Monday, March 5, 2007

England - Part 2

Betty and Sara McIssac got comfortable on the high stools Mrs McDougal brought to them. They didn't know that Ted was the owner of the estate. The way Mrs McDougal explained Ted to them, he was a field hand caught playing with himself instead of being hard at work. They both had malicious smiles as they looked at Ted right in front of them, naked and helpless in the stock. He was standing straight upright with his legs spread wide apart and his arms were up at his head height with his wrists held in the stock, along with his neck. They started by taking turns stroking him until he had a large throbbing erection. Then for the next little while they slowly masturbated Ted. Just about when he was ready to climax they stopped. Each girl took a ball in her hands and rolled it around, squeezing tighter and tighter. When Ted started to groan in agony they got big smiles, when the groans turned to screams they started to laugh. Mrs McDougal came over and suggested to the girls that they stop since she needed the fellow to work in the fields, not lay around for days nursing crushed nuts. The McIssac girls agreed and hopped off the stools and said they thought that was an excellent form of punishment and something they will start on their estate. They said their goodbyes and just before leaving Betty walked over to Ted, kissed him on the cheek and told his what a strong good looking lad he was. She patted him on the head and unleashed a devastating kick up between Ted's spread legs. Ted screamed and passed out.
For the next few days Ted could barely walk, his balls were extremely tender and they were swelled up. Mrs McDougal realised that she had to increase her control over Ted, having him laying around with bruised balls did nothing to getting the estate in good order. She realized that what she needed was a devise to stop Ted from jerking off. Luck would have it that the new church minister and his wife paid a social call. She was a pretty but pretentious young woman, dressed in the latest fashion from London and he was arrogant and condescending. Both the minister and his wife were great gossips. Within minutes they were telling Mrs McDougal all the latest tales from around the county. With a bit of a self concious laugh Mrs Kerr, the minister's wife, said she had heard from the McIssac girls that there was a bit of an obedience problem on the estate. Mrs McDougal said that yes, they had caught a farm hand masturbating and they punished him. Both the reverend and Mrs Kerr piously said that was a terrible sin and no punishment was too severe. Mrs McDougal agreed. Mrs Kerr asked what the punishment consisted of. Mrs McDougal guessed that the McIssac girls had told Mrs Kerr exactly what had happened but decided to go along with her. She said she had a devise set up in the kitchen and took them there. She said the easiest way to show how the devise worked was to demonstrate it on the Reverend. She guessed that the McIssac girls, bold as they were, had not had the nerve to tell a minister how they had squeezed a man's nuts. She also guessed that neither had her wife told him. She had him stand up straight and hold up his wrists. She slapped the stock into place securing his neck and wrists. He was in a state of shock while she pulled his ankles apart and placed them into the lower stock. He had his legs spread and was defenceless. Mrs Kerr laughed and said it was an excellent invention. She said it was great way to get a man to confess his sins and seek redemption. It was almost as if the reverend wasn't there as Mrs Kerr said she suspected the reverend Kerr plays with himself almost every chance he gets. Mrs McDougal said it would be easy enough to find out. She suggested to Mrs Kerr that she pull down her husbands pants, grip his testicles and ask him, since any man will tell the truth when a woman has him by his balls. The Reverend started to object but Mrs Kerr quickly unbuttoned him and pulled down his pants. She grasped a testicle in each hand, squeezed and asked him if he played with himself. The Reverend denied it but Mrs Kerr squeezed tighter and tighter until he screamed yes. She then asked if it was every chance he got and again he screamed yes. He said he couldn't help it, he got such a hard-on talking to all his female parishioners with their low cut dresses which seemed to be the fashion. Mrs McDougal watched in fascination since Mrs Kerr was doing to the Reverend what she had done to Ted' uncle and now to Ted. It was so easy.
Mrs Kerr told her husband he was doing a bad thing and it was her duty to help him stop such a despicable habit. She then began speaking with Mrs McDougal and said that what she needed was a devise to lock up the Reverend's genitals. Mrs McDougal said that she also needed the same thing for her masturbating farm hand. They had a chat about the men in the county and they had a suspicion that most of them were secret masturbators. Mrs Kerr said she had heard of a devise available in London that locked up a mans' cock and his balls just hung below, where they were nice and handy. Both women laughed, Mrs Kerr slapped the Reverend's balls and said that she would order one from London and let Mrs McDougal know how well it worked. They let Mr Kerr out of the stock, Mrs Kerr pulled up his pants but left him open in the front. She reached in and grasped his nuts. The Reverend was pleading with Mrs Kerr not to squeeze his nuts and was saying he was sorry and he wouldn't play with himself any more. Mrs Kerr and Mrs McDougal smiled knowingly at each other as Mrs Kerr led the Reverend out to their carriage and they were off.
Mrs McDougal encouraged Ted to build up the estate and in the few months since he had arrived a lot had been done. With the girl's help they had rebuilt the brocken fences, culivated some fields and done a spring haying. They had also fixed up some of the outbuildings and due to Mrs McDougals caney trading they had started to build a small herd of cattle and sheep. All this had been done with a minimal outlay of capital. With the sale of hay and some cattle the estate began to prosper. Ted went into town a few times to open and then deposit into a bank account. He became known to the merchants in town and was well liked and respected. Mrs McDougal or one of the girls was always with him on trips to town and after such trips he was always treated to a long slow wash in the tub with the soapy cloth. Afterwards Mrs McDougal or one of the girls would lay Ted across her lap and very slowly stoke Ted's quivering erection and gently massage his balls. This took all evening and ended in Ted having a massive climax. The girls and Mrs McDougal reffered to this as Ted's treat. Ted would do anything for a treat. Mrs McDougal knew that as long as she had control of Ted's cock and balls she and her girls had a secure future. By helping Ted build up the estate she knew it would be prosperous also. She anxiously awaited news from Mrs Kerr on the devise she had talked about.
A few weeks after the Kerr's memorable visit they returned. There was no hint of arrogance in Mr Kerr on this visit. He was subservient to his wife and it was clear that she was in charge. After they got comfortably seated in the front parlour Mrs Kerr told Mrs McDougal that she had received the devise from London and it was called the Humbler. She laughed and said that once you strap it on a man he becomes very humble. It is tamperproof with a lock and key. He can shower and urinate but he can't masturbate. Mrs Kerr said it is great fun to tease her husband and then send him to bed with a stiff erection and no relief. She said that she had ordered a few and she had one for Mrs McDougal to use on her farm hand. She handed Mrs McDougal a Humbler. She then told her husband to stand up and take off his pants. Mr Kerr, or Herbert as she suggested Mrs McDougal call him, stood naked from the waist down except for a wire cage like devise with some leather and steel straps holding it in place. Inside the devise was a stiff erection. Mrs McDougal was so suprised she burst out laughing and Mrs Kerr joined her. Mrs Kerr said that wasn't the best part, look at how his balls hang free below the Humbler. She told Mrs McDougal to hold out her hand and cup her hand, which she did. Mrs Kerr then told her husband to place his balls into Mrs McDougal's hand. There was fear written across Herbert's face and he was pleading not to squeeze his balls as he steped over to Mrs McDougal and bent and lowered his balls into Mrs McDougals outstreched hand. Mrs Kerr told Herbert she could tell he was having naughty thoughts by his erection and he needed to be punished and it would be for his own good. She nodded with a smile to Mrs McDougal who tightened her fingers around Herbert's balls. Herbert started to wail in agony and both women laughed. To be continued.