Thursday, March 15, 2007

Gym Club

The women's gym club had decided to hold some self defence classes. They had arranged for an instructor to come in. They were holding their first class in the main gym which was also the basketball court. They had booked the time and Sue had just introduced herself when a bunch of guys came onto the court, ready to play some basketball. Sue smiled and politely told them that the court had been booked for the next hour to teach women's self defence. This didn't go down too well with the guys and Brad, at about 6'4" and 250 pounds, laughed and said that was something he had to see. Also, he led the rest of the guys onto the court and told Sue to pack up - they were going to play basketball. Sue strode to center court and said if they wanted to play they would have to remove her. She stood there defiantly and at barely 5 feet tall and 100 pounds the basketball players loomed over her. Brad laughed and grabbed her arm.
Sue called to the women to watch, this was to be their first lesson. Rather than pull away from Brad, she moved in close to him and slammed her knee up between his legs. It came up like a piston and smashed into his balls. Brad started to fall forward but Sue reached up with her hand and braced it against his throat to hold him upright and bought her knee up twice more into Brad's badly beaten balls. Then she stepped back. Brad sank to his knees with his hands clamped over his balls and a stunned look of anguish on his face. He then fell face forward and started to wail in agony.
The rest of the basketball players lifted him and carried him off the court. Sue had the girls practise ramming their knees up as fast as possible. Over the next few classes she also had them practise various other moves. After about a week Brad and the other players showed up on the court. Brad wanted a rematch but he said no more sneaky moves. Sue laughed and said that was OK with her. She suggested that they make it real interesting and she would pair up her students with the rest of the basketball players, or were they too afraid to tackle a bunch of young women. The players were pretty quiet and it looked like they were remembering the way Brad had been quickly and decidedly beaten by Sue. Most of them had their hands protectively covering their balls.
Sue laughed at them and said she promised that her students would not kick or knee their nuts. She also said that they should have a dress code for the match, shorts and tee shirts and the guys can all wear protective cups. At that bit of news the guys all agreed to the match. It was set for the following week.
The women were afraid. All they had practised were kneeing and kicking guys in the balls. Sue told them not to worry. She told them the training for the next week was to be at a hall across town. She told the women that she wanted the training to be secret and the method of self defence to be a quick, effective, surprise attack. At the next days lesson Sue had a couple of the girls act as guys. She had made some scrotums from cloth with a couple of golf balls to act as nuts. She had the women hang these between their legs. They also put on athletic supporters and slid a cup down inside. Then they put on shorts and tee shirts. Sue stood before one of them, then she fell to her knees and as she fell she grabbed the top of their shorts and pulled them down along with the athletic supporter. Then she reached between their legs and grabbed the scrotum and squeezed the golf balls. She did this very quickly in one fluid motion. Sue told them the key to this move was speed. She said if they practised and were quick enough they would have every guy by the balls. Sue broke the women into groups to repeat the move over and over again. At first the women were hesitant and slow but by the third day of practise they had it. They were quick and accurate. Then Sue had them practise how to grab and apply only a moderate squeeze and then slowly squeeze tighter and tighter.
By the time of the match there was quite a crowd on hand. Word had spread and the general consensus was that the guys would have no trouble beating the girls. The only concern was that they not be too rough on the weaker sex. Since Sue and Brad could not agree on a referee there were no rules other than the women couldn't kick or knee, but since the guys all had on protective cups that didn't make any difference. The match was only over when both sides agreed. There was some concern from the spectators on this point since some said that what if the guys were soundly beating the women and if the guys decided not to stop the beating could go on too long. Brad laughed and said that after giving the women a good thrashing and feeling them up a bit they would call the match.
The match started with an equal number of women and guys. They were paired up and facing each other, standing only a foot or so apart. Brad was facing Sue and he laughed and said ladies first. Sue called out NOW. All the women dropped to their knees, pulling down the shorts and supporters of the guys. By the time the guys realized what was happening the women had the guys by their balls. The guys were wailing in agony about their nuts. Sue called TIGHTER and the wailing changed to screams of agony. By this time the guys had fallen to the ground and the women were sitting beside or on top of them squeezing their balls. Sue called to her team to get comfortable and not to let up. Each woman had a testicle in each hand and they were unmerciful. The guys were beyond pleading and begging, they were just laying there in a pool of unbelievable pain. Some were still screaming and some had gone beyond that to a strange animal like sound. They couldn't defend themselves. They were all laying on their backs with their legs spread and their arms laying at their sides. The women did not let up.
Most of the female spectators had big smiles and a strange vindictive gleam in their eye. A few had been so taken up by the spectacle before them that they had grabbed their boy friend or even a stranger and had him by the balls. Some of the men were shouting that the women should let the men go but quite a few just looked on in a strange fascination. More than a few were turned on with throbbing hard-ons, wishing the women had them by the balls.
Eventually Sue called out to her team to let the guys go. By this time most of them were comatose and just laid there. Some of the women and spectators helped pull up their shorts and helped them off the court.
The women's self defense class had no more trouble from the guys basketball team.