Thursday, March 8, 2007

England - Part 3

Mrs McDougal and Mrs Kerr sat and talked and gossiped. All the while Mrs McDougal had a firm grip on Herbert's nuts. He was whimpering and pleading but the women just ignored him. Mrs Kerr gave one of the devices for Mrs McDougal to use on Ted. She said it was a wonderful devise and should be used on all the men in the county. As far as she could see it would eradicate the widespread masturbation habit most of the men were engaged in. She felt that as the wife of the local minister she had a moral responsibility to utilize as many devices as possible.
Mrs McDougal released Herbert. He was bent over, clutching his nuts and moaning. Mrs Kerr patted him on the head and said that Mrs McDougal punished him for his own good. She commanded Herbert, her husband and local minister, to thank Mrs McDougal for squeezing his nuts and teaching him not to constantly have an erection. He thanked Mrs McDougal and she smiled at Herbert and said he was welcome but he was a naughty man and needed further discipline. Mrs Kerr laughed and agreed. Herbert stood there without his pants, knees pressed together, clutching his nuts and moaning. Mrs Kerr got him dressed and led him out to their carriage.
The next day Mrs Kerr dressed carefully and went to see the local Lord. The device was such a blessing to her, she could leave Herbert at home alone and know that he could not play with himself in her absence. Lord Dayton was a terrible snob but since she was the wife of the local minister his lordship decided to receive her. Mrs Kerr dressed in what she understood to be the latest fashion from France. She was almost topless. She was amply endowed and the very low cut dress emphasised her breasts. She removed her shawl and his lordship was enchanted. She leaned forward and said she needed his advise. She said that there was a habit many local men were engaged in that was reducing the productivity of the county. Instead of productive endeavours many men were busy masturbating and something had to be done to put a stop to it. His lordship was shocked, not with the news itself but that she would come out and say it. Mrs Kerr said that she felt it a moral responsibility to bring this problem out into the open. She said she could break any man of the habit but she didn't know how to go about it. When his lordship enquired how she could do that she showed him the device she had in a bag with her. She said the first thing was for the man to agree he had a problem. She said she would then drain him and put the device in place. Then it was just a matter of regular visits for draining and periodic discipline if needed. When he asked what she meant by draining she explained that
draining consisted of slowly stroking the mans' erection until he had a strong ejaculation. She smiled at his lordship and said that if he had a masturbation problem she would take of his pants, lay him on the floor right there, right now and slowly masturbate him while massaging his balls and letting her breasts caress his face until he finally would come with a thundering ejaculation. He queried that all he had to do was say he was a chronic masturbator and she would do the rest. She just smiled, leaned forward until her nipples were in plain view and nodded. His lordship quickly admitted that he was a chronic masturabtor and he needed help. Mrs Kerr said it was her duty to cure him. She ordered him to stand before her. She undid his pants and pulled them down and had him lay on the floor. Mrs Kerr got comfortable and then she teased him for over an hour and then brought him to an ejaculation, stronger than anything he had ever before experienced.
As he was laying there in bliss she attached the device, locked it and said she would see him next week. He demanded that she remove the device and bring him to another ejaculation. She laughed in his face, grabbed his balls and gave them a terrible squeeze and didn't let go. She punished him for an hour by squeezing and slapping his nuts, then left him curled up on the floor clutching his nuts. As she left she told the butler that his lordship wanted to be alone for a while.
Within a couple of days his balls were back to normal but he had a constant hard-on. He sent word to Mrs Kerr to come and see him. She sent word back that she was too busy. His throbbing erection was driving him crazy. He went and called on her. Mrs Kerr kept him waiting for an hour which was a terrible snub but he just sat there. Her house servant was amazed that his lordship would accept such treatment and it quickly became the talk of the county. She finally allowed him to see her in the parlour. Her dress was as low cut as before. His lordship almost ejaculated on seeing her. He asked her to please remove the device and give him a draining. She told him to take off his pants. She then reached between his legs and gently massaged his balls. He was panting with desire and his erection was standing up and quivering. He pleaded with Mrs Kerr but she said he had to learn his place, which from now on was to be at her feet. She told him to go back to his estate and she would come out and see him tomorrow and she may consider giving him a draining.
The next morning Mrs Kerr went out to Lord Dayton's estate. His lordship saw her right away in the parlour and told his servant to make sure they were left alone. As soon as the servant left, his lordship dropped to his knees before Mrs Kerr and begged her to remove the Humbler and give him a draining. Mrs Kerr told Lord Dayton to remove his pants and lay down across her lap. As soon as he was in place Mrs Kerr laughed in his face and promised that the next day she would give him a draining but today he still needed to be punished and he had to admit his masturbating sins and to learn his place in her presence. She graped a testicle in each hand and squeezed. She then dug her thumb into each one and sat there with a contented look on her face. The lordship wailed in agony. The house servant had left the parlour door open a crack. She bought a chair up to the doors so she could watch through the crack. She watched Mrs Kerr reduce Lord Dayton to a crying pleading thing, unable to protect himself from Mrs Kerr's punishment. He admited that for years he had played with himself every chance he got but since she had locked the Humbler in place he had a constant erection and was going out of his mind - even the sight of his maid had his hard-on doing a dance in his pants. The maid laughed quietly to herself. By tomorrow Lord Dayton's humiliation would be the gossip of the county.
After spending the rest of the morning punishing and humiliating his lordship, Mrs Kerr left. She arrived back the next morning and as soon as they were alone she undressed his lordship and very slowly masturbated him. After an hour she brought his to a huge climax and while he was still laying there she reattached the Humbler. She knew she had his lordship as her own personal slave. Over the course of the next few weeks Mrs Kerr visited most of the landowners in the county. All she had to do was explain how she would immediately drain them and return weekly and they admitted to their sins. It quickly became more than she had time for. She went to see the McIssac sisters and they were enthusiastic recruits. With the McIssac sisters a draining was only a special treat, most visits consisted of extended teasing and a severe ball beating. To be continued