Wednesday, February 21, 2007

England in 1827

It was after dark and raining heavily when Ted Adams arrived at the decrepit manor house. He had been walking all day and was completely soaked, cold and covered in mud. The serving girl who opened the door to his knock told him to be gone. Ted started to tell her he was the new owner when the girl hiked her skirts and kicked him square in the nuts. Ted let out a scream, clutched his nuts and sank to his knees. The girl laughed in triumph and slammed the door in his face. What brought him here started years earlier. Ted's mother past away when Ted was 10. Ted's father always managed to scrape together the tuition for Ted to attend a private, prestigious school. Ted was a full boarder and rarely saw his father. Just as Ted was graduating his father had a bad turn of fortune. What little capital he had was lost in an illegal speculative venture. His father ended up in debtor prison and died a month later. Ted was alone in London, with meager resources and with no social contacts. His education as a gentleman left him with no employment prospects.
Ted's only relative was an uncle in northern England who Ted had never met and his father had been estranged from. Ted sent him a letter with news of his fathers death and asked for employment on his estate. This was before the time of a regular postal system and Ted had almost given up hope of hearing from him when he received a letter from a solicitor. He advised that his uncle had passed away last year and had been searching for an heir and was pleased to hear from Ted. Mr Menzies, the solicitor, said that Ted was the sole surviving relative and was heir to his uncle's estate. The truth be told, the solicitor had not searched very hard and had managed to drain the estate of most liquid assets with legal and other fees. Mr Menzies told Ted that the estate consisted of considerable land and buildings and a small amount of cash and jewelry. The good news was it was debt free but in poor condition. He asked Ted to attend to his office and he would then be able to convey ownership.
Ted set out for northern England. His great grandfather, a naval profiteer (legal pirate) had made a small fortune and had purchased land and built a big manor house in the most distant and isolated part of the country. From what Ted could remember of what his father had said the estate had been once been profitable but a succession of Adams had neglected it over the last hundred years.
Ted finally made it to the solicitors office in the small town which was about 25 miles from the estate. The necessary papers were ready. Ted picked up a paper proving title to the land, a few pieces of jewelry and a small sum of money. Mr Menzies gave Ted directions and said for the first 15 miles there was a passable road but after passing the McIssac's place the final 10 miles were nothing more than a path. Mr Menzies advised Ted to steer clear of the McIssacs. He called them rough, mean and underhanded. He said the two daughters were the meanest of the bunch. The would take a young fellow on as a farm hand, work him like a dog and when he was ready to quit for not being paid they would accuse him of some theft and have him stripped, flogged and fired.
Mr Menzies advised Ted that there was a family by the name of McDougal living on the estate who used to work for his uncle. Mr Menzies allowed that he had never made it out to the estate but he had received a report that the family was keeping it half ways habitable. They paid no rent but he had thought it best to let them stay on in a caretaker capacity. He said it would be up to Ted as to whether he would let them stay or turn them out.
Ted spent the night in town and was on his way at first light. He set off at a brisk pace and covered the first fifteen miles by noon. After the turn off to the McIssac's place the road ended and it became a seldom used path. It started to rain and the path became slippery with mud. By the time Ted reached his destination he was soaked, shivering cold and covered in mud. He walked up to the manor house and knocked on the door. It took some time before one of the girls answered the door. She took one look at Ted and told him beggars should know to go around the back. Ted said he was the owner of the estate. The girl laughed and slammed the door. Ted banged on the door. The girl opened the door, hiked her skirt up high and kicked Ted square in the balls. Ted sank to his knees with his hands clamped over his balls. The girl laughed and patted Ted on the top of his head. She again slammed the door.
Poor Ted got to his feet and holding his balls in his hands he staggered around to the back door. He knocked on the back door. The same young girl answered the door. She laughed and asked Ted if he liked getting kicked in the balls because she was going to kick him again. At that point her mother came to the door and the girl told her that the beggar just wouldn't go away and he claimed to be the owner. Ted looked a ridiculous sight - soaking wet, covered in mud, bent over, moaning in agony and clutching his balls. Mrs McDougal smiled and said he looked a sight. She told her daughter to help him into the house. Ted staggered into a warm kitchen.
Mrs McDougal put an arm around Ted to hold him up. She asked him what was this about being the owner. As she spoke she lid her other arm into his pants and wrapped her fingers around Ted's aching balls. She said she couldn't have beggars loose in her kitchen and didn't he agree. With the terrible squeeze on his nuts Ted would have agreed to anything. He nodded dumbly and groaned about his aching balls. Mrs McDougal said that was no way to talk before her innocent daughters. The girls were all laughing and urging their mother to really wring his nuts. He managed to say that he had proof of ownership in his jacket pocket. Mrs McDougal asked one of her daughters to check Ted's pocket. She pulled out a waterproof oilskin envelope and found a paper of title. She said to her mother that it looked like he did own the estate. Still squeezing his nuts Mrs McDougal asked Ted to please ignore her lack of hospitality but you just never know who may end up at the manor door, especially with just a defenseless woman and her daughters there.
Still squeezing Ted's nuts Mrs McDougal said she would have to inspect the ownership papers before letting him loose in the house. Poor Ted could hardly stand up. He was bent at the waaist, wailing in agony as Mrs McDougal directed her daughters to find her spectalcles. She was standing close to Ted and smiled kindly as she continued to squeeze his nuts. Finally one of the girls located the spectalcles and bought them to her mother.
She called her daughters and introduced them to Ted, still squeezing his nuts. There was Susan, the youngest who had a few minutes before kicked Ted in the balls, and the older two - Margo and Linda. All three were close in age and about Ted's age. They were attractive girls, short and slim but with large breasts, just like their mother. They were poorly dressed but neat. Mrs McDougal started chatting to Ted that they had been getting a bath ready for the girls and the water was nice and hot. All the while Mrs McDougal still had her hand down Ted's pants with a firm grip on his nuts, vigourously massaging them. She suggested to Ted that he strip down and step into the tub which was in the kitchen, near the hearth. Ted was about to faint from the terrible pain of Mrs McDougal squeezing his balls. Ted groaned about his aching nuts. Mrs McDougal laughed and apologized saying she hadn't noticed she still had them in her hand. She released Ted who bent over in agony. Mrs McDougal and her daughters quickly stripped Ted and had him in the tub.
Ted sighed in gratitude for the hot water and having Mrs McDougal releasing Ted's balls from her steel grip. Mrs.McDougal was chattering away to Ted, saying it was amazing how much mud he had on himself. She picked up a washcloth, lathered it with soap and handed it to Linda and asked her to wash Ted. Linda had a big smile and within a few minutes had the washcloth between Ted's legs. When Ted got a large erection Linda smiled even more and began to very slowly stroke Ted with her hand in the soapy washcloth. Mrs McDougal chattered idly away, ignoring what Linda was doing between Ted's legs. Mrs McDougal was on a low chair on one side of the tub and Linda was on the other side. As Mrs McDougal was chatting she casually reached into the tub, took Ted's balls into her hand and began to slowly and gently massage them. Ted just laid in the tub with the most wonderful feeling he had ever experienced in his life. Mrs McDougal and Linda kept at it for over half an hour until the tub water started to cool. Ted was right on the edge of a climax when MrsMcDougal and Linda took their hands away. Mrs McDougal told Ted to stand up and get rinsed off. Susan and Margo were standing beside the tub with buckets of warm water to rinse Ted. Ted had a throbbing erection and a driving need to climax. He stood up and all three girls and also Mrs McDougal were trying to appear to be ignoring his hard-on but they couldn't help giggling at its size. Susan and Margo rinsed him off and took a towel each and dried him. Ted was standing naked beside the tub with both girls rubbing him down, Soon Ted had an extremely dry crotch with a large, protruding hard-on. It was hard to ignore. Mrs McDougal instructed Ted to stand by the fire to dry off and stay warm. She said that soon his clothes would be dry but in the meantime he should stay by the fire.
Ted was more aroused than he had ever been in his life. He turned to the hearth and surreptitiously grasped his hard-on and began to masturbate. Mrs McDougal's eyes had a glint of triumph but she reacted with outrage and demanded that Ted explain himself. She went on to say that she and her daughters are decent people and Ted needs to be disciplined. Ted was mortified with embarrassment and apologized but Mrs McDougal said that wasn't good enough. She made him promise not to abuse himself ever again. She also said that she and her daughters would monitor him at all times and if they caught him abusing himself he would be severely punished. From now on he was to be as he was now, naked at all times, except where he was working outside he would be allowed clothing from the waist up to keep warm. If they caught him playing with himself they would give him a sharp punch in the balls and then a formal punishment after a hearing. They realized that he was the owner of the estate but he had grievously offended them by his lewd conduct and he needed to change his ways.
Mrs McDougal said she didn't want any more masturbating and she tied his hands behind his back, Margo grabbed his balls and led him upstairs to bed. The next few months were extremely frustrating and sometimes very painful for Ted. Mrs McDougal and her daughters teased Ted unmercifully. The nightly bath was where they really showed him his place, grovelling before them, begging for a release of his desires. They would laugh as they slowly stroked him with the soapy wash cloth.
The estate was run down. It was apparent that his uncle had neglected it. From what Mrs McDougal and the girls said Ted assumed they had had his uncle by the balls. Margo told Ted that one time her mother had his uncle across her lap and she spent the evening beating his balls with a wooden stick. Margo laughed and said he couldn't walk for a week after that. It took all Ted's willpower to concentrate on anything other than when or where the next slap to his balls would come from.
He walked the estate and found that the land was rich and could be productive. The barns and out buildings were run down but could be repaired and made functional. Ted started on the fences and each morning he would set out with one of the girls monitoring him. With no pants and a girl at his side Ted made quite a sight striding across his property with a large erection swinging back and forth before him. With the girls working at his side they cleared the fields and had a good spring harvest of hay. Ted stayed on the estate and Mrs McDougal called on some neighbors and sold the hay or traded it for some livestock. When asked about the new owner she said he had returned to London and wasn't expected back any time soon. It was so rare that the far flung neighbours called on each other that each call became a minor social call, with tea and polite discussion. When she called on the McIssacs the two young women of the family said that they would like to call on Mrs McDougal and she, of course, said that would be nice. There were a few comments about a sighting of a half naked man but Mrs McDougal put up a show of indignation at such low talk that they were mistaken.

Late one summer afternoon Ted and the girls were working in a field. Ted slipped behind some trees and began to masturbate. The girls found him just before he came. Linda had him by the balls and they marched him back to the manor house. Mrs McDougal congratulated the girls on their vigilance and chastised Ted. To make it easier on the girls and Mrs McDougal they had made a stand up stock. There was a raised floor with a plank split and hinged in two with two half holes about three feet apart. Ted would stand with his ankles at the holes and they would bring the two halves together and Ted would be standing with his feet three feet apart. Above the foot stock they had another split hinged plank hanging from a ceiling beam in the kitchen. This had two small holes for his wrists and a larger one for his neck. For both his feet and wrists/neck they used simple hooks and eyes to hold the two halves together. When they placed Ted in the stock he was standing in the kitchen, with his legs spread, standing completely upright and totally defenseless. Linda led Ted into the kitchen and the girls opened the stock. They were all laughing in anticipation of wringing Ted's nuts. Mrs McDougal was loudly asking what had happened and the girls were all trying to answer her at once at the same time they were securing Ted into the stock. At that moment the McIssac girls arrived for their social call. They knew that in a working estate calls were made around the back at the kitchen door. They arrived at the back door, which was open, and saw the girls securing Ted into the stock. Ted still had a stiff hard-on. The McIssac girls walked into the kitchen and joined in the general laughter. Mrs McDougal said that they had found one of the hired hands playing with himself instead of working and now he would be punished. She said they had found the stock an excellent method of training and they didn't bother with whipping or paddling, they went straight for a mans balls. The McIssac girls both had vindictive grins and were eying Ted's nuts. They were hanging there, almost as an offering. Betty McIssac said she would like to have a go, and without even waiting for Mrs McDougal to approve, Betty stepped forward and grabbed a testicle in each hand and gave them a vicious squeeze. Ted screamed in agony. The McIssac girls laughed and Betty's sister, Sara, asked for a turn. As a thoughtful host, Mrs McDougal fetched two stools so the McIssac girls could be made comfortable. To be continued.