Friday, March 21, 2014

Susan and Vic

Vic was recognized as a software genius. He was a young single fellow who lived solely for his company. However, Vic was no genius supervising his staff and people in general. His company was in a constant uproar over Vic's constant and often contradictory demands and changes in responsibilities. The staff didn't know what was what. Vic's derogatory remarks and his general abusive manner didn't help. Susan, Vic's new administrative assistant was highly qualified with a degree in business. Vic was concerned that the admin side of things were not going well and he hoped that Susan could help in that area. Susan had been told conflicting things by Vic as to what she was responsible for - she had no idea what her job actually was. She mentioned it to Vic's secretary and a couple of staff and they laughed and told her to join the club. Susan realized that there had to be some significant changes or she would have to quit. She thought it over and came up with a plan. It was audacious and might fail but if it worked she would have the ideal job. She had to get Vic by the balls. Vic was going to be away for a few days and as soon as he was gone Susan had a contractor come in and soundproof his office. When Vic got back Susan told Vic she would like to talk with him about her job resonsibilities. Vic had a nice office with his desk, a couple of visitors chairs and off to the side, a low meeting table with a low sofa on one side and a couple of easy chairs on the other side. Susan came into his office, dressed conservativly in a black business suite with a moderate length dress, just above the knee. She closed the door behind her and went and sat at the meeting table on the sofa. For informal meetings with his staff Vic prefered to stay at his desk and the staff member to sit opposite him. A bit irritated Vic got up and sat down opposite Susan at the meeting table. Susan started to talk about staff responsibilities but as she talked she began spreading her legs. She kept a close watch on Vic and was delighted with the effect she was having on him. Her skirt rode up her legs and soon Susan had her legs spread wide apart. She wore white panties with no panty hose. She had a beautiful mound between her gorgeous legs with a deep crease in the middle. She continued to talk but poor Vic didn't hear a word. All he could do was stare and moan with desire. Susan stopped talking and looked at Vic with a condescending smile as she spread her legs as far apart as they could go. She just sat like that for a few minutes and then told Vic to get up and stand before her. She laughed out loud as Vic stood before her with his stiff erection straining at his pants. She asked him what he had in his pocket as she reached out and tweeked the end of it. Vic looked like he was about ready to faint. Susan stood up, patted Vic's erection and asked him just what was it he had in his pocket. Susan said she would leave him alone for a while, not to be disturbed while he got a grip on himself. She got up, walked out and closed the door behind her. All Vic could think about was Susan and her pussy, her legs and her arrogant manner. He dropped his pants and began to jerk off. He had his eyes closed as he imagined Susan stand before him. Suddenly there was an explosion of pain beween his legs. Susan was standing there, firmly grasping his balls and asking him just what the hell he thought he was doing. Vic was doubled over, howling in agony. Susan just stood there, one hand on her hip and the other hand crushing Vic's balls with an amused smile. After a minute she manouvered Vic over to a chair so she could sit down. Vic stood before her in absolute agony. He pulled on her arm. Susan increased the pressure on his nuts and told Vic to never touch her, just to stand there and take his punishment. She also told him to be quiet, no more weeping, wailing and begging. After about fifteen minutes of squeezing his nuts, Vic was babbling incoherently. Then Susan really got to work. She held a nut in each hand and dug into them with her thumbs, all the while telling Vic that he was her slave and would do whatever she told him to do. She had vic repeat it over and over that he was her slave and would do whatever she told him to do. Susan let him go, pulled up his pants and helped him over to sit behind his desk. She patted him on the head and said there would be more punishment later. For the rest of the day she acted as the ideal administrative assistant. Vic sat behind his desk with his balls cupped in his hands and a throbbing erection, thinking of Susan. At the end of the day Susan told Vic to go home and jerk off all evening thinking of her but not to come. She ordered Vic to promise not to come. The next morning Susan walked into Vic's office, closed his door and told him to come from behind his desk and stand before her. Susan then swiftly and savagely kicked Vic square in the balls. Vic fell to the floor, curled up in a ball, holding his nuts and wailing in pain. She shouted that she had told him not to come. She had a triumphant smile as Vic admitted that he had come - he said he just couldn't help it. He then crawled over and kissed her feet. Susan stood over him and told him he was a bad boy and she was going to spank him. She ordered him to pull down his pants and undershorts. Vic stood before her with a quivering erection and started to bend over. Susan laughed and told him to stand up, it wasn't his backside she was going to spank. She grabbed his nuts and held them tightly in one hand while she spanked them with her other. After the first swat Vic was screaming he would be a good boy, with the second swat he promised he would do whatever she told him to do, the third swat he promised eternal devotion, the fourth that he loved her and each sucseeding swat his love. Susan spanked him till her arm got tired. By that time Vic had collapsed and Susan was kneeling beside him spanking his nuts. Vic was pretty well out of it, babbling and promising to love Susan forever. Susan smiled with satisfaction - she had him now. Later in the day Susan went back into Vic's office and helped him over to the sofa. she told Vic that the mail had arrived and she would go over it with him along with some messages Gloria, his secretary had taken. She sat down beside him and reached between his legs and grabbed his balls in a vise like grip and went through the mail, sorting it into two piles, basic junk and what needed to be acted upon. She decided on what action needed to be taken and phoned the relevant parties and told them what Vic had decided. Susan had such a nice, polite manner that everyone accepted the direction supposedly coming from Vic. In fact everyone was delighted to get any clear direction. All the while Susan grinded on Vic's nuts. This became their morning ritual. Susan concentrated on the administrative side of the business and Vic concentrated on software and Susan. Vic had become devoted to Susan. He would do whatever she commanded and he worshipped her. Susan moved into Vic's condo. Susan purchased a small electric jerk off devise and as a special treat she would attach it to Vic's almost constant erection and it would slowly stroke up and down his hard-on - never fast enough for a climax but fast enough to keep him close to one. Susan purchased a dog training collar which administered a shock to the dog whenever the trainer pressed on a clicker. Susan had it customized so that the shock could be adjusted from a tingle to a severe blast of electricity. She also had the collar turned into a testicle harness with a lock. Susan got great fun out of zapping Vic's nuts when he least expected it. Susan had the ideal job.