Monday, November 5, 2007

Nuts Squeezed in the Elevator

There plainly wasn't enough elevator capacity for the building. It was a forty story building with only four elevators, none high speed. There were quite a few companies as tenants and most of the employees were female office workers. It was OK in the off hours but before 9:00AM , during lunch and at quitting time they were packed full. Rob Hill made the most of it. He was the supervisor of data entry and was the only man on the 34th floor. In the morning he would take an elevator down to the basement and then stand in a corner and manage to stand behind a good looking woman. She would get pressed back into the elevator. Rob would put out his hands to stop her but only put up token resistance. With the people from all fourty floors piling onto the elevator she would end up with her backside pressed into Rob's crotch. Instant hard-on. It's pretty hard to ignore a stiff erection sticking you in the backside. Most times the woman thought "Oh well, he did try to stop me from backing into him, I'll just ignore it". A few got indignant enough to twist around and glare at him. Rob had practised an embarrassed and ashamed look to perfection. He would very quietly stammer "I tried to push you away. I'm sorry but I can't help it" That always worked. The woman would usually smile. A few would even whisper "That's OK". In either case they would turn back to face the front, their backsides up against his hard-on.

It got so that Rob would ride the elevator for a good half hour in the morning, all during the lunch hour and for as long as there was a crush of people at quitting time. He noticed that a few women would see him on the elevator and either move away or move over to stand before him and then press their backsides up against his crotch. They seemed to like it almost as much as he did, but those women were few. In the morning, after having his erection pressed up against a number of women, Rob got to his office in a very excited state. His erection would be sticking out, straining the fabric of his pants. Rob would walk to his office, past most the women on the floor, and he got a perverse pleasure from showing off his erection. When he got to his office he would lock the door, drop his pants and jerk off. It didn't take long for the women in the office on the 34th floor to notice what Rob was doing. Most of them had felt his erection pressed against them. When they thought it was accidental and he had tried to avoid it they were OK about it and most found it amusing but when they realized he was going out of his way and it was a pattern of harassment they were outraged. Linda Harris from data entry decided to confront Rob.

Linda got to the elevators at 8:30 and it took a little while before she found an elevator with Rob standing back in the corner. Linda moved in front of Rob and as the elevator filled she pressed back. She felt Rob put up his hands to stop her but she just pressed back and had her backside firmly up against Rob's hard-on. Linda turned around to face Rob and reached down and pulled his belt forward with one hand and slipped her other hand down the front of his pants. Rob was shocked as Linda's fingers wrapped around his right testicle and squeezed. Rob groaned in agony. Linda told Rob to tell her what he had been doing on the elevators. Rob was moaning and started to slide down the elevator wall. Linda brought him upright with a tug on his right nut. Rob said "Oh god, my nuts." "Tell me" Linda replied. Rob confessed "I was pressing myself against women, sticking my hard on against their bums." Linda addressed the crowd on the elevator "What shall we do with him?" One of the women said "That bastard pressed his erection against me I and I was stupid enough to say it was OK. I say that every woman who he violated go to the top floor and then to the bottom, squeezing his nuts all the way." The few men on the elevator were silent and the women all voiced their assent.

Since Rob had used his trick on most of the women the elevator rode up and down quite a few times. The women had taken off his pants and were holding him up as the women took turns squeezing his balls. Rob was whimpering as the women pulled him off the elevator in the basement and left him in the corner, curled up and clutching his squeezed nuts. Linda told him that if she ever saw him again on the elevator he would get the same punishment.

Rob was off on sick leave for a few days. Word quickly spread amongst the women in the building and when he finally showed up he headed for the stairs. The women on the 34th floor were told that Rob was coming up, by the stairs. He opened the door and staggered in. Linda was standing just inside the door, with her legs spread wide and her hands on her hips. Rob saw Linda, his knees came together and his hands covered his nuts. Linda laughed and offered to help Rob to his office since it looked like he was still feeling the effects of his recent sickness. She helped him into his office, closed the door and guided him behind his desk to his chair. She turned him around to it to sit down but drove her knee up between his legs, grabbed him under the arms and drove her knee up like a piston two more times. She then gently lowered Rob into his chair., Rob was making a strange guteral sound as Linda lightly patted him on the head and said that she would greet him and help him to his office every morning.

At the end of the day Rob went to Linda's desk. He meekly asked if he could speak with her. She asked what about. Rob said he was terrified about being kneed in the nuts every morning and wasn't there so other form of punishment. Linda laughed and called out to the women on the 34th floor that Rob was afraid of getting kneed in the balls and could they come up with something else. There was a lot of laughter and discussion. Margo, the office junior suggested that it was pretty well accepted that Rob used to go ito his office each morning and after lunch and jerk off. "How about making him admit to us all that he jerks off and then have him do a demonstration in his office?" The women said that was an excellent idea and Rob could do his first demonstration the next morning and as a special treat he could use the elevator tomorrow morning.

The next morning Rob was in his office at 8:30 and all the women on the 34th floor gathered and a few women from other floor who had heard about it. Rob put on a show about being ashamed but actually he was thrilled about exposing himself to all the women. Margo said that since it was her idea she should be in charge. She said they would have to do something to give Rob a hard-on. Linda walked over to Rob and backed up to him and pressed her backside into his crotch. Linda and all the women laughed. Linda wrigled her backside around and laughed and said "It sure is easy to give Rob a hard-on. He's all yours Margo." Margo told Rob to take off his pants and jerk off. All the women laughed to see what had been pressed against them. Rob did have a large erection. It stuck straight out and wobbled from side to side as he was led around the room by Margo. She had Rob by the balls and he obediently followed her around. She then told him to jerk off but not to come.

After a few minutes poor Rob was right on the verge of a climax. He let go of his hard-on and it was quivering and standing straight up. Margo told him to pull up his pants and get to work. The next morning they met him at the top of the stairs and took him up to the 35th floor and he had to do a jerk-off demonstration there. After that they took him to a different floor. This was punishment but Rob loved showing his large erection to so many women. After they had takem him to every floor Rob asked if they could do it again. It became a regular event to see Rob trudge up the stairs to the 34th floor and then have Margo grab him by the nuts and lead him of to another floor.