Friday, November 2, 2007

Cute Mexican Ballbuster

This is a true story that happened a number of years ago. I changed the names and had to make up a bit of the dialog that wasn't in the court records. There were no criminal charges but there were a couple of civil suits which are public record in California.

John and Melinda were living the American dream. John was a well know singer with a string of hit records. He met and married a very pretty little Mexican gal. After the marriage they moved to an area of Bel Air with large mansions on two acre lots. John settled down and was devoted to Melinda. After about 8 months Melinda grew homesick for her little Mexican town and missed her Mamma. She decided to visit her hometown. John was in the middle of recording and couldn't get away. There was no nearby airport so Melinda drove, an eight hour drive. She told John she would be gone for a week.

It didn't take her long to remembered why she had wanted to leave when she was growing up. It was a dull little dirty town. Also, all her relatives were after her for money. She had so much and they had so little. The fact that she had been sending them money didn't count - it was never enough. After a couple of days she lost her temper, told all her relatives off and decided to drive back to see John, who she was missing. She left about midnight, not a good time to be driving in Mexico but she got back to Bel Air early in the morning.

She was very exited to be seeing John again and she wanted to surprise him so she didn't phone ahead. She thought she would surprise him still in bed. Well, she sure surprised him. Being a good looking star John had no trouble attracting women and with his wife away he decide to make the most of her absence. Melinda walked into the bedroom and there was John, on top of a blond and going right at it. Melinda erupted in a rage. She ran across the bedroom, jumped up onto the bed and grabbed John by his balls and pulled him off the blond and then off the bed. She was holding onto his nuts by both hands and screaming at him as she pulled him around the bedroom floor. John was scrambling backwards, howling in pain. She let go of his nuts and turned on the nude blond bimbo in the bed. The blond looked to John for help but he was on the carpet, curled up, wailing in agony and clutching his nuts. She leaped out of bed and ran down the stairs and out of the house with the wife in hot pursuit. Melinda was shouting she was going to kill her. The bimbo, stark naked, ran down the middle of the street with Melinda chasing and screaming at her.

A few door down a fellow, in his pajamas, picked up his morning paper at his mail box and was walking back up his drive. The bimbo saw his open door and ran up his drive and into his house. It is fair to say that the fellow was surprised to see a pretty naked woman run into his house. It is also fair to say that he was surprised to see a pretty young woman running up his drive, screaming for blood. In an attempt to stop her he stood in his drive with his arms extended and his legs wide and shouted at her to stop. Without missing a step Melinda launched a devastating kick between his legs and caught him square in his balls. He collapsed, screaming in pain. Melinda ran into the house shouting she was going to kill the bimbo. The bimbo ran upstairs and hid. Melinda spent a few minutes running around inside the mansion, looking for the bimbo. Then she remembered John. She ran outside the mansion and down the drive. The home owner was still wailing in pain and Melinda was so mad that she stopped and stomped on his groin. She said at the trail that it was just to shut him up and but the general consensus was she was just mean because it was a man. Rather than shut him up he creamed even louder. A neighbour heard and called the police. Melinda ran on home to reek havoc on John.

A cop showed up within a few minutes. The homeowner was in severe pain but he managed to tell the cop that a woman had kicked and then stomped on his balls. The cop saw the front door open and entered the house. When he called out he was a police officer the bimbo came out of hiding. She told the cop what had happened. He asked if she wanted to press charges but she said no, she just wanted her cloths back. He said he would take her back to John and Melinda's place and get her cloths. He asked the home owner if he wanted to press assault charges but he just said no, he never wanted to see that woman again.

The cop had a blanket in the cruiser which he gave the bimbo to cover herself. When he got to John and Melinda's house he called for back up. He didn't want to end up on the ground wailing about his kicked balls. The other cop showed up and since the front door was open they went in. There was a strange wailing sound coming from upstairs so they went upstairs and into the main bedroom. Melinda was sitting on the floor, watching a Mexican show on TV and John was laying across her lap, naked, on his back. She had a ball in each hand and was squeezing them. John was wailing. Melinda looked at the cops and told them to get out of her house and how dare they intrude on a married couple's marital relationships. The cops didn't know what to do. Melinda told John to tell the cops to leave. Melinda had John by his nuts and John would have done whatever Melinda told him to do. The cops picked up the bimbo's cloths and left. Melinda went back to her TV show and John's nuts. It took Melinda a few days to calm down and during those days she worked on John's nuts almost non stop.

After a while, the blond bimbo realized there was good money available with the right lawyer. The lawyer talked with the homeowner and represented then both in a civil suit. They sued and won about a million dollars each. Not bad to get a free nut kick and stomp and then a million dollars. About a year after the trail there was a photo in the papers. Melinda had a dog collar on John and she was leading him with a dog leash. She looked absolutely fabulous and John looked beaten down. A few years later she had drained whatever money he had and then divorced him. She was one hell of a vindictive woman.

That happened about fifteen years ago and since then John has been out of the spotlight but I noticed he was now appearing in Las Vegas. I must assume he had a lot of therapy and has his life back on track. I guess the moral is not to two time a pretty Mexican ballbuster.