Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Visitor - Marie

Things have not being going well with Marie and me. We got married right out of college where I was a BMOC (Big Man on Campus) due to being the captain the football team. When we graduated Marie got an excellent job where she has done really well for the last few years. My grades were not that good and I finally got a job where I manage a group of data entry women. We had a young woman visit us from Japan on a few occasions and I ended up getting smacked in the balls by Rika and also by my wife Marie. I covered that in earlier postings under the title Vistor.
Marie is a marketing manager and does a lot of travelling. She has become much more assertive with her new job. Nailing me in the nuts seemed to increase her self confidence. She is a beautiful woman. She wears high heels and wears business suites with short skirts and shear blouses where you can just make out her nipples. I get a hard on every time I see her but that is all I get.
Recently she was out of town on a business trip. With a change in plans she got home a day early. It was in the evening. She came in and went down the hall to the den. I was on the computer at a site where women were kicking and squeezing guys balls. I was kneeling before the monitor with my pants down, jerking off.
I guess this was the last straw for Marie. She went back down the hall and came back with our video camera. She stood just at the door way and filmed me jerking off and was able to capture what I was looking at. After a few moments I noticed something out of the corner of my eye. I turned and there was Marie filming me. I had to get the camera away from her. I stood up and started towards her, forgetting my pants around my ankles. I fell face forward. I was struggling to get up and was on my hands and knees. Marie put the camera on a shelve by the door, still recording. She walked around behind me. My dangling balls made a perfect target. She kicked me square in the nuts. I screamed in agony. She then reached down from behind and grabbed my balls and lifted up. I have never before felt such pain and felt so helpless. She pulled up on my balls with one hand and waved her finger in my face lecturing me about jerking off. All the while I was screaming in agony.
Marie sat down on a straight back chair and laid me across her lap, face down. She had positioned the chair so she was still being filmed. She still had me by the balls. She pulled them up between my legs. With one hand she held them and with her other she started to squeeze. She would squeeze one testicle with her finger tips and then squeeze the other. She was asking me questions - how often did I jerk off, what did I think about, did I get a hard on at work, where did I jerk off, do I like getting kicked in the balls, does it hurt to have my balls squeezed.
I was almost incoherent but I answered her questions. When a woman has you by the balls you don't lie. From time to time Marie would tell me to smile for the camera.
Finally she stood up and I tumbled to the floor. I curled up, clutching my balls and crying.
Marie moved out that night. She packed up her clothes and spent the night at our next door neighbour, Linda, a divorced woman who Marie got along with really well. After that she moved into a hotel downtown and then a condo.
It took me a couple of days before the pain was down to the point where I could walk and return to work. My balls were still painfull when I shuffled into the office. All my staff were smirking as I shuffled past and into my office. They got up from their terminals and gathered at my office door. My secretary told me to turn on my computer. I turned it on and there was me with my pants down jerking off before my computer, getting kicked in the balls, over Maries knee confessing that the women at work all gave me a hard on, how I closed my office door and jerked off and how I would love it if they kicked me in the balls. The girls were all laughing when my secretary reared back and punched me in the nuts. I collapsed in pain.
More to come later.