Friday, January 10, 2014


Leo was a hard working young guy. After high school he enrolled in a trades course and then started his own contracting firm. Nothing big, just repairs and additions, mainly residential. He was also pretty frugal. He figured why pay rent when he could buy a place. He was saving for a down payment when the housing bubble burst. He waited a bit and then bought a nice small house. A litle later the house next door was foreclosed and he picked it up real cheap. It required a bit of work but pretty soon he had it ready but he ran into trouble finding a good tenant - someone with a steady job and references. Leo finally found a couple of young school teachers. They negotiated a bit on the rent but Leo hung tough and they agreed to the rent. Leo didn't see too much of them but they paid their rent every month and were no trouble. It was in the spring and Leo was relaxing in his back yard when he heard Sue and Cindy from next door. They were in their back yard and they had some music going. Leo had never spied on his tenants but he was curious. He went over to the hedge. It was thick and high but he got down on his hands and knees and after a bit of wrigling he managed to get through the hedge enough that he could see into their yard. WOW! Tight shorts and tee shirts with no bras. They were doing excercise to the music. Beautiful boobs bouncing around and their pussies outlined in their shorts. Sue noticed Leo in the hedge but she didn't let on and whispered to Cindy that their landlord was a pervert and was watching them through the hedge. Sue laughed and said that if they played it right they could get a reduction in their rent. She then move over near the hedge and started doing a bump and grind, pelvic thrust routine. Poor Leo got a throbbing erection, Then Sue started doing a touch her toes routine and each time she bent over her boobs hung exposed, almost in Leo's face. Leo figured he was well hidden in the hedge and he couldn't help it, he tugged his pants down around his ankles and started to jerk off. Sue called to Cindy that she was going inside for a minute. Sue ran out the front door and down the side of Leo's house, through his side fence door and into his back yard. She had to strugle to keep from laughing out loud - there was Leos' naked back side sticking out of the hedge as he was jerking off, on his hand and knees with his bare balls swaying between his legs. Sue was a firm believer that when an opportunity came along you grab it. Here was an opportunity for reduced or no rent and Sue grabbed it. She bent over and grabbed Leo tightly by his balls and queezed and pulled. Leo screamed and Sue shouted "What the hell are you doing" Leo was groaning and babbling incoherently as Sue kept squeezing his balls. She shouted at him "I asked you a question. Answer me!". All the while Leo kept on stroking himself. Sue was having a great time. Between shouting at Leo she was laughing at him. She tugged on his balls and told him to back up out of the hedge. Leo was stuck. Sue then told him to push ahead and as an incentive she started smacking his nuts. Leo managed to get his head through the hedge. Cindy called him a peeking Tom bastard and slapped his face. Cindy was slapping his face and Sue was slapping his nuts. Poor Leo was stuck in the hedge, wailing in agony. To get away from Sue, Leo managed to bull his way through the hedge. Leo staggered to his feet, barely able to stand. Sue shouted through the hedge to Cindy "Grab him by his nuts and give them a good squeeze, I'm coming back" Sue then went back through her front door into their back yard. Cindy had him good. He loomed over Cindy, she barely came up to his shoulder but it was clear who was in charge. She had one hand on her hip and her other arm was held out and her fingers were tightly wrapped around Leo's nuts. Cindy looked up at Leo with a condescending smile and told him to stop play acting - it couldn't hurt that much. All the while she was squeezing his nuts tighter and tighter. With his free hand he grabbed hold of Cindy's arm that had his nuts. Cindy told him to let go - no touching and she also told him to stop jerking off and put both his arms down at his sides. Leo was bent over at the waist, screaming. Sue ran inside and came back out with a piece of duct tape. She slapped it across Leo's mouth, muffling his screams. Great - peace and quiet. Cindy let up on the squeezing but she still had Leo firmly by the balls. He was a bit scratched up from the hedge but was in reasonable condition. Cindy told him to stand up straight. Suddenly their side gate burst open, it was Madge who lived on the other side of them. Madge breathlessly said "I heard screaming and came-- " She then noticed Leo and said "Ho my god" and she burst out laughing. Sue and Cindy looked at Leo and burst out laughing also. There was Leo with tape over his mouth and with nothing on except his tee shirt and a stiff erection, standing straight up and quivering. Cindy still had him by his nuts. Madge, who was a stay at home Mom, looked at Leo and said he looked stupid but kind of cute. She said there was something she had always wanted to do and she asked Sue for permission. Sue laughed and said "sure'. Madge reared back and kicked poor Leo square in the balls. Stay posted for more about rent renegotiation with Sue, Cindy, Madge and Leo's balls.