Monday, February 19, 2007

Summer camp

Ted and Nancy had been planning a wilderness vacation trip for months. Everything was arranged - the supplies, the float plane, the Global cel phone, the Global Positioning System device and time off from work. They both had high pressure jobs in New York and this was their chance to really get away from it all. They had it all arranged for 2 weeks in Northern Ontario. A float plane was going to drop them at an isolated lake with their canoe and gear. They had been guaranteed they wouldn't see another soul for the two weeks and then the plane would come and pick them up. The nearest habitation was a summer camp many miles away from their drop-off point. Everything had been paid for and they were ready to go. Just before they were set to leave Nancy got a call from her boss. She had to fly to the west coast to help on the closing of a big deal. It was fly to the west coast or quit her job. She took the next plane west.

Ted thought about it and decided to go alone. If he backed out now they would loose all their prepayments and with the global cel phone, if he had an accident or any other type of emergency he could always call for help. With the GPS he couldn't get lost. Also, the weather forecast for northern Ontario called for weeks of clear warm weather. Ted went on his own.
The float plane operator was reluctant to drop Ted off on his own but Ted assured him if there was any problem he would phone him. Otherwise he would see him in 2 weeks.

As the plane gradually disappeared Ted was amazed by the utter quietness and the beauty of where he was. He loaded his canoe and for the next few days headed west in a leisurely manner. He did a bit of fishing and a lot of laying around. Towards the end of the first week he had come quite a bit west and he decided that tomorrow he should start heading back.
It was a warm sunny afternoon and he moored his canoe by a rock slab. He laid down on the slab and the warm sun beat down on him. He started thinking about Susan and he slipped his shorts down and started to jerk off. As far as he knew there was no-one around for many miles. He was half asleep and slowly stroking himself. He heard some soft laughter and hushing sounds. He opened his eyes slightly so he could see through his eyelashes. There were two large canoes full of young women that had just come around the bend and were just off from the rock slab.

A thrill ran through Ted. He moved flat onto his back, spread his legs and let go of his erection so it pointed straight up. He played like he was asleep. He heard one of the canoes scrape up against the rock and then heard feet running across the rock towards him. He opened his eyes to see a gorgeous young woman standing over him. She reached down, grabbed his balls and squeezed and pulled at the same time. Ted screamed and passed out.

A few hours later he came to. He was laying flat on his back with no shorts and was tied spread eagled to 4 stakes. His arms spread above his head and his legs spread wide apart. Seated cross legged on the ground in a circle around him were about 20 young women. The young woman who had grabbed his balls was seated on a low stool between his open legs. She had a foot gently resting on his nuts. She told him they were a college group taking a wilderness survival course. Her name was Ellen. She asked him who he was and what he was doing. With a woman with her foot on your nuts you tend to tell the truth. Ted told her his name and how he came to be alone on his camping trip. She asked Ted if it was his usual habit to be half naked and playing with himself. With her foot firmly planted on his nuts poor Ted told her the truth that for the last week he spent a good part of his time laying in the sun jerking off. At this point she surprised Ted by turning to the circle of girls and with a laugh told them how easy it was to control a man once you had him by the balls, and with his balls under her foot she really had him by the balls. She told the girls that they could take turns by sitting on the stool and pressing their foot on Teds balls and asking him anything and they could rest assured that poor Ted would answer as best he could.

The first girl asked Ted what was the best way to control him. Ted said that she had him well under control with her foot and the only thing better was to have a good hold on his nuts. The girl smiled and removed her foot, sat close to Ted and took Ted's balls in her hand and gave them a good squeeze. Ted groaned in agony and all the girls grinned. They all took turns asking him questions and squeezing his balls. Most of the questions were about how to turn a man on.
Ellen said that they would leave him tied up but would make him as comfortable as possible.
The next day they had a meeting, again sitting in a circle around Ted. Ellen said she was appalled at Ted's almost constant masturbation and he had to be cured of such a disgusting habit. All the girls agreed.

Ellen asked Ted if he wanted to be cured of his masturbation compulsion. Poor Ted had been tied down, flat on his back with his legs spread and every girl in camp handling his balls and his almost constant erection. Ted said he wanted to be cured but for right now could they please let him jerk off. Ellen said he was a bad boy and walked over and kicked him square in the nuts. After Ted stopped screaming Ellen told him that they were going to let him free but they would tie his hands behind his back and he would stay without any pants. That should ensure that he would stay around camp. Ellen told Ted to phone the float plane to postpone his pick up. He also had to phone Nancy and his boss with an excuse about the extra time away.
For the next week Ted had a constant throbbing hard-on. The girls enjoyed talking with Ted. He was articulate, good looking with a great sense of humour and a stiff erection at all times, sticking straight out and up. They all followed Ellen's example of holding his balls while they talked to him. The girls found that this gave them Ted's complete attention.
After the week Ellen said they would keep Ted's wrists tied behind his back for a further two weeks and that should give him the chance to break his masturbating habit.

Poor Ted had an almost constant hard-on. The girls delighted in talking with Ted and massaging his balls at the same time. The more adventuresome would flick the tip of his erection. A couple of the girls had masturbated him almost to a climax and then stood laughing at him thrusting his hips.

After the third week Ellen called the girls together and told Ted that she hoped that the three weeks of abstinence from playing with himself had broken his masturbation habit. One of the girls untied Ted's wrists. Ellen stood before him, holding his nuts as was their habit. She told Ted that she was proud that they had helped and cured him. She said he was now free to go back to New York and that he wouldn't be humiliated by being half naked before 20 women with a stiff erection. He wouldn't have to put up with women massaging his balls. Ted couldn't help himself - he grabbed his hard-on and began to rapidly stroke himself. Ellen squeezed his nuts and told one of the girls to tie his wrists again. She crouched down beside Ted, still squeezing his balls and told him that he had just earned another two weeks training. Ted smiled.