. She didn't recognize the woman but she seemed to be enjoying herself. Penny took this all in, in an instant. Ted looked to be almost out of it with his eyes half closed. Quietly Penny stepped back and closed the bathroom door. She felt a whole range of emotions - shock, disbelief, disappointment, revulsion and anger. She also felt another emotion. She stood in the hallway and a smile started to curl at the ends of her lips - Lord, he looked so stupid. Pants down and a big boner. She was almost laughing as she stepped into the kitchen, reached into her puse and pulled out her smartphone. Penny set it to video and went up the hall and quietly opened the door a crack. Ted was still at it but he had slowed his stoke down, he was right on the verge of a climax. Penny caugh it all, including his ejaculation. She again quiely closed the bathroom door. Penny though "To hell with dinner". She went out to her car and drove to her best friends house. Lisa had been married and now collected a big alimony check monthly. Lisa said she was a painter but what she really was was a gossip but she had a great sense of humour, was a real ballbuster and Penny's best friend, since they were chidren. Penny drove around back and marched right into Lisa'a studio. Called Lisa and said you have got to see this. She played the clip of Ted jerking off. Lisa started to laugh. Although Penny was angry she had to join in and both were howling with laughter as Ted climaxed and ejaculated. The look on his face was priceless. Lisa laughed and said that Penny had Ted by the balls, financially and literally when ever she felt like it. She said that from what Ted was watching he would probably enjoy it. Lisa suggested that they transfer a copy to Lisa's computer and email a copy to Penny's office computer. Lisa said they should start squeezing Ted's nuts with an email to his smart phone. Lisa was a real sadist towards men and she suggested that she go over and see Ted. Lisa said that if they handled it properly they could turn Ted ino an obedient slave. Penny said that she would go also but Lisa insisted that she she would do the talking and Penny should take a video. Lisa had a pair of over the knee black boots and a short black skirt and tight low cut top. Lisa called it her cock tease outfit. Ted was in the kitchen. He was not aware that Penny had seen him and he had not checked his emails. They walked into Ted and Pennys house, went into the kitchen and Lisa stood with her legs spread, her hips thrust forward and her hands on her hips and told Ted he was a naughty boy and needed to be punished. She asked if he would like a nut spank. Ted groaned with desire and Lisa laughed. She wouldn't need the ejaculation video, she realized that he would do whatever she said. She walked over to Ted, slapped his face and told him to strip naked. He just stood there. Lisa kicked him in the nuts and Ted fell down. Lisa grabbed his hair and pulled him up and again told him to strip. This time he did as she told him to. Both Lisa and Penny had satisfied smiles. Ted had a throbbing hard on. Penny handed th video camera to Lisa and grabbed Ted's nuts. Penny squeezed and he howled in pain. Penny told Ted that he had been a bad boy and from now on he was to never jerk off. Penny got comfortable with a nut in each hand and squeezed them and rolled them around in her fist. Ted sounded that he was loosing his mind. Lisa handed the video camera back to Penny and said she had a special gift for Ted. She pulled a small devise out of her purse and slipped it around Ted's erection. She told him he now had a Cock Lock on and it can only be opened with a special key that Penny has. It is fine to take a shower or a pee but no masturbating or sex of any kind. Not even nighttime ejaculation. He can get a hard on and he will probably be sporting a hard on most of the time. He will have to beg Penny to milk him. His nuts hung below the Cock Lock. Penny grabbed his nuts and led him into the bedroom and told him that if he delivered excellent oral sex she might consider removing the Cock Lock for a small while. From then on Penny was very pleased with her husband. As a reward for good behavior she would spank his nuts. He loved it when Lisa came over - she was sure to treat him with with a couple of swift kicks to his nuts. If Penny had some of her girl friends over, Ted would serve them, no pants and a nice stiff erection. Most of Penny's friends found it great fun to swat Ted's nuts. Ted was obedient, gave excellent oral sex and always agreed with Penny. From a naughty husband to a perfect husband.